August 17th, 2009

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If you're in school, college, or anything else that involves a summer vacation, do you feel the need to end your vacations on a good note, or "go out with a bang," so to speak? If so, what do you do?

Feel free to answer even if you're not in school/college/whatever at the moment, or if you just plain want to.

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For those of you who majored in or know someone who majored in health and nutrition science:

1. How many chemistry classes did you have to take?

2. To get a masters in this field, do you need a bachelor's degree in a health-related field?

For everyone

3. What's your favorite Jelly Belly flavor?

4. What do you do to stay in shape?
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My boyfriend wants to hire a mansion, or something mansion-like and swanky for his 21st/22nd. I'm helping him find a suitable venue. The friends I've asked for help all think it's a stupid idea and he should just have it at a bar/house party. He's paying for everything if it matters.

What do YOU think, tqc?
Would you go to a free party in a mansion?

Is there a country you'd never go to, even if I paid your airfares and spending money? You'd have to go for a whole week.

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I've decided I want to get a betta fish to have at school with me. I'll probably get him next week or the week after, depending on my financial situation. Which Harry Potter or Finding Nemo character should I name him after? I was thinking Tom Riddle but I can't decide.

If you don't care about my future fish [ :( ], will you tell me about your last dream?

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i feel like i lost my best friend. i was forcibly moved from connecticut to jersey almost 2 yrs ago and ever since we've been gradually talking less and less. we had plans to meet up for college & shit so we could reconnect because this girl is literally my sis from another mother but now she's apparently bff with some really annoying bitch we used to hate. wtf. i'm friends with her on facebook, what would be a good conversation starter? we haven't talked since may :( i just want her back in my life

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I'm bored and have nothing better to do, so what color(s) should I paint my nails, TQC? I have reds, pinks, black, purples, and one called Garnet Lapis Nail Prisms (it changes from blue to purple to turquoise depending on what angle you look at it from). Most of those I have in light, medium, and dark shades of each color.

And if you don't care...
What's your favorite soda? If you don't drink soda, what's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
When you're at the movies and there's those obnoxious, loud people who won't stfu during the movie, do you say anything? Or do you just stay quiet and try to enjoy the movie?
What's your favorite perfume/cologne on the gender(s) that you're attracted to?
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sorry so vague and confusing

what do you do if you find out something about someone or their friend/family member that they didn't want you to know. you didn't snoop through anything that was public private*, but googled or something and came across some info the person was withholding about the friend/family member. the info was very shocking but it is a sensitive subject.

do you tell them you found out?
keep it to yourself?

when are you planning on going to sleep tonight?

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1. Around your home, do you wear shoes, wear socks or go barefoot?

2. Do you ever eat breakfast foods at night?

3. I sit two feet away from a coworker who is always stomping her clogs while she works. I've already asked her, "Hey, are you OK? You seem nervous with the stomping," and have gotten nowhere. I've also told her that it's making me nervous when I'm under deadline. How do I fix this? Should I hit her over the head with one of her clogs?

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i woke up about 20 minutes ago and felt on my bed what i thought to be my lipring. i picked it up, examined it as best i could in the dim light of my laptop and yep, it was my lipring. except when i put my hand up to my piercing to confirm i should be feeling horrified, it was still there.

TQC, what the hell did i just find on my bed?

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Do you think it's appropriate for a 23 year old man to physically abuse his two 21 year old female best friends, then play it off as a joke?
To leave bruises on them, while they don't speak up because they've accepted that's "just how he is"?
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Why do some people who are out of their teens look so damn young? I'm one of them and sometimes it's nice. Othertimes I really don't like it because I'm insecure and start to wonder if its not just my looks, but also how I act; which is mature but at times funny as hell. Idk idk.

Share your theories, pretty please?

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Did I miss anything fun/epic/funny/stupid/great while I was gone?

Did you miss me?

How awesome is it that I am back at work for one day after being gone for over a week, and then I'm off tomorrow and Wednesday?

And to all you pessimists and nay-sayers from pre-wedding, I just want to point out that our first time ever lasted over an hour. =P
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For people who run their own businesses, in particular online businesses:  How you do make sales? Where do you advertise, how do you justify prices withou ripping people off, etc? About how many of your inquiries result in sales?
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TQC, I need help creating a superhero!

fourcorners' post reminded me...

I teach grade 7. I'm starting at a new school this year. It's brand new, and is founded on innovative educational practices.

Our first project with the grade 7s is going to be a superhero project. We're going to ask the kids to think about what they stand for, and some of their most important personality traits, and create a superhero for themselves. Then they're going to do all kinds of things: everything from drawing a comic to acting out a scene and filming it. So the grade 7 teachers decided we'd get in on the action, and since this is a new school, really start things off with a bang by creating our own superheroes and dressing up as them for our first day.

So I had a think about what I really stand for, and above all else (and as reflected in my career choice), I care about people finding joy in learning and no matter what their passions or topics of interest, always bettering themselves by finding out more. My superhero name is going to be Quest and my symbol is going to be an owl. I might wear feathers, too, because part of my thing is traveling and finding out about different cultures and having new experiences. But I can't think of any superpowers or special weapons! I also need a creation story...

Any ideas, TQC? Can you help me think of some superpowers for my superhero? Weapons? Creation story?
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You're cursed! Every time you get confused, you start lashing out with your fists at whatever's confusing you. You have no control over this outburst. Through the course of your average week, who or what gets punched?

Significant other
Best friend
Other friend
Fellow public transportation companions
Random pedestrians
Nobody gets punched. I never get confused

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Hey Teecuse,

If I have been given tickets to a "screening of select scenes" for a movie, do they really mean just scenes or will it be the movie and they just want to avoid having people know for sure?

I've seen "screener" copies of movies before and they were the full movie but with odd stuff like notices to prevent copy and the film timer.

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Hi everyone, so there is this song that I really love but I have no idea where to find it. It's supposedly called "A Never Ending Journey" by Enigma and it's in this youtube video:

However, It does not come up at all when you search google and I'm pretty positive its not on itunes. It doesnt seem like it is by Enigma since google has never heard of it, but who knows. It's a mystery. Does anyone know who it's by and where I can get it? Im dying to know, so if you take a quick listen and have any idea, please comment. Thanks a ton.

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I just got my first Internet-capable cell phone this weekend. We had to get my wife moved over on to my plan and get her a Blackberry for school/work, so I went ahead and spent a whole $20 on a Samsung Magnet. I'm amazed at how cheap unlimited web and texting is on phones now, and it's nice to be able to check Facebook and AIM at work now.

How psyched were you when you got your current phone?

How pissed would you be if you dropped it in the parking lot at work and cracked the screen 2 days after getting it?
(Yeah...I did.)


I want to make mini-cupcakes with a poured fondant icing for my friends birthday. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best cake to use for the cupcakes (flavor-wise with the almondy fondant, and consistency wise, so the cake isn't too absorbant or too weak for the icing).

I'm basically trying to decide between a basic white cupcake, pound cake, and sponge cake (and websites keep telling me sponge and pound cakes are the same thing?).

If anyone has made petit fours or something like what I've discussed, do you have any advice as to what the best type or cake would be for this? Other extraneous pointers?

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I have bad insomnia and always stay awake half the night and won't fall asleep until like 6 am. Then I toss and turn until about noon, and I get up. D:

Usually it's not *much * of a problem because I can just take a few naps throughout the day, but today I can't. I have plans with friends very soon and bailing on them is NOT an option. So what can I do to wake myself up a little? Caffeine doesn't really help me.

Also, what do you do to help yourself fall asleep at night? 
Rogue night elf

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I bought a pair of ballet flats similar to Collapse )

I got a size 9 first, and they were too small, in a painful way. I exchanged them for a size 10, and they are too big to the point where the back slips off when I walk. (there were no half sizes.) I can't exchange or return them anymore, I'd prefer to still wear them. Do you have any tips/suggestions besides socks that would make them fit a little better?

Someone suggested stuffing the toes with tissues but that seemed interseting.

Thank you!

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I have a very important college interview today. It is being held at my house and I am cleaning like crazy. I told my brother that he needs to get out of the house during the interview because he is very loud and I don't want to worry about him while this interview is being held. He told me I was ashamed of him and that he would stay home.

Does it seem like I am ashamed of him? I'm just trying to make sure that the interview goes very smoothly and as quickly it can go without interruptions. My brother likes to yell at the TV when he is playing video games (which he plans on doing during the interview while he is in his room), walks nosily around the house, always leaves a mess where ever he goes, and what not. He is just a very loud and messy person and would totally do something to make sure that the interviewer knew he was there.

Is it too much of me to ask that question? That he stays out of the house during the interview?

edit: I had no say in the matter where the interview would be taking place. Plus, I have asked him to be queit and considerate, but he said he didn't care who was in his house (he's 15) and that he would do whatever he wanted. He really don't care about anything other than himself.
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Working blokes and the like.

So uhh how do you feel about your financial future / potential employment?
I'm just about to finish University, and I had a look at the job market in my city, and it's all shite. I'm feeling anxious / depressed / underwhelmed. You?
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Do you have a facebook? How often do you check it?

On a scale of 0 to 9, 0 being "I don't have one", 1 being "I forget I have one" and 9 being "I get uncomfortable if I go an hour without checking it," how integral is Facebook to your life?


Do you play Farm Town or Restaurant City or Pet Society? Do you look down on those that do?
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For $1,000,000, would you...?

Poll #1445161 For $1,000,000 would you...

...stay on your block for the next 5 years? You cannot leave the block you live now. You can leave your home, but you just cannot cross the street. That's like 1,826 days


..take opposite-sex hormones for 3 months? If you're a woman, every morning you'd inject yourself with testosterone. If you're a man, it's estrogen. It's only 3 months, right?


...donate one of your kidneys to help keep a child molester alive? It's determined that his body will be less likely to reject your kidney, For 7 figures, you'll be living with one less kidney and knowing that you kept a kiddie toucher alive


...gain 100 lbs? You're weighed now, and once you pack on 100lbs, you get your money. Sure, it's a major health risk, but once you gain the weight, you can immediately do what you can to lose it


...walk the entire length of your local mall...completely naked? It's noon on a Saturday a few weeks before the holidays, and the place is packed. The mall cops and any authority figure have all been detained, so you will not be arrested for your nudie romp. You have to walk from one end (not run, walk) to the other, pushing through people, etc. You cannot wear anything over your head. This way, you can possibly be recognized. Hey, is a million bucks worth a walk of shame?


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Sundried tomatoes and/or roasted red peppers, in my mac and cheese: good idea or bad idea? I will be eating it with apple chicken sausage if it changes your answer.

Do you ever forget to read blogs for a while, only to be really excited for the weeks of lolcats/hotdogs/fails/etc you have to look at at a time?! I love when this happens.
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A suicidal bomber kills 20 Russians and injures 130 more.

Which brings me to this question, does suicidal bombing ever work? What I mean, have governments ever given in to the demands of the bombers because of such attacks?

I can't recall if this has ever occurred. In fact, most times, the opposite has happened. Rather than submitting, the governments and the people of those governments became even more aggressive and more stubborn in their refusal of having anything to do with the bombers.

So, if it doesn't work. Why do bombers do it?

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Standards of professional behavior ought to be valued above freedom of expression on social networking websites.

Agree or disagree? Why/Why not?

If too confusing: should you have to tone down your myspace/facebook for your job?
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Does anybody here get really weak on crutches? My good leg just gets so tired and sore after five minutes or so and I absolutely cannot use the other. Does this mean I am fattyfatmcfaterson?

What time did you wake up today?

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should i go run errands today? i have to buy a recycle bin, pay my phone bill, and get a book from my school's library. my school is about half an hour from my house.

should i run my errands?

yes, but don't bother showering
some other option i've forgotten

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What's the deal with people putting stick on vents on their cars? I feel like I'm seeing them everywhere and I... I just don't even.

I saw a car that had three little ones on the gas door, it's like they didn't even try.

Collapse )

I live in Reading and they are EVERYWHERE.

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tqc, im 26 and about 6 weeks pregnant. when should i tell my mom?

-i dont live with her, and the thing is, my bf and i both don't have jobs at the moment. (im in school till october and i'll be making $20/hr after that tho and my bf starts college in sept.)
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Are Wacom Graphire Wireless pens compatible with the old USB Graphire tablets?

Is anybody using a Bamboo Fun pen on a Graphire tablet? How's that working out?

Are there any cheaper alternatives? Graphire Wireless and Bamboo Fun pens both cost about $30, and I was wondering if there were other, cheaper brands that would work.

Thanks in advance!

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I work in a laid back office. They know that I'll be going to part-time once school starts but I'm having a hard time figuring out what my schedule would be. Would it be really dumb/unprofessional for me to ask them if I could just guarantee them x amount of hours and come in at different times during the week? (I wouldn't be the only employee doing this, by the way)
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Do you still go back to school clothes shopping?

Do you set things aside and wait to wear any of it until you actually GO back to school?

Yes.  My mom always made me, and now I think it's fun.  If I wear them before, they're not NEW when I go back and I get tired of them.  I do pick one thing to wear ahead of time though.  Cause it's hard not wearing new clothes right away!

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Does anyone here donate to the World Wildlife Fund? I got some mail from them and I thought about donating, but then I came across a site that said wwf is a lot like a scam.

eta - not really a scam. that was worded poorly. but I found some pretty negative things about the ceo.

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In two weeks I will be back in school and taking a class with a teacher I had last semester. She laid out her grading system on the first day, and repeated it many many times after that. For each class you missed and did not make up, you lost a letter grade. I missed two classes that I didn't make up. I should have gotten a C, but I got an A. I'm not complaining about getting an A I just feel like it wasn't completely deserved. Should I bring this up to her this upcoming semester? If so, how? I was thinking about suggesting that I take two make up classes this semester just so I feel like I at least did the work necessary to receive the A.

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i just watched a video on youtube that had me laugh so much i cried, and i would like to experience this again. will you please post the last video you found that cracked your shit up?
i ain't into that!

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Is it trashy to wear a halter or racerback top with a regular bra? As in, with the straps showing? What if the bra was nude-colored?

What was your favorite musical artist(s) in middle school?
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Do you have really big wasps around were you live? Do you know what species they are?

We have this HUGE black wasps right outside our front door/front window where we have some sort of flowering bush.

I decided to look it up and they sound similar to the Sphex pensylvanicus aka Great Black Wasp, but I'm not sure. They appear to be at least 2 inches long though, which is bigger than any information I can find on the Great Black Wasps. It also says that the Great Black Wasps nest in the ground. I don't know if these do, but we had ones similar to them which built nests under our window cover things.

But that's the closest looking thing I can find on google.

Whether you have big wasps or not, which of these looks scariest to you?

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How many times did you watch Donnie Darko before the plot made sense? How did it make you feel?

have you seen the directors cut with all the cool info from Ms. Sparrow's Time Traveling book?
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i'm currently paying $200 per week where i'm staying. i'm moving out soon. i have two choices:

1. a house with 7 other inhabitants, all from where i am from. 2 of those are girls and i'll be sharing a toilet with them, but i'll get my own room. rent is $120 per week (!!). there is no application process, they will just accept me.
2. on campus accommodation. i will meet lots of people from different countries and have uni friends, finally. studying will be difficult, and i will spend my money like water due to the many events going on. meals are provided 3 times a day. rent: $395 $345 (+$500 new resident fee) per week.

which one guys?

i am thinking maybe one semester in the on campus accommodation but idk if it's worth that much money.
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Ok, so this is something I'd like to ask those who are Christians.

Can you explain why you are a Christian?

If you were to explain to someone why they should be a Christian, what would you say?

(I'm not asking this to bash you or make fun of you whatsoever. I really want to know your personal reasoning. By the way, I used to be a fairly strong Christian until a few years ago; I'm now pretty much atheist. I know the lingo; don't be afraid to dumb down anything.)

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Do you prefer songs to have a normal structure, or veer away and do something different?

By normal structure I mean something close to : Into-Verse-Bridge-Chorus-Verse 2-Bridge-Chorus-Middle 8-Chorusx2.

Any songs with real wacky structures you can think of?

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why is my neighbor across the street STILL in his backyard yelling "Alex! ALEX! ALLEXXX!"

they don't have pets. i witnessed all 3 of their children in the yard after this started, so i feel there's no reason to believe one of them is missing. who is Alex?

also, does anyone have a mild case of eczema? what's that like/what's it look like? i'm worried i got it :(
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1) Say you're trapped for the rest of your life and are given food and other necessities, but you're given the choice between the things listed below (you can only pick one, and the ones you don't pick will be denied you), which do you pick and why?

An unlimited supply of books
An unlimited supply of movies
An unlimited supply of music
Or unlimited time spent outdoors

2) What is your favorite TV show ever and why?

3) What is your favorite song ever and why?

Answer as many as you feel like, I'm just in a curious mood.

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What did you eat/are you eating for dinner?

What are you listening to?

I had grilled steak on a pita with yogurt sauce and tabbouleh. NOM NOM NOM.

I'm listening to nothing, which is why I turn to you TQC for advice.

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If you have an office/work in an office, do you have personal stuff in your space? What do you have there?

I'm considering bringing in a few pictures. So far I just have a drawing that a co-worker's daughter drew for me.

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What are some inventive ways to encourage a past-due baby to vacate its current home?

For example, playing really obnoxious music through headphones on the belly so that the baby would want to get the hell away from it.
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I swear that I feel about 14 years old asking this question, but it needs to be asked.

Is there a community, either on LJ or off, where you can post a link and have people click on it?

I get points on an account for people clicking on a link to another website, and I'm all about getting ALL of the internet to help me out, if they will.
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My '03 Jetta had a CD/tape combo. I use a tape adapter to listen to my MP3 player. All of a sudden it won't use it anymore. It just spit it out while I was driving yesterday. It tries side a, side b then says TAPE ERROR and spits it out. Every time. I even bought a new adapter(same brand but it shouldn't matter it worked for months with no problem) and it does the same thing.

I don't have any real tapes to test out on it. I haven't bought a tape in like 20 years so I can't test that.

Should I have someone look at it or am I going to have to replace it? Can you offer any other help? I'm desperate. I can't afford to have it replaced but I need music in my car[Radio is unacceptable].

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Today, you decided to wear your new shoes, break them in a little, see how they feel for a day out. They're wedges, you're used to wearing sneakers and flip flops.
Now it's late, you're in for the night, and you've got a GIGANTIC blister on each pinky toe.
What do you do?

They don't hurt, they're just bubbly and annoying. The one on my right foot is like, the size of my whole fucking toe lol. I've got pics.

ETA: Sorry, everyone who said to leave them be. I got annoyed and poked them. Now I've got a wrinkly mess for pinky toes.

NEW QUESTION-- Have you ever done A Day in My Life? I did it today [well, still doing, as I haven't gone to bed yet]. I'm enjoying it. Will you link me?

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 Today I was thinking about a girl that I like and the though 'maybe if I get the same tattoo as her...' crossed my mind...Do you think im to far along to seek help from a mental professional?

Do you hae a large personal bubble?

Howya doin TQC?
Peggy Blink

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I am drinking Arizona Tea's Arnold Palmer and eating Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream from Ben and Jerry's.
Are there any other badass foods that are named after or created by celebrities?

If your favorite celebrity had a food named after them, what would it be?
What about your lest favorite celebrity?

How was your Monday?
I got paid.

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Shakespeare smarties of TQC:

Favourite monologue?
I need to find a notice-me monologue from Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, or Othello. It can be for either gender, and I'm stuck for something that isn't overdone. IDEAS?

My favourite monologue is "Sir, spare your threats..." from Act 3 Scene 2 of Winter's Tale. I wish that were among my options :(

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seriously, this is a serious question.
i really dotn get why people are mean to me and pick on me sometimes. I think ti might be because im shy , and dont really stand up for myself, because i dont really care about people that cut me down or treat me bad unless its to the point where i cant take it anymore.

Are you a shy person? do you speak your mind?
do you just brush people off who are mean?
something up there

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Hey TQC,

I'm applying for a scholarship and I need two letters of recommendation from professors. I'm thinking that requesting a letter by email would not be the best idea. Should I send an email and try to arrange a time to meet? Should I see if I can find phone numbers and call to arrange a time, or should I save them as much time as I can and ask over the phone?
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shut the door, motherfucker

Hypothetically speaking, you have 2 cousins in their 20s. They have been visiting you a few times a year for the past 20 years. They constantly leave the doors to the outside open, no matter how many times you tell them not to. You have 2 cats and a dog who you do not want to get out. They also always shut the bathroom doors which prevents the kitties from getting to their litter boxes. Would this annoy you?

I should punch my hypothetical cousins in the face, y/y?

I've tried both asking nicely and yelling but neither seem to work.