August 14th, 2009


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What do you think of people who do Youtube videos? Like beauty tutorials? Is it weird that I kind of want to try my hand at it, even though I don't have much experience with makeup? 

Are you semi-famous on Youtube? 

Who are you subscribed to on Youtube?

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poo's question got me curious.

Do you like to read? If so, do you remember what it was that got you to love reading (a certain book, or a person), or have you liked to read as long as you remember? If you don't like to read, has it been that way as long as you can remember, or did something turn you off of reading?

What is one book you think people should read before they die? Not necessarily a classic, just a book you truly enjoy.

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I'm driving straight up 95 (and then I think to 295?) from Providence, RI to Deer Isle, Maine. Anything fun to do along the way? It's minimum a 6-hour drive, I'll leave early morning (8 a.m.-ish) and need to be there by orientation dinner (6 p.m.), so I'll have extra time. I have some TRUCKER SPEED to keep me awake, a lot of fluids, everything I could ever need, and a handy new camera to take pix of everything.

It doesn't have to be breathtaking or AMAZING, but any fun towns, natural attractions, etc., would be superb.

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What do you do to relieve stress, or to calm down and get your mind off of something bothersome?

I'm freaking about college and shitty friendships and other various uncool life situations, and I just want to chill so I can finish my summer work and not fail out of senior year.

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There are only approx. 78 more days until Halloween.

Do you already know what you're going to be?
Are you as excited as I am?! (really excited)
Do you think I'm silly for putting 'only' and '78 more days' in the same sentence?


What is the funniest word in the world to you?

Mine is "OY!". I ALWAYS laugh no matter the situation when I see that word.

AND: I couldn't find the post, but someone yesterday asked what the language in the Circle of Life was in at the beginning of the Lion King and it's in Swahili! I have the captions on and it says "singing in Swahili".
Totally made my night right there XD

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omg you guys. I live in a gated, fenced community. About a half hour ago when I took my puppydog outside, there was a skeevy looking dude standing on the grass where my dog usually goes to pee... just standing there, by himself. At 2 in the morning on a Thursday. I turned around and went somewhere else, and he was still there when I was going inside. He gave me a really weird feeling and I locked the door and the windows when I got back inside.

But now my dog needs to go out again, to poop this time, which always requires a walk. The light is out over the "green" area, and I am all by myself. WHAT DO I DO? :T Should I grab my bf's machete from the closet before I go out just in case?

ETA: Nevermind, guys... I took too long deciding what kind of weapon to bring, and my puppydog is pooping pooped on the carpet. :( Sorry Penny!!

(but I will be getting some pepper spray from my local Wally World tomorrow, regardless.)

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I'm making three playlists to burn to disc--they're all for driving.

"Quiet" (sweet mellow things to drive to)
"Loud" (loud punk, metal, etc.)
"ANTHEMS!!" (total epic driving songs that get you all pumped)

Do you have any suggestions for any of my playlists? So far they are empty and I am just browsing my music.

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if you're bored, do you want to pick out jewelry for me? i just stretched my ears to 14g and need new jewelry because i borrowed what's currently in my ears. i can wear most of what's that link (within reason).

if you're not that bored, what should i make for lunch next sunday? it will have to feed me, my mum, my aunt, my grandma, and possibly a friend of mine, and hopefully the leftovers will store well.

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What is a good first date activity? What kind of things do you normally do on a first date?

Are you proud of me for approaching a complete stranger and asking her for her number? Would getting ice cream be a lame first date with a stranger?

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Why are there always more bikini bottoms leftover (when you mix/match) than bikini tops at any store selling swimwear? What the hell happens that it becomes a 1/15 ratio of bikini tops/bottoms? Anyone else ever notice this?

Old Multistoried Houses

If you're in an old, yet very well built, stone walled, house, with 10-12 foot ceilings, how much can you hear people moving around above or below you? How about if they're in a room that the stairs open onto? What if a door is closed? Can you hear them through floors/ceilings?
I'm not talking thumping music, I'm meaning conversations, laughter, babies crying, children playing, etc.
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I woke up this morning with a really stuffy nose. I blew it and there was some dried up blood in my snot. My nose hasn't endured any injuries and I don't snort anything, and I didn't cough up any blood, so how did the blood get in my nose?

What is up with Craigslist?

I listed something for free on Craigslist and this guy e-mailed me and asked me how much it cost. I told him it was free and he sent me an e-mail back saying he was in Liverpool and that he would pay "my asking price" and be willing to include a few extra Euros for my trouble and to send him my name and address (but not my bank account information or anything) so he could send me a check.

Obviously this is some sort of bot or something but what is the point of it?
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Does anyone out there use a CPAP machine? How the hell did you get used to the damned mask? Mine is driving me nuts!

ED: I just wanted to say thankyou to all the people who gave me kind and reassuring answers and suggestions to my question. The last couple of weeks have been really tough, but after adjusting the mask, altering the heat settings on the humidifier and changing my pillow I finally got a good night's sleep last night!

strawberry shortcake

Cell phones

I have Verizon. Right now I just have a generic Motorola W755...I would really like to get a phone with mobile web capability, so I can check out stuff online on my phone, blah blah. I'm not sure what phone and plan to get.

As for phones, I'm looking at Verizon Wireless Blitz and the LG EnV 2.

Anyone have experience with either or both of those phones? As far as plans go, I honestly have no idea what to even look for. Any advice? :D

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Why do cats always try to follow you in to the bathroom?

If you were buying a house on a limited budget, would you prefer a really nice house where you couldn't afford any extras (cable, internet, nice furniture, whatever etc.) or a not so nice house (not falling down or anything just not nice) and all the stuff?
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Hey, did you know it's Magic Johnson's birthday today??

I have a LOT of admiration for how he's conducted his professional life since announcing his HIV-positive status.

Who is a celebrity that you admire either for 'missions' they've undertaken, or for how they've comported themselves regarding certain issues?

If no one famous, will you tell us about someone in your own life that you admire along similar lines?

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I've been saving to go on vacation for a while. I no longer have the expense of a pony so I can actually afford it. I figure by November I can have about 5-6000 saved. I may go back to Aruba but my boyfriend wants to go to Florida. Costa Rica might be nice too.

TQC, where would you go on vacation?
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When do you usually start shopping for the holidays?
I'm starting now because I am so poor, so I can just start buying things and sticking them in my closet a gift or two at a time. Plus, my closest friends and my boyfriend all have birthdays in November and December. So that's like presents times two.

What was the last concert you went to?
I just saw The Donnas, Pat Benatar, and Blondie last night. It was amazing. Oh, and go-go girls danced between Benatar and Blondie to the Sonics and the Stooges which made me very happy.
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bra shopping = the worst

ugh, tqc, i have one truly okay bra left so this afternoon i am going bra shopping (thankfully i have a friend who also needs to do this).

how many  do you own? how many do you think I should get (enough to only do laundry once a week? twice a week? twice a month?)? 

how much do you think i should spend?  should I go to like nordstrom or like target? (like as in, stores of similar pricing/quality)

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i'm moving to a different city... how do i give references for min-wage jobs?
should i get letters?

i applied for on-campus jobs and my phone number is long distance. this did not go over well. i have to stay on campus all day because of the buses, which is going to make working off-campus kind of a bitch.

oh and i live in canada you kooky americans :)

Shot in the dark

Does anyone live near/in Norwalk, CT? 

If so, would you like a very friendly stray female cat? She's a longhaired tabby with lovely green eyes, quite underweight but appears to be in good health otherwise. She's been hanging out around my neighborhood for about three weeks now. I tried calling our local animal shelter (PAWS in Wilton if you've ever heard of it) and they're completely full. Would anyone want to take her in? I would, but I'm going back to college on Sunday and my dad doesn't want to add a third cat to our two (don't ask me why).

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Has anyone ever filed for unemployment? What are your thoughts about it? If you have, how much did you get per month? How long were you on it? Was it enough?
My job ends the 25th and I'm going to school & considering trying to get unemployment until I can find another job.
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I hate 'em

Is it just me or does it seem like every other film that comes out these days is in 3·D? Or at least has the option to see it in standard or 3·D format? Why is 3·D so popular all of a sudden?!?
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I walked into a Steak n Shake to apply for a job. They said they don't do applications, but do interviews. So I did a quick interview and she told me I was hired. I was told to come in Monday with my SS card and a white-shirt-black-pants outfit. BUT she did not take my phone number or address or any other personal info. So is this legitimate? Do I indeed have this job now?

If you don't care, what's a phobia you have?

Serious and non-serious selections welcome

Which of these items have you used in the bedroom for sexual recreation?

Sock puppet
Lifesize cardboard cutout of David Hasselhoff
2-person horse costume
Entire set of Lincoln Logs
Garden gnome
Jumper cables
Iron maiden
Turkey baster
Taxidermed water fowl
Hula hoop
Super Soaker
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Does anyone actually buy those collectibles at the post office? Like the framed stamps, the Kermit frog totes, anything non-packaging related?

What's the last thing you sent in the mail?
How often do you find yourself at the post office?
Baro Bitch Stare
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Concerning shorts

How short is too short for shorts?

I just pulled a pair of jean shorts out of my closet and put them on and...they seem a little too short. Like if I stand up with my hands at my sides the hem goes to the base of my fingers.
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Would you please complete the following sentences?

1. I am happy as long as _________.
2. Right now my fingers smell_________.
3. __________ is the god of all cookies.
4. The most soothing sound in the world is _______.
5. I wish I could get back the 2 hours I spent ________.
6. I am most jealous of ________.
7. The bottoms of my feet_______.

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After getting into a "conversation" with an acquaintance of mine, I thought I'd pose a question here. How do you spell whoa/woah? I'm not asking which way is correct, just which version you use.

Poll #1443885 Whoa/Woah/Whoah

Which way do you spell it?

A different way
i ain't into that!

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How do you organize your books? By size, author, title, genre? Something else?

my bookshelf/area has become a disaster area and I'm really finicky about these sorts of things. I don't even know where to start.

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HEY GUYS! After my blubberfest while reading GMH, I decided to be productive. I gave my stinky puppydog a bath (which wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, though I am sure that there's nothing more pathetic than a wet puppydog shaking in a bathtub :( poor girl), pampered myself a bit because I'm not feeling awesome, put laundry together so I can go do it first thing tomorrow morning, and made lists for everything I need to do tomorrow.

How have YOU been productive today?
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Quick, TQC, how much to I charge to edit a 200-page mechanical engineering dissertation? I have a Bachelor's in English and I want to be reasonably priced.

ETA: Okay, so she's received a $25/hr quote. I told her I'll do it for $20/hr.

Thanks guys!
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Poll #1443928 Food Service

You're a regular customer at a quick-service restaurant or coffee place. The staff all have your usual order memorized. Is this:

A sign of good service?
Some combination of the above?
Something else?
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I'm going on a dinner date tonight and I had previous plans to go cosmic bowling with friends.

Would it be weird if I invited my date to hang out with my friends and I after dinner? Is a first date too soon to meet a big group of friends? Should we just go to a movie instead? My friends are cool with me doing something else so they dgaf either way.

Is District 9 too intense for a first date movie?

For the tldr crowd:

What do you think is going through a dog's mind when he's humping?

Will you pick my new default?
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The factory part of this video reminded me of a short I saw a couple years ago. It was animated, in a black and white outlined style, and featured a main character similar to this one working in a factory. It was a very 1984, locked down society with no entertainment. If I remember right, the guy was making shadow puppets with his fingers in his cell at night. When the overlord people found out they cut off his hands. Collapse )

Anyone else remember this, or what it's called?
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My hamster's wheel just broke (Lord Chubberkins over here) and I can't get to the pet store 'til tomorrow (I don't feel like wheelchairing 5 miles uphill). Despite the fact that she is out of her house (cage) 80% of the time running around when she's not sleeping, how horribly do you think this will affect her? Am I going to wake up tomorrow with a hamster halluncinating about exercise and farting purple gas clouds?

Do you take your pet with you to the pet store?
What brand food do you feed them?
Another bloody question asking for pet pictures?
Thanks Squeaktastic

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My husband just got butthurt because I do not want to accept a friend request from his cousin on facebook.

I have never met this girl.

His family is HUGE.

is he justified?

Do you accept requests from random people who you may know?

If you don't care!

What's for dinner?
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I remember a link being posted here a while ago to a store where they sell clothes from the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's etc. I tried to google the store but I'm not having any luck. It's a vintage store but I can't remember anything else about it. It had some real fancy stuff. Anybody know what I'm talking about? They were a new store in California.
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Rottweilers And Cats

Does anyone have any experience with owning a rottweiler and cats? What was your experience?

Reason I'm asking:
For most of my life, growing up, we had a dog, a medium size mutt, and a cat. After our cat died we got 2 new kittens. I don't remember us doing any special training with our dog to get her to be ok with having a cat. And she had no problems accepting the two new kittens. We never really had any issues with the dog and the cats.
I know friends who've had various breeds of dogs, just no rottweilers, and cats without problems, and without doing any special training with their dogs.

I've been thinking about getting a Rottweiler when I get a house on my own, as well as getting some cats. I've read about how to train Rottweilers do not go after cats, but after hearing about a friend of a friend who had a cat and then took in a Rottweiler who showed no problems with the cat for months, and then one day killed it, I'm wondering if it'd be possible (good idea) to leave a Rottweiler home alone with cats, the way we used to leave our dog home alone with the cats, or if I would always have to keep them separate when I'm not home.

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Have you ever had microdermabrasion done? How were the results?

I've been considering it for my acne scars. I know it won't make my face perfect, but I'd like to try it anyways.
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Was reading an article about Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart (Hate Twilight, but I like my celebrity gossip!) and how they are in a relationship and someone posted:

I really don't think Robert is a one girl man. I think he needs many lovers to make him happy and that is another reason he is so hot.

Do you agree with that statement? Do you find guys with multiple sex partners hot? Why does it make a girl a whore / slut if she does the same?
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For those of you going back to school in the fall, are you looking forward to it?

What grade/year will you be going into?

What do you plan on doing differently this year/semester from that last?

ETA: Am I the only one looking forward to going back? :(
Someday I'll be a flower

Ugh! Uploading stuff...

I'm updating my catalog and am uploading a million pictures... each individually. Everytime I click "upload" it goes to the main file, but all the images are "small" thumbnails. For every.single.image I upload I have to right-click, then click "view"-->"large icons."

I have 180 images to upload. This is getting tedious. How can I make "large icons" my default view???

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I'm trying to figure out what I need to take this semester to get closer to graduating. Apparently I need a class that satisfies the "humanities" requirement, but under the course list, there is nothing about humanities. The rest is all divided up into subjects, like english, math, etc. But no humanities? 

Am I being stupid? Does humanities actually fall under another category? What classes have you taken that count as humanities? 
SVU wtf?
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I work in a bookstore, and there's a regular customer we have who is pretty weird. He's OCD and spends a great deal of his time straightening our magazines when he comes in. Anyway, he just came in and sniffed several different magazines before he found one that pleased him, I guess. So, my questions for you, TQC, are:

Have you ever sniffed a magazine?

Do you enjoy the smell of magazines?

What kind of magazines have the best scent?

Edit: He bought a hobby magazine, so there weren't any perfume samples or anything inside.
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my neighbors have a big white dog who barks pretty often, sometimes as early as 6am on the weekend. he barks that early on the weekends maybe 4-5 times a month. he also barks when i go out to get the mail, when i start my car, when i pull into the driveway... pretty much when anyone is in my yard, he barks.

what should i do? i've never talked to my neighbors before ever.
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There's a show tonight in London I want to go to, but it says "OVER 16S ONLY, UNDER 16S WILL GET NO REFUND". So what do you think, can my 16-year-old brother get in? What's the norm over here?

ETA: I don't even know if they check, but I got carded in Scandinavia where the drinking age is 18 and I'm definitely older than that :C

ETA x2: Also the bands are Beach House, Vetiver and Papercuts (we would miss Papercuts though idk who they are the show starts ridic early), is it worth going to? I accidentally saw Vetiver at an in-store once and there was a dude playing a cardboard box idk. WHAT OTHER CRAZY FUN THING COULD I DO IN LONDON TONIGHT?!

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1)if you couldn't eat anything your great grandma wouldn't recognize as food*, what would you miss most?

*they'd look at it and be like '...what the fuck? is that food?"

2)what is the worst cocktail you've ever tasted?

3)favorite webcomic?

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This has probably already been asked before, but has anyone heard that one song with the line "do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips?" WHAT is 'the Helen Keller' supposed to be? Or do I even want to know?

ETA: QUESTION ANSWERED. Here, have another.

If there was a move, dance, action, etc. named after you (ex. "do the sasarai") what would the action be?
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for people who straighten or curl their hair regularly: do you use any heat protectant stuff beforehand? what do you use?

i'm out of the stuff i stole off my sister and i didn't like it too much.

TQC, will you help me be pretty?

I have a hot date soon but I can't figure out what to do with my hair. I'm fashion-challenged in hair. I need something easy and fast but fancy/dressy. I don't want to wear it all the way up. I am wearing a halter dress and flats. What do you think would look good? Pictures or detailed how to's would be super.

ETA- My hair goes down past my bra strap, is very straight (doesn't hold curls very well) and thick.
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You go to pick-up food at a local eatery. The parking lot is full. Do you:
1) Park a few doors down at a different parking lot of a different buisness
2) Park across the busy road at a large parking lot that is abandoned
3) Park directly across the street and park on someone's lawn ??

If someone was parked on your lawn, how would you react? Would you do/say anything to this person? Would you even care (as long as they didn't destroy your lawn)?

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How was your day, guys?

If it was not awesome, did it have any redeeming qualities?
I get to cuddle with a CLEAN, non-smelly puppy tonight, and I also remembered where I hid my secret stash of Thin Mints. :O
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How long would you wait to buy tickets to a concert on Halloween? I don't want them to sell out (but I don't think they will), but I don't have everything planned out yet, like who I'm going with, etc. I'd hate to buy my ticket right now and then get blown off, because I don't think I'd like going by myself.

They went on sale the 10th.

Edit: It is Brand New & Thrice.
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Could you
1. give me a command or critique?
2. then say it again but in a kinder, more "gentle request" sort of way?

1. "Go clean your room!"
2. "Hey Andy, it'd be great if you could tidy up your room a little."

3. What chore(s) do you need to take care of soon?

Picky Brother

I have a very picky almost 21 year old brother. He doesn't want money or vouchers. He also turns up his nose at my random geekery gifts, doesn't want his room cluttered, has a job and works at blockbusters so he can 'get any movie he wants whenever' and will just buy himself his games if he wants.
He's got a lot of friends, they tend to just hang out. He goes to university. He likes games, he just got the PS3 for an early birthday present from his girlfriend. All his friends have had 'games' suggested to them as a gift for him by his girlfriend.
I really don't know what to do. I've sometimes given vouchers for like, biscuit making, but he either wants it at a time when I'm studying/about to go out, or he's forgotten about it.
Please help. :( He's the most difficult person to buy for ever, and when we ask him what he wants he says he doesn't know, but he'll get insulted and all 'well, [longlongwaytogo] always got/gets more than me!!', and he's 21 so I can't just get him not much, it's a 'big birthday'.

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Do you have any habits you didn't develop when you were younger that you struggle with now? What about skills that you wish you had cultivated as a child?

I have a few of my own (in comments), and am taking notes for the upbringing of my kids too.
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I'm currently in the process of making a bunch of playlists/mix cd's for my 12ish-hour road trip back to school next week. Will you tell me some of the different playlists you've made and their contents?

What is the last cd you bought? (no lying. or if it's embarassing you could always skip the question)

Are you wearing socks right now?

(no subject)

What are you doing right now? What's on your mind?

Will you think about three years ago from now and think about what you were doing this time of day/week/month and tell me what you were doing then? What was on your mind then?

ETA: Would you rate things in your life as "better", "worse" or the same as then?

I hope that made sense.

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When should I stand up for my principles and call people out if they do something inappropriate, and when should I just let things slide so as to get on with my life and not alienate too many people?

(no subject)

TQC what's the name of that show that was on ABC family where that girl that was an artist becomes like, part of men in black? I need to know the title, but I can't remember anyone that was in it to google it.

If you DK/DC do you like Aero chocolate bars?

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where do you think MOST credit card debt comes from? people buying things they can't afford? honest people who got laid off and then couldn't pay the minimum each month? something else?

eta: jesus christ, what did my inbox do to deserve this? i can't believe there's over a hundred comments on this.