August 1st, 2009

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When I first got my laptop in March, it was quiet and perfect. Within the past month, the fan has started making this awful noise. It's not really grinding, but it is nowhere near as nice and quiet as it was. How can I fix this?

If you had to pick a Cusack sibling to spend the rest of your days with, would you pick John or Joan? Why?
John, hands down. Joan annoys me to no Dobler!

Can you give me the titles of some of your favorite creepy but non-gory movie?

Your boss has a cliffhanger booger. Do you tell them, or no?
I'd tell them, but try to be discreet about it.

Do you admire Sir Tommy Bahama?
cabaret voltaire

some random questions

1. What are some bad habits you used to have that you gave up?

2. Do you enjoy doing touristy things where you live?

3. Are there any videos on YouTube with you in them? If so, would you care to post one?

4. What hurts right now?

5. What's the last thing you recently really got into?

6. Do you prefer taking baths or taking showers?
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Lab rats

Have you ever done a medical study for cash before? Did you experience any side effects from the medication? Was it something that you would recommend to others? Would you do it again?

I'm trying to figure out ways to pay for my upcoming tuition payment. It's only $800, but I still can't afford it. =/

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it is 2:20 am. i took a nap from about 10-12:30. i have work at 7 am until 3pm and i have a bunch of energy drinks. i am a little drunk right now. i invited a friend over?! he's not here yet and will probably be here in like 10 minutes. should i say 'well nvm i need to sleep' or just say fuck it and stay up all night and sleep when i get home from work?

eta: oh another thing to add is that on saturdays i pretty much do nothing, i am there by myself and i just fuck around on tqc and shit.
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What can I do for my two good friends who just split up? They live in completely different places than me, but I want to do more than listen over IM. Do you think I should send them each something in the mail? Other suggestions?
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Where can I watch free online episodes of Lost where I don't have to download anything or watch with shitty quality? I got started on LOST just a few months ago and now I feel like finally starting on season 5 but NBC, the place I had been watching LOST, skipped every episode of season 5 except for 12 and up...what the feck is up with that.

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what kind of day planner do you use?
Also, there were these planner's I fell in love with a while back and they had hand drawn covers, however, I do not remember what site they were on. So does anyone know where I could get such a planner?
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if i take medication without food in the evening (for example), i'll throw up in the morning once i eat.

should i wait for it to go away (omg WILL it go away or am i just gonna throw up bile) or just bite the bullet and eat some bread?

i have tried taking pepto for this before. i threw it up.
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Stuff That Works and Other Things

What tool or appliance do you own that works even better than you expected? Why is it better? Photos and links are welcome.

What does your dream house look like?

Where do you keep your emergency flashlight(s)?

If there were convenient and safe bike paths in your city would you mostly use your bike to get around?

Are you planning to get a flu shot this flu season?

i'll think of this as soon as i post but...

I can't remember this phrase, it's when you play a musical instrument (though probably same phrase used in other areas too?) and you have a single lesson with a super-expert - maybe even more than one lesson but spaced out, like one a quarter when you're having weekly lessons with a regular teacher -  Anyone know what I'm talking about, and want to share the word/phrase with me?

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i am in the middle of signing up for classes for next semester and i'm stuck between two options for my abnormal psych class.

option 1:
pros: really cool prof, grades on a curve
cons: in the middle of the day so it will kind of fuck me up at work, although prof is cool he is also pretty difficult and only 93%+ is an A

option 2:
pros: night class, easy easy easy prof
cons: some people think she is kind of boring but i'm really into psychology so this might not be an issue

which one should i take?
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Will you recommend some movies that you think everyone should see, but that aren't very well known?
Will you recommend some horror movies, especially ones that aren't well-known or are pretty old?
Will you recommend some movies you'd consider "cult classics"?

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Ok TQC, I'm stumped.

I have a 4lb pork loin defrosting for dinner tonight, and haven't the foggiest how I should prepare it. I normally do it as a whole roast, or slice it, pound out the slices and stuff it, but tonight I'm looking for lighter fare. I love to cook , and am rather good at it so it doesn't have to be an idiot proof recipe ;) I have a grill, regular gas oven, and a convection oven at my disposal. It's 114 degrees out, so I'm disinclined to go with a heavy meat and potato recipe if possible. I have Whole Foods, and several regular markets near by to get ingredients.

Dinner is for 6 adults. I have 6 hours till it needs to be on the table.

How should I prepare it, and what should I serve with it?

D: ow ow ow

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I have this kitten here who's the sweetest thing, except that her claws are too sharp. Even if she just lightly walks across my feet/legs/arms, she tears my skin. How would I go about trimming her nails? Or, is she too young (she's about 11-12 weeks) to do that? What would I use? I used to trim my rat's nails with a normal nail trimmer (for people) but would that hurt the cat? :/ Halp!

If you don't care: do you find this shirt offensive?
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Long Time No Query, and alas it's a name that tune.

Greetings Lovely TQC'ers,
Could you help me identify the song that starts at around the 0:32  mark of this trailer for the movie "An Education?"  My google-fu has failed me. 
It looks and sounds like Beth Rowley singing a lovely torchey song with lyrics like, "You've got me wrapped around your little finger...", "If this is love, it's everything I hoped it would be..." & "When we kiss it's as if..." 
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Okay so this morning I was putting on my makeup and i guess there was some sort of clog in my foundation bottle and it ended up spraying all over my cream colored shower curtain. I quickly took it down and sprayed Shout on it and threw it in the washer. I just pulled it out and it's still ALL there. You can't even tell i washed it.

What will get the stain out???? I really don't want to have to buy a new shower curtain.

What are your plans for tonight?
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I'm pretty sure my brother is a hipster (he was a film major, worships at the feet of Michel Gandry, thinks Ayn Rand and Nabokov's Lolita are the height of literature, believes that tight ripped up jeans and a tight shirt with a saying on it and brightly colored Converse sneakers are the height of fashion, brews his own beer, is a self-proclaimed pseudo-vegetarian, and goes on periodic silent retreats with Buddhist groups).

I'm attempting to make an effort to understand him better, but he still drives me mad. What is the best way to try to understand a hipster/hipster culture, especially for someone comes from outside that hipster culture?
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I'm going to a show tonight. My hair a litle greasy, but nothing totally horrendous.

Should I take a shower now, or wait until I get back from the show (which will most likely be hot and gross inside) and take a shower?

I R confused

I'm taking a trans-Atlantic flight. My ticket confirmation says "On board: Food for purchase". Does this mean they're not going to serve an in-flight meal? The flight is about five and a half hours long, departs at 5 p.m. and lands at 6:35 p.m. (both local times). If they aren't serving me a meal that's included in the price of the ticket I'mma be angry!

If you live by a major theme park/amusement park, how often do you visit?
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Anyone on here NOT seen The Goonies?

My boyfriend and I seem to be the odd ones out amongst groups of friends (who are a tad older than us, we were born the year the film came out!) who love this film. It seems to be a MAJORLY bad thing to admit to (it's just a film.....)

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Will you play a game with us?

Here's how it works: you post a comment with a number that has something to do with you. Height, weight, IQ...anything. Everyone else will respond with guesses as to what your number is referring to. Simple.

I'll kick it off...
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About a year ago, I used to catch the train home from work every day, and on a fairly regular basis a boy would catch it with me, and get off at my stop. I was far too shy to ever talk to him, but he was pretty cute, and I guess it was one of the highlights of my day, lol.

Fast forward to today, I was waiting in the car for my mother at the supermarket, and who should walk past but train boy. Obviously he lives in my area, but that's the first time I've seen him since I stopped working.

THEN, I get home, peruse an unnamed online dating site, AND WHO SHOULD I SEE BUT TRAIN BOY!!
This is a huge, obvious, blatant sign from the universe that we r ment 2 b, y/y? Should I ~contact~ him online? Tell him that I used to catch the train with him? I know this sounds trivial, but my Creep-O-Meter is useless, help me not be completely creepy.

Have you ever gotten on the same commute cycle with strangers and kind of formed a silent (or not-silent, if you're not as painfully shy as me) companionship with them? I do it all the time. It's probably fairly one-sided but I like seeing them every day and I like to think they enjoy seeing me too.
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  • If someone was two months pregnant, would they be showing? Would the belly be rounded? If you are/have been pregnant, how soon did you start to develop a bump?

  • How soon can you tell if you're pregnant? After one month? Two months?

Background: I'm doing a historical inquiry on a woman who married her husband in January, 1873 and gave birth in the following July. I'm trying to ascertain if she would have known she was "in the family way" when she married.
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Shower Curtains

So I'm moving and get to redecorate two more bathrooms and I'm super excited. I decided that I'm going to decorate based on (or around) the shower curtains. However, I found too many that I liked and I still can't decide.

Will you help me choose which 5 you like best please?

Thank you!

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Poll #1438355 Which shower curtains do you like best? (PLEASE PICK TOP 5 ONLY!)

Which shower curtains do you like best?

Shower Curtain 1 - Penguins
Shower Curtain 2 - Fancy blue and brown stenciling
Shower Curtain 3 - Rock Star
Shower Curtain 4 - Green tree and birds
Shower Curtain 5 - tranlucent green
Shower Curtain 6 - Crayola drawing
Shower Curtain 7 - Venice, Italy
Shower Curtain 8 - Insert your own pictures
Shower Curtain 9 - green and brown circles on blue
Shower Curtain 10 - pastel paisley
Shower Curtain 11 - NYC subway
Shower Curtain 12 - World Map
Shower Curtain 13 - London Underground
Shower Curtain 14 - Starry Night
Shower Curtain 15 - Dark Teak leaves

Which shower curtains do you like best? Cont...

Shower Curtain 16 - Feel Good Compliments
Shower Curtain 17 - Red Flames
Shower Curtain 18 - Yellow and Green flowers
Shower Curtain 19 - Huge spongebob face
Shower Curtain 20 - Sushi
Shower Curtain 21 - Blood drippings
Shower Curtain 22 - Green diver
Shower Curtain 23 - Psycho killer
Shower Curtain 24 - spongebob and friends
Shower Curtain 25 - piano keys
Shower Curtain 26 - pink ribbons
Shower Curtain 27 - blue ribbons
Shower Curtain 28 - outdoor scene
Shower Curtain 29 - singing in the rain
Shower Curtain 30 - yellow submarine

Which shower curtains do you like best? Cont....

Shower Curtain 31 - spongebob sea scene
Shower Curtain 32 - dinosaurs
Shower Curtain 33 - pink and red flowers
Shower Curtain 34 - M&Ms
Shower Curtain 35 - Shark
Shower Curtain 36 - Pirate skull & crossbones
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I'm eighteen. This should no longer be an issue for me. Fuck.

Would it be a huge deal if I got pulled over and was driving with an expired permit? I live in Washington, and need to get my permit renewed, but it's Saturday. I really, really need driving practice, and think the chances of me getting pulled over are pretty slim. However, my mom has said she won't take me driving with an expired permit. What can I say to ease her mind? And do you this it actually is a big deal to drive with an expired permit?
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Which pair of leggings should I wear with my purple striped dress (it's dark purple and light purple striped): heather grey with tiny pink hearts, yellow and white striped, or dark grey (almost black)?

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If you heard your neighbors yelling at their baby to STFU on a daily basis would you do anything about it?

I hear my neighbor doing that multiple times a day and I feel bad for the kid but don't know if it's something worth reporting them over or not. I mean can they get in trouble for yelling at their baby? Sorry if this is stupid.
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If you had an 8 year old child who had an average maturity and sense of responsibility for his/her age, would you trust them with an iPod Touch or some other expensive electronic item?

ETA: I'm wondering because my 8 year old cousin has an iPod Touch, given to him by his mother, that he recently lost, but he found it.

Laptop Screen Size

I am going to buy a MacBook Pro before the end of the month, and I have been doing a lot of research online as far as reviews are concerned, but I am looking for some potentially personal experience with any laptops.

I do not know whether I want to buy the 13" or 15" one. I do graphic design and so I would most likely appreciate the larger screen when working in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc, however the 13" one is identical to the 15" one in every way possible, except that it is smaller, weighs 1 lb less, and is $200 cheaper. So, essentially, the extra 2 inches is $200 more.

So, does anyone have any experience with working in graphic design-related programs on either a 13" or 15" screen? Share and explain! Which one should I buy?

I can afford either, however I am always trying to save money.
If it changes anything, I already have a 20" desktop, and the laptop would be for school and times when I am not at home, but have the need/opportunity to work on graphic design stuffs.


Should I buy a 13" or 15" laptop for my graphic design-related work (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)? Both the 13" and 15" are the same, except the 15" is bigger, weighs 1 lb more, and is $200 more. Personal experiences? Thoughts?

Thanks! :)

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if you buy fresh meat (specifically chicken), how long after your purchase date to you expect to have before it goes bad?

i bought a 7 pound package of chicken on tuesday and the use-by date was thursday and i'm trying to decide if it's worth taking back. we only used a pound or two, although my mum noted it smelled a bit off when she was cooking that bit on friday.

eta: i don't want to take it back because it was bad after the use-by date, i want to take it back because the use-by date was unreasonably soon and it wasn't labelled as having a close use-by date. we also spend $18 on it and now can't use any of it.

eta2: k, it's my own fault. carry on.
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that dog foot kicking thing

So you know that thing that dogs do when you scratch a spot on them that makes them kick their foot like crazy? Well for my dog it used to just be this one spot on his back, but now it seems like just petting him with the slightest pressure just about anywhere seems to make his foot go crazy.

Is this something to be concerned about? He doesn't seem to be in pain or anything, it's just so strange!

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i am looking for this video of this guy who is sobbing after his girlfriend is trying to break up with him and he tries bribing her and calls her while she is right next to him. and he sings at the end. if anyone has seen it do you know how i can find it or what its called? I can't find it anywhere. thanks.


When stuck with akward hair in the akward growing out phase, it is better to:

a.) don't touch and just let the akward grow

b.) cut the akward into a bearable style and wait longer for it to grow


Evil Me

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So, the Stanley Cup is coming to my city this Friday.

I live basically where they parade for it will start (I can look out my window and see it easily). This means that I fear that day will be quite difficult for me to get to/from work due to traffic (mostly from). Should I take the day off work unpaid so I can just hibernate all day and/or watch the festivities out my window, or should I just go to work and deal with the ridic traffic on my way home because I don't give a fuck about hockey?

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What's a 'rich people' food to you?
Why does my friend, Charlie think that Chick'n stir fry is a rich people food?

Anything disturb you today?
Oh yeah, yeah it did. Thanks for asking. I caught my parents having sex in the kitchen less than thirty feet away from me. I'm in the dining room. My mom then complained about how it's not enough and my step dad then said "Well I'm sorry! You're built different than I am! Good thing too!"
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I just found out that I have a printing balance of $46.70 from last semester that will expire on August 20th if I don't use it up. I want to Rasterbate something to hang up in my dorm room this fall. I want something colorful and am looking at Lichtenstein and Warhol pieces, but I can't decide. TQC, What should I print out and hang up?

Why does my roomie's miniature daschund always smell bad? Even when he's freshly bathed he smells distinctly like a pungent dog. :(

Also, I can kill you with my mind

Dear Psychologists of TQC,

I am almost positive I have some sort of social disorder, for real. I know every other person on the Internet is a self-diagnosed Aspie, but I seriously have SOMETHING very, very wrong with me. I am not able to relate to or even interact with other humans and it's really affecting my life because I'm afraid of even being in the vicinity of people who might try to talk to me.

My problem is that every time I've gone to a therapist they've fed me lines about how "normal" I am and about how people want to be my friend but are intimidated by me (which I don't see is possible since I approach everyone submissively with tail between my legs).

Does this make me just a self-important bad person in general? How do I find a therapist who will actually listen to me? Am I just deluding myself into thinking that there's something wrong with me because I'm such a horrible person I need to find some excuse as to why I can't stand humanity?

I can understand if you would be disinclined to give me serious answers, but honestly, I suck.

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How was your day/night? Would you communicate to me using nothing but pictures?

eta: Would you guess what other commenters (? that sounds wrong) did today based on their pictures?

(no subject)

Is it acceptable to text someone when you think they might be sleeping?

Yes. It's different from calling, and most people have relatively quiet text sounds.
No. It's the same as calling! Don't do it unless it's an emergency.
I'm one of those indecisive people who will leave a comment.
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I got a fancy new camera for my birthday and put it together today but couldn't find the SD card that I am SURE I have somewhere. I am impatient and want to take pictures now. Guys, where did I put my extra SD card when I bought it ~2 years ago?

Do you like ska music?

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I have a problem.

My iPod nano (one of these) has been acting up (the wheel isn't working properly, not charging as well as it used to, etc), and I can't stand having just 4 gigs anymore its irritating having to take off music/books.  I was thinking of getting the newer generation of nano, but I'm unsure as to whether I should get it now, when I'm sure I have money for it, or wait until Christmas when there will probably be a newer model. TQC, WHAT DO I DO?!
Also to be considered: I like the current nano model and I'm not sure if I will like/afford the newer model.

The Most Magical your bed and dungeon

Who will you eat for dinner tonight?

Sebastian (crab)
Jhali (roasted goat)
Dora (sushi)
Pumbaa (pork chops)
Donald Duck (foie gras)
Ursula (calamari)

Who's in your bed tonight?

John Smith
Prince Charming
Captain Hook

Who's on the other side of the bed?

Ariel (with the legs)

Who do you hit with a bat until they stop moving?

The Genie
Terk (Rosie O'Donnel)

(no subject)

i feel like "cunt" is a really strong word and i like to use it when i'm really pissed. what is the male equivalent? i can't think of anything stronger than "asshole."

what do you think is the strongest word in the english language?

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I just cleaned my room!
When you clean a room, do you sit and mask in how clean it is?
Do you feel better knowing that your room is clean?

Do you have a strange way you organize something?
I arrange DVDS my color.

What is you up to TQC?
Oh hay thar

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It's 11:15pm and the rear neighbours are playing a really loud game of Marco Polo, getting more and more loud as they continue to drink. This has been going on for quite sometime. I put my kids to bed at 9 and shut all the windows so they could sleep, hoping the sound of the central air would cover them but no. I don't want to be all "MY SNOWFLAKES ARE TRYING TO SLEEP"...but...they are still awake after 2 hours and I can't be the only one who is annoyed. I KNOW it's a Saturday, I KNOW it's a long weekend and it may not be too late but is there any polite way I could request them to tone it down or should I leave it be? I don't want to be someone who expects other people to accommodate my kids which is making me think I shouldn't say anything.
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if you've got a driving license, how many lessons did it take you (if you took lessons at all, i suppose) to pass your test?

i've had twenty lessons and i'm very sure i'm not ready for my test and won't be for a while.

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Will you provide me, please, with a text message that I will then send to my wife for the purposes of amusement?

I am an extreme cheapskate and will use the free online form provided by my prepaid vendor, in order to avoid the five cent cost of sending the text from my phone. Also, because I have ginormous thumbs and little patience. The form only allows 110 characters.

I thank thee kindly.


I sent her half a dozen messages, she phoned me to ask what the hell is going on. (She's waiting tables at a diner right now. Things are slow, but they'll get busier when the Paul McCartney crowd wanders in, and then when the bars close.)