August 15th, 2009


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Do you think there's some great divide between people who have children and people that don't?

Why the hell when people get pregnant/have children, they're children somehow worm their way into every conversation? Is it just something that happens and somehow everything relates/involves their children?

Should I just accept that my friendship will never ever be the same with my BFF because she's having a baby?

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I'm watching Prom Night (omfg so lame) and it's making me angry. It's SO predictable, people are doing stupid shit left and right, and the acting/filming is horrible. At least in my opinion.

What was the last movie you watched that made you angry? Why?

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If you're anywhere near the same time zone as I am, are you currently or have you already watching/watched that really racist comedian on Comedy Central?

If so, do you think she's going a little overboard with the jokes?
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Ohay TQC,

I have a virus and I don't know how the fuck to get it off of my computer. Every time I run AVG Free it literally debilitates it so that the scan stops. Is there some hotline or something that I can call, because I'm so fucked.

If you know at all how to help, please do?
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If you like it, do you have a favorite episode of Gilmore Girls?

If you've read them, which is your favorite Harry Potter book?

Care to tell me any other favorites of yours? (yes, I just want a third question)
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i just read this....and cracked up.

Today, I finally had sex with this great guy I've been seeing. I thought I'd found a catch. We get into his room, start kissing, and things heat up. Everything is perfect until he reaches under his bed, pulls out a doughnut and shoves it into my mouth, snarling, "eat it, eat it!" FML.


do you have any ridiculously awkward hook-up stories?
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Hey TQC, I need advice!

My mom lost her job because her ex-husband sent a letter to her school and the dept of education saying she left early, providing photos and lying about times when she left (that was the only reason they fired her, her evaluations have been perfect and the parents love her). She's been applying for teaching positions with no luck but then the vice president of the union called her and admitted that she was fired for a stupid reason and that she shouldn't have been fired at all. So he says that a position at a local high school is open and that position will be hers, she just has to apply and do the interview. She does the interview and less than a week later gets a rejection letter. My mom then calls the vp of the union and he says he will talk to the principal. Turns out the principal sent that letter to EVERY applicant and then up and left. The vice president of the union still needs to talk to him but as it stands, it looks as though she may not have a job after all even though she was promised it.

What I wanted to know was.. if I write a letter to the principal of the school and explain the situation, would it help or would it hurt the situation?

An old co-worker of my mother's says that someone from the paper might find her story interesting and could write about it. If I write a letter to the paper or to the person the co-worker was talking about and it gets a story, would it help or would it hurt the situation?

Any other advice?

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 What do you think are the chances of getting a date with someone after giving them a speach that you have been in love with them for seven years but never had the guts to tell them?

Do you double dip?

Whatchya been doing TQC?

I don't even know where I'd look on Google.

Do any of you know that famous .gif where this guy is panting and sweating like he's woken up from a nightmare, and then he looks off to the side before turning over and seeing something that makes him scream?

Well, on all the .gifs I've seen the scary thing is replaced with something, like The Burger King, or Edward Cullen.

What movie is the .gif originally from, and what did he originally see?
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Has anyone ever tried Cash 4 Gold or any of those other similar companies? Are they legit? Would you get more money than if you took the jewelry into a pawn shop?

TQC, I just found out I can eat Haribo Gold Bears if they are made in Turkey because they use beef gelatin and not pork gelatin. I am stoked because I've missed these little guys and think they are the best gummi bears ever. What is something you found out you could eat/do/have after denying yourself this thing for a while? Why did you deny yourself this thing?

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why the fuck do online university bookstores give VAGUE, MINIMAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE BOOKS YOU NEED?

it is the only place that lists the books i need for my classes (before classes start, at least) and it is SO FUCKING UNHELPFUL GRRRR
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TQC, what really really tiny stupid thing(s) are you grateful for?

I'm grateful that I live in California, because on web forms where you have to choose your state from a drop-down menu, mine is right up in the top 5 alphabetically, so I don't have to scroll down.

EDIT: Since malaika02 kind of beat me to it, here's other ones...

What do you think is the BEST animal?

What is the newest* piece of clothing you have acquired?
*Newest, as in newest to you. It could be a hand-me-down, or a thrift store purchase.

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Does it seem to you that the longer our natural lifespans become, the lower our threshold for considering someone "young"?

I mean it just seems wrong to me that people think of being within a few years of 30 as getting "old". That's the prime of life! Why do we value extreme youth more and more?

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So, does anyone have suggestions on how to stop a cat from suddenly going to the bathroom everywhere? :\ I've never had a problem with him, but right before we got our new kitten he started going poo in the tub, and now out of nowhere he took a SUPER PEE (i mean, like. a stream. of piss) across my kitchen.

Have any of you had this problem? HOW DO I FIX IT? :(((
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What’s the best way to organize your music folder?
By albums, artists, year or genre.

What do you have in your music folder?
Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and J-Rock  at the moment. I'm still building though.

What was the last song you listened too?
Broken by Lifehouse. The Time Traveller’s Wife soundtrack ftw.

What are you not looking forward to?
College in September.

Edited because I fail at typing.

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Which store do you think would be my best bet for finding a decent/cheap/easy to use digital camera for my mom?
Are there any fairly decent lower-end brands that I should know about?

What are you doing today?
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My little brother just left for college. He'll be gone three months before he comes home for Thanksgiving. Somehow I managed to miss the fact that I'm going to miss the hell out of him, and now I'm a big weepy mess. What can I do to remedy this, TQC, considering that I have to be at work in an hour?

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Does anyone know where I can get replica Chanel earrings Collapse ) I've searched "replica Chanel earrings," "fake Chanel earrings," and "faux Chanel earrings" on eBay with no luck... are there other keywords I should be searching? Or other websites I can try to find them?
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ventity vent vent

1. If your mother let her husband kick you out of the house at the age of 17, tell you that you were lying about the sexual and physical abuse your ex stepfather put you through, then go and let her husband kick your brother with Asperger's syndrome out of the house without a job, car, money, or anything like that, making you take care of him and then having to send him to live with two of your friends because you were moving out of state, would you continue maintaining a relationship with your mother?

She had the nerve to IM me today, bitching about how my grandmother let my brother move in with her. I told her I wasn't going to talk about it anymore.

2. Do you get along with your parents?

3. Were you abused in any way? Did you tell anyone about it? If you did, did they believe you? Did anything positive or negative come from it?

4. What do I do to tell the other people in my three family house where I rent a room TO STOP SLAMMING DOORS AND STOMPING AROUND? These are my room mate's family members, so I can't be a total bitch, but it's CONSTANT.

5. If you don't feel like answering the other questions, can you post youtube embeds of songs you like so I can get in to more music?

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My family and I were sitting outside when we noticed this little creepy crawly trying to make it's way up the side of the house. We were baffled as to what kind of insect it was...or if it's an insect at all.
Collapse )

We are in ON, Canada, and he measures about 4 inches long. WHAT THE HECK IS IT?!!?!

Video Programs?

I got a new computer with my first ever webcam, built in. I don't think it came with any video software, though. I know it has skype, but that doesn't record, does it? I can't even figure out how to access my webcam. D: Can you recommend any good, free video recording software for a webcam?

EDIT: Also, what do you use your webcam for, if you have one?
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I made myself two sandwiches YESTERDAY morning for lunch - one with chicken one with ham. I forgot to refrigerate them after taking them to work, and they wernt refrigerated overnight either. It was pretty cold here last night tho...  

I wanted to toast them in the toasty sandwich maker. Its now lunch time.

Question: After non-refrigeration for that long, would they be safe to eat? In terms of not being all throwing up after etcetc


Edit: Thanks for your help! I'm not gonna eat them =) I've got toast for now and will probably find something else later. My bin is now enjoying my sandwiches.
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Does anyone watch Ruby on Style?
If so, what do you think of the show, Ruby, her friends, etc?
What do you think happened, to make her block out her childhood?

If you don't watch it, don't care, etc. what motivates you?

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My uncle just accused my purse of being a knock off in front of 60+ people. My uncle is a 45 year old man who lives with his mother and I have no damned idea why he's so interested in my purse.

Adequate revenge?

Kat Von D Make-up?

I'm someone who doesn't usually wear make-up and when I have worn it in the past I've usually bought the cheap stuff from walmart or zellers.

I like the look of Kat Von Ds' make-up line and I'm wondering if anyone has used any of her products?

If yes, did/do you like using her products?
If no, why not?

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What is one thing that never ever fails to greatly upset you?
Everytime I read a story or anything to do with animal abuse, specifically towards cats, I become a mess. A weeping, depressed, angry mess.
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A lady I know said yesterday, of her house "I'm just a messy kind of person." That kind of clicked and made me realize - I am, too. I sometimes have piles of paper or clothes that look horribly disorganized to the casual viewer, but I can find all my own stuff, and I can find most of my boyfriend's stuff, too. I'm curious as to the general breakdown of the two types of people, and their interactions, so I was wondering what you, gentle tqc reader consider yourself to be?

What type of person are you?


What type of person is your SO?


Have you been, or are you currently in a relationship with someone who's the opposite type?

I can't definitively say whether my exes were messy/tidy people

Do you see the difference between messy and filthy?

Yes - you can have mess without filth
No - if your house is untidy, it's filthy to me


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I'm a tutor and was thinking of sending a letter to my students to ask them if they'll be coming back this fall. How should I word the letter? Should I add some kind of refer a friend coupon or something?

Did you have a tutor when you were younger (or now?)? What subject?

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I am going to be driving from New Hampshire to California by the shortest route. I have only ever been within California my whole life, so I'm excited. My friend said the only thing I will see is corn. This is a little discouraging.

Is it true? What can you do in fields of corn on a road trip? Also, any suggestions for awesome pit stops?
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I have a going-away party to go to. It's at a church, and it's for someone religious.

How should I do my makeup? I usually stick with neutrals or do a smokey eye, but I want to do something different. My eyes are blue.

How should I do my hair? When it's completely straight, it goes down to just past my boobs. It's REALLY thin, and doesn't hold product well (looks greasy) or curl for more than an hour.

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when you get your refund from grants, scholarships, etc, how do they know what you are spending it on? how do they know if i am using it for school related stuff vs. tons of beer?

eta: i do not really intend on using my financial aid refund to buy lots of beer it was just an example :)

eta #2: okay they don't keep track so what (aside from beer) should i spend my $2500 refund on?!

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What's a professional email address?
My boyfriend told me i needed to make a more professional email. I don't want to use my first and last name.
Do you think it really matters?

My current one doesn't contain anything offending or vulgar. Not even anything crazy. Wtf mate

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Dearest TQC this is teal deer,

You and one of your best friends had a nasty falling out just over a year ago, I won't go into too much detail but it involved you not going to see Sex and the City (the movie) with her. You realize you're better off without her, even though she sent you a random "heartfelt" message about how she made a mistake and still wants to be friends - which you ignored.

She knows where you work and yesterday she came in for an item which she could have literally gotten at nearly any other store in town. She brought her 2 sisters. While checking out, she hid behind the candy rack and had her younger sisters hand you her credit card. She signed the receipt on one of her sister's backs, perhaps somehow trying to hide from you. Then off she went, tail between her legs as she left the store.

This girl is 21 years old. You treated her with respect like any other customer.

How would you feel in this situation?
Is this girl batshit crazy?

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What was the last thing you cried over?

Does any one else look forward to school starting?

How good do pencils smell?

Can any of you computer geniuses walk me through saving a presario v4000 compaq notebook hard drive ive taken it out now im cluelesss as to how to get the casing off and save it on my other laptop

the fate of 3 years worth of Photography school hangs in the balance :(
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I'm in the mood for a summer romance! Where can I meet a sweet, lovely guy?

Also, I just got back from a short vacation, and found a letter from my school in my inbox. It was sent on the 10th, and gave me a permission number to add a class* I was waitlisted for, which was only valid until the 12th. If I didn't use the number by then, I would be dropped from the waitlist entirely. Yes, email contact is important in this day and age, but giving me TWO DAYS to do this was a douchey move on their part, y/y?

Do you have any stories of university BS?

*This is a 1001 class they are forcing me to take in the first place. I have already taken many more advanced classes in this department.
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My mothers family is visiting and they are having a bbq outside. I really don't want to socialize with them because i don't like them, plus i'm bored and i don't want to be home. Where should i go?

1. To the movies to see 'District 9'.
2. To Barnes & Noble to get some mags or a book.
3. To Walmart to see if they have any cute cheap desk lamps.
4. To Dollar Tree to see what retarded things they have.
5. To Best Buy to see if they have a decent bluetooth mouse for my MacBook.

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What are the best products and/or methods for getting rid of fleas in your house?

We've already tried some Hartz spray as well as sprinkling salt around to dry out the eggs, both of which have done exactly nothing.

After washing and drying a sleeping bag belonging to an acquaintance of my roommate's, we now have fleas in our basement, the outbreak of which started right where the dryer vent is. We have no pets that go into the basement.

Have you ever had a good deed backfire horribly?

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I'm having a terrible week..2 weeks.. well month. My boyfriend is in basic training for another 7-8 weeks and he's not really corresponding with me. Should I just give up and break it off? I feel emotionally drained.

Or, could you just cheer me up? I usually hate cheer me up posts but I feel like I need it.
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Google has failed me. Can you dice already cooked potatoes, throw them in the oven, and still have them crisp up? I'm stupid, I know.

If you could eat anything right now what would it be?

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Have you seen the movie 500 Days of Summer? If y, how did it make you feel? If n, what's the last movie you saw in theaters?
It depressed the motherfuck out of me. :|

What's for dinner? I just made grilled cheese and tomato soup!

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I'm not very familiar with purses, but i'm thinking its about time I got one. I'm looking for something mid priced ($150 tops?) so, could you tell me your favourite brands please and thank you?
If it matters, i'm looking to get a bigger one, I like rather simplistic designs, no huge buckles etc, and I prefer fabric to leather.
I already looked at matt & nat and didn't see anything too great, though i'm all for vegan bags!
Edit: I'm also in Canada. So no wandering target, etc for me.
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when i pour a glass of water, why is my tap water foaming up like there is soap in the cup? the bubbles do not immediately pop and they turn into a weird residue over the course of a few minutes. i have tried several containers including an empty water bottle and the soapy bubbles keep appearing. what could be the cause of this???

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I am ashamed to ask this :(

Cute boy insists he has always and will always play Alliance. I have always played Horde. Do I give in and join the other side? He wants to play together, and so do I.

I am so sad that I'm asking this question completely seriously.
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Are salmon tacos bad for puppies?

I left some leftovers in the car, while we ran into the grocery store to get a couple items. We came back to the car and our 6 month old puppy had eaten it all up, licked clean!

She seems to be fine 5 hours later, what should we expect?
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Ugh, I think I'm the rebound girl again. =/
What's your life stereotype?
What's your favorite thing to do on a date?
How srs are you about facebook? You may use a scale of "whatever" to "OMGIT'SLIFEEEEEEEE".

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I bought a punnet of strawberries from the shop I work in, and one on the edge was mouldy.
Should I take them back?
With the consideration that i've been at work for far too long and it's a long walk back, should I just eat around the mouldy one?

How fussy are you with blemishes on food? (i.e. Does your fruit and veg have to look perfect for you to eat it?)

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I don't know just how accurate this info is but I've heard there are plans to remake these movies... Poltergeist, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Robocop, Karate Kid, Short Circuit, Red Dawn, Hellraiser, Childsplay, Highlander and Interview With The Vampire.

Assuming it's all true...what are your thoughts on these being redone?

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What is something you're craving right now?

Did you see (500) Days Of Summer?
If so, did you like it?

Am I the only person who REALLY didn't like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the film..not the book)?

Constructive criticism on my photography.

I loved it!
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I have been coughing all day so hard that it's causing me to throw up. I'm not sick in anyway otherwise...I've been just getting these non-stop coughing fits that are so long I'm throwing up. Tylenol Cough isn't working on the cough (which doesn't bother me so much) but the puking needs to stop ASAP. Would Gravol help this or does that only work for when you're vomiting because of sickness? I don't want to go out and get it if it's not going to help me. :(

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Your significant other acknowledges attractive people and tells you so.

Nothing really wrong with that; hot people are hot and the masses like to see.

However, then your SO goes on to compare you to those more attractive than you.
This hurts your feelings and the fact that s/he really does love you doesn't help and the fact that s/he is just joking to make you mad doesn't lessen the blow either. You've tried to ignore it and you've tried to tolerate it, but to no avail.
So you talk about it and everything is resolved and ends up fine.
About a week passes and they start again and do so two days in a row.

How do you feel now?

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I haven't slept more than five hours in the past four days. I am up in my room right now and very comfortable. It is 5:15. I'm afraid of napping, then waking up at 2am unable to sleep.

TQC, should I rest right now and hope I'm not too tired later or wait and see if I can attempt sleep tonight?

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Is there any way to make my MacBook NOT go go to sleep/standby/whatever when I close the screen? Or will I just have to leave it open when I'm downloading something and not using it otherwise?

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What's your favorite misheard lyric?

You know that "Because the night belongs to lovers, because the night belongs to us" song?

I always thought it was "We don't deny the lusty llamas, we don't deny the lusty eyes."

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After my Great Computer Crash of 2009, I have no music and no movies on my machine. I'm in the process of downloading, but I enjoy so many things I find it hard to narrow it down. What are your top 3 MUST have albums? What are your top 3 MUST have movies?

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If you've ever done online dating...

Do you think it's generally better to talk (e-mail, IM, phone) to someone for a while (a few weeks or so) before finally meeting them, or do you think meeting should generally happen quickly (within a week or a few days)?

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so my boyfriend just called me from work and told me if i wanted to drink, to go grab his 20$ and a go to the liquor store so we could drink when he gets off work.

he tells me he has 71 dollars in there, when i look theres only 51.
i call him back to tell him maybe hes made a mistake, and he insists theres 71.. but there isnt.
then he accuses me of taking his money, lol first of all, why would i take your money at all? then why would i take it knowing that you know how much is in there, and i live in the same bedroom as you!! are you fucking kidding me ?
he hung up on me because he thinks i took it, but i dont think he remebers going to lunch AFTER he counted his 71 dollars... im honestly floored.

does he have a right to accuse me?
does he have any right to even get mad at me?

he called me back, and said he didnt think i took the money, he said he was just pissed off and i had to hear about it. he said he apologized if i thought that he was accusing me of taking his money, but he said "I HAD 71 DOLLARS IN THERE, WHERE THE FUCK IS IT ? THATS THE LAST TIME I LET ANYONE TOUCH MY MONEY"
i guess i took it as him accusing me lol.
not only that, he never remembers where he spends his money until hes like "omg why is this and this missing"

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i want to design an amusement park. how do i make this a reality? how much money would i need? who would i need to collaborate with? (i know this is ridiculous and will never happen.)

i am not an engineer.

rollercoaster tycoon is not an option.

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Assuming the below things are all tragic in some way (a sad story, a sad song, etc.) which of these is the most likely to make you cry?

An image.
A song.
A video clip.
A story you heard.
A book.
A movie.
None or other.
I don't cry. Ever. I'm just that extreme.

Assuming the below things are all humorous in some way (a funny story, a funny song, etc.) which of these is the most likely to make you laugh?

An image.
A song.
A video clip.
A story you heard.
A book.
A movie.
None or other.
I eat babies and puppies and kittens and happiness, I absolutely never laugh.

If you think you'd choose more than one, just go with the one that most often makes you laugh/cry.


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What was the funniest (or most absurd) "straw that broke the camel's back" moment you've ever had?

Ans: I've been dealing with a lot of dissatisfaction in my own life, and today, I snapped whenever I couldn't get my steam cleaner to work on my carpet. I believe I was quoted as saying, "It's a metaphor for my life! I can't even make a vacuum work!"

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im mixed (half black, half white) and i was in the sun from 12-5 today, and i got a sunburn on my cheeks and the back of my neck, in my 20 years, ive never had sunburn until today!! im baffled.. i have a caramel complexion.

did you know that people of darker color can sun burn?
do you sunburn easily?
whats your skin tone?
do you like to play in the sun in the summer?