July 27th, 2009

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I am of average education in scientific matters (my required so many credit hours in college for a liberal arts degree and so on), but I've become really interested in evolutionary science. I've read On the Origin of Species, but it seems like pretty much everything else out there is going to more or less require a lot of scientific knowledge to process properly. Can anyone direct me to any books on the subject that aren't too intimidating for a layman to tackle?

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do you work as a medical transcriptionist (or any other transcriptionist)
what sort of degree do you need to get started?
how do/did you go about finding a job in the field?

can i see a picture of your pet? :)
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What is causing me to get sick every Sunday? Like, every single Sunday for a month or more now.

difficulty : I'm not preggers and no one else eating the same things as me is getting sick. Also, I love my job so it's not a case of the Mondays setting in.

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Does anyone else think that that video of the people dancing down the aisle at their wedding to Chris Brown's Forever isn't great?

So many people have shown it to me, saying OMG I WANT MY WEDDING TO BE LIKE THIS OMG! but I just don't get it and think it's a stupid idea.

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Should I spend the $15 to rename my journal? I really hate my username but it's a lot of money. :(

Have you ever renamed?

ETA: Whoever did that - THANK YOU. Thank you thank you thank you! You have made my year! Please let me know so I can bake you cookies or something! :')

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Guys, my smoke alarm started chirping a few minutes ago at about a rate of 1 chirp/minute, but it only chirped 4 times and then it stopped. Is my building going to explode??

Why are you up right now?
Stressed out... bad dream about something irl, couldn't fall back asleep. Urgh.

What are you doing tomorrow?
Going for a long walk in the morning before it gets hot, then studying aaaaalllll daaaaay for my stupid finals on Tuesday. :(

Do you consider it "tomorrow" as soon as it turns midnight, or do you consider it "tomorrow" only after you've gone to sleep/woken up?

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TQC, I need some cheering up.

I just got back from the staff meeting regarding one of our employees who died on the job yesterday afternoon. Will you tell me something to take my mind off it/console me?

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Have you ever tried salvia? Would you recommend it?

Do your socks match today?

Girls: Are you the kind of girl that just has one purse for a long time? or the kind that has a million purses that you're constantly switching between?

Guys: Does your wallet live in your back pocket or front pocket?

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When you get your passport photo taken, do they touch up acne spots?

Since that will probably get answered quickly..

Can you honestly say you remember your parents birthdays (year included?) I can't. I feel bad, but at the same time I know that I'm horrible with remembering dates.

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As far as brewed coffee (**=/= espresso drinks, JUST BREWED) and you are concerned, which do you prefer - Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks? (Or somewhere else?)

How do you like your coffee?
Black, if it's good coffee... a little milk if it's too hot... a little milk and some vanilla sugar if it's barely palatable on its own.

If you don't like coffee, what is your favorite hot beverage?
I also looooove Tazo's passion tea.

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On flights, how do people get bumped up from cargo coach to business or even first class?  Is there a secret handshake involved or something?

I'm on a twelve hour trans-atlantic flight this weekend with a toddler and apparently no bassinet. (They always say a bassinet isn't available, but most airlines are first come first serve now.)

Give me some recommendations on how to get out of long haul coach hell Please!  Pretty, pretty, pretty please!!!

Edit:  I'm asking for fun and I need a good laugh about this whole thing.  Hints and tips are great, but snarky comments are awesome.  

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Okay I'm trying to get into shape for my wedding next year. What are the best exercises or workouts for overall health? 

What's yoga really like? (is it worth trying?)

Do you find activity partners help or slow you down?

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i have a job interview today, and im nervous.
i havent had one in a long time, any tips / pointers?

whats on your agenda for today?

whats the stupidest thing anyone has ever said to you?
"you don't smell like a black girl!!" lol, o okay , how am i supposed to smell? Like chicken? wtf?

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We adopted a rescue Saint Bernard a year and a half ago. He's an awesome dog, but he wasn't raised right and he has some issues. He is SUPER protective of our home, especially with strangers, but sometimes even with friends. We are trying to work through this with him, but don't expect too much out of him (he's six years old now).

When it's hot, we have the front door open with a strong baby gate across it, and the gate has a standard bright red "beware of dog" sign on it. I cannot believe how many people come up to our door and stand RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRONT DOOR, like less than a foot away, within easy biting distance for even a smaller dog. The sign is there for a reason. My dog WILL bite you if you come right up to the door. Who needs to stand that close to a door of a stranger anyway?

My question is, if someone disregards the sign and stands too close to the door and gets bit, are we liable for that? I don't want anyone to try to sue us or get our dog put down. I may need to put a chain up across the bottom of the stairs with a beware of dog sign and a bell or something. It would be overkill and a bit ridiculous, but people seem to be disregarding the existing sign. I'd rather not do that, and would like to know if we'd be liable if someone got bit before deciding how to proceed.
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When you go grocery shopping 2

Since jilicious posted about grocery carts I thought I should too!

After you've loaded your stuff into your car what do you do with your cart?

Do you take it back to the cart corral? Do you take it back up to the store? Do you abandon it next to your car or put it up on one of the curbs?

Why do you do what you do?

Ever worked in a grocery store?


how bad is the economy where you live?
do you have a job, or are you going back to school to wait out the recession? what are you doing or, is the recession affecting you at all?

i'm from CA and apparently unemployment there is ridiculous. i want to move back, but have a pretty decent & stable career teaching abroad. i'm thinking of going back to grad school. wtf should i do?

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It's hitting noon now. There's a 3:10 showing of Harry Potter. I'd like to see it again. Should I go? If I do, I'm gonna call first and make sure it's not sold out or something. I really doubt it will be, since the movie's been out for a little bit already and it's a Monday afternoon, but just to be safe. xD

What do you do for a living?

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You're happily sleeping. When all of a sudden you are awoken by a marching band outside your window. How do you react?

I personally wanted to maim each of them with their respective instrument. This happened to me this morning. No lie.

If you don't care. How do you brush your teeth, up and down or across?

Pets and School

Are there people here who have never had a pet before?

What is your opinion on having a pet while in college/university?

Do you think a college/university student is capable of taking care of kitten?

Have you had any experiences of taking care of a pet while in college/university?

Album covers

First a bit of background: a very nice guy I met recently needs me/someone with a camera to take pictures of him for the album cover.

Could you please give me examples of good album covers where the artist is featured? Bonus if they are good rap or hip hop album covers, but it doesn't have to be from that genre.

Thank you so much!!!! I can always count on you guys :) .
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What are the best universities in the United States for studying to becoming an architect or working in advertising?
I've suddenly just become aware of what I would like to do when I get older.
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1. Would you rather have a turbulent relationship full of fights and passionate make-up sex or a more reserved relationship where issues are not voiced very openly? Or other.

2. Would you rather be a jack/jane of all trades or a master of one?

3. Fork & knife or chopsticks? Training chopsticks count as chopsticks.

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What's more annoying: getting not enough sleep and then having to get up to be somewhere, or getting not enough sleep and then waking up with nowhere to be but you're not able to fall back asleep?
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I'm currently getting over a nasty bout of the flu.

I feel better, which is nice.

However, my voice is gone. I sound like an ogre when I can get a sentence out at all.

I've missed a week of play rehearsal already and we open next week. I need my voice back.

If you see it, will you tell it to come home?

Also, are there are any tricks I can try to get it back? Tea with honey doesn't really do it for me.
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Another fun edition of "Find My Missing Thing!"

My friend posted to her twitter account, "I lost the necklace my boyfriend gave me for my birthday two years ago.... FML, I feel so lost without it. :("

You guys are fantastic at finding lost things despite never being around the person who lost them, so I ask you, oh mighty TQC, WHERE IS MANDY'S NECKLACE?

Alternatively, what is the strangest place you have found something you have lost? I always find ping pong balls in our veggie drawers of the fridge, and I don't understand how that happens, other than too much beer pong.


I've been having a spiritual/faith conflict/awakening this past week .

For those of you that follow a faith/spirituality path what is it and what about it gives you strength/comfort?

For those of you that don't, where do you find your comfort?



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So how often do you THINK your cell phone is ringing even though it isn't?

I think it happens at least once a day for me, and I think it's time for a ring tone switch. BUT I LOVE IT IT IS HARRY POTTER :(

What's your ringtone?
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Anybody here watch Eastbound and Down on HBO? Thoughts on it?

What is the most annoying LJ banner ad? Mine is that 1 Flat Stomach Rule, obey blah blah blah.

What time of day does your mail usually arrive?
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Will you encourage me to write my flipping paper that's due in two hours?

Will you tell me why I should give a shit about the difference between a Zoom and Telephoto lens?

Who's your favorite superhero?
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I am math stupid. Can any of you help me with this math problem?

This is from the Unemployment website. I'm trying to determine how much money my husband can make before it'll get deducted from his unemployment check. i.e. is it more profitable to not work and continue to search for a full time career or can he work part time and also receive unemployment.

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I have been neglecting cutting my grass for so long that it is no too tall and too thick for my cheesey little mower to get through it. Should I just let it junglefy my backyard, or burn that shit down? Any other suggestions?

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so im on SS disability, i would like to get a part time job but the thing is if i get a job do they stop giving me most the money they give me? i make like 500 a month. my problem is im going to college and im afraid that i might not be able to handle the job too and if i loose it then i will be stuck with no money. does any one know anything about this?

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My wife and I are having a debate about the most universally useful commercial household product to keep in the kitchen. She thinks it's Onion Soup Mix, but I think it is Windex. Which one of us wins, and why?


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you meet a really cool person and start dating her/him. you go in for the first kiss and discover that he/she has false teeth. what happens next (short-term and long-term)?

ETA: when you read a situational question like this, do you automatically assume that the person asking it experienced the situation?

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Have any of you worked at Whole foods or knew anyone who worked for them?

I'm thinking of applying there because I'm not getting that many hours at my work, and I'm starting to hate it.
I figured Whole foods would be good since I love it there anyway, it's way closer and stuff like that.

When you work at a supermarket, do you get employee discounts?
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What's the last thing you did that you've come to regret?

I just pulled my flute out of the closet and played for the first time in literally five years. I fiddled with it for about an hour and a half. Now my hands feel like they're going to die.
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possibly teal deer?

I live off-campus in the town I go to school in, and since I don't have a car, I ride my bicycle everywhere: to work, to class, to the store, etc. I have a heavy-duty bike lock for it that is coated in Kevlar to make it hard to cut through. I rode it to rehearsal last night and locked it to a bike rack and when I came out again to leave, the lock wouldn't accept my key. The key will fit in the lock almost all the way, but not enough to turn it to unlock it.
I thought maybe my key had gotten banged up or something in my pocket, so I got a ride home, grabbed my spare bike lock key, and got a ride back to try it out.
No luck. My lock somehow broke on me.
I went to DPS, the university police, to ask them if they could cut my bike free for me. Unfortunately, since I live off-campus, it never occured to me to register my bike with them, so they have no proof that I actually own the bike.

They need proof that it's actually mine before they'll set it free; unfortunately, I have no photos of myself on the bike whatsoever. I tried calling the shop where I bought it from originally to get a copy of the sale invoice (or whatever it's called) faxed to DPS, only to find out that the bike shop went out of business two years ago!!

WHAT DO I DO? All I have is my three housemates' word that the bike is mine. D:
Also,what the hell happened to my lock?
Can I pick it somehow??

I am so frustrated right now!
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1. What new tricks should I teach my dog? She can already sit, stay, lay down, shake paws, fetch the newspaper, find my dad's shoes, bring things to certain people, etc. Her ACLs are messed up, so I don't want to teach things like "roll over" or whatever. I wanna do something fun!

2. If you have a dog, what are they trained to do?

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Why doesn't deodorant work for me? I put some on two seconds before I left and an hour later I was sweaty and stinky. Is it the brand I use (Secret)? or am I just extra sweaty/smelly?

On a similar note, has anyone use the clinical strength stuff? How was it?

Advice for phone protection

This past weekend I was sitting on a bench next to my boyfriend. He had set a cup of coffee down near there, and I accidentally knocked it over, spilling it on his phone.

The thing wasn't sopping, but an entire side did get wet, and it wouldn't work right at first. He ended up listening to the advice of family members and dried it, then put it in the oven at a low temperature, and now the thing is working again.

If it hadn't started working again, though, this would be the third phone of his in a two-month span that was destroyed by a water related incident. His 18-ish month old daughter decided to drop one in a cup of water; the next one got wet in a downpour; and now this. I want to get him some sort of waterproof or water resistant case for it, sort of like they make for some iPods, but I have had little luck finding anything.

Question: Any advice on where I should look/what I should try? It's a Verizon Pocket PC, but when I looked on the VZW website, the closest I could find to it, visually, was a SMT5800 (which may well be the same thing and I'm just technologically incompetent and can't tell it's the same thing if it's not listed as "pocket pc").

For those with no advice or input on this and/or who simply don't care, what cell phone company do you have, and do you like it? If you don't have a cell phone, do you wish you did? Why/why not?
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Which of these are true about you?

Which of these are trufax?

I am currently hungry.
I am currently thirsty.
I can never get enough sleep.
I took a foreign language in high school or college, but I can't remember much of any of it now.
I like Chinese food more than Japanese food.
I dislike sushi.
I do not like lollipops.
I haven't had the time to read a book for leisure in months.
I am in college.
I am ready for the beginning of the school year.


I am female, and I wear boxer shorts to bed at times.
My television gathers dust because I never watch it.
I have ordered takeout since last Monday.
I really, really need to do laundry.
I can't get enough spicy food.
My SO and I do not agree on much of anything in terms of food preferences.
I own more than one laptop, even if one is barely functional.
I have no idea how my parents are, currently.
I am not close to my sibling(s).
I was a loner in elementary school.

Last set. These?

You've probably never heard of my favorite band/singer.
I don't procrastinate 90% of the time.
I am perpetually cold.
If it were possible, I would keep the A/C on its lowest setting 24/7.
I am not religious.
I am/was closer to my grandparents than my parents.
I make too many impulse purchases.
I am currently unemployed.
I am single.
I do not use a hairbrush.
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How's the weather TQC?

It just stopped raining here. It was raining so hard that the street has flooded in front of my house. It flooded over the grass and onto the sidewalk and almost a third of the way up my driveway.
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What town/city and state do you live in?

From 1 (worst) to 10, how do you like it?

If money/job/families were not an issue, where would you live? 

ETA: If money was not an issue, but you HAD to stay in the US, where would you live? 
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I tried learning guitar in December, then gave up after a month and have forgotten anything I managed to pick up. Now I'm starting again, completely from scratch. Any advice? Even better, any helpful sites? I can't afford lessons, and I don't know anyone who plays and is willing to teach me. Any beginner's practice routines or schedules you used?
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I have to write a paper for a class called Media and Society. Mine is going to be about crime television shows compared to real life crime.
I'm stuck on what to incorporate besides the basic differences (time, technology used, etc). I'm going to compare some real-life crime shows and entertainment ones.
I have to drag this out for 5 pages.

So TQC, what other kinds of things could I add or tie-in somehow so that I can make the page limit?

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so i went to the movies yesterday and watched harry potter...that was a waste!!!

i want to see another movie tonight..its a tie between ice age and the proposal. WHICH ONE DO I WANT TO WASTE MY MONEY ON THIS TIME?!

have you worked at a fair or carnival? im thinking of applying. what am i up against?

and how are you? :)

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We got our engagement pictures back today. Now, even though this is a shameless attention whore post, I'm not enough of one to post the page with all 159 of them. However, we need to pick a couple to blow up big and have on display at the rehearsal dinner. So, here are a few of our favorites.

I put it out to you, TQC. Which one is your favorite/which should we put up at the dinner?

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Now...here's my question...I'm not supposed to work tomorrow. Should I go in and watch the fireworks or stay at home?

Pet owners, what is the best flea treatment for your cat(s) and/or dog(s)?
What about heartworm preventatives?

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What do you do when you're not in love with one person as they are with you? And what do you say to that person-- who you care about very much-- when they ask you basically to marry them?

I mean... I'm only 18. I get really scared when he says these things, but I don't want to leave him. He's just asking way too much that I can't promise him. I'm afraid it's going to get worse.
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A grab-bag of ?s

1. When someone says Washington, do you think of the city or the state?

2a. When was your last session of retail therapy?
b. What did you get?
c. How much did you spend?
d. Why did you need this retail therapy?

3. I've been over a month without smoking now, and I have a lot of dreams of me lighting up a cigarette, not even realizing I've done it until after I inhale, and then I'm like 'oh fuck I'm smoking', and then I don't care. Does this mean I will fail? I don't want to fail. :(
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How's the weather?

If you live on the west coast of the U.S., are you sick of hearing east-coasters complain about their cool weather and rain?

If you live on the east coast, are you sick of hearing the west-coasters and desert-staters complain about the heat?
(doesn’t apply)

Do you think “dry heat” is really superior to just plain old heat?
(I dehydrate quickly in dry heat, so no)

If you don’t live in the U.S., what weather phenomena where you live are you sick of hearing people complain about?

What’s your favorite kind of weather?
(cool, crisp autumn days, maybe a little drizzle)

EDIT: If you live on the gulf coast, which other coast are you most sick of hearing complaints from?

If you don't live on a coast, what's your favorite thing to put between graham crackers?

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Will you recommend some great music? I am trying to make a playlist for my upcoming road trip to Seattle, and I'm finding that I'm tired of most of my own music. The catchier the better.

If you don't care, what is your favorite pizza topping?

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okay so my bf and i have been arguing these past few days and i know its because ive been trying to get him to spend more time with me and smothering him.
so we've decided to sleep in different rooms for the next couple days

have you ever done this with your S/O?
im not really happy about it, but whatever makes him happy.

Our arguing got so bad that he told me to move out, then changed his mind when i was packing my stuff, im grateful for that, and he just said i wanna relax, and hes got alot of stuff on his head, as well as i do.

What do you and your S/o argue about?

What have you eaten today?

i also got a second interview for my job (thats good, right?) im super happy right now and nothing can relaly bring me down :)
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1. Does your state/Province offer Enhanced Driver's licenses? (Vermont, Michigan, Washington, New York, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec)

2. Would you get one if your state offered them / Are you planning on getting one / Have you gotten one?

3. If you have gotten one, how long did it take between applying and receiving it? I'm in Michigan and as of Wednesday I'll have applied 5 weeks ago (they say it takes 2-3) and it hasn't come yet.
3a. why haven't I gotten mine yet? :(
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Do you secretly love it when you don't go to something and then you hear it was really shit? Or when you go on holiday and hear it was really bad weather at home when you were away?

Does this make you a bad person?

Also, which Disney character did you find the most attractive (assuming they were a real person)?

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Does turning the oven temperature down after you've turned it off make any difference?

I always leave the temperature dial at whatever I cooked the food and just turn the oven power off, but my housemate always turns the temperature to 0. I don't see how it would make any difference in how fast the oven cools off, but I'm no expert.

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Edit: I added a picture.

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What things do you miss doing that you don't/can't do at this time?

I miss taking long walks at night with my fiance. Every evening when it's nice out I whine about it but we don't go out because we live in a yucky part of the city and don't want to take our 4 month old out that late.

Can you recommend a book to me? I like reading but I'm a picky reader. My favorite book is 'The Poisonwood Bible'...maybe that helps.

What would you do if your best friend told you they had romantic feelings for you and wanted to take the relationship to the next step?

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So! It turns out my parents ARE trying to kick me out.
My older sister moved out and now they're ready for me to leave.

TQC, Where should I go?
(family is not an option as no one has room for another body. + my friends around here aren't old enough to have their own place/have a one bedroom place/have no room.)

If you don't care..

Will you post your favourite macro and your least favourite macro?

This one is my all time fav. but it is today!

I don't really have a least fav.
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What purpose could you say there is in the doctrine of the trinity as taught by people who came along after most if not all the new testament writers died?

What purpose would be sufficient to justify the killing of people who denied it?
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so i just met these two guys on my flight - they were both from my school and go to the same uni i go to now. basically i've seen them around but have never talked to them. they invited me to one of their place to have drinks. is there any reason why my boyfriend should get mad that i go alone? it will be just the 3 of us - would you get mad if your SO went in my situation?

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So... I'm graduating, and in the process of looking for a job. In order to be successful in a job interview, I need to find some professional clothing.

*Where can I find business attire (pant or skirt suits) on a college budget?

Or... a more spunky question:

*Have you ever seen someone do something ridiculous in a movie or on TV, but suddenly seeing it made you want to do it too?

In Practical Magic, someone jumps into a pool with a beer in their hand, and I so want to do it. Also, I really want to have a pie fight!


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My boyfriend is unemployed and has nothing to do so, he's turning day into night. For the past week he's getting to bed between 10 and 12noon and sleeping til 11 at night.

I work from 9 til 5 seven days a week. I can understand his problem but it's beginning to get to me now. I hardly speak to or see him because of it and he doesn't seem willing to try and sort it out.

What would you do?
Groke won't get swine flu!

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Have you ever wanted to get ill? Not necessarily something serious, but a cold or something? If you have, why?

Sometimes, when I'm really stressed and feel like I haven't had a day off in forever, I feel like I wouldn't mind getting a nasty cold, just so I'd have a legitimate excuse to take a day or two off and stay in bed. I always feel bad about it.

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I'm on hold with cdbaby.com's customer service phone line. I've been on hold for half an hour now.

Has anyone here ever called their line? Doesn't this seem like a long wait time for a monday night?

if you don't care, what are some things I can do to keep myself from going insane whilst on hold?
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Analyze my dream?

Last night I dreamed about the girls' toilets in my high school, which were always nasty. I left that school over 15 years ago, and this is not something I think of a lot :\ In my dream I was the age I am now, gone back for some reason, and the room had had a complete overhaul. It was all shiny and bright and clean, had sofas in there, and the cubicles had been replaced with these curtained areas, and it all smelled lovely and everything. So I went to use one and the chick in the next one was all butting into my area and the curtain was bulging and it was really hard to use the loo. Then I noticed her fidgeting had opened the curtain in front and everyone was watching me pee. I was uncomfortable.


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You're about to buy a car because you need it for work. You're at the dealership and you're poking at all the cars in your price range, when your eye catches the banner in front of the sportscars. '2009 Dodge Viper....yours in exchange for your soul. Inquire within'. You're faced with a choice; get whatever moderately priced vehicle in your price range, which may involve loans, leasing or whatever....or you could get a fly sportscar for your immortal soul. You need a car. What do you get?

Whatever's in my means. I'll pass on the Viper because the deal is too weird
Vroom Vroom. I'm driving the Viper off the lot, and I'm a few ounces lighter, minus the soul

You find out you have the power to turn invisible. What do you do with your newfound ability?

Make a costume and start fighting crime. I'll use my power for good
Make a costume and devote my time to commiting crime. I'll use my power for personal gain
Voyeuristic oportunities. I'll be where I shouldn't be, spying on people in naughty ways
Become a magician. I'll make millions
Pull a lot of pranks and tricks on people. They'll have no idea what's happening to them
Sneak aboard planes and ships and have free cruises and flights across the world
Sneak into movies, clubs, bars, amusement parks, whatever I want
Probably rob a bank or something
Stalk people
Lurk behind friends/coworkers' backs and see if they talk about me
Probably nothing. The power doesn't really interest me
I'll donate my body to science
Go to some church and make them all believe that they're witnessing a miracle
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Did you break up with your S/O because of location reasons?

My (now-ex)bf and i decided to break up after my decision to return to my own country after completing my degree end of the year.

How much did it suck?
Did you guys remain as friends?
anontang DA

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Hi, TQC. How are you tonight?

I've started exercising and I'm in need of some really good, fast-paced workout music that isn't hardcore metal. What music gets you moving and motivated when you work out?
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My friend is a finalist in a contest where she could win $10k for her wedding (and some other various small things). Here's some wedding questions that are kind of inspired by her... What would your 10k wedding be like? Would you do it differently if you won the money vs paying for it yourself/your family giving it to you? Would you split it up for the honeymoon/anything else or spend it all on the wedding?

We eloped and it was stressful enough! I think I'd still elope and maybe do just few things differently (maybe a different dress, though I loved mine). I'd also go on a nicer honeymoon than I had and pocket the rest if there was anything left over, LOL!
Mabrielle - Still waiting for a yes

A few questions for the teachers of this comm...

In a few weeks I'll be starting my own English class at a nursing home. There I will be teaching the English language to immigrants (from ages 24 to 45) that work there. Before you ask, I have already gotten the permission of the owner. My main questions are for those that have been teaching immigrants the English language for some time. I'm only 19, and have only some experience in the area of teaching (tutoring) so I want to make sure that I'll be doing things correctly. I have some ideas but I want to be absolutely sure of my tactics, and methods.

1.) What do your lesson plans look like physically?

2.) What are some of your teaching methods? Every student has a different learning style but what are the best that work all around?

3.) Can you recommend any Children's books that have aided you the best in the past with your teachings?

4.) How and in what way do you keep track of every classes' activities besides lesson plans?

5.) What are some ways to keep students focused and interested?

6.) How do you keep yourself connected and friendly with your students without coming off as being too strict?

7.) What should come first, grammar, comprehension, spelling and/or something else?

Any other tips would be helpful. Any at all. I'm open to any friendly, yet helpful advice.

Thank you.

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This is kind of hard to explain, but...

I dont want to have to check a bag on my next flight, so I'm trying to pack liquids that are 3oz and under. However, my mousse doesn't come in a small size, and it's an expensive salon brand. My question is, if I squirt a handful of it out and into a small 3oz container, will it still be useable a few days from now? Or will it lose it's mousse quality/go bad? (since it goes from liquid into a foam like substance when I use it.)

I only need to use about a days worth, and it's not worth it to me to check a bag JUST for my mousse, but there's no other way I can get the effect in my hair I want. Blah.

eta - what the heck guys chill. i have a hairstyle that requires styling and i like how this product works. i'm fine with buying more in my next city but i'd rather just use a day's worth of my own.

I have another stupid question

Are there any decent digital cameras that cost less than seventy dollars? I'm guessing not, but if there are, I would like to know.

I have only four qualifications for said camera:

1. Has a view screen

2. Takes pictures with a resolution greater than three mega-pixels

3. Has a warranty

4. Has an external memory slot

I'm looking for a cheap camera because I'm going to Michigan with my grandfather on August 6, and I don't want to have to worry about losing an expensive camera. That and I only have a few hundred dollars in my account and no job.
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I wasn't sure how to phrase this in google so:
I am almost two weeks post-op (I had to have my right tibia reconstructed and plated) and feel great. I use my crutches for short distances, my wheelchair for long. I am not to put *any* weight on my leg for several more weeks and obviously falling would be a bad idea. I do upper body "workouts" with barbells, but I wish there were more I could do. I'm able to move really well (I slept on my stomach last night while accomodating my casted gimpy leg w/o pain!) and am pretty strong. Do you have any recommendations for exercises I could try?
(I will obviously discuss this further, as well as PT, with my doctor when I see him next but I'm going crazy sitting on the couch!)

What's the worst thing that could happen to you right now? Something that would totally throw a monkey wrench into everything?

What do you do to stay positive?

Ew ew gross.

How do you tell the difference between a cold sore and a pimple?
I accidentally grabbed my coworker's water bottle about half an hour ago and now I have a pimple on my lip, but I'm paranoid.
Do cold sores manifest this quickly?
Halp plz.

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When you dream, do you sometimes dream about your day before?

I watched the final season of Arrested Development the other day, and that night all i dreamt was was Tobias' business card saying "analrapists"

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Your SO comes back from a bachelor/bachelorette party in Cancun. Which news would distress you the most?

Your SO lost all his/her money. Every last dollar
Your SO slept with someone else
Your SO helped bury a hooker in the desert after one of his/her friends killed her accidentally in their room
Your SO got really drunk and ended up fellating a donkey
Your SO sat next to a scientologist on the plane ride over, and is now pretty interested in joining up
Your SO needed some money and has some drugs shoved up his/her ass and smuggled across the border
Your SO was arrested and the only way to get out was to marry one of the guards, but he/she will try and have it annulled
Your SO realized how important you are to him/her and had an actual-size tattoo of your face put on their back
Your SO beat up a pimp who accused him/her of killing his favorite prostitute
Your SO is pretty sure that he/she has a tapeworm now and needs your help in pulling it out