July 28th, 2009

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It's 4:10am here in Atlanta. I have to get up for work at 7:30am. Why the hell am I still awake?

What do you do when you can't sleep (other than post on TQC)?

What is your favorite midnight snack?

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Are all USPS issued priority mail boxes considered flat rate, or does it have to say "flat rate" on it?
It has the exact dimensions as one of the medium boxes on the website, but I'm worried cause it doesn't specifically say flat rate on it.

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Good morning, TQC. I'm putting off doing my History final, so I am doing some online shopping.

If you were looking for a pair of plainish neutral flats to wear with jeans, would you rather buy these or these?

What are YOU putting off doing right now?

How did you sleep last night?

Simpsons did it!

So yesterday my work BFF and I were talking about movies, and Room With A View came up and my work BFF, who is very innocently sweet, mentioned a scene where the dudes all decide to go swimming and they strip naked. There is no creativity in the shot where the junk is hidden and she was like, "I was laughing uncontrollably, you know, I mean it just looks so funny" and I was like "Yeah, it's like a bunch of hairy coin purses."

Which made me happy, I felt like I had invented this term. But then THAT reminded her of a Family Guy episode where Stewie wants to be a fast swimmer and is shaving his body, so he asks Brian to shave his coin purse.


Have you ever THOUGHT you came up with a term or phrase only to realize it's already been done?

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You meet someone really amazing at a party. You both 'click' and it's really great rapport and you're really feeling it. They're incredibly attractive and amusing and you really like them. Like them enough to go home with them, against your better judgment. He/she seems to really like you too, and its not awkward in any way and the sex is the best you've ever had. EVER. You never thought it could be so good. You're really falling for them. That's what you're thinking when you nod off in their bed. In the morning, you wake up first, only to realize, to your horror, that you shit the bed. You must have had too much to drink the night before because you just made a mess of his/her bed. It's disgusting. He/she is still asleep, oblivious. At this point, the other person doesn't have your number. What do you do?

Wait until he/she wakes up and demand to wash the sheets
Push him/her closer to the poop so that they might think that they're the ones who crapped the bed, not you
Leave instantly, never to return. You can't bear the shame
Leave immediately, but leave an apology with your number
Try and pull the bedsheet out from under them while they sleep and wash it
Cover it up with a pillow and hope he/she doesn't find it until much later
Pick up all the big chunks and flush them and do your best to clean the sheets
Set fire to his/her room and usher them out, thus saving his/her life, which they'll be ever so grateful for. All evidence of your poop accident will vanish in the flames

voice synth

Does anyone know where I can find a text-to-voice synthesizer that sounds like Stephen Hawking? Also, used on Radiohead's "Ok Computer" album. All of the synths I've found so far sound too realistic for my intended use. Thanks in advance, everybody.
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Will you post a line or two from a song that you are currently loving right now?

I'm digging the line "Swallow your pride because silence is golden, and I wouldn't pay a penny to hear your thoughts." on August Burns Red's new album...it's pretty harsh.

I know I know I know it's done all the time...
Butttt will you post a photo of your pet being exceptionally cute?

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My boyfriend is at the beach with his family, including his aunt and her new baby twins. All he can talk about is these babies. He keeps texting me about babies and sending me pictures of babies. Should I be concerned that he's going to try to impregnate me when he gets home tomorrow? How many forms of birth control should I use when I'm ready to have my birthday sex?


Immigrant parents.

Are your parents immigrants?

If so, do you think they've raised you differently compared to your peers who have non-immigrant parents?

Did you and your parents have disputes over this?

My mother is Panamanian and my father, Italian. My mother didn't let me shave my legs or put on makeup until much later than my American friends, and that bugged the hell out of me. My father tends to be more protective me because I'm a girl. It seems like my friends' fathers are not as extreme as mine.

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Right now I feel _________.

I'd rather feel _________.

Right now my mom is _________.

I wish she was _________.

When someone's opinion is completely opposite mine, I think they are _________.

I am really _________.

Today, I hope for _________.

World peace is _________.


Now for a question because i forgot to actually ask one D:...
Is your birthday coming up soon??

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Poll #1436376 Rock, paper, scissors

What wins?

Dwayne Johnson
Wall Street Journal
Two lesbians scissoring

Remember, the Rock smashes lesbians, the paper smothers him, and lesbian sex mangles up the paper
half size Gris

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I hope this isn't tl;dr but I seriously want some advice from strangers about my uncle's bowel problem.

My uncle is 43 and he has seriously severe flatulance. It has been getting worse and worse and for ages he wouldn't go to a doctor about it because he was embarrassed, then he went and they suggested diet changes which he followed, but we already knew it probably wasn't that because my aunt is way into nutrition. Anyway then he lost his job and now he has no health insurance and can't even afford doctors, they are struggling to pay their mortage and not have their house repossessed.

He has applied for a lot of jobs since then but never gets any, and tbh I can't blame them for not wanting him because he would gas everyone else out of the office. No one even wants to invite him round because even if you stay outdoors you have to make sure you're not downwind of him all the time.

What medical conditions might he have that could cause this? He sweats like a pig too if that's any help.

My aunt thinks he should apply for disability because he can't get a job because of his extreme flatulance. Do you think extreme flatulance counts as a disability?

What would you do if your relative had this problem? I feel bad but can you blame me for NOT wanting him at my birthday dinner??

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what was the last gross thing that happened to you that made you feel kinda awesome?
- when i went to the bathroom just now, i sneezed and my tampon shot out into the toilet.

or if nothing gross but awesome happens to you, what is/was your high school/uni's mascot?
- 1st high school was the highlanders, 2nd high school was the rams and my uni is the lobos.

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If you've ever placed an order with forever21.com, do you recall how long it took for you to receive an order confirmation email? I placed an order like 6 hours ago and still haven't gotten one. :T

What "strange" foods do your pets like to eat?
My doggy looooooves cantaloupe and watermelon. And apples.

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Poll #1436326 fruit pie time!

Which kinds of fruit pie have you tried?

rhubarb or rhubarb + other fruit
lemon meringue
key lime
concord grape
other kind of fruit
is chocolate a fruit?
is meat a fruit?

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I was sitting in my living room, when all of a sudden I heard a man and a woman speaking Spanish outside my door. Then they started to jiggle my handle to get in, until I started to cough really loudly and turned on music. I'm normally not here at this time of day, but I decided to play hookie today.

What do you make of this?

Also, what is something that you are good at?

Is there something you wish you could learn how to do?


I'm a longtime subscriber to Mypoints Rewards club. Until recently, I merely acquired points and rarely redeemed them. My hubby and I decided we'd like to use some to get some Amazon gift cards as well as some Home Depot cards. Like many places, they tell us to wait 2 - 6 weeks.

It's been six weeks and we've not received the reward. The last time we cashed in a large quantity, I had to bug them nearly daily for six weeks later than the six-week time period (for a total of three months). While it was worth getting, I don't think it should take this kind of effort.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with MyPoints? I've liked the program so far, otherwise.

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1) Was anyone on lj in the middle of the night, eastern when these crazy photos supposedly by officers were posted on all kinds of comms? There was one photo of a torso of a body of a woman (I think) all wet and looks like it was in the bathroom. What the hell was that? I don't want to see the photo again, I just want to know the story if that makes sense. I stayed up the rest of the night horrified at what this person must of gone through. Shudder.

2) What is the basic premise of "The Cleaner" on A&E?

3) Are you closer to believing in ghosts or aliens? Meaning, for you, which one is more likely to be true.

4) This is for anyone with IBS, how were you diagnosed? How long did it take?
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My friend has these stamps and she's wondering if she can use them. Are these Forever stamps? I've only seen the Forever stamps with Liberty Bells on them but these have the Statue of Liberty. There is NO postage price on them. They just say "First Class".

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Solved! They are 39c stamps. Thanks sgock!
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Some time back, a bunch of you made statements to the effect that it was stupid for a Nevada business owner to pay his employees with gold and silver coins whose legal tender denomination was less than the value of the bullion. You claimed it was tax evasion to claim the dollar denomination, no matter which way you looked at it. There is a case, Crummey v. Klein Independent School District et al., where Crummey claims the Klein Independent School District should've accepted $50 gold eagle coins for the bullion value and not the legal tender value. He lost in Texas, and he lost in the U.S. Court of Appeals' Fifth Circuit.

Would your opinion change about the definitions of a dollar and legal tender if you saw the same argument made against Crummey's favor, from the side doing the prosecuting of the Nevada business owner?
Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo

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So...I was reading through Cake Wrecks and now I want some cake. Should I go get some? What kind?

When was the last time you unknowingly did something crazy inappropriate/insensitive?

What kind of animal do you think it would be awesome to see zombiefied?


Should I skip class? I really REALLY don't want to go, but it's only the start of week 3 (out of 11) and I only get three skips, one of which I've used already. Plus I get all next week off since my Prof will be at Siggraph...
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Rude jokes

What are your best variants on "I'd hit that so hard, [x would happen]"?

Here, I'll start with the obvious Googleable ones:
"I'd hit that so hard, whoever pulled me out would be made King of England"
"I'd hit that so hard, tectonic plates would shift"
"I'd hit that so hard, her mom would feel it"

I'm sure you can do better. Hit me with your best shot.

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Hey TQC, help me help someone, please! My friend lost his friend's condo key. He's torn apart his own dorm room, checked his pants and coat pockets, asked his friends to check their cars, checked his car. Where could this key be?

Do you or does someone you know ever pray to St Anthony to ask him to intercede for you to find something you've lost?
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"cutting corners"

hola TQC...

How are you (and/or your family) "cutting corners" so to speak during these "turbulent economic times"?

I ask because we just ended our cable service today.
We're also eating out less, drinking cheaper wine, walking to more places + clipping and actually using coupons more.

If this question is too depressing, what's for dinner?
me: making pizza at home tonight :)
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pets and offspring

Forgive me for posting two questions so close to one and other, but if I don't do it now, I KNOW I will forget and someone else will ask it and then I'll be all sore, "HEY I was going to ask that!!"


Do you/can you equate animals with people?
How do you feel about people who call their animals their children? (Would your answer be different if they had human children?)
Do you have pets?
Do you have children?
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My hairstylist is getting married in a couple of days, and she's doing me a major favor working me in before the big day, so I'd like to get her a wedding gift. I was already at Bed Bath & Beyond for another gift, and looked to see if she had a registry there, and she does. What do you think, TQC? Getting stuff off her registry, when I wasn't told directly about it: creepy or okay?

Allergy question

My cousin is getting married in a few months. She's terribly allergic to nickle, and so usually doesn't wear any jewelry at all (white gold has nickle in it, for example). I believe she said her engagement ring and wedding band have to be platinum, as that's the only readily available metal that doesn't make her itch, turn red, and swell up.

My question is, does anyone else here have this problem? If so, are there any brands of jewelry or metal mixes that you can wear? I'd like to give her some pretty earrings to wear during the wedding, but I want to be sure she'll be able to wear them!

Here is your question mark: ?

How far do you stick a Q-tip in your ear

I do not use Q-tips
Just right at the opening, no insertion whatsoever
Just like, a little bit of the tip, enough to swirl around.
More than the tip but I am still cautious.
I grip that fucker in the center of the stick and go to town
Q-tips? Fuck q-tips I use my car key.
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I can usually hear sounds in quiet areas right down to and possibly below 1dB unless I'm sick.

Why do I have to put music players on 5% volume on some days and still have my ears hurt or get a headache from listening to music at that level, and other days nothing "sounds good" unless it's 80-100% volume?

Why on the otherwise 5% days do I still need to put my player on 100% volume when practicing soccer?

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Is your left nut bigger than your right nut, or vice-versa?

Have you ever discovered strange bumps, discolorations or protruding veins on your nut sac?

Are you ever just sitting there minding your own business and suddenly you get a waft of your own sweaty balls?

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What kind of accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.) would you wear with this kind of dress, TQC?

I bought one in kelly green, and one in a pale seafoamy colour. I'm currently wearing the green one with a little white cardigan and black & white flats.

What is the last item of clothing you bought?

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So today I received a phone call about a job that I interviewed for at the local community college. She told me that I made the top 3 and the board of trustees was voting on it tonight and wanted to know if I'd accept the job if they offered it to me. I told her I definitely would love to have the job. She thanked me and told me that I'd hear from her either tonight (depending on how late the meeting runs) or tomorrow morning.

I've told this to several people (including someone that works at the college, just in a different department) and they say that I must be 1st on the list and that she called to make sure I was still interested so if not, she can submit the next name on the list for the board to approve.

Do you agree, TQC? I know I have at least a 1 in 3 shot at this job and I really really really want it, but I don't want to get my hopes up. :(

The husband is getting ready to make me watch the live action Dragon Ball Z movie. I'm going ot want to bash my head against the wall, y/y?

Can anyone give this makeup noob some tips? Just general things I should know/consider when dealing with makeup? Like I wish someone would have warned me about liquid eyeliner.

shit, I'm a whore today

Is it ever appropriate to expect an inheritance?
And then arrange your 5 year life plan around it?

ETA: As per the comments receive so far, WHY do you think it's appropriate to receive an inheritance from your parents?(assuming they didn't mention that they were leaving you something)
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What is more disgusting? An ear with melty earwax, or filthy fingernails?

(we were talking about this at work... I think dirty fingernails are worse!)
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You're sentenced to a month in prison, and within the first five minutes, you get attacked by some lifer and you're both sentenced to a week in solitary confinement. You're allowed to bring in one thing with you to help entertain you for the week. What will you pick to pass the time?

12 Archie comics
Rubber ball (it bounces)
Walkman with a cassette of Debbie Gibson. No radio
Jump rope
Czech-to-English dictionary
King James Bible
Dogeared copy of Twilight
Coloring book (Spongebob) with 5 crayons
Poster of either a scantily-clad Scarlett Johanssen or a scantily-clad Christian Bale
200 piece puzzle
Sock puppet, book on ventriliquism
3 issues of People Magazine
Stripper pole
Small box of Lincoln Logs. There's about 25 of em
Oh hay thar

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You are traveling and will need to use a service when you get there. They are seemingly the only place that offers it. Every hotel recommends it, other businesses recommend it, etc. However, their website looks like something out of 1996 and they do not use proper grammar when corresponding with you via email. Does that scare you off, or do you trust them because they are highly recommended? Let's say the service is time-sensitive and if they screw up you'll be fucked.


I've been going through an "amicable" divorce for about a year, and have moved on to a new city/state and have a new man who is truly wonderful in every way.
Problem is, I've been thinking nonstop about my ex-husband, and am worried I am making a huge mistake and that I really am still in love with him. We were together almost 8 years, no kids, got together right out of high school etc.
Why am I feeling this way? I know my ex would get involved with me again in a heartbeat - it's a mutual feeling of regret and missing each other. The breakup was mostly my doing, btw.
Is it typical to feel this way? Should I just try to get through it or see if the marriage is worth rekindling?
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(no subject)

Did you ever throw house parties (your house, your parents)?

What were they like? What was the most epic party you ever had like?

Do you have any weird rules about parties? Ex., "no one in my dad's room!" or "do not touch the furniture in the living room!"

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What's a good brand of eyeliner for someone that freaks the fuck out when things get too close to their eyes?

eta; Or if brand is a poor way to put it... what type? what kind? what...sort?
Lisbeth Hair

Los Angeles, CA

I'm moving to LA in two weeks and I've never been to California before so needless to say I'm excited :)

I was hoping that all of you could tell me what I need to see, where I need to eat, and just general stuff about LA that's awesome.

So, if you live in LA, where do you like to go? Where do you spend most of your time? Favorite restaurant?

If you've visited LA, what was the coolest place you went to? Best place you ate at?

Any advice about living in LA that may not be obvious?

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how long before you need an appendectomy can you know you need your appendix out?

Saturday in the car my friend was asking me about our benefits at work because i think he said he needs his appendix out. but i feel like you can't know that before you get really sick, and to be honest i wasn't being the world's best listener.

(no subject)

What don't you like doing?

Feel free to go nuts and list everything you can ever think of. There aren't many posts for you to kill time with tonight.

You are all spoil sports so far. You are nice!

(no subject)

a. Do you think it would be weird if your doctor/therapist/medical professional was your relative? Why?

b. If you drink carbonated drinks, do you think they would taste as nice/appealing without the gas in them? Why?

Legal reasons for marriage

What exactly are the legal reasons for marriage?

I often hear people say "it's just a piece of paper and it doesn't really matter," but I think there are surely good *legal reasons for marriage*.

To me (the love and commitment part totally aside), marriage just seems like sooooo much more than a piece of paper. I'm just not sure what all the legitimate legal reasons are specifically.

Thoughts? Comments? Experiences?

(no subject)

If any of you are/were a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), do you/did you like your job? What was the pay like? Tell me as much as you want about it. I'm already aware that you get to do all the shitty jobs (no pun intended :-P).

I'm thinking about taking a CNA course not too far from where I live. I'm going to be going to school so that I can get my RN (probably this Spring, if not in the Fall), but I need a full-time job with decent pay in the meantime. It's not a very long course. It runs September 8th-28th plus sitting for the test, but it doesn't mention anything about the frequency of the class so I'm not sure how many times a week I'd have it. I'm just trying to decide if it would be worth not being able to work certain days/times at my current job to get the CNA certification. If it makes any difference, I'm able to pay for the class out-of-pocket and have it not affect me much, and the materials for the class are included in the tuition.

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Is there any memory from your childhood that you shouldn't still be upset about, but are? I'm not talking about serious things, like family issues or anything. Stuff like how your best friend from 3rd grade stole your toy and you still get upset when you think about, lol.

Way back when I was like, 5, I colored this picture from a Beauty and the Beast coloring book for my mom. It was really pretty and I spent a long time on it. Right before I was going to bring it to her, my nose started dripping blood and I used the page I just colored to catch the droplets. The picture was ruined and every time something reminds me of that, I still get sad that she never got her picture.

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there is a little old lady that lives down the street. she is outside a lot in her bathrobe sweeping her drive way and picking stuff up off the sidewalk. she seems kinda lonely and i would like to meet her or take her some flowers or something. how can i approach her and start a conversation with her without seeming creepy?

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Do you masturbate with sex toys? Lube? 

What's the strangest thing you've used to masturbate with?
What's the strangest thing you masturbate to?
What is the strangest masturbation story you've ever heard (can be complete bullshit)? 

I used to (read : sometimes still do) masturbate to black metal band songs. LOL! 

If you wont answer these questions about yourself...feel free to answer for your best friend...or a friend of a friend.
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1. Do you have a friend you're comfortable being naked around, in a totally platonic way? Just panties counts, but not boxers.
What's their relation to you?

2. How would you react to a Pastafarian demonstration / public party? Have you participated in one?
eta: Pastafarianism is a parody religion created in response to creationist lobbying in education. They celebrate the Flying Spaghetti Monster and pirates.

3. What would you do if you were the Queen of England for a week?

(no subject)

if a person is convinced that most/all of the people in a community don't like them or hate them, why would they stick around? i've seen this happen multiple times recently and i just don't get it.

(no subject)

I've decided to try vegetarianism out for a month, sort of just to see what it's like/if I can do it.

I've quickly realized that there are not many vegetarian options at a lot of restaurants. For those of you that are vegetarian - do you order items but ask them to not include meat in it? Do you order items that aren't the menu? And what are the best chain restaurants/fast food places to find vegetarian-friendly nom noms?

Edit: Not eating out isn't really an option because going out to eat is a huge part of my social life. When I do cook at home I rarely use meat anyways, so that's not my issue. I'd like to be able to find things I can eat at the places my friends enjoy.

(no subject)

1.  Are you in debt financially?

2.  Do you feel indebted to someone right now in other ways?  Like you owe them a really big favor?

3.  Does anyone owe you money?

4.  Do you feel like anyone owes you big-time in some other way?