August 2nd, 2009


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Does it always hurt when a wisdom tooth comes in? 

The inside of my cheek is sore and there are marks all over it like I bit it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. I have a tooth that is lower (smaller) than the others, on that side where my cheek hurts. It almost looks like that tooth just grew in, but I honestly can't remember. Maybe it's a wisdom tooth? 

Is my cheek going to rot and fall off, TQC?

ETA: I forgot to mention that the only thing that hurts is my cheek. If this is a tooth growing in, I have not felt any of it. I thought that was odd.

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I am going to Chicago this upcoming weekend. For two nights I will be at a hotel but will be spending a whole day in Chicago before I can check into the hotel. Any ideas what I can do with my bag in the meantime? Are there any lockers or anything in Chicago? I will be near Millenium Park/Grant Park. Or have any of you found a place to store a bag while in a big city? I wouldn't be adverse to carrying it around all day, but I'll be at Lollapalooza and I would rather not bring all my clothes into a giant festival.
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Firefox question

Firefox/Windows help, please! A guy at work was able to press some button on his keyboard, and he could toggle between documents, firefox and explorer. It showed a little box, where it displayed all his open documents. When I asked him what he did, he didn't tell me, and he pushed the buttons so fast I couldn't tell.

What exactly did he do to do that?

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 do ouija boards really work?  I just think it's the people moving it but since more thana one person does it at once it's unsure who does it. 

Should I go smoke a cigarette before I go to bed? 

What would seem like a good name for a green haired scavenger type girl?  

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My El Cheapo bicycle is slowly dying.
The seal around the crankshaft broke and I can see the ball bearings.
The crank wobbles and I hear metal-on-metal occasionally when I pedal.
How much longer will it last? I ride it 4 miles daily.
Will it last longer if I spray WD40 into the housing? Or will it just attract dirt?

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TQC, I broke my new laptop. :(

Yesterday I bumped it and it fell 2 feet onto my carpet. It worked fine for several hours afterward, until I turned it off. When I went to turn it back on, it wouldn't boot. I just got a black screen. Finally this System Recovery thing came up and it is asking me to choose an operating system to re-boot from. Only there is no operating system listed. It gives me the option to choose from a disk, but of course Toshiba didn't supply a disk with this laptop. I've been searching their website to see if I can find something, but I can't. I know I'm overlooking it but I'm too pissed right now.

So, TQC, will you cheer me up?

Do you remember...

A children's book that involved people that lived on an island and for every meal it rained what they would eat? Like, for breakfast it would rain eggs and bacon. Then for lunch it would be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Dinner would be something like roast beef or other random dinner type foods... Then one day is started raining too much food and the island "flooded" and they sailed off to a new place with boats made of bread... I really liked this book when I was a child and now want to get it for my nieces and nephews but I can NOT remember what it is called! Can you help me with this TQC?
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What kind of housework / yardwork do you enjoy?

What decorations do you put on your fridge?

What's your favorite cup, glass, or mug look like? Bonus points for photo.

I may be feeling domestic today.

Band tees

Where can I find online stores that sells tees of bands/singers? My friend's birthday is coming and I want to get for him a Freddie Mercury/Queen shirt, but Hot Topic has nothing. I don't usually look for music memorabilia online so I don't know what sites are better or offer good deals.

Edited to add: Yes, I have searched via Google previously before asking TQC. =)  But I don't know if the sites that were listed are reliable, or if their shirts were made of lousy material. So I'm hoping for a little personal input.

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What's up with people in every movie/t.v. show EVER not rinsing their mouths after brushing their teeth? Is this how most real-life people do it, too? I know I always spit out the toothpaste and then spend a good portion of time rinsing it out with water, but in every tooth-brushing scene I've ever seen, actors just spit their wad of soapy toothpaste out and then go to bed or leave or whatever.

day tripper

So: my friend and I want to go on a day trip, but we like to drive, so it can be a little farther away. We live in Kansas City, and we were going to go to St. Louis but I've already been there this summer so we were trying to come up with something else. Slightly-lame places are okay!

Movie Questions

Have you seen the movie "In Bruges"? Did you love it as much as I did (a LOT) ?
                     If you have seen it - what was your favorite part?

Have you seen "My Sister's Keeper"? Did you like it? Should I see it in the theatre or wait for it to come out on DVD?

How old do you think I look in my icon? I know it's not the best picture, but still. How old do people think you look? I'm 26, by the way, but most people think I look much younger (in pics and in real life).

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So I have to get my sleep schedule back on a reasonable pace. The only way this works for me is if I stay up all night one night and then pass out the next. I get off of work at 10 tonight, and I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow, so even if I fail and fall asleep it's okay. I've got a laptop [with internet, obviously], a Wii, a PS2, and DVDs. When the sun comes up and after my dad leaves for work, I might go running, although I'll probably just go to Dunkin Donuts and grab some sugary breakfast instead. What should I do with my time?

Also, have you ever woken up and not been sure if for part of the night you were actually asleep or not? I thought I was awake around 5:00 or 5:30 this morning, but I wasn't, and I woke up around 11:30 with a huge mindfuck because of it.

Boo boo

While I was in Quebec, I nicked my shin and my ankle (where my first tattoo is) with a broken razorblade while shaving in the shower. Just think of gyro meat. Yeah, it was bad.

Do I need to put Neosporin on the cuts even though they're scabs? I always thought you put that on when the wound is raw. However, I was recently told that you need to still put it on even when it's a scab to minimize scars.

The blade took out a pretty good chunk from my tattoo, and there's no doubt that when it heals I have to get that re-inked. :( Tell me something to make me feel better?


Ethical Question

Being a pagan concerned with community building, I have always talked about the need for pagans to combine efforts instead of fighting against each other. When I decided to write a blog instead of creating a new site, I chose to write for an existing locally owned site. It has been a moderate success.

Recently the site was compromised by viral software. According to the owner the ISP claimed that the hackers found his FTP access information. It was a nasty virus, and as a result I know the site has been banned by at least one business, possibly more. Even though the problem has since been fixed, I know my confidence in the site was violated, but will it affect most readers? My hit count on my last blog (the infected blog) was a quarter what it normally is.

The problem I have is I don't know if I continue with that site or move my blog. Is it ethical to move it given my past statements?
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Do you believe in handwriting analysis?
Have you ever had it done?
Do you think that the way we write is a reliable way of analysing our personalities?
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Is there a way to run an installation (way that Internet Explorer does it) on Firefox rather than having to save the installation package and then run it from there? Is there some sort of setting that I'm not finding?

I tried google but couldn't really find anything, and was hoping somebody here would know the answer. :D

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okay so last night my 2 roomates (boyfriends brother and his girlfriend) invited us to a puerto rican bar last night. well my boyfriend had to work early and didnt want to go. i went though.
and even though we act like we're going out, sleep together, still have sex, live in the same house. we're taking a "break" he acted like he was mad last night that i went , even though he told me to go and said we're not together.
absolutely nothing happened, i barely danced and i was with his brother and his brothers girlfriend!

i dont really care, if he wants to be "on a break" then im going to do what i want to do, even though i know it pisses him off..

should he be mad?

did i have a right to go have a good time and say fuck him?
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Next summer my family and I are planning a trip to Paris, Rome, London and Munich that will be about 3 weeks long. We don't want to do a bunch of touristy things (no tours, etc), we really just want to explore the cities on our own. So, my question to TQC is have you ever been to any of the above mentioned cities and if so what do you recommend we do? (ex. are there any good 'back-street' restaurants that you've been too or which hotels have you stayed in? or a particular museum that just blew you away?, etc.) thanks!
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You've just discovered that your SO has sent a series of e-mails to his ex, waxing poetic about the past and declaring the days spent with them to be 'the happiest I've ever had.'

How do you react?

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TQC, I'm at a loss.  I have to write a personal essay about a theme in our life but can't think of anything.  I know a friend doing hers on money management, but I'm obviously not going to write on the same topic since we're in the same class.  Plus, I suck at managing my money.

What are some themes in your life that you could write about for a personal essay?
Yes, I have already googled this.  The results were not at all what I was looking for.

EDIT: If you don't care, what is your favorite kind of pie?

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Oh, Magic-TQC Ball:

Should I quit my job today y/n?

I work with my ex, which means I have to listen to "BAWWWWWW I have to support my child, what a stupid cunt, making me pay child support and all. My mommy owns this place so I do what I want and I don't have to listen to nobody!" all day.

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I'm going to Providence and Boston (and I think maybe Maine) with my family for a vacation in a couple of weeks. What sort of things in the general area should I defintely go see/do?

Are there any books about these areas that you'd particularly recommend? I'm not looking for for travel guides, but for books that have subject matter that's relevant to these areas.

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My aunt who I loathe is meant to be coming around this evening but I'm the only one in the house and she doesn't have a key. If I let her in then I will have to sit with her and talk to her and the thought of this brings me to tears. Shall I pretend I'm not in/didn't hear the bell/another excuse? She lives pretty far away and will have driven hours to get here but I really hate her..
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"good" parenting

Parents are people and people make mistakes, so parents obviously will make mistakes in regards to parenting decisions.

When does a parent become a "bad" parent, crossing the line from "being human" and making some errors to "being a shitty parent" ?

I obviously would think physical abuse and neglect make someone a bad parent, but what about things that aren't so obvious and closer to the center of the spectrum?
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I have a random bit of knitting that I started forever ago and I don't know what I intended it to be. I want to be able to use that yarn so I want to do SOMETHING with this thing. It's 3.5 inches wide and so far it's only 2 inches long, so it's not the end of the world if I just scrap it. Also, I just learned how to crochet yesterday and made a hat so now I'm all FORGET KNITTING I WANNA CROCHET. If I can think of something to do with this 3.5 inch thing that won't take forever I'll do something, but I have no ideas. Oh, and it's rainbow colored.

So tell me TQC, what exactly is this that I am knitting? "Scarf" is not an acceptable answer because I knit super slowly and I would absolutely never finish it because I don't care enough.


Do you knit or crochet? Are you working on a project right now? What is it??

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Let's say that you're filling out forms for the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange as an adopted person. What would you write as a "personal statement," only to be released to biological family members...?

Totally hypothetical. :T
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Drug possession laws

I have googled drug possession laws and everything I have read says that a person who is caught in possession of a large amount of any illegal drug will be arrested for intent to distribute. I can't find anything that says what is considered a large amount. I just found out that my cousin's husband is a heroin addict and was recently caught in possession (he'd just bought it from his dealer). He was arrested for intent to distribute and I'm curious as to how much he must have had to have on him to be charged with that.

Does anyone here know anything about drug possession laws and can give me the answer?
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1)What is your underwear dream?

I'd love boxers in girl size.

2)What can't you believe about those damn kids who should get off your lawn?

That some of them might not get the Hansel and Gretel reference in that phone commercial?

3)Any comic love lately?
Thanks Squeaktastic

Two in one day GASP

It is that horrible time of the year tqc where I have to start shopping for my textbooks. In years past I have had grant money and not really paid attention. Now that it is coming out of pocket I am blown away by how expensive this is!

My question is: Is it alright to buy the lesser edition of a book when you know for a fact there is a new edition coming out later this year.

Our book store will not buy back non-current editions and I don't wanna blow 120.00 on a book for a one hundred level class.

What should I do?

If you don't care, what are you currently obsessing over?


*Sorry, TQC, I had no other sources to ask*

What are AP courses? What are the benefits? What are the negatives? Do you recommend I sign up for them? 

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What brands do you just HAVE to use, if any?

For me - I don't feel like my clothes are clean unless I use Tide, which is stupid, because they are, but I still must use Tide. When I was in school, I was nuts about Five Star notebooks. They felt wider for some reason.


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Does anyone here have trouble getting motivated to do something?
Are any of you writers, who have trouble getting started, or finishing whatever you're writing?
How do you deal with this?
Brains are tasty!

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Have you ever attempted an eating challenge at a restaurant?
If yes, did you succeed? What was your reward (picture on the wall, t-shirt, bumper sticker, etc)?
I may be attempting one this weekend. o.O

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Poll #1438858 Doggone

You're driving home late at night and you turn a dark corner and you hear a thump. You get out and see that you just ran over a dog. It looks dead. Looking closer, it looks like a German shepherd and has that handle thing that only seeing eye dogs have. As you peer around the collar, there is an address. The dog lives in the house to your right...the one with the gate open. The owner probably forgot to close the gate. What do you do?

Leave it where it lays. Let someone else tell the owner. I don't want to deal with this
I knock on the door and tell the owner what happened
I just carry the dog to the porch and leave it there
I put the dog in the back and furiously drive to an animal emergency hospital
I move the dog so that it's under one of the neighbor's car. Let him do the right thing in the morning when he thinks he did it
I throw the dog in the trunk and carry it away. Better the owner thinks the dog ran away then know that it was killed because he left the gate open
I just move the dog back to his doghouse. The owner's probably blind, He may not even notice that it's dead
The dog may have gotten out through a back door or doggie door. Now that the gate's open, I climb inside the house and rob it
I feel guilty. I buy a new dog and put on the handle thing and hope that the owner won't notice the difference

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What do you think of people who get dates off the internet and are fairly young?
My friend met her so on the internet and they're one of the happiest couples I know. Though there seems to be a stigma when you hear the words "met on the internet"
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So, my forehead is all swollen and when I press on it, the indentation stays there for 20 seconds or so. I haven't recently suffered any head trauma. What awesomely dangerous medical condition could I have?

Non-srs answers...preferred.
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When you take a pill do you put the pill in your mouth first and then the drink or do you take a sip before you put the pill in?

Most people I know tend to put the pill in first and then drink something. But I hate being able to feel pills in my mouth so I have to have a drink before I take a pill so that I never even feel the pill. I have had many people tell me I am strange for doing so.
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I love those jeweled hair combs and clips that are sold in malls in those kiosks, but cost a fortune to buy. Like the ones that are $7 for a hair comb the size of your pinky, and insanely more for an actual barrette. Despite googling, though, I can't find anything that looks like those combs! Is there somewhere I can get them online, for cheaper?

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Loosely inspired by verygwen's post...

What was your first word?
Mine was "flower." I'm adorable. :P

Alternatively, my SO's dad is getting married in October! He has always treated me like part of his family, which I've really appreciated (especially being so far from my own family, and even more especially after my own dad passed away a few months ago), and I love his fiancée so I'd like to be there. It will be both of their second marriage, they have a (VERY WELL) furnished house, and I am a broke college student. What kind of wedding present should I get them?! Non-srs is fine, but srs is appreciated.

ETA: Do people sent "congrats on your engagement!" cards? Is that proper etiquette? Would you be weirded out if you received one (after getting engaged, of course, not just randomly)?

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if you clip coupons, how do you keep them organized? do you split them up into different categories? which ones?

if you don't use coupons but a family member or friend does, feel free to answer for them!

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Okay, seriously TQC, this is starting to bother me.

My phone's backlight lights up every night at 11:07pm. I don't have any alarms set and I'm not receiving messages or anything.


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if u could go to any restaurant / fast food place right now, where would u go?
what would u get?

im craving quiznos or arbys.
from quiznos ham and swiss cheese footlong w banana peppers on wheat
from arbys probably a large arbys roast beef sandwich w/ arbys sauce and curly fries w a dr pepper.

or olive garden and i would get a chicken marsella

i want to get high, but im going to save it for tomorrow and then eat.

whats your favorite activity when you smoke?

i like writing or watching tv. i love observing people when im high..
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Let's say you're about 75% sure someone you have no interest in has a thing for you. How do you make it clear you're not into it without making an ass of yourself if you're wrong about how they feel?

Will you post something, anything, awesome? Collapse )
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I know there are tons of websites out there for watching tv online, but I don't remember any. Can anyone help me find a site for watching television shows, specifically Veronica Mars?

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1)what have you been bitching about for more than a month?

my back pain.

2)What show from overseas would you like to be broadcast in your country?

I hope NBC picks up season 2 of Merlin

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Okay, I'm armed with a Monster and a Wiimote/Nunchuk. How far do you think I'll get in Twilight Princess in the next five or six hours? I'm currently collecting the tears of light in Faron Woods.

Also, I couldn't finish small parts of my job tonight because I ran out of the supplies I needed and couldn't find more. Mostly, I couldn't put new coffee bags in the iced coffee containers because I ran out, or wipe the expiration times off the covers because I didn't have any more alcohol wipes and they're written in Sharpie. Was it a bad idea that I left a note apologizing for those two things for whoever's opening? I didn't want them to think I like forgot or just didn't do it or something.

My little brother and I have the house to ourselves starting tomorrow morning until Thursday night. We should have multiple raves, y/y? You're all invited.

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Have you ever had to drop a college course?
Should I feel bad that I'm dropping 2, maybe 3, of my 4 courses this semester?
I dropped one at the beginning because I was overwhelmed. Then I am dropping another because I am completely failing, as is half of the class. And I'm thinking of dropping the third if I don't pass a test tomorrow because I will then fail. It's at a community college, and I am retaking them. I just feel bad dropping most of my classes :/

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1. Did you know that Fresca is a diet soda?
2. Have you ever tried Fresca?
3. How would you describe the flavor of Fresca?
4. Where were you and what were you doing when you first heard that cyclamates were being banned from diet drinks?
5. How often does your mother masturbate?