August 5th, 2009

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I just found out that sharks exist in fresh water. My sense of security in Lake Huron is completely shattered.

Do you think there are sharks in there or is it far enough from the coast where it's basically impossible?

This is so not cool.

Do you like shark week? I think sharks are fascinating creatures, but I don't want to be eaten by one. =\

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Does anyone know of a reliable (and easy!) way to download/rip MP3s from MySpace Music players?
I ask because there's this local band that I love but they don't have a CD out yet but I really want their music on my iPod. Halp please.

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has google been hacked or is my computer just tripping out?

every time i google 'wedge haircut' , a handful of the links lead me to some site that forces me to download some .exe file and the site is called iwishvirusclean dot com. I noticed something weird first when I saw some website though that said DONT PRESS HERE with a big red button and then a smaller blue SKIP button above it...I just exited the tab though and didn't click either. 

Has anyone ever heard of any of this?!?
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TQC, the place I'm housesitting doesn't have any dishsoap or dishrags...only these things and of course, the dishwasher. I am scared to put the pots and pans in the dishwasher because they're already peeling and cracking and I just don't want to make it worse. I tossed a couple of the cascade complete things in with some hot water and am soaking the dishes now. What are the chances that this will turn out well?

How do you suggest I clean up, otherwise? It's too late to call the people, otherwise I would.

eta: I also have some SOS disposable steel wool thingies and a scrubby dish brush doohickey

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Have any of you ever made videos before [specifically YouTube vlogs]? I just gave it a shot, and I feel a little awkward just sitting in my room talking to nobody. I didn't even really say much, just "hay internet I make might some videos kbai."

Also, do you take a daily vitamin? What do you take? I take OneSource Daily Advanced and those pills are fucking gigantic.

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TQC, I know a few of you use canes. Will you tell me about your cane? What is it made of, what does it look like, do you have any fancy add-ons for it (neat handles or straps or something)? Was it expensive?

I think I'm going to be needing to get a cane here soon. Will you offer me any advice concerning this cane business? I've never used one and I don't know anyone who does, so I don't have a clue as to where to start. My Dr. said I might want to start thinking about one, so I'm like O_o and clueless and will you help me?
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this or that

Would you rather have horrible diarrhea or horrible constipation?


Unable to pee or unable to control your bladder?

Unable to pee
Urinary incontinence

Be 25 lbs underweight or 25 lbs overweight?


Have a face full of acne or an ass full of acne?


Be paralyzed from the waist down or have one side of your body paralyzed?

Waist down
Half my body

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My boyfriend said he would break up with me if I put make up on him, in complete seriousness. So, men of TQC, would you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend if they ever put make up on you? Also please give me any other comments you have on this situation.

edit: Should I just fucking do it to see if he really does?

for gamers mostly..

So that Dante's Inferno game looks pretty crazy.. Which circle of hell will be the coolest?

If you're not down with that, try this one.

What's your favorite kind/brand of green tea?
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Following up with this post:

I googled the brand of pots and pans and it states, quite clearly, that they're not to go in the dishwasher.

So, I'm stuck until I can run to the store at 8 A.M. for a sponge and some Joy.

My question is: do I leave my sponge and soap behind, as kind of a passive aggressive hint at O IDK HAVING DECENT CLEANING SUPPLIES?
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Delicate substance?

I've been trying to think of this all day. Is there some sort of substance (maybe a food?) that's so delicate it sort of dissolves if you touch it? I have this image in my head of something kind of sugary that breaks apart or shatters if you press on it, but I can't place it (if it even really exists!)

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how many bands do you listen too, not in general but like on a regular daily basis? like do you stick too a handful of your favorite bands or do you always listen to a variety of different stuff?

what bands?

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If your best friend/roommate and significant other(besides marriage) despised eachother, could not be in the same room together, would you be able to continue both relationships simultaneously? If you had to end one, which would it be?

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Here's a hypothetical situation.
You are an 18 year old female and have been single from your ex of a year for a month, maybe a bit longer.
You realise you are pregnant.
When, how and where do you tell your ex? (It is his baby)
You don't want him involved in any part of yours or the baby's life, do you tell him at all?
Do you want him present at the birth?

I hope this isn't plagiarism

It seemed fun! From ontd_twatlight:

Will you comment with a musical artist so we can respond with our favorite songs by that artist?

You can also comment with a TV show and we'll respond with our favorite episode of that TV show.

Or name an actor and we'll respond with our favorite movie or TV show starring him/her.

Or name a store and we'll comment with something we really want to buy from that store. You get the idea.

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Will you please settle a disagreement between me and my friend? My friend insists that this drawing, down by Rossetti in the mid 1800's, looks just like me. I think he's crazy. So does she or doesn't she look like me?

Does the model in the third picture looked frighteningly deformed to you? I don't remember where I pulled her from, just some fashion magazine.

What celebrity do you look like? Will you post pictures for comparison? My friends say I look like Laurel Holloman. (Tina from the L word.)

Collapse )
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This morning when I showered, I forgot to put shampoo in my hair because I was in a serious rush.

What's the last thing you forgot to do?

How often do you wash your hair?

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what do you think would happen to people if their parents actually told them the truth when they're little kids? (There's no santa. Babies come from sex. Mommy isn't actually at work; she was captured by terrorists. Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Kevin aren't actually brothers; they're married.)

What does YOUR kindergartener need for supplies?

My daughter starts kindergarten in just over a month, and I'm panicking because I dont have a school supplies list, therefor I can't buy my daughter the right stuff, which obviously means she's going to show up for her first day with no crayons. I have issues, ok.. The school is closed for summer, so I can't reach anyone. 

So, what did YOU have to get your kid?

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Hey foodies--

does anyone know of a really awesome sugar cookie recipe? I'm looking for one that makes cookies of the thinner, crisper variety but still with a soft inside.

Also, what's your favorite cookie? I'm partial to the classic chocolate chip.

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What are some foods that if you saw them by themselves, with no label or pre-existing knowledge, would make you not want to touch them?

I've seen some completely innocuous and possibly quite tasty foods that if they were by themselves I'd never put any of it in my mouth. Bean dip is one.

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Do you ever find certain types of food or drinks smell better than they taste? So much so that you wish that the taste equated with the smell?

For me it's freshly ground coffee and coconut, though I am sure there are more that I can't currently think of.

Also, completely unrelated, am I the only one concerned about the lack of grey coloured greyhounds? Yesterday I saw 2 greyhounds, one was white, the other was black, but neither were grey! I smell a conspiracy!
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what kind of birth did/do you want/have?

I had a baby three months ago and I knew I wanted a natural birth, but I was fine with a natural hospital birth. Though I am just learning that giving birth on your back, you are almost guaranteed to tear [though, I do believe every scenario is different].

I'm just curious about other experiences

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I've got flour tortillas, vegetarian refried beans, some cheddar cheese I think, and Tiger sauce. Will this make delicious burritos?

Will you show me your wallet/purse/backpack/bag/whatever? I just got this for school. I'm pretty excited.

What song can you not stop listening to? Videos are appreciated if you could.
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Do you know any adults with Asperger's? Can you describe them please? My son was diagnosed with it today and I guess I am just really worried about what kinds of things he'll have to deal with when he's older.

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How do you feel about people naming pets after alcohol?

It's retarded.
It's hilarious!
It doesn't bother me.

You must choose one. You can only have one of these for the rest of your life, whenever you want booze, you must have:

That fucking Smirnoff Ice type shit: Zima, hard lemonades, wine coolers, otter pops, etc.
Um, bitters

I just want to say that the outcome of this poll disturbs me. Not only do you all think naming a poor cat Daquiri is acceptible but you also drink too many fucking Zimas.
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Are you mentally ill?

How many people in your immediate family (parents + siblings) are mentally ill?

It would be nice to share what kind of mental illness you or your family members have, but it's not necessary.

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so i got an interview today at a brewery to be a waitress, even though i just landed a job at burger king. I really want to work as a waitress, but only a couple days a week, so when i go to the interview, i think im gonna tell them i just want part-time on the weekends, and if they arent okay with it, they dont have to hire me. Its just something extra to pick up money for a while.

Have you ever worked two jobs?
how did it go?
do you think this is a bad idea?
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1 samuel 25:3

Now the name of the man was Nabal; and the name of his wife Abigail: and she was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance: but the man was churlish and evil in his doings; and he was of the house of Caleb.

Can you believe the old testament talks about a woman being of good understanding?

How is that helping the cause of the patriarchy?

Who's going to tell God to tell a woman to learn her place in the world?

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sorry to post twice so soon.

i'm more of a t-shirt wearing girl in the summertime. unfortunately, this leaves me with a bit of a farmer's tan. i've never been into tanning but since i've spent more time outside this year i'm pretty dark on my arms and not my shoulders.

if i go out and sit in the sun to even out, should i cover my lower arms or will it even out alright on its own?
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What are your pets' names, everyone & what kind of animal are they?

We have a lot of cats: Slater, Honey, Nimbus, Othello, Puss, Jude, Juice.

EDIT: I felt left out not describing them so:

Slater - dark grey with a little white.
Honey - calico.
Nimbus - gorgeous fluffy dark grey.
Othello - silky black.
Puss - brown and black tabby.
Jude - grey and white tabby
Juice - orange tabby.

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Is there a difference between an administrative assistant and a secretary? If you were one, would you be offended by someone saying you are the other?

What are some careers that are stereotyped as only the role of a particular gender (nurse=woman, fire fighter=man)?

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How do you like your water? Yes, you can only pick one.

with scotch
far far away
with lemon
barely recogniseable as water

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i'm going to be buying a new mattress. well, my first mattress ever.
what do you look for in a mattress?
and what's the size difference between a queen and full?
why are mattresses SO expensive?
what's the size of your mattress?
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TQC typewriter owners, HALP.

i just got an old typewriter. it's a remington portable a7892 blahblahblah. i know nothing about typewriters but i need a new ribbon in it. how do i determine what type of ribbon this machine needs?

yes, i already googled and i still have no idea.
ty in advance!

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So LJ. My mom makes a decent wage, and, as a "dependant", it fucks up my chance at getting any sort of financial aid. She refuses to cut my college a check, or apply for any loans I may need. What do I do?
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What body lotion do you use? Does it have a nice scent?
My aunt uses Vaseline or something and it smells *so* good, I just don't know what to buy that's the same or similar.

A guy in my town was caught molesting a 5 year old on the bus while her parents sat in the seats behind her. Another passenger with a better view saw him rubbing the 5 year old's crotch and informed her parents; he was detained upon exiting the bus. Thoughts?
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Will you tell me about one of your friends/family members who does something that pisses you off? Who are they and what do they do?

Is there any way to uninvite someone to a party without losing them as a friend?
(Backstory: I have a friend who constantly cancels on me for the most ridiculous reasons. Tonight I left my leaving dinner at work to meet up with her; she didn't call or text to tell me she wasn't coming, instead she waited until I called her to see where she was and told me it was 'too cold' to come out. I've left so many nights free this week to catch up with her - and I'm going away on Sunday so I've been trying to see lots of people before I go - and she's cancelled on me every time. I want to uninvite her to my leaving party on Friday night because I quite frankly don't want to put up with her right now; but - here's the kicker, and I know how silly I sound - I don't want to lose her as a friend because I always have fun with her and I hope she changes her ways once I point out how much it upsets me.)


What to bring?

I've posted this question so many times. Oh well!

I'm going this girl's night thing next Thursday and it's beach themed. I normally don't pick a snack until day of (I work best under pressure), but the RSVP won't go through unless I say what I'm going to bring.

Suggestions on a snack for 12-16 ladies? Preferably beachy.

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TQC, I am worrying so much about something that I am making myself sick, literally. I won't really be able to do much about it in person until either Sunday or Monday. What do I do to get my mind off of it until then?! It pops into my head every matter what I do. :(

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What do you eat an abundance of? I eat way too much peanut butter.

How conscious are you of your health? Are you a hypochondriac? I am.
Oh and also..
Is it gross if say, my kitty were to nibble on my sandwich and then I were to continue eating it anyway?


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Could someone give me college 101 for Universities in the USA?
I may be doing a year abroad at an American university, and am also just curious.
I know it'll differ from place to place, but generally how do things such as accommodation, eating + catering, courses etc work.
A few things are puzzling me more than others; 'meal plans' and 'fraternities'.

ETA: I understand meal plans as x number of meals a week in some sort of cafe/canteen. In this case do dorms have kitchens?

Basically, would someone kindly explain in basic terms what to expect when going to college in the USA? =]
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I'm moving across the country in 2 1/2 weeks. What should I put in my "Open this immediately" box? Toilet paper's already on the list.

EDIT: We're driving, so we'll have stuff like clothes and toiletries in our suitcases for the trip.

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Would you consider your printing nice or ugly?

Mine is so ugly and I hate writing letters or cards because I hate my printing/writing so much. My fiances birthday is tomorrow and I'm just about to fill in his card and I'm cringing already! I only have the one card so I can't mess up! 

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Do you ever post something to TQC and then forget about it?
I did that last night...never got to read any of the amazing (im sure) comments I would have gotten...

:D I met a Denmark person today, when/who was the last forigner you met?

Whatchya up to TQC? Anything actually interesting this time ~.~? Even if not, feel free to comment.  

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I am in a money pickle.

So my gym payments are supposed to come out on the early morning of every second friday. This is what I was told would happen when I signed up, so I understood this to be the truth.

LAST friday, I was supposed to have a payment taken out, so I didn't do any banking until that night. I withdrew my rent and grocery money(thus almost emptying the account, since once the gym and rent money come out, the rest goes to necessaries) and went about my merry way.

Today I get a notice that my account is overdrawn, because they hadn't taken the payment out when I did my banking, more then 12 hours after the payment was supposed to come out.

TQC: Do I have a right to be really angry about this? Am I justified in calling the gym/bank tomorrow and finding out what was going on??? I can't afford overdraft fees because of the gym fucking up their payment system, and that day was both the day I got paid AND the last day of the month, so I couldn't wait to pay my rent and you know, buy FOOD.
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The other night, my friend calls me at 4am (rude) because he's still celebrating his birthday, so he, another friend, and I drink on the beach and watch the moonset. It's all awesome and orange but when it "touches" the water we see this weird dark figure in the moon. I thought it might be a buoy, and plan to go back to that spot during day to see if there's a buoy out there and also during another moonset to see if the same thing occurs. While a buoy seems like the most logical answer, there was something very strange about this dark figure (for instance, it kept changing shape) that makes us think it might have been something else and caused us to freak out. WHAT WAS IT, TQC? WAS IT THE MAN IN THE MOON?

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I'm really worried about this boy I've found on Facebook! I'm looking through his pictures and in most of them he has one red-eye in his left eye, and I swear I read somewhere this was the sign of a brain tumour!

Should I do something about this?

(Question for the not interested... which store don't you have in your town that you wish you did?)
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totally unrelated.

1. Is it possible for an Irish citizen to get a Mexican passport if his/her great-grandfather was Mexican? What about an Italian passport if their grandfather was italian?

2. Do you like answering questions?

3. What did you/are you having for dinner?

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Hey TQC, I need to find a drug dealer so my boyfriend and I can get high. Will you help me if I offer to pay you $50???

Just weed, nothing heavy!

PS: I'm over 21.

PSS: If you're mean to me, no worries, I'll just bahlete.
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 Is there any way to make my ipod touch sleep after a certain amount of time?
I like to listen to music while going to sleep, but can't figure out how to set it to sleep without running the battery down every night (and then not having it for the next day)

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O hai gaiz.

My bf is helping me bleach my hair (I decided to do it at 10pm tonight on a whim), and we ran out of bleach about halfway through the process. He's run off to the 24 hr. drug store to see if they have the same brand, while I'm sitting in our poorly-ventilated apartment huffing developer fumes.

My hair is going to be ruined and I'll be left bald, y/y?

What was the last comedic situation you found yourself in?

ETA I am not bald. The back is just a bit darker than the front now, and we had enough left over from the 2nd kit to do m bf's hair. I will, however, stick to getting my stylist to do it from now on, as we make a horrific mess and sacrificed another set of towels and our leaseholder's bathmat in the process.
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Have you ever played Numbrix? Are you good at them, or only so so?
I love Numbrix, and am really good at them...I finish any of them in less than 2 minutes

When you get to the point of being so hungry you're nauseous, how do you go eating without making yourself sick?
I feel like if I drink a little water right before eating something bland it helps a little, but eh I need another way.

Have you ever been in a position where you liked someone who had been burned by a past relationship? Or was still stuck on a prior relationship? How did you handle it?
I think I like someone who is all of the above...and she just teases him and leads him on. brb listening to Taylor Swift

What is your favorite on the go snack? I have 10 minutes inbetween 4 classes Tu/Tr and want to have a few snacks so I'm not the kid with the loud stomach in each class. I can't eat chips or really crunchy things, right now, 'cause of my braces.