August 20th, 2009

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TQC, how's it going?

Have you ever used one of those gelaskin covers?

Do you think I could put this gelaskin on a black laptop without having too much issue with visibility? I have never used a gelaskin before. Halp me TQC.

edit because I can't spell.

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uhmmmm lolllll i can hear my roomates having sex..
im sitting on the computer right outside their bedroom door thats upstairs, and im like really uncomfortable. lol im the only one hear, i can hear them have sex on occasion, but lol idk its like really intimate.. shes like "OH BABY, what is that ? " and said something in puerto rican..
im sure they've heard my bf and i have sex on numerous occasions, but im just very uncomfortable lol

have u heard anyone have sex?
how did it make you feel lol?
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Am I stupid to want to spread out my classes over five days? I'm starting to have second thoughts but I did my schedule like that because I need to learn to put school first.

What do you need validation on?

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TQC, I have come to the startling realization that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Will you plan it out for me?


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When my boyfriend and I broke up last week, he said he still wanted to be friends and that he'd go shopping with me (something he always liked doing) when I needed to. I said okay, but I assumed he just said it to cheer me up.

Tonight, he found out that I got some new clothes and he actually got mad that I went shopping without him. I had to explain to him I bought them online; but I still needed to get jeans. He now wants to come with me when I buy my jeans.

He is good at picking out clothes that make me look good. He's good at matching things. Do I let him go? Or do I not tell him I'm going and go by myself? Why is something like this turning out to be so complicated?

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i apologize for the stupid question. does at&t actually offer free in-network texting without having to buy unlimited texting for all networks? i know verizon does this but i cannot for the life of me figure out if at&t does.

in case you're wondering: i'm trying to figure out how at&t's monthly plan for the iphone would compare to verizon's, if they do in fact get the iphone next year.
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Does anyone know what this is from?

"My name is Kal-El. I am the last survivor of a planet named Krypton. I was sent to earth..."

I mean I know its from Superman that's not the question. I know or am pretty sure its from the first interview Clark does with Loise but what I want to know is what movie/comic/tv show its from. I've found the whole speech thanks to google but no where does it say what its from.


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How come everywhere I go on the internet, people assume I am male? I mean, I get it on LJ because of Dwayne and all but other places, where I don't have userpics, they are always surprised to learn I have ladybits.

The nose that knows

Real estate lingo

So, we know that 'cosy' means small and cramped.

And 'renovator's dream' means in poor state of repair.

And 'country charm' means that it's 10km away from any shops.

But does anyone know what the more human translations of 'motivated seller' and 'ideal first home' are?

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This is probably a really dumb question but when you go in for a routine teeth cleaning, do they have to give you x-rays? I feel like they always do it and I really can't afford them but I need a cleaning.

Do you have dental insurance? If you don't, how much does a cleaning usually cost you?

Mine (with a family discount and x-rays) is usually at least $195 or so... I'm not even sure if I'm being screwed at this point or if that's a good price.

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I can't do sit-ups, TQC, but I need to get my abs in shape.  What else can I do?  Am I just going to have to settle for swimming?

ETA: I do cardio on an elliptical trainer, which is better for my knees.  My problem is that I've got hemiparesis - mild spasticity on my left side. 
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paging Doctor TQC

i have an appointment at 6 PM tonight, so donut worry about that, TQCers.

but i woke up this morning with some ringing in my ear, sort of a dull tone, and a metric ton of pressure. it's gotten a bit better but the ringing is still there in my right ear and i still have a lot of pressure. i can hear everything just fine, go about my day just fine(going to work later) and the nurse didn't sound too concerned. she just said i need to get it looked at because it's causing so much discomfort and i work in a call center and have a headset on all day.

but that not being for 8 hours and my not leaving for work for another two leaves ample time for me to over think and flip shit.

so, TQC, what do you think these symptoms indicate?

-dull ringing
-metric ton of pressure
-some dizzyness/head fuzziness
-pressure/ringing gets worse when i'm around louder noises

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On the way to work this morning I stopped at Starbucks. The young woman in front of me in line was talking on her cell phone the whole time. It wasn't a friend-type conversation, there was some kind of information going back and forth, like account numbers. Then she gave out her email address.

So just for the hell of it I looked her up on Facebook.

What issues do you see here?

Does it bug you when people speak on their cell phone in public? Does it depend on whether the cashier is looking at them expectantly?

Is it smart to hold private conversations in public?

Do people think about what they're doing?

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1)Graduation question. Do you write thank you notes for just gifts and cards or for people who showed up to your graduation? What's the etiquette?

2)I think it's taken 30 minutes for my dad and some guy in charge of installing new cable to talk about getting new tv channels. Is this normal?
movie love

Drive ins

When/if you go to the drive in, what do/would you take with you?

What would be the all-time best double feature for a drive in? (past, present and upcoming movies can be used)

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How do you remove your leg hair?

I normally shave, but lately it's been giving me problems (dry, itchy skin and shaving makes it unbearable), so I'm looking for alternatives. I'm told I should get them waxed, but I'm a poor student and it's a bit expensive to get done regularly.

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Do you ever have weird feelings that you can't explain?
I feel like I'm going to explode with nervousness, I feel anxious and kind of overwhelmed but I don't know why. It's more of a physical feeling than emotional because there's nothing I'm worried about at the moment. Too much coffee maybe?
If you don't care, what's your favorite sandwich?
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But oh, you came through. Now they're eating humble pie.

I'm turning 23 on Saturday, and I have reservations for me and a ton of other people at this sweet mexican restaurant. I am pretty stoked. I took tomorrow off work because this weekend is insane and I just need some prep time. 

1) Should I buy a new, new outfit for my birthday, or should I thrift? (I get paid tomorrow, and I expect $ from relatives too, but my job is a summer job and so far I have nothing confirmed for after that ends).
1.5) Should I get a manicure? I've only ever gotten two (in America--in Brazil, its like $5 so whatever) before and my 23rd birthday probably doesn't live up to those occasions, as they were one-time things.  But I want to feel pretty.

2) After the Mexican restaurant, what should we do? This is assuming that we are already drunk, and that we really can't afford hookers and blow.  Also, I would prefer activities that were active and not passive, e.g. games > movies.

3)  To celebrate my 23rd birthday, and being done with college, and thus being a different kind of adult than 18 yr olds are, I really want to spend time cultivating my knowledge of my city (Chicago) and the communities therein (see: meet lots of new people). What do you do when you first move to a city and you want to figure stuff out? 
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Because their online menu is so droolworthy with the pretty pictures:

If you were to order lunch right now from ZPizza, what would you order?

What restaurants do you get food from that have amazing online picture menus? Can you post a link please?

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I ordered a computer through Dell yesterday. I accidentally hit the wrong state in the billing address information, and didn't realize until after I had gotten the confirmation email for the order. After spending FOREVER trying to find the right number to call, they tell me that they can't change the address right now but will be able to once the order goes into production. But.. the order can't go into production until it's payed for, and if the address is wrong then I'm not sure it'll go through.

I'm only concerned because I ordered it on a deal that ends today, so if they end up having to cancel my order I'll lose out on ~200 dollars worth of savings. It's my dumb fault for not double checking my information, I realize, but I'm just hoping it doesn't end up costing me money.

Anybody have experience with this kind of thing?

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Asking this on the behalf of my boyfriend. Any help would be appreciated!

He has just finished his dissertation (a 10000 word essay needed to graduate) and it's on Japanese manga. He thought it'd be a good idea to print it in a manga style but isn't exactly sure where to go about doing this. Are there any publishers in your town or city that you know of that we could write to, to see if we can ask them to print this for him? Or any other advice on how to go about doing this? He's a graphic design major so printing it on a home printer isn't really what they're looking for.

Alternatively, what is a piece of work you have done that you are really proud of?
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Fellow Jews - Have any of you done Birthright? Did you like it?
I am very back and forth about it because I'm not at all religious. A free trip is pretty compelling, however, I'm not sure if I have any desire to go to Israel, and I think I would need to go with a friend.

Everyone - Do you hate to say/hear certain words, phrases, or certain pronunciations of words?
Ex: I hate/can't say the world 'belly', and it annoys me when people pronounce 'mature' like 'mah-tour', or say they're 'with child'

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I'm looking at getting some knee length skirts and thick stockings to wear this fall when it's cooler outside. Can you post some pictures or give me some links to shoes that would look good with an outfit like that? Obviously closed toed because it's cold, and no super high heels because I need to walk to class.

What was the biggest insult someone has ever said to your face?
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What was the last thing you got excited about that wasn't a big deal?

I got really excited because I've been trying to train my cat to sleep in his proper bed and he walked over and got into it while i was sitting on my bed. I usually have to pick him up and move him to the bed and then he'll lay down. he got extra treats for that.


renting text books

Have you ever rented text books? My mom told me about and I'm looking into it for my grad school books. So far for a few books I've looked up, the rental rate is about half of what purchasing a used book would be.

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have you ever backed out of a commitment that made you feel really guilty for doing so? Big or small commitment?

One of my friend's been having problems with her guinea pig, she's all of a sudden severely allergic. I impulsively said I'd take the animal, without really thinking it through and talking with my parents, because I didn't want her to have to surrender it to a humane society. My parents were very clear that the pig was to stay in my room. There is just no room in my bedroom and I already have a hamster. I had to back out, because I knew deep down, my home wouldn't be the best for the pig. I'm never home(I'm either at work or bf's house), there's no room, and I'm going back to grad school so it'll be even harder to take care of the pig. But now I feel horrible because my friend keeps posting on facebook that she has to get rid of it ASAP or its going to be surrendered.

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If you have a SO Do you flirt with others?

Has a SO family member/friend/co-worker ever hit on you, not just in friendly flirting way but really trying to seal the deal?

How much flirting is to much?

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If someone, whether through a birth defect, illness or injury, has only their middle finger, would their flipping of the bird be less potent because they are limited in their range of gesture or more potent because they are giving, literally, THE finger?

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I'm having a dinner party tomorrow night, and the friend who was helping has had to pull out at the last minute. So now I need to come up with the vegetable side by myself.

Vegetables are not my forte... Would anyone have a suggestion for a vegetable dish that would go with chicken and chorizo stew? (It's tomato based stew, if that makes a difference.)


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I belong to a gym, but I also go to school full time and can't make it every day. I'm looking for a good workout DVD that doesn't take long to do and will really push me hard.

What are your favourite workout DVDs, TQC?

I've heard good things about the 30-day Shred, but is it really as good as they say?
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Which would you prefer?

a) A fancy house with an adequate car
b) An adequate house with a fancy car

Assume in both scenarios that both the house and the car are new and undamaged and there are enough rooms in the house for everyone in your family and enough seats in the car for everyone in your family.

Will you explain your choice?

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so, i've recently decided to kick my considerable diet coke habit, due to my sisters haranguing me about the horrors of aspartame and how it will surely lead to cancer and death. i've been poking around online, as i use sweet n low or splenda in my coffee, and eat many other foods that use some sort of sugar substitute. but trying to figure out if they're safe has led me to all kinds of conflicting information.

so, tqc, i ask you: what sugar substitutes, if any, do you use? do you have any concerns about their safety? it seems like just about everything has been linked to cancer or other horrible ailments in some way, so do you think it's even worth worrying about?

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(apologies if this has been asked recently!)

What sites do you frequent when you're online?
I'm loving and a few other similar sites,,, and Know of any similar that I'm missing?

What are some quotes or lyrics that you love?

Hell - Picasso Devil

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Do you make yourself to-do lists and check them off? Do you over schedule yourself? :D

When you lose a couple of pounds, where do you notice it first?

Should I lean over the bath tub to rinse the dye out of my hair or just get back in the shower?

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What kind of puppy do you think this is? I just got him yesterday from a rescue...they say "lab mix" but I think they say that for every dog that isn't purebred.
He's supposedly 7 weeks old and only weighs like 3 pounds, so I think Lab is unlikely....although he does have webbed feet.


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Do you have any tricks to get rid of really bad headaches? 

I've had this almost-migraine for an hour now, and regular OTC medicine hasn't helped. I have prescription migraine meds, but they're also part muscle relaxer/sedative, and it's only 6:30 pm. I'd rather not crash now (especially before dinner!) and then be up allll night.

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Dear ichthyologists in TQC [and anyone else who wants to chime in]

My new roommate is bringing some kind of creature to live in our dorm room [which she did not inform me of at all]. It apparently does much better in a colder climate and eats every two days or so. What do you think she's bringing over?

[I am hoping it is a fish as that's all we're allowed to have in the dorms.]

ETA: It's a betta fish, in a teeny little container though.

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If you had the choice between (homemade) mac and cheese OR grilled cheese with "healthy" vegetable beef soup for dinner, which would you choose?

(I obv need to go grocery shopping okay)

What are you looking forward to over the weekend?
I'm going on my first girl-date in... a LONG, LONG time tomorrow! :) I'm probably way more excited than I should be. Whatever.

What do you do when you're trying to unwind?
Sudoku either on my DSi or one of my several books, and word searches. lol
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So, I'm moving back to school tomorrow (well, driving atlanta -> pittsburgh over two days) and I wanted to take my turntable with me, but I'm not sure the best way to pack it. I did some googling but all I found were complicated instructions on how to pack one for shipping, for people selling them on ebay. Since mine is being packed in my car, not trusted by the USPS, and I don't think it's particularly delicate (my mum bought it for me at urban outfitters, lol), is there a simpler way to pack it than this? Can I just twist-tie the tonearm in place, secure the lid, bubble-wrap it up and put it in a box? Or is that a really dumb idea? The instructions tell me nothing and frankly I don't know much about record players except how to make them play.

if tl;dr: how do I pack my turntable for my road-trip move?

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Do you wear sunscreen as often as you should?
No :(

Do you wear a helmet when you bike?
Not usually....:-/

Do you wear a seatbelt?
Yes, it's illegal not to in my state. I would anyway though.

Will you tell me a really short story?
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I have about 50 extra wire hangers that I want to get rid of. Is there something other than dumping them in the trash that I can do with them? I'd assume they can't be recycled. Do thrift shops ever want them?
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do you personally know anyone who got pregnant at a relatively young age? how old was she? did she have the baby? 
do you personally know anyone who got married at a relatively young age? how old were they? are they still married?
i just found out that my old classmate just got married after turning 19. 
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What is this I don't even....

My husband bought me a really nice camera for my birthday. He spent about $350 on it; it's a used Canon EOS Digital Rebel (300D). To be honest with you, it's the first really nice thing I've gotten either as a gift or for myself in years...I just hate spending money.

Flash forward three weeks. My textbooks cost $380. My mom says she'll help me pay for them...if I return the camera.

TQC, how does this even make sense? Please explain it to me.

What did you have for lunch today?

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If a hotel guest poops on the floor in their room, am I obligated to come and clean it up?

What if he/she tries shoving animal poop down the toilet and the bathroom starts flooding?

A guest did something similar and called down demanding I send someone up to fix it right away and then snapped, saying 'and i'm going out for drinks so you clean it before i get back."

EDIT: So there was no poop on the floor but there was a giant turd blocking the water flow of the toilet basin that caused some flooding.

On the plus side, another guy just tipped me $5 for bringing something to his room.

chuck and i were wondering.

Which utensils do you use to eat watermelon?

fork and knife combo
spoon and knife combo
fork and spoon combo
plastic spork
i don't need no stinking utensils
some other utensil that you did not name
i use my fingers
i use my face with my hands tied behind my back
i do not eat watermelon
a melon baller, not unlike martha stewart
oh suzer, something else that you did not think of and i will mention in comments

do you eat salt on your watermelon?

yes salt!
no salt!
that sounds disgusting!
sometimes salt, sometimes not.
i do not eat watermelon
i do not remember how i eat watermelon
i would rather be waterboarded than eat salt on anything ever

what is your preferred shape to serve watermelon?

thin slivers
slices (half circle)
balls, not unlike martha stewart
i would rather go coat shopping with my mother than ever eat watermelon

where do you think is the BEST place to get a great tasting watermelon?

on the side of the road out of the back of some guy's truck
in the grocery store
fruit stand
grow it yourself
in a daquiri
at one of those all you can eat buffets
oh suzer, i can't afford watermelon
i would rather get a hickey from CarrotTop than pay for watermelon
something else entirely

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A friend posted this link on her FB. (about the military doing stuff to live animals) I asked my dad about it (30 year USAF officer) and he said it's bullshit. What do you think? Any military on TQC ever seen anything like that? Or is PETA just crazy?
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There's a French term, most likely for film (I learned it in a photography class years ago), that dealt with "off camera action." As if a character in a horror movie would freak out and look to the right because she heard a noise but there would be nothing in the frame/on the screen, because it's out of our line of sight.

Do you know what it is?

If you don't, do you know where my notes are so I can figure it out myself?
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About 6 months ago my son had a regular cleaning and they suggested minor dental surgery to repair two of his front teeth. I did not make an appointment with them and told them I'd call back if I wanted to have it done. I didn't. My son's dentist called last Thursday to remind me about a Monday appointment for dental surgery. I ignored it because I had shit to do. They called again Friday telling me to call back and confirm the appointment and I didn't. Monday they left a message on my answering machine while I was at work asking where I was. Today we get a bill for $500 because we missed the appointment. What should I do and what will happen if I don't pay it?

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Do you smoke cigarettes? Did you smoke cigarettes? How long did it take you to enjoy it? Did you quit?

I was shown last weekend how to roll cigarettes, out of pipe tobacco. I didn't inhale the stuff and I enjoyed it a lot. It smells good!

My girlfriend used to smoke cigarettes, and I'd smoke most of the time when I saw her, two or three times a week. She has since mostly stopped smoking.

I had half a cigarette tonight and didn't enjoy it much.

I think I want a pipe.

cable tv

I live in an apartment building while I'm attending college. I only paid for 20 channels tv but if I turned to a cable channel like CNN I could sort of see/hear it. It was all static-y, but some channels were completely un-watchable like FX.

I literally turned on my tv 30 minutes ago to it so I could sorta see it, BUT THEN IT WAS CRYSTAL CLEAR. I have ALL of the channels now that I couldn't watch before.


I better not be charged for this! BUT YAY free cable tv!!!!!
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Inspired by a massive storm/tornado/freaky power outage that just occurred where I live.

If you're in a movie theatre and the power goes out for a while (assume over an hour), what happens? I mean, you can't exactly get a refund because the tills wouldn't work either.

True Blood - Eric animated 1

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I bought a 3lb tub of chocolate chunk cookie dough from a kid doing fundraising for the local high school. I just realized that my oven is still broken.

We should just eat the cookie dough with spoons out of the tub, y/y?

If you don't care about that, what did you do today?
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I'm buying champagne for the first time tomorrow. Do I just ask the guy at the store what I can get for what I want to spend? Will I be laughed out of the place for being cheap? Any suggestions? I'm really not picky and I don't have a lot to spend.

Do you like staying over people's houses?
After the shitty fondue pot situation, should I throw money in a housewarming card or offer to buy a meal at some point during my stay?

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What group are you proud of belonging to? Why?

Example: I'm proud of being an active reader. I look up to well-read people, as they tend to have a broad vocabulary and general knowledge, and am proud of being a part of that group, even if I don't really compare to the super smart readers.

eta: I'm not saying I have all or any of the good qualities of the well-read/well-educated people I admire, but I do read a lot and that sort of makes me hope I qualify for the lower levels of this group.


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How shocked, on a scale of one to ten, would you be if The Leaning Tower Of Pisa fell over?!

In related questioning, what's the most shocking possible news event can you think of?
Jenny Saville

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For those of you who engage in sex where there is a (biologically natural or surgically formed but not artificial) penis involved:

In a life or death situation, would you rather never have PIV/PIA sex again (but keep everything-but-sex), or vice versa? (i.e. keep PIV/PIA but nothing else, oral/hands/heavy petting included, but low-key kissing is still allowed)

For everyone; If someone told you 'so-and-so has a lot of scars" without elaborating on why (and you've never seen so-and-so irl obviously), what would you be most likely to assume?
1) Lots of surgery
2) Serious accident
3) Self-injury
4) Other, pls explain

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there's a semi-stray cat on my porch right now and it's raining. he meows every time i walk past the door and so far he's dashed in while i was opening the door TWICE. what can i do for him? i already put a cat carrier out there and the door's open but he won't really go in it.

Acrobat IE Helper?

Why does my computer not want to shut down whenever that Acrobat IE Helper is up? What is that program anyway? I never opened it. It just seems to happen whenever I go online. I only look at PDF's once in a blue moon, so I'm pretty sure that's not it.
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Fall Flavors

Have you ever had pumpkin flavored beer? If so, what's your favorite brand?
I've tried Post Road Pumpkin Ale, but wasn't a big fan..

What's your favorite autumn flavored food or drink (i.e., pumpkin pie, cider, pumpkin spice lattes)?
I'm loving Woodchuck's Fall Cider right now, but pumpkin spice stuff is usually my favorite.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I tie-dyed a t-shirt Wednesday night. Thursday evening I rinsed it out with water and then hung it up to drip-dry. What should I do with it now? Should I pay $1.25 and then $0.50 to wash and dry it on its own, or will it be okay in a washing machine with my other laundry?