August 11th, 2009

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Do those adapters/transmitters that allow you to play your iPod through the FM radio in your car actually work well, or does it just sound like a lot of static? Do you know of any brands that work well?

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background: i got my ears pierced at 16g on april 14 of this year, so just about four months ago.

do ear lobes ever stop leaving that funny smell on earrings? like i said, mine are four months old and they're still doing it. i want to stretch them soon and other than the smell, they seem fine.

eta: i know tons about stretching after lurking in stretched for quite a while, so i alread know most of the basic information on how to stretch properly, what happens when you stretch too quickly, etc.

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ive been noticing a HUGE problem in my hearing.
Lately , i havent been able to hear as well as i used to. like im always saying "WHAT. HUH? I CANT HEAR YOU" and i've been having alot of ear pain for the past year. on occasion, when i wake up, i feel a huge pressure in my right ear only, and i will also hear rining in my ears.
over the past year, at my job is when i've been noticing it , i can't hear customers alot of the time, and over the drive - through head-set. I can barely hear anyone.
it's starting to be really noticable. and i have to have the tv BLASTING loud in order to hear it at all. im kind of getting scared.

What kind of ear damage do you think i could have?
could i just be losing my hearing?

Have you known anyone that is deaf, or has lost their hearing / has been disabled?
im just curious.
i ain't into that!

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Do you write or mark in your books? 

If yes, do you actually write notes in your books or just underline/highlight?

Would you be annoyed, interested or indifferent if a secondhand book you bought had markings or notes in it?

Do you write your name in your books? What about the date(s) you read them? (My grandma does and I think it's kind of a cool idea.) 

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Hi TQC. My boyfriend of 4 years just broke up with me tonight. I am devastated and feel like my world is ending.

Can you post some things to cheer me up? 
Also, will you post any reassurance that I will find someone better? Personal stories? 

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Excuse my sappy sentimental--ness.

What was the last thing you could just think of or remember and it made you smile? What made you think of it?

While I was working, I made a vanilla chai for somebody and the thought of them and the smell just brought me right back to my freshman year of college and getting a vanilla chai with my friend at a Dunkin Donuts in the dead of winter and that reminded me of Christmastime because she and I both hung up lights in our dorm and everything was just so happy. She transferred and I miss her. :(

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i got 3 1/2 hours of sleep before i woke up. i'd get about 2 hours and 45 minutes if i were to pass our right the second, which is unlikely.

how much coffee do you think i'll need at work tomorrow?

if gay marriage becomes legal, how would they decide who pays alimony in a divorce?
actually, how do they decide that now? i assume it's changed since sexism was outlawed back in the '70s. is it who makes more?

and what the FUCK IS MICHAEL JACKSON SAYING HALF THE TIME? my whole life i've never been able to figure out what's coming out of his damn jibberish mouth. fuckin' midwesterners.

no cook dinner ideas

Good Morning TQC!

    It's my turn to bring dinner to a man friend's house, and I can't decide what to bring. I definitely don't want to cook, so I'm thinking something along the lines of rotisserie chicken with ready made sides, or something. The only thing I can think of besides that is Cuban sandwiches and microwave rice with maybe a can of black beans.

Do you have any suggestions for precooked meals I can get from the grocery store? I can reheat stuff up in the microwave if needed. I shop at Publix if that helps. 

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So in light of a recent post at ask_me_anything, my question is this:
Is there anyone on TQC you've always wanted to friend, but haven't for some reason or another?
(This is the part where you also respond if you're up for being friended- non meme friending memes for the win!)

Obviously, since I brought it up, I'm looking (but am generally too backward to add anyone first). What's your excuse?

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What are some of your favourite euphemisms for:

1) Death (ie bought the farm)
2) Feces or the making of (ie deuce)
3) Promiscuity (ie harlot)?

Will you post a picture of yourself so that we can tell you what celebrity you look like?

What creeps you out the most, in terms of bodily harm in movies? Some people can't stand to see a guy get kicked in the balls, while others can't handle anything that has to do with ears-- what is your worst?

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I am making these with blueberries - the first batch is in the oven now. For the second batch, should I use more bloobs or should I cut up some strawberries? Would that be delicious?

How should I package these so they won't get destroyed in transit from GA to AZ?
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would you rather share a room with a sibling or sleep in an unfinished basement?

you get a rug, lamps, etc for the basement, which is basically cement and exposed beams. if you don't live in the basement, it'll just become another living room.

you can't finish the basement! lol.

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Heeey Dr. Elljay!

So over the last couple of weeks I've started having intense dizzy spells out of the blue. I'll be fine, mostly, but every few days I'll have a solid few hours where my head just SWIMS every five or ten minutes. This last spell started yesterday afternoon and was pretty bad all evening, and this morning I've had a couple of moments, but it's largely abated for now. I may go to the clinic tomorrow and get my head checked or something.

What's making this happen, TQC?

(I know, I know--obvs. have babby formed. But, medical miracles aside, what's going on?)
John McBush
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Is there a food whose scent makes you want to throw up?

My cousin is staying at my house and he just cut some watermelon up for his breakfast... the smell of watermelon makes me want to throw up, idk what's wrong with me.

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Inspired by my friend's Collapse )what are your thoughts on/how do you feel about Obama's healthcare reform?

Or, if you don't want to touch that - I need to go to the park for a nice long walk. It is 90* here with about 70% humidity right now, but tonight there is a 40% chance of thunderstorms. If I go now, I can't bring my puppydog (TOO HOT for her!!!), but if I go tonight I might get rained on. When should I go??

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I moved into a new apartment last Monday. Everything was fine except it smelled weird. Then I started to be unable to breath correctly, as if there was a weight on my chest and my throat hurt and itched. This turned into me coughing constantly which would periodically bring up that super awesome green phlegm. My roommate has the same problem so we both left for the weekend and felt a lot better on returning. I went to the doctors who refereed me to a allergist and prescribed me clarithromycin and my roommate an inhaler.

I told the landlord about the problems however they don't think it's relating to the apartment we could just have a cold given by each other. My parents don't live around here, they live 1200 miles away. They won't clean the apartment and they won't let us move elsewhere, to a different apartment in their complex. I've been staying in a hotel for the past 3 days.

What do I do?
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it's quarter to 11. i work at 1pm. i'm trying to "diet" (mostly just not eat all that much, and try to not eat total junk) but i really want pancakes.

should i make chocolate chip pancakes this morning?
what's your favorite breakfast food?
Calvin balloon

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How often do you fly on a plane?
I'm about to get on my 4th flight this year alone and I'll have at least 2 more before the year is up.

How do you feel about flying?
I kinda like it, but prefer flying alone. I don't like other people weighing me down, haha.
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Finally saw The Watchmen last night

For those who have not seen it, I will not give many detail about it, other than it was a good movie, but it seemed like there were two writers: one for the first half, and one for the second, as the first part of the movie followed the comic closely, but the last diverged from it, even to the point of totally changing the ending. It got me thinking about remakes of old movies, covers of songs, and movies based on other media: how closely should the writes/directors hold their creation to the source material? As a purist, I think they should try to keep it as similar as they can, if they don't, then it is not what it was, but a new work all together.

How closely should director make movie to the original material?

As close as possible, within time constraints
The original is not sacred, the director should make it their own
Depends on the situation
Replied in comments

Did you like how Zack Snyder envisioned The Watchmen?

It had its good parts
Have not seen it
Homer Smash

I don't get it

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is composed of fighters trained in various fighting techniques. Being a longtime fan of the Street Fighter games series, and various other argade systems of a similar type, I'd've thought I'd really enjoy this. However, every single time I find it flipping channels I see the same thing.

2 guys, locked together in a sort of crunched missionary position, humping away at each other like there's no tomorrow.

If I wanted that kinda action I'd rent gay porn.

What am I missing here?
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Poll #1442588 Sickly ill-like

I think I caught a cold. I have a fever and my face feels like it's going to explode. Missing work today would mean -$54 before taxes, but that's also walking around the Bronx all night. I need to know before 1pm EST: should I go to work?

Yes! Money is more important.
No! You're sick. Stay in and eat chicken soup and feel better.
Go in and see how long you can suck it up for.
Other (respond below)

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Where do you get new music from? 

Do you use web sites like Pandora and Last.FM?

Are there any web sites dedicated to people's own mix tapes? I stumbled one a while ago but lost it.
Bi Avatar w/o glasses

Good Air Purifier?

A while back, I asked this question, and someone was awesome enough to send me a copy of the related Consumer Reports review article. It's from December 2007, so I'm thinking maybe newer/better stuff has come out since then? or maybe there's a new article/review that would be helpful?
The previous owners of the house I just bought had two cats, and they shed a tremendous amount. As luck would have it, I am extremely allergic to cats. Thus, I really shouldn't put off buying an air purifier any longer. So . . .

What air purifier(s) should I buy?

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How the hell are you?


Would YOU go to a Decemberists concert with me? Everybody possible has canceled on me. ARG. (this one is mostly rhetorical.)

What the hell do I do about this ticket?

What books are you currently reading?
Conan & his Amazing Friends

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Poll #1442676 Surnames for the ladies

Ladies...if your last name was Bigg, and your fiance's last name was Kuntz, what would your married name be?


If your last name was Jeffries and your fiance's name was Dahmer, what would your last name be?


If your last name was Hitt and your fiance's name was Lerr, what would your last name be?


If your last name was Butte and your fiance's name was Fister, what would your last name be?


If your last name was Kawk and your fiance's name was Swallows, what would your last name be?


If your last name was Notty and your fiance's name was Dike, what would your last name be?


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Earlier today my friend texted me and mentioned that he'd been "masturbating wrong." I was currently dozing off and didn't respond immediately.

Though, now my curiosity is piqued. How do you suppose one masturbates incorrectly?

Dating this or that

You'd sooner date a _____?

Suit-wearing, FOX news-watching, NRA-supporting conservative
Hemp-wearing, new age jibberish-spouting, fur coat-paint splattering liberal
Flip-flopping, indecisive, wishy-washy, weak-minded middle-of-the-roader

You'd sooner date someone who liked to primarily wear _____ everywhere he/she went?

Acid-wash jean jackets, baseball caps, sneakers
Hot Topic clothes, knee-high leather boots with big buckles

You'd sooner date someone whose video collection contained_____?

Many movies starring Van Damme, Steven Segal and Sylvester Stallone. Not Jet Li or Jackie Chan movies because there's too much plot
Mostly French movies or other flicks that seem a little pretentious. Most mainstream movie he/she owns is The English Patient

You'd sooner date someone who _____?

Never drank. Hates the taste of alcohol
Drinks a lot. Loves to combine activities and alcohol, like bowling and Disneyland

You'd prefer to date someone who _____?

Liked to 'make love', followed with tender cuddling and snuggling in each other's arms
Fucked like a porn god/goddess. After they got off, they usually just rolled over and fell asleep

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What is your favourite cheap meal that will fill 2 people? In times like these, I need all the tips I can get!

EDIT: thank to all who replied, this is amazing! You just gave me cheap meals for a few weeks :D
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How do you like your bread? Yes, you can only choose one option.

with multiple grains and seeds
in roll form
slathered in something
with sesame seeds
with poppy seeds
i don't/can't/wont eat bread



Fox news

Interview with Megan Fox

"I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, “Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.”

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you want to live with Megan Fox?
saint with dagger
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Pretend you're going to start a pornography website. What will you call it? What will be your niche?
Do you have any favorite porn sites? Any favorite porn stars?

Possible NSFW in comments.
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I haven't been living in my house since I was in the hospital (July 13). Our lease is up and we have to move out soon anyway. However! Everytime I go back to grab things, there are things of mine missing and I know it's the housemate I share the bathroom with. Now that I only have furniture, clothes, and decorations in *my* room left, what's going to be missing when I go back this weekend?

How would you bring this up with them/gently accuse them? I don't want to start a fight over text and I'll likely never see her again anyway. I've already asked her why some of my stuff wasn't there and she blatantly denied taking anything. I am not stupid.

Do you have any refreshing stories about your housemates/flatmates/roommates?
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My parents were looking for apartments near the area. My mom was saying that I need to sleep in the same room as them.

I currently sleep in my parents closet. It's a really big closet.

I want my own room. My brothers have their own room but they never sleep in them. They always end up falling asleep in the living room or my room (closet).

The reason I don't want to sleep in the same room as them anymore is because I tired of hearing them fucking, their financial problems or my dad's affair. My parents have this thing where they think I'm deaf of stupid. How do I tell them that, if I did it so bluntly as I did I knew for a fact that my dad is going to beat the shit out of me.

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TQC, I normally wouldn't ask this but I'm in a bit of a time crunch and google isn't helping. I'm looking for photos of long in the front short in the back hairstyles with sideswept bangs that are shoulder-length. Do you have any to share?

If not or you don't care: what's your biggest pet peeve?

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What, exactly, does black ice smell like?

I keep seeing black ice air freshener trees hanging from rear-views and my fiance and I spend a lot of time wondering. We decided I would buy one once I got my license, and today I did. But I figured I'd ask you guys what you think it would smell like before I hang it up.
anontang DA

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TQC, I'm applying for a job, and I'm being asked to list my preferred hours. I've already listed my available hours. I'd prefer avoiding really early morning hours, but should I say that I'd prefer them in order to increase my chances of getting the job, or should I be honest and say I'd rather work later in the day? I've never applied for a job before so I'm a bit lost. =/

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i tried to make a gyno appointment a few days ago because i haven't gone in like 2 years and i wanted to go before i go back to school (in 2 weeks). they said they're booked solid through september. i've been a little worried recently that i might have PCOS. if i tell them this, will they try harder to fit me in? if i say something about thinking i have chlamydia, will they be even more likely to try harder to fit me in? do you have any other ideas of how i can get them to fit me in?

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i'm craving some sort of potato deal but i don't know what it is. what i'm thinking of is cut up potatoes with lots of seasoning on them, and maybe some juice, like chicken broth. but not soup, you know? just something that made them kinda moist.

does anyone know what i'm talking about and possibly have a recipe?

jury duty

1) For those of you who have been summoned for jury duty, what order do they call the numbers in once you get there?

- I'm the third number on the list, so I'm hoping this means I'll be in the first batch of people called and won't have to stay there all day.

2) How long does the Q&A process take (per person)? How many questions do they ask?

3) Any other jury duty stories you want to share with the group?

4) If you haven't been called, do you want to be?

Hot Topic shirts?

I really, really want a few shirts from Hot Topic, but they're guy's if I wear a medium junior's, would an XS guy's shirt probably fit? Yes, I realize there are size charts on the website. They don't really help me because I've gone by them before and they're not always accurate.


What are you experiences with Salvia?
I've tried LSD and Mushrooms before and enjoyed those. But for some reason it seems kind of like a weak trip.
How long does it last? How powerful is it? Is it like a really weak mushroom trip? Or is it more full blown out of my mind welcome to outerspace voyage?
*not locked for the pansies*

For the rest of you,
How does it feel to be a nerd?

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If you work and go to school, is your job understanding of your school situation? How do they accommodate you? Or, if they don't, how do they make it more difficult?

If you owned a business, would it bother you if your student workers did homework after all of their responsibilities were completed?

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When you fall asleep sitting does your head fall backwards forwards or to the side?

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment where you snap awake & everyone is laughing at you?

Today during summer school I could not stay awake :(!! Apparently my head was bobbing everywhere and I woke up only when I took a head dive onto the desk. I have a huge bruise on my forehead and everyone laughed :(

My last question is how do you keep yourself awake during those times when you seriously can't keep your eyes open?

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TQC, please to be solving a mystery for me.

For some reason, my office has a box of white plastic piggy banks with the college logo in blue on 1 side. They are nothing special. I'd say in the box, there is at least 30 piggy banks.

For some reason, a woman that works in another department is obsessed with these piggy banks. Every time someone from our office goes down to get supplies/copies/mail stuff, she asks for another piggy bank. She has received several dozen of the damn things.

WTF could she be using these damn thins for!? Why the hell does she need so many freaking plastic piggy banks!?
peggy hill, king of the hill

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If you like to write, have you ever written anything (story, poem, whatever) and put a lot of work into it, but only ever intended it for your eyes?

How long have you gone with no sleep?

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If any of you know anything about cars, I'd appreciate some help.
I drive a '98 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. It's a manual. Lately, I've been having some problems with it. For awhile, it's been using gas really fast (MUCH faster than that car should, even with the MPG decreasing over time). There's nothing visibly leaking, and nothing smells like gasoline. Now, my check engine light is on. It went on once before but when I let the car sit for awhile, it went off again. This time, I've let the car sit overnight and it hasn't gone off (it's been on for 2 days so far). I'm also having issues with shifting. For some reason, it started shifting really rough into 2nd and 3rd gears every once in awhile. It's basically like the noise that it would make if you didn't depress the clutch all the way, the grinding sound, but I've checked to make sure I've got the clutch all the way in. Sometimes I also have trouble actually getting into 3rd -- I'm in the right place, but it just doesn't want to shift into the damn gear unless I really push it. The only other problem I've noticed is that my oil light goes on when I hit a certain speed and RPM's, but when I got that looked at, they said it's probably just an electrical issue because they couldn't find any leaks or anything like that and my oil levels were fine.
I haven't had the money to get it looked at yet, especially since I've been off work for a few days because of being sick. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing those problems, or if they're even related? I know it's pretty impossible to know what the check engine light is signaling without an OBD-II scanner, but I was thinking that maybe if they're related, someone might know a possible cause :\

And if you don't know/care, what was the last thing that made you happy?
I got into the CNA program/job that I applied for! I start in September, and I'm excited.

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I was supposed to go over to a friend of a friends house with my friend to drink and watch movies. My friend says theres about 45% chance that we actually will. It's 9PM now and my grandma gets cranky if I leave the house after 10:30 or so. Should I shower and get ready (just in case) or tell my friend I'm not going?

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Have you ever hooked up or fooled around with one of your good friends who you didn't have any romantic feelings for? Why/ how did it happen? Were you still close friends after it happened? Give the details if you'd like.

What's your favorite cereal?

(no subject)

Have you ever gotten something from Demeter Fragrance?

What smell was it?

Did you like it?

What's your favorite scent from there?

Do they actually smell real?

Are there any other shops that have interesting smells like that?
Rogue night elf

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I've tried a few deviled/doubled egg (what ever you call them) recipes and none of them tasted as great as I once had at a party. So, TQC, what do you put in your deviled eggs? What's your recipe?

this one's for the fellas

So I'm curious, when you're running, do your balls bounce around or anything? Like how women runners have boob-bounce, do you have ball-bounce? Is this an issue? I suppose it may be size related. Do they hang low? Do they wobble to? Perhaps even fro?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I need some college-ruled notebooks for class but I'm SO sick of 5-Star and the cheap shitty kind you can get from Wal-Mart or Office Depot. Is there anywhere I can look? Can you recommend something?

Where do you buy your school supplies?

Do you write with pens or pencils more? Blue or black ink?

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TQC, has someone that you truly didn't like befriend all your friends and start hanging out with them? Did you feel like you got pushed away because they didn't invite you because they knew that you two wouldn't get along? Or something along those lines?

I feel left out because this one girl and I can't get along and I've dealt with her shit for way too long and I finally decided that I don't want to be mixed in her non-ending drama and boy "issues". I never get asked to hang out anymore because they know that something will happen. I'm just the bad guy here because I finally decided to step up and say I am done with her shit. Everyone always talks shit about her when she isn't around, but no one has the guts to say anything because they don't want drama. I put down my towel!

If you haven't, what kind of bed do you have? I have a Full Size Sealy Posturpedic :)

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So. I just started cleaning my room and there was a weird smell coming from one of my bags. I come to find that I apparently left a piece of fruit in there over the weekend and OH MY FUCK it looks like there are bugs on the outside.

Bag has been taken out of the house but... wtf do I do about my room? Is vacuuming enough? DO YOU THINK THE BUGS WENT SOMEWHERE ELSE TOO!?
Will you tell me about skeevy stuff like this to make me feel better?

ugh. I think they were maggots. were they maggots? They looked like strawberry seeds. :(

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So my ex/sorta texted me today saying that when I got back from vacation he and I had to have a talk. He said it's nothing bad and nothing related to our 'relationship' but he doesn't want to tell me over the phone and that he's really 'shook up.'

What the eff is going on? Srs and non srs, obv.

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Since I've never been to the airport without actually flying out-

I'm picking up a friend tomorrow at the airport. I want to be at the gate when he walks off the plane, but is it possible for me to get into that area without having a ticket to show? How do I go about doing that?

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hey TQC, my plans earlier failed BUT this guy who totally wants to bang me wants to hang out and "watch the meteor shower". I'm only interested in drinking, making out, snuggling, etc

how do I kindly decline his sexual advances? srs&nonsrsplz