August 12th, 2009

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lets go to the movies

what was the last movie you saw? what did you think of it?

the ugly truth... i thought it was cute. i'm kind of a sucker for those romantic comedies

do you sneak in snacks to the theater? what are your favorites?

sometimes.. tonight i brought gummy bears and vitamin water! nomnom

what is your dream room decorated like? feel free to post pictures!!!

(no subject)

I bought a pair of short boots like two weeks ago and put them with all my other stuff to pack for college. Now, they're missing, and I can't find them ANYWHERE. I know for sure I put them in a specific place and did not move them. None of my family has seen them, and the housekeepers said that they haven't seen them either.

TQC, if you were my shoes, where the hell would you be? You're not in my closet because I already looked twice.
space, fire

(no subject)

How do you know yourself?  Do you ever wish there was just some machine that could answer questions about you for you?
I know it's super out of fashion to think that things happen or exist for a reason, but do you ever wonder why the universe is the universe and not something else?
Bug-eyed Earl

(no subject)

My fiancee has a (small claims I guess) court date tomorrow because she has an old unpaid credit card bill. She isn't working and has no money or bank account. What can we expect?

(no subject)

I have this strange problem that I think TQC can help me fix.  I have to get new clothes for this coming school year because I've mostly outgrown all the stuff from last year.  I have the money to do so, but I'm really hesitant on spending it.  I don't know why, it's just like I'm going to have...seperation anxiety.

How can I train myself to enjoy shopping and buying copious amounts of clothing without feeling guilty about spending my money?

i ain't into that!

(no subject)

Did you ever sneak out of your house as a teenager? Where did you go? Did you get caught and what was your punishment?

I never did.

What was the latest you stayed out as a teenager?

Once I came home at 7 AM after being out and awake all night, although at the beginning of the evening we had every intention of crashing at someone's house. The latest I was out with no intention of sleeping was 4:30, I think. My mom heard me come in and said she wouldn't tell my dad if it didn't happen again. (He would have lost it.) This was the summer after senior year, when my mother stopped giving a shit. (My dad was always clueless.)

If you were a square, what's your favorite high school movie?

(no subject)

Does anyone know the name of this book and this website?

Book was about two kids who go to visit their relatives find this cool dried up lake and all these houses and stuff

Website had the name asylum in it. It had all these cool like stories about morbid stuff.
starman TARDIS

(no subject)

"The universe is a mystery, to which we are the key."

Does anyone know where this quote is from? I'm thinking maybe Jostein Gaarder's or even Terry Pratchett's book, but I can't find it with Google, and I'd like to have the source for a short story I'm writing. (I may have misremembered or mistranslated it.)
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

TQC, my glasses just broke. The frame just snapped right in two. :(

What's the best glue to use to stick them back together and make sure they STAY stuck together for a couple weeks? Is modeling glue pretty heavy duty? I need to make an appointment with my optometrist, so it'll probably be a week before I see him, then another week or so until they send me a new set of glasses.
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(no subject)

I'm going to visit my aunt and uncle on Thursday, and I would like to bake something to give them. They are both very fancy, high-fallutin', and rolling in the bling and I want to impress them with something awesome. I don't think something typical like blueberry muffins or banana bread are going to cut it. :/ I have an AMAZING farmer's market nearby, and they have just about every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable, and I have decent skyllz in the kitchen, so the sky is really the limit here.

So, TQC, what do you suggest I bake for them?

Difficulty: They are vegetarian.
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

Am I the only person who hasn't seen Mulan?

Who else is excited about seeing Taking Woodstock?

I'm up about three hours earlier than I usually am. What should I do to occupy my time?

Will you tell me what you are doing and wearing right this second?
I am a dumb brunette


Do you and your significant other celebrate anniversaries? Do you take it from when you started dating or your first kiss or some other event? What if you're married? Do you celebrate your wedding anniversary and/or when you first got together as a couple? How do you celebrate your anniversaries?

I ask because it's my boyfriend and I's anniversary this weekend. We take it from when we 'officially' started going out. Unfortunately this was at a party at his flat and we're not entirely sure if it was the evening or the next morning we decided to officially date. We are not married and do not intend doing so in the near future. Have been dating for 4 years this weekend and living together for a year and a half. We usually celebrate anniversaries by going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. We are both rather skint so we haven't been anywhere more glam than that!.

(no subject)

1)what do you think 'the mercy of the fallen' means?

2)What does "I ain't gonna study war no more" mean?

3)How am I going to decide who gets the tickets to graduation? I only have 8...

(no subject)

Okay, TQC, today is food shopping day. And I need you to tell me what else I need to buy.
I'm already got on my list: apple juice, silk, baby carrots, ranch dressing, dinners, and pistachios. And I'm going to ask my brother if there's anything he needs.

What else do I need?
kiss & make up


I was wondering if anyone here had any idea on what's the best deal for a laptop that could run World Of Warcraft decently? To be more specific whats the cheapest price I could get on a laptop that could run a large retarded game such as World of Warcraft without being horribly choppy or slow?

- I have no idea what memory and the GB's have to really do with things, honestly.... I just bought what I could afford last time, and that computer has now stopped working, and I thought, maybe, just maybe this time I could ask advice before buying.

Thankyou for any feedback, snarky or not ^_^
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(no subject)

Do you see technology as more of a hindrance or a help?

Do you think that viewpoint will change as you get older?

Do you have any stories about older people and technology that you'd like to share?

(no subject)

One of my universities freshers parties is 'K Night', which I have since found out means dress up as something beginning with 'K'.
Aside from going as myself (my surname starts with K) what could I go as?
What would you go as?

(no subject)

Do you discuss what you learn on TQC irl?

How do you refer to TQC?

I usually say something along the lines of "The internet told me ____" or "I asked the internet about ____ and they said _____"

None of the people I live with or see on a daily basis are in TQC, or even LJ for that they wouldn't really understand if I spouted off about TQC this n that. My college roommate is in TQC though!!!
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(no subject)

I start law school in less than two weeks and my excess financial aid will be refunded to me Friday. Other than a laptop, what should I buy with it? I'm open to treating myself and being a bit spendy since my life is about to end as I know it.

(no subject)

what color should the frosting on my birthday cake be? the cake part is vanilla, but i always have a colorful frosting and its hard to decide.
(and you don't need to wish me happy birthday because its not actually for another two weeks, i'm just celebrating early)

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What reaction makes you type LOL IRL?

A smile
A chuckle
A full out laugh
If I find it REALLY funny but still don't laugh

I am nauseated and have sensitive, swollen boobs. What is going on?

Did you eat stuff out of the trash again?
Rock is dead

(no subject)

The game is thus.

1. You name a reasonably well known band, so this excludes your half brother's ex next door neighbour's band - even if they do have a myspace account!

2. People read through the bands listed in the comments and reply to your comment if they really dislike or hate said band.

3. As soon as that band receive a negative comment they are eliminated. Only 1 hate comment is required, so no need to add to the hate unless you want to.

4. The winner or winners will be any band that doesn't receive a hate comment...and I am keeping the prizes for myself :P.

Will you play?
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I live in Toronto, Ontario and this summer has been... well... odd. Tons of rain, lots of cold days, wind and only the past few days has it actually gotten hot. I'm not complaining about it, but it is has just been so different in comparison to all the other summers I remember. How has summer been like where you live? And I don't mean whether it's been hot or cold, but more so if it has been like past summers or if it has been a whacky crazy one like mine?

Please note, I don't want to talk about global warming. Ice caps blah blah blah polar bears blah blah blah pollution blah blah blah. Yah, we know. I just want to talk weather.
please be kidding/Lorelie

(no subject)

What do you do when you need to blow off some steam or get away from embarrassing events/situations that are just too much to handle?

Before you leave, do you usually say anything?

Do you use a phrase like: "I'm going for a walk,.." or "I'm going out for a drive."?
Tell me if you've got something different.

(no subject)

How do I become more alert and less tired/drowsy? I almost entered the wrong lane after an intersection while practicing to drive today...

(No caffeine since that gives me bad heartburn.)

My drive test is next week. I've been practicing w/ my parents who freak out whenever they think I'm going to hit something and call me a failure... I'm pressured to pass the first time since I'm going off to college next month. Any pointers for calming my nerves?

(no subject)

I'm supposed to pay $59 a month for my Verizon phone, but I actually pay $73.

How much do you pay a month and what kind of plan do you have? With what company?

Are there any phone companies that charge what they say they will and still have decent coverage and all that?

(no subject)

what's a movie that never fails to make you cry?

i'm watching Homeward Bound and i know i'm gonna bawl at least twice. i also can't get through Free Willy or Goal! The Dream Begins without crying.
Izzy and Alex

What should I wear to this wedding?

On saturday my boyfriend and I are going to the wedding of his friend/coworker.  Unfortunately, I don't know the couple and I have no idea what to expect.  I tried asking my bf whether they were going traditional or non-traditional, and what he thought I should do and he said "I dunno, wear something wedding-y" they sent out their invitations on the internet and he rsvp'd without me, so I have no idea what their invitations even look like. 

Any advice on what I should wear?  I'd be fine with either a skirt and nice shirt, or a dress, but I'm probably going to have to go buy something specifically for the wedding, because everything I own is either white or black, and not very wedding appropriate.

I've never been to a wedding that I wasn't actually IN, any other advice I might need?

Also, my bf and I have only been dating 4 months, and we haven't said I love you yet, I should probably avoid trying to catch the bouquet y/y?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

I won a free trip to anywhere in the US. Where should I go?

We want to go in March and we don't like the cold.
My husband doesn't want to go anywhere we've already been, so Las Vegas, NYC, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio are out.
We have to stay in a Best Western so it has to have that there.
We like to do pretty much anything.

Plan my life, TQC!

OK, so I just found out that Pearl Jam is playing in Vancouver on my birthday.  I can get presale tickets tomorrow morning, but still have to check with my BFF or my brother (both of whom live in the city the PJ show is in, I'm 3+ hours away).

But the problem is, I don't even know if I LIKE Pearl Jam anymore.  I liked the old stuff, then didn't like an album (the 3rd one?  I can't remember... 3rd or 4th, anyhow), so I sort of forgot about them.   I've been listening to Ten a lot lately, because my son recently "discovered" it, and listens to it non-stop.

So, music-loving members of TQC- would an old-school fan of Pearl Jam enjoy their newer music?  What would you compare it to?  Would you go to see them for YOUR birthday? Have you gone to a Pearl Jam show and hated/loved/were indifferent about it? 

And if you don't care, what is (in your opinion) the grossest weed?  I say liverwort.  It's disgusting and I hate it.
What is Christopher Meloni's best role?  I can't pick one. He's good in nearly everything he does, but I'm partial to his parts in Oz and Scrubs.
PotC Compass

My boyfriend is curious...

Mutual breakups don't count, round to the nearest 10%!

What % of heterosexual relationships have you been in where the male partner did the breaking up?

Mean: 33.86 Median: 20 Std. Dev 36.56

(no subject)

Dog owners, what do you feed your dog?  My friend adopted a 5 year old puggle a couple months back and has been feeding him science diet, but everyone is telling her to switch because science diet is crap. She's looking for a healthy dry food, but nothing she has to go to a special store for (I suppose this means she'll go to petco, but not a health food store or something).  My dogs eat canidae but she doesn't want that because not many stores carry that around here. So, what is a good healthier brand of dog food at petco, in your opinion?  Please share any experiences about certain foods.

(no subject)

What word or phrase really annoys you?

I hate when someone says that "things are copacetic" or tells me to "keep it copacetic."

I'm sure there are a lot more but that's the first that came to my mind.
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whatta world

12:00 PM 8/9/09 · One of Michael Jackson's odd little quirks was that for the longest time he was trying to get his hands on the Elephant Man's skeleton. He was obsessed with owning it for the longest time. Truthfully, I don't remember if he ever did manage to purchase it or not...

...but it makes me think it would be deliciously ironic if someone were to buy MJ's body.

There was a blurb on the news the other day that they're thinking it may be necessary to do a third autopsy in order to determine if he truly was murdered. That means, despite what you might think, the man hasn't actually been buried as yet. Last I heard the final resting place for that gaudy gold·plated coffin had yet to be picked.

It's currently resting in a mausoleum somewhere.

How long do you figure before the bidding war begins?
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(no subject)

Am I bitch for just correcting someone on how to spell her own employer's company name?

How come no one is expressing interest in the FREE furniture I put on both Facebook and Craigslist?
Old school

What lies below

What can be found under your bed?

Dirty dishes
Dust bunnies
Dead body
Old exercise equipment
Body that's not dead yet
Storage boxes
The monster who'll eat my toes if I let them dangle over the side of the bed
Porn stash
Drug stash
Alcohol stash
Paraphanalia having to do with sexytime, for couples or 'alone time'
Gun/knife/bat/some other weapon
What bed? I sleep on a futon or on the floor
office, pam, jim
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(no subject)

I just saw a commercial for some show on We TV about a woman who goes dumpster diving and gets food that has been thrown out to cook her meals.

Do you find this disgusting? Would you want to eat something she makes? What if you didn't know before hand it was dumpster food?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

For those of you familiar with the American garbage system...

There's generally 3 types of trash receptacles. Black for general garbage. Green for natural, compost-type of garbage, like leaves, branches, etc. Blue for recyclable garbage. Maybe the cans are of different color where you live. That's not important to this question, and it's not important to me. Regardless of color, the basic purpose of each can probably remains the same, so the choices are 'regular' 'compost' and 'recyclable'. That being said...

Poll #1443175 Colors

You have to throw up. Which can will you barf in?


You find a dead rat on your property. Where do you dump it?


Your blow-up doll has a big rip (you'll have to be more careful with that strap-on, Ace). Which can do you discreetly throw it away?


Your People Magazine collection was sitting on the table when you spilled an entire can of paint over it. They're ruined! The paint's dried and the stack has hardened. Where does it end up?


That Dr. Phil marionette you painstakingly carved entirely out of wood and painted (enamel, lacquer) lovingly like it was a child no longer interests you and knowing that no living person in their sane mind would want it, you decide to throw it away. What container will contain Dr. Phil?


(no subject)

Alright, I'm about to ask the dumbest question I've ever asked TQC.

I'm a vegetarian. My friend [who is also a vegetarian] told me there's not actually any meat in beef Ramen/Cup Noodles/etc so she still eats them. Out of curiosity [and because I happen to kind of like them], I checked the ingredients of a chicken Cup Noodle while I was grocery shopping today. I saw "chicken powder" and "chicken fat". I'm assuming that means there's meat in them, right? I didn't check the beef kind, only the chicken because that's the one I was eating.

ETA: What the fuck is chicken powder, exactly? I Googled it, but I don't know how much faith I can put in Yahoo answers. xD
cabaret voltaire

(no subject)

Have you ever done oil pulling before?

What were you trying to treat with it?

Did it work?

I'm asking because I've read it's a good treatment for KP, which I have a really bad case of. And since I'm bringing it up again...

For those of you who have it, how does it affect your self esteem?
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

Is there going to be another season of House (season 7?)? Is this season (season 6?) still on the air?
I've gotten really into old episodes they play on USA and the like and I totally hate TV it worth investing in the DVDs?

What TV shows have you totally gotten sucked into?

(no subject)

My ex boyfriend is buying me things and texting me a lot, even though we just broke up two days ago and he said he didn't know when he'd want to talk again.

Why is this? Why are boys so confusing? :(

(no subject)

What's the best way to break in these by Sept 4? I have to wear them the 4th-7th and I'm wearing them today but after a little over an hour, I'm ready to give in. LOL, and most of that was sitting down driving! I've got some stuff that's supposed to help stretch them but is there anything else I can do? Thanks guys!
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(no subject)

My friend has never seen Disney's Beauty & the Beast so we're going to watch it and make it into a drinking game. Will you please with a spoonful of sugar suggest things/situations/lines from the movie for us to include in this game?

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(no subject)

why does my blackberry curve tell me i have 229 unread messages when all of my folders, including saved messages, are empty? :|

it was missed calls, i feel dumb now.

dk/dc, what are your plans tonight?
Shadist (Wasp)
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A question of Music. . . and perhaps poems/quotes.

Due to a recent tragic event in my life I find myself casting about looking for solace.

So, my question is this, do any of you have songs which you have found helpful while grieving for a loss?

Or perhaps poems or quotes from books?

I know this fits in the theme of this community loosely at best but I thought it the best place to ask this. I thank you for any answers you may have.
Hell - Picasso Devil

(no subject)

The husband just came home from grocery shopping, and wants me to cook a delicious dinner, but he didn't get shite all that I put on the list. Should I kick him in the nuts? What are my other options?
Billie Joe Rock

Questions from a first time concert goer.

My boyfriend and I are taking our daughter to see Green Day for her birthday on Saturday. I have no idea what sorts of clothes are worn to rock concerts. Can anyone give the fashion challenged some advice?

Also, on average, how long does each band play? I'm guessing about 45 minutes to an hour for the opening act and about 2 hours for the main act, but I have no idea if that's right.

Thank you so much!
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(no subject)

I am making one of Alton Brown's cookie recipes, but I want to half it because neither of my parents can eat chocolate chip cookies and I don't have enough butter. The problem is that it calls for ONE egg.

How do you half a recipe that calls for only one egg? Can I beat the egg a little bit and then pour in only half or do I have to go out and get one of those egg in a milk carton products? Because if I have to do the latter, then screw making cookies.

(no subject)

Can I mail a letter that is inside of a glass bottle? The glass bottle would have stamps somehow affixed to it, but would otherwise be unpackaged.

I've looked up USPS rules & regulations, but they don't seem to document this specific instance (SURPRISE!) so I'm wondering if anyone knows. I've heard you can mail just about anything with stamps on it & without packaging it, but then again, I heard that in the '90's.

(no subject)

What kind of scrubby/exfoliating thing (or product) do you use on your skin if any?

What corn chip do you like?

What features do you look for in a wallet?

What was the last ring or other jewelry you bought/were given/stole/found acquired?

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twilight run

(no subject)

So, that question on the Lion King got me thinking...

TQC, what is your favourite song from a Disney cartoon that you constantly belt out to?

My sister constantly does the Swahili bits of "Circle of Life", and I usually sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You". I usually sing it to my friends when they need encouragement. lol.

EDIT: I actually belt out a lot but was too embarrassed to list em till the comments started to pour in. I also sometimes do the "AHHHHHHH AHHH" part from Little Mermaid which annoys my parents.

"Colours of the Wind" is also a hot favourite. Disney don't make em songs like they used to! Other songs I LOVE are, "Part of Your World", "A Whole New World" and "Hakuna Matata".

piercing question

So I got my navel piercing a week ago. Its slightly red around the top. I've been using antibacterial soap when I shower too (not directly on the area). I also do a sea salt soak once a day.

Its got a little bit of discharge inside-- can I move it around to clean it? Is it getting infected? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Squeaktastic

(no subject)

I am in the market for a lap top or lap top device.

Netbooks? Thoughts?

Macs (this is what I ultimately want but the price tag scares the crap out of me. Do the mac users here have any input?)

If you don't care

What color are your socks?
Dean + whores = NO!

(no subject)

Poll #1443214 How is it spelled?

How do you spell this word?

Some other way (comment plz)

What about this one?

Some other way (comment plz)

And this one?

Some other way (comment plz)

Where are you from?

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(no subject)

Are Sketchers hideous?


Will you recommend some comfortable shoes for those fun, awesome jobs that make you stand on your feet for hours? I know this question is annoying but I will love you forever. And clean your bathroom.
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

I went shopping today, and I need to sneak the packages into the house. My dad's in the shack and my mom's in the living room, and I would have to walk through the living room to get to my room to sneak it in, and my room is right next to the shack. How should I go about doing this?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

I'm going to an interview tomorrow for a photo internship for a parenting magazine. It's been muggy as hell and is also supposed to rain tomorrow. Black tights (not leggings) and black rainboots sound okay? (Obviously I'll be wearing something over the tights.) Or is it too casual? Should I dress conservatively?
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expired driver's license

My driver's license expires tomorrow, August 13th. Does it officially expire tonight at midnight (when August 13th begins), or tomorrow at midnight (when August 13th ends, and August 14th begins) ?
I'm in California, if that matters.
Thank you!
helm and eaves

(no subject)


I have to give a demonstration speech tomorrow, and I have not picked a topic (much less begun to actually write) yet.

What could I give a demonstration on that I could talk through for a solid four minutes? It has to be class-friendly and not involve big knives, fire, or live or dead animals.


(no subject)

I took half an oxycontin for the first time today to help with some really bad pain I've been in. For the first hour, I felt nothing. Then suddenly, I felt extremely drunk and pukey. I threw up twice, and I think I'm getting ready for round 3.

When was the last time you had to take a drug like vicodin or oxycontin? Why'd you take it? How did it make you feel? Did you have bad side effects like this?

I think they're going to stick a needle in my breast tomorrow and drain this massive cyst I have. I have a morbid fear of needles and hospitals. What can I do/take to make it easier?
i ain't into that!

(no subject)

If you sing karaoke or just like to dance around your house and lipsync when you're home alone, who is your go-to band/artist?

I always go for Fleetwood Mac. My singing voice is low so Stevie suits me well. I have also been known to rock "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.

As for my solo dance parties (à la Risky Business), I rock out to the Rolling Stones. Being Mick Jagger is fun.

(no subject)

 Have any of you immigrated to a different country? From where did you move to where?
Have any of you immigrated from Canada to the United States?
What is the process involved in immigration?
What was the cost of immigration, if anything?
Was the process particularly difficult?
How did you celebrate your new citizenship?
Did you retain dual citizenship or did you drop your old citizenship?

(no subject)

The other night my house was egged. I can only think of one person that could have done it, but I'm not 100% sure.

What would you do if your house got egged?

What should i do?

My friends and i have thought of a few options...

a) Egg her house back
b) Post her number and an add on craigslist in the Erotic Services section
c) Cover her car in canned foods (soup, alphagettis, baked beans) and condiments
d) A and C
f) A B and C
d) None of the above

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite fruit?

2. Do you have an iPod? [Do you like it? (Has it broken on you 358351 times like the iPods I've had?) If you don't have an iPod, what other kind of mp3 player do you use?]
CSI - missing boat quote

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

My exboyfriend is dating a girl he said he'd never date and i'm just being unnecessarily stupidly upset about it. My best friend is also moving halfway across the country in 5 days, so I'm upset about that too.

In short, I'm grumpy and upset about stupid things and need cheering up.

Will you tell me the most ridiculous story (real or not?) that you know?
What about some of those funny newspaper articles?

Did you catch Betty White on Craig Ferguson last night?