August 9th, 2009

Izzy and Alex

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What is your favorite kind of pop-tart?

Do you notice a difference between the store brand and the kelloggs?

I like the brown sugar cinnamon.  And I have to go with the kelloggs.  The alberstons brand just doesn't taste the same.


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what stores have online applications? i'm already going to do walmart, lowes, and home depot.

if you don't know or don't care... how did you get your current job? if you don't have a job, how much does this suck? : (

eta: isn't there a greasemonkey script or a firefox add on that will automatically fill in fields like address fields? can anyone link me to it?

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where can i go (online) to ask a nikon d60 question and actually expect a response? i just switched over to this camera and have no idea what's going on, but it's fairly unusable in its current state :(


I'm looking for one or two LJ communities that have to do with military wives.

Mostly 'cause I'm about to be one and I don't KNOW any in real life and I have some questions that no one's been able to answer.

So, could anyone point me towards a community that is actually helpful, instead of a bunch of bored housewives posting all day long? (Well, I don't care if they're bored housewives who post all day long, as long as they are helpful and not drama llama's.)

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My boyfriend and I got into an argument about 30 minutes ago, I told him I was getting too upset and needed to go for a little bit and hung up. He texted me saying "you must hate me or something", so I tried to call back and apologize but it went straight to voicemail. I'm freaking out a little because I have the feeling that he turned it off to avoid me.

Will you make me feel better?

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What are the different names they use in the phone book for strippers/call girls?

No, I'm not looking to hire one. I'm only asking because I had a dream last night in which a close friend wanted to become one and I can't figure out what word was used in it.
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I was up all night packing, and by the time it was possible for me to go to sleep, it was 45 minutes before I had to leave, so there was no point in me sleeping. I now have 40 minutes before I have to be out the door to move my shit from one apartment to a dorm room. TQC, what food can I grab that will give me the energy boost needed to power through the next 2 or so hours so I can get all my shit in my new place, turn the AC on full blast and pass out? I don't like coffee. :(
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When reading out loud / in your head, do different typefaces come out in different voices? What voices?

e.g. monospaced comes out Stephen Hawking voice but cursive gets read wearing monocles and a tophat, while a silly-song voice is employed for fantasy and shouting is required for big'n'blocky text.
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What are some of "your songs" with your significant other, or songs that remind you of your current/past significant other or crush?
"Giving Up" by Ingrid Michaelson is our srslyinluv song, and we also dedicate "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi, "Sweet Child O' Mine" by GnR, and "Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison to each other at karaoke.

Do you ever get phantom tastes?
I always taste Jagermeister in my mouth. And I haven't had Jager in days.

If I usually go in to my office at 2 o'clock p.m., leave the office to go out on the field at 3, get OUT TO THE FIELD at about 5 (Brooklyn to the Bronx), and leave at 8, and I get paid for six hours of work (from 2-8), would it be safe to assume that if my boss wanted me to work today without going in to the office first, that I could count actually being out on the field for three hours as a six hour work day with my prep at home and commute out there?

ETA: What do you do for a living?
Well, I usually organize meetings for various unions around NYC through the non-profit I work for, but since there is a lull in the work I need to do, my boss is sending me out to work with people to prevent foreclosure on their homes to work with our loan modification counselors and shit. The organization I work for does WAY too much.

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fer the girls: what percentage of the men you meet each day scope you? can you give us creepy examples?

fer the boys: what percentage of the women you meet each day do you scope? do you notice when other guys are scoping?
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TQC, I'm worried about one of my cats. I may be over thinking this though.

My cat Tatiana was acting totally fine last night. I went to bed and she jumped onto the bed seeking attention like usual and the kitten kept chasing her off because they still don't really get along. When I got up this morning to feed the cats, she didn't come eat, but she does this sometimes. She won't let me get to her, but she's a skittish cat, even with me and prefers to come to you on her terms. But she's hiding right now like she does when I have a guest over, but I'm the only one here, so I can't really get a chance to touch her to see if anything is hurting. She does this with me sometimes though. I shone a flashlight in her eyes and her pupils went to slits, so that's normal. She just seems lethargic. She's not vomiting or anything like that. She still hasn't eaten anything though I've been up for two hours. The other two cats are totally fine.

What should I do? I have an emergency vet if need be, but it doesn't seem like an emergency since she's not vomiting or bleeding or anything like that. She just I don't even know how to describe it really. Should I wait to take her in tomorrow if she doesn't perk up?

TL;DR: I think my cat is sick but not in an emergency kind of sick way. What do I do?

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1)Will you tell me something self pitying?

wah, other girls get rings, I get constructive criticism of my sex style.

2)What do you think of blowjob giving contests?

Not a shining example of feminism

3)Do stores in your area sell beer on sundays?

Probably not.

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TQC, I've had a weird day, and I feel like hearing some stories. Pick one or two or three, I don't care. I'm just in the mood for some good stories, and I know you people have them.

1. Have you ever had a stalker? What happened?

2. Will you tell me about a time where you had an idiot co-worker or an idiot boss?

3. Do you know someone who is extremely religious? How so?

4. Do you have any random good/funny/sad/crazy/whatever stories you want to share?

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What do you do when you're having an absolutely miserable week and need to escape it?
I've already watched my favorite movie and had my favorite food, neither of which helped :( I can't go anywhere and the people I would want to see are busy.

What's your favorite 90s song? 80s? 70s?

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Yesterday, I spent about an hour doing my hair and makeup to go out to dinner with my fiance. We were going to my favorite restaurant to celebrate my new job, and I was in a really good mood.

When he came to pick me up, I said "How do I look?" And he said, "Will it matter what I say, or will you just think you're hideous anyway?"


WTF? ALSO, he didn't even offer to pay the bill, or even leave a tip, and I ended up having to use money from my first (desperately needed) paycheck to pay for our meal. He's normally not like this at all. It almost seemed like a passive-aggressive way of slapping at me because he doesn't particularly like my favorite restaurant (I only request we go there on rare special occasions because of this).

Would you have been pissed off by these things?

What would you have done in my situation? I just tried to maintain my good mood and not start a fight.

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If I go into a store like JoAnn Fabrics and tell them I need enough fabric to make a blanket X size by X size, can they help me figure out exactly how many yards I need to buy?

I suck at figuring out stuff like that and I know that each fabric width is different. Blah.

My friends have also somehow managed to convince me to do a scrapbook. Is it really as much fun as they seem to think/say it is? Or will I want to shoot myself in the face?

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Over the past year or so a woman and/or either of her two children have stopped by my house every couple weeks to ask for my cans and bottles to return for money. It hasn't been a problem, as they've always come to my front porch and rang my bell.

As of late - I've honestly run into such debt and money issues that the cans and bottles can sometimes now mean if I have dinner or not. I keep my collection of returns in the rear of my house on the deck (since I barely have room for them inside and since it's private property I assumed strangers wouldn't waltz right down my driveway and through my backyard), and over the past couple months everytime the bin has been full and ready to return it will somehow empty itself without my knowledge. I wanted to give the woman and her family the benefit of the doubt - but today I was upstairs doing laundry and must not have heard the knock at the door - I glanced out the window to the deck and saw the woman filling her bag with my bottles and cans.

TQC, what would you do?

For the tl;dr crowd: I used to give a woman my used cans and bottles to return, but now I pretty much need the spare cash - and lately she's been coming by and taking them all when I'm not home.

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We listen to music from our computer. Right now there are just speakers in the living room. I would like to eventually add a set of speakers in the kitchen and possibly string some out to the back end of our shed near the garden (using some kind of weatherproof housing for the cable, I would imagine, it's about 50' away from the source, partially outdoors). I would like each set of speakers to have an on/off switch. I do not want to use wireless speakers, I want them hardwired.

Does anyone know of a good, cost effective way to accomplish this? I know my way around the basics of AV setups but don't know what kind of equipment one would need to build a system like this, especially using a computer's output as the source.

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If your period was going to start on the first day of fall classes, would YOU adjust your birth control so you'd skip that period so you'd have one less thing to deal with/balance?

If you are on birth control, what kind (edit: what brand)? How long have you been on it?

What are you having for lunch? I'm about to make guacamole and I'm ridiculously excited about it.
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Smarts, football, and career training

 For those of you who are not in college, or who do not have a college degree, how do you measure your smarts?

I am finding it hard to explain to people that I consider myself to be reasonably smart, and intelligent, but most people use college, or having a degree as a basis for this. I am not in college, nor do I have a degree. I've never been particularly academically inclined, but I've been told that I am smart.

Are you doing ESPN or Yahoo Fantasy Football 2009? Are you excited? Who are you hoping to pick?

Have you ever done a Gatlin course in medical billing or medical terminology, or some other sort of career training? Would you recommend it to me?

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Why do cats like to weave in and out of legs?

What kind of over-the-counter painkiller works best for you? Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc. I've heard that instead of taking too much of one kind at once, taking some of all three is best because they all work in different ways––is this true?

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I don't know if anyone has a furnation account here, but I figure someone has. I'm trying to figure out something. Does anyone know if the mods delete your files from your account when you exceed bandwidth or file storage?

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Is the movie Stepbrothers worth watching, or should I pick something on Netflix watch instantly? Nvm, gave up after like 10 minutes, lol. What should I watch instantly on Netflix?

If you were by yourself, far away from everyone you loved for 6 months, what would you like to receive in a care package?
I <3 TLV


I'm in Boston at my aunt's house. What should I do today? We went to Faneuil Hall and the gardens yesterday. I want to do/see very Bostony things! I also like vintage and occult shops if there are any good ones here. I've been here several times before but I've only ever been to the mall and science museum.
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did you ever play final fantasy nine?

i'm dying of boredom so i picked it up

if you didn't, what's your favourite FF? favourite video game in general?

edit: oh yay, looks like i didn't waste my twenty bucks :D
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OKAY TQC. As some of you might know, I am meeting my boyfriend's parents today. Eep!
My boyfriend and I have both decided on my outfit: a modest, but cute black blouse with a black knee-length skirt.

Which color of nail polish should I wear?
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Should I curl my hair or blow dry it straight?
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Say you're doing that thing where you aren't contacting your boyfriend/girlfriend (for good reasons) and are waiting for he/she to do so first.

When they do, should you reply to the text/answer the call? Or keep ignoring them? What exactly are the rules to this odd game? 
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Okay, TQC. Settle this three-year-long debate between my friend and I, plz.

When looking at the lyrics to the song "We Both Go Down Together" by the Decemberists, does the narrator rape the girl in question, or is it consensual? The lyrics are under the cut with the important part in bold.

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Kitty Lick
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Help plz!

I have two cats and a dog and we got fleas! (Not sure where from. I'm assuming the vet hospital when my dog got sick and had to stay overnight. She's all better now besides these fleas!)

We've had them for about 3 weeks now. I've tried flea collars, Frontline flea gel (or whatever it is), flea baths (Bathing cats is funnnnnnnnnnn!), and some flea furniture spray.

I've cleaned my entire apartment to the best of my ability this weekend, twice over. Five loads of laundry, two full bags of vacuumed dust and hair, and the entire house dusted and sprayed.

But I'm still seeing fleas on my animals.

What else can I do? :(

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I just moved to Oldenburg, Germany last Monday. I don't start classes for two weeks. Anyone near the area that wants to meet up? I'm super lonely.
And for everyone else: What do you do to feel less lonely?

come and play...everything's A-ok

who is the quintessential Sesame Street character? The ONE you always think of when you think of Sesame Street?

Big Bird
Cookie Monster
Kermit the Frog
Oscar the Grouch
some other fringe character which i will explain in comments
idk anything about Sesame Street
oh suzer, can you tell me how to to get to Sesame Street?

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1. Have you ever bought (or sold) an online game character? Or do you know anyone who buys and/or sells characters? How much money typically changes hands? How long does it take to develop a salable character?

2. Have you ever been to a foam party? What did you wear? What did you do? What did you see? Would you go again?

3. Uh... there's something dripping down your leg. Would you like to borrow a couple of tissues?


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I am currently residing in the Toronto area of Ontario, CA. I am addicted to the show Trueblood, and I mean addicted, but there's no one around here that has HBO CA. I'm spazzing because there is little time left to find an alternate way to watch the newest episode that premiers tonight. Is there a site that will let me stream the new episode some time tomorrow? I'm opposed to downloading, but if it is necessary, I will make the sacrifice. Any suggestions?

If you don't care about my dire situation, what's the kool-aid flavor that you can't stand?
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communication with ex, when theres a kid involved..

So my fiance broke up with me.

We were supposed to be working things out and all of the sudden on Tuesday when I asked him what was going on and if we were still together, he said he couldnt be with me right now. And used alot of stupid excuses. Of course at first I was crying and begging him back. The next day I called him in the morning and told him i loved him, he said i do to.

After that I just stopped. Calling and texting.
The thing is he keeps calling me. And for the first 2 days he was texting to say goodnight and goodmorning. Now it has slowed down.

We have a son together and he is in the military so we will ALWAYS have to keep in touch. I understand that. But I send him atleast 2 videos of his son everyday. Isnt that enough?? I got another cellphone, which he doesnt have the number to. So I am using this one for my friends and the guys I am talking to =p But the cellphone I use to talk to him I usually just put it on silent or turn it off so I dont have to answer his calls. I know this seems mean, but I dont see the reason to speak to him unless its about his son..

What you you think? If anyone has been in this position how do you go about this?

And yes, I want him back. Badly. But I am being strong and keeping my feelings well well hidden. I am always nice to him and just cut the calls short. But after a few minutes I just want to say "I miss you.. I love you" and thats BAD! Please help =(


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I was just at Walgreens and this guy wearing short shorts(!) bought $130 worth of candy. He put back eye drops and toothpaste because that made the total too high.
Why does he need all this candy?

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Have you ever passed out/fainted/been knocked unconscious (not counting passing out drunk)? How did it happen?

I've fainted several times before, but today was the first time someone else caused it. My boyfriend and I were play fighting and he squeezed me between his legs so hard that he squeezed all the breath out of me and I passed out!
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Imagine you're a guy a sec.

Imagine you went out for a night out with your friends whilst yout GF had a "sleepover" with her friends.

Imagine one of her friends is depressed and gets really bad nightmares, so doesn't like to sleep alone. Oh, and she's a lesbian.

So you come home from your night out to find your GF asleep in the same bed as the lesbian.

What's your reaction?

Someone I know did this (she's the lesbian). Her friend's BF came home and went psycho at her friend because she "slept with a lesbian!" And now friend and BF are arguing and she feels responsible. And is getting more depressed.

jack sad

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Why do there seem to be so many problems with airplanes/helicopters/whatever and crashing? Just seems like an awlful lot.

How many famous people can you think of that have died in plane crashes? I can think of 4 right of the top of my head
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You've made a stupid post that has quickly descended into you being insulted, flamed, memed and torn apart on a site like c_suck_snark, tqc_drama or stupid_free.

What is the correct course of action in this kind of situation, so as to preserve your dignity and not make the situation any worse? Make an apology post? Reply to every poster? Or just delete your accounts, change your name and move to a country that doesn't have internet access?
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Hi, TQC, I'm fucked and I'd like some sagely advice from a wise audience.
I'm currently disabled but may be able to (begin to) relearn to walk around the first week of September. I need a job very badly but cannot work retail for obvious reasons, unless I really want to fuck up my healing process. Would it be worth it to start applying for clerical/admin/call center jobs now and attempt to explain to them that I will not be able to work until the first or second week of September? The job market here is really bad. I also can't drive yet, and my dad has to take me everywhere. I have a doctor's appointment on the 27th and get a lot more answers then, and hopefully will also gain a walking cast so I can at least drive. I applied for disability but haven't heard yet.
Other than Craigslist, where do you even start to look for clerical positions?
What would you recommend I do? I'm really not even sure where to turn next at this point.

Do you have anything you could bitch and rant and rave about? Go ahead!

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Where is the best/cheapest place to get printer ink?

I have an HP Photosmart C8180 and according to, it is going to cost me roughly $70 for replacement ink cartridges. I so don't want to spend that kind of money. :/

How was your weekend?

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Say you have a 20 year old son or daughter still living at home with you. What do you allow them to do? Do they have a curfew? Can they just come in and out as they please? Where do you draw the line with how they behave in your house?
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Hair ?

Say you go to a salon to get your hair bleached. If it isn't the right shade, it's orange-y, or something else is wrong will they rebleach it for no cost? Does it just depend on the salon or should I be able to expect to walk out of the salon satisfied & only paying for one bleach?

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people of western new york: do you think you're going to lose power tonight? do you like the lightning? are your animals safe?!

people elsewhere: do you wish you had the gnarly storm we're having?

radar for those who are interested.
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universal remotes suck

Okay, I have this remote right here. It looks just like that. On the inside of the battery compartment, it says RCR312W. It doesn't have a sleep button, but a 'go back' button instead.

I thought I had it programmed to control my tv, but I don't. I just moved back to school and I don't have the instructions. None of the instructions I can find on the internet will work with it because it doesn't have a flippin' 'code search' key.

TQC, if you have this remote and the instructions, will you PLEASE tell me how to run the autoprogram on it or how to program it manually?

EDIT: son of a biscuit, one of my friends found it JUST as i posted this entry. for posterity, here's how to do it.
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So I'm on a slimfast diet right now. I'm going away to a rural art school as a workstudy for two weeks and can't decide if I should bring my own supply and be weird and shady and embarrassed about it and be "that girl who won't eat meals with us", or stop for two weeks and potentially ruin my momentum. Any thoughts? I realize this may be loly for some and I am okay wit dat.

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1)How do conservative pundits manage to write so many books about how Obama is ruining America, and he hasn't been in office a year? I think there are two new ones this month.

2)Does your library have a new books section?

3)What are you procrastinating about?

Doing my portfolio.
Quinn Twin

Selling a Car on eBay?

Has anyone here ever sold (or bought) a car on ebay? I'm trying to sell my husband's old car and craigslist has been disappointing. Tell me anything about it you'd like! Thanks guys!

Also, if you want to reassure me my car will sell in the next three weeks (before I go to my con), that would be awesome!

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As I've mentioned before, I've just bought my first car. It's a 1997 Renault Clio. I have no knowledge of cars so any help is appreciated.

I sat in the car the other day for maybe 2 hours listening to the radio. When I went in today and turned the key, I got a small rumble out the engine then it died completley.  

Also,the light in the following photograph (bottom right of photo) glowed orange for a bit then went out. Collapse )

Do you know what the icon is? Why is my car dead?

Any tips/advice you can give me to looking after the car?

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I just tried to drink some liquor and it gave me heartburn. I am an old lady y/y?

My kid is sick. How can I get him to stop crying and go to sleep?

What did you have for dinner?

What is your favorite foreign country?
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 I just found pictures of my little sister dancing around in a bathing suit (mine) in my trash on my computer. She took them with the webcam. She is not allowed to use my computer.

What is proper revenge? Creative answers encouraged.
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what do you do when you're lonely/have nobody to talk to?

is it better to come to a party late but with gifts/food, or on time but with nothing at all?

what are some things you need at a child's first birthday party? would you invite other kids and parents over and spend the day with just your own family?

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TQC females:

You walk into the ladies washroom. It has three empty stalls. Do you take the stall closest to the door, the middle stall or the stall furthest away from the door?

TQC males:

Same questions, but with urinals.

I read somewhere once that the middle stall is the dirtiest because so many people use it, while the stall that's closest to the door is the cleanest because people assume it's the most frequently used (and thus the dirtiest).

Have you ever used Omegle? Does the concept of anonymous one-on-one chat with randomly selected strangers interest you, scare you, or bore you?

My boyfriend's flight is delayed until 11:56 tonight. I should make him help me take out the garbage at work, y/n? (I work in the same airport).

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let's say i have two coupons. one is for $1 off two boxes of general mills ceral and one is for $1 off three boxes of general mills cereal. they both say that i can't use them with any other coupon. what will happen if i try to use both on the same three boxes?

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a few pro-sports questions:

1. you know how during sports events, sometimes dunkin donuts will have a race between biggie bagel, cuppy coffee and dashing donut on the jumbotron? have you ever been in the section that won, and if so, did you redeem your ticket for a free coffee or tea? (biggie bagel won today, and i feel like i should celebrate his victory.)

2. have you ever gone to a professional sports game when you were rooting for the visiting team, or better yet, worn the opposing team's logo? did people give you dirty looks and/or harass you?

pathetic = me.

TQC, I just got back from a day at the beach. I spent about an hour out boarding and met a really nice, interesting AND cute guy. We exchanged first names and discussed our lives with each other while in the water, but we ended up getting separated and I had to leave before I could find him again!

I know the general area of where he lives, which is in another state, but myspace and facebook have been an epic fail without a last name. What do I do? Give up? I don't want to be a creeper but I'm really regretting not getting his number. :(