July 29th, 2009

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You are in a store with your 8 year old son. He sees something with 69 on it and says that "69 is my favorite number" and then says "I love 69!" loudly several times. Would you be embarrassed? What would you do?

Some kid did this when I was in the craft store today and I couldn't stop laughing.

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If you're trying to buy a gift for a whole family instead of individual gifts, what's a good idea for a gift? (assuming it's 1 husband, 1 wife, 2 kids in their 20s [1 male, 1 female])
amphibian depression

i just saw a playtex bra commercial....

what size breasts do you consider to be "big"?
and are what you consider to be "big" boobs, bigger than average? what's average?

if you are a girl, would you describe your breasts as an apple, orange, grapefruit or melon sized? edit: i guess answer this as in, when they are in your hands, the size are most comparable to...)(this stems from perhaps a movie preview? something i saw on tv at any rate.)

i ask this because the playtex bras always seems so unattractive to me. and i guess they market towards big/large breast women. which then made me wonder, what is the cutoff? and can a woman with larger breasts find a good/supportive bra that doesn't look matronly? perhaps just one that isn't made by playtex.
Big Love

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So, I'm watching a fight between 2 girls on Pogo. They are fighting because girl A added girl B's pogo boyfriend to her friends list.

What is the last hilarious and/or ridiculous thing you witnessed?
Julia Murney

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Inspired by king_ink_9 's post, where is the best hostel you've ever stayed in? The worst? Did you have any apprehension about staying in one?

I've only every stayed in one. It was in Berlin, and it was very nice. My only worry was that the sheets were going to have bed bugs in them. A teacher of mine had told me that she was backpacking through Europe, and one of the hostels she stayed in in Austria, I think, and the sheets they provided were infested with bed bugs, which was made a million times worse because she's highly allergic to bug bites, so her legs and arms were cooooovered in hives. She took the earliest flight back to Canada the next day.
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Help me do my back-to-school clothes shopping!

How tacky would it be to wear a halter style dress with a regular bra? I can't go bra-less, I find it uncomfortable and my boobs are too big for that, and I don't own any halter bras. Could I get one relatively cheap for a C cup? I just love this dress so much and want it to work somehow. Also what kind of shoes would I buy for something like that? Wedges? Would flip flops work?

Is this dress pretty or ridiculous? I kind of like it in purple, but I can't decide if I'd look stupid or not.

Where can I get cute and decent clothes for fairly cheap? I'm on a bit of a budget [in the $300-400 range], but I need more clothes.

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I'm wearing my favourite pyjamas tonight and they make me happy. What are your favourite pyjamas, TQC? Post a picture if you can.

They are white, but covered in green, brown, and pink owls. The pants match.

Cats pawing at mommy's face

3am tldr please validate me post

I live in Portland, OR, where it was 107 today. Like 85% of the residents of this city, I have absolutely no air conditioning, and no swamp cooler, etc. Because I have 7 windows that face south and west, my apartment is like an oven. A brick oven, notably. My cats have been wiped down with wet washcloths like, 8 times today, and had water poured on them in the tub several more times. Whenever the older one dried off in the living room, he'd begin to pant again.

It's 3AM, and it's something like, 85 or warmer in the main parts of my house (kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallways) I have a Poor Man's Swamp Cooler and a fan pulling in outside air (about 10 degrees cooler than it is inside the majority of the house)

Am I a terrible cat mother if I keep the cats in the bathroom (ie, the only room in the house below 80) overnight? I've never confined them to a room for longer than an hour or two while maintenance came over. They have water, a box, food... The younger one is sleeping, something I haven't seen him do since I got home from work at 3. The older one is breathing calmly, finally. The tile is cool for them to lay on, and they have water to play in if they choose.

Leaving them in here is the nicest choice, right?

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Are there any old songs that creep you out major?

ie "Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny because of the way it was used in 'Sleepwalkers".

I had a friend that used to be TERRIFIED of 'cursum perficio' by Enya, but I didn't mind playing it around her since she made me pee my pants before.

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You are fluent in Language X. It is not your native language, but you speak it fluently. Your friend with benefits or SO is learning Language X. You are helping them with it, but they are awful at it because they are just beginning. Is it a turn-off or is it cute?

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On the way to work this morning I was sitting at a stop light on the highway when someone came so close to rear ending me that they had to slam on their brakes and swerve into the turn lane next to me. They stopped level with my drivers side door. Eeek.

TQC, what was this person doing that they didn't notice me stopped at the glaringly red light?

Bonus points for creativity! =)

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My poison ivy is still spreading and I am out of predinisone (they gave me 5 days of it when my entire leg was covered). I have stopped itching for the most part, and the only time I do is when I am in serious pain because of it or apparently when I am sleeping (I woke up this morning to me scratching).
Should I call my doctor for more prednisone? Should I just suck it up and see how long it takes to go away? I've never had poison ivy, so idk if this is just normal procedure or what
The back of my leg where I got poison ivy first is gone, but now the whole front of my legs are swelling up with little welts.

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I'm getting a cell phone.

Bell or Telus and why?

Or Rogers, I guess, but I don't hear much about them.

Edit: Canadian phone companies. Yanks/Brits/Aussies/Irish/French/Indonesian/basically everyone not Canadian plz disregard, I guess. :)

Also, I am terrified of getting a plan. Spent the last two years happy with pay-as-you-go tickets from vending kiosks.

i know i just posted. sorry.

i just ran laps up and down my stairs for 10 minutes. i wanted to do 15 minutes, but i felt light-headed so i stopped. my active heart rate ended up being 155 bmp. it is now 20 minutes later and my body hasn't quite restored to normal yet. i am physically fit, but i know my heart is not.

how bad would you say my heart health is based on this information? do you have any feedback for me?

also, when you run, do you breathe through your mouth, or your nose, or a combination?

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When you eat a bagel, assuming that you cut it horizontally (so that you have two circles) and then put your topping of choice on them, do you put the halves back together and then eat it or do you eat the halves separately?

Suggestions for delicious breakfast/brunch in midtown Atlanta/near Piedmont Park?!

How's the fucking weather where you are?

***Goddamn. Link fixed because I can't count my w's.

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I've always wanted to get my belly button pierced, and I never thought I'd say this, but I actually have a flat stomach now!

So help me out TQC, how hard is it to maintain? And how much will it cost me? Also, where should I go to get it pierced?


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My two-year-old brother decided to channel his inner artist and has covered my dad's light tan suede furniture in black permanent marker. HOW DO I GET IT OFF???

I've already tried hairspray and alcohol.

ETA: You guys, I refuse to believe this is impossible. It can't be. I mean, I already got it off of the the wooden cabinets and bed (white-paste toothpaste and toothbrush), the refridgorater (steel cleaner and Magic Eraser), the floor (Magic eraser and rubbing alcohol) and my brother (rubbing alcohol). THERE MUST BE A WAY!
Sonic 2

Interview Woe!

I have a job interview today with a local college for a recruiter position. However I *think* the person that contacted me to do the interview wants to hire me for another position. This other position though is something that I don't want at ALL - I really want the recruiter position.

If my suspicions are confirmed, should I say something to the person interviewing me? If so, what's the best way to bring up the subject? D:

(and yes, I know I should be grateful to take any position given the still sour state of the economy, so IDK. >/)

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ETA: for the blackheads one, instead of pop I meant squeeeeeze

So what do you do?

I pop all pimples, even if they're blackheads, even if they're tiny but definitely when they're huge and nasty.
I only pop them when they're huge and nasty.
I never pop them. I let them hang on my face even if they look like white-capped red mountains.
I don't get zits and I need the witness protection program now before Jilicious comes to kill me.
I CAN'T pop them even if I try, they're always those deep-tissue ones. :(
I only pop blackheads, I don't get whiteheads.
You haven't even come CLOSE. I will discuss this in lengthy detail in comments.
BRB popping zits

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Dear migraine suffers of TQC, I get migraines a couple times a month. As far as migraines go, they are not completely awful but usually stop me from what I'm doing. They are also accompanied by terrible nausea (this I usually can't stand more than the headache). On all occasions I take Excedrin Migraine and feel a ton better, both headache and nausea wise. Recently, the nausea that accompanies my headaches has gotten MUCH worse and now they are also accompanied by hot flashes and me sweating a ton (and I don't get hot/sweat very much!). The Excedrin takes care of my headache still (mostly... I kind of still have some headache leftover) but not the nausea and hot flashes.

Are there any suggestions for helping the non-headache symptoms? 

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How old are you? How old do you feel?
--I'm 21, but I feel 17.

What kind of things do you do to bring out your inner youth?
--I like to watch old videotapes of shows I  used to watch when I was little, things we'd record and what not.  I also love swingsets :)

If you could have any car in the world, what would you want?
Either a '67 Mustang Shelby, a '67 Chevy Impala, a '68 GTO, an '86 Jeep Scrambler, or an '08 Audi R8

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I've got a fancy dress costume party this weekend guys. The theme is heroes and villains. I'm looking for something a bit unusual and maybe someone who's not always thought or as a hero or villain.


SRS or Non-SRS.

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Is there a free youtube converter download available online for Mac? I used it when i was on Windows, and it is the most awesome thing ever.. because i'm always converting songs/vids from youtube to mp3/vid format. Thanks! :)
weapons of mass destruction

it's an almost predictable curve

In just about every fandom I've seen, when it's been in a visual format, that people create artificial intelligence and it decides to destroy humanity...

...it always has red eyes.

Can you think of any series where human killing machines didn't have reddish eyes?
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My dad thinks I am a nazi (supporter)?

My dad sent me this link this morning.
Of note, he is a very conservative republican and I'm more of a conservative independent. I sway to the left on some issues and to the right on others.
I assume my dad sent me this link because I voted for Obama.

I got about 30 seconds into the video. (For linkaphobics, the youtube video is titled "Hail Hilter, Hail Obama".)

Does my dad think I'm a nazi?
Not going to lie, I actually feel pretty hurt about this, despite knowing that my dad likes to "joke" like this.

Would you be hurt?

Does it bother you when people take something and compare it to Hitler, the nazis, the Holocaust?

Should I respond to my dad?
Would you?

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My boyfriend and I looked at a really great duplex with water front views, drug free neighborhood, and biking distance from my work. Two bed, one bath, new appliances, 1008 sq feet, and new washer and dryer for only $800 a month. The problem is that the lease is month to month. What are the pros and cons to a month to month lease? I wanted at least a six month lease, but the place is beautiful and in our price range.
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? George Lucas edition

Poll #1436846 Star Wars edition

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Kick Darth Vader in the 'Death Stars' and run
Wax an ewok
Don a gold bikini and give a lapdance to Jabba the Hut
Act as marriage counsellor for C-3PO and R2D2
Wear a wookie fur coat to a PETA party
Pull a Nancy Kerrigan on Jarjar Binks' kneecap with a tire iron
Climb inside a dead tauntaun for warmth
Change Yoda's diaper
Have a threesome with Padme and Annakin
Have a threesome with Han and Chewbacca
Have to carry C-3PO on your back, like Chewbacca did in Episode 5
Make out with Admiral Ackbar
Watch a 6-hour 'Special Olympics' where all the missing limb characters (Luke, Annakin, Greedo, guy in the Cantina, etc) all compete in events minus their prosthetics
I'd actually watch Episodes 1-3, back to back
I hate those stupid ice cream bars!

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1. You’re traveling by yourself, and it’s a long flight. Do you want the person next to you to start a conversation, or leave you alone?

2. Do you have any stories about an interesting/annoying/notable person that sat next to or near you on a plane? Will you tell us one?

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 Any advice about studying abroad?


And, while I was in Berlin, I was walking through a park and BAM! out in the open, there was a naked man, lying on top of a girl. She was fully clothed, but he was completely un-clothed, and very hairy. They seemed pretty young, and they both stayed pretty still - and they weren't sleeping. I have no idea what they were doing, so what do you think?


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What are some things you WANT in a place to live? I'm not talking need, I'm talking would be nice. (For example, I NEED a fenced in back yard for my dogs, but I WANT his-and-her sinks and a front porch to put a porch swing on).

If you could choose between a 100-year-old well-maintained row house in a city or a 5-year-old suburban house with a yard 10 miles out of the city, both same price, both same number of square feet, which would you choose?

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I'm moving on Saturday and one of my roommates/best friends just BAILED. This means I may not be able to move, which sucks because home is a three-bedroom, seven-person household. So my options are either to have my boyfriend move in with us (and my family will not approve) or to find another roommate that I can trust before then.

Which option would you go for?

And what kind of torture would you inflict on the now ex roommate-to-be?
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How much vacation time (or sick time, paid time off, or whatever you want to call it) do you get at your job?
128 hours per year...why we get that extra day over 4 weeks, no one knows

Do you use it as quickly (or almost) as you get it, or do you save it up for big things?
I tend to save it up for trips, like next week's honeymoon trip and December's family vacation to the mountains.

How much do you have available right now?
As of today's payroll, 65.94 hours.

If you don't know/don't care/don't get any, where will you're next out-of-the-city-you-live-in trip be?
Well, I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about my next one...
living up to my name


12:44 PM 7/28/09 · Whenever I try to picture God I see an amorphous indigo blob with one blinking eye and a foot.

The foot is not necessarily on the ground.

Occasionally I see George Burns.

When you try and picture God, and if you haven't before try right now, what do you see?
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Poll #1436881 Would you rather...?

...become 10% smarter and 10% uglier, or vice versa?

10% smarter, 10% uglier
10% prettier, 10% dumber

...grow 12 inches, or shrink 12 inches?

Grow 1'
Shrink 1'

...have your cup size expand 2 sizes, or shrink 1 size?

2 sizes up
1 size down

...have your SO become 10% funnier but 10% worse in bed, or vice versa?

10% funnier, 10% worse in bed
10% better in bed, 10% less funny

...10% better looking and 50% poorer, or 100% richer and 5% uglier?

10% better looking and 50% poorer
100% richer and 5% uglier

...have $2,000 to buy a new computer or computer accessories, or $2,000 to spend on clothes?

Computer stuff
Clothes stuff
im french

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How do you get the courage to buy something embarrassing from the drugstore?

Is there anyway to... obtain an embarrassing item normally sold at the drugstore some other, alternative way?

What do you consider to be "embarrassing items" found at the drugstore?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

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 Hey all.

I'm in the process of editing a video project and I need to put in some music in the background. You know, the type you can get for free, online, that doesnt bother with copyright laws and all that hoopla. Sample stuff. I have no idea what website I can go to for this (I've googled and I cant find any that kind of know what I'm talking about). A few years ago I asked the same question and you guys gave me some great websites. I cant remember them now. 

ok for tl;dr

Do you know of any websites where I can download free sample music?


What did you think of the Tron trailer?


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TQC, I have dyshidrosis (warning: icky pictures), and it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Outbreaks are rare, but when they come along, I'm put out of commission for about two months. Right now I want to tear my skin off and benadryl and hydrocortisone aren't helping.

Will you complain to me of your horrible chronic medical conditions so that I can realize that I don't actually have it all that bad?

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My little TV in my bedroom is broken, and took out my remote controlled plug socket and an extension cable with it.
What's wrong with it?
Should I get/find a replacement, even though I am leaving home in 8 weeks?

Duh, turn it on at the mains!

Do you have a TV in your bedroom?
How often do you use it?

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Annoying computer problem!

My friend plugged her iPod into my laptop's USB port, and now I can't get it out. There's no safe ejection icon on the taskbar, and the cable won't budge at all. I'm afraid that if I try to pull it out I'll screw up my USB port, because it's clearly not coming out like it should be.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I'm kind of computer-dumb.

ETA: Nevermind, got it! Thank you :)

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Have you ever renamed your LJ?

Thanks to the generosity of[info]qa /nerdtopian, I have a rename token. Since most people think my username means I'm a whore and/or a wannabe porn star (IRL it's just because Hefner is my last name), I'm thinking about renaming.

Did you have issues making the "transition" from one username to another? Any advice?

anontang DA

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How should I address an email that is apparently going to an office? i'm trying to contact the student employment office of my university, but there is no name given, just an email. To whom it may concern? That seems too formal to me.

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I recently saw a classmate of mine working at a coffee shop. We had class together for exactly 1 week last summer, I was very surprised to see him almost exactly a year later. During the class he talked to me a lot and I told him about different events I go to during the year but I never saw him around so I completely forgot about him. He did express he had a girlfriend but I just figured its nice to meet  new people and make new friends. I am kind of curious what he is up too, do you think I should forget it or go for it? He seemed really googly eyed and happy to see me so this makes me unsure.

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I worked at a skateshop for two years.
All the employees were/are bffs
We still all hang out together.

Are you friends with the people you work with? Does your company have rules against being friends with your co-workers?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Has anyone had to deal with the California EDD to file for unemployment or disability? I'm so fucking lost..I received an unemployment packet in the mail saying I have a maximum benefit amount of $0 and that I'd receive claim papers in the mail. But..I applied for disability and have no idea what to do. You can't even get in the waitlist on the phone because they're so damn busy. Halp!?
(Should I resubmit a claim online? Keep trying? Submit another online question?)

What was the last thing to really frustrate you?

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Weapon of choice?

Lead pipe
Monkey wrench
The cognac (just in case!)
Monkey's brains (hurrrp)

Who would you rather make out with? I'm not putting Wadsworth because duh, right?

Professor Plum
Miss Scarlett
Colonel Mustard
Mrs. White
Mr. Green
Mrs. Peacock
Mr. Boddy
The Driver
The Cop
The Telegram Girl
Oh okay, fine: Wadsworth
me cartoony


Where do you live?
(Anaheim, Ca)
How bad is the ant problem there?
(Reaching nightmare proportions. There are at least two new infestations in random parts of the house each day. They’re also destroying my potted veggies and herbs by making colonies in my pots and helping aphid populations to thrive.)

I want to move to where ants aren’t nightmarish.
Bandit Driving

Birthday Ideas

What should I do for my birthday? It is in less than two weeks and I have no idea what to do to celebrate it. My boyfriend should have the day off to spend it with me, so something that involves him and/or my friends would be great. I had a big party last year so I don't want to do that again.

How did you celebrate your happiest birthday?

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if you already work very very hard, are most knowledgeable of your job and company, and you have the most years put in than anyone else in your position or job class..

how do you go about making sure you receive a well-deserved promotion and that one spot for full-time that is available?

how do you get over the fact that someone who has only been working there for a month is being trained along with you, who has been with the company for quite a few years, for a promotion and is probably asking for the full-time position as well?

i would go into detail so you all can understand the situation and why im asking these questions, but i dont know if stories and such are allowed. but if i need to put in a little more info, let me know. thanks

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Have you ever actually used up an entire tube of lipbalm? I was just thinking that I don't think I ever have. Usually I lose them, or get bored and buy a new type/flavor/etc.
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FLORENCE by rodeo_town

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So about a month ago I noticed a small black bump on the back of my thigh with what looked like a scab on it. I tried picking at it to no avail and let it go figuring it was a bug bite or something. Today I noticed it again and starting picking at it some more and got the black thing out, it is about the size of this 'o' and is black and white. What is it?
Tim onstage!

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Erg. I was dumb, and didn't save what I was working on in Microsoft Word. It's an ongoing file, and has been saved before, but I started writing in it again and didn't save the new stuff. The computer did an automatic restart while I was gone (something about updates being done), and for some reason didn't seem to auto-save in the file the new things I'd written (about five pages worth, so I'm pretty upset about that). Is that new writing gone for good, or is there somewhere else, buried deep in the computer (a Compaq Presario CQ60, nothing fancy) where I could possibly find it again?

Also: why does my auto-save seem to hate me, sometimes? Ugh.

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Is it normal to bleed when you're about to have a baby?

My cousin just called. She started to have contractions and tripped (not hard, and didn't fall on her stomach), now she's bleeding and on the way to the hospital.

Edit: I live in a different state, so there is nothing I can do. I can't meet her at the hospital or anything, I have no idea what's going on. I figured someone on here had children, and would know.
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do you think joking about a major tragedy is wrong? why or not?

do you think it's okay to joke about a major tragedy after a certain amount of time has past?

if so, how much time must pass before it's ok to make fun?

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You guize, upon checking my Decemberists tickets for next month, I noticed that the tickets say The Decemberists with a ~~~Special Guest~~~. Whoever could this special guest be??!?!?!
The Heartless Bastards, according to the Decemberists website!! :D

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I've looked up a few videos etc, but am wondering if you guys have any tips.
I'm trying to train my (slightly mad, 10 year old) cocker spaniel to open a door with a rope pull. Have you succeeded in training your dog to do this?
How did you do it?

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1)Why was the central library parking lot so crowded I couldn't get within 3 blocks of it?

2)What's with the $5000 deductibles for health insurance?

3)Should people post their rape fanfiction on the internet? Under what circumstances?


How many times do you wear a pair of jeans (or other clothes) before you wash them?
Do you wear them to work/in public without washing them?

I can wear a favorite pair about three consecutive days in a row to work, but then by the fourth day the mature people I work with start looking at me like I’m nasty..
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anja rubik editorial

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Will you please contribute to our "The Office" drinking game?

Take a drink every time...
...Jim gives the camera "that look"
...Chili’s is mentioned
...Stanley is working on a crossword puzzle
...Andy sings
...someone visits the warehouse
...the Party Planning Committee is in session

What drinking games for other tv shows do you think would be fun?
Spelling Contest

Twilightning Crashes

Poll #1437009 Twilight in the Loafers

With the success of such shows as Twilight and True Blood, vampires are more popular than ever. But what do we really know about these folks? Click what you believe is true about vampires (beyond the fact that you know they're fictional)

Must drink blood
Tend to be gothic or emo
Drawn to virgins
Buy their clothes from the same tailor Elton John and Cher buy their clothes
Fear crosses and other Catholic paraphanalia
Are undead
Are capable of having sex, despite the fact their heart may not be pumping
Have a Transylvanian or some other Eastern European accent
Sleep in a coffin
Stalk the living
Protect the living from those that stalk the living because they're noble like that
Are over a century old, yet seem to have no real interest in anything that isn't blood
Vampires are all beautiful. Applicants must pass a strenouous Hot Or Not voting forum before being admitted to the clan
Cast no reflection, yet somehow manage to look as good as they do without the use of mirrors
Dislike garlic. Might be opposed to Italian food in general

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a friend of mine had become sort of a recreational drug user. she smokes weed daily and has recently had a few experiences with shrooms, both 'quite trippy' as she reported. i've refused to do weed with her in the past because i enjoy my lungs whilst exercising/have asthma, but am mildly interested in doing shrooms with her. i've never done any drug before, except alcohol of course hahah. 

so tqc my question is to shroom, or not to shroom? feel free to post any experiences, good or bad.
Flaming Sikozu

Can't brain today, got the dumb...

Will you please tell me the answer to this maths question/riddle thing?

I have an abacus with 7 beads on each line. At the end of each day I move one bead on the top line to the right. When they're all to the right I move them back and move one bead on the second line to the right.
Today I moved back the second line and moved the first bead on the third line to the right. How many days have I been counting?

The answer is probably really obvious but as the subject line says, I've got a serious case of the dumb and stupid right now. =(
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My boyfriend just asked me this question, and as I have no idea, I naturally thought I should ask TQC.

Do you think it hurts more to be crucified upright, or upside down?


On Facebook
If you deny a friend request, do they know?
Will I forever stay on their friends list as ' Friend Request Pending' or is that only if I never accept nor deny?

Also, if I deny will I show up again on their suggestions/e-mail friend finder, or will it remove me from that too?

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Can you help me determine the difference between these two portfolios?



OTHER THAN: price and the fact that the second (and pricier one) comes with a jacket and screwpost extensions.

I am trying to buy an 11x17 landscape portfolio and I was all set on the expensive second one at ~$103, but then I saw that one on clearance for ~$17, and now I don't know what to do. I've been browsing and looking around but I can't figure out what *exactly* makes the second one so much more expensive. Maybe the first one's just discontinued? Help!

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Have you looked in your spam folder lately? What gems have you got hidden amongst the crud?

I found these tonight:

Your wang will reach the ceiling!
Give her more than medium pleasure!
Never be ashamed of your rod affector
Tired of being a man with delicate sphere problems?
Doping for your porksword!
People for sale in Miami
Want to get rid of anxiet?
Do you need help falling in sleep?
Control your bone-on!
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One of my friends has glandular fever (aka, as I understand it, mono). He was that ill with it that he spent last Saturday night in the hospital, but is feeling much better now and has invited me over for dinner over the weekend. Given that I don't really want to get what he has (primarily because I have a big overseas trip coming up in a week and a half and don't want to be sick and fatigued the whole time, especially in a country that may not have proper medical care), would I be best to say ,'thanks but no thanks, see you when I get back', or can I safely go visit without worrying about catching it? Holy run-on sentence, Batman.

Wikipedia says that mono is spread via. saliva, and I don't plan on swapping any with him; but it doesn't mention whether or not you can catch it just by being around a person and breathing the same air.
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is anyone watching the real world right now? i need someone to discuss this mess with!
*if you don't want spoilers, you might want to avoid the comments! they may be talked about*

if not, what's your favorite kind of cookie? i'm craving oatmeal raisin atm.

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If you won the lottery (say, 20 million dollars USD) would you feel obligated to share some of your winnings with extended family (not parents or siblings)?

If a relative of yours won 20 million dollars, would you be pissed if they didn't share any with you?
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Have you ever seen Drum Corps International? Did you like it?

We got roped into going with my inlaws tonight. It was ok, but ended at 10;15, which put us home later than I'd want to admit for a gigantic marching band show, lol.

What time do restaurants close in your area on weekdays?

We couldn't find anything but one sports bar open at 11 without driving into DC. Gross.

ETA; what's the last entry you posted to TQC? Link plz.


I drink a lot of water.

But, I know people that pretty much live off of soda/juice/Koolaid/ and at the very least flavored water.
Like.. they just can't stand water for some reason...

Do you enjoy drinking water?
Or are you the type that wont drink something unless it is flavored?
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