August 4th, 2009


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Should I write the remaining three pages of my paper (has to be done by 8:00am) now and go to bed late (2:30amish) or should I go to bed now and wake up early (6amish)  to write the three remaining pages of my paper?

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Which line would sooner work on you?

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I'd love to buy you a drink and get to know you better"
"I'm hung like an elk"

Which line would sooner work on you?

"I'm not good at pickup lines, so I'm just going to say it: I love your smile. It brightens up a room and this room could use some brightening"
"I have a vintage Corvette parked outside. Wanna go for a ride?"

Which line would sooner get you to touch them?

"My lover left me today..oh God I can't believe it's over...I feel so alone. I'd give anything to feel that someone cares, that someone thought enough of me to at least hug me at this horrible time"
"Do you think my new tits feel real?"

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one of my cats (who has asthma) is doing this coughing/wheezing thing and it seems like she's trying to cough something up. after like 30-45 seconds, she'll stop, swallow, and then she's fine.

wtf do i do? i have to take her to the vet this thursday or friday for a checkup but idk if i should take her earlier or not.
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TQC I went to deposit a check for $200.00 in my bank account on Saturday; I was going to just cash it, but decided to go ahead and only cash $80 of it, and deposited the other $120, giving me a total of #133.17 in my checking account. I got my cash and left. The next day, I debited $41.44 and $54.37, both of which were approved. I had a pending charge of $6.00 (a monthly payment for hosting) and $4.87 for Starbucks. I logged onto online banking today to see that my available balance is $-92.65. I check, and it has my deposit listed first (at the bottom of the pending list), followed by my two larger debits, then my smaller transactions...but they're all pending.

Soooo, how any overdraft fees will I be assessed?

i need this quick guys cmon

im sorry guysL
Question: What nationality is former athlete Ben Johnson?

** no need to answer i already attempted :
reinstatement<<< as the answer now i just need to wait for the twitter quiz people to show the results see if i got it in fast enuf its probably right
i hope it worked! its the only word in one of those links that made sense! u know the twitter quiz...
(thetweetquiz) only gives u 10 min i had to hurry thanks i hope iot qwas right!

srry !
oops guiz i just got this tweet from thetweetquiz: Thank you to everyone for entering. The correct answer is: Canadian. Points to follow. guess i was wrong damn i thot nationality meant something else.

thanks u guys thanks a lot. now i didnt get any points and have to wait a whole NOTHER HOUR TILL THE NEXT QUESTION! THANKS A LOT
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My external drive died tonight. It seems that commander_d may have left it too close to the edge, and when I bumped the desk it fell.

So, I'm going to replace it this weekend, and I'm looking for suggestions. I've gone from 320GB to 500GB, and I'm debating upgrading to 1TB.  So, my question(s):

Do you have an external drive? If you do, what brand is it? Are you happy with it? What size is it? Where did you get it?

If you don't, or you just don't care, what was the last song you listened to? Bonus points for embeds or links. :)
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Have any of you been to Calica or Play Del Carmen? The second stop of my cruise next week stops there, and I'm looking for tips on what to do (without paying the overly-expensive rates Carnival charges to book their shore excursions). I know my way around Cozumel pretty well, but Calica is new to me.

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Guys, you're invited to my house for breakfast! What will you have?

- blueberry bagel w/ blueberry cream cheese
- fake honey nut cheerios w/ a banana
- scrambled eggs and toast w/ honey
- yogurt w/ granola

There is also regular coffee, vanilla hazelnut coffee, and a large assortment of different teas.

What are you looking forward to?
My order from will be here today!

If you could have ANY super power, what would it be?
The ability to fly, for sure.

road trip!

Dear TQCers, I need your help!

I want to go on a one-day-only road trip starting from where I live in Maryland, but I don't know where to go. So, assuming I:

1. Haven't been to very many places in the U.S.
2. Don't want to spend more than five hours in the car (meaning 10 hours there and back)
3. Am willing to travel anywhere, and
4. Don't want to go somewhere that's ridiculously expensive...

Where do you suggest I go? What should I see and do?

Thanks, TQC!

poll ideas, courtesy of thenaughtydolphin and my breakfast

Poll #1439554 take a turn

which one do you choose?


what is your FAVORITE ALLTIME food storage type?

clear plastic wrap
butcher paper
press and seal wrap
vacuum sealing
plastic bowls (round)
plastic bowls (square)
ceramic bowls with glass lids
on a plate/bowl with NO lid
zip loc sandwich bags
snack size bags
gallon size bags
garbage bags
an old shoe
oh suzer, food storage is for suckers

slam bam, thank-you-ma'am

I know that a lot of people are probably going to say "well, gee, I WISH I had that problem" but this is kinda serious.

Has anyone ever had an issue with a sex partner that ALWAYS takes a long time?  as in....30-45 minute (or more!) sessions.  every. single. time.

How can I "encourage" a quickie?  I don't know whether is physical, mental, or some combination of the two, but my partner takes forever...

And yes, we have spoken about it, directly and indirectly.  I'm at a loss as to what to do.  We'd have a lot more sex if we were able to fit in a 10 minute session here and there, instead of needing to plan and block out an entire hour and a half span.

Advice?  Ideas?  comments telling me to stuff it and take what I can get?

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I started work in a clothing store a couple  of months ago and I can safely say that I enjoy it. I do all the jobs asked of me, even the shitty ones, I talk away to the customers, I've never been late, I've only had one day off and I've worked extra if asked to.

The other day my manager spoke to me and said I should think long and hard about if I want to stay there as I'm not enthusiastic enough. I was pretty shocked so didn't query it. Now I'm trying to get my head round it.

What do you think I should be doing to seem more enthusiastic?

I bought my first car, it's pretty old but it runs. What are some songs you like to listen to while driving?

Do you name inanimate objects? What are their names?

And finally, what kind of crap can be found in your car?


You guys, I'm going tea shopping after work today.
Will you please give me some recommendations on what kinds of tea I should get?
What's your favorite tea?

If you dc/dgaf:
What is your favorite store?
Where did you go on the best vacation you ever had?

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Does anyone track changes on used car prices in the USA?

(I don't want just current information, but information over a period of time, at least the last year, by week or month. And I did try google.)
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If you don't buy a lot of stuff, what are you?

Is generational theft otherwise known as government debt the same kind of justifiably immoral act as lying to the gestapo about not harboring a Jewish family?
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have you ever regretted a major hair change? why? cutting off long hair, growing out short hair, etc

i had short hair most of my life and i liked it better long until it got hot. now it's unbearable. i'm trying to keep my hands off it because it'll only be hot for another month.

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Have you seen 'Lake of Fire'? What did you think of it? (Documentary about abortion)

Pro life or Pro choice? 

What did you end up doing last night?
What are your plans for this evening?

It's my fiances 26th birthday this Thursday. Should I invite his friends over on Thursday or Friday for a party?
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I'm not fond of that word. A 'bitch' is a female dog and frankly, if you were to find a woman so bad that you felt the need to call her that it's really more insulting to the dogs. I'm a dog kinda guy, wouldn't bother me if it were derogatory about cats, so I don't choose to associate dogs with horrible women.

Trying to find a better word to use instead.

What about 'hag'? Does anyone really use hag anymore??
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Assume you're driving down a heavily trafficked interstate. A car pulls up next to you, and written in marker on the passenger-side rear window are the words, "HELP ME." Aside from the driver, there are two adults in the backseat, sleeping. The license plate is from several states in the opposite direction.

Do you call the police?

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money money money

Does it bother you when people ask you how much money you make?
If it does, how do you reply when someone asks?

I was always told that it was impolite to ask people about money and that it was also impolite to discuss any personal financial problems. I know people who do both, and it's somewhat off-putting.
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Do you like popping blisters, TQC?


Pop the blisters on a marathon runner's althetes-foot-infested feet, or peel scabs off a morbidly obese person's bedsores?
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You bring me closer to God

In NIN's 'Closer', the line is 'I want to fuck you like an animal'. Who do you picture being the animal in this bedroom roleplay?

The fucker. He's ravishing the other person as if he was a rutting beast
The fuckee. The one of top is pretending that they're banging a sheep or pig or something

Have you ever fucked someone like an animal?

Maybe. I didn't shave my legs that day

If someone said they wanted to fuck you like an animal, what do you think the act involves?

Unbridled lust, violent dominance, slaking one's wanton passion
A furry suit with zippers and possible holes in the nether regions
Your lover wants to bang you in a pasture somewhere or in a cramped pen
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have any of you read agatha christie books? which ones? and did you enjoy them?

do you secretly judge people by what books they read, what movies they watch and what music they prefer? 
i judge people who read chick lit and only watch b-grade movies (my housemate likes watching american pie-esque films ugh).

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I just opened some tofu and I'm not sure if what I found is normal or not. I am an infrequent tofu user. Usually, it's packed in water that is very watery. This time the water was somewhat gelatinous. It didn't smell any worse than tofu usually does, it's within the use by date, and it has been kept refrigerated. Is this normal?

I have contacted the company but they are very small and haven't gotten back to me yet. I was planning on using it this afternoon, so I figured I'd ask here.

Whether you can help with the tofu or not, will you post the most recent photo you uploaded? Not just of you, whatever the most recent is.

edit: Sounds like the tofu is probably fine, so just give me your pictures!
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So I've been looking forward to today for a week and it has turned out to suck balls. The class I wanted to go to was canceled, my school won't give me my money, I banged up my car, my kitten bit me, my bff can't come hang out, just shitty micShit stuff.

When was the last time somethingyou were looking forward to turned out to suck?

What can I do to make my day better?
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I'm in an online math class because I wasn't happy with the C I got in my first semester of algebra. The problem is, this math class is harder, I'm doing worse, and there's no one to really help me because it's online. I have no motivation to do it as well since it's summer time.
*edit: I'm also running out of time, I have 7 more lessons and 2 exams and a week or so to do them.

Should I keep doing it, although my grade is worse and I don't know how to do the work?
Should I face my parents' wrath and quit, and promise to pay them back (it cost $170)?
Do I have any other options?

Gender-neutral bathrooms?

Do you think that gender neutral bathrooms should exist so LGBT people have their own space so they feel safe away from hatred and violence?
What are your thoughts on this issue in general?

As a hetero female, I don't care if a lesbian or a gay guy is in the ladies' room with me, I don't see how they're a threat. I'm just there to do my thing, and get out. I'm just throwing this question out there to see how others feel.

I edited this again because I don't think I was making myself clear, and made some people upset.
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I'm really bad about talking on the phone to strangers if they aren't a business. I found this person on Craigslist with the textbook I need but in their e-mail they asked me to call. How would you handle this situation? :(

What are some of your inexplicable fears?

messenger bag

What's a good company/brand/website to buy a messenger bag from?

I really like something along the lines of this, and anything from etsy would be fabulous, but I'm worried about it not being quite big enough. I plan on using it for when I start grad school next hold a few text books, possibly my 15 inch laptop, a small lunch bag, etc.


Keyboard Cat

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Ok, wow. So this one guy has just been generally disrespecting my boundaries and I finally called him out on it, he insists I'm being "sensitive" and that he was "just kidding." I wasn't having that, and now, apparently, I have Asperger's.

What the last totally out-of-the-blue thing somebody told you about yourself?
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Which class would you rather take?

Class A is $800 and you will not receive credit for it, but you will learn a ton and the professor will know what he is doing. It will also require a 2 hour commute including, driving, tolls, the train, and the subway. The commute will end up costing about $25/day not including gas.

Class B is a 20 minute drive from home and you will get credit for it. You won't learn nearly as much and there is a good chance the professor will not know what they fuck they are talking about. It will cost ~$500.

Which would you pick?


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So apparently there is a new opera about Britney Spears dying and Justin Timberlake trying to get her back. The lyrics consist of their songs sung in slow motion. They just talked about it on NPR.

1. Has the world really come to this?

2. Will you share something that you find ridiculous?

For reference:

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I'm looking for a music video that i saw posted here not that long ago in a "creative music video" post. it was like the ball from karaoke videos was going around knocking people on the heads in parts, it's a terrible explination haha. I think the song was about some girl visiting and a guy liking her but she's going home for a few weeks, and she leaves him her number. There's also a part where they play on words. (for some reason the lyrics "I have got the time, but you don't have a reason" are popping in my head). Ring a bell?

If not, will you post your favorite music video?

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I've recently been talking with this girl I know from school; we've never really talked before know, and today she said something so stupid that I had to stop myself from shouting at her. A direct quote: "I hate black people." ....umm, okay? I swear, it was so weird, one second we were talking about school and what we are looking forward to this new school year, then that! "....Okay....why?" was my response, then she comes back at me with this lame reasoning.... "they're always mean to me!", well then, I guess I must hate all races, because I get made fun of all the time, no matter the race. "Well....are they mean to you because your white...." I tried to get more out of her but apparently she's just an idiot. "No, their just mean to me because of who I am!" ....

Now let me explain something, from what i've learned from this girl is that she's like me, we get bullied a lot by practically everyone, , yeah I get made fun for who I am a lot and how I dress, ect, and she the same, so what the hell is this girls problem? (She isn't from the south! she's lived here all her life! i'm pretty sure it isn't the way she was raised either because i'm friends with her sister)

Is she just a weird bitch?

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What is your opinion of pugs?

Image Hosted by

I believe they are stupid, fat, gassy, and a little weird looking... but they will love you (and everyone) unconditionally, provide you with endless entertainment, and be your friend forever.

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Does anyone know of a good website/book/other type of source that will help me spruce up ordinary outfits? I'm sick of wearing the same clothes. I want to go back to school more stylish, but I don't have the money to buy the jackets and coats and other items I see in magazines.
I have a pretty good wardrobe, but no way to make the outfits less Plain Jane.
Thanks in advance :)
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    The lovable mutt I'm live-in dog-sitting often licks my knee and/or the side of my thigh.   The house has A/C, I keep his water and food bowls full, let him out regularly, and comfort him.  So why does he lick me all mournfully??

Canadian Passports


Questions for people who have applied for a Canadian Passport in the last year or so:

- How did you apply? By mail, in person?

- How long did it take to actually receive your passport?

- If you went in person, how long did you have to wait in line for?

- Were there any issues, things you had forgotten, etc?

I'm thinking of applying by mail, because I don't have any particular trip planned, but I also don't want it to take 4 months or anything. The time frame on their website says "up to 4 weeks", so just wondering if that is actually typical.


A series of unrelated questions...

1a- If you were invited to go somewhere, who would you go with?
Person A - you just met them like two weeks ago, and might get laid if you go with them (but it's not 100%)
Person B- a friend you've had for 10 years and who has been wanting to take you to this place for YEARS because it's their favorite place on earth?
1b- How hurt would you be if you were person B and found out your friend went with someone else and not you?

2- My cousin is getting married on September 11th. Which is a Friday. The groom is a lead singer in a Metallica cover band. He will be performing at his own reception. Do you go?

3- My sister is fostering a 3 week old kitten. He was born with no eyes, but everything else is fine. He's pretty damn cute and fuzzy. She's trying to think of a name....they were calling him Stevie, but I think that's too cliche. I suggested Radar or Keller. Thoughts?
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Does anyone have seizures? I was participating in a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) experiment and I think it caused a simple partial seizure, I certainly had many of the symptoms I've found listed in the internet. But I can't see anything about after a seizure. I just went home afterwards but I still feel odd. So my question is, what happens after a simple partial seizure? Will anything else happen? OR will I be ok after an early night?

I hope this makes sense, I'm not feeling so hot on the spelling and grammar.

build the unit cinderelly, fix the floor up cinderelly

Do you have a step parent?
Are you close to them?
Have they ever had any power over you? (Like, did they/can they dole out punishment/discipline, etc.)

Assuming both biological parents are of sound mind and body, should the majority of the parenting be done by them or should the steps, um, step in?

Is there ever a line that should never be crossed as far as the child/step parent relationship?

bonus: Would you date/marry someone with kids?
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If you want to show gratitude to someone who is doing a big favour for free, would you give them them their gift before or after the favour is done?

How fun is it to send anonymous text messages from online?

Really fun. I have been sending messages to my husband for 2 days such as "I am watching you right now" and "Meet me at ______ if you want to join me in time travel."

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What do you usually do when you go to the gym?

I've just started going to the gym lately, and my routine is basically:
-At least a mile on the elliptical forward, and a quarter mile backward, sometimes with hills
-50 crunches on the crunch machine
-50 reps on the calf rotater machine
-25 reps on the...push weight with your leg machine
-100 reps on the...lean back and lift weights with your back machine
-100 reps in the lean forward and lift weights with your back machine
-10 minutes on a stationary bike, medium level
(sorry for the really shitty descriptions, I don't know what anything is called :[)

What else do you think I should do?
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TQCers will you tell two truths and a lie about yourself and let us guess which one is the lie?

i'll start:

1. I have had a mohawk and dreadlocks and almost every hair length inbetween

2. I tried out for the RAF but failed as my buttock to knee length is 1mm too long

3. I had 2 ribs broken by an angry angora goat that decided to headbutt me while I was in his field putting out food.

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After spending nearly an hour picking out sunglasses at lenscrafters, I was told that they wouldn't be able to make the lenses into a prescription. (They were not set aside in the *not for script* section)

Does this make sense to anyone?
Do you buy non-prescription sunglasses at eyeglass stores?
Why don't you just go to CVS or something?

What was the last big purchase that you made for yourself? How much did you spend?

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when you go to someone's house, do you go through their drawers?

not necessarily their underwear drawer but like kitchen drawers, cabinets, closets, desks, etc.

i always do. i'll go through clothes drawers, too(but generally only if i'm staying with them a night or two or three). when i'm at someone's place i'll go into a room and shout "I'M GOING THROUGH YOUR THINGS, OK?" i also love going through my friends' purses even if i've done it 100x before.

i'd like to point out i don't go in places that look like they'd have private things. i mostly stick to kitchen and living room areas.
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Hey thar TQC

I ask this question from time to time I think, but I'll ask it again:

I am a little blue on the inside. What do you do when you are blue on the inside? 
Does it make you less blue or more blue? 
Do you go like slate-blue before you get better again? 
How long was the longest time you were blue for?
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TQC, I need advice.  Again.

I just moved cross-country.  I arrived at my new apartment on Friday.  I have been job-hunting like crazy, as we moved because of Husband.

I just got a phone call for a front-office job at a very busy neurosurgery practice at a rather large hospital system in my new city.  I have an interview tomorrow at 10 AM.  Here is the issue:

Between my jackass husband only packing half of my shoes and jackass mother not shipping them when she said she would, I do not have a nice pair of shoes to wear to this interview.  I'm going to wear a white cotton skirt and a yellow knit top-thing, and I only have an ugly-ass pair of sandals that will even kind of match this outfit.  They're low-heeled and appropriate for an interview, but they are fucking UGLY.  I don't have any kind of shoes that would be appropriate for another outfit.

Should I wear the ugly shoes or should I go buy new ones?  I'm short on time and funds.

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If you had your own country, what rights would you make sure your people have?

What laws would you pass?

What would be your National Anthem be?

What would your national colours be?

Metric or Imperial?

What would your nation be called? How about the capital city?

What else?

I was discussing national anthems with my husband, when I suddenly had an image of thousands of people with their hands over their hearts singing "Carry On My Wayward Son" and I have yet to stop loling about it.

We decided that if nothing else, if we ran a country and were announcing the choice for national anthem, we would definitely play this first just to screw with people before announcing the real one.

I've googled and googled, but I still can't figure out...

Can the animals in zoo exhibits see through the glass they're behind?

Today I went to the Houston aquarium and several of the animals seemed to focus on people in the crowd. Now I know they can HEAR through the glass, so I kept an eye on the people who weren't being tapping-on-the-glass jerks, and the animals still focused on them too! It was especially apparent in the white tiger exhibit. I'm pretty imaginative when it comes to animals though, so maybe I'm giving them more credit than is due.
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What's that movie?

a year or so ago, I went to a strange movie theater that plays a lot of foreign and non-mainstream films. I think I was there to see Mongol or Religulous. I saw a trailer for a very strange film. It was rotoscoped animation, kind of like A Scanner Darkly. It was some kind of sci-fi political thriller with explosions and helicopters flying over a city, which looked really cool, but I can't remember the name so I can't look it up. What is this?
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Is it hypocritical for someone with a piss fetish to think scat fetishism is disgusting?
Is it hypocritical for someone with a scat fetish to think piss fetishism is disgusting?
Cadbury Creme Egg

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When was the last time you were sick ? What were you sick with; and how long were you sick for?

I've getting a sore throat, runny nose, chills and aching muscles. I'm still going to be sick for my big trip this weekend, aren't I? Anything you can suggest to make me feel better?

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I had a second interview for a server job at Cracker Barrel this morning. It was with two different managers, and I spoke to another manager during my first interview. The first manager today said that I could work pretty much any hours, but once I got to the second one, he said he would "check the server schedule & see if he would have hours I could work." Then he said he would call me to let me know if I got the job today. No call :( Should I go ahead & cry now, or is there a chance he was too busy today so he'll call tomorrow?

Do you have any nervous habits? What are they?

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What are some things that annoy you when you are tired that wouldn't annoy you if you weren't tired?

I hate the sound of someone getting water from the tap! Our taps are so loud and they run really hard and it hits the sink so hard it can instantly make me in a bad mood if I'm too tired.

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What's the first step to getting a fairly complicated tattoo that you have a pretty clear idea of? Do you have to go around to all the local tattoo shops or is there another way?

This is a pretty new experience for me so all advice is welcome!

If this is a really silly/simple question then please just tell me about your tattoo experiences. :)

Will you show me a picture of your tattoos?

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What do you watch late at night on TV? Especially when you can't sleep?

Right now, for instance, I'm watching Taxi Cab Confessions... nothing much else is on, sometimes I put on Fuse or Vh1 for the music video blocks (weird, music channels actually PLAYING MUSIC).
I used to really like long-form infomercials for some reason, and would actually stay up to watch them. I don't see the appeal now lol.

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do textbooks have different ISBNs for each edition? if i search for a book by ISBN alone, will i get the most recent edition, or could i get any of the editions?

my school doesn't provode the ISBNs on their website so i need to make sure my googling is finding me the right books.

new questions: can you look up the required text books on your school website? do they provide the ISBN on the website? is it ridiculous that some schools don't?

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So one of my close friends who I've known for about 4 years all of a sudden is on a break from her boyfriend (also a good friend of mine) and has started hanging out with a new group of people. We all work at a summer camp together so I know her new group of friends. I really don't like them because they're way too into drama which I am too old for and are pretty rude. She has done a lot of rude things this summer, especially excluding me, her bf, and another close friend from hangouts with the new friends. I still want to be friends with her because I love her, but I don't like her new friends and she's changing a lot & is similar to these friends now. She says I'm her best friend but she never calls me, texts me, wants to hang out. So I'm not sure how to be her friend right now.

What do I do? Lately, we've been making kind of awkward small talk but not talking about anything serious. Should I explain why I can't be her friend right now? She kind of already knows, but we haven't fully discussed it. I don't want to just ignore her but it's a weird situation.

If you don't care, what's the last issue/ fight you've had with a friend? How did you get over it? Or did the friendship end?
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inspired by this post

my friend is deathly afraid of sharks. like so afraid when we were walking on a bridge in Milwaukee she could almost let her mind get carried away enough to imagine sharks in a river in Wisconsin. i asked her if she would be scared if we were in a pool and i had a shark fin on my back and she said maybe.

so, i can't decide, am i totally excited to break the horrible news to her that there ARE fresh water sharks or should i spare her and keep it to myself?
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What yummy foods are high calorie? (I like fruits, red meat, and white bread, stuff like that. And ice cream.)
I have trouble gaining/maintaining weight, just 'cause I don't get hungry enough. Do you have appetite issues?
Have you ever counted calories? I'm trying to keep track of mine. Evidently I'm only consuming around 1000, and should be at 1700-1800.
What's something you like for absolutely no good reason? I LOVE the serial comma, and it irritates the crap out of me when people don't use it, to the point where I correct it in books. In ink.