August 19th, 2009

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Why does the area around my right eyeball hurt?

Have you ever gotten halfway though a heated argument and then just completely lost steam and been like "aw fuck it"?

Will I feel better enough to return to work tomorrow? I was home sick today :(

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Do you use any sort of hot iron hair styler? What kind? How's it working out for you?

I bought an Amika wet-2-dry styler, only to discover when I got home that the girl gave me a different styler by mistake! I'm sad, I really wanted to try it out :C guess I have to head back to the mall tomorrow.
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i have a whole bunch of things to do before friday. (i.e. clean house, go shopping & buy some clothes, go grocery shopping)

will i accomplish them? i'm just about to head to bed and i'm getting worried i won't, because i'm going to be soo busy the next couple of days!!

what's on your to do list this week?

does sweetened iced tea make you feel nauseous?
Self cleaning

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When you have to memorize something, be it an ordered list, facts or anything, how do you personally go about doing it? Do you make up mnemonics, write it over and over, recite it to yourself?

What little things make you smile?

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have you ever found an old friend via the internet? were you ever not sure if it was them or not? any other comments?

one of my LJ friends from like 5 years ago deleted her journal one day, and i think i found her profile on another site. i emailed her and i'm so nevous lol.

Yoga question

What type of yoga would you guys recommend if someone wanted to improve their posture? Would being fat be a factor?

The studio I'm trying out has Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga, but you can name others so I know. I want to try hot yoga too, someday.

Thank you!

i have a phobia about driving in the rain, ya'll.

which of these RAIN songs do you know and love?

who'll stop the rain? - creedence clearwater revival
raindrops are fallin' on my head - b.j. thomas
purple rain - prince
here comes the rain again - annie lenox
blame it on the rain - milli vanilli
red rain - peter gabriel
shadows in the rain - the police
blue eyes crying in the rain - elvis presley
come rain or come shine - billie holliday
rain - madonna
rainy days and mondays - the carpenters
don't rain on my parade - barbra streisand
fire and rain - james taylor
fool in the rain - led zep
oh suzer, im glad you didn't put that 'rain rain go away' song...and i wish i knew more of these songs
derek smalls

~moral~ dilemma

So basically, my friend has been working a lot of overtime and yesterday his boss told him that over the course of 2 months, he has gotten paid an extra $750 because the accountant screwed up his overtime pay rate. His boss said he didn't really have to pay the money back since it wasn't his fault but my friend fears that if he didn't pay it back it would pretty much alienate him from his boss and the rest of upper management (he works at a small, locally owned restaurant so $750 is actually a lot to them). His boss also offered to take some money out of each of his upcoming checks to make up for the extra money.

So what would you do? Take a pay cut from each check for the next few months while paying off the $750? Keep the money and potentially piss off management? Something else?

US phone plans/contract

Say you have a 1000 texts on your plan.

Does this include received texts as well?
As in you can say, send 600 and receive 400 texts and that uses up your texts?

If so, once you use them all up, can you not even receive texts?
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1. If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would it be?

2a. If you are married/engaged, how soon into the relationship did you know you were going to marry this person?
2b. If you're in a relationship, is shklee the one?

Post couple/wedding pics & tell each other how cute we all are.

Fight Fight Fight!

Poll #1445926 Celebrity Deathmatch

Who would win in a steel cage match?

Dwayne Johnson
Chuck Norris (all Chuck Norris jokes aside, the man is 69 years old)

Who would win in a steel cage match?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Who would win in a steel cage match?

Jackie Chan (he's 55)
Mike Tyson

Who would win in a steel cage match?

Rachel, Phoebe and Monica
Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte

Who would win in a steel cage match?

Anderson Cooper
Ryan Seacrest

Who would win in a steel cage match?

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher
Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter

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1)When reading an ad for a job, what words are red flags for you that the job might not be very good, or even that it might not be a real job?

2)What video game related items are you excited about?

ps3 slim

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Where did you get most of what you currently own? (Clothes, furniture, etc.)

Bought it brand new & online (ex.
Bought it brand new & offline (ex. at the mall).
Bought it used & online (ex. an eBay auction).
Bought it used & offline (ex. a thrift store).
It was given to me for free (ex. gifts, hand-me-downs).
I went and got it for free (ex. freecycle).
I killed someone in front of their mother for it.

Also, are your preferred methods of shopping different from how you got most what you own?

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Do you crack your knuckles? What other parts of your body do you crack?
I can crack almost everything - I can't crack my thumbs or big toes, but I can crack my hips (where the leg bones connect), my ribs, my knees, and the middle of my feet plus everything else.

Do you watch "More to Love"?
I'm so happy Lauren is gone.

brought to you by the radio at work

Poll #1445900 omfg will you please shut up.

how do you feel about leonard cohen?

please let him die in a fire
i don't care
i am a freak and i love him
i always wonder how someone with such a shitty voice could be so successful

feel free to comment with other thoughts about leonard cohen.

eta: omfg what is wrong with you people? that fucking bird on a wire song is like a half hour long and just when you think it's going to end there's another fucking verse.

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Why does my left arm/hand (mainly hand) have a numb, painless sensation to it?

Why are my gums swelling again after I had my wisdom teeth taken out a month ago? (They were swollen for a week then- I had all four taken out- and now the bottom left area is swelling again).
zombie baby cede! :D

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So I was just informed that an e-mail I got a few weeks back about a gallery show was invite only.
I thought it was just one of those 'hey, I know you, you should do this' but... it's invite only.

Have you ever deleted an important e-mail without realizing it? 
Did it turn out all right? 

I should be freaking out y/y?

What is your favorite medium (of art), and your favorite fast-food joint? 

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Hey TQC, I need some help because I fail at using google today.

I know that merchants can't charge more than the listed price for using a credit card to pay for something.

Now, my issue is with "government agencies" or whatever. Can they do it? I'm not finding a 100% yes or no. The husband went to pay the water bill with his Visa since I forgot to leave him a check to pay it. When he told them he was going to use his card, they told him it would be 10% more.

So can they do this without violating the TOS? I'm in Illinois if it helps.

I'm bored...what should I do for the rest of the afternoon? I have 3 hours until work is over and nothing much to do.
Baro Bitch Stare
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When you're talking to someone who has a better social standing or more money or whatever, do you feel shitty?

Do you especially feel shitty when talking to these people when you yourself are unemployed or work at the grocery store?

How about dating these people who have these things?

I feel like a poor loser cuz the guy I'm dating hasn't even finished his bachelors but has a really well paying job and is going to to be CFO of the company he works for.

Me...I graduated in May with a Finance degree and I'm working part-time at the grocery store barely making ends meet. I've been trying since before I graduated to get a real job but haven't had luck yet.

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About how many times per day at work does the thought of your S.O. cross your mind?

How much time per day at work overall do you spend thinking about or doing stuff to remind yourself of and communicate with your S.O.?

Do you have a photo of your S.O. on your desk at work? In your wallet? Tattooed on your buttock?
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Sorry to ask again so soon, but:

Have you ever been to a Trader Joe's? I think I'm going to head over to one today for the first time.

How does it compare to Whole Foods? Is it vegetarian/vegan friendly?
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I've been subletting in an apartment with a friend of mine all summer. though we don't always agree, it's been a positive experience.

last week, I tried to get tickets to a concert of a band that probably won't be playing for a couple of years after this show. since i failed to get the tickets, i assumed the weekend they were playing (22nd-23rd) would be open for whatever. when i talked to my friend, he suggested that maybe we could do something the last weekend i was going to be here (22nd-23rd). i gave him a tentative maybe, and told him i'll think about it.

however, tickets just opened up and my friend who i'm going with the concert bought the crap out of them. when i told my friend (excitedly!) that i was going to see one of my favorite bands play for the last time in what was probably going to be a little while, he was like "oh, so... i guess we're not doing anything then."

TQC, am i a huge flake? i think i'm a huge flake.

what can i do to make it up to him, short of not going to the concert?

edited for clarity: after the concert, i'll be driving back home to new jersey, not back to massachusetts because my sublet ends that week.
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Sorry for the long story, but;

For the last two years, I've been living in a condo that has so many parking spaces for so many cars. Yes, it's a little crowded but still workable. Last night, I parked in my usual legal spot only to wake up to the sound of hammering. I looked outside to see that some guy was putting up a "No Parking. Towing Enforced" sign right where my car was! I went outside and asked the man what was all that about. Turns out the property manager for no real reason wanted that space suddenly off limits. Not only that, the man told me that it was a good thing that I had come out then because he would have hated to see my car towed because it was now illegally parked.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "meh" and 10 being "livid", how angry would you have been if you went to bed with your car legally parked only to wake up to find it towed because someone decided over night to make that an illegal parking spot?

Has something like this ever happened to you? What was it?

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I  work in a clothing store that's aimed primarily at women aged 45+

We have bonus cards that we offer people, the bonuses being the more frequently you shop in our store, you will recieve discount vouchers in the mail. We have targets on how many people we can get to sign up for the bonus card.

I usually ask them once, if they say no, I'll ask if they're sure and explain the benefits etc. If they say no again, I leave it be. Yesterday our manager told us that we have to start 'not taking no for an answer'

How the hell am I meant to do that? If a little old lady doesn't want one, she doesn't want one. It's not like we can force them to take one.

narry twirl

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How do you go about planning meals and grocery shopping?

Do you plan every single thing you'll eat for the next however many days and then go buy just the ingredients you need, do you grocery shop everyday to pick up things you're in the mood for that day, etc.

I think I need to fix the way I shop because I've been at the grocery store 5 out of the last 7 days picking up extra stuff I needed. I'm thinking I need to plan better.
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I'm a shift leader, and I left work today right as some folks from corporate showed up to look at the store. Smart move or stupid? (To be fair, I do have my other, actually-relevant-to-chosen-career job to go to, but it's an unpaid volunteer thing.)

Can one be nice to someone one doesn't know well without being courteous?

What kind of dumbass goes to a coffee shop with no idea how they want their coffee made?

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1) When a potential employer says they will call today to tell you if you got the job, is it right to assume they'd call the person who got the job first?

I was told I'd be called today and it's now 3.45pm, so I guess I didn't get it :(

2) Will you post your favourite comfort food recipe for me?
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Looking at my cousin's wedding registry at Walmart and Target. They have registered for THREE HD flatscreen tvs, and TWO computer moniters, and car mats, three cd player/ipod docks, a couch and chair, tents and garden gazebos (they have no yard)...... are these normal wedding registery??!! Or is it just par for the course for this idiot cousin of mine? Wedding registries are for linens and kitchen things like mixers and whatnot, right??!!

BTW: this is the cousin who is getting married Friday, Sept 11 at 3 in the afternoon and everyone gave me such grief for being amazed about that too :)
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On feedback leaving stores/sites like Etsy and ebay, would nonexistant/ignored communication from the sellers end (to questions you have specifically asked, or mailing instructions you have left) effect how you would leave feedback? For arguments sake, items were perfect, and arrived not damaged or incorrect.


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hey so I'm in this remote mountainous area of Maine where I get like 10 min. of internet every two or three days

so will you floood my inbox with spectacular and debaucherous things so that when I come check my mail it's like hooray?

or just tqc anything poste
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If you had a dragon, what would you call it?

What do you think the dragon's natural enemy would be, assuming they were real?
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Do any of you have any favorite seamstresses on Etsy who do custom (easy) orders? 

I had one make me a dress that I love earlier this year. She's agreed to do (and says she's excited to do) another dress and a simple costume for me. But, while she's awesome and nice and I feel guilty, she's very busy with her regular job (she's very new at Etsy) and is SLOW AS HELL to respond and I'm about thisclose to hiring someone else because I'm tired of having to keep hound her (which I also had to do for dress #1). So, recommendations welcome :)

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Am I the only one who dislikes Flight of the Concords?
(I first saw them at least 4 years ago and I fell asleep during their set- seriously, they are such a bore.)

What other comedians do you dislike that people think are oh-so-funny?
(Dane Cook, Sarah Silverman, Ray Ramano and Jeff Dunham can bite me- I booed at Dunham when I saw him live. I didn't laugh a single time in the hour-long torture that was his act.)

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grill cheese


I'm lactose intolerant, and where I live there's no lactose-free grill cheese. But I can get a lactose free camembert. Can I grill it? Or will it just stick to the pan?

If I can't grill it, can I bake it?
How do I do this?

What else can I do with it?


I just realized that I've been wearing my undies inside out for 7 hours

What should I do TQC?

a. continue wearing it inside out since I'll be putting on PJs in 4 hours anyway
b. turn it right side out becuase this is the way it should have been in the first place
c. put on a new pair of undies thus creating more laundry
d. not wear any undies since I won't be leaving the house again
e. none of the above, please provide alternative suggestion

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Have you ever been to a public restroom, like at work or at the library or at a highway rest area, where you seated yourself, pinched a loaf, and then realized there was no toilet paper? What did you do?

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Did your high school have an "incoming freshman orientation?"

Before the new school year started, incoming freshman had to go to the high school on a Saturday to pick up class schedules. They offered tours of the school so students could figure out where all their classes were so no one was wandering aimlessly when school actually started.

What grade did high school start at for you?

Did you go to a school that followed the traditional 9 months of school, 3 months of summer break? Or did you go to year 'round school?

I went to year 'round school so I was in school July & August, on vacation September & October, in school November - february, off March & April and in school May & June.

I liked it except that there was no break between grades. I'd finish 10th grade on Friday and start 11th grade on Monday.

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have you ever been/are you in love?
when was the last time you had to go to the hospital about your health? what was wrong?
what do you and your friends do when you get together?

I hate waiting

I'm waiting for a guy to come look at my furniture.

He was supposed to be here 17 minutes ago.

How much longer do I wait until I go on with my life because he is keeping me in suspended animation since I don't have a phone number or anything?

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1)What promises have you made today that you won't keep?

I thought I'll never let my room get this messy again after 3 hours of cleaning.

2)what's your favorite public radio show?

this american life

3)Do you look forward to vegging and watching tv?

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It is a known fact that senior citizens like to talk about the wrongest things. What kind of horrible conversation topics have you endured from senior citizens? Who was it?
puppy dog

Hand broken month and half-two months ago, never got a cast

I broke my hand about a month and a half, two months ago when I got drunk and punched a wall. I went to the hospital and they gave me a splint. I wore it for two weeks and took off of work, but when the swelling was down i returned to work.... TYPING. without scaring me, can someone tell me whats going to happen to my hand if I dont see a doctor? Maybe there are some doctors or cast people in this community. Is it too late for a cast? I broke it around like June 23rd or something. I avoided going back to the doctor to get a cast because i have to work, or else ill be homeless. Help?

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What was the last really sucky thing that happened to you?

I just now found out that one of my best friends, who has been studying in Ireland for a year, gets back Friday at 2pm, which is when I'll be being wheeled into the operating room to have my tonsils and adenoids removed and the catilege in my nose shaved. I won't be able to talk to her or see her for days :( :( :(
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How cute is the cutest thing and do you have a photo to show of it?

Are you just slacking off?

Who is your favourite producer and your favourite film by him/her? (I need new movies to watch :P)

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Have you ever been on tv? I don't mean like, background of the local news or something.

I only ask because one of my good friends is going to be on 16 and Pregnant, and thus so shall I. We keep it reaaal classy.

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So after doing some research, I discovered that apparently my digital camera will only record 10 minutes of video, then automatically stops recording. If I want to record more, I have to actually press the record button again. It's not very convenient :(

Can anyone recommend a digital camera that records no matter what, until you manually stop it? I'd like it to be affordable and shoot fairly high quality.

Right now, I have a Sony DSC-T200.

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whats the most chickenshit way youve ever been dumped?

my now ex just sent me a facebook note dumping me, (eta)but not before ignoring me for 3 days. im almost more amused at how ridiculous that is. 
football; {badstuber}

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What's the best and easiest way to copy 8GB or music and videos from my iPod to my computer?
I've heard of 'Tansee iPod Transfer', has anyone used it? Is it good or is there something better?
Thanks for any help! (I'm in dire need of it! haha)
devon ramen

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TQC it is 9.13pm, i have a 750-1000 word essay due on friday at 5pm which will account for 15% of my final grade. it's my first essay in my introduction to religion course and i'm slightly stuck. i currently only have 260 words. should i:

stay home tonight and get as much done as i can?
do whatever i can get done tonight, go to a friend's place for weed and poker til 3am?
just worry about it tomorrow and on friday?

i so badly want to smoke, but i feel like i'll just be grumpy and worried about my essay if i do go.

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Is there a website where I can find sex parties or clubs in my area?? Something a little more organized that Craigslist.

I can imagine google wouldn't be much help, the first few hundred sites would probably just be ways to get my moneys.

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I'm having trouble deciding if I want my dorm 'textiles' to be childish and sweet or mature and sexy. I flip flop from back and forth, but I know I want something colorful, and if it's possible, I want to keep it in IKEA. That way, only one stop shopping. What should my dorm's color theme be? Should I be mature and act my age, or dress my room to how I actually feel age wise?

If you don't really care, which book would you like to live in? As in, become part of the story?

A: I'd love to live in the Harry Potter Universe, or the Sookie Stackhouse series. I just wouldn't want to be killed in either.

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Which demographic do you think is most likely to take an IQ test of their own free will (i.e. not because they're being tested for school/a job) - those who turn out to have low IQs, those who have high IQs, those who have average IQs, or an equal mix?
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my boyfriend's granddad has just been diagnosed with heart failure.

do you know anyone with heart failure? what is the prognosis like? is it possible to live for years after diagnosis? what about quality of life? are there any reliable websites i can give my boyfriend for more information?
otherwise, what can i do to help my boyfriend other than "be there" for him?

thx in advance :)

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Having 2 step-brothers move into my house suddenly, there's really very little I can complain about, especially when one hears horror stories about step-families. However, they have a bad habit of leaving loud music on when they're not listening to it (for prolonged periods of times) and hogging the TV/front room. All i've been able to watch the past 2 months is football and crappy old comedy shows. I don't know them well enough to start an argument over it like I can with my brother.

What do the people that you live with do that annoys you?
kurt halsey

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A few of my friends and I were planning an outing to the beach tomorrow and it fell through.  We still want to hang out, though, but can't think of what to do - we want to do something more active and interesting than just chilling at someone's house or going to the mall.  We considered bowling (meh), having a picnic at a park (good idea, but too last-minute), and going to the zoo (too expensive) - any suggestions?  We are three girls and three guys, late teens & early twenties, and live in the Philadelphia area. Go crazy.

Sorry if I confuse anybody!

My family has a shared computer and music account.

We have a Mac OS X version 10.5.7 (if that matters at all.)

We have iTunes 8 and I buy a lot of music, from the iTunes store (that my dad wants) and we were wondering how to transfer music from one library or playlist to another without burning a disk, putting music files into a flash-drive, or emptying my own library when he gets my music.

Same computer, different accounts, same music account, help?

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What "wrong" things will our generation be able to get away with talking about when we are old and grey, despite the fact that the rest of the world has moved past that prejudice?
♥ rave

all this wedding talk has got me thinking

Are you scared of getting married? Are you scared of your future in general?

I was never one to plan out my wedding as a kid and I feel like I'm the only one O.o I don't even think about it much now that I'm in a relationship. I think it's either cause I don't want to jinx it or be disappointed if it doesn't work out. I'm only 20, and I love my boyfriend, but I know he thinks about it more than I do. Am I the only one who's scared?? Be my therapist, TQC.

What are some silly things your worried/scared about now that won't happen for a while?

(no subject)

So, TQC, for my 21st birthday do I:

a) have dinner out with the family and friends knowing that my parents and grandparents don't want to be there and I can't be arsed dealing with their shit.
b) go out with the bf and a few close friends for dinner.
c) have a romantic night out with just the bf.
d) find some cheap accom. near the beach or somewhere and disappear for my birthday week.

I have a question

Sorry if this isn't suppose to be here, but I am having a problem with my computer..

I like to download Anime and tv shows off the net, Direct downloads.. i use megaupload alot.. Well I went to go download something from megaupload and when I click on the save button the file just disappears and nothing happens... What is going on... ( oh and its just not that one file.. I have tried like 20 different megaupload files and they all do the same thing)..can anyone help?

Thanks guys, I figured it out.
Donkey Punch

Work Etiquette.

TQC, I work as the shop manager at a tattoo parlor in Charlotte, NC.
We are open until 9pm Sun-Thurs and 11pm Fri & Sat.
Since I am the manager, I am the one that opens and locks up,
Keep in mind that I commute an hour every day to get here and another hour to get home.

Here's the situation:

If a tattoo artist starts a piece that he believes will cause him (and conversely me) to stay late, he is supposed to ask for my permission AS WELL AS compensate me for any time I have to stay over. We already work ten and twelve hour days, and the last thing I want to do is stay late.
Collapse )

Does that seem insanely unfair to you? Artists here make in a couple of days what I make in a week.


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I need some serious cookie-help, people!!

I just made up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, but it just feels super... slimy.

What consistency should a chocolate chip cookie dough have for you?

I'm getting the first batch out of the oven in a couple minutes, we'll see how bad it is.

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Inspired by an awkward response on my previous post-

Do you think it is okay to boo a performance that you see as poor quality- especially if you paid for it and expected something decent?
(By booing I mean vocally expressing displeasure in a brief fashion "Boo, this sucks!" - not throwing tomatoes and attacking the person on stage)

If you don't think it's okay, why not?

As I see it, people have the right to approve or disapprove of anything- and to express it in a relatively non-intrusive and completely non-violent fashion.
And if you don't like this post, go on- boo me! I encourage that shit.

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Wedding anniversary coming up in 2 weeks - it's the big #ten. I looked up the list of traditional anniversary gifts, and for the tenth anniversary it's a gift made of tin or aluminum, which suits me fine because we've got no disposable income to speak of.

What sort of gift made of tin or aluminum would you accept with gratitude from your impoverished husband on your tenth anniversary? (As opposed to the sort that fills you with hurt and rage and leads to unfortunate newspaper reports.)


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I want to join a free online dating site.
Mostly just to past the time because I'm stuck at home for the next few months.

Can you suggest some for me?

Do you use an online dating site?
Why, or why not?
narry twirl

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Do you think it is amusing or annoying when people purposefully put incorrect information on Wikipedia?

I was mildly amused to see on my old high school's page that the principal is listed as Mark East when he is actually Mark West.

validation post. sorry.

I'm a bookkeeping assistant. The bookkeeper decided to only come in two days a week for the next two weeks. On Friday she said that a tax check had to go out as certified mail on Monday. So, I took the signed check and mailed it. Today she came in and asked me if the boss approved for it to be mailed. (He didn't specifically tell me on Monday to mail it, but the office manager knew that it was going out)

Wouldn't you assume that he had approved it if she told you that it needed to go out?
Do you tend to stand up for yourself at work or just let things slide?
What was the last work situation that annoyed/upset/baffled you?
suits - mike

(no subject)

If you worked or is currently working or will be applying for banks, how would you answer this?

"Please tell us the area of banking of interest to you and why."
(You can indicate more than 1 choice)

Not interested?
How would you answer, still? (serious answers or not!)

(no subject)

How do you force yourself to essentially "get over" a crush you have on someone? Have you ever tried to do this? Did it work? Stories, please. (serious and non serious answers are always welcome)

To give my own example: I have a really inconvenient crush on my boss. He's a great person who is easy to work with and gets along with everyone. My concern is that I have found myself getting all awkward and nervous around him lately. I just want to get him out of my head. I don't want to jepordize my position, nor do I want to screw up the pleasant "working relationship" that we have.

strong bad shows the deuce

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When was the last time that you were disappointed about something that, in the grand picture of things, wasn't really that big of a deal?

I was supposed to get my first tattoo today. I've been waiting two months and was a huge ball of excited/nervous jitters all day at work, until I finally got off and went over to the parlor only to find that my artist hurt her hand this morning and couldn't tattoo me. She was super apologetic and is letting me come in on Monday, her day off, to get it done then, so I'm not angry or anything. You know, shit happens. And I got to see the finalized sketch, and I'm completely in love, so that's cool, and Monday isn't far off (much better than another two months from now), but it feels like all that excitement from earlier has no place to go, and I feel all mopey and anxious for no real reason. :/

mouse trouble

I'm currently using the new Windows 7 and am having a trouble with my mouse. Every time I am typing, the mouse clicks over where ever its hovering and begins to type there. Its really annoying and makes typing difficult to do. I'm ready to freak out. I've tried everything I know of and google isn't helping.

TQC, how do I fix this?

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So...I'm going out dancing/clubbing...whatever with my friend. I've only gone once before and I'm sort of at a loss. What do I wear? If you're feeling extra helpful, pictures are appreciated. I'm sort of chubby with big boobs and not amazing arms so please no tube top suggestions.

Oh and I went to look for a fondue pot in four different stores and no one hand one. So I ask, aside from a plunger, what were some things that you realized you forgot to bring when you first moved into your own place?
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You have a brain tumour. Your life saving surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks from tomorrow. After the surgery you will be significantly less intelligent.

How do you spend the next 2 weeks of your life?
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Why the hell are there ants in my apartment?

We're watching Apocalypse Now in film class. If you've seen it you gotta tell me, does that puppy die? We stopped right after they found it on the boat. I would read the wiki page but I kinda don't want to spoil the rest of the movie, but if that damn dog dies I'm not going to class.