July 26th, 2009


Loose Lips

How do you grow to be alright with aspects of yourself?

Can you ever be accepting of everything?

I'm just seriously doubting that I will ever truly be happy and not always have something I hate about myself and was wondering if other people felt this way too.
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So, I want to develop a taste for/learn to like coffee. So I ask you, TQC coffee-drinkers, what can I do to coffee to make it palatable for me so I can work my way into the high-class world of Elitist College-Aged Coffee Drinkers?

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What time should the tour de france riders be crossing the finish line (give of take 1/2 hour)?
Or if it makes it easier to not figure out timezones, in how many hours will they be crossing the finish line?
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Do you drink coffee in the morning? What kind?
I typically drink a starbucks doubleshot, just because they're conveniently packaged

How do you feel about patchouli/people who wear patchouli as their signature scent?
Gag me with a spoon, the smell grosses me out.

What is the longest time you've been employed with the same company?
My current job...I've been there almost 21 months, shock and awe.

TQC, I've rented out the Magic School Bus for the day, and you, as the demanding and pushy Wanda, get to choose where we're going. Where to, Wanda?
Space or the ocean, again!

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Hay guise,

I have decided to become a terrorist. I am going to be a "traditional terrorist." I plan to go around to various cities and countries, sneak up on people, and say, "BOO!"
How do you feel about nonviolent terrorism?
What should my cause be?
How do you say "boo" in other languages?

medical insurance

In the US, do doctors have access to what medicines are covered by your medical insurance plan? I know pharmacists do as they always tell me that the medicine prescribed by Doc is not covered by insurance or there's an alternative that's cheaper, etc. Do doctor's have access to this information? Because it annoys me to make a trip to the doctor, take the prescription to the pharmacy and then find that it's not covered and to change the prescription the doctor will charge for the change. So, I have to debate which is a cheaper way to go about it. Luckily for me, my conditions have not been dire enough that I couldn't go back to get it changed, etc.

I ask as I am heading off to see the doctor tomorrow. (And thanks for all the helpful responses! I haven't gone completely paranoid yet! :) )
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Dear TQC,

Two days ago, a perfume bottle broke in my purse.  I like this purse very much and am also too busy to be fucked with trying to find a new one.  I have tried washing the purse with laundry detergent and drying it, but it still reeks.  Does anyone have any idea how to get the smell out of my purse?  It's fake leather on the outside with what appears to be a synthetic sort of fabric liner on the inside.


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one of my cats has been sneezing and stuff a lot lately and hasn't been sleeping well AT ALL, and she's also been sleeping in secluded places where she doesn't normally sleep. she also seems to have problems swallowing and this morning i found some greenish liquid on the kitchen floor, and there seems to be the same liquid down one of her front legs. i already took her to the vet last tuesday and they thought maybe it was allergies, so they gave her a shot that's supposed to last ten days, but she doesn't seem to be much better. the other cat was sneezing a bit but she's pretty much fine now.

any help? i'm getting really worried about her.

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I think I'm in the beginning stages of being lovestruck. Would you smack me, TQC? I want to make sure I'm not dreaming.

If you don't care about my love life, would you smack me anyway, TQC?
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dearest teequack,

have you ever sold your furniture? where'd you list it, and how much did you get?

we're going down to a house half the size of this one so we have to sell a ton of crap
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Help I don't want to pack

What's the mo-tardedest silly embarassed-if-it-comes-up-in-shuffle-with-your-friends-nearby song on your MP3 player?

What youtube vid do you consistently watch when you need a quick laugh?

Do you have any amusing gifs you feel like posting?

Ever pulled a truly excellent prank on a roommate?
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a not-so hypothetical question

You and your SO/close friend are going out together for the night. Your SO/friend drives their car and you ride along. Sometime during the night, they get high/drunk and can no longer drive their car. You end up driving their car back to your place, and you have the following options. What do you choose?

Make them drive their ass home, who cares if they're under the influence.
If they ask to stay, begrudgingly let them. If not, let them go.
Don't take no for an answer, they are intoxicated and will not be driving, no matter how mad I am.
Other option that I will explain in the comments.

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How do you explain to someone that your beliefs are completely opposite to those they taught you?
My family are meat loving (and dairy loving) farmers. I'm vegan.
What's your favourite type of pie?
Apple, although when I get my marshmellow kit that might change to jaffa marshmallow.


Have you ever faked an illness/injury so that you would be prescribed a certain medication (either for yourself or someone else)?

What did you fake and what were you prescribed?
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I already asked whatwasthatone , but I figured I'd ask TQC too to see if anyone had their memories jogged.

Do you remember a children's cartoon exercise/music video cassette series from the early nineties featuring a spotted cat (either a leopard or cheetah) with sunglasses and some other animal? I believe they went around a city. The cat might have had a beret and vest, and for some reason I'm thinking that the other animal was a rhinoceros. Any help would be much appreciated - thanks!

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Do you always lock the bathroom door when you're doing your business? At home, at other peoples' houses?

What kind of shower curtain/door do you have? Would you consider it odd for someone else to use the bathroom or just come in to talk to you while you're showering?

My answers: My home bathroom door doesn't lock, so no. I do tend to lock it at other peoples' houses though.

Opaque beige shower curtain. Six people in a one-bathroom house (five of us are girls) growing up means I'm comfortable with people using the bathroom while I'm showering and vice versa.

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I'm curious about your dishwashing habits, TQC.

Do you wash your dishes as you dirty them? Or do you leave it until you have a sinkful/no clean ones?

Do you ever leave dishes in the sink overnight?

What is the longest period of time you have left dirty dishes in the sink?

If you use a dishwasher exclusively, do you run it only when it is full? Do you empty it right away, or do you leave it for so long that you and/or other people end up putting dirty dishes in with the clean so you have to run it all over again?
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curiosity killed the cat

A car is left parked in the street in front of your house with the windows rolled down and the key in the ignition. You don't recognize it so you ask all your neighbors about it and none of them know where it came from, either.

1. Would you think it was suspicious or possibly stolen, and call the cops and report it?

Say you did call the cops and report it, and they came by and said "it's legally parked; what's the problem?" and drove off without investigating it. So the car continues to sit there in front of your house with the key in the ignition and the windows down... for three days.

2. Would you get curious about the car?
3. Would you start wondering if there was a body in the trunk, or a bomb, or think up any other imaginative scenarios for why the car is there?
4. Would you take a peek in the car to see if you could find any contact information for the owner?

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3 nights ago I guess I slept weird and my neck has hurt ever since (only when I turn my head, but it's pretty painful).
I've tried heating pads and tylenol, but it still hurts!

Is it normal for my neck to still be hurting, days later?
Is there any other way to make it feel better?

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I contributed to a group discussion about social economic systems, mainly capitalism, socialism and communism. When I said there was a difference between fascism and communism, one man replied saying something along the lines of "communism is neo-manorialism, where everyone owns a part of everything and in effect nothing, resulting in serfdom to the all powerful state".

Does feudalism come to mind when you think of communism?

Does owning a part of something really mean you own nothing?

What's wrong with having a classless society?
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(no subject)

1. Have you seen Food, Inc.? If you haven't (and you probably haven't, it's not showing many places), would you be interested in seeing it?

2. Do you think that the US's food industries are evil?

3. Do you care where your food comes from?
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Do you remember the song "Nasty Girl" by Nitty?

I found it on a commercially produced Oktoberfest mix CD and flipped my shit cause I remembered it. But literally nobody I've talked to has had any memory of it.

(no subject)

What do you like your ringtones to sound like?

A traditional phone of some kind
A song
A sound effect
Something else that I'll tell you in the comments

About what percentage of your income do you spend on things for fun?

Mean: 37.83 Median: 25 Std. Dev 29.68
WilliamUberta - HOORAH dancy time

yeeeeeah, okay...

"Black people are so lucky; they age so gracefully!"

Am I being a little extreme to think the above quote stinks of white privilege? What are your feelings, TQC?

EDIT: Maybe I don't have a firm grasp on the term 'white privilege', but I assume it's... what really brings on the ignorance. It's like this person didn't see that the color of their skin any significance other than, you know, how it functions anatomically and how pretty it looks.

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So, around four o'clock, Dad invited the neighbours and their creepy child over to hang out for a drink and to play in our paddling pool.

It's now six-thirty, we've been sneakily prepping dinner since FIVE, and they're just sitting around, AWKWARDLY.

So they've been invited to stay for dinner, and have accepted, despite the fact that we have only enough dinner prepared for three people instead of six. My mother and I are groaning inwardly and honestly, if it were me, I'd pack up the car and just GO somewhere else while Dad can do his own damn entertaining at the drop of a hat.

Is it my imagination, or is this rude as hell on their part to essentially reeeeally outstay their welcome and make things awkward for those of us doing the cooking? Also, does someone need to beat my father's tactless ass?

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If you were going to be exiled somewhere in the Sea Of Time Where would you want to go?

1) the future where everything is bright defused lighting and pastel robes with no wants or needs unmet.


2) Imperial Rome with bloodsports in the arena during the day and orgies at night but with slaves, sickness and war.
happy.g- son of a bitch

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My 10 week old kitten has found her way under my entertainment unit.
Short of pulling everything off, leaving her or trying her favourite toy, how else should I entice my cat out?

non srs answers preferred.
gaspard wicked


What's the most dangerous situation that you had even been in? Be it a near accident, mugging, etc?

Ans: Zero, except for that one time I almost stepped into the path of a car who skipped the red light. My life is average.

(no subject)

1) Do you have any piercings? Where are they? Will show me a picture of them?

2) If I get my nostril or eyebrow pierced and then don't like it and take it out how much of a scar would be left? How long would it take for piercings to heal enough that I could take them out when I have to be somewhere "respectable"?

3) How much of a bad idea is it to pierce myself?

4) On a scale of 1 to ridiculously awesome, how awesome are these shoes?

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I'm visiting my boyfriend's home and there is something that I think is weird: The door of the bathroom has a window. So actually, whoever wants to see people doing their business in the bathroom, can do so with all freedom. Granted, the glass is not completely transparent but a little blurry. It bothers me still.

Is this weird? Or do lots of families have doors like this one?
Any ideas to avoid people looking at me while I'm using that bathroom? I can't use the other one because that one, even though the door is a normal one, cannot be locked.

Hmmm, something's fishy here, isnt it?

(no subject)

If you sleep with a guy/girl and you find out, after the fact, that they are living with their girlfriend/boyfriend do you feel an obligation to tell their girlfriend/boyfriend?

Hypothetical for the ladies

Edit: it's now $1,000

Science creates this new device that can transfer all pain, discomfort and bloating of menstruation to someone else. This PMS proxy bearer must volunteer and agree to have the effects transferred to them. This process becomes popular among the rich, who outsource all the uterus hurt to another. Those that agree to accept this period burden find that they have a choice to change their own menstrual cycle, to either make it last twice as long, Or, make it twice as painful, to reflect the additional load. The going price for period transferal goes for $1,000 per period, but because of the nature of this new technology that makes it possible, the volunteers have to agree to accept 12 months of the transference, so it comes down to 12k for a year for twice as annoying periods, and once the process starts, it can't be undone and the recipient of the period must endure the next 12 months. In order to qualify as a period surrogate, the recipient has to agree to go off all forms of birth control/menstrual regulation. When the donor woman is on the rag, the recipient herself won't bleed, but her next period will then be extra long or extra painful.

Would you agree to become a volunteer, and if so, how would you like your periods to be; twice as painful, or to last twice as long?


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1. Guys, should I order some and see if it works?
2. If someone gave you a case, would you drink it and see what happened or sell it to other suckersbelievers?
3. Would you think less of a friend who did order some?
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what kind of bird makes a noise like a rusted swing set?

there is one in my neighbourhood and it has to die. it never shuts up. i'm starting to think the people behind us got a pet bird and put its noisy ass outside.

(no subject)

So I think egg yolk is the most awesome of eggy goodness.
My housemate thinks the egg white is the best.


So people, help end this debate. Which do you think is better, egg white or egg yolk?

srsly, srsly

do you use limewire?

how did the authorities catch those people who illegally downloaded music? 

were they using limewire?

alternatively, how do you post pictures in an entry? even though copy&pasting the pictures themselves seems to work, they disappear into long senseless links when i actually post :(

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My boyfriends cat ran away because his father left the back door open.
This cat was his life. He loved it more than anything.

Do you think he'll find it her? She doesn't go outside, she's an inside cat. Is there any chance that they find her? I'm freaking out so hard, because i loved that cat too

ETA: SHE WAS FOUND! Holy moly, that was the worst half hour ever.

When was the last time you were elated?
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First and foremost: HOW HAVE SO MANY OF YOU NEVER SEEN THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS?! What, next are you going to tell me you don't know what Wishbone is? Or even Arthur?! What were some of your favorite PBS tv shows, growing up?

Now that the serious business is handled: I have an appt. with financial aid on Tuesday, but I'd like to get a jump on this question if I could. I have good grades, and get a scholarship for that, but I still owe $350 plus about $450 in books/materials. I was offered an unsubsidized loan, in the amount of $3,250. If I need that loan for the extra $800, do I have to accept it all, or can I just take part of it?

How do you take notes? Do you outline with the tradition I. > A > 1 > a > i? what comes after "i" if you need to be hyper specific?
thanks for being creepychan.

(no subject)

what was that photo animation website? like it ad some guys name in it, that everyone used? where you took photobooth pictures and made them move, like agif file D: idk lame expliation but you get the idea.

(no subject)

If you had sex with your clone, who looks just like you, would it be considered gay?

A little

If you had sex with your twin sibling, who looks just like you, would it be considered gay?

A little

(no subject)

 Is there anoter way to access the list of options that appear when you right click?  My right button is broken and I don't want to have to change my left button to act as my secondary button.  It's a laptop by the way.