July 24th, 2009

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What do you do when your upstairs neighbors aren't being EGREGIOUSLY loud (as in, anything excessive), but due to sharing separate floors of an oldish house you can hear EVERYTHING THEY DO?

I don't think they are breaking any rules really...they have a lot of people over, and it's one hour past quiet hour, but I think it's really only sounds of them sitting/standing or talking that is being magnified x 10000 into my house. They would need to be, like, asleep, in order for me not to be annoyed by them.

Is there any way of non-bitchily explaining this to them? Augggh I wish I was less of a recluse and could actually deal with human noises.

The blind leading the blind.

Somebody posted about glasses earlier. Let's play "Who has the worst vision?"

I'm -9 in my left eye and -6 in my right with glasses. That's -6/-3 with contacts. I can barely see a distance equal to the width of my hand. Maybe a bit less these days.

Beat that!

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I need a good lie to tell my parents so that they'll let me borrow their camera this weekend. nm, 836am is my own personal Jesus.

When was the last time you had to lie?
Do you like that show "Lie to Me?"
Will you lie to me?

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I was looking on the Ikea website for a bed frame and a few random odds and ends (like a TV stand, shelving, and something to put on my wall to make it seem less blank), but 98% of the stuff on their website within my budget isn't able to be shipped. What WAS available, my heart wasn't set on enough. There is a store in Brooklyn, but it's kinda a pain in the ass to get to (ETA: MEANING I don't want to actually GO TO IKEA because it would be a two hour commute on a bus, and then I would spend forever there, and I really don't have a spare five hours laying around).

Is there a magical place similar to Ikea with a good selection of products I can purchase online and have shipped to my house and not spend my entire paycheck?
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Do you have a drinking routine/drunk routine? What is it/are they?

When you drink, do you aim to get drunk or just get buzzed?

Are you drunk right now?

Which would you rather wear: checkers or paisley?

yea it sucks!!!

Don't you hate it when you want it so bad and no ones around!!?? Especially when you live in a town like grand rapids with no fun happening!! But since most of you are female you probably have never had that problem!!
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What kind of clothes do you wear to work?

Business casual. I work in our remote office with a grand total of 8 people though, and my boss is beyond awesome, so we get away with a lot more than our head office. Like open toe sandals. :)

It is really, truly, Friday, right? I'm not just delusional?
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Did I do something wrong?

Yesterday my sister and I were at a music in the park event. It is held in a park downtown, people put down a blanket bring some beverages and enjoy music. Not soon after we sat down, this couple next to us sat down and spread out their blanket. Then the guy decided to light up a big juicy cigar. The park can get pretty crowded so space around blanket areas can get pretty tight. My sister and I were trying to enjoy the nice weather and music but we were  downwind of this guys smokey cigar, and he wasn't being discreet about it either. I taped him on the shoulder and said I am sorry could you please move your cigar the smoke is blowing in my face (I was extremely polite). He looked pissed and told me "I can't control where the wind goes!". I sat back down and he was even worse about it he purposely put the cigar next to him so I would catch all the smoke. This guy behind me looked pissed and said "why don't you tell him to put it out!" After he was finished smoking on the dog turd of a cigar he didn't put it out but proceeded to put it in the grass next to him so it would keep smoking. Luckily him and his ugly girlfriend left soon after.

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Playing off of jraven's post here:

Last night I fixed a broken pair of eye glasses with a drinking straw, two toothpicks, and a piece of scotch tape.
What's something you've done that made you feel like MacGyver?

Do you enjoy foods that are considered "typical" for your area?
(example, if you're British, do you like fish and chips...if you're a Yankee, do you like cream of wheat...etc)
I LOVE me some Southern food.

What are some covers of songs that you like better than the originals?
Disturbed's "Land of Confusion" and Rascall Flatts' "Life is a Highway" are much better than the originals, IMO.

What catalogs/magazines do you get in the mail each month? Do you actually look through them?
All I get is Sportsman's Guide and MidwayUSA. I thumb through them saying "Want that...can't justify buying it" a lot.

Do you prefer for all the questions in a post to be related somehow, or is a random mix of topics more you're thing?

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I'm taking my daughter out for a special meal before she goes to college.
Should it be for breakfast, lunch or supper?
Where should I take her thats "spechull"? Bojangles? Taco Bell? Chick-fil-a?

Right Wing Fascists and Left Wing Commies

Does anyone know where to find a copy of the actual Obama Health Care plan? I assume it would be visible to the public. I've been trying to find information on it and all I can find is empty rhetoric on both sides of the debate.

It's not going to usher in the apocalypse and it's not going bring about the Age of Aquarius, but I want to make my own opinion instead of listening to all these hacks out there.

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How many songs do you have in your iTunes/other music player/whatever?

What is your most played song?
"L'ego" by Io Carlo.

My apartment complex wants to raise my rent from $1,000/mo to $1,025/mo. HOWEVER, on their website and on their listing at apartments.com, they're listing 3-bedrooms (which is what I have) for $865-$985/mo. THIS IS BOGUS, Y/Y?

What do you think the chances are that they'll give us the lower rent if we go and bitch at them, and threaten to move? (We have a house lined up for less than we're paying now... but moving is such a pain in the ass. :( ugh)

ETA: What is your favorite thing to put on toast?
Peanut butter and bananas! Or butter and cinnamon sugar.

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Will you help compile a list of U.S. based businesses (on a national or regional level, so there is somewhat broad name recognition) that have gone under in the past two years?

I'm thinking things like:

Circuit City
Washington Mutual
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TQC, my supervisor asked to switch shifts with me, so she wouldn't have to close two nights in a row. Since she switched with me to close one of those nights (as payback for me working for her two days when she wasn't feeling well), I obliged, and I opened Thursday and was set to close Friday (today). I wrote it down in my pocket planner, and thought we were set.

I got a call this morning from the boss at ten after nine asking where I was. Apparently my supervisor didn't show up for the shift, and since it was a verbal agreement to trade shifts, they called me first.

How much trouble do you think I'll end up in (assuming she doesn't own up to it), since there's no real proof we switched?

Since the new girl, who is only trained by her, showed up this morning at 9:00, does that add some credibility to my statement?
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Is there a significant taste difference between red grapes and green grapes? I don't eat grapes so I don't know.

Also, my cat ate the tail off of his catnip mouse!!!! it's about 3 inches of felt. Will he be alright????

It thunderstormed all last night. Do you like thunderstorms?

Sweet or savory?
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My friends and I got into a lengthy argument last night about "monthiversaries" - what months in the first year of a relationship should be celebrated/acknowledged.

I had one friend who said 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. I had another friend who said just 6 months and 1 year, I had another friend who said every month is cause for celebration. I myself just sat there going D: So what do you think, TQC? What month(s) should be celebrated? (And by "celebrated" I mean gift- or card-giving and maybe dinner out, not just "oh look we've been together X months, nice").

Also, the friend who said she celebrated every month went out for dinner last night with her fairly new boyfriend. I asked her why, and she said "Oh it's the 2 month anniversary of our first kiss." What is this fuckery? Is this normal? Are there any more outrageous and seemingly random dates that are cause for celebration?

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For the technophiles:

I don't know much about MP3 players/accessories, so I thought maybe one of y'all could answer this for me. I just bought a new car, and it has an auxillary jack and a DC outlet inside the center console for running an MP3 player. I bought a car adaptor and a 3.5mm male-on-both-ends cord to plug it into the jack. Problem is, since the jack is strictly output, I can't control the player (skip songs) with the normal controls; I have to open up the console and do it on the player, which is both a pain and dangerous.

So, my question:
Is there an adaptor cable available that would let me control my songs on the player through the normal stereo controls, given that the only input I have available is a 3.5mm headphone jack?

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Urgh I am starting the Slim Fast diet today. It's the only thing that's ever worked for me. I'm thinking eventually I'll phase out the product and replace it with a banana and some milk or w/e, but it's easier to start out with a concrete limited "meal". I JUST WANT TO LOSE MY LITTLE BELLY POOT THING. Any tips or words of encouragement/discouragement? Will I fail utterly?
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I have the greasemonkey add-on for Firefox, and I've been using the LJ Thread Unfolder script on there for awhile (longer than a year). In the last week or so, it stopped working. I don't even see "unfold all" as an option anymore, even though the script is still enabled.

Is there a reason why this would happen? Am I missing some new livejournal function that already does that?

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I'm in need of some kickass suggestions, gang! - I'm wanting to make a pasta salad for a bbq this evening, and I'd like to try something I haven't done before or not in a while anyway, so will you please, PLEASE share your yummiest, simple pasta salad recipes with me?

Bonus points if there are relatively few ingredients - budget is tight right now. Thanks for any and all help!

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Which superhero would you most like to have sex with? AND WHY?

Would you go on a date first? And details people, whenever I ask questions it's like pulling teeth to get details.

is there a doctor in the house?

I have a doc's appointment but it's on Monday.... so for curiosity sake what do you think is wrong?

I have been feeling dizzy/lightheaded the last three days. I have also a headache.. I think it's sinus but it's throbbing pain behind my eyes..mostly on my left. I am forever feeling tired and am hungry all the time... Even after I eat I get hungry after an hour.

The dizziness/lightheaded started on Tuesday... I was getting body aches and feeling like it was the flu.. but since then the above symptoms have been showing up. oh why oh why?! what is wrong with me?

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Will you tell me about your first time moving out?

Where did you go? (College or apartment or whatever.)

If it was an apartment, how much did you have to put down initially?

If you bought a trailer, how much did you put down?

What tips would you give someone moving out for the first time?

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so i got a job interview at burger king after not working for a month and i used to hate working fast food after my job at mcdonalds, but at this point i'll fucking do anything for a job, as long as it gets the bills paid. plus ill be making more than my part time waitress job i had before. and working more hours.

have you been effected by the economy?

have you worked fast food?

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What do you do to calm your nerves? Are you afraid of confrontation? When was the last time you confronted someone? When was the last time you were confronted?

I'm super nervous because I'm having lunch today with a friend who I haven't talked to in months. Apparently I did something to piss her off which is why she stopped talking to me and I'm nervous because I don't know what I did and I'm not that keen on confrontation.

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How badly do you need to clean out your closet and drawers?
How badly to you need to clean out the storage space in your bathroom (i.e. medicine cabinets, under sink, drawers)?
What do you do with the stuff you don't need?

Extraordinarily badly, especially since I just moved back to my mom's house and the stuff in the closet is 10 years old.
Same as above.
I give it away if it's in good condition or throw it away if it's not.  I'd like to have a yard sale to make some cash but don't have the time to have one.
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My son and I are going on a trip to visit family tomorrow and my in-laws lent me their luggage. I was just going through the extra pockets and heard something rattling and the huge front pocket was FILLED with hotel soap, shampoo, conditioner, tea bags and whatever else they leave in hotel rooms for us to use. It's like they raided the housekeeping carts or something. My in-laws hardly ever travel. The last trip they took was like 6 years ago, so these soaps have been sitting in this bag for at least that long.

Is this as funny as I think it is?

Do you take the shampoos and soaps when you stay at hotels?
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It's been awhile, and I got some questions for you.

I have an iPhone. I love it but I'm still learning new things about it because I've only had it for a week. What cool things do you do with your iPhone?

I have $548 left to pay for my first quarter tuition. I have about $400 in the bank to last me till the 31st. Should I pay like $300 now and be smart and finish paying for it with my next pay check?

Where are my sock?

Photo storage sites

Where would be the best place to store my photos online?

I have a Photobucket account but it takes hours for me to upload photos on it. I also have a Flickr account but it also seems to take a really long time for the photos to upload, and of course the space limits are pretty small.

Should I buy a paid Flickr account or is there somewhere better?
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What should I do?

Hi T-Quack,

I am at work for the next 3.5 hours. I work as a cashier, so I am only busy when people show up. Today, I am like the backup cashier, so even when people do show up, most of them go to the main cashier. What should I do to entertain myself on the intarwebz/computer between now and when I get off work at 4 CST? I can't do anything that involves sound.
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Does anyone know where I can get a pocket screwdriver that's about the size of a Swiss army knife (maybe a little bigger) and is like a Swiss army knife but instead of different tools it has lots of screwdrivers with different heads? I am not looking for the screwdriver that you can attach different heads on to. I'm pretty sure this exists, or am I just crazy?
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How do you feel about spanking ...

Poll #1434475 How do you feel about spanking ...

... your children?


... your partner in the bedroom?


... from your partner in the bedroom?


... being used as a term of defeat, eg: "We spanked the other team!" or "You spanked me at that game."

I use it myself
I don't get why you'd use the word like that and I am not a fan

... the monkey or any other euphanism for masturbation?

Oh yes. Daily.
At least 3+ times a week.
I can take it or leave it, maybe once or twice a week, maybe never.
I hate the entire concept of masturbation.

... being used in schools as a form of punishment?

Go for it.
I think that's not something that should be done.

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Weather Check

What is the local time and temperature where you are?

Where are you?

What season is it right now?

Over the last two months, has the precipitation where you are been above average, below average or normal?

Has the average temperature been above average, below average or normal?

Has it been more stormy, less stormy or normal?

Have the energy of the storms been more extreme, less extreme or normal?

When was your last frost?

How do you feel about big raging thunderstorms?

Will you please tell an exciting weather story or show me some weather photos or videos?

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I got a Furby for Christmas in 1998.

My mom and I spent this entire morning unpacking, I found the Furby in a box of old toys, he is still in good, working condition.
These are the original batteries from 1998.

TQC, were these amazing batteries or is my Furby simply possessed and feeding off of evil?

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For those of you with business cards, where did you order them from? I'd like something similar to moo cards(but I dont want to use moo) in that I can Print Business Cards with different images on each one. Anyone know where I can find this??

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My boyperson told me last night that 90% of men prefer women completely clean-shaven in the genital department. And that, at my age (18), only one in fifty girls has experienced a real orgasm, and everyone else just thinks she has. What are your opinions on these supposed "facts?"

And, how common/uncommon it is for parents to charge their children rent while on summer break from college?
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So my boyfriend isn't usually dumb, but we were discussing racism for some reason and I was explaining that a lot of people see racism as prejudice + power now, and that minorities cannot be racist by that definition.

Now, I wasn't giving an opinion on that definition one way or another, so please don't let this turn into definition wank like it always does when this comes up, pleeeeaaaase.

Anyway, he then went on to say that he couldn't be racist because he doesn't have power, and when I told him no, it's the institutionalized power that he has behind him as a white male, he started to say, "Well actually, we really have less power..." at which point I laughed in his face and I think he's pouting now.

Really though, he isn't normally that dense and I think if I could explain it well, he'd start thinking about it and realize he's wrong.

So here's my question: what's a good, condensed way to explain this without sounding patronizing? I feel bad for just laughing and shutting down communication, but it was just so ridiculous. Especially from someone I expected better from. :/ And I suck at explaining things.

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Many businesses here (banks in particular) will have signs up asking motorbike riders to remove their helmet before entering the premises.

Do you think those who cover their faces for religious reasons, and live in non-Islamic countries, should be expected to follow the same rule?

Inspired by this. (for the link phobic: Muslim woman wearing a niqab was asked by the driver to remove it before getting on the bus)
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Guys Only, What Would You Do?

Male TQC'ers, if you were sexually assaulted, would you report it to the police?

Would you be willing to go to the hospital for an examination?

If you knew who did it, would you be willing to testify at the trial?

Who would you tell about it?

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Are there any TV shows that have been cancelled or have ended that you wish you would've watched while they were on?  What are they?

Assuming they're on DVD (or some nice person has uploaded them somewhere), do you think you'll buy or download them and eventually watch them?

Are there any foods you hate that most people think you're crazy for disliking?
--I am not a fan of baked beans!

Re: Ex's

Do you ever feel sorry for the next person in your ex's life?
Do you wish you could warn the innocent person? But, you can't because you don't wanna butt in, and look like a cunt?

I have been with a few people that I felt this way over.

It is like watching a train wreck, I had previously experienced.

Stories. Details.
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Ice Cream Cake?

I'm thinking of making this ice cream cake for my friend's birthday this weekend. But I also thought about maybe getting him a Fudgie the Whale or Cookiepuss cake since he was so excited to hear we actually have (more than one) Carvel in Atlanta when I told him once. The problem with that is I don't know how many they feed and don't think he has lot of people to help him eat it, haha. What do you guys think?



ETA for those not in the know:

Fudgie the Whale

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I had to check the internet to work out whether it was Friday or Saturday, because I honestly wasn't sure.

Do you ever forgot what day of the week it is?

If not, what similarly braindead things do you do?

are we a superficial society?

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Question 2, serious and not so serious questions welcome. WHY CAN'T MEN READ US WOMEN'S MINDS?! lol...

(i suck at Lj Cut so please forgive if its wrong).

EDIT: Not these people specifically, just comparing hollywood perceived great looks compared to realistic looks of everyday normal people...
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One of the theatres in town tonight is playing El Topo at midnight. How awesome is this?

Should I go see Moon (the one directed by David Bowie's other son. Not Zowie) if/when it comes out?

What is your favourite "bad movie" cult film? What is your favourite indie film?

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Aww, TQC, my daddy has a bad cold. :(

What should I cook for him that will make him feel better? I was thinking about going to the local farmer's market to pick up some fresh vegetables and stuff to make a soup or something--Do you have any good recipes?

What do you eat when you are sick?
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I'm starting a meetup.com group, and with a "subscription" you are allowed to start up to three groups. So I want to start another one. I'm making a puppy playdate group. My other thoughts were perhaps a vegetarian one, cupcake one, movie ones? Who knows. I just want something fun so that I can meet new people when I move out of state next month.

So... What is a really neat or unique or fun ideas for a meetup group?


a car question

Have any of you ever gotten the ball joints on your car/truck/whatever replaced? I need to get mine replaced (they make clicky noises whenever I turn the wheel), and I've been quoted prices anywhere from $270 to $1200. How much did it cost you?

For those of you that don't care/have no idea: What are your plans for the weekend?

I'm going to a going-away party for one of my best friends tomorrow, and then I'm helping my aunt and uncle pack and move on Sunday.
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For those of you who are parents, what piece of advice do you wish you hadn't been given?

What do you wish you had been told that you had to learn on your own?

For those of you without children (whether you want them or not) what do you feel parents should be taught before having children?

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I've been moving/packing all day, I've got a huge headache, and I want to kick back and relax with some Korean food and a good movie.

What are your favorite movies/ what movie do you recommend I watch?

If you could have any sort of power or ability, what would you want?

What do you think would be the lamest super power to have?


One of my supervisors is in the US right now renewing his green card and I guess they told him that he needs to move back to the US (his wife is American, he's not) by early 2010 in order to keep his residency status. His wife, who also works for the company, sent all of us an e-mail stating this on behalf of both of them. So he is leaving his job here at the end of next month. This makes very little difference for me as I'm also leaving at the end of next month, but soon I have to start training my successor, and my supervisor won't be back until a week after my successor arrives.

Should I e-mail my supervisor asking him if any of this will change the way I train my successor? Or should I e-mail him telling him I'm sorry he's leaving? Or should I just leave him alone? I have no idea what to do, this is a weird situation!

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Is running frozen chicken (thighs, in this case) under cold water really the best way to thaw it out? Really? It's always seemed counter-intuitive to me... :T

If it's not, what IS the best way to thaw frozen chicken (that is not in the microwave)?

How can I make myself not feel like I need to puke when/after I ride my bike?! :(
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single-cup coffee makers

I was thinking of getting a single-cup coffee maker for my dorm room this year. And there are some Gevalia ones at the store I work at this week. The machine is only $9.99 so I'm assuming it isn't the best maker, but I'm ok with it being decent because I know most single-cup makers cost a lot more than $9.

My issue is that my school requires coffee makers to have an automatic shutoff. So here is my stupid question: Don't all single cup coffee makers shut off automatically after making one cup? Or am I a total idiot...? If not, do they make any with an automatic shut off?

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 I'm FINALLY going back to CALIFORNIA!!! today after 2 long months of interning and 1 week of vacationing in Shanghai. (And TQC update, I did work then play if you remember my post from a long time ago.)

So the flight is 11 hours, what should I do to keep myself entertained (I have a hard time sleeping on planes). I have SIMS but that only keeps me preoccupied for so long. And I'm nearly finished with my book.

Any ideas? (can't use the internet)

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I'm a jackass and thought a test registration deadline was at 12 tonight but instead it was at 5 and now I'm late. I can register and pay the $90 plus a $30 late fee to take it in August, or I can just pay the $90 and take it in October. What should I do? It doesn't really need to be done until winter.
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state-to-state moving

I tried googling this, but I just got a lot of quote sites that wanted my phone number. So...

Any idea what the price range is to hire state-to-state movers? Not people who will pack for you, just load your stuff onto their truck, drive it to another state, and help you unload. I realize this totally depends on how much stuff you have (I have an apartment full) and other factors, but I'm just wondering general price ranges. More than $1000?
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could you please outline obama's health care proposal for me in a way that a retarded martian would understand?

what does ~health care reform~ set out to accomplish?

what are the drawbacks?

ironic spelling error is fixed
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i'm going to a hobo party tonight. i was going to go to the goodwill before it closed to get an old jacket that i could mess up but it's pouring right now and i don't think i'll be able to get there unless i want to walk or bike in the rain. it's not far but, you know...rain. phooey. i was going to get a 40 while i was out, too, but...rain.

soooo how can i make myself look like a hobo without a jacket?

edit: the rain has let up. i'm going to go right now because the store closes in half an hour and hope that it doesn't start pouring again while i'm still out.


I just woke up from a nap and turned on the AC. Came into the living room and sat on the couch. Out of the corner of my eye I see something white moving on the black coffee table. It fell off before I could really see what it was but it looked a lot like a white spider. Or it could have been a piece of fuzz from one of the dogs that the AC blew off the table. I looked on the floor and don't see anything moving, but that doesn't mean much. So now I'm stuck on the couch because of my arachnophobia. So what do you think are the odds of it being a white spider and not just a piece of white fuzz?
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a few days ago i told this guy that i 'have a thing' for him. he said he feels the same way but can't do anything about it because my ex is a good friend of his. i have recently started talking to him more and now i have an official massive crush on him - i get giddy, my heart beats faster, i am constantly thinking about him, etc. however i'm leaving tonight and we probably won't bump into each other for two years.
do you think i should just fuck it and tell him how i feel, or wait til this 'phase' passes?

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I'm putting together a gift for my friend's birthday. It's a bunch of little crap but I was planning on writing a note to explain each thing in a cutesy sort of way. How the hell do I make this work? Any ideas for how to wrap it or what to say?

This is what I have: 1000 places to see before you die, picture frame, her favorite candy, ice pack, and a birthday crown


Anyone lived in or visitted Glendale, Los Angeles?

If so could you tell me something about the place-anything, a story of a day you spent there-what it was like-the energy of the place.

I'm writing a story see and the main character lives in Glendale. I just know nothing about the place. THANKS <3
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[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I volunteer at a museum where I mostly work in the back with the dead things kept in drawers. Not entirely thrilling. The museum also has an aquarium, where a Giant Pacific octopus is on display. I managed to figure out the name of the woman who takes care of the octopus and her e-mail address.

I want to send her an e-mail asking her for advice about graduate schools where I can get a Ph. D studying cephalopods, as well as mention something about how if she ever needs a volunteer she is more than welcome to contact me. I cannot express, on any level, how much I would love to get my hands on an octopus.

Can you please help me out with my e-mail? Some parts of it just sound so awkward and choppy.
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I want to watch a movie, but I can't decide what to watch.

These are the ones currently on my computer:
  • Inside
  • Audition
  • Calvaire
  • Cannibal Holocaust
  • Frontiers
  • Funny Games
  • Martyrs
  • Mulberry Street
  • Rabid
  • Splinter
  • The Hamiltons
  • The Orphanage
Uh, is it obvious enough that I enjoy horror movies?
So, TQC: What should I watch? If none of these, suggest something else
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My mom has a Windows Mobile PDA. What are some apps I can put on there for her? I just put on Skype, Facebook app, and Epocrates. She's got 4gb of space so I can put lots of stuff on there.

What sort of apps do you have on your iphones/smartphones?
What is your favorite app?
Do you hate the word "app" as much as I do?

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'The blame turns without the elephant!'

Why do you think anyone would email this to anyone else? I got this in my junk email. I figure they typed the address wrongly. This is the entirety of the email, mind you.

Credit Card?

Okay, so I'm a 19-year-old college student and I'm about to enter my second year of college. I'd like to get a credit card so I can establish some credit, but the only problem is I can't get approved for any credit card because I don't have a credit history. I've Googled "credit card for students with no credit history", yet every credit card that is designed for students with limited credit history hasn't approved me. There was even a credit card for students by Discover Card that stated you didn't need to have any credit card history but it didn't approve my application. I work a part-time job and when I start school again in August I'll be going to school full-time while still working at my part-time job. I really want a credit card so I can establish good credit so eventually I'll be able to get a car, but at the moment I'm having no luck. I'm assuming the terrible economy has something to do with this?

How the hell can I get a credit card if I don't have a credit history? Has anyone gotten their first credit card recently?
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When you're approaching a stop sign and you're about to "stop", do you fully stop or do you just slightly stop and roll along?

Secondly, are there any other good games like WoW that I can try out? You get extra points if they're free!

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After a pretty scary week of going to the hospital, I think my mom has finally be scared into quitting smoking...however, we are not allowed to discuss it. Can't even throw in a "you can do it". I've never smoked so I don't really understand and since she won't talk about it...I go to you guys.

Why do you think she won't talk about it?
Is there anything I can do to help her without being terribly obvious?
(I bought her some bubble gum but otherwise, I'm at a loss)
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When was the last time you bought something that you felt guilty about purchasing?

At what point do you start worrying about the amount of money you have? I've reached less than a hundred dollars in my account and while I don't spend money often, I'm still worried.

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My boyfriend is in Tahoe. I haven't talked to him since he was driving up last night (approx. 24 hours ago), I've sent him two texts and called him once, both with no answers. He's in jail or dead Y/Y?

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When do you consider it "too late" to reply to a question in this community? (eg. once it goes to the 2nd page, etc.)

What is the scariest thing you've ever seen? (eg. the supernatural, accidents, etc.) Can you tell me about it?
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on the subject of kisses....

1. What's your favorite Hershey kiss flavor?

2. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?

3. Do you believe that he/she doesn't love you if they kiss with their eyes open?

4. If your SO kisses with their eyes open, and you don't, does it bother you?

5. What's the longest you spent kissing?

6. What's the weirdest kiss you've had?

7. Will you tell me about/how you got your first kiss please?

8. Where's your favorite place to be kissed?

9. Where's your favorite place to give kisses?

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1)How much of a tax on soda would you tolerate if it meant that everyone had healthcare?

maybe 75 cents.

2)Have you been cleaning out your closets/shelves lately?


3)what are you being a whiner about?

don't wanna go to work! waah, I don't get paid,etc.

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I know it's unlikely, but I've been looking on google for ages and haven't been able to find it, so here goes:

Is anyone here a really big fan of That 70's Show? I'm pretty sure there's a scene where all the main characters are in the car singing Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer', and I can't find what episode it's from. Does anyone know? Thanks!

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Do you have an eating disorder?

What is it?

Will you tell me all about it?

Where online do you go for support? Not the ~pro-ANA~ type of support, but just a place where people understand what you're going through.
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guilty pleasures

1. What are some of your favorite guilty pleasure snacks/meals?
Strawberries with powdered sugar. Saltines with cream cheese. Celery and cheese. Any meal that involves creamy, cheesy mac and cheese.

2. What are some of your guilty pleasure movies?
Sixteen Candles, Anastasia, You've Got Mail, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Cinderella, Under the Tuscan Sun...the list goes on

3. What is your favorite guilty pleasure activity?
Sitting still, doing nothing. Waking up early on a Saturday morning, not being tired, and laying in bed with the sunlight streaming in. Drinking a cup of hot spiced apple cider while being curled up in a rocking chair, reading, on a cool autumn day. Getting my hair done. Getting a pedicure. The list REALLY goes on...

4. What organizations do you volunteer with that you like so much it's almost a guilty pleasure?
The USO. It's a very humbling experience and I'm always super thankful when I get to be one of the volunteers!