August 6th, 2009

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My cat peed on my shower tote. I have it soaking in a sink full of hot soapy dawn right now. I'm supposed to move into the dorm tomorrow (I'm student teaching this semester). TQC, after I rinse it, can I throw this thing in the dryer with a load of clothes and it'll be dry by morning?
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Would any of you like to go on a boat to Antarctica with me?


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how much have you changed since you were 17?

i'm 17 (18 on the 26th!) and right now, it seems like everything just keeps going wrong & it's never gonna work out for me. i don't see a future where i am happy. i don't have any friends anymore, i don't have a boyfriend anymore, i can't find a job. i'm starting college, but since i'm living at home instead of a dorm i feel like nothing will change that much.

ugh. i know i probably sound whiney, but i just want reassurance that life is not filled with teen angst, and things do get better. pls halp, tqc.

ETA: thanks, everyone! i just needed a bit of reality.

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How do I go about finding a regular doctor? I've only been going to the walk-in clinic, but I need some anti-depressants & I'd rather find a regular physician (can't afford a psychiatrist). I don't want to use my parents' doctor.

What's the last movie you saw in theaters? Did you like it?

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You lose/forget your wallet in a cab.
Someone first facebook messages you to tell you they have your wallet which they'll return to you, then they call you the next day.
How do you feel about this?

(Because thats what i'm doing and now I feel embarrassed that I may be doing something weird!)

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I was stung by a yellow jacket about 10 hours ago, and the area surrounding the sting (about an inch in diameter) is numb. Is this normal? My google-fu isn't working.

If you don't know/don't care, what's the most thrilling thing you've done so far this summer season?
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There's a slightly not all there guy living next door to me. He spends his time with his apartment door wide open, punching a punching bag while watching religious TV and preaching back at it. Last night I walked by his door just in time to hear him yell, "All you motherfuckers need to get yo asses in line with JESUS!!!" Am I the only one who finds this insanely amusing?

Have you ever been hit in the head with a ceiling fan? Care to share how? Any lasting scars from it?
Yep. When I was about 12, I was sitting on my friend's top bunk and leaned a little too far forward. I have a slight dent in my head now, but other than that I'm fine.
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my friends step moms son has a son that is 14. he was actually suppose to be a twin but she lost one. she never told him that he was actually suppose to be a twin. she says she doesnt want to tell him because she doesnt want him to turn into one of those people who think "i always knew something was missing" blah blah blah. she just wants him to live a normal life and never have the burden of knowing.

is this wrong? what would you do?

i don't know what i would do. both sides of what you could do have pros and cons.
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I have trouble getting motivated to study and/or write papers. I've heard that the color you paint your walls can have an effect on moods and whatnot, such as some colors making you hungry or something like that, which I don't want because my husband and I already have problems with eating too much . So, I'm wondering . . .

1. What color should I paint my study/office (at home) to help motivate me?

2. What color(s) should I avoid painting anywhere in my house because they are likely to make me hungry?

EDIT: Regardless of the above . . .
3. What color would you choose for the paint in a study/office?
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So I just picked up knitting a few weeks ago, right?

I was wondering if I could use a pair of size 6 knitting needles, with yarn that's suggested for size 7 knitting needles? Does that work?

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Will you explain your most intense sexual experience?

My boyfriend of ten months broke up with me on the fourth of July. We got back together last Tuesday, and spent the night at our friend's house. We were on the floor and started kissing which lead to the most intense, emotional sex of my life. I almost cried because I was so happy to be back with him, and got to let out all my pent up sexual frustrations. (I had sex with three guys during our short break up (I know, bad.) and one lasted LITERALLY ten seconds, and the other called sex "doing it" and giggled about it. Needless to say, I was just glad to have real sex again.)

TL;DR: Make up sex is THE best.
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Animal ethics post, cus I'm bored.

Is disciplining a kitten by scruffing them cruel?

Are shock collars cruel?

Is it okay to declaw a cat?

Should cropping and docking in dogs be banned/discouraged?

Can a former fighting dogs be rehabilitated or is it most humane to put them down?

Do you support low, no, or high kill shelters?

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Is anything pissing you off lately? Want to talk about it?

If not, who is the biggest over-reactor/big baby you know?

Edited to change sluttiest to overreactor because I hate calling girls who have sex sluts. I am full of shame over this hypocritical mistake. :(

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When you say them, do the words tour and pour rhyme? If they do, where are you from?

A friend of mine insists on pronouncing tour like pour, even though no one else around here pronounces it that way. She thinks it should be pronounced that way because they both have our in them, but doesn't pronounce our or hour wrong.

Though it'd be funny if she said hour that way, because it'd sound like "I'll be there in one whore."
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I just looked over my financial aid for the upcoming school year and discovered a random departmental scholarship for $950 that I was previously unaware of! Woo! The name of the scholarship is SRTP - Theatre according to my financial aid overview, but searching "SRTP" on my school's website reveals no hits. What could SRTP stand for?

What's the last unexpected good fortune you've had?
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i am moving all alone 300 miles from home. i am going to need to rent some kind if u-haul type truck. i need to bring some boxes, a table, a couch and a chair (big cushy chair)

have you had experience with moving vans that you rent/drive yourself?
what company do you recommend?
how much money could i expect to spend?

if this doesn't apply to you:
what did you have for breakfast?
when eating cereal, do you usually have just one bowl, or do you go back for seconds?

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I need to watch some light-hearted action movies, like ones with Jackie Chan or The Rock in them. I've seen all of two, The Rundown and some Jackie Chan movie that I don't remember the name of. I also watched and enjoyed Kung Fu Hustle. What should I watch next?

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 I've just started reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I really want to know one thing. Maybe it's answered later in the book, but it's bugging me: If all people go to New Pretty Town and become pretty, how are there still people in Uglyville? Parents, teachers, whoever. Weren't they supposed to be turned pretty?
I realize enough time has passed through generations that it's not only younger people who are turning pretty

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I was taking a nap this afternoon when the sound of an ice cream truck woke me up. I shot out of bed and got dressed, grabbed a few dollars and ran upstairs. Got out onto the porch, saw it across the street about 200 feet away. I just stood there. I was too embarrassed to go get anything.

What insignificant but nevertheless depressing thing has happened to you lately?
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There's a movie I'm trying to think of the title to. It's a horror movie, and it's a cartoon. It's not Coraline, but came out a little before Coraline, in the past 3 years, possibly only 2. It might be a collection of short cartoon horror movies. It might be foreign, but I don't think so. Any clue? Thanks mondayrf!

What's the last thing you downloaded?

What's the last thing you purchased?

ETA: Oh, do you have any pictures of itty-bitty, teeny-tiny tattoos that you can share? (inspired by xsuddenlynowx's post)

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If you have a rangetop/oven with a pilot, is your oven always noticeably warm even when off? How warm to the touch is your rangetop/oven?

I know there are four small flames under the metal surface of the range, and a separate pilot for my oven in the bottom area, yet I'm still worried that my oven dial is miscalibrated or something and is always "on" at a low temperature even when it says it's "off," thus wasting gas and money.

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I like decorating/color-coding my notebooks/materials for school, and this year I'm getting a bit of a late start. I have no idea how I want to decorate most of my stuff!  I know  that I want to do my AP spanish stuff with little Dia de los Muertos skulls.  How should I do my other classes (AP english, APUS History, Math, Physics, etc.)?  srs/non srs both welcome. :)

did/do you do this when you were/are in school?

In other news, what's your favorite method of memorizing things?

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Haha so I updated my resume and cover letters and printed out a bunch to hand to employers. But I dated them the 8th on accident. Can I still hand them out?

What are you eating?
- cheddar and sour cream ruffles, mango juice, dried apricots, and orange cream savers. I have an orange food problem.

How has your day been?

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1. What items do you buy every time you go grocery shopping?

2. You just moved to a new apartment [ETA: from another apartment! Not moved out for the first time ever]. What items do you buy in addition to those in the first question [household stuff in addition to groceries]?

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I'm getting my third tattoo next Wednesday, and I've run out of tattoo communities to read.

Will you share pictures of your tattoos, their stories, or horror stories, or anything tattoo related?

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I'm going to buy you a gift. What is the one thing that would make you gasp? What would render you utterly speechless at the thoughtfulness, insight and generosity of such a gift?

ETA: Y'all aren't getting very deep, I'm seeing.

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Lol omg Miley Cyrus' little sister and the bonus Jonas are recording music and being the voice actors for some new animated Disney movie coming out soon.

Who else feels like this is the unknown siblings getting thrown a bone?
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How do you feel about this shirt? What would your reaction be to seeing someone wearing it in public?
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Or if you have absolutely no opinion, is the current season in your hemisphere to your liking? It's just coming into spring here and I am SO PSYCHED for t-shirt weather.

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Do you prefer your meatball subs with a few large meatballs or a bunch of tiny balls?
I'm not going to lie, I like big balls.

If your too cool for meatball subs, what your least favorite city in the state/province/whatfuckingeverjusttoincludeeveryone you live in?
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Recently two shootings happened in my area. one where a fifteen year old accidentally shot her friend, and one where a nine year old accidentally shot his little brother. The fifteen year old was charged with manslaughter but not the nine year old.

Should it have been this way?

Do you think that the fifteen year old should have been charged at all?

What should have happened?

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If a guy goes to his best friend for advice about  potentially breaking up with his girlfriend because he's confused about his feelings, is this a good or bad sign? 

Like, do you think he's going to him for support, or is he looking to have his friend talk him out of it/tell him it's a bad idea? As in, he's having doubts about leaving the relationship because he wants to make it work?

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TQC, I'm spending time with my long-lost bff tonight. What movie should we rent? I'm in the mood for an insane, aesthetically pleasing movie like Pan's Labyrinth or Perfume.

What's the last movie you saw? What did you think of it?

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I'm going to head to Borders soon to pick out a book for me to read on a six hour flight to California in a few weeks (I'm going to Blizzcon in case anyone else from here is going) and I have no idea what to get. I'm looking for a cheap book, preferably out in paperback, and I read mostly scifi/fantasy stuff. Any suggestions?

Edit: Thanks guys! I got Good Omens but I'm putting the other ones suggested on my to-read list. Keep the suggestions coming though, I can always do with a good book :)

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is the "sheer top+cami" combination okay to wear in an office, where the dress code is usually fairly conservative? I work with mostly guys so I can't really ask their opinions... if I follow their example I'll end up wearing nothing but khakis and polos and will forget I'm a girl entirely.

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Does anyone read tarot cards? Have you ever made a deck out of playing cards?

last night I had a dream that this local guy would dig up bodies from graveyards and give them to my grandfather who would then drink their bodily fluids
What is the last messed up dream you had?

Windows woes

Can someone please tell this Mac user how to stop Windows Messenger from automatically starting up in the Windows 7 beta? It always autostarts when I boot my MacBook into Windows, and it's driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance! :D
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TQC, I'm in charge of putting together a shopping list for my office's staff meeting on 8/17.

I need to pick out food and beverages for a breakfast meeting. The only thing is, our student worker is going to go buy everything on Friday, 8/14.

We have a full sized refrigerator for storage. As for cooking, we have a small toaster oven and a microwave.

What should I have the student worker buy for us (There will be 6-7 people present at the meeting) to eat? If she gets muffins or bagels from the bakery, do you think they will still be good come Monday morning? (I'm not a bagel or muffin eater, but that was one of the suggestions from my boss.)
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TQC, I love to travel. I'm thinking about taking a major trip next year sometime... anytime and anyplace, really. The only stipulation is that I'd like to leave the US. Where should I go?

Alternately, will you tell me about your favorite vacation?

Edited so as to include a question mark.
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I got my Dad an early birthday present to see Aerosmith and ZZ Top. I need to give him the tickets tonight or tomorrow and want to do it in a creative way. IDEAS? I am not particularly creative. So far I've got making him a card....and....putting the tickets in the card. LAME. Help please?

And...what was the last thing you bought?

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I wish I could add snarky comments to each status that comes up in my facebook feed with stupid spelling or grammar mistakes.

TQC, what do you wish you could do?

What are some annoying things you see in people's facebook statuses?

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How do you usually respond to people who say "pfft" or "whatever" to your valid argument?

My homosexual roommate used the term faggot in the street and was berated by a group of people who overheard him. Do you think being a part of a minority community gives you an immunity of some kind that allows you to use derogatory terms for your group as a term of endearment? Do you find a homosexual individual using "faggot" or an African American using the n-word socially acceptable?

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I looked up a website with a friend a few weeks ago. You typed in your departure airport and then it pretty much listed every cheap flight from that airport on the given day that you were looking for. Do you know what site that might be?


I'm a bookkeeping assistant. The bookkeeper took off for the last two weeks of August. I've told her that this leaves me with essentially no work but she told me not to mention it to the boss because she doesn't want them to cut my hours. What would you do? (I wouldn't mind having a week off before I go back to school)

Do I:
Continue full time and shut up
Take on my school work schedule (30 hours)
Take the week off (probably not even possible)
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a friend of mine just told me that my ex best friend (we stopped being friends 3 years ago, kind of on my terms. she was/is a bitch and just causes drama.) said that me and my boyfriend being together is 'gross.' & her best friend (who i thought we were on good terms when school ended & talked bad about my ex best friend all the time) agrees and said she's not friends with me any more.
i'm getting bent out of shape about his even though i know it's absolutely ridiculous.
can you tell me why they'd say things like this?
and my boyfriend is not ugly/gross at all. so i'm lost.

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You're starting to date someone new. Things are nice until you notice his/her vanity plate on their car. Which of these plates would make you the most wary?

I &hearts MILEY

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I need to pretend to be sick at work Friday, Monday and Tuesday so I don't have to go in. I have to call every morning to say I won't be there.

What ailment can I have? Any other tips?
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My finacee and I have been best friends for several years, most of those years were as housemates. During those years, and the subsequent nearly a year since we've been a "couple" we have never had an argument or a fight or any butthurt at all.

My question is: Is this healthy?
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My fiances friends are over for his birthday party.

Should I hang out and party with them or leave to the bedroom and watch my child sleep (excuse)? 
I don't want to seem like a bitch....but I'm a bitch.

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My cat's nose drips nonstop when he's happy and purring/kneeding me (like right now, all over my keyboard.) At first I thought this meant cancer or something, so I rushed him to the vet, but it turns out it's just what some cats do when they're really happy. Does anyone else's cat drip with happiness like this?

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my so & i are planning a trip in january. we want to go to either ROME or AMSTERDAM. since it's winter, he says he'd rather go to rome since amsterdam would be more cold.

my best friend lived in rome for a semester and can help us out. i really want to see amsterdam, though. i like weed, but i think i like gelato more. omg :(

which should we go to?
which city has cheaper expenses?
have any of you been to either? tell me some good & bad things.

i would do both but i think flying from rome to amsterdam is not in the budget. boo.

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I'm on the public termional in the Dubai airp[ort.
Are all my accounts goping to be hacked?

I think I'm surrounded by least they LOOK like terrorists....AM I GONNA DIE??

Which weird place have you logged in from?

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TQC, I still have fleas. I treated all my cats with Frontline spray, and while they're not scratching as much as before, they still are scratching a couple times a day (I've not been bitten since one night a week and a half ago). I did a treatment of Diamataceous Earth on my carpets, bed, and upholstery, and I just read it's not as effective in humid climates (and I live in Houston, aka Humidcity). I washed all my bedding in hot water and ran it through the dryer. It's been a week. I'd flea bomb the place, but I live in an apartment and the vents between units are connected (so I can smell everything my neighbor cooks).

What do I do? How long does it take for Frontline and Diamataceous Earth to work? Should I give the cats another treatment of Frontline spray (though I'm afraid that's too much chemical for them)? Should I do another treatment of Diamataceous Earth? Is there something else I can do that isn't a fuck ton of chemicals? I have some Sentry Natural Defense. Should I try that?

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TQC, my first ever made from scratch apple pie is in the oven. Well...actually, my first ever apple pie period is in the oven. I'm almost nervous to see how it turns out!

Do you get anxious when you make a new recipe?

Are you disappointed if it doesn't work?


I just started a new job at a candle factory and made the rookie mistake of thinking proper lifting technique was only necessary for lifting weight. After bending over at the waist all week to pick up empty boxes, I've learned my lesson. Are there any stretches, yoga positions, vitamins, ANYTHING to reduce swelling and pain by tomorrow so I can make it through my 8 hour shift tomorrow? I already took ibuprofen and did the icy hot patch thing.
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The only thing I know about my boyfriend's parents are the following:
- They're Ukrainian (they moved here when he was 6)
- They're Jewish, but aren't very religious at all (Passover and the like are observed, but that's about it)
- They're as old as my grandparents
- His dad works for the MTA and his mom is a psychologist of some sort.
- His dad's English "can be funny at times"

He does not have any more info to offer about them, but I AM MEETING THEM ON SUNDAY.
I have never done the official "meeting the parents" thing, so this is stressing me out, particularly because I love him so fucking much and my last relationship was bitter because I didn't get along with his mother.

He's cooking chicken parm, his mom is making some sort of apple-based dessert, and I'm bringing a side. I want to actually COOK something, not just throw a salad together. What would go with the meal?

If you dk;dc, what is your favorite breakfast food?

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Should I allow culture's restrictive beauty norms dictate my life and engage upon a diet or should I get a midnight snack and remain a fat-ass? If you vote fat-ass should I get chicken salad, chili, peanut butter on crackers, or other (please explain in the space provided below)?

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im so annoyed.
i hate passive aggressiveness

Do you know anyone passive aggressive?
name something someone has done passive aggressive to you


do you ever feel like u have intuition?
like you just ~know~ or ~feel~ something?

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1)how are you a faily mcfailerson[i.e. a person who is a failure]?

2)I have a nice book of depressing stories, and I'm not cheered up. Should I post yet another post things to cheer me up post on TQC and annoy everyone?