July 30th, 2009


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Which cereal mascot would you bang?

Count Chocula (sexy gothic vampire action)
Captain Crunch (man in uniform, moustache rides)
Lucky the Leprachaun (ginger fetish)
Tony the Tiger (admit it, you may be a furry)
Snap, Crackle & Pop enlarged to actual size (foursome for breakfast)
Quaker Oats pilgrim (oldie but old fashioned goodie)
Fred Flintstone (sex so simple, even a caveman can do it)

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Is birthday sex really the best day of the year?

What ingredients do you want in your cake, sexual or edible?

oh come on, surely someone can come up with a better post than this. I need to be entertained while my Brak Show finishes downloading.


What is your favorite old school Adult Swim show character? I'm pretty fond of the guy in my icon.
Quinn Twin

Killing Myself with Exercise

I have an event from Sept 4-7th. I want to look as good great as possible. I also have a very form fitting outfit I want to wear most of the time. I started trying to get in shape in January but my efforts stalled for some reason (but not because I stopped exercising). Now, obviously, I am in the clutch. I have 36 days to do whatever I can. I am half way into my 2nd week of P90X (Lean [more cardio]). By the time my event comes around, I will only be at the mid/end of week 7 out of 12.

Today on ONTD, a lot of girls were going on and on about Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred - it's supposed to make you lose up to 20 lbs in 30 days. Since I'm not dead from P90X, I figure I'll be okay with Shred. Do you think it would be a good idea to do Shred in the mornings and P90X in the evenings? Or will I end up dead (and still fatter than I want to be in my coffin)? If it helps you decide, I've still been doing Curves with P90X, too. And I'm still alive to tell the tale!

Other ways and ideas also appreciated. Unless it's eating a lot of seafood (what P90X suggests) - I'm allergic.

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i graduated high school 3 years ago. one of the girls that i graduated with just died. i cannot remember speaking to her ever. none of my close friends were really friends with her either. do you think i should go to the viewing? why or why not?


1. what do you do for a job or career? if you're still in school, what are you planning to be?
2. if you've graduated from university, does your job at all relate to your major?
3. what would be your dream job?
4. let's be honest. would you (or are you?) seriously consider pursuing something like law or business just because of cashmoneys?

i'll start.
1. teacher
2. i graduated with a degree in film, so not at all.
3. journalist or travel show host (damn you, bourdain!)
4. i'm thinking of taking the LSAT and selling my soul to a law firm and joining the rat race.

Death: Just the beginning

             How do you deal with grief for the rest of your life particularly when it comes to a very good friend, even if you weren't as close to them as you used to be.

            I am deeply sorry for offending anyone. I just need some options other than a grief management therapist and other than getting in touch with friends who were closer to him. I didn't know how to word that correctly.



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In light of certain lol posts, what was your favorite TQC drama topic? I won't lie, I'm a pretty new member considering and would like to laugh along with you guys.

Plus I am bored because it's 2 AM. Fuck.
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The Dude Abides


Do you like taking pictures?

Are you one of those people that like BEING IN pictures more than taking pictures?

What is your favorite picture that you've taken recently? if you don't take pictures, or haven't recently, what is your favorite picture that you've seen recently?

This community is EPIC fail.

The rules are here to make the environment enjoyable and fair for everyone. We don't ask much, so they shouldn't be hard to follow. Unless otherwise noted, you will get one warning when having a post deleted, after that you’ll be banned.

The bottom line: Be polite and think before you post.
  1. Every post must ask a question.

  2. Posts that break any applicable laws or violate LJ's Terms of Serivce will be deleted and you will likely be banned. As such, TQC is not a file-sharing community, nor is it BitTorrent. Get your music, movies, and warez elsewhere. This is your only warning.

  3. Don't delete your posts or delete/screen/freeze comments made by other users. If you have an issue with a post/comment made by another user, contact the moderators. Exception: It's okay to delete a post if it was obviously intended for your personal journal.

  4. Snark is okay, but don't take it too far. Harassment of other users, making threats, and blatant disrespect for others is not welcome here.

  5. Trolling (i.e. making posts/comments with the intent of disrupting the community) is not allowed here.

  6. Please don't ask LJ support-related questions here. LiveJournal has a FAQ and a community of dedicated support volunteers who can help you.

  7. Do not promote your communities here. Also, please do not ask what communities are available on LiveJournal. [info]community_promo and [info]community_quest were created for these purposes.

  8. Don't post "questions" just to show off a link. We all think your 30,000lb cheesewheel is quite lovely this time of year, we don't want to see your PayPal donate button, nor do we want to vote for your puppy in an online contest. "Questions" that are just self-promoting or linkspam will be deleted.

  9. Don't post multiple questions in a short period of time. If you're posting more than twice in a given block of ten or so posts, you're posting too much, and people will get annoyed with you. Feel free to combine multiple questions into one post.

  10. Feel free to use HTML formatting in your posts, as long as you don't use large text or markup that will mess up others' friends pages. If you're going to post large images, YouTube embeds, or images that are inappropriate for a public setting, put them behind an LJ-cut.

  11. You will probably be mocked if you ask a question that is easily answered by a search engine. Deal with it. (Homework questions are a prime example of what will cause you grief.)

  12. No need to ask What's with the Bacos icon? (or What's with all the syringes?)

I am aware that my previous post might have been disruptive to this community however, it was not intentional. I was very upset to hear about my friend. However, I feel that all of the snarky comments made were intentionally made to disrupt the community and cause drama.

EDIT: Fellow TQC'ers, those who will not be supremely choleric in response to this post, do you feel that the snark is tolerable or unbearable?

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Hey, TQC allergy-sufferers: Claritin or Benadryl? Why?

Benadryl isn't really cutting it for me anymore, and I've never tried Claritin. Should I give it a shot? I'm in need of awesome anti-histamines. :(

how bad is it if...

I wear a black cocktail dress to a black tie wedding reception? It's on a Sunday night, definitely after six o'clock, in an arena.

The groom and bride are Canadian and white if it helps... I'm not familiar with Canadian culture at all but black tie says for women either a floor length gown (I do not have) or a cocktail dress (which I do have). I don't want to spend money because this person is not really close to us but invited us anyway.

So, tqc, is it ruder to wear black or white at a wedding? What about white accessories? (like evening purse and such) Is it really, really horrible to wear black at a wedding? Heeellppp please!

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I have a small area in my garage where I can erect a gym.
What would be the absolute MINIMUM gear I would need to keep in shape?

I'd still like to be able to park my massive SUVs in there

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What is the best movie you've seen this year?

My dad and I went to see "The Hurt Locker" for a guys' night last night. It was amazing...definitely the best movie I've seen all year, and probably the best war movie I've seen from the last 20 years. Jeremy Renner definitely deserves an Oscar nomination for this.

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if a person requests for their body to be donated to science after they die, and the family goes through with it, and the body is used for research or education or something... what happens after they're done with it? do they just throw it out? obviously it probably wouldn't be in one piece anymore, but can the family request to have it back so they can get it cremated or something afterwards... or... what happens?

do you know anyone who has done this? will you tell me all you know about it?

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Greetings, TQC. First time poster here.

Do you live alone or with others?

If you live with others, who do you live with? What do you like/not like about your living situation? Do the people you live with have any habits that annoy you?

If you live alone, what do you like/not like about it?

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last night when i got home from work, i made some mac and cheese real quick for me and my boyfriend and went to bed. about 2am this morning we were both up, really really sick. the mac and cheese AND the milk were out of date. FAIL.

what was the last thing you ate that you regretted (for this reason or another)?
Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo

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It's midnight. You can see that through the crack in the door to your roommate's room that their light is still on, but their door is locked. They don't answer when you knock normally so they are probably asleep. Do you:

a) Not care, so they fell asleep with the light on, BFD
b) call their cell repeatedly
c) pound on the door insisting that the light be turned off
d) Do both b and c?

Wanna guess what MY roommate chose?

Would you put up with that shit?

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What is a disgusting/cringe-worthy food creation that you happen to make and enjoy?

Ans: I take half a can of pumpkin, a spoonful of almond butter, some cinnamon, some ginger, and some splenda, and mix them all together in a bowl and eat it. So good, but it looks like Thanksgiving vomit and makes my friends cringe.

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What are you insecure about (physically, personality-wise, whatever)?

What are you secure about?

What time is it where you are and how's the weather?
-10:18am and humid as fuuuuuck.


I'm insecure about my cellulite and my kind of chubby stomach.  I'm also a people pleaser and frequently feel inadequate as a friend.  I also have weird feet.

I am very secure in my loyalty and intelligence. 

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Let's say you possess the desire or inclination to commit a crime. Which character from a movie or book would you most want to team up with?

What crime do you commit?

If it's a person of the opposite sex, do you remain platonic or do you guys hook up afterwards?

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Hey, I know I just posted but the pic post made me think of something I am DYING to know:

We have a Kodak digital camera and it loads pics onto our computer. I have a Mac g4 which is admittedly old, OS 10.3.9

Anyways when we got back from our honeymoon I was able to successfully load like 700 photos onto the computer. I eventually removed them all when we printed them out at Walgreens.

Cut to every other time after: when I'm transferring the pics from camera to computer, the camera screen says it's doing all of them but when it's finished and I look on my computer, only like, a third of the pics will have transferred. Any ideas? Should I get a better camera? What's up with this piece of shit?

P.S. the kodak website gave me zero help.

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What is you favorite gif to post on LJ or other board/communities?

Where do you get them if you don't make them yourself?

Is it wrong to take them without asking, or is it assumed people will do that?

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What do you do when someone starts yelling at you while driving because of their own stupidity?
I always blow them a kiss and wave. My boyfriend thinks that they're going to club me one day.

When was the last time someone yelled at YOU for their own stupid driving?
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[Ari] no personal space FOR YOU!!!

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What do you do when someone is blatantly staring at you?

My opinion: if it's someone I will be seeing regularly (creepy co-workers, etc), I'll get annoyed but won't say anything, won't make eye contact.
If it's a stranger, I'll get annoyed, make eye contact, and say "WHAT."

I <3 Roller Derby

I love roller derby and all of the really clever names. WE have a league here but I'm a) Too much of a wimp and b) Unable to do the time commitment so I never joined up. I have, however, been thinking of my fantasy Derby name. Many I like are taken, so I'd probably go with Ebola Cherries, Suzy Cide (kinda taken) or Polly Purebred! =)

Think of What are some cool derby names or list what is your favorite? The master list is here: http://www.twoevils.org/rollergirls/

There. Now you are allowed to answer.

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My boyfriend just lost his job with ONE DAY'S notice.
Mind you, he wasn't fired. It was more like the company was like "Who here is a college kid? Well, tomorrow is your last day." There's still a good 3 weeks before classes start up again, and he had been planning to work right up until classes started.

...Is that legal/ethical/fair? I mean, for a job to get rid of you with one day's notice, when you're not getting fired, and you're not doing anything wrong. To just cut you off when you have bills to pay, and no possible way to get another job before school starts.

What kind of shit has your workplace, former or current, pulled on you?

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The dude at the cafe I got to at 9:20pm last night accidentally my mocha not decaf like I asked (twice in fact) but I did not realize this till I got home and felt buzzed for hours and looked at my receipt. I went to bed late, slept poorly, and woke up early.

What was your last unpleasant surprise?
eooowwwrrrr; pokemon

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What is a really effective way to get rid of bags under your eyes? I think I've tried almost every creme known to man, and force myself to get plenty of sleep with no real results.
simon and garfunkel

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What do you usually order when you go to a  bar, TQC? Do you have a 'usual' or do you not really care?

Do you judge people (either positively or negatively) by what they drink? examples?

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How far in advance do you do your back-to-school shopping? Notebooks, pens/pencils, etc. Those kinds of things. I don't move back to school until either September 5th or 7th, but I've got the urge to go buy all sorts of school stuff right now. How ridiculous of me would that be?

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How much do you love juice? So much? Not much?
What is/are your favorite juice(s)?
--SO so much.  Apple, orange, tomato, grape.

What's the story behind your username?
I originally wanted xbeautyxtruthx to go along with every other username I have on the webs, but it was already taken.  I replaced the Xs with my initials, KCK.

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What types of dishes do you gravitate towards in your average restaurant?

What's the most unusual dish you've ordered?

Did you love it or hate it?

What are make-or-break factors in a dish?
me cartoony

Because I watched Revolutionary Road last night...

You only have one life. What are you going to do with the rest of it?
(I don’t know yet)

Do you believe there’s something you’re meant to do?
(I think I’m meant to work in natural building and farming)

If so, are you doing it?

If you’re not doing it, why not?
(Too poor to move to a place where this can happen, and my kids need to live in a place where there are services for ASD and microtia. Maybe someday)
daisies color


Has anyone here sold anything or given anything away on Craigslist? I've bought a minifridge before but my dad went to pick that up.

I listed some free Tupperware I found in my rental (the people before us threw a lot of Tupperware parties and left obscene amounts of it behind, which we don't need). I got a lot of responses and the guy is coming to pick it up today after I get off of work.

I'm sort of apprehensive/just a little uneasy to have this guy come pick it up. Will you share stories of buying or selling things off craigslist? Preferrably ones that will make me feel safe.

The New My Guest feature

I saw this thus morning when I logged on LJ, probably a lot of you did too

"My Guests, a new feature that will allow you to see who visits your journal, is coming soon. To set your privacy preferences for this feature, please choose an option:

I want to use My Guests to see who visits my journal and to be visible when visiting other journals and communities.

I don't want to use My Guests and I want to remain anonymous when visiting other journals and communities."

so which option are you going to chose?

give up seeing who's staking you to be invisible or see who's checking you out but be an open book in return, I think I'm going to go invisible.
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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Google fails me again...

Do any free media players for Windows (I run XP, specifically, but any Windows version) exist that support natively and properly display in its windows unicode characters in filenames, that look and operate similar to WinAmp, and aren't Windows Media Player or Real Player?

Cheesesteak and orange soda or pizza and lemonade?
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If a cop was responding to a call claiming a break-in, and the owner of the residence in question is someone they've never heard of, would you expect it to be police procedure to verify the residence has no one else present?

Would you expect any verification of ID via a database, even if it were state-issued?

What the hell was the other Boston cop thinking by sending e-mails to other cops and national guardsmen using the phrase "banana-eating jungle monkey"?
Oh hay thar

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Monday is a holiday and our boss was nice enough to give us Friday off as well. So I am 2h20m from a 4 day weekend, weather is beautiful and I am PSYCHED. Everyone else is slowly but surely escaping the office early but I have no choice but to stay until 5. What can I do to pass the time? Can you show me something on the intarnet that will pass my time? There is NO work left to do.

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Poll #1437439 Super powers for you

You find out that you have the ability to fly! However, in order to activate it, you have to punch someone in the face as hard as you can. Each face you punch will grant you 1 hour of flight, and you can stack up the hours by going on an angry punching spree. How often would you use this power?

All the time! I'd love to fly and there's a lot of people who need to get punched
Here and there. I'd love to use my power, but I can't fully reconcile punching people to activate my flight
Only in emergencies. I'm a peaceful individual
Never. The activation requirement is too unpleasant for me

You find out you have the ability to turn invisible, but in order to make it really count, you have to be completely naked, or else, it looks like a bunch of clothes hovering in midair. How often would you use this power?

All the time! I've always wanted my power and it doesn't get too cold where I live
Here and there. It gets a little nippy sometimes so I'd only use my power on warm days
Rarely. Only if I really needed to
Never. it's kind of a selfish power that will make me do some imoral things, like spy on people

You find out you have the power to have superhuman strength! When you activate your power, you can lift an SUV over your head, and your body becomes highly durable and able to resist all kinds of damage. However, the only way to activate your power is if someone punshes you in the face as hard as they can. It's something about transfer of kinetic energy activating your strength. Your puny human body can't stop the damage the punch does to your face, but after that, you'll be stronger than an elephant. How often would you use this power?

All the time! The power's awesome enough to risk hits to the face on a regular basis
Here and there. It's a nice power to have, but I hate getting hit in the face
Rarely. Only in emergencies
Never. The very idea of the getting punched like that disturbs me
Brad and Jen

Complete ridiculousness

I need to register for classes at community college. The cutoff date is very soon, either today or tomorrow. I was supposed to take summer classes, and got a student ID number, but that ended up not working out. I have no idea what classes I should take for fall, or how to register for them, and I'm worried that since the cutoff date is so soon, I won't be able to take any classes. I know, I really screwed the pooch. Is it worth even trying?

EDIT: I called the school, and they were able to calm me down. Today is the priority application deadline, so just to be able to register in August instead of September, you should apply by today. I was able to apply online, and I'm going to the campus within the next few days to talk to a counselor about which classes I'll need to take. Thank you all for being so nice! :)

stationery: edited


Will you help me choose a template for stationery?



Baro Bitch Stare
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How did you get the job you currently have?

How many interviews did it take before you were hired?

Did you send a thank you card/note after every interview?

What are some of the best ways of finding a new job?
d20 :: natural 1
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Spanish-speaking TQCers: -illo/-illa, as in "la pinche chiquilla nueva fue tarde, otra vez, y eso es porque yo vine una hora tarde para mi otro trabajo," is a diminutive, right?

Everyone else: How was your day -- or what was the last thing that pissed you off?


You find yourself waking up in a cellar, with no memory of your previous life. There is a staircase to the NORTH, a wine rack to the EAST, a workbench to the WEST and a door to the SOUTH.

Inventory: small dagger, rope, ruby


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I've seen it both ways, so you tell me TQC:

Girl Scouts (Brownies, in particular): obviously brown vest/sash, white shirt, brown skirt.

Should the knee-high socks be brown or white?

(my halloween costume thanks you)

men's winter clothing

 I have a dark brown and dark blue stripe scarf for men.

What outfit do you think, that match with the scarf? (And what colours?)

I'm thinking of light brown coat, white sweater, dark brown pants, and dark blue gloves, but I'm not sure that it looks good.

Tell me your opinion please! Thank youuu so much for thisss :)

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Does anyone watch Dexter? Should I give a try? The plot seems very interesting to me; I love crime-related stuff.

Can you recommend some other shows for me to try? I've been pretty bored this summer.
I currently watch: House, Heroes, Lost, and Weeds.

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I moved from NJ to GA almost a year ago. My checks, since I use one per month (for rent) and that is ALL, still have my old address on them.

Is that okay? Or should I shred them and get new ones?

What's for dinner?
I'm thinking of stuffing a chicken breast with garlic and onion/chive cream cheese, baking it, and then putting some guacamole on top (once it's out of the oven of course). Does this sound delicious or gross?

Have you ever had professional n00dz taken? Will you tell me about the experience?

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I received a text from my ex (of 3-4 weeks) saying he is going to post me a letter. Even though he is evidently not adverse to texting me, and sends me messages on facebook.
What will this letter say TQC?

srs and non srs =] But mostly non-srs.

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How often do you go see movies?
How much do tickets cost at the movie theater you normally go to?
Have you ever wanted to see a movie that was playing at select theaters, and driven far to see it?

I usually go once a week.
I drove an hour and a half each way to see Fanboys in February because I thought it would be worth it. It wasn't.

Apartment open house.

My roommate wants to stay in our current complex, which I cannot afford. I found a really nice, tiny, cheap apartment on Craigslist that's having an open house this Saturday. I really need this apartment, but obviously other people can go look at it. I doubt I'll be the only one. I'm just worried it'll slip through my fingers.

Aside from begging them, how do I stand a good chance of getting the apartment? I have deposit/first month's rent/application money at the ready, and I am not a hoodlum.
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I'm moving to Manhattan in a month and need to set up a budget. I will be getting some help as I'll be a student and can't work, but I need to determine a fairly accurate budget so I don't end up hungry so I can take the subway to school!

Right now, I'm in a living situation where I will have no rent and no bills. I have to figure out how much living there will cost me every month, my main concern right now will be food. I have no idea how much I will have to be spending down there.

*I will be getting the unlimited metrocard as my commute includes a bus and subway every day (no car!)
*I will make my own coffee 90% of the time
*Laundry adds up to $4/load
*I will likely eat lunch out 3-4 days, but will gravitate towards the inexpensive
*I have a full size fridge/freezer but very limited dry storage (making bulk purchases difficult)
*I will likely make my own dinner as I have a (one burner) stove in my room and a toaster oven
*This will be my first time living in the city and I want to experience it!

I have no idea what I'm spending in food right now as I don't eat at home more than a few times a week right now and my shopping is very sporadic. Can anyone give me an idea of how much I may be spending on food? Sightseeing? Bars? If you live in the city, what kind of expenses do you have every month? Do you have any money saving ideas? The best savings plans I can find online involve the best places to get discount designer shoes.

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So I'm exiting my local Dollar Tree when three little kids run up to me. Their clothes were filthy. Their father, who's sitting against the wall, asks for change. The kids then stick their hands out. My wife gave them change, and we walked off. The whole situation is really bothering me. Should I call CPS? Do they have rapid responders? Etc, etc, etc.

(no subject)

My cell phone contract is up and I'm thinking about making the switch to the new iPhone 3G. This involves a phone company switch (from Telus to Rogers. I'm not American, so I won't be going through AT&T). My beloved CNET gives the iPhone 3G a 4/5, but they've been wrong from time to time.

If you have an iPhone, would you recommend it or should I back away and head for a Blackberry?
regina happy

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I bought some boneless pork chops tonight because my boyfriend really likes them. I haven't had pork chops in at least 20 years and I have no idea how to cook them. So TQC, what's your favorite pork chop recipe? I don't like mushrooms.

What'd you have for dinner tonight? I made crab quesadillas.

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Anyone here use Livemocha? (This is where I heard about it, so I'm guessing there is.)

How did you get people to read/correct your submissions? Were you assertive about it or did you just wait for someone to find them? I feel bad sending them to random people i don't know.

Will you give me some tips about the dynamic of the website? I've only been signed up for 2 days.

AND/OR, How old is your phone?

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does it ever hurt you to swallow certain pills if you dont do it with food?

if i take my zoloft without food i feel like im going into cardiac arrest or something it hurts so bad i cant even think then it just goes away D:

how stupid do you get when you smoke weed? have you ever had a friend who freaked the fuck out?

last night my friend and i ate brownies while we where playing gears of war and he thought he was on fire and going to die while i just sat there like idk what to do.

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What does it mean when condensation forms enough to drip-drip-drip, inside my fridge?
IDK IDK everything is still cold and stuff, and the words Google uses confuse me

If I were to take up gambling, what sort should I pick?

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Today is my first day working a shift alone at my new job, and I've already gotten 2 bitchy people and possibly fucked up something that a manager is going to have to fix and I really really have to pee and I can't leave the desk because a flight just came in and I've got two people who are supposed to be picking up cars coming soon >:C

Post your favourite funny pictures and macros to cheer me up pls?

Sick food?

When you're sick, what is your favorite 'comfort' food?

When I have strep throat, I LOVE chicken noodle O's
And when I have allergies, I enjoy lomein noodles.

How about you guys?
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I've never liked or listened to much rap music before. Why do I have the sudden urge to listen to it now? What is wrong with me? Should I seek help?

What rap music would you recommend?

Something along the lines of the little I do listen to (Eminem and Common)

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Validate me, TQC?

I was raised Catholic. My grandfather insisted on it. He even shelled out the cash for my Catholic school tuition.

When I was baptized, he gave me a very nice and expensive crystal rosary. I was 8 at the time, so naturally my parents held on to it.

We've moved several times, so I assumed that it had been lost in one of the moves.

I went to my parents' house the other day (which is extremely rare) and I found it. My mother turned her coffee table into a shadow box and in the table is my rosary.

I had every right to ask for it, didn't I? My mother got all pissy and told me that I couldn't have it! WTF?

She told me that I don't deserve to have my rosary because I'm an atheist now.

I don't care if I'm an atheist now. I don't want it for religious reasons. I want it because my grandpa gave it to me and he and I were really close.

What should I do, TQC? Should I go back and demand that she gives it to me? Should I wait until she isn't home, have my younger sister let me in, and take it? Or should I have my dad bring it to me?

tl;dr: Mother refuses to give me a rosary that my grandfather gave me because I'm an atheist.

Is anyone here a fan of Top Chef Masters? Who do you think is going to win it all?
white heels

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I have about 2/3 of a container of tzatziki sauce that I need to use soon. Problem is, I don't know what to eat with it.

What would you eat it with? I have tortilla chips, flatbread, and spinach pizza. I don't feel like going grocery shopping so these are my only options.

Also, what's your favorite type of sauce?

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1)Do you know the tornado position? If you say wut, where do you live?

2)Will you tell me a cool story,bro?

Once when I went into work with a soft drink, a little kid asked me for a drink.

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OHMYGAWD this is the first long break I get to pee, and EVERY SINGLE WOMEN'S WASHROOM in the airport has a fucking "closed for cleaning" barrier at the door.

None of the men's rooms are closed.

The cleaners are conspiring against me, y/n?

Really, it's because women are gross and like to throw tampons around, y/n?

Who is the last person who texted you?

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So what are your parents like? Do you have good relationships with them? How do they treat you?

I just had a long conversation with one of my best friends whose parents treat her like shit. They tell her she's fat, ugly, dumb, not good enough, etc. Maybe I'm very blessed but my parents have never done this to me. I call my mom when I'm feeling shitty about myself and she makes me feel better.

Are your parents like my friends parents? If so, how do you deal with them? Did it affect your self-esteem a lot?
anontang DA

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TQC, what is a disco stick and how does it equate to a penis? If it does not equate to a penis, but something else entirely, what the fuck is it?

Where does Lady Gaga get ideas for her ridiculous clothes?

Do you dislike her as much as I do?

Srs and non-srs, but non-srs is always better.

Let's talk tea

Do you drink tea?
What's your favorite tea?
How do you take it?
Are you a morning tea drinker like my mom, or a night tea drinker like me? Or something else?
Do you let the water boil? Why or why not?
Do you take the bag out after it's steeped?
How long do you let it steep?

Tell me all about your tea-drinking habits?

If you're a bad person and don't drink tea, what does your bedding look like?

My answer in the comments~

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are you the type of person to make up nick names for people?

what nicknames have you made up?

if you wanted to make up a nickname about a girl who looked like a potato with arms and legs, what would you call her?
- im leaning towards "the potato with arms" or "potato head," myself