July 31st, 2009

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hi TQC!

what do you pay a month for your electric/gas bill?

i'm volunteering for a tennis tournament and going to be living in an apartment for a month starting tomorrow and i get reduced rent but i have to pay the electric bill. i plan on being out of the apartment like 50% of the day and everything will be off during the night except the A/C, so how much could i expect to pay for electric/gas bills for a month?

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ok so fairbanks/north pole ak SUCKS!!! i have asthma and i had to refill my subscription yesterday but it wont be available until today after 1pm or little after because of the mail. im contemplating of calling into work until i get my inhaler but these senior golfers are sucken it up hard core..

should i just suck it up to work with only half a puff in my inhaler or not risk it?

or would you like to join me in complaining of the nasty smoke? {:

if neither, what did you last touch before the keyboard/mouse?
-glass of water

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Imagine you've gotten a record deal. You record your first album and it does well, and a second and third album do fairly well. Now you're exhausted but your record label wants one more album out of you before you get to rest. You decide to do an album of covers.

What 12 songs do you cover? The sky's the limit (you get the rights to anything)

(if you can't sing, pretend you can)
Kill Bill - Elle
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You need some retail therapy, but only have 25-50 dollars to spend and can only order online. Where do head off to?

What's your pain medicine of choice?

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Poll #1437617 For $1,000,000, would you...?

...go to prison for a year? You'll be given no special priveleges and treated like any other prisoner


...sneak into the baby ward at a hospital...and switch the parental information of every single kid? Not one kid will wind up with their natural parents and they'll never know, but certain things like congenital/hereditary conditions won't ever be checked for and the kids won't know what they're risks for


...spend a year alone in a spacecraft orbiting the earth? Your vessel consists of 2 smallish rooms and you'll have enough freeze-dried food and recycled water to go the distance. You just have to run some basic tests each morning that take you about 5 minutes. However, the radio doesn't work. and you won't hear another human voice for the next 365 days


...give up baked goods for the rest of your life?


...push 3 death row resident prisoners into a big pool filled with pirranha? Their hands are cuffed behind their back and no doubt they'll be pleading for their lives, but hey, they were gonna die sooner or later and they must have done something pretty bad to end up on death row, right?


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For those of you with anxiety problems, do you ever feel like your mind goes into a more 'manic', crazy, racing state when you're really really bored?

I've been crazy bored all day and I seriously feel like my mind is going to explode. I managed to take a nap around 5ish but ever since I got home from my class today (around 2-ish), I haven't been able to get my mind to wind down. Like, my thoughts are racing, I can't get comfortable, can't really sit still and I'm thinking of about a million things at once. This happens a lot when I'm bored senseless and the only person to talk to right now is asleep on the couch across from me and won't wake up for anything. Am I completely losing my mind right now?
sigur ros birds

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Help me TQC!

I am moving in a couple of weeks. I'm shipping all my stuff through UPS and flying over. How do I pack efficiently? I have two big boxes of clothes and a big box of random crap that are left to pack. When I pack everything, should I put all the clothes in boxes together and the assorted stuff in another? I tried that, and the clothes boxes are light and the junk box is really heavy. Will the heavy box break/get damaged? It's a strong box but I've never shipped something huge. Would you please share your wise packing tips?
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How do you post txt in your journal that's automatically the same colour as the background, so it will only be seen when highlighted reguardless of who's friend page it's viewed on?

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Inspired by:

What STDs can actually kill you, and which ones are just annoyances? Of the ones that fall into the second category, which ones are curable, and which ones do you have forever without them killing you?

I know somewhere between "jack" and "shit" about STDs as a whole (my dad's "talk" basically consisted of "If you have sex she'll get pregnant, you'll get AIDs and you'll both die").

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All right, I need your help TQC. My stepdad's birthday is tomorrow and I suck at getting cards. Are there any websites with ACTUAL funny free e-cards?





:D Thanks y'all, these look hilarious.

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Why did I wake up at 7:45am after only 4 hours of sleep on my DAY OFF?

Do you ever wake up unwanted on your day off?

How do you get yourself to fall back to sleep?

How much sleep do you need to function on a work day?  on an off day?

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Oh shit. You're late for work.  Get up get up get up.  Put your pants on, no time to iron your shirt.  Get your shoes on--

What the fuck?  Your shoes don't fit.  That's okay, you have another pair that'll go well with what you're wear--

...Son of a...

None of your shoes fit.  You can't go barefoot to work...

So would you rather walk around all day in shoes that are too big? You'll be tripping over your feet all day, looking like a complete moron.

Or would you rather walk around all day in shoes that are too small?  Your feet will be killing you and you'll still walk around like a moron.

An no, you cannot take your shoes off at work. 
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what's the youngest baby you've ever held?


if you have any siblings way younger than you, did you feed/change/babysit them when they were babies?

(if you have kids, what would your answers have been before you had kids?)

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I involuntarily have the day off, due to not enough work at my job.

So tqc, what TV shows should I watch instantly on my netflix streaming today?

What movies are you first to recommend when asked?
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My dog likes her first walk of the day around 6am. We try to put her off a little bit later each day, but it doesn't seem to be working and I don't want to risk an accident on the floor.

Since it is my summer vacation, I'd rather NOT be awake all day starting at 6am. Is there anyway to help me fall back asleep after this walk? I'm debating putting in ear plugs and getting one of those eye-cover-masks to block out the sun.

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I let myself wallow in loneliness for a day, now it's back to the real world.

What's on YOUR agenda for the day?
I just went for a nice long walk with my puppydog (wherein she proceeded to ALMOST EAT A POOR DEFENSELESS BUNNYRABBIT OMG), am about to take a shower and then go to Target and the liquor store, then this afternoon I'll be actually cleaning my apartment top to bottom because it's gross. I have a long-lost friend coming to visit this weekend. :)

What kind of mood are you in right now?
Lonely, but hopeful...

online traffic school

Have any of you had experience with an online traffic school? Do you have a particular one that you'd recommend or not recommend?

I have to take this class pretty soon, and I want one that's reasonably priced, and good in FL. I've googled a bunch, but I want personal experiences. Thanks! 

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1)what's your first world problem?

I want indian food, but I worry that the resturant's too close to where the tornado hit.

2)what are your favorite songs by douchebags?

waiting for the world to change by john mayor[sp?] is really catchy
MLP - pinkie chicken

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How do you feel about facebook? Do you think it's the new myspace and it will fade out soon just like myspace did? Do you think facebook should allow people to change the color schemes of their profiles, or is that leading down the path of destruction and we're better off having a uniform look?

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What are your most popular tags? Let's limit to... seven. I'm feeling seveny today.

If you don't use tags, what WOULD the top seven tags be?

Have you ever eaten bacon wrapped shrimp?
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Is it possible to buy clothing from Maurice's online? I got a gift card for my birthday but it looks like you can't buy stuff from the website, just preview the "look book" nonsense. I'm hoping I'm just stupid and missing something here.

What is your ideal breakfast?
I had potato pancakes with sour cream. I seriously doubt any other breakfast will ever be as good.

I have nothing to do today until 6 p.m.! What should I do?
Quinn Twin

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I have what I am pretty sure is a spider bite on my foot. It's right on the top of a big gross vein and there's a decent sized hole. It's red around it and it is moderately painful but nothing else weird is going on. I don't have health insurance right now, so I'm not too keen on paying for a visit if I don't have to. I cleaned it with peroxide and put neosporin on it. Obviously, if it gets much worse, I'll suck it up and go. When/if you're in situations like this, what's the tipping point that makes you say 'Okay, I'll go'?

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Do you find writer/directors who use nearly the exact same cast in every single one of their movies as annoying as I do?

I cannot watch Ben Stiller, Christopher Guest, Judd Apatow, etc. movies anymore because it's the same damn actor ensemble every frickin' time.

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I'm making oatmeal raisin cookies right now, but my mom doesn't like raisins. She said she wants blueberries in her cookies. How do I add the blueberries in? Do I just throw them in like chocolate chips, or do I squish them and mix them around...?

What is your favorite thing to bake/cook?

What recipe have you wanted to try, but haven't yet?

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Stealing other people's ideas is fun.

Will you post a movie quote and let the rest of us try to guess the movie?

In other, unrelated news, if you friend someone and don't tell them, how long is approrpriate to wait for them to notice before you point it out to them?
Non-srs answers are, of course, much prefered...as always.

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What celebrities, if any, do you follow on Twitter? Why do you follow them?

If you don't follow any, do you think it's stupid to follow a celebrity?

*Sorry if this has been asked recently, I feel like it has but I didn't see it....*

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If you had to cook your favorite meal with a budget of 60 dollars. What would it be?

Last night i cooked chicken fried chicken, home-made mashed potatoes, home-made gravy, and my special green beans with brown sugar and vinegar.  Mmm

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For this recipe, I would prefer to leave out the sour cream. Would I have to replace it with anything, do you think? I know zero things about baking. I also would like to know if it would be wise to leave it out, or if it would be too sweet otherwise?
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Where is my chocolate bar?

We went to the store the other day, and I decided to buy one of those fancy chocolate bars. We used our own bags, so it's not like we left it in the bag and it got thrown away. It's not in the fridge, cabinets, or pantry. Where could it be?
Driving pug

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I'm a secretary at an HVAC service company. A woman keeps calling here and asking if I can have someone install an AC window unit for her. I said I'm going to need her phone number so one of our techs can call her back to tell her when they can go there/find out what she needs done exactly/etc. She started to give me her phone number but then stopped and said "I can't give out this number.. it's unlisted."

What is that all about? She also wouldn't give me her address. Is she pranking me?! She's called 4 times since yesterday.

Who's the strangest person you've ever had to deal with while at work?

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Have you ever skipped out on a "family" event for your own personal reasons?

This afternoon is my aunt's friend's surprise birthday party. I was reminded of this last night, but I had already made plans with my friends for today. I literally only see the woman twice a year at most - we're far from close. Am I a douche for not feeling guilty about going out of town instead?

If you don't care: when is the last time you went swimming, and where?
burning words

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what is your favourite inspirational song (or songs!) you play to cheer yourself up? some of my favourites with the most encouraging lyrics:

Fatboy Slim - That Old Pair of Jeans
Against Me! - Thrash Unreal
Fiona Apple - Better Version of Me
MLP - pinkie chicken

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You're ordering something such as Chinese or pizza that has to be delivered. Do you tip better when it's raining or storming out, does it not change, or do you not order delivery at all during inclement weather?


Prompted by all these signs all over the place at the moment saying "you could have an STI without even knowing it" and "It'll feel like you're peeing razors"...
Is it possible to get any STDs/STIs without actually having sex? Any of them. I've always been curious and today I'm prompted to ask!
Shit Happens


Last Friday, the cafe I went to grab lunch from had their credit card machines go down after I had already filled my soda and drank out of it. They asked if I were able to come back later to pay, but I was leaving in 5 minutes to go out of state. I swore I'd come back and pay for it Monday. It's now Friday, and I just remembered (like 5 minutes ago), that I haven't paid them back yet.

Should I go back and pay?

Does it matter that I'm a regular customer?

What's the last thing you totally forgot to do?

Did you feel badly about it?

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Hey there,
I previously posted about Student Accommodation in Sydney..Now I'm down to these two...

Has anyone ever stayed at the UniLodge in Sydney (Broadway)? or Georgia House?(Surry Hills)?
If yes, was everyone there international or some Australians? And how long did you stay?
Any other comments or advice or anything would be so very appreciated. Thanksss! :)
narry twirl

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I just got my wisdom teeth taken out. What can I do to make myself less miserable? I'm incredibly thirty because I haven't had anything to eat or drink in 23 hours. And the gauze in my mouth is preventing me from even getting a glass of water because I have to leave them in for 3 hours. Ugh.

Help? Other wisdom teeth stories?

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Prompted by this alco question:

What's the difference between Frangelico and Amaretto?

And more importantly, which one do I like?

I always forget which one I like; I can only ever remember that it's something to do with hazelnuts some kind of nut IDK and is "creamy tasting".

If you DK/DC:

What is your relationship with your neighbours like?
pink trees
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I just found three gift cards left over from christmas. I looked all of them up online and they range from $25-30 each. I want to buy random things online and for the first time in my life, I don't really want to buy more books.

So, what should I buy?
*I can't spend more than 30 on anything, which must include shipping, because most sites don't let you split payments over two cards.

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I'm marinating chicken right now for four hours in a lime juice, orange juice, tequila, chili powder and garlic mixture. Unfortunately, I have to grill the chicken for this recipe and I've never done that. I'm going to use a George Foreman grill, and my question is... if I use that to grill the chicken, will it ruin the marinade?

I usually cook my chicken on the stove in a bunch of olive oil, but I dont want the taste of the olive oil messing with the taste of the marinade. I am so not cooking-smart :(

The hungry child

Today I was at the gas station, filling up my car in a kinda "hood" area in DC. A little boy walks up to me and asks me for money for food. I grab my wallet, and find that I only have two twenty dollar bills. I felt terrible, and gave him $2.00 worth of quarters. I asked him if everything was alright and he replied "yes, I'm just hungry, that's all". I was working, driving around to job sites, so I was pretty stressed out and didn't think of it at the time, but I feel so guilty not doing more for this little boy. I can't stop thinking about it.

Should I just have given him the other twenty (I used one for gas)? Or gone inside the gas station to get smaller bills? Or better yet, should I have driven him somewhere to buy a meal or call Child Protective Services? Or was it okay for me to just give him $2?

I feel really awful right now. :(

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My mom has to go for a test that involves a dose of radiation. She was told not to touch her grandson for 48 hours after the test. She lives upstairs from her grandson. The baby's father told her that he would rather she not go downstairs (even when the baby isn't home) for the rest of the week. (Her washer/dryer is down there)

Do you think that's unreasonable?

What about if she went down there at some point during the 48 hours when the baby wasn't there?

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TQC, my boyfriend is being lame and ditched me for tomorrow because I'm sick, even though it's been over 24 hours since I started my antibiotics and I'm beginning to feel better :( So, what the hell should I do to entertain myself for the rest of tonight and the whole day tomorrow? I can
-go buy some books and spend some of the time reading
-play video games
-go see a movie, either by myself or try to find someone to go with me
-bake chocolate cream cheese cupcakes, or
-do something else that I haven't thought of

If you don't care, what are you doing this weekend?

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Plans for tonight, TQC?

I'm heading out in a couple of hours to go to my usual Friday night swing/ballroom dance. It's my last week going as a bachelor, so my friends have dubbed it my "Swingin' Bachelor Party", and I am under instruction to dance with every single woman there at least once. Unfortunately, there are about 150 of 'em, so that probably won't happen...but that won't stop me from trying. ;-)

I'm gonna be exhausted by the time I get home.

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What is your favorite brand of coffee? 
I really like the 8 O'Clock Coffee, and Maxwell House.

How do you drink it (milk, sugar, cream, etc) ? 
Black if it's already flavored. If not, then a few teaspoons of sugar and a little bit of french vanilla creamer. I like flavored coffee better.

Is it weird that coffee makes me sleepy? 

If you don't care about coffee, will you tell me something you learned today?


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How often does the 'shuffle'/'random' option on your music player of choice play 5 or more songs that you actually want to hear?
I swear itunes knows exactly which songs I have no interest in listening to and plays them all in order.

Dictate my life for me!

So, Friday night TV is on. It's currently 8:27pm over here. Which of the following films should I watch?

Starting at 9PM
As Good as it Gets
Fools Rush In
Mr & Mrs Smith

Or, I could wait an hour and watch
The Last Kiss
or The Parallax View

...All I know about any of these films is the tvguide.co.uk blurb, but I do not want to have to focus too hard on the plot.

If you don't care, what is something that you have to force yourself into doing every time yet is always a good/pleasurable experiencd?
Eat lasagne. IDK, I am just always like "ew, no, I am not in the mood for that....oh wait, guess I am. NOM NOM NOM"

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car questions

Does anyone know any good body/custom shops in Toronto, or good mechanics to take a 1998 Toyota Corolla to in order to get it painted? I want my boyfriend's mum's car to look nice for her birthday. For reference her car is a dark cherry red colour.

How much would it be to get a car painted, if it's not a custom colour, just the original colour of the car? (a ball park figure would be good enough, I'm thinking like 1k or something)

Thank you for your time.

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if you bought a half gallon of ice cream on a tuesday and it was gone by friday night, would you be annoyed? imagine there are only three people in your house and one pretty much never eats ice cream.