August 3rd, 2009

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You've showered once in 30 days. Your mission is to get naked and wash yourself. However, you are not allowed to get in the shower, you can only stand 50% of the time, and you can't get your lower legs wet. Your hair must be washed, also. What do you do?

Surprise! You're clean now! How do you celebrate?

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I just took an 800mg motrin that my doctor prescribed me for cramps. I haven't taken one before. How long do you give me until I pass out?
K, I didn't know it doesn't make you sleep. I've never taken motrin before, usualy I just lay in bed and cry because it hurts so much. =\

What was the last thing you learned?

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I think I'm posting a little soon, and I'm sorry, but I don't know which game to play. D:
Help me? I made it ticky boxes in case you feel I should play multiple. If so, please specify which ones and in what order. :D

Collapse )ETA: How do I make a cut in HTML? Nevermind, I found it!

ETA2: lol I like how I chose none of these because I remembered I had Super Mario Bros 3 for GBA.
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Stable condition

Poll #1438953 For adelaide

In some strange UPS shipping mistake, instead of sending me tube socks, they sent me a pony (imagine the S&H). What should I name it?

Mr. Eduardo (he's Andalusian)
Clyde S. Dale
C. Biscuit
Sarah Jessica Parker
You should return it to sender. It's a gift horse from UPS and you're totally looking it in the mouth!

Uh oh. Horsie's got a broken leg. Textbook says I should put it down. How should I do it?

Big rock
Put it next to a cliff and read extensively from Twilight and eventually it'll leap to its death
A diet that consists of mostly bacon, fried foods and cigarettes
Snu snu
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Tie it to the back of the Griswald station wagon
Sexual asphyxiation with a naked Harry Potter in the Equus sequel
Give it a razor and a My Chemical Romance cd, then leave it alone for a few hour
Hunting trip with Dick Cheney
Candlestick in the Ballroom
Russian roulette
'One free pass' to the glue factory
Larry the Cable Guy movie marathon, over and over again until horsie's brain leaks out of its ears


1. Have you ever sent an OMG-I-wish-I-didn't-sent-it-because-it's-too-sentimental email/note/letter (doesn't have to be to someone whom you were romantically interested in)?

2. If so, who was it to?

3. What did you say in your email/note/letter?

4. What happened afterward? What was the reply like?

Facebook breakup etiquette

Facebook breakup etiquette...

Boyfriend of over 3.5 years and I broke up (relatively amicably).  We have lots (think hundreds) of pictures on facebook where we are both tagged, some are mine and some other people have posted.  He has all my close friends and I have all his close friends, as friends, on facebook.  He and I are still on speaking terms because he's keeping my furniture in his apartment (the one we used to share) so he doesn't have to buy new stuff and so I don't have to pay for storage (moved back with mom).  He was originally moving out in December when I would get the rest of my stuff back, but now he's staying til July.  He agreed if I needed any stuff before he moved out I could take it early.

So the questions are...

When/if is it OK for me to de-friend his friends that I don't want to be friends with without looking like a stuck up bitch slash asshole?
When/if is it OK for me to untag myself from photos of us taken together?
Should I ask for my furniture in December so that I don't have to keep in super close contact with him for the following 7 months or should I just wait it out until July?  I'm not planning on moving out of my mom's for at least a year.
When is it OK for me to un-block him from seeing pictures of me and new guy I'm seeing?

update:// I untagged but did not delete photos where we're kissing but left the rest tagged.  I made the album with pix of new guy public.
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If your boyfriend of just over a year, proposed to you, and you found out it was the same ring he used for another girl, how would you react?
Would you think he was being cheap?
Would you make him buy a new one?
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Is Panera Bread's breakfast stuff delicious?

It's 6:17 am, and I've been up all night. Should I stay up until tonight so I can finally get back to a normal sleep schedule, or should I go to sleep now?

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What video games have you beaten without using any cheat codes?

If you use codes, do you do it right away, or limit it purely to situations that you can't possibly beat no matter how many times you try it without them?

What are some games that you just can't quit beat?
The final boss battle on Metal Gear Solid 3 kicks my ass every single time...I've never beaten it.

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What do families do with their loved ones' facebooks/myspaces after they die?
I just ran into a friend's facebook who was killed a few weeks ago.

Do the sites eventually delete the account?
Do most people just leave them up because they don't have a password?

I feel like this is possibly the dumbest question ever.

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ridiculously dumb question...

say i go running in a sportsbra and booty shorts. since there are clothes covering these areas, they will be hotter and will sweat more. does that make it more likely to lose fat from my tits and ass? can people control what body parts they lose weight off of by making those body parts sweat the most?

Nut jobs

Poll #1439079 Nut jobs

Who's crazier?



Are you either of these two?
I'm suspicious of some of the unanswered questions about Obama's past, but not to the point of taking it all the way to "HE'S NOT AN AMERICAN!!!"

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Going off of endless_reader , what is bad about today?

I went to Dunkin Donuts to get some foodstuffz, and when I went back out to my car it wouldn't start. So I called my dad, and after letting it sit for 5-10 minutes it started, but I had to basically keep my foot on the gas the whole ride home so it wouldn't stall. It was a small panicky ten minutes of my life. :(

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Do you have a song stuck in your head right now? Which song?

What is the longest amount of time one song has been stuck in your head? What was it? Do you try not to listen to it anymore because of that harrowing experience?

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i just got back from camping yesterday, and while i wasn't bothered by mosquitoes much while i was there, apparently they had a feast on my feet. i have like 10 on each foot and a couple of my legs.

best mosquito bite treatment, ointment or method? im going to walmart in a bit to pick some stuff up so i definitely have no problem buying stuff.

help me please, im this close to cutting off my feet.
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I keep having dreams about being trapped in a sentient, evil, house. WTF does that mean?

Do you feel pain in dreams? I do.

What are you wearing? Bra, it's f'ing hot

What's the rent for a one bedroom where you live? about 700-1000
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Tl;dr I've been staying with my dad and stepmom since my injury. Stepmom is overly controlling and has very little respect, and among many other examples came in at 2am while I was naked and asked her to leave, opened all doors, windows, shutters, and raved for ten minutes about how lights keep her up (? no lights were on and their room is on the opposite side of the house through a small hallway), then complained about being tired and it being our (my younger brother is here) fault.

I can't live like this but I have no choice for a couple more weeks. How do you handle this situation?

Alternatively, how you seek revenge in *very small* ways?
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Do you wash your undergarments separately from the rest of your clothing?

I don't wear undergarments because I am a hippie

Do you think washing your undergarments separately is weird or normal?

I am a dirty hippie and I don't wear undergarments
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1. What are some of your least favorite band names?
iwrestledabearonce, dananananaykroyd, iLiKETRAiNS, The Devil Wears Prada, Shout Out Out Out Out, Robin Williams on Fire...

2. What are some of your favorite words?
perspicacity, sycophant, bulbous, lurid, zounds, demure

3. What is your favorite season?

4. Don't you hate it when people pee on the toilet seat and just leave it there? Doesn't it make you wonder if they were raised by wolves?

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what is your biggest pet peeve?

mine is lazy people, people who chew with their mouth open,
rude people, people who leave the cabinets open.
when pregnant women think everyone should cater to them and take advantage of the fact that they're pregnant. people who are entitled, people who think they know everything,
people who chew gum at work.

whats something that bothered you recently?

my roommate dirtied a whole sink full of dishes THREE DAYS ago after cooking dinner,
she came home last night and had the nerve to ask me to do HER dishes, after she has done NOTHING. she has no job, and rides around with my other roomate (her bf) ALL day.
then comes home and complains how tired she is.
I was like "HELL NO, those arent my dishes" and her reply was "IVE DONE YOUR DISHES ONCE"
which, she did. They were TWO pots, and i said just leave them there and when she's done ill clean them out.. why the hell would you try to use that against me ? LOL needless 2 say, she is a bitch. and the dishes are still in the sink.

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How do you like your ribs?
Thai smoked, please

If you don't like ribs, how do you like your [fill in choice of meat here].
Pork tenderloin rubbed with chili powder, baked, and glazed with melted apricot jelly. Mmmmmmmmm...

If you don't eat meat, what's wrong with you...err...I do you like your [insert vegetable of choice here].
Give me a giant pot of collard greens...or of okra, tomatoes, and jalapenos. Both would need lots and lots of salt and hot sauce. Woooooo-eeeeeeee.

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Its my 4th anniversary tommorow... I have left things a little late as usual but I think I sh0uld be able to manage this...

The gift for 4th anniversary is 'a book'.  Instead of making my hubby a scrapbook (which I dont have time to do) I am planning on giving him some things to contribute towards a book that he can make throughout the year so that he can enjoy my hobby with me.

Basically I will be giving him a box with a bunch of tags with suggestions of things that we could do together throughout the year, then as we do these things then we can make a scrapbook of them.  Come August 4th 2010 we will have a book of the year.

What do you think of this?

What type of suggestions would you put in this box if you were making it for your partner or a friend?

Also should I put in lots and lots of tags or limit it to things that we might actually have a chance of doing and should I be specific such as 'swim in the sea' or more general such as 'be a water baby'

I thought of including some 6x6 card to use as the base for the book, do you think 6x6 would be an ok size for this or should I go bigger?  Or should I leave everything but the tags to my husband?

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Will you please describe your favorite outfit? (pics?)
I don't really have one...but it would involve my favorite jeans and some kind of nice shirt, probably

If you reached into your pocket and found $100 right now, what would you do with it?
Either start a savings account, or buy an outfit to call my favorite :-p

What makes your blood boil with hatred?
Animal abuse

Oh man, how are you today??!?!

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Do you double space after periods when typing?

If no, were you taught to?

Growing up we were supposed to double space after periods.. but in the "real world" I don't, and stopped when I realized that my style guide told me not to in college. ;)
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What is a less hostile way to say, "Stop bitching about things not being done because you're the one that creates the mess in the first place"?

I'm feeling pretty bitchy right now and I just can't get my vocabulary in order.
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Have you ever rented textbooks from Chegg or a similar site? Good experience? Bad experience?

It seems like a really good idea but I'm wondering if I'm missing some big catch. I know I can't write in the books I rent but I'm ok with that.

The only thing I'm worried about is if I'll have to pay for return shipping. It says: "Chegg provides a UPS shipping label which can be accessed from your account. Simply log in, select any item and click "Return." A PDF file will be generated with the label and instructions. Pack textbooks with care so that they are returned in good condition. All textbooks to be returned can be placed in one package."
Does this mean I won't have to pay for the return shipping?
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TQC, idk if you remember but i posted about a week ago about my anal housemate (the one who wouldn't allow me to drink in our flat, and didn't like the noise of doorknobs clicking).

Collapse )

does she have the right/good reason even to kick me out? what should i say to her later? i do want to move out, but not FOR her.

ps. i was planning to live with her til the end of november, and then i am moving into on-campus accommodation.

The swingers

I went to a lounge over the weekend and a couple approached me. We started talking, and asked each other what we did for a living, where we live, what we like to do, etc. Then the man started complimenting me on how beautiful I was, and how his girlfriend thought the same. Then the woman started saying how she liked my hair, my tattoos, and how I seemed like a really fun girl to be with, etc. Long story short, I think they were both hitting on me.

Because I hate saying "no", I stupidly gave the woman my email. She emailed me this morning, asking if I'd like to come with her and boyfriend out this weekend to go tubing on the Shanendoah River. They're nice people and all, but I just met them. I told them discretely in conversation that I have a boyfriend, but I think they want me to "join" them, or whatever.

How do I politely say "no thanks"? Should I just tell them that I have a previous engagement? Should I suggest going out to dinner another time or should I be like "don't talk to me BYE" even though they're nice?

EDIT: My bf is currently 400 miles away from me right now. T_T
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Okay, how the fuck do I get a wasp out of my apartment without killing it? This thing is stupid! It's floating between an open door and an open window, but won't go out either. Help!

Edit: I think this thing has a fly stuck to it's stinger, so I don't THINK it can sting me, but I don't want to take any chances.
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Which one for dinner?

Salmon cooked in foil packets with lemon and orange juices, garlic and basil and a citrus salad with chopped almonds, orange slices and feta
Pasta with grilled chicken strips, fresh tomato, kalamata olives, basil and parmesan with garlic toast
Grilled ribeye and onion salad with a mustard vinaigrette and blue cheese on crusty bread
Ginger-soy chicken with fried rice, broccoli, onions and garlic.
Greek quesadillas with chicken, zucchini, feta, onion, cucumbers, olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

ETA: Talked the husband, the pasta dinner wins. Look at you go, TQC! You chose it, all right. Steak on Wednesday though, for SURE

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Does anyone have any experience with apartment complexes altering leases after they've been signed? I signed a lease for an apartment in June, but the move-in date isn't until Friday, so the lease doesn't start until then. In the time that has elapsed since I signed the lease in June, I was laid off, and have not found a new job yet. Can the apartment complex deny me moving in because of that, since they require your income to be at least 3x the rent before they approve you? I get two months rent free, and have savings that would pay the rent if I didn't find a job before November.....

What do you think?

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Okay, Friday is my husband's birthday, and he really wants to go to P.F. Changs. I asked a few of our friends and their kids to join us for dinner to celebrate husband's birthday.

Who pays? Us? Them? All of us get our own checks? What's your opinion? 

EDIT: I think we pay, since we invited them, but my friend (who lives across the country, and is obviously not coming to dinner) disagrees, and says we split our checks, since that's normally what we do when we go out.

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Brought up because of a t.v. show I was watching last night with the parents:

Why do some guys like to see girl on girl action? Or ladies, too, if you enjoy that sort of thing, why? I like men but I don't care to see them gettin' frisky with each other. My mom believes it's because men are visual creatures, and my dad just kind of grunted, so I don't know what he thinks.

I expect both srs and non-srs answers.

If you don't care, will you tell me where my brother went the other night until five in the morning? He was getting hookers and blow, y/y?
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Larger Than Life

I have not thought about this movie since probably the moment I walked out of the theater whenever it came out until recently when my friend and I were trying to recall a movie with Bill Murray and an elephant.

Is this the only funny part of the movie, or is the rest of it any good? I'm guessing since I can't remember anything else about it, it's probably a generally awful movie but you never know.

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what is the best/worst insult you've ever given to someone? i.e one that made you go 'fuck yeah im a winner' in your head.
or alternatively, the best insult you thought up 5 minutes after you could have said it to someone?
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Is anyone here from Milwaukee or going to the Tori Amos show in Milwaukee tomorrow? Are you planning on trying to go to the meet and greet? I heard about these but have never been to one I am curious to go.
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I am really pissed off and all I want to do is bitch this particular person out until she cries or at least whimpers a little. But doing that would piss off someone I care a lot about.

So what are some ways to get past my anger or distract myself until I calm down?

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While I was checking the balance of my checking account this morning online, I realized my bank made a mistake and gave me a $70 refund for something I never purchased. What would you do in this situation?
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I was just making dinner with my mom and we realized that our house was robbed while we made a one-hour trip to Home Depot.

We're making a list of things that were lost (mostly jewelry), and other sort of facts like my top drawer being open, a bunch of change on the floor, etc.

What else do you do in this situation?

Have you ever been robbed?
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Where do you go when you just need to get away from your home for a few days?

ETA I just ate a Swiss cake roll and now my mouth is burning. This has never happened to me before. Is the cupcake company putting chili powder in their pastries now?
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I'm Going To Hollywood!

If you've ever been to the Labrea Tar Pits, was it fun or interesting or was it just another science museum with skeletons? I'm a science geek, but the photos on Flickr make it look kind of boring.

My kid and I are going to do the tourist thing in Hollywood. Do you have any fun Hollywood-area places or activities to recommend for a mom and a 12-year-old boy? How about a specific bus tour? And do you have any Hollywood restaurant recommendations?
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Hi tqc

Do you take offense when I call you t-quack?

Where should i buy my little black dress for my 23rd birthday party? 

why do tix to seattle cost so much?

Tell me about the person you are crushing on? no names necessary.
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TQC, my driving test is in 2 weeks, but I still get extremely nervous when behind the wheel. Apparently, I get worse every time I practice. Any words of wisdom?

How long did it take you to get your license after getting your permit?

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Dear Teak Yoose,

There is some kid in the apartment upstairs running out on the balconies and yelling.

How do I construct a blow dart weapon?
What household products can create a good, strong tranquilizer?
How do I camouflage myself to look like cars and asphalt


What flavors of jams or jellies do you like?
Are there only some you like to put on peanut butter?
Do you prefer preserves, jams, or jellies?

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A good friend of mine has a new SO she has been dating for a few weeks now. She's really happy so of course I am happy for her. But tonight is the third night in a row that she's blown me off to hang out with him and I'm a little irked.

I know that this happens in the beginning of a lot of relationships because everything is new and exciting and mushy and omg you must spend every waking moment with that person...but for how long is blowing off your friends for your SO acceptable? If your friends do/have done this, at what point do you say fuck it and stop putting effort into the friendship?

(By the way, I'm by no means considering ending my friendship with her, I'm just wondering what you guys think about it)

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I'm supposed to see Paul McCartney on Wedneday nite at Fenway. BUT the forecast is calling for thunder storms. If it is correct, will the concert be just cancelled or rescheduled?

ETA: thnx. The ticket says "in case of cancellation you can get a refund within 30 days" so I guess it won;t be rescheduled
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Have you ever gone on hiatus from something? How long? What made you go back to it?

Alternately, what kind of glasses do you wear? (or sunglasses. or hypothetical glasses.) Bonus points for pix.

ETA: Have fun with this - a question my friend asked me yesterday:
So what do you do when you find out that the guy you like wants to be a polygamist and he likes you too and you've hooked up twice and he has a gf but you don't approve of polygamy and it's killing you inside? [more eta, just remembered:] oh, and you've been in love with him for three years.
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We have a 10 day vacation planned before/on Labour Day weekend of pretty much the entire province of British Columbia and a lot of it is on fire right now. Can you make me feel better by telling me your travel horror stories or how your vacation was ruined by weather?


(no subject)

Would you ever donate eggs/sperm?

When you go on vacation where you are away from a computer, do you check back and see what you've missed when you come home? Or do you just ~go with the flow~ and not check back?
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Have you ever started a club in high school? What was the club?

If it was a success,How did you get it rolling and keep it that way?
If it was a total lost, what do you think was the problem?

And later, did you at least end up with a good amount of students that stuck with it?

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Do you feel like a jerk when you tell people "Hey, the line is over there!" even if they didn't mean to cut in front? I feel like it never comes out right when I do it. Maybe I'm just a bitch.
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i have a ring that my ex boyfriend gave me. it's white gold, pearl and has a 1/8ct. diamonds. he bought it at kay jewelers. i never wear it now, because i don't like to wear rings and because i am seeing someone new and it's a ring from an ex.

what's the best way to go about selling it? i'm strapped for cash right now and i'd like to get as much of the money back from the ring as possible (my ex was a douche and had me help pay for it...?)

if you don't know/don't care...

what did you have for dinner?
how are you feeling right now?

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I've had this one cat for, I'd say, 2 and-a-half years, and she likes to think she's the queen of the house. When she meets a new cat, she likes to fight, but once that whole thing is over, she's a total sweetheart to any other cat.
Yesterday, my mom adopted two cats (2-for-1 deal at the shelter) and one was my own, and has been in my room for the most part since he got here. Today, we brought home the other one, who had to get spayed, or else he'd have come home yesterday too. The one that came home today is a few years younger than both the other cats, and is very respectful of their space. 
My old cat wandered into my room, which is where she used to spend a majority of her time, and the two elders butted heads immediately.

Is it better to just leave the cats near each other and get all the growls and hisses out? (Note: As I've been typing this, the noise level in the room has dropped considerably, and they're each lying down about 4 yards away from each other)
The baby is still in the other room with my mom, so I'm thinking that once these two get used to each other, the third should come in and wander?
I've never been the one to introduce cats before (I was never even home when it happened) so I'm not sure what the best method is.
They won't eat treats, they each hiss at me when I approach, so I'm just planning on letting them sort it out themselves.
Constructive criticism or ideas and stories would be excellent. Thanks so much in advance. And the kitties thank you too :)
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When a fast-food employee says "Hello" to you, do you actually say "Hello" back? Or do you just say "Hey" and then order?

(I'm asking because I had an encounter with a Quiznos employee yesterday who felt that his "Hello" should have been met with a "Hello" from me.)


When the employee said "Hello" I said "Hi" in response, I didn't just place my order.

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1)I heard that if you use the cash for clunkers website, your computer will become property of the US government! What rumors have you heard? If you haven't, make up one.

2)Are your children going to be more impacted by taxes or the cost of health care?

health care, knowing my family, they'd probably get into terrible bicycle accidents, and have to go to the er.
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for 2 days, and only at night, i've been getting a bad headache. it's right over my eyes and between my eyebrows, and sometimes it feels like my eyes or behind my eyes hurts. my neck also hurts. for the past two days i have also been wearing my glasses (i'm lazy and don't like to wear my contacts on my weekend). taking my glasses off somewhat lessens this pain, but it's still there. if i keep them on, the pain just keeps radiating up my forehead and i start to feel sick to my stomach.

i'm thinking my eyes have changed. my glasses are just over a year old. does this sound like a 'need new glasses' headache to you, tqc? (srs and nonsrs answers plz)

(no subject)

I'm a nursing major and plan on becoming a nurse anesthetist. I need to take a minor to remain a full time student.

Should I minor in chemistry or Spanish? Or something else?
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Polish tattoos

I know some people aren't fans of tattoos here but I need some ideas. My husband is in the military and we wanted to get tattoos that represent each other (that whole "still with you while apart" deal). We were thinking about matching tattoos but I think that could feel weird if we're standing side by side with both visible, lol. Anyways, I found a neat, celtic knotwork-type design in the shape of a shamrock (he's mostly Irish), so we were thinking he could get something Polish-inspired to represent me. He's not a fan of the Falcon though, which is all I can think of. Anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks for the responses (and :P at the silly ones I know I'll get, LOL).
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My mother is facebook stalking me. How should I discourage this without hurting her feelings? Is setting up a new facebook alias to extreme?

(to prove my roommate is a moron) Do you know who Stanley Kubrick is off the top of your head?
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FB can be annoying? y/y?

How do I adjust my FB settings so that I don’t have to see Mafia Wars and various quizzes? I’ve been trying to figure it out for the last 20 minutes and I feel like an idiot. Some people on my friend list will post 10 quizzes in a row.

Bonus question: Are you crying for me?
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Credit Cards

How old were you when you got your first credit card? If you don't have one yet, when do you plan on getting a credit card (if ever)?
What do you use your credit card for most?

I'm asking because my parents were discussing with me tonight about getting a credit card before I move out so i can buy my textbooks online and stuff like that. I'm unsure about the idea, because even though I'm good with money I'd be worried about going astray without planning to, and giving myself bad credit.

BTW, I'm Canadian and to my knowledge we cannot use our debit cards online.

x-posted to liking, spoiledgirls

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If you could study any major (field of study for those who call it otherwise) simply for the sake of studying it, what major(s) would you study? Why?
ETA: What are you studying/did you study?

How do you like to eat your ice cream?

Which non-dairy milks do you enjoy?

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inspired by reading this post while having almost the exact same conversation with a friend of mine, and then expanding it so you don't have to choose just one, what are your three favorite songs in the whole world?

mine are "Grounds for Divorce" by Wolf Parade, "Sleep the Clock Around" by Belle & Sebastian and "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5.
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My cat found what appeared to be a maggot on the kitchen floor, twice. Opposite sides of the room. I am not a clean freak but I am no slob either.. there's no rotting food that I know of in here. The trash gets taken out daily, the cat box is clean the ferret cage is in the kitchen but that's clean. One of the worms/maggots was near the divider for the living room where there is nothing but a heater and a table and a pair of shoes. The other was near the ferret cage and the cat food but everything looks normal over there.

Has this every happened to you?

Where do you think they could be coming from?

I thought flies laid their eggs in corpses, garbage etc so the maggots had food and didn't have to go around looking for it so what are they doing in my kitchen????!!!

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When Britney Spears was new and hot on the scene in 97, she was a "virgin."
The Virgin Mary was also a virgin and hot to trot.
Both females were barefoot and pregnant in public places (Mary in the manager, Britney in Kum and Go)

Britney is the virgin Mary reincarnated, y/n?

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Did/Do your parents provide you with birth control/condoms/etc.?