July 22nd, 2009

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What do you do when a friend/SO puts you in a bad mood? How do you get over it or sidetrack yourself? Do you get annoyed easily?

What's the best job you've ever had? the worst?
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Why don't they make non-flat panel TVs anymore? I'm in the market for a bigger bedroom TV (mine is currently 13") and would like to spend no more than $120 or so. I found ONE at Walmart. NOT EVERYONE WANTS A FLAT PANEL TV.

...Does this mean I'm old, if I don't want to change?

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I posted last night asking for book reccomendations, but I didn't end up going to the bookstore because it rained and all I felt like doing today was watch movies. I might go Thursday depending on the weather, but I might just save my money, as I want a new TV and I'll have to be able to afford my textbooks for the fall.

I've got something like $235 in the bank, and another $50ish in cash.
How should I use my money? I can't spend everything in the bank, so the TV will have to wait until atleast next week when my next paycheck gets put in there for some cushion money.
Also, on the subject of TVs since it's apparently TV night on TQC, I'm looking for a flat one, around 22" or so. Where do you think I can get the best deal [in-store, preferably. I like to buy these things in person]? I have no brand loyalties, I just wanna get a decent TV for my money.
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Dearest TQC,

I have to find three books for my summer reading essay. Right now, the only book that I know I'm reading for sure for the essay is Catch-22. I need other recommendations, which can include plays. Anything?
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What's the last thing that made you lol?


One of my sorta bosses was on the Colbert Report today. The part about ACORN. HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT. I nearly peed myself.
Also, even funnier because she was on the Daily Show a couple months back and she didn't realize it was satire. Now she does, so it's even better.

Also, poll: I have a poster that came in a copy of Mojo magazine years and years and years ago. On one side is the White Stripes, on the other, the MC5. WHICH SIDE DO I CHOOSE TO HANG UP?

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Meridith on The Today Show says skinny jeans can be bad for your health.

do you like skinny jeans? why or why not?
do you like skinny jeans on boys?
do you care that they're bad for your health?
if i wear skinny jeans, are my legs going to fall off for lack of circulation?

if you don't care, what's your favorite thing to do to de-stress?

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My fiancee and I are trying to decide what kind of dog to get.
It has to not shed (or at least shed very little).
It has to be less than 40 pounds (her rule) and more than 15 (my rule).

So, what breeds fit that size and shedding requirement?

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What's your facebook/twitter status right now?

How long have you had your lj username?
Do you still like it?

Are you the kind of person that uses the same password for everything?

If happy_kittens has itchy, slightly swollen eyes, can't breathe well, and has a runny nose...does that mean she's going to die?

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How do you keep up with world affairs?

A) I watch the national news.
B) I watch international news.
C) I read a daily paper.
D) I read a weekly paper.
E) I read news websites like CNN.com on a daily basis.
F) I randomly browse news websites from time to time.
G) Livejournal.
H) Friends/Family tell me.
I) Where are the ticky-boxes?
J) Other.
K) I don't.
L) TMZ.com, bb.
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Pet sitting...

Hey TQC, I've kind of accidentally made myself a petsitter. I did a favor for one of our clients, as long as she kept it quiet, and took care of her very fussy pooch once, and she told her sister in law about it. Now the sister in law wants me to dog/house sit and wants to know what I charge. I didn't establish a rate with the first lady, and I've never had one before.

I'm looking at local boarding facilities and for two dogs, they start around $42/night, so I was thinking of saying $25/day. Does that seem fair to you, for two dogs? I will be staying in their house.

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What should I do while I'm locked out of my house?

(for the record, it's 11am and the weather is really nice. i have my keys, but they won't work. )

Bonus: Have you ever changed the locks on someone?
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I'm going through one of those periods in my life where I'm feeling like/realizing that I'm not good at much of anything, I don't have any definitive hobbies, I'm not really into/passionate about anything.

What are your hobbies?
What are you passionate about?
What are you good at?
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For those of you who do, when you work out, what do you wear on your feet? What kind of exercise are you doing?

I'm doing some medium impact cardio and yoga-y type stuff, and my nikes just seem to restrictive, but barefoot is bad.
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Oink! Ack! *THUD*

I don't normally get flu shots. Figure the best way to go is to get the flu and build up an immunity from that. Saves me the painful poke in the arm and probably getting the flu anyway. Then the Swine Flu raised it's snouty head...and things get complicated. Basically, you need to get a general flu now and the one for the piggy pox.

Are you going to get flu shots this year?
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Not Rhetorical, but Hypothetical

TQC, you've been offered a position that pays 60 dollars a week for 3 1/2 hours worth of work. The work is going over to an elderly stroke survivor's house and helping her bathe and get into bed every evening. 7 days a week. Shifts are 9pm - 9:30pm.

Do you take it?

Also, where can I get the Adblock plug-in for Firefox?

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I love Slurpees.
Do you love Slurpees?
.99 for a 44-ounce Slurpee is the best deal in the world, Y/Y?
What's your favorite Slurpee flavor?
Do you like to mix different flavors in a Slurpee?

If you're a dirty commie...I mean...umm...if you don't like Slurpees, what is your favorite drink/snack to get at a convenience store when driving somewhere?

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Can someone suggest some good films that I, a film fanatic, may have not seen yet?

Horror movies are definitely prefered (especially of the Asian persuasion), but I've seen a LOT of horror movies.

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I'm looking for a website were I can catalog my movies. I want to be able to keep track of the movies I own, have watched, and want to watch. Sort of like LibraryThing, only with a "wish list" option.

Here are the sites I've found that kind of offer what's I'm going for:
DVD Aficionado

Do you use any of them or anything similar to track your movies?
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Games for Large Groups

We host a charity softball tournament each year which includes a lunch period and BBQ. I have been given the task of coming up with something to entertain people during this 1-1.5 hour break. There will be 8 teams of 12 or so players, tho the game(s) does not have to include every person in attendance. Things suggested to me were lawn darts, bocce ball, 3 legged race.

Since you guys are a fairly creative bunch I thought I would see if you had any other fun ideas.

So TQC, can you suggest some games to help make the lunch period more fun?

Thank you in advance!

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Check this out.

I tell Scuffy I've been listening to the hardest, heaviest, meanest music I own for the last several days so that when I get in one of those tough spots, that will be running through my head. And it's true...a steady stream of Motorhead, Ministry, Metallica, Iggy and the Stooges, Tool, etc were my internal soundtrack on this thing.

Does this work for you? Does music help you grit your teeth and get it done? What kind of music?

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What is your one big, major, not-open-for-discussion, "hill to die on" issue when it comes to politics?

If you don't care about political issues, how do you decide who to vote for?

If you don't vote/don't care/aren't tired of answering questions yet:

What kind of mileage does your personal vehicle get?
27 city, 31 highway

If you have had a bachelor[ette] party, what did you do for it?
I'm going deepsea fishing with the groomsmen and my uncles.

I can't remember the next-to-last line of this song from my childhood. I would rather just ask y'all then exercise my waning Google-fu skills, so...do you know the missing line of this?

Big green globs of greasy, grimy gopher guts
Mutliated monkey meat
Dirty little birdy feet
And me without a spoon
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TQC, do you know?

Where is my book where is my book where is my book?! :((((((((

Okay, here's my recollection of things, maybe you guys will be able to sort it out better than I. My friend dropped me off at night, I told my stoned ass to take my bike off her rack and keep my book in my hand, but I might not have listened. Btw, my stoned ass subjected said book to water damage and that's why it was in my hand and not my bag. (Canvas bag got wet from friend's floor mat - it had rained, water soaked through to my book.) I took my bike through the back yard, the back door, all through the house, and to the garage. I think I left my bike at the door and dumped my belongings inside before taking it in. My bag, the CD my friend returned to me, and the totally awesome unicorn plaque she gifted me are all in my room. I am afraid that I might have set it down outside and now it's trash somewhere. :( BUT I DIDN'T DO THAT RIGHT GUYS?

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 Poll #xxxx

What kinds of donuts do you like?

Old Fashioned
Lemon Filled
Raspberry Filled
Custard Filled
Other in comments.

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1)Do you like movie versions of books or comics?

I tend to avoid movie versions of things I'm a big fan of, because they tend to make the good parts bland...

2)Do you know anybody who has a hole in their heart?

My mom had one, but I think it closed. My cousin's baby has one.

3)My back needs massaging. Will you recommend any home back massagers[not ones that are to be used for sexual purposes, btw]
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About 3 weeks ago I bought and opened a bottle of Strawberry Banana V8 Fusion. I haven't touched it since. Is it still good or should I toss it? I smelled it and it smelled fine. And the exp date says Dec2009 (but I'm sure that's an open by, not a use by).

Do you drink V8? What flavor is your favorite? My husband likes the spicy original kind. YUCK.

Do you have a Jimmy Johns in your area? Do you like it? What's your favorite sandwich place?

BONUS QUESTION: I might be working for Taco Hell soon. Will I get fat eating tacos all the time or will I get grossed out and never eat another taco again?

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Where is the worst place you've ever been sunburnt?

ETA another unrelated question since no one else is posting gdi:
I told my brother I'd give him $10 if he did the dishes. I actually had $10 when I told him this. The restaurant where I ate lunch had a broken credit card machine, so I had to pay in cash, so now I have $2. So I guess my question is, how annoying is it to be paid in spare change?

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What are some of the most common items on your shopping list for groceries and sundries?

Why doesn't the store I bought my vacuum from have bags to fit it? They still carry the same machine!

What kind of bread(s) do you like? (brand/flavor/type) Ever make your own bread?

What books have you bought/borrowed lately? Any sort of odd or unusual ones? I bought Candorville, Pardon My Spanglish, Frida's Fiestas, Unequal Sisters, Electric Bread for Kids and Cine Mexicano: Poster Art.

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What song do you miss hearing? Like I know I don't have some fancy ass ipod or anything but like, what do you miss hearing on the radio, out and about?

I really like that Republica song Ready to Go

Professional Resume

I'm applying for my first real professional salaried job and am creating a resume. I have an internship right now and my tasks at this internship align extremely well with the skills needed for the job, and I'm also including another job I had that is somewhat relevant to this one. But in my second most recent job, the first one I had after graduating, was working at Starbucks. Should I put this on my resume or should I just stick to jobs that are relevant to the one I'm applying to? I'm applying to an office job and I know customer service skills are good to have, but pretty much all the skills I'd actually need I'm getting from my internship anyway.

Would it look stupid to have Starbucks on my resume when I may be competing with people who are already professionals for this job?

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1. Have you heard of the movie "In God We Trust" with Andy Kaufman?

2. Do you own a copy?

3. If so, can I get one?

4. If none of the above apply, what's something you want that's hard to find, either at all or where you live?

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As you've gotten older, have you gotten more or less discerning about what you put in your mouth?

I've gotten much less. I will eat a whole apple sometimes, core and all.

I'm not counting < 2 years old, as I used to eat sand as a baby.
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Bag halp!

TQC I need some advice. I currently use a messenger bag for school, but since supporting my laptop on just one shoulder is often very uncomfortable (I'm skinny and weak), I'm looking to get something better. I'm also looking to get something that I can use as a purse but still carry my books in (since my house is downtown and I often go to the bank or grocery store or whatever before/after I catch the bus). Since I can't get something that does all three things, what do you recommend I do? I could use this bag for the purse/book task and just get a sleeve I can carry for my laptop, but I thought this might not be so practical in the winter. Do you think the purse/sleeve idea is practical in the winter, or should I just screw it and get a laptop backpack? (And the purse, because regardless of what I get for my laptop that bag is gorgeous.)

Sorry! To clarify: I'd hold the laptop in the sleeve in my hand and then just use the purse as a purse as well as using it to carry my school stuff.

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Let's say you go to work with an upset stomach. No matter how hard you try to contain yourself, you're uncomfortable and miserable. You can feel your head spinning and your entire gut is swimming around. Every few minutes, your stomach gurgles. You get hungry but you can't eat, as even the thought of putting a single crumb in your mouth makes you want to pass out. You're useless at work today because you can't manage to put together even five minutes of solid concentration. The more you think about it, the more your eyes well up. You can practically smell it on yourself.

So, TQC, what's your favorite flavor of Life Savers?

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Which movie should I rent tonight?

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Gran Torino
Revolutionary Road
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Yes Man
Bedtime Stories
Seven Pounds
Slumdog Millionaire
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
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Pharmacy question.

Hi! I have a quick question, serious answers are welcome, but non-serious answers are much more entertaining. After being inspired by a really crabby lady at the pharmacy today, ask you the following:

Why does it take a minimum of 15 minutes to fill a prescription? It seems as though this is the amount of time that you're required to wait.

Is there something more going on behind that counter than just transferring pills from one bottle to another?

If you don't care, then what is the best thing that you've seen/heard today? What is the worst?

Also, thanks TQC, for keeping my day full of entertainment and little-known facts.
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I realized last night that my big toe on my right foot is entirely numb, which is bad because I just had surgery. Called the dr's office and I go in tomorrow. Before I get there, what's the fate of my toe?
Shall we name it and hold a memorial service for its feelings and nerves? (I have nothing better to do today)

What would you name your right big toe?

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I just had two Now and Laters, right after enjoying a grape Jolly Rancher.

What's the last thing that seemed like a great idea to you in the beginning but afterwards, you're just like, oh god no?

NYS Teacher Certification?

I know this is an extremely specific question, but my university isn't currently holding classes so I have nobody else to ask! I'm about to finish my undergrad in Secondary English Education in the state of New York. When I graduate, I'll have my initial certification; however, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I CAN GET MY MASTERS IN! All I know is that I -NEED- it for my professional certification. I really want it in either Library Sciences or Educational Psychology. All of these education graduate degrees seem terribly boring (curriculum & instruction, educational administration, blah blah blah). If anybody has any information, or knows anyplace that could help me out, I'd appreciate it!
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Dear TQC,

What are the best websites for uploading digital photos and having them made into prints on “real” photo paper? The kind that’s slightly bumpy, not glossy? I’m going through photographs, sorting them into albums, and finding I have dozens of my first son, but none of my second son because we went digital before he was born. This sucks. What sucks more? I lost most of the photos of my second son when I killed my HD a few months ago. Thankfully a lot of them are already uploaded to LJ and FB and such.

So, anyway, who prints out the best photos? I don’t want to print them out myself because I don’t like the quality of the printers we currently own.

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My friend's pet rat had twelve babies. I am going to take two of the female rats when they are a month old. What should I name them? What do you think are cute girl pet names?? I already have rats named Hummus, Pipkin, and Lenore, and I have dogs named Waffles, Brody, and Happy. So those are really the only names I definitely can't use haha. HALP!

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So, my 17 year old sister was offered this job to child sit for two autistic twin 8 year old boys, the family pet dog who is paraplegic and gets around in one of those customized canine wheelchair devices, the children's 92 year old great-grandmother who never leaves her room in the attic, and a 500-gallon piranha tank. They live about an hour away from her. The job is 5 nights a week and she will be compensated with cigarettes and boxes of cereal.

What do you think? Is this a fair exchange?

makeup question

For those of you who use Urban Decay Primer Potion, do you put it on first (like before any base color) or do you put it over the base for the actual eyeshadow colors?

I use a real light base color eyeshadow before I put on the actual colors I'm planning to use and I've been making like, a little sandwich of base, primer, shadow. Am I doing it wrong? Would I benefit more from putting the primer under the base color or is what I'm doing fine?

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Has anyone in TQC done an internship abroad? How did you find it?

Which would look better if I totally phail getting into graduate school (for re-application): Internship abroad or volunteering abroad (spanish speaking country in either instance)?

Edit: I completed a year-long research internship in May, and am the president of a service-based co-ed frat already, if those influence the decision :P

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If someone is supposed to call you at a certain time and doesn't, how much time do you give it before you start to worry? :\

And what do you worry about? That they're dead, hurt, just don't want to talk to you, etc?


Did your parent(s) hug and kiss you a lot when you were growing up?
Did you put a stop to it?
At what age?

If you were a member of an affectionate family, as an adult do you find yourself to be:

a) not affectionate
b) affectionate
c) overly-affectionate
d) can't stand any sort of physical affection

Bonus: Will you comment using an icon that you NEVER typically use?
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I have a quick recipe for curry that uses broth and vegetables and tomato paste. I do not have tomato paste :( What can I used instead? I'm out of canned tomatoes too, though I do have condensed soup but am unconvinced that will be very good in curry... halp! I have hunger paralysis!

Do you get hunger paralysis? Like it's time to go out and eat and you go back and forth with each other because you can't think of one single place you could go? You're all "Where do you want to go?" "I don't know where do you want to go?" "I don't know anywhere you do."
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Hair question

So, I got some bright red (not natural looking color, actually red-red) hair dye for fun at a rite-aid that was closing because it was only a couple dollars. Now that I'm done with the job that wouldn't allow such hair coloring, I'm thinking of using it.
But, I think all over color would be too much.
Should I try to do some sort of streaks? Any specific recommendations? How should I go about doing this?

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so my former employer sent me a letter today, stating that i was entitled to almost $200 due to some pay equity law or policy.  basically, during the time that i was employed there, men who worked in the same position doing the same amount of work that i did, earned more money. surprise, surprise.

has anything similar happened to you or someone you know, or have you ever heard of such a thing happening to someone else?

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Did you play with Barbies when you were little?

What do you think Barbies teach kids about sexuality and society?

If you could kiss any famous person ever, who would you kiss?

*I liked barbies, I just found my UNICEF one my great grandpa gave me!

And I am very into Zachary Quinto right now... I would kiss him in a heartbeat.


What do you wish people would do properly?

TALK ON THE PHONE. When anybody calls my house, all they say is "Hello, is so-and-so there?" without introducing themselves. I hate that. that forces me to ask them who they are, which I usually don't do because I like to spend as little time as possible talking to people over the phone, and so whenever whoever they're calling for picks up the phone, they first ask me who it is who's called, and I don't know.

That was a very long and rambly sentence.

I've got like a zillion frozen blueberries lying around. what do you suppose I should do with them? Other than bake a pie. srs and non-srs answers welcome.

What is your favorite book out of the Chronicles of Narnia series? I'm currently re-reading "The Magician's Nephew" and I love that one so much.

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My boyfriend was screwed out of $300 from his old roommates, they got him evicted as well as themselves. He hasn't seen them in 2 years, at a mutual friend's funeral recently, one of the roommates, promised she would get the money to him and apologized for not getting it to him sooner and that she tried, but it was the wrong address. this was 3 weeks ago.

Is it rude to ask for said money?

And how does one go about asking for it without being rude?

(no subject)

So, this drama...


...is playing out about a 1/4 mile from my front door.

For those of you willing to spend three minutes to watch (and apologies for the ad, but we all really should flex our power...), does anyone else think it's telling when the old man says "I'm sorry for what I did to you..." to his missing wife? And perhaps he knows a bit more than he's letting on?

And WTF with my local sheriff's department cancelling the search today due to "extreme" weather? Um, it was in the low 90's today, guys. Granted the UV Index was 10. o_O

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I have a problem. In a few weeks I will be graduating from college and moving back home to live with my grandmother (who raised me) for a while. My plan is to find a decent job and pay off most of my loans, while helping out my gram and living rent free. I'm 22, and it is becoming increasingly more acceptable to move back home after college, especially due to the economy. My plan is to be out of there within a year or two though. I should also mention that I haven't lived at home full time since I was 12 because I went to a boarding school for high school, which was out of state, and I also went to an out of state college. And here's my issue:

I'm used to being independent. I don't ask anyone for permission, but now that I'm living with my gram, she's going to try and control me. Other than the obvious (respecting her by not drinking in her house, no bringing guys over, and other "duhs" that you don't do with parents), how much control should she reasonably be able to have over me? Should I have to follow a curfew? Is it reasonable for her to tell me not to sleep over people's houses, especially a boyfriend's? Is there a way to explain to her gently what rules I will and will not follow?

Also, how old is too old to be living at home? I want to be out of there by 24ish, but she's already flipped out on me when I  mentioned this. She said that living with your parents is better than living with a roommate, and that it is an unnecessary expense. As far as I see it, you're labeled a loser if you live with your parents for too long. Plus, that can be really detrimental to a romantic relationship. Isn't it bad to be living with your mom up until marriage?

In addition to all of this, she uses this excuse that people my age aren't really adults yet, because their brain isn't fully developed, and therefore I am still a child. Idk... she saw it on TV or something. It pisses me off to no end. I'm just really frustrated and don't know how to deal with someone telling me what to do, after I've gone so long generally making my own decisions. It doesn't help that she is very conservative and I am very liberal. Help!?!?

(Sorry so long!)

I scream, you scream

Mayfield Moose Tracks (vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups swirled with Moose Tracks hot fudge) OR Dreyer's Thin Mint ice cream? Assume that either choice would be smothered in hot fudge topping.

What is your favorite brand/flavor of ice cream (that you can get in a carton at the grocery store)?

What did you always get from the Ice Cream Truck when you were a kid? I always got the Reese's ice cream bar. delish.

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 Let's say you really love sliced ham, and there happens to be a few pieces left but you go to get them only to find they have been eaten (oh no! D: ) do you :
a) get over it
b) eat crackers the person who ate the ham needs for her lunch tommorow?  

Cause that's exactly what my brother did, or so I thought cause he said he did when I woke him up this morning looking for them, then I came to find out he had locked them in a desk drawer and is holding them hostage till he gets ham.  
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Okay, I just watched a music video preview of this kid, Justin Bieber, partying up with other small children, singing about his number one love...okay maybe he wasn't, but I can't really tell the difference between love songs sung by 15 year olds.

My question is--what the fuck? I hope that is an acceptable and legit question.

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

total curiousity

I recently watched a Korean thriller based on a true story about South Korea's most notorious killer. He took the lives of 10 people between 1986 to 1991. One of his victims was found with 9 pieces of peach embedded inside her vagina.

(The movie is called Memories of Murder, btw.)

Why do you think the killer put pieces of peach inside her? And why 9?

Non-srs, obvs.
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What is your worst fear?

I'm having steroid shots in both of my knees tomorrow.  I am TERRIFIED of needles.  I am even taking my mommy with me to my appointment so she can hold my hand.

pretty girls -- hiding

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i went to the doctor on monday and he said i had a higher-than-normal level of yeast and prescribed me this one-time pill to take.
the thing is, i had not previously noticed any signs of a yeast infection and still haven't.
does this mean the pill has worked and i'm okay?
is there any way to tell without going back to the doctor?

i do not have any desire to give my boy a yeast infection, so i'm trying to be extra careful.
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I got stung by a bee about 4 and a half hours ago and it still hurts. I looked to find the stinger where I got stung but I didn't see anything, no black hole or anything sticking out. Do you think there is a stinger in there? If so, how the hell should I go about removing it if I can't see it?

ETA: So there's no stinger, THEN WHY DOES IT STILL FUCKING HURT???

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Should I pop the two giant blisters on my feet? It is very difficult to walk right now, and the temptation to pop them is getting ever stronger.

After a a vaguely remembered night of shenanigans and substance abuse I seem to have obtained some guy named Donald's number. Should I call him?

EDIT: I forgot! If I DO pop the blisters, should I post a video of the action to youtube?

Television show on CourtTV

Ok so there was this show that used to come on CourtTV (which is now TruTV, whatever) and it was sort of like a game show. Like there's two people and they go into someone's house (without the owner there) and they go through all their belongings & all the rooms, and they try to figure out what kind of person lives there. Like what's their occupation, how old is the owner, or something like that. WTF was this show called? Did it even come on CourtTV???


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I was told I need a letter head for my resume. So, I need to make a letterhead. My problem... when I google "Letterhead examples" I get a bunch of different examples for a bunch of different things....

If I'm making a resume for the position of a personal assistant to a musical artist(s), do you have any suggestions what my letterhead should look like? Why the heck do I need a letterhead so bad anyway? Isn't my name in bold letters, centered, nice enough looking? If you have a letterhead, will you show me yours?
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Denver residence

To those who live in Metro Denver. What do you think when you see a Denver Health ambulance.(usually orange and white)? Is there a feeling of respect, disgust, or of nothing whatsoever?

(any details of the experiences with them would help)