August 16th, 2009


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What would you have done if you knew you could? (by "could", I mean-  the person would have allowed you to, no one would judge you, etc. )

I would have played cards with that old man I saw in a bookstore today, playing cards by himself for hours.

If i had known he would have let me, I would have asked to join him.

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Have you ever heard the saying "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies."?
What would you do if a close friend of yours called you stating that she'd killed someone and needed your help?
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College book questions

Okay, I'm trying to get cheaper textbooks (lol 4 classes and two labs = $722.73 from the bookstore), and I need to know: how much of a difference can I expect between editions? (I can get 2nd edition for $1.00 + shipping. 3rd is $75) I know they'll change the chapters around, make them go in different orders, etc, but will they change the actual content (such as the numbers in the math problems, etc)? Halp plz.

What's the most you ever spent on books?

My school's bookstore sells books as bundles exclusively. If you unwrap your bundle (even if the books are in tact, etc) you can't return it. The bundle it with something covering the actual book's ISBN. Highway robbers, y/y?

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So, did anyone else have a bad day or was it just me who was a total mess?

What the hell else do I need to get for when I move back to school? If you're looking to give a srs answer, I have an ongoing list on my LJ, I think that entry's public. But any answers are welcome.

Do you have an aversion to any food for any reason? For example, you threw it up once and haven't touched it since or something? Chocolatey breakfast items have been a no-no for me since first grade because I used to get car sick real easy, and I threw up my Coca Puffs on my desk. :( [/TMI]

Are there any vets here?

My dog has Kennel Cough.

It being Saturday night/early Sunday morning I can't get him to the vet until Monday (which I will do at 9am on Monday morning). I'm not paying to get the e-vet out for a non-emergency.

It's breaking my hear to see him hacking away though. Is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable?

It's been suggested I give him cough syrup. Is there particular types/brands of cough syrup that I should use (or, equally, avoid)? I'm in the UK...


Have a picture!

And, yes, I really will get him to a real life vet FIRST THING on Monday morning. I just want to help him until then.
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TQC, does high school ever legitimately end?

What do you do when you're a mature adult and people around you dissolve into petty high-school "he said she said" drama? What do you do if said people continually attempt to drag you into these clusterfucks? How do I convince everyone that they're anywhere from fucking 20 to 24 years old and need to act like it?


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tqc, what book should i read next?

cell by stephen king
how few remain by harry turtledove
making history by stephen fry
the strain by guillermo del torro and chuck hogan
tipping the velvet by sarah waters
your book choices suck and i will suggest something different in the comments
your book choices suck but i don't want to suggest anything else
obligatory "other" option
can i have it like that, in my mind

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 Do you feel like it's normal and natural to have 'naughty fun' with your girlfriends (if you're a girl)?

For instance, is it easy for 'normal' boundaries to merge, to the point where you find yourself kissing each other or touching each other in places that would not be considered 'appropriate' by 'normal' standards, and yet it feels completely natural and there is no air of intense, suffocating sexual-ness, it just feels like a natural sort of extension of your love?

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So, I couldn't sleep last night and I have work in three hours and I'm feeling kind of tired.
Should I just fight it and stay up or take a nap? My shift is only five and a half hours long, but I'll be cleaning theatres the entire time and walking around a lot.

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What products do you use in the shower? (brands would be helpful)

Also if you're curious, I ended up going to the engagement party, and I was so livid that the ex had the nerve to call me a bitch, I pushed her scrawny ass, knocked over a table which broke a bunch of champagne glasses, after I pulled out her weave and threw her baby down the stairs. She tried to strangle me, and I clocked her unconscious. Then she got abducted by aliens in District 9. My future in-laws probably think I'm awful. Here' the rest of the update:

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What's the last thing you did that made you happy?

I just quit my job. As odd as that sounds, I'm free from coworkers and managers who treated me like absolute shit, and I'm free from a job that stressed me out to the point of tears constantly. I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I know I won't be able to do much as far as going out/hanging out with friends/whatever until my CNA class starts in a month (I get paid while in class), but next month's bills will be covered by my last paycheck, so I'm not terribly worried.

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What is the ONE very worst item to bring to college?

The thing that once your roommates see you've brought, they say "WHAT THE HELL, MAN",
and shun you for all eternity.

But something that someone might bring.
Not like, Uranium, or something. o_O

(Besides obvious things, like, I dunno, your mom, or something. XD)

And I'll post a follow-up best item question.

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Has your job/schooling affected your life in unexpected ways?  What were those ways?

For example, I worked for a physical therapist, and the amount of women I saw with osteoporosis-related fractures terrified me, especially because I have so many risk factors (and I'm only 26).  I now force myself to eat as much calcium + vitamin D foods in a day as I can handle, even though I'm lactose intolerant and don't really like dairy.

Am I the only one who gets paranoid like this?
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Inspired by the shower post!


What is the best way to care for incredibly curly, relatively thick, hair? Product names would be great, as well as chemicals to avoid, if you know any.
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Kath & Kim

Of meat and farts.

Are you a juice squisher-outer?

I was cooking some chicken-apple sausage in a cast iron skillet, and my husband came along and squished it against the pan with a spatula claiming to “sear” it.

Searing is meant to happen at the beginning of cooking to keep the juices in, yes?

Bonus questions:

Do you cut epic morning farts?
(try as I might, no)

What rules; Australian Kath & Kim or American Kath & Kim?
(the American version is a lame insult to the Aussie version)
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I just got a secured credit card so I can start building my credit rating here in the US. If I use it but pay it off from my bank within a few days, does that count at all? Does the card need to go through a billing cycle with a balance or something for it to have an effect on my rating?
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Drying wet carpet

Last night I returned home from work to find that my kitchen tap had turned itself on full bore, and was impossible to turn off except by switching the mains off. The tap is now fixed, but I have another problem.

I'd foolishly left the tap hovering over the benchtop rather than the sink, so water got everywhere. The kitchen was flooded, which wasn't so bad, but my carpeted dining room is also flooded- badly enough that when you stand on the carpet water pools around your feet.

I'm using all the towels in my house to try to absorb some of the water but I'm not getting very far very fast with that-my 6 or so towels used twice now don't seem to have made any noticeable difference.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to dry this up? Thanks.

ETA: So, the key seems to be a wet vac, or a carpet cleaner?

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Where did you meet your friends?

ALSO: I'm planning to make a sort of online photo diary on my move to Uni and first few days there. Aside from LJ, where would be a good place to do this? I'd hope to get a lot of traffic and interest local papers etc.

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when you're talking to someone on the internet on AIM or some other kind of chat/instant messaging thing, and your conversation kind of dies down and you don't have anything to talk about and neither of you are saying anything and it's awkward... do you ever lie and tell them you have to go and then sign off to put an end to the awkward silence, even though you really don't have anywhere to go?

Drooping Plants

I grow my plants -only- in water, no soil. I buy the plants, clean off all the soil, and plop them into a container with water and some stones. This is pretty common; however, I've run into a problem! I've been putting my plants in the windowsill to get some sun and over the past few days it's been dropping. It's been hot and humid lately (86 degrees with 60% humidity). I also live on the second floor of a building, which doesn't help. Is the plant drooping just because of the humidity lately, or is the direct sunlight too much for it?

**EDIT** It's an ivy plant

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1. Have you ever bought sexy underwear specifically for the purpose of seducing someone? Did it work?

2. If n, how have you been productive today so far? What do you still need to do?
-->I just got home from returning something (and buying something else) at WalMart and doing my laundry. I need to put my laundry away, figure out where my class is at tomorrow, mentally prepare for school to start, and umm... something else that I'm forgetting right now.

3a. If you are a student, when do classes start?
-->The semester started yesterday, but my classes start on Monday (tomorrow).

3b. What are you taking?
-->French 2002, Italian 2001, Foundations of Social Theory, History (America since 1890), and Composition 2 (I HATE WRITING).

3c. Which are you looking forward to most/least?
-->Most = French and Social Theory; Least = COMPOSITION, ugh.
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ola TQC.

something has been bothering me since last night. i spent the whole of yesterday (from around 11am til 10pm) basically walking around. not too much, but a lot more than i usually would in a single day. before bed, i noticed a pretty large lump near my kneecap. it doesn't hurt when i touch it but it was never there before. my SO said it'd disappear the next day but it hasn't. should i worry? or am i overreacting?

if i should worry, what else should i do about it? :/

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I have an appointment at 4:15 to get my hair cut.  I'm really nervous because I'm cutting a whole lot of length off, and I'm afraid that if I keep being nervous like this that I won't actually go through with the original plan.

TQC, is there any way for me to be less nervous about cutting off my hair?

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When buying a new car, is there any advantage to paying more for the larger wheels option? Do the larger wheels just look cooler, or will there be advantages like longer tire wear or better gas mileage or something that actually makes paying the extra money a good choice?

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I finally found a great cane...I've only had to use it a few times so far (I don't really go out and do much) and I found out that I SUCK AT USING A CANE. I keep tripping and getting out of sync with the affected foot/leg and I just feel really dumb because I caneFAIL. For those of you who use canes (I know there are a few people here), how long did it take for you to get accustomed to it? Will it ever become natural for me?????? Will I eventually be able to walk at a normalish pace with it, or will I always be super slow and clumsy? Tomorrow is my first day back in classes, and I don't want to look like a completely incompetent cane fool in front of all these new hot guys I will (possibly) meet in classes. Halp?
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I need TQC to settle an argument between me and my father.

My father is taking some medication for a prostate problem, and as a result, he peed on the recliner in his sleep. Yes, disgusting, I know. However, he thinks it's perfectly ok to do nothing about it. He says it's ok to sit on it once it dries. No cleaning or anything. Just put a towel or something down over it. He's sitting on it right NOW with nothing over it.

TQC, due to a knee problem, this particular recliner is the only place I can sleep since I cannot climb the stairs to go up to my bedroom. Would you sleep there? Do you think urine is ok once it dries?

The thought makes me want to throw up.
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the post about the incontinent dad reminded me of something:

why do men's rooms smell so strongly of urine?

ladies' washrooms usually smell horrible in a really ambiguous way, but the men's? just piss. or is this only a phenomenon at the fast food places i've had the displeasure and unfortunate luck to work at?
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What songs would you put on a playlist about truancy? What about a playlist called "working girls"?
Truancy: Oingo Boingo's "Only A Lad," and "Laquerhead" by Primus. Probably "Saturday Night's Alright" by Elton John. Working girls, I have no idea.

Don't you hate it when you forget what question you were going to ask here?
Yes! Rawr!
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It seems to me that every time someone says, "HAY TQC, have you seen (insert horror movie here)? Was it ~scary~?" everyone says, "No. It blew/made me lol with the awfulness". So, TQC, what horror movies have genuinely freaked you out?

Similarly, what are some good vampire movies? Vampires used to creep me out, but now there's a bunch of stupid ass vampire crap out there, what with vampires being the new ~thing~. Ugh.
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so none of my friends ended up going to that concert.

i haven't eaten anything besides tortilla chips and a bowl of fruit loops in the last 28 hours. what should be my first meal? i haven't been ill or anything, just haven't been able to eat.
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how do you know that you love someone for who they are rather than simply loving their company?

eta: what i mean is, you might think you love someone because you are lonely and therefore feel like you 'need' them around.. and when you enjoy their company, you feel like you are 'in love'. however it might just be you appreciating their company?
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Anyone bought anything from Urban Decay online before? How long did it take to ship? Someone ordered me something on Tuesday, and I still haven't gotten an email saying the order has been processed and will ship.

What are you doing today?
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I'm really sick and Google isn't being helpful - it seems as though I have pretty much every symptom of both the common cold and influenza. The only thing I've read that can distinguish one from another is a fever, but I don't think mine is very high and it's on-again-off-again. Do you know of any other symptoms that can distinguish the flu from a cold?

If you couldn't care any less, what classes are you taking this semester?

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I'm looking to buy a macbook soon and I'm stuck between a macbook and a macbook pro. Other than the thousand dollars or more, what's the difference?

I'm an education student and I'll be using it mostly for school stuff, especially for an educational technology class that is taught on macs.

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TQC, help me decide!

Last night when I had a Greek yogurt, I added coconut M&M's to it. It was so awesome I made a post here about it (I can't be arsed to find it though). Tonight I'm having yogurt again and I'm adding chocolate syrup to it. For a long while now I've wanted to try chili chocolate, I'm the kind of person that eats habaneros fresh or out of a jar like skittles, I love very hot things. This crazy thought of adding chili flakes to the chocolate syrup came to me.

Should I do this? I've never had chili chocolate, have you? Would adding the flakes to the chocolate even be remotely close to that?
Okay, bail!

So what odd combination of foods have you tried for dessert? Epic fail or epic success?
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Hay, TQC, I just went to the DVD store and bought two movies.

Which movie should I watch right now?

This Is Spinal Tap

If it makes any difference, I am drinking beer tonight (oatmeal stout).

What are you up to tonight?

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You are standing on the shore of a river at low tide. You notice the water starting to rise. Behind you, a tall wall prevents your escape. Exits are to the left and to the right. What do you do? Options are:

1. Go left
2. Go right
3. Don't move
4. Attempt to climb the wall
5. Attempt to swim to safety

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TQC crafters....
for knitting and crocheting.... ravelry is a wonderful site for inspiration.
I just taught myself how to sew a few months ago... is there a similar style website for sewing?

or what craft do you do that you can show me a neat website for?
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will you guys pay for my immigration fees so i can move to the US?

i will give you hello kitty stickers


have you ever had silly misconceptions about other countries?

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I ate a ton of watermelon, and typed up a couple papers that are due,

and now I've got free time before I go to bed.

What shall I do?


what are the best safety precautions to take when living either by yourself, or in a dorm?
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TQC, what is your opinion of the French manicure?

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I just gave myself a French manicure for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (I am 24). I am a licensed cosmetologist, so I am WELL acquainted with them, but I've never had MY nails painted like this, so I don't know WHAT to think. I'm not totally sold on the idea yet.

How do you usually do your nails?

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TQC, if you could take any course in college just for the hell of it, what would you take?

Right now my priority is to take the last 3 classes that would give me an Administrative Assistant degree, but after that, I don't know what I should take!

I was browsing through the Continuing Education course catalog and I found out that someone actually teaches a class called "What is Twitter and How Do I Tweat?". It costs $20 and then there is a book for the class that is $17. Why would you need a book to learn how to use Twitter? I'm surprised that a book like that exists.

There is also a class called "Social Networking" that teaches you how to set up accounts for Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. It costs $76 to take.

WTF? I'm going to give it a couple of weeks and see if anyone is actually enrolled in either of the classes.
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TQC, I really want to apply to be a student ambassador for my college. However, I've applied for every other "this is a fairly big on-campus position" position and been denied, and this is the most difficult thing to get accepted into on the entire campus. Should I try anyway and potentially complete my cycle of "I can't get accepted for shit on this campus" attempts, or just not even get into it because I'm likely going to not be accepted?

If you had a very bad job that lasted about two months off of your campus (bosses were assholes, your work was more than fine) and you were filling out a resume for an on-campus job, would you "forget" to add said job to your resume?
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Hey, TQC. Long time no see.

How can I look up the history of my home? There have been odd goings on all my life, but they recently have strengthened, to the point where my animals are being affected, and I would like to see if I could figure out what this presence in my house wants.

Also, any idea how to pacify this thing long enough to figure out what it wants? Or how to at least keep it from possessing my dog? It gets angrier when I try basic methods. It got extremely angry when I removed mirrors from the walls. I also once brought in white sage and as soon as I stepped into the house I could not breathe. I don't want it to go away, per say, I just want it to leave me and my family alone. Or at least be civil and keep to itself instead of doing what it is doing.

Thanks in advance for any help on the subject.
Quinn Twin

Moo Cards?

Has anyone here from the US gotten Moo cards recently? I was thinking of making some minis to pass out with my info to people at a convention Sept 4-7th, but I remember when they first came out, my friend said they took forever to get here from England. I didn't know if maybe things had changed and if I should get some somewhere else to make sure I'd have them in time. I live in Atlanta, if it makes a difference.

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Aside from the DURP face this WWII era solider is making, does he remind you of Dr. Wilson from House, or any other celebrity? My friend says he looks like Wilson, but idk. Granted, its a photo of a photo I have, so its pretty bad, but still

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TQC, I want to paint my bathroom. My husband says no, because it is currently painted behind the mirrors and he doesn't want to deal with it. Screw him, right?

Our counters look like this and the walls are currently pale yellow. Not that cute. What color would you paint the walls to match these countertops?

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the relationship status of the guy i like on facebook is "In a Relationship" but it doesn't say with who, he never mentions a girlfriend and when i've seen him out in the world he's never he's never said, "This is girlfriend, Sissy Hotcakes."

do you think he has a girlfriend/serious girlfriend or does this dude just not keep up with his facebook page?

and since this is a dumb FB question, here are a couple more:

what is a song that always reminds you of your childhood? i thought of this because this song always reminds me of what it was like being little. that or it makes me cry.

did you move this weekend?

do they call moving day "Hippie Christmas" where you are?

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If you had an eight-hour layover and the airport was a 45-minute bus ride from the city (which happens to be your favorite city in the world), would you go into town or stay at the airport?

Where is your favorite place to window shop?

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Given the chance, would you sleep with a celebrity you consider attractive?

Would you still do so if they had an STD that you were almost guaranteed to catch?

Does it matter WHO the celebrity is?

What if the STD was one you can get rid of with antibiotics?

Why/why not?
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for the lovvers

Do you find you're more likely to have sex with your bf/gf/so that night if you watch a movie that has a sex scene in it?

if that's not your bag,

Are you overweight?

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What is that liquid used to kill animals? Like, you can have a rat or something in a jar, and you put some sort of liquid on a cotton ball or something, and put it in the jar with the animal, and the fumes kill it? I've seen it done in a movie, but I don't know what it's called. D:

I apologize ahead of time for my poorly worded, stupid question.

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tomorrow i'm going to drive around town and apply at all the places that don't do applications online. does it matter what i wear? it's supposed to be 92 btw. does it matter who i give the application to? any other tips? i'll mostly be applying to places like tim horton's, dollar stores, and a few juniors clothing stores.

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so if there are ghosts and shit that roam the Earth and haunt/occupy the spots they died/were wronged/whatever they get up to at night, where is their enternalness going to go when the sun expands and engulfs the Earth? are they just going to haunt that particular spot, just in space?

since i wasn't around when he died and missed all the fun MJ questions, what, if any, is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
mine is "Leave Me Alone".
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A friend of mine is getting married next month. Her save the date says she and her fiance are registered at Target and Wal-Mart. I work for probably their biggest competitor around here. Would it be tacky for me to get them a gift card for the store where I work?

ETA: FWIW, it's not as if I'd be getting a discount at my store by buying a gift card or anything, so it's not like a $50 gift card would only cost be $45 or something.
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Paging Dr. TQC...!

I pulled a muscle on the left side of my neck last night while sleeping and it's been killing me all day. I've taken a bunch of Advil and icing quite often.

Is there a special way I should sleep tonight? Should I sleep without pillows? Should I sleep with pillows set up in a certain way?
Rogue night elf


Do you have a tv in your bedroom?

If not, do you want one there?

What is your opinion on tv's in the bedroom? (Mess up your sleep cycle, keep it out for peace and quiet, the "bedroom is only for sex/sleep only environment", etc etc)

How many tv's in your household?

If you could have a tv in the bathroom, would you?
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I'm always hungry around 11 at night, even after having balanced, healthy meals throughout the day. What the hell can I do to curb this? Alternatively, what are some healthy, filling snacks?

What's something that really, really frustrates the hell out of you?
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Best superhero movie?

Batman (any of them)
Spiderman (any of them)
Superman (any of them)
X men (any of them)
Iron Man
Hulk (either of them)
Blade (any of them)
Fantastic Four
Punisher (any of them)
Ferret run!

Ride awwwn

Poll #1444557 Broooom Brrrrrmmmm

Should I get a motorbike (and applicable licences)

Scooter/vespa thing

How many sexy points (positive or negative) does riding a motorbike carry? (This is not my motivation, but it was mentioned by a friend, so I am curious)
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I really want something sweet right now, TQC, but I don't have anything except some old grape lollipops I bought back in the beginning of '08, which supposedly contain hoodia.

Considering they're probably nearing 2 years old...would you risk eating one?
Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo
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So I haven't eaten beef or any other mammal in 6 years, and all of a sudden I've totally jonesing for a giant, rare, steak. Like, for a month now.

Should I break down and kill a cow?

If not, what can I eat to replace the craving?

Unrelated- Have you seen David Blaine's show on the travel channel? How ridiculous is it to do card tricks for south american natives?
snow AC

Legend of Zelda-like game

Help! I remember playing this game that was like Legend of Zelda for the Sega Genesis. I played it back in 1993. I swear the name starts with a "G".

I have searched the "G" section of the list of games on Wiki but nothing is ringing a bell. (Nor anything else. No searches in Google are turning up anything.)

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

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I feel like some online retail therapy - specifically clothes. What sites shall I shop on?

- I'll wear anything, but I'm in the UK so they need to ship here.
- Size 14/16 UK
- No Ebay

On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being not at all, 10 being pass out practically) how tired are you right now?