August 13th, 2009

crash love

I hope you can help.

Edit: Its chances are.
There was a movie I remember seeing about 15 years ago. I was hoping someone on here would be able to tell me what it is. There was a family, Mother, Father and Daughter then the daughters boyfriend who just so happened to be the moms ex boyfriend that died? years before. The boyfriend and the mother started a romance again and I remember there was a shiny red car.
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(no subject)

what's the largest amount of money you've loaned someone?
$4000 to my mother but it was to pay my high school fees lol so idk if that counts.

what's the largest amount of money you've given someone?
probably around $300 if not more.

Sum Questions... Hopefully this is an ok post, am new here.

I have this problem with chin hair, and I've pretty much gotten to a point of OCDing over it. I go to the bathroom at least 3 times a day or more to pluck it out, and I'm more than certain I'm doing it wrong. My chin looks horrible and I guess blemished? I'm a chick that doesn't even know what a blemish is. >.> (I've never been very girly.) I also seem to always be touching my face in these spots when not in the bathroom, occasionally plucking hair out with my nails if it's long enough. It's such a bad habit. I guess one way to fight it would be to wash my hands more. I've never been in the habit of doing that... Well, except when I worked at Wal-Mart because I was trying to follow rules and stuff.

Anyway, is there some way to fix the damage I seem to have done? It's redish and ugly... I could always take a picture of it, but I doubt anyone really wants to see.

Do I need face was or acne meds or something?

Books to Read

Is it a little outrageous that I have 66 books on my bookshelf that I haven't read yet and intend on reading?
Is it even more outrageous that I just ordered another one tonight?
*I should mention that these have accumulated over the years (obviously?) and most of them I got for $2 or less or were free.

How many books (titles welcome) do you have on your "to read" shelf?
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(no subject)

so my boyfriend is on this roadtrip. i've been having a really shitty, lonely and work filled week. he calls sometimes but has been all busy with his travels... and i miss him a lot of course.
i called him now to say goodnight and hes on a beach with his friends and all i hear is lots of laughing girls in the background and i must be PMSing or something because all this stupid shit is making me cry like a baby.

tqc, cheer me up please?
i know it's late..
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(no subject)

TQC, every year before classes start our college does a "movie under the stars" deal on the front lawn where they bring in a huge drive-thru movie screen and show a movie for everyone who's interested in going outside and watching it. This year, we're showing Up! - do you think we're going to have a lawn full of crying people about 15 minutes into the movie? 

What movie would you love to see in this setting?

kurt #2

(no subject)

what serial killer interests you the most?
richard chase. a rl 'vampire' is interesting to me.

do you watch man v. food? do you think you can do any of those challenges?
yes and god no, i am such a pansy when it comes to food, i can barely eat anything most of the time.

if you smoke, what kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
yes, marlboro smooths, switching to marlboro mediums just because they are always on sale.
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(no subject)

1. I went to my little college town's favorite pub's trivia night tonight, and one of the categories was "Character Names".

They would name a character from a television show or movie, and you had to name the actor or actress that portrayed them, and what show or movie they were in/on. We got all of them right except this one, and when we heard the answer it was really obvious:

Without cheating, TQC, can you tell me who played Judy Shepherd  and what television show or movie she was in/on?

ETA: Other questions tonight included:
2. What color can bumblebees not see?
3. How many presidents died while in office (not including Taft's dignity)?
4. What is the process by which a leech takes blood from another animal called?
5. What part of the atmosphere is the ozone layer in?
6. Who sang the one-hit wonder, "I think I'm turning Japanese"?

Can you answer any of these?
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I'm on the verge of a panic attack!

My roommate has gone away for 2 weeks. Her boyfriend was supposed to come over and feed her hamster while she was gone, but she's been away for 5 days now and I just got a phone message from him saying he hadn't been over and was going to be out of town.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? I can't get hold of her, or him, and I don't have a key to her door.

Should I break her door down or is the hamster going to be dead already? If it's dead I really don't want to touch it, I'm a vegetarian.

EDIT! I broke down the door. Muffin is alive but the water had run out and so had the food. I put in fresh food and water. Should I take him to the vet do you think?

(no subject)

In a matter of life or death, would you be able to saw off your own foot? Assume the death would be relatively painless, but it's still, you know, death.

Do you prefer horror films with gore or the psychological thriller? Or the POP OUT AND SCARE YOU kind? Or whatever kind I haven't listed that you will tell me about in the comments?

Do you have to have the doors and windows a certain way when you sleep? For example, I have to have the blinds down and the door/closet shut or else obviously the Boogeyman is watching me.
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For the geeks

1. If you have seen both the director's cut and the theatrical release of the Watchmen, what do you think about the extra near half hour content?

If you don't care about that...

2. If you could instantly make any celebrity disappear forever, who would you pick?

Hypothetical situation

Let's say you have two long-time friends who want to go on a road trip together. Friend 1 absolutely can't stand staying in youth hostels. Friend 2 will always stay in youth hostels because they're cheaper. Friend 1 makes Friend 2 a deal: They will stay in a hotel, and Friend 2 will only pick up as much of the cost of the hotel stay as it would have cost to stay in a hostel.

If you were Friend 2, would you agree to this? Why or why not?
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(no subject)

I want a job where I can wear my hair in whatever funky color I choose, display my funky geek/goth/punk clothes, be creative, be geeky/dorky, and have fun.

What job do you think I should find?

Where are these jobs?

What kinds of things would be criteria for your dream job?

Do you have your dream job?

(no subject)

What would you do if you read an email set by your live in GF in which she informed an ex that she had a dream in which they “ran away together” and found themselves exploring some old, confusing house? 

I know that I should not have seen the email :(



How do you take your caffeine? (coffee, tea, soda, energy drink, pills, etc.)

7-Eleven Hazelnut Coffee with 2 splenda and steamed milk is first choice.  French vanilla and vanilla nut flavors are second.  On a hot day I enjoy the 7-Eleven Hazelnut iced coffee with milk.  Dunkin Donuts is runner up for hot and iced.  Twinings English Breakfast tea is 3rd.  Last resort is a Diet Coke (Diet Pepsi if I'm desperate).

(no subject)

If you've ever intentionally skipped a period while on hormonal birth control, was your next period markedly heavier than usual?

What should I eat for breakfast?
- fried egg + cheese on whole wheat toast
- toasted blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese
- yogurt (cappuccino/vanilla/berry crumble/peach flavors)
- honey nut cheerios with blueberries
- ETA: whole wheat toast with fresh-ground chocolate almond butter

What did YOU eat for breakfast?

(no subject)

Have you ever met someone who had trouble functioning when they're not in a relationship with a significant other? Why do you think this is? How did you go about helping them when their relationship ended (if it ended)?

What is the best video game you played in the past year? (doesn't have to be new)

What is your favorite fast food place? (for the record, mine is Chick Fil A)

(no subject)

Guys, what alleviates liquishits IMMEDIATELY? I don't need anything for actual upset stomach because my stomach is fine, I just need a quick-acting anti-diarrheal, and I can't remember which is which. LMK bbs
Hell - Picasso Devil

Fashion advice!

TQC, I have had these shoes since last year now, and haven't managed to wear them. I lurve them, but I just can't seem to put them with the right clothes. What would you wear these shoes with? Do they look as weird as I think with black tights? Did I just buy the wrong colour, or should I just wear them as if they were any other neutral and my neuroses be damned?

Shoes are very serious business.

ETA: They are grey, btw. This pic looks a bit white.
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(no subject)

I'm so bored and I am at work. :(

What's your favourite Chuck Norris fact?

Also, don't you just hate it when you think of some funny quote and say it aloud and no one catches the reference?

Six degrees of separation. Or, uh, one.

 This might be confusing to word, so bear with me. 

You know how on Facebook, you can see "mutual friends"?  And most of those connections you know of and assume (family, same circle, etc).  Well, have you found out any friends know each other but you didn't know they knew each other?  Or any other weird third party connections?

For instance, my junior high best friend just joined.  It turns out she is friends with my husband's (lifetime and still current) best friend.  I asked how she knew him, but she hasn't answered yet. 

And my pre-school boyfriend is friends with an old friend's sister. 

Also, my former boss, who I used to have a huge crush on but then just became good friends with after he quit  (we've vacationed together several times, and more) is friends with this woman who also seems to be friends with my husband's co-worker's wife, who we're close to.  It is weird because I  see her on both people's comment threads ALL the time, but they don't actually know each other.  That I know of.  

Okay, you probably don't care about mine, but have you found any unexpected links?

smelly dog, smelly dog, what are they feeding you?

Guys, my dog is stinky. Like, REALLY stinky. This means it's bathtime, which I've always dreaded, even though I've never had to do it by myself before. HOWEVER, my other set of hands are on the other side of the country right now, and I am going to have to do it by myself or else I'm going to have to cut my nose off.

Do you have any tips for bathing a really squirmy, skittish doggy au seule? She HATES baths. :( It is going to be done in the shower/bathtub, and the showerhead is not removable, if that changes your answer.
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(no subject)

Kids, in 15 minutes, I am going to look at a place to live. I'm going alone (because everyone is working at 13:00, what kind of time is that anyway?), so any tips for things I should look at carefully, or questions I have to ask?

Edit: NEVER MIND, it's awesome, I just have to get rid of the 14 people that are higher on the list than I am. Will you give me some tips?

(no subject)

Why are car salesmen so... yucky?
I'm waiting for my car get inspected, and seeing all their wheeling and dealing is not fun.

K, yeah, I guess it is their job.

Have you ever bought or leased a car? Where did you get it? What type is it? How much did you pay?

Would you rather?

Poll #1443509 Would you rather...?

...lose a finger, or grow a sixth finger?


...lose 25lbs, or gain 25 IQ points?


...go 48 hours without eating, or consume 20,000 calories in the next 48 hours?

No food
Lots of food
28(18.4%) around completely naked to a 3 minute song in front of 10,000 people, or dance around naked to a 3 minute song in front of your family members?

10,000 people

...get the face of your SO henna'd on your back, actual-size, and let him/her think you're a psycho, or have your SO get your face henna'd on their back, where you'll probably think they need help?

My back
SO's back

...go without any internet for a month, or have to read every single post written in TQC for the past year? That's hundreds of pages of entries probably. You have a month to do it

No internet
Too much internet
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(no subject)

how do i get my cat to quit biting my hands and calves? he rubs up against my legs and then CHOMP. i'll be petting him and CHOMP. he also gets on top of things and bats at/bites my forearms when i'm putting laundry in or doing my hair. we call him edward cullen because he stalks us around the house and is ginger. at least he doesn't puke in my shoes.

outdoor kitties aren't allowed in my area. among other reasons, there are predators. :/
would I be perfect?

(no subject)

My credit card bill is due tomorrow, but I switched jobs and do not have money to pay off the credit card bill until I get paid again, which won't be for a couple of weeks.

What happens if you don't pay the minimum on your credit card bill before the due date? Will it affect your ability to use the credit card later, assuming you pay it all off in good time? (I plan to pay off the bill as soon as I can) How long is it before they take you to court over your credit card bill?
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(no subject)

How often do you buy new clothes?
How often do you sell/give/throw away your clothes?
Do you just leave them in a box somewhere?

Or do you still wear the same clothes you've been wearing for the past ___ years?

(no subject)

Background: Ok, so my sister and I are going to be bride's maids for our aunts wedding, and we're encouraged to find different dresses that are close to the same color. (The color is brick red/orange)
My sister found this dress that is totally perfect for her.

Question: Does anyone know of a good store or online store that has nice, solid color dresses that are around 3/4 length? Price isn't really a problem, but I'm aiming for under $200.

Thanks in advance! :)
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4 worlds

My question is...


Pussy is a 100% natural drink. No nasty chemicals and nothing manufactured. It is made for people looking for a natural alternative.
The name Pussy shocks and demands attention - that's the point. Inhibition is a recipe for mediocrity. This is a premium energy drink named with confidence.

More here, if you're in need of... pussy.

I saw a few at the little shop on campus. Considered buying one and then realised, as a straight female, I do not care to know what generic "pussy" tastes like.

(no subject)

Hellooo TQC.

Today is really testing my sanity. Is there anything that's upsetting you or bothering you today (or just in general)?

How's the day going for you? Is there something you'd rather be doing as opposed to whatever it is you're doing right now?
Oh Snap!

I can't find my head!

So it comes to pass that you have been struck with amnesia or, for whatever reason, you just can't remember who the Hell you are. Fortunately, again for whatever reason, you had the presence of mind to write a letter to yourself letting you know who you are and anything important you feel you oughtta know.

What would you say in this letter?
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(no subject)

Poll #1443561 Playing God

You're at a fancy mall, attending some kind of social gathering in this penthouse restaurant. You can overlook the whole mall from where you are. It's crowded; maybe 100 people around you. You glance towards the balcony and you see a bomb! The seconds are counting down, showing exactly 7 seconds til detonation. You look up. There's a high ceiling that covers the mall, so you can't throw it in the air. There's many people in the restaurant. You look over the balcony. Down 5 floors is another restaurant, and there's 3 tables in front of it, each one placed a good distance apart. If you drop the bomb below towards any of the tables, you'll kill everyone at that table but spare everybody else in the mall. For some reason not explained here, you can't throw the bomb between tables. There's 3 seconds left now. Below are the inhabitants of each table. What will you do with the bomb?

8 teenage Hot Topic goths, reading aloud from a dogeared copy of Twilight
Newly married couple. She's still wearing the gown. They're happy and in love and looks like they just escaped the reception
Kevin Federline and an entourage of 13 sycophants
I throw the bomb into the crowded restaurant in the penthouse
I CAN'T DECIDE! I let the bomb blow up in my hands

Same question as above. Who do you blow up?

12 far-right Birthers, getting ready to protest, pulling out signs and banners
8 retirement home residents, out for lunch. Average age seems around 70
Johnny Depp, by himself, reading a book
I throw the bomb into the crowded restaurant in the penthouse
I CAN'T DECIDE! I let the bomb blow up in my hands

Same question as above. Who do you blow up?

5 teenage boys. Hoodlums. They're watching one of them spray paint something on the table while laughing
4 Scientologist recruiters, organizing their pamphlets and Dianetics books, getting ready to start their day
15 students from a 'special' school for mentally disabled students. One teacher. Most have down syndrome
I throw the bomb into the crowded restaurant in the penthouse
I CAN'T DECIDE! I let the bomb blow up in my hands

(no subject)

What's that website where you can make countdowns but the countdown itself looks like a long rectangle with a date at the end and there's a little mascot that slides along it until you reach that date?
Driving pug

(no subject)

Should I go to my cousins jewelry party tonight?

Things to consider: I don't have any money to buy anything because I'm going on vacation tomorrow. There will be free wine and food. It might be boring. My mom, aunts and grandma are going. I still have to pack for vacation. I'm kind of tired. Their AC is broken so it will be hot.

What are you doing tonight?
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(no subject)

If you eat peanut butter and crackers, what kind of crackers do you like? I like to use Triscuits or ritz, but with the salty side down.

ETA- ewww..what's with the saltines? those are 'sick to your stomach' crackers.
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(no subject)

When was the last time you had mixed feelings about your day?

I got a $40 bath robe for like $12 at Kohl's, so I was happy about that, but I got a color-changing alarm clock at Target only to get home and find that the color-changing button [which is also the snooze button] doesn't work. :(

ETA: What do you think would be the best way of going about getting my cat's pawprint?


So, I'm sick. I want to not do uni work tonight and just rest, and perhaps invite my boyfriend over just to hang out. Mum said wouldn't that just spread my germs? I was hanging out with him last night already, and I was sick then. If he's going to be infected, is he already infected? Or is he somehow not infected... and hanging out with me again might increase his chances? No exchange of fluids happened, (nor will it tonight) ... though I did eat some of his cheesecake off his fork, but he knew I was sick.

If he would be infected- should I invite him over anyway or would that be cruel? If I shouldn't invite him, what should I do instead?

(no subject)

After reading every GMH on the site, I texted and emailed all my friends and relatives, telling them how much they mattered to me and that I loved every single one of them. Within an hour, everyone had replied back telling me that they loved me too. Even ones I haven't talked to in years. GMH

If you received a random text from someone (say a friend/co-worker) saying "I love you", how would you respond?
What if it was someone you hadn't spoken to in years?

(no subject)

I'm making dinner tonight, and I have a 1/2 lb ground beef as my medium. Any suggestions?

ETA: We have decided on Sloppy Joes. What side dish (other than baked beans) goes well with Sloppy Joes?

ETA2: We had sloppy joes and mac and cheese. Tasty! :D

(no subject)

Does anyone here personally know anything about the Florida Institute of Technology? I'm considering going there for my Bachelors and am curious about the campus, people, classes, etc. Anyone go there?

Hay ewe guise

How many TQC people have you texted/phoned?

1-2 but I knew them before I came to TQC
More than 20

How many TQC people have you met?

1-2 but I knew them before I came to TQC
More than 20

How many TQC people have you slept with?

1-2 but I knew them before I came to TQC
More than 5

(no subject)

Poll #1443571 slightly random personal facts

Will you please check all that are true?

I have a very healthy cardiovascular system.
I am in good physical shape.
I am a mouthbreather.
I am insecure about my body.
I lost my virginity to someone I was in a relationship with at the time.
I have trouble reaching orgasm during sex (oral or not).
I am ticking all the boxes just to be an asshole.
I take birth control.
I smoke a lot.
I am currently dating someone.

ETA: I forgot "none of the above." :-(  will you comment and if your answer is none of the above?
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(no subject)

How long (after buying them) have you used lotions/body sprays/anti-bacterial lotions etc from Bath & Body Works and other stores?
I'm cleaning out my closet and I have body sprays and lotions from a couple years back. I'm thinking the sprays are fine, but the lotions I'm iffy about. They don't all look right..I think that's a pretty good sign to toss them.

What's something without an expiration date that you never know is still "good" or not? Or something you use way longer than you should?

(no subject)

On the back of my mother's Reader's Digest, there is one of those Dove advertisements that just brags about how they are singlehandedly giving women their confidence back. It's a black girl, like eleven years old, and underneath the Dove logo, it says, "Now I know my teeth are beautiful."

Is this as confusing to you as it was to me?
It made me go, "Uh, since when does Dove make toothpaste?"

Tv shows

Which TV series should I get hooked on next? I've already seen The Tudors, Six Feet Under, and Dexter.

Is Nip/Tuck any good after season 4? How about season 5 of the L Word?

Is Mad Men worth the time?

All opinions wanted! Thanks!

(no subject)

What are some good art blogs? Mostly stuff for inspiration. I'm an art student and sometimes I get waaaay too burned out, so I need some inspiration!

Will you show me some art you've made?

(no subject)

I went out the past three nights, but tonight I don't have any plans. What should I do? I'm really bored. No alcohol/drugs for me, and I live 20 minutes from the city + my car is broken + I'm broke.

Also, what should I wear to a going away party for someone of the Mormon religion? Aren't they fairly conservative with the way they dress? I don't want to show too much skin or just wear something inappropriate.
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(no subject)

hey tqc-ers,

Recently I flew home from a short trip on Air Canada. When I arrived at the airport it was extremely disorganized, my first flight was canceled, the replacement flight was delayed, and then the flight I connected on was delayed as well. To top it all off, my suitcase was misplaced so I wasn't able to get it when I reached home and it had to be sent to me.

Would it be worth it to call and complain? Will they give me some sort of discount or will they just be like "cooooool..." ? I have no experience in complaining professionally haha.

(no subject)

In relation to this post, he thinks he has herpes. Even though he's been tested twice in the past 6 months and came up clean each time and has been monogamous. From the way he's describing it, it sounds like he has an ingrown hair on his WAIST.

Is there an appropriate way to react to the hilarity of this whole situation? He's acting like he's dying of maybe-herpes.

If you don't care about poor self-diagnoses, if you found out your partner actually HAD the herp, what would you do?
don, ufc, mma, frye

How to fix "keyboard error, press F1" etc. error?

The other day, my Dell Inspiron 530 was involved in some...impact trauma shall we say, and ever since has not booted. I reasoned that somehow the power supply had been shorted out due to the blinking amber light on the motherboard. So I bought a new power supply and dropped it in. Now I can boot, but I get the 'keyboard failure' screen before anything. The computer (rather thoughtlessly) has no PS/2 port so I can't use my PS/2 keyboard. The keyboard works at no point during the brief boot, and I can't get to a boot screen, a BIOS setup, or anything.

It's very frustrating. I suspect the problem may be rooted in the USB controller because of this but I'm not sure. Are there any other tests I can run here? Any solutions? I know it's not a faulty keyboard because it works perfectly when connected to other computers. I again want to emphasize that the keyboard itself is fully functional and at NO POINT can I give the computer a command with it. A lot of the answers I see online say "enter the BIOS" or to do other things that revolve around actually using the keyboard...I can't do those.
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(no subject)

I have a 12 year old brother that really likes Harry Potter. I'd like to get him reading something different, for once, and have some ideas but figure I would ask here. He's also gotten really into the Chronicles of Narnia series and tried/started reading the Halo novels, as well as the Hobbit. Which books would you get for a boy with a fairly mature reading level based on his preferences?

If you don't care, is it easy for you to come up with creative ideas?
How many texts do you send in a day, usually?

Have you ever had a car that was cursed?

tl;dr: My first new car, with less than 10,000 miles, has been in two wrecks and endured numerous mishaps, most of which were not my fault. Is my car cursed, or does Seattle just suck at driving?


Back in November of last year, I bought the first new car I've ever purchased: a black, 2009 Scion tC.

Within a few hundred miles, I managed to back over a parking space curb. When I pulled forward, it tore the rear bumper off. Luckily, the car is mostly plastic, and the bumper snaps on save for 4 screws (only two of which broke). So even though some of the mounting points for the bumper broke, I was able to snap it back on and it basically looked like new.

A few hundred more miles, I backed into a post, tearing up the right side of the bumper I'd just got done tearing off. I've backed up much longer vehicles without a problem, and never hit anything before. But the Scion got me twice.

Then, just as I was approaching 5,000 whole miles, some woman turned left across the left hand lane, hitting the occupant of that lane, yours truly. Luckily, she was clearly at fault, and her insurance fixed up the right side of my car real nice. While the car was at the body shop, somebody hit a golf ball into the rear window, shattering it. Luckily, the body shop sucked up that one. Then when I get the car back, I discovered that the damn tow truck that moved it from the lot to the body shop scratched and dented the crap up out of the left side, and managed to somehow put a big dent in the hood. Neat. I was never able to wrangle any money out of them to fix it, so I buffed out what I could and lived with the rest.

On my way back to Seattle on a company trip to Olympia, a rock fell off the top of a super-tall semi, and even though I was some 20 car lengths back, still managed to throw it high enough that it hit my car and shattered my sunroof. At 60mph.

A couple days later, somebody decided to hit the other side of the rear bumper in my apartments parking lot. Oh well, at least the damage is symmetrical now.

So I got the sunroof fixed two days ago, partially on my company's dime since it was a company trip. Pimpin' again, right? So I'm driving out to look for a part today. The lady in front of me stops at a crosswalk where somebody is waiting. I stop behind her. The guy behind me isn't paying attention and comes to a rather rapid and percussive stop... into the back my car. He hits me hard enough that the seat back fails to keep me upright, and next thing I know I'm trying to keep my feet on the breaks and the clutch while lying flat in the vehicle. Needless to say, I also smashed into the car in front of me. Bonus points: He's a 90s GMC, all American steal. She's driving the Nissan rough equivalent. As anyone who owns a Scion knows, my car is plastic body parts attached to a frame. The bumper isn't a bumper, but is a plastic trim piece setting over a chunk of foam. My car got crushed between the two honkin' metal beasts like an aluminum can being smashed by a hammer.

Less than 10,000 miles, and my car has 2 wrecks, and more dings and scratches than the used car I picked up with 40k and added 100k to. The only two wrecks I've been in involving other vehicles.

So, TCQ, is my car cursed, or is it just the Seattle driving? (I moved from Portland to Seattle around the time I bought my new car.) Has anyone else had a cursed/unlucky car?

Pics for those interested:

Allergic to pants?

I have red itchy spots all over my stomach and I'm fairly certain it's an allergic reaction to these cargo pants I own. They're 100% polyamide according to the tag. I've never had a reaction like this to clothing or buttons or anything before. Is it of the devil?

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro...

TQC, what color is your Betta fish?
mine has a pale orange body, bright red fins, and a nice neon blue at the root of his fins

Where do you want to go college? Where are you currently attending college? Where have you gone to college?
I want to go to the Naval Academy or the University of Washington

Have you served in the US military? or foriegn military? If not, which branch would you choose?
Navy - because my whole life has always been surrounded by sea, by retired Navy parents, and Navy stories

How are you currently positioned?
I am being supported by a body pillow, and throw pillow, and a regular pillow on my bed, my legs are resting on my computer chair and my laptop is in my lap.
B&W Face

(no subject)

If a pair of jeans have flared bottoms, can you have them altered to be slimmer or will that screw up the way the pant legs look to a horrendous degree?  

I bought a pair of pants that fit great, look good on, don't sag in weird places and are in a rinse I really like ... but they have bell bottoms.  I can't handle flared pants at the ankle and want to keep these but only if I can fix that.  Finding good jeans I really like is such a pain in the ass, literally.  

Edit:  Just to clarify,  I can't sew and have had one dress ever altered so I'm pretty much clueless on seams and shit of that nature.  :(  (Obviously.)

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I have a 15-gig per month limit on my internet likely would you say it is to go over this with 2 computers in the apartment? We use the internet daily....any idea?


hey TQC, I need halp.

my good friend's invited me to a party that one of his friends is having this Saturday night. it's a costume party, and the theme is "WTF?!" I have NO IDEA what to throw together. he is convinced that because I am ~*~creative~*~ I will be wearing something clever or hilarious. what should I wear?

what would you wear?
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i've never gone to a club before, and next thursday, i've been invited to go with a group of friends to this place. i am the short, glasses-wearing fatass of the group, and i have no idea what to wear.

so, just what in the hell does one wear to a club?

ETA: pictures plz?