August 8th, 2009


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TQC, it's my birthday as it's just gone midnight in England ;)

What shall I spend my birthday money on? I'm hoping people will buy me drinks tonight so don't suggest alcohol :P

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I was supposed to go to a concert tonight but it got canceled due to the venue having no power. Any of you guys been in a situation like that? I don't think the show is being rescheduled, so what are the chances of me getting my $23.75 back? I'd call Ticketmaster and ask them but it's after midnight. Oh, and the show isn't even on Ticketmaster's list of canceled/postponed shows, wtf!?
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It was a slow afternoon at work today, and during idle chitchat with coworkers I discovered one of them was absolutely clueless about the myth of Oedipus.

1. Isn't that a pretty basic cultural literacy thing in Western society?

2. What was the last thing you heard that made your jaw drop?

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TQC, I feel like I always (or way too often) ask questions about your pets, but I'm going to ask more.

Will you post a picture of your pet and tell us why you looooooooooooooove them????? Will you tell us a story about why your pet is so great/awesome/fantastic or mischievous/demonic/out to get you?

I don't have any pets, so I'd like to live vicariously through you guys, please.

EDIT: What is your pet's name???

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In about 4 and 1/2 hours a group of friends and I are leaving for Florida. This will be the first trip I've ever taken without parental supervision of any kind. Where was your first friends only, no parents trip to?

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without googling anything, can you tell me what The Wiz is?

i'm finding more and more people don't even know what it is, or didn't until, well, you know. it's one of those movies like Jaws or Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that i've always meant to watch but haven't gotten around to but i still know exactly what it is and kind of assumed everyone else did. but i watched A LOT of VH1 was a kid.
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Do you have one of those names that's commonly nicknamed? Like Elizabeth to Liz or Lizzie, or Daniel to Dan.

If so, do you prefer the nicking? Don't mind it? Hate it?

[from a Scott, who doesn't know of any decent nicknames for his name]

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Help me, TQC. You're not my only hope, but I'd appreciate some opinions.

I'm getting my hair cut within the next few weeks, so it's nice when I go back to school. I wanna change it up a bit, but I don't know how. I can't change my part or get proper bangs of any kind because I have a ridiculous cowlick right at my forehead. I've tried, and it just kinda puffed and fell back where it was. I've been just getting a couple simple layers, and some shorter pieces at the front to kind of help frame my face. But I wanna do something different. I've always wanted to cut it short, but all the short hairstyles I've looked at aren't possible for me, and I'm a little bit of an egghead so I'm afraid having my hair too short will just emphasize it. Am I being ridiculous? What should I do with my hair?

If I can find a picture of my current hair that will help on my harddrive, I will edit it in.

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it's a known thing that no one's getting their comments emailed to them, right? is there any word on when they're going to bother fixing comment notifications?

if you ARE getting comments, what email do you use?

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TQC, I'm trying to become more in I'd like to learn how to sew.

Can anyone recommend a decent sewing machine that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? My birthday is coming up and I'm thinking about asking the husband for one.

Any tips? I'm wanting to start out with making blankets and maybe graduate to making my own clothes if I can get good enough at it.
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Are The Elephants Having A Meltdown?

After reading this article, I have some questions...

Is the Republican party capable of discussing the issues these days or have they disintegrated into a bunch of meeting-disrupting whiners who can only yell and be disruptive? And why, when when someone asks them about their political affiliation, have they taken to denying that they are Republicans? Do they actually think they are fooling people as their political motivations?

Instead of heckling and otherwise disrupting meetings, why can't Republicans politely participate in the debate process? Are there any intelligent, coherent Republicans left or did Bush/Palin run them all off?

Do you think they actually have a coherent argument against single-payer healthcare or are they just being anti-anything-Obama?

ETA: I have to go run an errand for my kid. I will be back to read the answers. I am not being anti-Republican. I'm just frustrated with the niose the rabble-rousers are making. I want to hear details on how the Republicans address the insurance issue. I feel the noisy people are making that hard for me. I prefer hearing more sides to an issue.

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My puppydog is not feeling well and has diarrheaed all over the floor off-white carpet twice this morning so far, and she won't go when I take her outside. :( I put her in her kennel to take a nap for a little while, partially because I don't want her to go on the carpet again. Have you ever used those house-training pads with any success? I have a bunch left from when I house-trained her last year which we never ended up using, and I don't want to coop her up all day OR have to clean up her poop every other hour. :(

Why the hell is Hilary Duff in a movie about singing? Girl cannot sing to save her life.

What are your plans for today? I have a date with a long-lost friend who's in town with her family :) YAAAAAY!
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I bought potatoes to make for dinner tomorrow with my boyfriend's parents (for those of you following at home, I will tqc_updates that shit), and have far too many than I need. I am hungry. What sort of potato goodness should I make for myself for lunch? I only have the basic staples (seasonings, butter, milk, etc).

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does anyone know where i can get some good bandaging tape? you know, like Walgreens or something.

i have some scar tissue on the tip of my right middle finger that hurts like a goddamn bitch when it gets hit with any kind of force. so i bought some first aid tape at Target to tape it up while i'm downstairs packing up my storage locker and lugging things around. only this tape is like, fabric or paper or something IDK and it really sucks. it's super thin and isn't going to help shit but it was all they had.

also, does anyone have any other/better suggestions for keeping it protected when i'm doing stuff? i'm always smacking it on the bus and stuff and uggggh.

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Have you or anyone you know been outright denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition?

If you don't know or don't care, are you planning on seeing "The Time Traveler's Wife"?

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When you run a bath, do you like to get in when it's empty and play around as the water fills up, or do you do it like in the movies where you draw a full bath and turn off the water before you get in?

I do it the first way. I really savor the feeling of hot water slowly creeping up over my body, especially in the winter when I'm very cold.

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Haro TQC! I have a raw steak in my freezer that's about four days past its use-by date... is it still safe to eat?

Do you ever eat expired food?

Is it usually out of laziness, because you don't want to waste food, or for some other reason?
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Do you have any feelings or opinions on Zooey Deschenel?

I'm sort of fascinated by her. I think that if I were attracted to girls I'd be smitten with her, but as it is, I'm just jealous of how cool she is. Watching 500 Days of Summer, where she's playing "The Perfect Girl" was weirdly tortuous.
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what's your favorite kind of soda?
sprite is mine.

would you tell your dad/mom if your mom/dad cheated on them and you found out?
i recently just told my dad about my mom cheating on him on and off for the past few years. she told me i couldn't tell because 'i'd ruin the family', but since she already did that, i decided to tell him last night.

is your bed on a frame or on the floor?
mine is currently on the floor since my frame broke and i need to fix it soon :[

plain and simple!

What do you think the health-care system in America should be like? 

What do you, personally, want from your healthcare provider?  What are the benefits/flaws about your current healtcare situation(ex- insured by an employer, independently insured, uninsured, etc, etc)?
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TQC, my beloved cocker spaniel has super itchy ears, and they've been this way since was a small puppy. Can you recommend something to help heal her ears? Mom is against taking her to the vet, and we've tried one brand of ear mite treatment that did not help.

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I was in a store today (Fred Meyers) and when I cam out to my car I saw that the back bumper had been hit by, I assume, someone backing out of their spot. No one saw anything at all. I asked Fred Meyers if they would review the surveillance tapes and they said only if i had a police report.

So I thought, no problem, but as it turns out, with something as small as this a police report is a pain in the butt:

Its going to take At Lease 45 days.
There is a fee in order to obtain a copy to give to Fred Meyers.
and there is a chance I will only be able to file a complaint, which apparently is different somehow and not good enough for Fred Meyers.

What should I do, anything? Is it just a "Shit, Life happens" thing is there another course of action I can take? :(

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Do you notice women getting more religious after having children? A few high school friends who never seems to be all into bible study and church stuff are now all about it after having kids. Is it because of the kids? Those of you with kids, have you found this to be true?
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my firefox no longer goes to a website when i type in a keyword in the address bar... eg i used to be able to type tqc and it would take me to tqc and i never had to type .com after addresses. BUT NOW I DO. i may have changed something in about:config on accident but i have no idea... anyone know how to get it back to the way it was?

nevermind i fixed it... a while back stupid avg changed my default search engine so i changed it back to google in about:config but i guess firefox uses a special url for this. i reset it and it works fine now.

NEW QUESTION what's your favorite mixed drink?

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You guys, I have this friend and I'm sort of worried about him. He drank everyday this week and I am judging him right now because he seems to love being naked after excessive drinking.

Collapse )

Does my friend have a problem or is he just living the dream of a college student?

Will you show us some photos you have untagged on facebook?

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My ultimate dream job is to construct offender profiles for the FBI.  Obviously I can't just jump into the FBI, so what do I do to get started? What do I major in at college? I would love to work in crime (like crime scenes/forensics)--what jobs are out there that make this possible? 

If you don't know or don't care, what is your dream job?
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I am having the most ridiculous time trying to find a 35mm film camera I *like* and is suitable. I've looked at eBay, done Shopzilla, perused Craigslist, and have considered paying full price for a plastic POS (I prefer older cameras).
Where does this leave me with options?

What are you having a hard time with right now?

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Were you allowed into your parents room when you were growing up?

When I lived with my mom and step-dad I was very rarely allowed inside their room. I'm allowed into my grandparents room always.

What was the last thing to bum you out?

I went to register for fall classes the other day and got super excited but when I got there I was told I wouldn't be able to get into the classes I want until spring semester. Now I just have more time on my hands to get nervous.


One of my tvs recently died and I'm looking to replace it with a 42"  HDTV, but beyond that I have no idea what's good or bad. So what are some good tvs I should look at and what should I avoid?
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Dinner poll

Poll #1441500 Veggies

I am making baked chicken & rice for dinner tonight. Which vegetable should I have with it?

Green beans
Brussels sprouts
Mixed Vegetables
Screw veggies, let's just have rice & chicken.
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If you met someone from the internet, how long did you talk to them before meeting face to face?

What was the last thing you ate?

I have half an avocado left over, what can I do with it?

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ok so i have this little crush on this guy at work. we're total buds now and we're always LOLing up a storm on our breaks. i happened to find out his full name when i was going through some papers at work, so i looked him up on Facebook and found him. i want to add him but he doesn't list our job in his profile, we don't have any friends in common and he's never straight up told me his last name.

is it gonna be weird if i do? he's a super chill, chatty guy, so he's not reserved or anything, so i'm thinking he might not flip but i don't know.

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Please only answer this if you know what you're talking about... I understand maybe nobody does but I'm worried.

I have 3 foster kittens in my rescue right now that are 3 weeks old.. I've never personally fostered ORPHANS this young before.. as in, they can't poop for themselves.

I feed them every 4-6 hours, KMR.  I "poop them" with a warm damp cloth about 3 times a day.. around meals ... but they don't go every time.  Each one poops AT LEAST once a day.. sometimes twice.. but never more than that.  But they do poop every single day.  They are 3 1/2 weeks and otherwise seem very healthy.  Is this enough pooping?

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What kind of model should I put together: Airplane or a Train? Or something else entirely?

Or should I just go on a midnight photography spree?

When was the last time someone bailed on you? Was it a legit excuse or some bs?
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To the college students here

Should I buy or rent my next batch of schoolbooks? My next batch is mostly gen eds with no science requirements.

Do you buy your textbooks? Rent them? Photocopy them along with a willing accomplice? Any other options?
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If you have one, what do you do when you hang out with your SO? I need ideas, pretty desperately. We've got the eating/rent a movie/cuddle/make out thing down pretty well. I need something else to do with him.
Keep in mind we live in a pretty small area. We have beaches, a nice downtown area in the next town over and... that's about it. Suggestions?
Also preferably cheap/free activities.
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Inspired by a post a little ways down the page...

If you caught your teenage kids smoking pot, would you care? What would you say to them, if anything?

I'd probably prefer that illegal substances weren't kept in my home, but I wouldn't be very upset about my kids smoking, especially if they had jobs and were paying for it themselves, and if they were doing well in school and the pot wasn't affecting their lives in a negative way.

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What's the longest you've gone without a shower and why? 
I went a week and a half once without taking a shower. I had mono and was too sick to get off the couch, seriously.

How long can you go without washing your hair before it looks disgusting? 
Two days.

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How do you decide what new books to read? Word of mouth? A book club? Just close your eyes and point at one?

I've been wanting to pick up something new, but I don't even know where to start.

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Are there any examples of a place or three where the official names for things/places/etc of import are dual language? That is, on any formal documents (such as maps, etc) it must have the names from both languages?

Even better if there's any with more. I'm also interested in places where it may not be official, but is very common to see/hear both versions used.

This is from an assignment, but isn't for the assignment itself; I don't actually need the information, but a statement from someone in one of the articles I read made me wonder. I'm just analyzing differences between two articles about the same thing, but a quote in them was, "Where else could you go in the world and the locals have actually two names for everywhere?" I can't help thinking, "Umm, surely quite a few, we're not exactly the only multicultural society in the world?"

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It's Saturday night.
My fiance is working.
My "girl date" got canceled.
Now I'm wondering,
do I go see the movie we were planning to see by myself at 8 or
do I sit home and have a few beers, crochet and relax?
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Where can I find recent episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras(that TLC show about beauty pagaents)???

I've tried googling and the TLC website, but I'm looking for really recent episodes.
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When was the first time you travelled alone? Where did you go? Did you enjoy it?

I leave tomorrow morning for a three-week trip through Asia by myself. I'm looking forward to it but I'm really nervous, worried that I'll get homesick and that I won't enjoy myself because of that. Can you tell me anything that you think might make me feel better? Or do I just have to suck it up and hope I don't hate the whole experience?

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Do you like any mythological creatures? Which ones, and why?

I used to like vampires. I read the Vampire Chronicles when I was 14/15 and even had a shirt saying "I'd rather be a vampire" and my informative speech in Forensics was about vampires. But now Anne Rice is considered a psychopath and Twilight has taken over the vampire franchise so those days are pretty much over.
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I'm starting a new diet tomorrow. I plan on doing lots of cleaning and reading and fapping?, but what other kinds of things can I do to keep my mind of teh fudz? I have a bad habit of eating out of boredom, and it's turned me into a lardass.
(srs and non-srs answers)

ETA Currently I bike and walk for exercise and knit for funsies.

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Will you tell me about the last time your family completely embarrassed you?

Today was my Dad's birthday and we had a big family party. Being that my boyfriend's parents are in town for the first time, we invited them to meet everyone.   My aunt showed up completely wasted to the party and decided telling my boyfriend's parents that my former uncle is now a woman and how she want to 3 some with him/her would be a great way to break the news to the entire family.   I was so mortified.

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In which medium is it most depressing when characters die? Movies, television shows, books, etc?

Definitely books, I think. In movies and tv you know that the individual did not, in fact, die, and this is especially confirmed when you see that actor in another production, but in books- where the character exists as a real person, at least in your imagination- they really do die. That book and that death really is the end of them, if you know what I mean.


I'm having my tonsils removed in 13 days, I'm 20.

TQC, if you've had your tonsils removed, what was your recovery like?
What were your favourite foods/things to drink during that time?
How long did it take to recover?
When were you able to go out again?
If you could have done one thing when you were recovering differently, what would it be?
Any advice for me about what to expect?
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A lot of people I know seem to think the H1N1 pandemic is a scam.. basically big pharmaceutical companies making up a virus in a bid to get us to buy hand sanitisers, pills etc etc. What are your thoughts?

Not bothered? Well, will you tell me some random fact about yourself?
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Pretend you're a teenager still living at home, if you're not. Would you rather get caught by your parents smoking pot, or masturbating? And you're obviously doing one or the other. No way to cover what you were really doing. :P
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Do you find anything about this store concept "offensive"?

Apparently, the WHO is making a big deal out of this place even being open.  They even had a locally-televised debate!  I haven't been there, but I am tempted, just for the experience.