August 10th, 2009

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1. How do you expect to die?

2. Are you ready to die?

3. If you were to die in 24 hours, would you feel you've done enough with your life and are happy with how you lived it?

4. Where do you expect to go after you die?

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What are you listening to right now? 

Espers - Black is the color (of my true loves hair)
I seriously can't get enough of this song right now. Especially from Espers but I'm loving all the versions I'm finding!

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If you knew a seven year old child whose parents and adoptive/foster parents gave up how would you feel?

Would you bring them into your home?

Would it make a difference if they were a blood relation?

Would it make a difference if you knew the child had been a crack baby?
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Randomly hypothetical questions about not shoplifting

Say you spend half an hour or so looking around a department store, try on a few things but don't buy anything, then leave, and as you're walking away from the store, a store security guard approaches you and tells you they believe you have shoplifted something and asks you to return to the store with them... but you have not in fact stolen anything...

1. What would you do? Go with them? Tell them to get lost? Tell them if they think you stole something, they should go ahead and call the cops?

2. What rights do they actually have, as far as detaining you goes (in the US)? What are they allowed to do, if you just tell them to get lost and walk away?

3. Once it has been established that you didn't steal anything, would you kick up any kind of fuss over the incident, complain to the store manager, attempt to get financial compensation from them for the embarrassment/humiliation of being publicly accused of shoplifting?

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TQC, I'm really pissed off and I don't know why. So I'm breaking out my angry eyebrows. >:[
When was the last time you were irrationally upset? Tell me about it. Inlclude as many angry eyebrows as you wish.

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what should i do for my friends birthday tomorrow? he wants to me chill with him Ive known him like for years but we haven't really started hanging out till like 2 weeks ago and we've hung out everyday like bffls, so i want to get him something but not to big. what should i get him? he mentioned wanting weed should i get him a 20 bag or more?

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What do you love to eat/drink/do but always regret because of how you feel after?

I love drinking tea with sugar but after I get horrible horrible cramps. I always forget how shitty I feel when I drink sweetened tea and boy do I regret it right now.

What will make cramps go away?
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Is knowing really half the battle? If so, what exactly composes the rest of said battle?

You see G.I Joe? You like? Did you feel the need to turn off your brain halfway through like I did?

What has been your favorite '09 summer movie?
me cartoony


Do you have an iphone?
(I don’t, but I’m considering it for later)

Where do you find the best recommendations for new and interesting iphone apps?

Have you created an iphone app? If so, what is it for?
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ola TQC.

i've been feeling pretty shitty since last monday - daily migraines and runny nose. my phleghm was and still is yellow which apparently indicates an infection? i thought i'd be fine by the weekend but after some really hardcore karaoke, my throat has taken its toll. i still have the migraines and the runny nose but now my chest hurts 1000x more and instead of the phleghm being 'expelled' through my nose, i am coughing them up. i have not had a day of rest in the past week.

what do you propose i should do? stay home and get some fucking rest and try to get better (which may mean missing classes - some for the 3rd time in a row :/ - i am awful i know), or stop being a whiner?

while we're on the subject, what is the best way to get rid of a very irritating, painful chesty cough?

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Can you use chopsticks? If so, how good are you at using them?
I can, but I've really just started learning, so I'm still not very good at it. I'm practicing, though!

What are you doing today, TQC?
I want to go out and take some pictures since it's been forever and a half since I've used my camera, but I'm not sure. If I don't end up doing that, I'll probably just hang out at home and watch movies/read manga/entertain myself somehow.

What do you think is the next movie you'll go see in theaters?
Hopefully it'll be Ponyo.
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I have once been told anything with a waffle house is the south.
I personally only think of the deep south as the south because anything above is north to me.

What do you consider the south?

damaged dress

I bought a dress last week at BCBG for my birthday. It cost a lot more than I would normally spend on a dress, and I had to save for a considerable amount of time to get it. I went out to dinner and for a few drinks, nothing huge. When I got up this morning and checked out my dress, I noticed that there is a rip in the seam in the back of the dress. I just bought the damn thing and it's ripped after wearing it one time. Would you take it to the store and let them know what happened to try to exchange it or get some sort of compensation? What should I do?? I'm really upset about this. 

pS- It wasn't too small or anything, I'm usually a 2 and the dress is a 6.  

EDIT: Just to clarify, the dress didn't rip from me catching it on something, it just sort of fell apart at the seam- it wasn't reinforced correctly or something. Had I been dancing and acting crazy it would have been a different story, but i was just sitting around. Regardless, I took it to the store today and they are having their tailor fix it for me at no cost. Apparently, most BCBG dresses have warranties. Thanks for your help!

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i keep getting this pain in my stomach below my left rib every now and then. if it were a ruptured organ or something, it would be constant relentless extreme pain... right? i probably shouldn't worry about this?

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1. I use PowerDVD on my computer right now, and I'm not very happy with it. Where can I download a quality DVD player program online?

2. Do you know how to sew? Where did you learn?

3. What is your favourite kind of sandwich?

4. What is your favourite music video (youtube links appreciated)?
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have you ever seen Pan's Labyrinth?
what did you think of it?

i've put off watching it because i always assumed it was anime-esque/final fantasy-like, but i absolutely loved it!

what is something cute you and your SO do together?
we've developed a new routine where, after smoking up, we ask each other geography questions, or he would tell me everything he knows about a certain animal. 
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I just got a new duvet and pillowcases. Should I wash them before putting them on the bed? If so, should I use detergent or just kinda rinse them?

Edit: Fine fine I guess I will wash them. I realize now that they smell very weird. Thanks for the speedy responses.

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What's the last disgusting nickname for genitalia you heard?

I just heard someone on TV refer to their penis as "the baby arm". *shudders* GROSS. Now all I can picture is a detached doll's arm protruding from the crotch of my SO.

Honesty is the best policy!

This question was inspired by something that happened, so bear with me.

Anyway, this weekend was my friend (we'll call her Friend A)'s father's funeral. My sister and I went to go see Friend A, and noticed that a few of the people we know didn't show up. Enter Friend B, who was also expected to be there. Friend B texts my sister a message saying she plans to hook up with a guy she met. Right after that, she sends Friend A a text message saying how sorry she was that she couldn't be there, she was stranded on some highway and wouldn't make it in time. My sister decides to show Friend A the message she got, and predictably, Friends A & B aren't speaking right now.

A couple of our friends (not related to the whole thing) said it was harsh to show Friend A the text and that it was Friend B's business if she didn't want to come, so now I'm curious.

What would you have done?

Shown Friend A the text.
Kept it a secret.

How honest are you with your friends? Do you sometimes keep things from them because you think it'll protect them, or do you think it's better to tell them everything? Details and anecdotes encouraged!

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Have you ever done shrooms? What was your experience like?
If not mushrooms, have you done any other hallucinogens? Tell us about it.

If you don't care...what is the last movie you saw in theaters? Do you recommend it?
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I haven't gone to buy my texts books yet for school. They said just to take my schedual to a bookstore and they will show me the books I need to buy. Any bookstore? I'm going to a community college so are the books the same? How much do these books normally run? I'm taking English and math. I'm not sure what the numbers are of the classes though.

On a non back to school note, what did you eat for breakfast? What would you rather have eaten?
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1. What is something that is given a nicer name to cover up what it really is? The best example I can think of is calling dead cow bits "beef".

2. Do you know what you call that kind of thing? Is it a euphemism or something else?

3. I have been super productive today, why is this? Does it relate to all the cocaine I took in my dream last night?

4. What is the scariest dream monster you have had? I had birds that in my dream were "kookaburras" but had much flatter heads than the real thing, and big rows of sharp gnashy teeth and cranky eyes. Possibly not the scariest, but one of the scariest recent ones.

5. Have you even been trapped into having a relationship with someone? How did this happen?
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1. If you were 17 and wanted to get a tattoo, would your parents sign the permission slip?
I'm pretty sure my mom would.

2. Did you see the movie Julie & Julia? Did you like it?
I thought it was really cute.

3. How old is the oldest animal you own?
My cat is 17 years old.

4. Do you and your SO have any matching items?
We have matching Nintendo wallets.

5. What is your dream career?
U.S. history teacher.
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dr. TQC

what are some foods to avoid when you have a cough? all i have around the house are pasta and fried food. i am craving french fries!

how serious does my cough have to be before i see a doctor? my phleghm is yellow/green and there are some bloody specks in it. i've had the runny nose for a week but only developed a cough yesterday. i'm quite wary of going to the doctor, i don't want to go out in the blistering hot sun and pay $60 just for him to tell me to rest.
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my friend is quitting her job which she's worked for 2 years. it's a retail job, she is a 'keyholder' and all. her boss ends up HATING everyone when they quit, even though her boss is a huge bitch.

would it be a bad idea for her to quit over the phone? how should she quit?
have you ever quit a job before? how did that work out?

if you don't know/don't care:
how do you like your coffee?
or tea?

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Hey I want to go on a week long vacation beginning this Thursday. So far because I'm based in Toronto and the weather's been shite, I've been thinking Florida.

So where should I go in Florida?

Any completely different ideas?

cubs hat
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I got thinking while at Target today.

I know that on What Not To Wear they tell you to buy nicer (more expensive) pieces, that then possibly have to be altered to fit really nice, rather than buying junk at Old Navy or Target.

And I can see that better-made clothing is going to last a lot longer. I know that they are talking about 'classic-looking' pieces, too.

But all clothing eventually wears out, ya know?

Do you spend $60 on one nice, classic looking shirt or would you rather get 4-5 trendy, Old Navy generic mall shop shirts for that same price?
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Cell phones

It is time to buy a new cell phone. I have to get AT&T, and can't afford the monthly fees of the iPhone. What kind of phone do you have? What would you recommend? Have you had a phone/provider you absolutely hated?

I text a lot and being able to check Gmail would be nice. I'm buying a phone from, so I think I can get pretty much any AT&T phone.
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Hey guys,

The other day, I signed into MSN Messenger and got a pop-up message asking if I wanted to import and add the email addresses of all my friends on Facebook to my MSN contact list.

I thought this was a great idea, but I didn't want to do it right then, so I closed the window.

I'd like to do it now, but I haven't received the pop-up message again since, and for the life of me I can't find a way to do it within the program. I've consulted Google and MSN Help, but to no avail.

Was the pop-up message legit, or was I getting spammed? Has anyone actually done this in MSN? If so, how did you do it?
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Putting the 'Pop' in Pop culture

Who would you sleep with?


Who would you sleep with?

Mr. Howell
Mrs. Howell
Mary Ann

Who would you sleep with?

Nightowl 2
Silk Spectre 2
Dr. Manhattan

Who would you sleep with?


Who would you sleep with?

John (in his prime)
Ringo (in his prime)
Paul (in his prime)
George (in his prime)
Yoko (in her prime)

Who would you sleep with?

Some other supporting character

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Last night while I was driving home, my check engine light came on and my transmission flipped into 3rd gear fail-safe mode. It did this two weeks ago and seemed to resolve after adding some transmission fluid.

My fiance was supposed to be here at 1:30 to look at it, and if necessary, let me take his car so I can get to work. Now it's 10 after 2, I have to leave in a little while, and he's not here. He's not answering his phone, either.

What do I do, TQC? Do I drive my car to work (25 miles on the highway at 65mph)? Do I wait for him? HALP.

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So... for the past few weeks I've been on a bit of a studio ghibli kick. Anime isn't really my favorite style, but I'm loving everything from them. So, I'm wondering if there's any other films from them I should watch? So far I've seen: Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Howl's Moving Castle. The first two were my favorite, but they're all great. Also, I already know about Princess Mononoke but have yet to see that. So... as I said, any others?

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Tonight I'll be taking my first swimming class. Yeah, I'm a landlubber who can't swim. I'm a little nervous since the only times I've been immersed up to my neck in water above the age of 10 I was almost drowning in people's pools. What tips can you give me to make this experience easier for me?

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this is probably a dumb question but i don't go to the movies often enough to know the answer: if a movie is about two hours long and the show time was at 1pm, when might it be over? i know there are commercials and then the previews, but i have no idea how long they are. if it's at all relevant, the movie in question came out yesterday.

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I am painting my room soon. What brand of paint do you buy?

I have some frames from ikea (ram ones) and they have really crappy hangers on them. Would home depot or wal-mart have frame hooks that I could superglue onto theback and then put them on my wall? Is there a better way than nailing a ton of holes into my wall? I have about 20 frames I am hanging up.
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Present addictions

What are you addicted to at the moment?

At the moment I am addicted to my iPhone 3GS (best phone evar!), buying face moisturizers, breathe right strips (they are amazing), buying notebooks/sketch books (I'm sure I can open a store now lol), Hercules and Love Affair's "Sidetracked" remix album, farmville on facebook (lol), and TRUE BLOOD!!!
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What do you think about.....

Friday weddings? at 3 o'clock in the afternoon? when people have to work?

How stupid is this?

(ETA: please read some of my explanation...I'm not such a bitch that I wouldn't be happy for them, if they weren't total morons themselves...there's a lot of past stupidity on the brides part...didn't want a tl;dr situation, but I guess that might have worked better:) )

ETS#2 -- yeah yeah yeah, I'm a bitch and a horrible person. It's just stupid. I will not be rude to her in the least, but I will not be going.
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how the fuck do you cool off a house when you don't have air conditioning? it's been 83 in here all day with the fan on high and i'm dying in here.

eta: ty for all the suggestions on how to keep ME cool. however, part of why i want to get my house cooler is because my cats both seem really hot (they're both sprawled out as much as they can and aren't moving around a lot).

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What is the last thing you did/ate/experienced that wasn't nearly as bad as you thought it would be?

I went to a movie by myself for the first time ever early this afternoon (the movie started at 11:50). At first I was a little wary because I felt lame being there by myself, but out of the people in the theater, at least 2/3 of them were there alone. :) It was quite nice, actually.

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1. As a customer, what has been your worst experience with the staff/service? (At a store, restaurant, anything you can think of.)

2. If applicable: as a customer service employee, what has been your worst experience with the customers? (Also anywhere you can think of.)

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My boyfriend and I will (finally, for those of you who are keeping up) more than likely break up tonight. I am not happy about this, but whatever.

There is a concert on Halloween. My favorite band, one of his. We went to see them in 2007. Would it be weird if I asked him if we could still go together? He has already said he would still want to be friends and hang out. :\
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How do you feel about pointless Hollywood remakes and sequels? Personally, they annoy the crap out of me. And it doesn't help when they're remaking movies that weren't very good to begin with. I just read a remake of Red Dawn is in the works. :(
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Will you tell me your favorite 99 joke?

99 computers walk into a bar. The bartender says, "I'm sorry, but we don't serve your kind here." The 99 computers ask, "Why not?" The bartender replies, "Because this is an Irish pub, and you guys are Macintoshes."

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How have you guys reacted/felt when someone you knew a long time ago/haven't spoken to in a long time died?

This kid Garret that I knew back in middle school (I had a ton of classes with him, his locker was next to mine, etc) got into a really bad car wreck last night, is in a coma, and will probably die (he has brain hemorrhaging also). I haven't spoken to him in YEARS, but it still feels weird that I knew him several years ago and interacted with him a lot. He hasn't died yet (I hope he can pull through), but it's such a strange surreal feeling. I've only dealt with one other death in my life (my grandpa, but he had Alzheimer's, so it was a little easier to accept since his mind and personality was totally gone by the time he died), so that may have something to do with how I'm feeling.
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In May I got a job working remotely along with a team of designers / programmers for a guy that's starting up a non profit. We've talked on the phone and have been exchanging emails and the sort. Today he sent me an email asking if I wanted to come to New York City and stay at his house. I'm able to invite friends as well, and he won't be there. He offered up his house to another designer on the team (a male) in July so it's not as if he's just asking the girls.

I've always wanted to go to New York City.

I'm curious, is this creepy or an awesome opportunity? Would you go? Why or why not?

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im trying to order these dress shirts online but i dont understand how the measurements work, its like 15 32/33 ect.. what does each number stand for?

if you don't know will you tell me something amazing that happened to you recently?
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Are there any Medical Assistants here who would like to list the pros and cons of their jobs?

How about any Ultrasound Technicians?

I'm completely changing career fields and I'm considering the US Tech, but I have to go thru the Med Asst course first.


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1. Why is Megan Fox such a big deal? What do you think? Is she a big celebrity to you? I don't really "get" the Megan Fox craze.

2. What are your thoughts about Kate Gosselin, if any? I'm kind of sick of hearing about them, but at the same time, she never fails to make me shake my head, and I would miss that if she fell of the planet too quickly. Do you think she's an ugly (on the inside) person? Misunderstood? Anything?
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Do you think I should purchase a paid account? Do you have a paid account? Did you think it was worth it?

What is your favorite cheese?

ETA: Eh, I splurged and bought a year of paid account time.

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TQC, I've been burning 1000-1200 calories on the elliptical everyday for a week now but I haven't lost any weight. In fact I think I gained a few pounds. ARGH. >(

Do you consider yourself an impatient person?

Edit:// @mrar Sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment when I was replying to it. IDK how to measure body fat. :/
I <3 God, sheepie

LJ syndicated feed of my AC articles!

My awesome friend psychic_spychic made an LJ syndicated feed for my Associated Content articles instead of that silly widget or feed thing that I was trying, so you can follow it here if you want!

Here's the URL for that:

Go there and choose "subscribe" over on your right on the screen! You'll be able to see the article in the little intro blurb to it!

What I want to know is Will you read it or any of my articles?
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What were your favorite cartoons growing up? Do you still watch them if they come on?

Am I the only one who still finds myself randomly singing the theme song to Tiny Toons and Animaniacs?

Edit: For those of you who watched Sesame Street, who was your favorite character? Mine is Mr. Snuffelupogous. Or however you spell that. :)

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What is this and why is it on my front porch?


EDIT: I can only assume it's my upstairs neighbors', but they have a porch of their own, so it's rather baffling as to why it's down on our porch...
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tomorrow I work from 4:30AM-11:00AM. I love this shift because I am off at 11, the time that most people are waking up, and I still have the rest of my day to do things.

What is your ideal shift?

(no subject)

My roommates and I are considering getting renter's insurance. Our landlord is sort of....deadbeat.

Do any of you have experience with renter's insurance? What company did you do it through?

If not...
What's the last thing you drank? Was it good?

Is your house haunted?

I obviously can't make my own decisions.

Guys, lately I have been having the most INSANE urge to play Banjo-Kazooie, aka My Favorite Video Game in the Whole Wide World. I do not have an N64, as my asshole sister stole it a couple years ago. There is an N64 on eBay for $20 $28.99 right now.


If ydc, what'd joo have for dinner?
I think I'm hungry but I don't feel like making anything. :T I haven't really eaten much today. Should I go out somewhere and pick something up?

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When was the last time you wanted to smack somebody? Why?

How many good friends do you have? (you can come to them if you have a problem and vice-versa, generally trustworthy,etc etc)

What's the first thing you would do if somebody handed you 50 bucks?

Blue Manhattan Group

Swimfan v. Swimfoe

Fourcorners had his swimming class tonight. What do you think happened?

He really took to it fish to water. The best student the teacher had ever seen
He did pretty good. One of the better swimmers in the class
Strictly average. Somewhere in the middle
Below average. The middle aged lady performed better than he did
Almost drowned once. The teacher had to perform emergency CPR on him
He didn't actually make it to the pool area. He took a left instead of a right and showed up at a biker bar in shorts and flip-flops. He was beaten severely
He chickened out and didn't even attend the class
In a fit of rage, held the teacher's head underwater til he drowned. Currently awaiting his free phone call downtown
He didn't quite make it. One bad breaststroke attempt lead to his death. His spirit is making this poll.
It actually wasn't a swimming class at all. Perusing the fine print again, it just said "show up in your bathing suit".Roofies may have been given. Provocative pictures were taken.

(no subject)

Just a quick wording question.

"Payment is deferred 6 months after graduation or enrolled less than half time"

Do you take this as "you have 6 months before you have to pay them back after graduation. You have 6 months before you have to pay them back when you are enrolled less than half time"
"you have 6 months after you graduate. if you are enrolled less than half time, then you must start paying them back immediately"?
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(no subject)

what are some things i should consider before moving in with my boyfriend of 3 years? would you recommend it? why/why not? i am 19, he is 20. do you think that's too young?
eta: we spend all our spare time together so it seems natural to move in that direction. i made it clear that i want a room to myself though.

if you are a fan of Friends, which seasons do you enjoy watching more - the later seasons or the earlier ones? i love seasons 7-9.
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Paging Dr. TQC!
Tonight I noticed what appears to be a very red bruise on my leg. It's on the outside, right by my knee. I do not recall hitting it on anything, but I normally have bruises on my legs from bumping into stuff around the house/at work that I don't remember.
I looked on wikipedia and all the bruises that matched the color of mine were from serious stuff like extreme sports accidents.
My question is, is this okay and I should just let it heal like a normal bruise or should I be concerned??
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For those of you that have made your own conditioner, shampoo or face masks, what did you use in the one that worked the best? Or what is a good one?

And for those of you that dgaf, what color are your sheets? What type of fabric?
Mine are black and egyptian cotton ;)

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So I'm taking a photography class to fulfill the GA requirement of my GenEd stuff. The course description states that you need a digital camera, and I have a Nikon Coolpix L20. Is this sufficient, or am I going to be ridiculed and/or mocked for my puny camera?

(no subject)

what kind of personality do you have?
introverted? extroverted?

i think im extremely introverted.

Does this change when you drink?

very much so, i become the person i feel like i "am"
when im drunk.

What's your astrological sign?