July 25th, 2009


a bit tl;dr

on august 3rd, it will have been 3 years since my best friend was murdered. for the past couple of years, august has been a hard month to get through, and i feel like i should have moved on, at least somewhat. i have nightmares and break down crying sometimes, and it makes everyday activities [work, school, etc] difficult, because i always feel like i'm going to cry. i've considered going to some sort of grief counseling, and i was wondering,

- have you ever lost someone dear to you, suddenly?
- did you go to a counselor to talk about it? how long after? did it help you?


If you were going to design a public or personal library, what would it be like? If you already have one (lucky!), will you tell us about it?

What is your favorite library and why?
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wtf google

How come in gtalk in my gmail I'm not able to see my contacts that are online and if they send me stuff if while I'm on it comes to my email as "received while you were offline." BUT, in iGoogle, my gtalk is letting me see people and talk to them no prob. What the hell???

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What rules do you implement when you play beer pong?

Bounced ball in cup = drink 2
Girls can blow a sprial ball
Same cup twice = drink 3 unless it's last cup then it's game over
Two in a row = send it back
In current drinking cup = game over
Can swat a bounced ball
Depending on size of table, arm can't cross end of table (we have a short table)

Do you play beer pong better the longer you play and the more you drink, or in the beginning when you haven't drank that much?

In the beginning

What beer to you usually play with?

Whatever is the cheapest beer at the party, two beers per 10 cups


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So last night I borrowed my friends smoking piece. I also dropped it. I feel SUPER bad. I'm planning on giving him 50 bucks to buy a new one but what else should I do to take off the sting of losing a piece that could have had a lot of sentimental value?

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When you get new clothes/sheets (assuming they're in packaging)/etc., do you wash them before you use them?

What are you doing today?!
Cleaning my kitchen, maybe going for a bike ride or taking my doggy to the dog park, baking brownies for a party and going to a party later tonight.
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When you see you have a missed call from someone, but they didn't leave a voicemail, do you call that person back? Does it make a difference it's not your mother or someone, or a close friend, just a casual friend who you don't see or talk to all that much?

Do you use blip.fm? What's your username?

Spats - y/n?

Joan Jett


If two exes who are still friends get into physical fights (slapping, hitting, wrestling) nearly every time they see each other, what would you think? Is this a healthy friendship?

What should I have for breakfast?

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1. If you have a beverage that you drink regularly, what is it and about how many cups a day do you have?

2. How much do abortions cost where you live? If you were ever in the position to need one, would this factor into your decision?

3. Who in your life do you distrust the most?

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To anyone with T-Mobile:

Do they charge you for UNREAD text messages?My plan only covers 300  texts a months, and in my first two days in T-mobile I've received like a million notifications from the internet to my sms inbox, and I'm not sure if they charge even if I don't read them.

Thank you for anyone who can help, because if they do charge, I'm going to end up paying with my right leg!

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In all households I am aware of in which a female resides, the law is to leave the toilet seat down. Do you know anyone who has gone against this law and lives with a woman in a toilet seat up home?
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I'm pretty (clinically) depressed, and I'm trying to find little things that might lift my mood when things are really bad- things that are cheering or at least calming.

Food no longer has a positive effect (which might surprise you if you looked at me), I struggle to focus on television let alone reading. It's pretty cold here at the moment.


ETA: Since apparently some people have a problem with the implied question: What little things might make life a bit more bearable while I'm waiting on actually getting better?
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"Hey baby, how do you like your eggs? Fried, scrambled or fertilized?"

Ladies, what would your reaction be if a guy seriously used that line on you?
Considering who it came from, I threw up a little in my mouth

Gentlemen, what would your reaction be if one of your friends seriously tried to use that line on a girl? Have you ever used it?!

Alternatively, what is your favorite kind of berry?

Do you have neat handwriting or messy handwriting?
I think it's pretty neat, but if I'm taking notes and am writing fast it tends to blend together.

Major dilemma, TQC. I budgeted out this paycheck very well, specifically so I could buy something a little extra. Now, I have to decide between Generation Kill on DVD and this apron. Which do I buy first!? (I'm weaning some out next check for whichever I don't buy this time!)

my poll isn't working, boo! sorry :(
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What's something you do that you feel is worthwhile and really satisfying? Hobbies, work, family/friends stuff, whatever.

My answer:
I read a great deal and I think I get a lot out of that. Also, even though it's a little trivial in a way, I really enjoy decorating my new house. I've done a lot in the short amount of time I've been here and I'm proud of the work I've done and the changes I've made to the place.


Has anyone here been an organ donor? I'm looking for general experience stories, esp. kidney related.

I know you can't donate blood for a year after getting a tattoo. What about kidney donation? Not sure if I need to wait on getting my next tattoos.
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(no subject)

1. Is there a way to make my pictures of myself private (so that only I can see them), but to have it so people can see my albums on Facebook? If that makes sense.

2. Would you ever go to a baseball game and root for the opposing team? What do you think of this?

caaaalifornia, here i come!

TQC, I am moving to California (Los Angeles area) towards the end of this year (mid-November-ish). I am moving from Chicago and have never been to California, so I am expecting a pretty big adjustment. Would you be so kind to provide me with some advice/experiences/etc., as I am pretty clueless?
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I just got a MacBook Pro and I love it to death. This is my first Mac, however, so I'm still getting used to it and the things I can and cannot do on it.
I also don't have internet at my apartment (at least, it comes and goes) so I want some games I can either download or buy that will work on a Mac. Relatively cheap, but still fun. And not Sims 2 because it's a memory hog.
What can I play on my Mac??

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does anyone else face that horrible dilemma between wanting long hair because it's pretty and wanting to cut it all off because the sensation of hair on your shoulders is HORRIBLE?

is anyone else as completely bothered as I am by the feeling of hair on your skin?

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I got an universal adapter (much like this one) for my laptop considering that the Toshiba one that I got with the laptop failed on me. This is the second one that I bought however, the first one had a slight malfunctioning and it started to melt while it was charging (see here and here); now I bought the same one because it was the only one left and I'm leaving for Italy friday so a new charger that's ordered wouldn't have gotten to me in time through the store.

However, the fact is that the adapter itself gets really warm and I'm wondering if this is because of the laptop or simply something that happens to all adapters. My mother wants to return it because she's afraid the same thing will happen like what happened to the last one but I'm a bit reluctant on doing so because from my stand point, the heating up is only natural.

tl;dr : who's right in this situation? What should we do? Is there an easy solution?...

if you don't care; who's the hottest villain you know?
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there is this one stoner song, that apparently almost everyone who smokes up should/does know the lyrics to. i don't quite remember the lyrics but it begins with a dialogue-type scenario for about a minute and then the song starts. its style is pretty chilled old-school hip-hop.. can you tell me the name of the song?

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Do you have names picked out for the kids you may or may not have? What are they? Or, if you already have kids, what are their names?

Is there a story behind the name you were given? Will you share?
Sammy doesn't fucking know

Liquor recommendations plz

I'm going over to my best friend's (since childhood) house tonight to hang out. I haven't seen her in almost a year and it is sort of a goodbye party kind of thing (though there will only be a few old friends there) since she is moving cross country to San Diego on Tuesday. We're going to have burgers for dinner and I am bringing chips, but I also promised to bring a bottle of liquor. I don't know what she has at the house that could be used as mixers (though she did say she does have stuff). Ok, I'm being long winded here, sorry.

My question is: what type of liquor would you recommend I buy in this situation? What liquor is the most versatile and would easily mix with just about anything?

ETA:  The consensus seem to be that vodka is the most versatile liquor as far as mixing goes, so I'm gonna go with that.  Thanks for all the recommendations.  : D

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TQC: plan my day for me!

Should I go to the thrift stores trying to find some blue jeans?

Yes, all of them
Yes, but only that one good one

Am I the only person who says "blue jeans" instead of just "jeans" ?

Yes, definitely
I've heard it before, but only from weirdos/oldpeople/something
No, it's pretty common
No, I say it, and you're overanalyzing yourself

I have to go to sleep around 2am. Should I go ahead and start drinking now?

Yes, but just the wine you already have in the house
Yes: go buy some vodka
Yes: go buy some rum
Just have a glass of wine later, and don't get drunk
No! Why do you have to drink just because it's your day off?

Should I go over to this one guy's house who I said I might or might not visit today?

Yes, because you said you would
Yes, because something fun might be going on
No, because it'll be super boring
No, because you have to go buy blue jeans and vodka

How much weight can I lose by the middle of October? I can't starve because I have to take a medicine with food every day


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Have you taken the Activia Challenge? What happened?

Where can I find a super-cheap pocket day planner that expires in 2009 for a little bit of no money? I just want one to get by until I buy a good one this winter.

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What is a good headphone/microphone combo thingy to get for video chatting and all that? You know, like the kind telemarketers or Britney Spears wear. Google tells me they're called headsets.
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Here's another one of those "What should I do with my hair lol!?!?" posts. My hair is naturally blonde, but I dye it brownish-red. My roots have been growing out a lot lately, though, and so I could swing it either way at this point. I've been the brownish-red color since early 2008, and most people at my school wouldn't recognize me at all if I went blonde again.

For reference, here are some pictures of me both ways.

Collapse )
Collapse )

So, TQC, what do you think?
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OK, so my husband and his 4 best friends are all really close. Myself and their girlfriends/wives are also close, when we're all together (often) the girls sort of collectively hang out and the guys collectively hang out, if this makes sense. Well one of his friends recently left his wife for another woman and needless to say the wife will not come around or hang out with us girls anymore. We really liked her, too.
Well now this other woman is knocked up already and the wife has only been out of the picture for about 9 weeks or something. Now when we all get together he brings her around. It is very awkward because quite frankly we do not like her. She is overly friendly with our husbands to try and fit in and is always in everyone's way. And we don't like her because of what she did to our (ex)friend.
Yes, my husband's friend is a huge asshole for cheating and doing this and we all have told him so. But he IS our friend... Also, since all of the girls are close friends it has been assumed by the guys that we will sort of accept this other woman into our group and whatnot.

Would you tell her how you feel, or keep it to yourself?
Would you just try to be friends with her for the sake of keeping everything nice?
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Have you or anyone you know ever been on What Not To Wear? Any stories to tell us? Did they keep up with dressing well afterwards or go back to whatever their original 'style' was?

Would you be annoyed if anyone nominated you for the show, or would you just be happy to buy $5000 worth of new clothes?
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Any doctors in the house? I have been having abdominal pains mixed with constipation. I got an x-ray done, and in the results the doctor said no evidence of bowel obstruction. Their impression was: "non-obstructive bowel gas pattern." I have tried my google ninja skills, and have not gotten any sort of idea what that is. Anybody here have a clue? Srs questions only plz.
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(no subject)

I was adopted when I was six weeks old.
My birth parents were not married when I was born.
My adopted parents were married when I was adopted.

Tell me tqc, does that make me a bastard? Bastard by proxy? Technical bastard? Non bastard?

Edit: Inspired by the 'What's a bastard?' scene from Sunshine Cleaning

(no subject)

when a close friend gives you advice on something you're going through, but they've never gone through it themselves, does it bother you because they don't really know what it's like, or do you still value their advice?

i think it depends on the situation. if you agree, what do you think it depends on?

(no subject)

What is something someone has complimented you on that you feel you were completely unworthy of?

Like one time some guy told me I should be a model, but he just wanted to get into my pants.

(no subject)

If you used to be best friends with someone, but now they see you as their "mortal enemy" (for no obvious reason) would you invite them to your wedding? Would it change your answer if you were inviting everyone else in their immediate family (mom, dad, sister, and brother)?

(no subject)

I *think* I'm lactose intolerant.
So, why does everyone keep telling me I should be able to still eat dairy?

I'm also vegetarian out of necessity because all meat makes me sick. So does dairy.
And now soy milk does too.

wtf is going on, dr tqc?

Also, why are my legs all of the sudden SUPER senstive? Like a slight bump turns into a HUGE knot and it hurts for weeks.

Am I dying?

If you don't care, what did you do today/are you going to do today?
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My mom just rolled her investments over from a workplace investment thing to an investment thing with a bank. We were just looking over the paperwork for this and found out that she's invested in a bunch of other companies involved in investing.

TQC, is all of the investing world this meta?
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Tragus piercings!

I was all excited to get my tragus pierced soon and then I remembered I'm in a show so I will have to wait a while. Then I realized that using headphones might be a pain during the healing process... :S

Do you have a tragus piercing?
How was the piercing experience?
Was it possible to listen to headphones while the piercing was healing?

Alternatively, if you couldn't use headphones, what would you do?

(no subject)

What are some good artists similar to No Doubt (their older stuff) and Sublime? What are your favorite songs by those artists?

Also, what are some good reggae/reggaeton songs that you can recommend?

I am trying to expand my iTunes and I'd like to listen to more artists in these genres.

Job swap thing

Is there any type of program that allows US citizens to work in Canada for a limited period of time (6 months, maybe)?

I've only found things that require you to be a college student, which I am not.

(no subject)

My closest friend has a relative who has just passed. Before this woman died she became exceptionally brutal with her words, and called my friend a fatty.

My friend has had bulimia nervosa since he was 15; although he's going through an extensive recovery program now (and has made remarkable progress as an adult) this comment bothered him deeply. When this relative died weeks later my friend was so happy, saying "it was about time". Prior to this incident the relationship between the two was perfectly healthy, no fights or confrontations. This relative was fond of my friend and gave a gift of $5000 towards his undergraduate education two years ago.

He refuses to go to the funeral based on the fatty comment. I understand eating disorders well, but I think he should attend the funeral out of respect for the rest of his family, if nothing else.

Under what circumstances would TQC miss a close relative's funeral? In your opinion, is my friend being too harsh in his decision?

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Why do most "Westerners" (specifically Americans) only shower in the morning and never at night? Don't you feel icky going to bed with all that grime accumulated in the day? This is mainly based off my observation at the adayinmylife community.

How many times do you shower a day?
Where are you from?

Do you take baths?
How often do you take a bath?
Where are you from?
How do you get clean from a bath when you just soak in there in bubbles and foam?
Do you rinse yourself before and/or after you take a bath?
Haha, I've never taken a bath before. :X
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(no subject)

My boyfriend has ditched plans with me last second three times in the past two weeks, either to do something less important (helping me move versus seeing Bruno for the second time with friends?), or because he fucking fails and just... can't manage his schedule properly. Today, he called me and told me ten minutes before I was supposed to walk out the door after calling me twenty minutes before that to tell me when to meet him that he has a migraine. I wouldn't be annoyed if it was the first time, but it's not. And now he wants to hang out tomorrow, but tomorrow isn't a good day for me, and I've explained that several times.
What would you do in this situation? I HAVE let him know how flaky I think that is.

That being said, I am sitting in my room, wearing makeup with my hair curled and a cute outfit on. I, however, have no money. I DO have a MetroCard. I live in NYC. What do I do?

Well, let's ask this a different way: what do YOU do to occupy your time when you're alone and want to get out of the house?

(no subject)

1)How are your parents weird?

If my dad sees an airplane say... flying or in a movie, he feels compelled to tell us the exact make and model of it.

2)Favorite cobbler?

3)What is a comforting sound to hear at night?

a single car whizzing down the street or the hum of an airplane.

4)Would you recommend me awesome short story writers?

(no subject)

My kitty keeps staring at a corner of my bedroom and meowing in this horrible way. She's been doing this off and on for a few weeks now. There's nothing there, at least not that I can see and it's really starting to freak me out.

Joan Jett

(no subject)

I've looked everywhere, but can't seem to find one. I feel like some of you might know some resources I could use.

Where can I find an lj icon of James Franco eating pie in Spider-man 3?

(no subject)

I know these type of questions are hard to answer but I usually have very cold hands and I have no idea why. Doesn't matter if it's winter or summer they're just cold from time to time. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I don't take any medications, no history of any diseases etc.

(no subject)

Do you think that black cats are unlucky?

What superstitions do you believe in?

What's worse than moving, alone, in the middle of summer? I am having a little pity party here.
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(no subject)

I booked a roundtrip and noticed that the duration of both flights are different. When I depart, it is 5h37m to my destination and when I fly back home it is 4h22m. Both are non-stop and both say they are 3378 km (2099 miles). Why would this be?

Student Accom. Heeeelp.


Does anyone have any advice they can offer on student accommodation in Sydney, Australia? I'm intending on going there next year and so far I've found:
Sancta Sophia College
Georgia House
Flo Harris Lodge
The English Lodge
Sydney Terraces

Does anyone know of any others? (That you don't to be going to a recognised University to live at..I'm going to a private institute..)

Thankyou in advance!

Fire & Alarm

Dear TQC, an alarm just rang in my apartment building. A loud alarm, the kind that tells you there's something huge going on.
I called 911. I didn't wait to see if there was a fire, or anything, I just left as fast as I could and dialed 911.
I was standing alone on the curb while waiting for the firetruck to come. Every one else stayed inside.
My landlord then came outside, told me there was nothing, that he checked the whole building and he didn't see any smoke.

Have you ever had to dial 911 for a fire?
What would you do if you heard an alarm where you are?
Dial 911? Wait?
Do you think that people who stayed inside are out of their minds?
Do you think I reacted too fast?

(no subject)

I have twenty pictures that are coming to me in the next few days. I bought frames from Ikea.

What cool ways can I design them on my wall? My wall will be blank and it's pretty big, so will you giv eme some cool ideas how to arrange them? I'm drawing blanks.

Also- my boyfriend has a bad memory and asked me to write down everything that happened on our vacation in an email just so he can have it and read it and remember. It'd be cuter to buy a little journal and handwrite everything down, right? it would take more time, but it'd be more personal.