July 21st, 2009

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OK TQC I NEED HELP. My grandma decided that we should go visit my mother in prison and take my brothers along with, blahblahblahblahblah. She said we'd drive Friday and see my mom on Saturday or Sunday and do something fun with the boys on the other day. I'm 18, my sister is 14 and my brothers are 6 and 7. Even though we've been to DFW manymany times, I have no idea what to do with my siblings and grandmother. So far six flags is looking to numero uno (because one of my brothers cant swim and we've been to both zoo's already), so I figured I would come to the internet for more help, but my Googling didn't come up with much...so guys, it's in your hands now~

oh and we would be leaving Friday the 31st! :)

What should we take my brothers to do in DFW?

six flags
dallas museum of natural history
dallas aquarium
dallas zoo
ft worth zoo
hurricane harbor
other (in comments)

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So for my mums wedding I got her and her boyfriend the gift of two adopted lobsters. (they're very seasidey/will like it)
I want to present it nicely, so do you have any ideas for a pretty frame to put the certificate in?

Don't you love the idea?! You name the lobsters (I chose their names!) and they release them together. I think its such a unique gift!

Whats the most original gift you've ever given/received?



Right so... i ended up with a goldfish today...

I have fish flakes, and a solution for making the tapwater ok to swim in.
BUT he's swimming around in a vase at the moment, i dont own a fishtank nor can i afford one.
I'm hoping to get stones and a sponge for putting air into the water tomorrow... but does anybody have a good idea for a makeshift tank? i know he needs more room but i'm broke at the moment and need something that'll do the job for a couple of weeks until i get a proper tank..

Any suggestons?

Barnes & Noble Classics Collection

I have a habit of hoarding literature and over the years made it a point to include lots of the the "classics" in my collection. Some of these were from the Barnes & Noble Classics Collections. I assumed that since these were out of print/copyright and printed by many other publishers that the texts would be whole and would remain in the manner they were presented when originally published. My friend, who can be a total snob about such things, told me that they "tend to be...choppy". So I stopped buying them. But I don't totally trust her judgment -even though I acted on it.

My questions:

1) Are books from the Barnes & Noble Classics Collection "choppy" (I assume she meant not whole or distorted in some manner)?

2) Choppy or not, do you like these copies?

3) Why do you feel that way? (for #2)

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Do you think it will ever be uncool to like Harry Potter (I mean the whole story/franchise, not specifically the character)? When?

D'you have an absolute favorite scene in the books/movies?

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I've finished re-reading Harry Potter, and I'm making my way through The Tale of Despereaux right now, but that'll go fairly quick. I'll want something new to read when I'm done. So, TQC, what should I read next? Just about any genre is welcome, except scifi or history-stuff.
Me outside 2004 happy

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What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see a user photo and the person is laying on their back and they are showing lots of cleavage ?

(I think they are submissive.)
music | sleigh anne.

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What are some good and reasonably priced clothing stores that allow you to shop online? My local mall has a shit selection other than the typical Abercrombie stuff which is way too expensive and Charlotte Russe which smells like formaldehyde.

All suggestions are appreciated :)

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Dear Dr. ElJay...

If you are overweight, do you have a lot of pain and stiffness in your joints?  Not so much once you've started walking around and doing things, but after you've been at rest for a while?   Or if you spend the day gardening, do your back, knees, and feet regret it most heinously the next morning?  Do your joints seem to "freeze up" on you when you've been sitting/lying down for a period of time?

I have all of those issues, and I'm worried it's arthritis or something like that... but my doctor can't see past the fact I'm overweight and blames all of my problems on that.  I'm okay with that, if that's really what the problem is, but idk... would pain due to overweight be worse first thing in the morning/after getting up from being at rest and get better with motion and movement, only to worsen with the next rest period? 

Edit:  Also, wanted to add... joints that aren't weight-bearing on me are affected, too.  Like my fingers and wrists, and neck.  They're not as bad, but they do get stiff after I don't use them for a while and they hurt. 

Hm... I think I need a second opinion, but I'm worried every doctor is just going to look at me and say, "Well, lose 50 pounds and if you still have those problems, then we'll talk."   

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Do you go to all-you-can-eat buffets to watch people?

Have you ever taken pictures?

The other day, I saw a mid-twenties guy wearing a giant dragonball z button up at cici's pizza

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My boyfriend and I are spending 7 nights in a hotel and would prefer to minimize our meals at restaurants. Our room will have a fridge, microwave, and coffee pot. Breakfast is free downstairs so I'm only curious about dinner or midnight snack type meals. Other than sandwiches and taquitos, what types of food would you bring along to prepare in the hotel room?

2nd question: We are also going to theme parks for 5 days. We'd prefer not to spend $15 for a hot dog every time we are hungry. Other than granola bars or fruit, what types of foods could we bring along in our backpacks that would last for several hours and still be good to eat?


Ibrahim Alluakbar from Burkhina Faso is wiring me $11.3M USD into my bank account today!!!

What should I do first with all that money???

I've already told the boss where to shove this job!
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What the hell happened to Photobucket?

EDIT: it was automatically bringing me to the mobile uploads page. In order to get to the normal page I had to scroll all the way down to the teeny tiny type at the bottom. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is some kind of sacrelidge these days.
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Cat question!!

Backstory-> So yesterday I found this kitten, about 8-10 weeks old, abandoned in a taped up sprite box. I brought him home, my brother fell in love, so he's staying there. He's a great little social guy but last night when he was sleeping with my brother he kept him up half the night nursing on his nose and earlobe.

Question-> Has anyone ever had a problem with a cat/kitten nursing on your face at night? Any recomendations to stop him without making the kitten not want to sleep with my brother?

I'm thinking lemon face rub but I wanted some feedback first :D

And here he is with my bro...

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In the inevitable Michael Jackson movie that will eventually come out, who would you like to see play MJ in the latter years of his life? Since he was somewhere between black and white, anyone can play him

Chris Tucker
Russel Crowe
Chris Rock
Sean William Scott
Denzil Washington
Sean Penn
Larry Fishburne
The Rock
Tyler Perry
Ice Cube
Martin Lawrence
Ralph Fiennes
Will Smith
Cuba Gooding Junior
Jamie Foxx

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My church has bar codes on the collection envelopes that they collect each week. Other than finding out who is going on a regular basis, what do you think they're doing with this information?
Got Rat

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Since I organise my life through TQC-

Where is the best place in the whole world to go for a honeymoon?
(We're after a beachy-spa-luxury type resort like in the Maldives or the Caribbean or something)

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Are you the person who sings along, or the person who hates it when people sing along to music? I have a sneaking suspicion that it's an either/or thing.

Also, WHAT is up with the people who will sing along without knowing the lyrics, and watch as you sing to try and guess the words a second before they're spoken/sung?

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paging dr. TQC!

i woke up this morning with a horribly sore throat, really nauseous and i keep having moments of dizziness where everything looks like it is bobbing around. i do not think i have a fever.
i'm home alone with my two younger brothers [6 & 4 years], parents are at a funeral for a while, and i have to leave for work by 3:30.

what can i do to feel better?

if you don't care/have no suggestions, is fake fruit tacky, or a respectable piece of home decor?

bird owners

I've been doing some research about pet birds for the last few weeks because I'm thinking about getting one - in particular looking at getting some kind of cockatoo. I certainly don't want to rush into getting a new pet - so if I do decide that a pet bird is what I'm after, I plan on doing a lot more research first, especially deciding exactly which breed of bird I want.

While research is all well and good, I'd love to hear what information you all have concerning your pet birds =)

A survey! (This should only take a few minutes) -- Thanks!
  1. What kind of bird do you own?
  2. Did you need a license to own such a bird? (Some states in Aus you need a license ... which is where I am)
  3. How long have you had your bird for?
  4. On a scale of 1 - 10 how noisy is your bird? (10 = bursting eardrums. 1 = sometimes i forget i have a bird)
  5. Is your bird more noisy at certain times of the day?
  6. Do you have time to play with your bird every day/do you play with your bird every day?
  7. If you were going on a long holiday (3 months +) who would look after your bird?
  8. What do you feed your bird and how much does it cost per week?
  9. How long have you owned your bird? Has the excitement worn off?
  10. Do you still live at home? What happens when you want to move out and you cant afford a house (eg you will need to stay in a flat/block of units)  --- what happens to the bird?         
  11. If your bird has a life expectancy of 30+ years, are you concerned about being 'trapped' in your current location for the rest of your life (eg. not being able to move overseas due to the bird not being able to travel with you?)
  12. Is there anything that annoys you about your bird?
  13. What do you love most about your bird?
  14. Post some pics if you want =)
Thank you so much for your help <3

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1. Who was the last person that touched you (physically)? Is it weird that I don't remember the last time I was touched (physically)? :(

2. When was the last time you had to put your foot down and refuse to do something that someone wanted you to do? What was it? Was there any drama-filled backlash?

3. Is there anything you're upset/stressed/anxious/pissed off about? Care to share with the class?

Ear infection pain remedies

I have an ear infection and it is the WORST pain I've ever experienced!! Anybody have some home remedies to help with the pain please!! I have been applying warm compresses including a homemade hot water bottle, but I think touching it is irritating it more...??? I don't know please help me!!

Posted via LiveJournal.app.</ [edit]: I did go to the doctor and he put me on antibiotics and ear drops with cortisone (which is doing NOTHING for the pain). I know I need to wait a few days for the meds to work, but the pain is unbearable...all I want to do is cry!! =(

Pit Bull: Reindeer
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One of my co-workers is looking for a way to raise donations at adoption events (we work at an animal shelter). For example, another group has a kiddy pool with ducks, and on the ducks is written a number. You pay a buck to choose a duck, and win the prize that corresponds with the number. I know there is also that fishing game where you throw a line over the side of a board, and someone attaches a goody bag to the other side...

Any other ideas similar to this?

Day labor?

 I'm a student, but on the weekends sometimes I have free time. Is there anywhere I can work and get paid for the day?
I've worked for a carnival company (through a friend) but I couldn't work there unless I contacted her first. I'm not a people person
, but I'm articulate, detail orientated and dedicated. I have no idea what sort of work is available? I would prefer not to do physical work, because I'm not sure that I could handle it. Could you please enlighten me? I am open to your suggestions.

I don't want any contracts or anything.
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I'm starting clinical rotations in a week and in mentally preparing, I realized my biggest goal is being the kind of provider that leaves a positive impression on patients or at least makes them feel understood in a crazy medical world that just seems to rush by patients these days... I know what's important to me in a healthcare provider, but want to know what other people think.

1. What kind of qualities make a good doctor/nurse/NP/PA?
2. What is important to you as a patient when you go into a visit?
3. What's the best experience you ever had with a healthcare provider?
4. What's the worst experience?

Thanks, all.

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1. When you turn your keyboard upside down and tap aggressively on the back, how much crumbs/hair/misc. debris falls out?

2. Does it make you inexplicably pleased when more crap falls out, which you'll then quickly usher into the trash can?

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I need a place where I can buy a few pairs of these sunglasses in various colors:

So far everywhere I've found has them in lots of anywhere from 12 to 144 and up. Do you have any idea where I could find just 6 of them? It would also be real helpful if I could find some like them, but black and white instead of neon.

(They are for the weddng party at the rehearsal.)

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Have you ever associated certain words or acronyms with the incorrect definition? If so, which ones?

For the longest time I thought ftw stood for "fuck the wha-?" and when my brother and I were kids, much to my amusement, he got exotic and erotic mixed up.

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I usually park at the failed meters, but they fixed them.  I can see the parking meter I parked at from my classroom window and had the grand plan of seeing when the ticket people arrive and be at the car before they get to mine.  Well, that plan didn't work and I saw them ticketing my car with this super fast electronic thingy, bleh.  So, the question is..

How do I make a parking meter FAIL so that I don't have to actually pay for the meter?  ($0.25 for 10 minutes!!  12 hours of class...)

When parking in a meter lot, do you purposely look for FAIL meters or do you cough up the change?

edit:// No one is actually answering the question about how to make a meter fail.  I know that I can park somewhere else and whatever the other options are, the fact is that I want to know how to make a meter fail not where can I park that isn't a meter (I know these things).  If you don't know, the answer to the question is, "I don't know".
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Cheap vacation... any suggestions?

Not trying to leave the country. I'm thinking about Miami but I need more options. I would actually prefer it to be closer to me (NYC). How do DC, Virginia, ATL, the Carolinas, Delaware or Mass sound to ya'll? I'm not really interested in clubs all that much, a beach would be nice and shit just a place with shit to do for a week. I'm trying to be out for a week in August. I need a vacation asap. Suggestions... ideas would be nice! =]

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Say you're planning a girly drink/chick flick night after a long day of moving (from a 2nd-story apartment to a house), with a friend who you haven't seen in a year and helped you move. What girly drinks would you want to serve? What movies would you watch?

So far all I've got is a bottle of fruity wine, and Love Actually (that's kind of "our" movie..... lolol).

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On a scale of 1-10 (1 being hate, 10 being LOVE), how much do you like getting your hair cut?


How often do you get your haircut?

I just got mine cut, and I am in love with my hair stylist now.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I've been with my dad since I got out of the hospital. Long story short: I only have one pair of clothes and they're the ones I've been wearing. Do I risk wheeling about the house nudey in the daytime so I can wash them now instead of waiting for beddy time? Thank God I get to go to my house Thursday!

What was your last "oh God" moment?

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Do traveling meat salespersons roam about your neighborhood? Why can't I have roaming ice cream salespersons like they had when I lived in Dallas? God I miss those giant popsicles. :((( Or even a Schwann's guy? I see them delivering but they never haunt my doorstep!

What do you think about delivered grocery services?

What kind of roaming vendors are in your area?
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What's the deal with wholesalers? I recently found DHGate.com and they are selling brand-new iPod Nanos for $31.92 apiece. How is this possible? Is this a scam? I'm a little confused.

My little sister is turning 16 in eight days. What should I get her for her birthday?

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I'm writing a journal post about how my housemates haven't got anywhere with our landlady by being aggressive with her, whereas my softly softly approach seems to be making headway.

I'm sure there's a proverb that could finish the post off nicely, about how kindness gets you further than being aggressively brief, but I can't remember it.

I know there's a story about the sun making a man take his coat off, rather than the wind, and I've googled things like "proverbs about being kind" but I can't find something.

Can you suggest any proverbs or sayings about kindness that could work in the situation?

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In two weeks, I'm moving to California to work at a Tibetan Buddhist printing press and retreat center. My contract is for six months. It's in the middle of nowhere up in the mountains foothills, about 1/2 hr drive from the coast. Walt Whitman John Muir Thoreau would jizz himself to be in my Birkenstocks sandals. (It's not as strict as a monastary but it's approaching that.) Daily schedule: morning is meditation, daytime is work, evening is classes. Sunday is day off. I'll have my laptop, camera equipment, Leatherman (multi-tool), and a variety of work/workout/hiking/street clothes. ETA: We get internets, too.
On a side note, I found my stash on Saturday.

tl;dr: Moving in two weeks to live like a Buddhist monk in the mountains of California.

1. What should I do here in my two weeks of hedonism remaining?
2. What should I do there on my days off?

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so you live with your S.O and you have a fight.

how long do you stay mad for?
does your SO try to make you laugh so you're not mad?

do you forgive each other or walk around mad for the rest of the day?

whats your favorite online game to play?
I love msn games - text twist and jigsaw :)
My brain is jibberish

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Are you the current owner of your wisdom teeth?

If you no longer own said teeth, when did you get them taken out?

My wisdom teeth are attempting to evacuate my jaw. This is terrible awful pain, y/y?
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Have you ever had a physically demanding job? (standing all day, alot of lifting ect...)
What was it?
How long did it take for your body to adjust to the work?

I just started a housekeeping job at a nursing home and i never thought 8 hrs of cleaning would be quite THIS strenuous...

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What do your sunglasses look like?
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what is your favorite thing to order from coldstone? (if you have never been, what is your favorite flavor ice cream?)
berry lemony smoothies
what is your favorite thing to order from your favorite restaurant?
plain chicken salad sandwich on sunflower seed bread, with a french baguette and a fufu berry jones soda from panera bread. maybe a pastry as well.
when is your birthday?
August 4

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My run today was the first time this year I've had to take my shirt off. It was at least 80 out there, plus the noon sun. On the way I passed a number of glistening young hotties. None of them would make eye contact with me.

ETA: Why?

Is this because women as a gender are too timid to make eye contact with strangers?

Is this because they were intimidated by the intense waves of manliness that I was radiating? (BO and hair)

What would you do if you saw a scrawny drippy hairy dude running toward you on a sidewalk or trail?

Would you realize that he's a human being with feelings just like you??
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Literally, as I was gathering my things to come into work, my (super awesome) husky started having a seizure. I called the other manager, who was on her way to her other job, on speaker phone to tell her I'd be most definitely late. She tried to call one of the other girls to come in, but that girl was teaching a class and will be until 6ish. He stopped seizing and seemed okay, so I called her back and said I was on my way (I had to come, if I didn't the shop wouldn't be open).

It's been about an hour and I still feel like I'm going to throw up and that I need to return to my dog because sometimes he has more than one (my husband is also at work and will be for another hour or two). Should I call the other chick and see if she can come relieve me? I'm a well praised manager and won't be hurting for the money missing, so I'm not worried about that aspect of it.

Should I see if someone can come take over my shift?

Yes, do it now!
No, things are okay.

ETA Okay guys, I got a hold of her and she's coming in. :)
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TQC, have you made any lifestyle changes that have affected or will affect the way you live your day-to-day life both positively and negatively?

How so?

Lifestyle, in the general sense, refers but is not limited to:

1. General appearance (dress, makeup, body mods, etc.)
2. Occupation
3. Sex/Gender/Sexuality
4. Family

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What do you call the sheet you submit with a job application?


What field are you in?

Strawberry. Forever.

What flavor English do you speak?

Really bad
Specify in comments

What gives you Lyme disease?

Quote - Can&#39;t Buy Me Love

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Who here has lived on their own and is succumbing to the economy/job market and is moving/has moved back in with their parents?

If you already live with your parents, and are around my age (23) what are some tips for dealing with moving back home?

And if neither of those interest you, what is your guilty pleasure TV show?

EDIT:(Mine is Greek. I'm obsessed.)

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HELP TQC! My uterus is ripping itself apart inside me.

I've taken meds, drank raspberry leaf tea, have a heating pad on, and I even took a hot bath.


At-home hysterectomy? Y/Y?

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When you are freshly and completely bathed and dried, what do you smell like?

Is there a point to getting an iPhone 3GS if you have an old iPhone with 3.0 installed? What are the new "perks" of the 3GS, idgi
peggy hill, king of the hill

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My best friend and I want to hang out tonight, but we don't know what to do! We have $20 but no car. What should we do?

What do you and your friends normally do when you hang out?

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I'm at work at a video store, I want to put on a tv series of some kind but I'm at a loss. I just got bored with Twin Peaks. We have pretty much everything. I guess you can recommend me a movie, too. What would you watch?

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Have you ever recieved a compliment from a stranger? If so, what was it?

Have you ever given one? Again, if so, what was it?

If you are a woman, do many men do traditional "gentlemanly" things for you? Let you go first through doors, give you their seat, etc?

And everyone - do you think men should do those kind of things?

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TQC, my sig other wants to do a couples costume for halloween. We want to do something more interesting and gory that utilizes stage makeup. The only thing ive come up with is Lydia and Beetlejuice from the wedding scene in Beetlejuice. What are some other well known male/female couples, partners in crime, etc that I can incorporate gore in to? I was also maybe thinking of Bruce Willis' character and one of the women from Death Becomes Her, but I have black hair. Any ideas?

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I got really bad poison ivy on my vacation on the back of my thigh.

I've been trying everything, but nothing is working. It's not even that itchy, it's mostly just swollen and aches.

I should go see a doctor, y/y?

Doesn't poison ivy/sumac/oak suck?
jim greco

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hey TQC i might be going camping tomorrow night

do you like to camp?
- i do!

what kind of things (besides the ordinary tent, sleeping bag, etc) do you bring with you?
- i like to bring crayons to make melty pictures over the fire.

i should make smores y/y?
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What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
Either mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough.

When did you last experience perfect timing?
My MP3 player died on me today just as I clocked out at work. It's charging nicely now. :)
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TQC, something creepy is going on in my apartment.

Last night I went to bed with my alarm set for the morning. I woke up this morning late and couldn't figure out why my alarm didn't go off. For some reason I thought the power must have gone off and just rushed out the door to work. I just went into my room to set my alarm for tomorrow and it was UNPLUGGED. I know there's no way in hell that i unplugged it last night while I was sleeping because i would have had to move my entertainment stand to do so.


I do have a roommate but she was late to work this morning too because her alarm didn't go off. She didn't say if it was unplugged and i'm waiting for her to get home. I just realized how creepy this is and am nervous now.

Also, What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
I &lt;3 TLV

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If you have a job where tipping is customary (waitress, stylist, etc) is it ever appropriate to remind someone to tip you? Or is that always a no-no?

Do you ever not tip when the service is good?

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TQC ive not been well for the past couple of days and ive hardly eaten anything. im going back to work tomorrow so i need to eat something but i dont know what. i haven actually been sick but i just have no appetite.
What would you reccomend me to eat? i cant be assed cooking, and its 10pm.

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if you shop on etsy, can you recommend some shops for me to check out? i have money and wish to spend it.

or do you know of any lesser known online stores i could buy some cool stuff from??? i really don't want to have to save this money. THANKS, TQC!

FFFFF summer classes.

Hey TQC,
So tomorrow is my final day of my 2 and a half week Intro to Criminal Justice class! (Yay) The problem is I have the last test on 4 chapters tomorrow but I just can't get myself to seriously study. My grades thus far have been first test: 92.5, second test: 92.5, first writing assignment: 90, and we just turned in another writing assignment today. Should I say fuck it, not study, just go to bed and whatever I get on the last test I get, or should I seriously study and aim to get an A? If option 2, give me something that will get me in the study mood please~

Birthday Presents

I'm turning 24 in 8 days. My family and friends and boyfriend want  birthday present suggestions.
What do I want? I need help! I have only vague thoughts like "Something geeky" "A dvd" "a craft thing I can make or try" "old computer games" "Stuff for my room" "an ornament" "a boardgame or cardgame" "A book- nothing too sad or violent, but also not a romance or too girly" "Something silly" "Music to swing dance to" "an outing of some sort"

My boyfriend is fine with this obscurity. My parents, brother, and other friends, want more specific items.

What would you suggest?
(and I didn't list all my weird obscure things there either... so feel free to suggest other stuff!)

And what do you want for your birthday/did you want?

Story finders

This is for you fanfic fanatics. I need a website, or an LJ community, that will allow me to find a fanfic even though I can't remember the title or the author of said fanfic, just what it was about.

I haven't read fanfic in years, and I just remembered this one hauntingly beautiful series that I read and I want to read it again so badly, but I can't friggen find it for the life of me.


ETA: Going with whatwasthatone. Too tired to deal with HTML right now.
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1. Have you ever dated or fooled around with someone, and then at some later date, dated/fooled around with one of their family members? Stories?

2. Would you ever do the above?

3. Any of you students at a California State University? Is your tuition increasing like crazy as well? I just wanna graduate...

4. Do you have a signature *anything*? The dish that you're always requested to bring to potlucks, a drink that you make perfectly, a unique pick up line that actually seems to go over well... or perhaps a sexual maneuver?