August 18th, 2009

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What do you think about the "yw" expression? Especially when the person replies with this "yw" after you give them a compliment or say "thank you."

I've noticed this is becoming very popular online, and am just wondering if I'm the only one here that thinks its a little mean/rude.

EDIT: I thought it meant "yeah whatever" like a dummy and am no longer offended. ha.

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My two friends and I are having a movie marathon night on Friday.

What are some good scary movies to watch with other people? Ones that kind of bring everyone together because you're all scared, lol.
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I just got home from work, and noticed that a rabbit chose my front lawn, not too far from my driveway, to die on.

Trash pick-up is in the morning. Do I somehow put it in a bag and in the trash? What do I do?
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Couple questions:

1. Would you ever get involved with someone whom you met on Craigslist?

2. Do you still find 'your mom' jokes funny (when they're done right, that is)?

Totally random, I know. Tho' I'm curious. :D
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in about a week i'm moving into an apartment with two other girls. i am not really friends with either of them... they are friends though. i know them through my boyfriend/his friends.

how weird will it be for the first few weeks?
can anyone tell me about their experience with moving in with acquaintances?

are you hungry right now?
should i go eat something?

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tqc, i can't pick out jewelry for my ears. can you help? if it matters, the gem in my nostril is blue and the gem in my monroe is either light blue or light purple, depending on what i put in there. i'll probably be getting more than one pair, so feel free to vote for more than one in each category.

what style should i get?


what color titanium ball?

light blue
dark blue

what color glitter ball?

lime green
light blue
dark blue
hot pink

what color gem ball?

light green
light blue

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My scumbag ex boyfriend won't pick up his case of dvds from my house. I leave them in the mailbox everyday and take them out at night because I live on a sketchy street and they'd probably get stolen. He told me he was def. going to pick them up last night and he didn't. I'm getting sick of looking at them. He has the time to get them, and is always in the area. It's been like 2 weeks!

I must point out I put my broken camera in there for him to fix.

Why won't he just get his shit?

Wtf should I do with them?

i say, old bean

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so last night in the middle of being tickled, i tried squirming away and it resulted in me smacking my elbow against my bed frame. my elbow is still stiff.

so I ask you, TQC, when was the last time you hit your elbow on something?

how're you feelin today?
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Question brought on by an episode of ER (Where Mark's father dies at home):

If someone dies of natural causes at home, what do you do? It's not an emergency, so you wouldn't call 911, right? Who comes to get the body?


One of my favourite bands are coming to town for a show saturday night, tickets are sold out and I've been enterining the contest one of our radio stations has. The contest ends at 8 am and it's now 7:40 am.

What are the odds of me winning?

Melbourne, AUS

Have you ever been to Melbourne, Australia? I'm going for ten days at the end of this week. Any suggestions on eateries, drinkeries, places to visit would be great!! We decided to rent a car and drive down the coast but that's our only plan so far.

My boyfriend is studying abroad there (from America) for two more months after I leave. I plan on leaving little notes everywhere they he will find eventually (under pillows, in books). Any other cute ideas to do whilst I'm there? We skype a lot so the distance hasn't been that bad actually.
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Classes of 2002 through 2013...

This website lists various people, events, pop culture references that the classes of 2002 through 2013 aren't familiar with, or have never lived without. (Choose the year for you up at the top).

Going through some of them, it's easy to feel a tad bit old =(

What do you remember not having as a child, but now it seems like everyone has them in their homes?

Or was your family behind the times like mine? We didn't get a regular VHS until DVDs were in stores. Hell, I remember having a BETA system and going to the video store to rent a movie and getting to pick from maybe 10 movies if we were lucky. We watched "Rocky" A LOT.

Techie question.

I have a Panasonic SDR-H250 handycam, which records to .mpg format. When I record a video, it plays back fine. When I import the video to my local HDD, I can play it fine with ImageMixer 3 (which is what automatically does the importing, etc). However, if I then try to play that HDD copy with any other software (e.g. Windows Media Player, it stutters along with pauses every few seconds.

In the past I tried converting it to .wmv but still had the same problem. I'm guessing I need to do some sort of conversion (perhaps a reduction of quality?) but not sure exactly what. Does anyone have any advice?

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Hey TQC, I have a science question - I need a angiosperm flower that has modified it's leaves, stems, roots or flower for its enviroment... one that does not function in a normal manner. Do you know of any? And how it doesn't function in a normal manner? Thanks :)
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Now I'm hungry for Peanut M&Ms. Damn it.

What are you craving right now?

Do you pronounce the "h" in cool whip?

(Or rather, put emphasis on.)


Cool Hwhip.

Does it annoy you when people do that?

Do you love Stewie? I love Stewie.

Did you know what I was referencing there?

Did you get it before you read the comments?

Is this annoying you yet?

*trails off into a high pitch*

Okay I'm done.
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I have a couple posters that I'd like to put up on my wall. I'd hate to have to spend money to buy frames, but I don't want to risk damaging my walls/the posters. Is there any way around buying frames?

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Do you think they jack up the prices of air conditioners during heat waves? Any idea what a window unit would cost in the dead of winter?

I'm trying to decide if I should break down and buy one now or just wait until winter and buy one for next year.
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Anybody here have sweaty feet/hyperhidrosis?

If yes, have you found anything to work for you? Summer soles? Something else? I have tried both foot powders from LUSH and both fail. So far, wearing socks (but not stockings -- those fail) seems to work best, but that won't jive with my work wardrobe since socks + kitten heels is sort of a fashion no. I need more ideas!

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Let's say that hypothetically you have class from 2-8pm, and assume you will not want to cook dinner once you get home. What snacks would you bring to munch on during/between classes that will keep you satisfied?

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If you use tags for your entries, which tag do you use the most? How many entries have you tagged it with?

If you don't use tags, what would you say you write about the most in your journal?
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I'm really bored and I want to go traveling. Like, across many lands for an extended period of time. I don't want to go alone.

How can I go traveling and where should I go?

-I am not a student. (So that rules out study abroad-type things, I guess)
-Money is not a huge issue. I would like to go the backpacking/hostel route, but airfare and whatnot won't be an issue.
-I'm fairly friendly and sociable, so traveling with strangers seems like my best bet. Where do I find people who want to do the same thing?

Have you ever done something like this? Experiences, please.
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How long before a room becomes available would you start advertising to find a new roommate?

One roommate gave me a date today for the end of October and one may be as early as the end of September, although they might not move at all. It took a few months last time I needed a roommate to find someone and I can't afford this place on my own.
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TQC, I know I've asked you guys this before, but will you give me a feedback on this e-mail I wrote?

I'm trying to apply to graduate schools in the fall, but I'm not having much luck finding ones that are right for me. I have only found one so far, and I plan on e-mailing this letter to the head of the Ph. D program I am interested in. But it makes me nervous applying to only one graduate school, so I also wanted to ask him if he knows of any other programs I can also apply to, but something about that makes me feel...tacky, I guess is the word for it.

Collapse )

I know it sounds terrible, but I'm running on a few hours of sleep and cannot for the life of me figure out a better way to word it. Any suggestions?

Kill Bill - Elle
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Has anyone here broken their tibia and fibula? Care to share your story? Bonus points if it involved surgery and/or a plate and screws (from an interest standpoint, not because plates and screws are inherently awesome).

What bones have you broken? Would you like to share those stories in gruesome detail?
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Poll #1445598 Gas, ass, no grass

How soon into the relationship do you fart in front of the other person?

First date. I'm really comfortable around them
Within the first couple weeks
Within the first couple months
6 months
1 year
My SO must never know that my body does this awful thing

How soon into the relationship is it acceptable for the other person to fart in front of you?

First date. I want them to be comfortable around me
Within the first couple weeks
Within the first couple months
6 months
1 year

How soon into the relationship do you feel comfortable enough to poop with them in the other room where they might possibly use that very bathroom a little later?

First date
Within the first couple weeks
Within the first couple months
6 months
1 year
My SO must never know that my body does this bodily function
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Background: The owners of the house I purchased had 2 cats that shed a lot, and I'm highly allergic to cats. I'm trying to do everything possible to remove as much of the cat allergens as possible. I plan to get an air purifier, but I'm not sure what else I can do.

What can I do to get rid of allergens in my home?

Have you had your air ducts cleaned? Did it seem to help? Is it worth it?

EDIT: The previous owners had cats and took the cats with them, so no more kitties running around. Also, we've already removed the carpet and pad, so that's all set.
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When you go on vacation do you ever Google everything about it for weeks before you leave? Because I do and by the time I get there I know where everything is and I don't get lost because I've stared at maps and things non-stop. My husband says I ruin vacations for myself because I do this and when I get there there's "no surprise."

If someone needs you to do something "within 72 hours of when you leave" do they want it BEFORE the last 72 hours from when you leave or anytime after 72 hours before you leave??? I feel this is obvious.... but I don't know

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What should I get from Starbucks? I pretty much always get an iced white chocolate mocha, but I wanna try something new.

ETA: Have you ever had their chocolate banana smoothie? I just saw it on the website and I can't decide if it sounds really good or not.

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Poll #1445589 What do you know about wasps?

If a wasp had to choose, which would it pick?

warm room
cool, air-conditioned room
they have no preference.
i don't know.

If a wasp had to choose, which would it pick?

dark, enclosed location
bright, open location
they have no preference.
i don't know.

I have wasps living in my ceiling. :-(
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what should I spend my $25 iTunes card on? I'm feeling kinda alt/indie right now. I was thinking Owl City but I'm not married to it. Youtubes welcome :D.

Longsot- I've got the beat to this song stuck in my head but for the life of me I can't think of the title or the correct lyics. I's something on the radio right now, kinda sounds third eye blindish, lots of energy, and the end repeats something like "Sometimes salty tastes sweet' or "sands taste sweet' or some shit like that. You have any idea what I'm talking about?
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back to school...

What is your favorite school supply?

(I like smelly stickers, but that's just for my classroom. when I was a kid, it was all about new markers and clicky pens)
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tqc, would you be annoyed if your friend said that you guys were going to hang out all day and that she'd text you when she woke up, but it's now 5pm and she's just now leaving from having lunch with her grandma because it's her grandma's birthday? keep in mind that most of what you wanted to do closes around 9pm.

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I was recording a video with my digital camera, and it ended up being like 15 minutes long. I'm pretty sure my camera stopped recording at 10 minutes though. What happened? The camera didn't die or turn off.

If you don't know or don't care, what is one movie coming out soon-ish that you're excited to see? 

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My friend just moved into his first apartment. I'm sleeping over on Friday. What's a good housewarming gift for someone's first NYC apartment? Is a fondue pot the wrong choice?

**I would like other fairly inexpensive suggestions, too! (aside from the fondue pot)
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My Google-fu is severely lacking. I sorry.

There was a movie I caught about three minutes of.  

There were two teenage girls in a hammock, and one was philosophizing about how a leaf was like a map, and how it was part of the twig, the branch, the tree, life.  Spliced inbetween shots of her talking was these two guys beating the crap out of a other guy and then putting his body in a trunk,  and then a completely different shot of a blonde girl and a guy wth black hair making out.  The last line of the movie went something like, "You turn one way, and you're staring at the stars,  but you turn around and you're looking at dirt."

Can someone tell me what this movie is?

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Say your fairy godmother suddenly appeared right now. What are your three wishes?

I want plane tickets to visit my friend at college half-way across the country, for it to be Thursday so it's my birthday, and a baby panda bear for my very own so we can be best friends.
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My former roommate left some things in the apartment when he bailed two weeks early. I took the stuff and have it at my new place, and he e-mailed saying he wanted them back. I really have no need for any of it (and, you know, it isn't mine) so I agreed and he's supposed to pick them up today while he's in town.

It is 6:00 and he has yet to stop by or answer calls or texts.

What could have possibly happened?? I don't hate the guy so you don't need to make it a gruesome fate, but funny is encouraged.

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you know those self checkout things that are everywhere now? they're pretty cool. but do you find it annoying and/or rude when people don't wait in the line just outside the self checkout area and instead start slowing encroaching on your machine when you start to pay?

i don't know why but it pisses me off, and i'm usually pretty chill about, well, everything. but when there is some medium height, middle aged dbag walking up, ready to pounce when i haven't even gotten my receipt out of the machine and put my wallet away i get mad.

New Shoes And Pain

Okay I bought this pair of shoes:

They hurt a bit. I think the right one is slightly too narrow and very nearly bordering on the too-small. I have had to put heel grips in the backs of both of them. The left one hurts a bit at the top where you have that hump on your foot under the laces. I tried on the size above and they were way too big.

Do I have to bite the bullet and take them back or do we think they will get over it all and start to be comfy?

Where is the cat?

Ok so I have never had a cat before in my life and now one of my roomies/bestie has one and I got home today and she was here (the cat) and then my other room mate went out and I was just in the shower when I realized I havent seen the cat since a little before my other roomie left. Now Iam freaking out because I cant find her.

Where do cats hide?
Do you think it got out?

Iam looking for her and now iam going to be late for my birthday dinner with my boyfriend. Should I be a good friend and keep looking for the cat or should I get ready and go out already?

I didnt let her out but I would feel responsible if something happened to the cat.
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My brain is congealing or some shit, because I have been staring at screens forever, and when that happens, I can't read or watch movies for entertainment either. I am broke-ish (getting paid Friday, trying to conserve money until then). Do you have a cure for that head/eye thing that happens when you stare at screens too long? 

My friends want to hang out tonight, but I am so done with board games and kind of done with movies (I'd make an exception for His Girl Friday maybe) and I don't really want to spend money. What should we do? Hookers and Blow = 2much$.

What is one thing that would make you so fucking happy, you might just explode?
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What's one thing in the world that never fails to make you smile/feel good?

Whenever crowds of people (especially strangers) break out into song/are connected by song... I can't even describe it. I literally can feel my heart swell.


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"how do you know you're in love?"
"you just know."

HOW? How do you just know? What makes you just know? What if you're always skeptical of things and you DON'T just know?

i can see how people say "it's hard to explain what an orgasm is to someone who's never had one, but you just know." THAT is something that you do just know. but i don't see how you can just know if you're in love.
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Do you watch Warehouse 13 on Syfy?

Doesn't Syfy give the channel an unscientific, magickal meaning now?

Is Satan or his demons inhabiting warlocks and witches who sit on the board of NBC?

(no subject)

I have many happy memories of playing in the ball pit at IKEA as a kid while my parents went furniture shopping. It was like the highlight of my childhood. But it occurs to me that I haven't seen a ball pit in an IKEA in quite a few years.

Does your local IKEA have a ball pit?

Is a whole generation being deprived of this delightful toddler brand indoctrination??
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It's 90 degrees in my apartment but, alas, I am out voted 2-1 for turning the air conditioner on.

Should I

Leave the apartment, go see a movie or something?

Go take a cold bath and read my book?

Kill my roommates and hide the bodies?

Suck it up and do my homework?

All of the above?

Also, my roommate is trying to tell me my room is warmer because its messy, there is no validity to this argument is there?

ETA: apparently the heat is effecting the grammar/spelling part of my brain

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1)How often do you get flash floods* in your area?

a lot it seems.

2)Who do you see more, your coworkers or your family?

3)What's your least favorite gemstone?

*those things where the streets flood.

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What kind of reading material do you keep in the bathroom?

When you know you'll have a bit of a wait, like at the doctor's office, what do you do?

What's the most annoying thing a fellow occupant of an elevator can do?

How often do you treat yourself to something silly like a helium balloon or plastic vampire teeth?

WIll you list some things can you think of that can be done with apples? No buttplugs plz, apples do not have a safety grip.

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My best friend is leaving the country for a year or two. I'm organising a going away party for her and I want to do something special. I'm having everyone write little messages in a book to give to her, but I want to do more. I'm not sure how many people will be there, but probably no more than 20. It's probably just going to be in a pub, and I'm on quite a tight budget. If you were having a going away party, what would you like your friends to do for you?

We probably can't afford hookers and blow.

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I was on the bus the other day and this bee was hanging on the window from the outside. He was washing his face and stuff (like a cat! they have tongues!) Then after like 20 blocks, he showed me his butt and flew away. Then this morning there was a similar bee on hanging out on my car. haha.

Are they trying to send me a message from their supreme leader? What is the message?

I tried to listen, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Maybe it's in morse code.

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Do you know of any good, free programs that let you keep track of your schedule? Like a calendar program that you can go into and make entries of what you need to do that week, and when things need to be finished?

It'd be for a PC.

Those wal-mart receipt checkers!

This has been bugging me for a long time. When you go to wal-mart, there's always this one old, crotchety person standing near the exits, waiting to check your receipt. It's like, I just spent $130 here, the alarms didn't go off, but you're going to stop me on my way out the door because I have a $1.28 item that was too big to bag up. This happened to us last night--we were already out the door, and the woman started yelling at us, then some random woman (not an employee) came out and told us the police were going to come after us because we didn't show her our receipt. Hah.

Do you actually stop for these people? What if there's a line?

If you don't stop, how do you deal with them? Ignore, or refuse?

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Why did I just get overly upset over my dad giving me the "If you get a fish, you have to take care of it" talk? Does he think I'm incapable?
Since you obviously know all about my pet-caring abilities, do YOU think I'm capable of taking care of a fishy?
What was the last thing you got unreasonably upset over?

(no subject)

Are you socially awkward?
What was your wierdest dream?
What's was the best thing that happened to you today?

If you met someone online through a friend and for a year ina half you have been texting him, would you go meet him?
We talk every single day and we have yet to tire of one another.
He is the only person I feel like I can talk to about anything.
We always tell each other that if we didn't live 18 hours away by car we would be married by now (this was before he got his girlfriend).
I think I'm falling for him, but he has a girlfriend so I can't tell him this because it would be weird.
Sigh... I'm being teased by distance.

eta: It wouldn't be meeting him for romantic interest, course not, it would be to finally meet someone who has grown close to me ^^

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What do you think about the air force reserves?

Do you know anyone in the air force reserves?

What do they think about it?

[edit] I'm think about joining up and was hoping to get other people's opinions on it. :]

(no subject)

1. Are you a bargain-hunter? What was the best bargain you have gotten thus far, and what did it cost you?

2. What are some things you would like to change about yourself, if possible?



A high school friend of mine puts a note on her facebook regarding scalping concert tickets. She claims that the woman she sold the tickets to is CRAZY for wanting a refund since the concert was canceled some time after the exchange. My friend originally bought the tickets for $40 & sold it to the woman for $80 (profiting off a sold-out concert). She's only willing to refund $40 since that's how much ticketmaster is willing to refund.

When someone points out that, hell, maybe she should do the morally right thing and just refund all $80, she argues that WTH!? Everyone knows that everyone else on craigslist are non-refunding assholes, so she should be so lucky to get at least half back!

So TQC, who's in the right? Should that buyer have known better about scalpers or should my friend cough up the cash?

Feeding Son

My grandfather has been confused about this for a while now. When he was in New Zealand, he found a death notice in the local paper, and it had "[Man's name] son of such and such, beloved husband of so and so, feeding son of [woman's name]"

... What does this mean?

(no subject)

What is the best brand of shampoo/conditioner that you have used?

The worst?

I am currently loving Natures Organics shampoo and conditioner. It is heaven for my hair, plus they have bio-degradable packaging which is pretty spiffy!

The worst would have to be Aesop. I could not believe how bad it was.
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Seeming as how it's out on DVD today...

What's your favorite Simpsons episode from season 12?

(you can have a look here:

Do you like those Goldfish cheese flavored crackers?

If she wakes up, I'll be going to see a movie with my wife tonight, it's her pick this time, but I get some say. Should I push for 500 Days of Summer or the Time Traveler's Wife?
(for the record, my pick was District 9.)

(no subject)

What is the worst catch phrase inserted into popular music today?

I fucking hate anyone that throws in a "no homo."

Another example would be little girls everywhere saying "If U Seek Amy" like it's cute to get raped on the playground at recess.

And how does one "kiss thru da phone?"

-"make it rain on dese hoes."

Tired of going to Walmart/Hyvee for the perfect birthday trimmings? Save yourself the trouble this year and stay at home with birthday sex. The secret ingredient - your body.

LMAO Lil Wayne totally burning Raven Symone in T.I.'s "Whatchu Know Abt That." "my pockets that's Raven Symone."

Should I keep ranting? O.K. Play nice while I go fuq my bf

lol @ no one answering my question, p.s.

(no subject)

Does anyone have a favorite, tried and true banana bread recipe that they'd be willing to share? Preferably one that doesn't contain nuts, or from which nuts are easily omitted?

Will you share an irrational fear you have?
Every time I pass the pool while I'm walking my dog at night, I'm terrified that I'm going to look over and see a body floating face-down. :| I have no idea where this comes from.

(no subject)

Poll #1445718 highways

Where do you have stretchmarks?

somewhere you didn't mention
I don't have stretchmarks because I am perfect in every way


What color are they?

(no subject)

should i go get subway? it's 10-12 minutes away but it's DELICIOUS.

should i get subway?

i don't feel this is a yes or no question and will explain in the comments

eta: subway changed their hours and now i can't go. : (

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My husband wants to know, what are some feasible, real-life situations in which he could say, "Ah-ha! The jig is up"?

Also, what are some fun things to do in Cleveland, Ohio?
Mortal Combat by hxcfairy


1. how do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by packing/unpacking?
2. what's the best way to move all your clothes from one apartment to the next without losing your fucking mind?
3. seriously, how do you keep yourself from just shutting down physically and emotionally mid-move?

look at my icon. you're kinda thinking about that Mortal Kombat guy, right?

4. where did i put the dollar bill i found years ago where someone had drawn George Washington into that Mortal Kombat guy with the hat? do you think i accidentally spent it? ;______;

make my decisions for me, tqc.

I am super tired and just hanging out at my boyfriend is watching a movie and I'M BORED. I'm too sleepy to go anywhere.

There is a lot of alcohol in this apartment. Should I start making some adult beverages? Should I get my boy drunk too?
Other ideas?
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What is your favorite article of clothing that you own?

What article(s) of clothing do you wear most often?

How would you describe your style?

The mostly sober poll

What kind of plug do bitter bald men need more?

Hair plugs

What kind of dance should promise ring-wearing guys engage in?

Safety dance

You're at a party right now. What kind of turkey are you more inclined to do?

Wild Turkey
Cold turkey (quit drinking)

If you're a girl, what kind of pony would you like to have right now?

Shetland pony
balogna pony
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Is there a cable package that lets you pick and choose which channels you want? I feel like I've heard about something like this existing, but it also could just be all in my head.
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i need a favor


um, i need people to spam my survey on autism for the essay that is due tomorrow that i probably should have finish writing already but, uh, didn't.

if you would be so very kind as to follow the fake cut to my journal and take the survey (sign out and do so anonymously), that would be lovely!

crossposted like a mother.

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How would you describe your political beliefs?

I have very liberal ideas on almost everything, however I would like for the government to have as small a role as possible, so I guess that means I lean libertarian.
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Hey TQC, I'm looking to get a cheapo TV for my brother's college dorm. I've checked basic places, like Best Buy, WalMart, Sams Club, and BJs Wholesale...any other suggestions where I could find a cheap one? It doesn't need to be big, but needs to have an input so he and his roommates can play PS3/xbox.

Or if you dgaf, what is your favorite pick-me-up beverage?
iced caramel macchiato (sp?) w/ a few extra shots of espresso!

(no subject)

I want to make some cupcakes for all my friends before we all go back to our separate schools for the Fall semester. I am planning on making 4 kinds of cupcakes, putting 1 of each kind in to a box, and giving the boxes of the 4 flavors to each of my friends :)

What 4 kinds of cupcakes should I make?
What kinds of frosting should go with each of those cupcakes?

None of my friends have any allergies!

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i moved about half my shit to my new place with my four new roomies on Saturday then quit. we were going to finish Sunday but i woke up with a cold and haven't felt better until today.

so basically, i moved half my shit and didn't come back. i told the girl i wouldn't be back that night and probably not Sunday, either, but i haven't spoken to anyone since.

what do you think my new roommates are thinking?
will they think differently of me when i explain i was sick when i get over there tomorrow?