July 19th, 2009

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Did you guys know that the term "sideburn" comes from Civil War General Ambrose Burnside? It's a backwardsified corruption of "burnsides."

What is the difference between muttonchops and sideburns? A friend shared his opinion that sideburns need to end above the chin whereas muttonchops may continue on and meld into the beard, but I think they are the same thing.
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you've been hospitalized! but you're not too dopey, hurt, or restricted in your movement. how do you amuse yourself?

srs and non-srs welcome

bonus round: my cat threw up in my $45 flats. i went out of town to replace them. shithead did it again. should i replace the cat or the shoes? the last time this d-bag wronged me i couldn't sit down for a month. he also has to have his poopy ass shaved constantly.

Unreliable memory

Okay so I am watching Bowling for Columbine due to lack of anything else to watch. I've seen it before.

I distinctly remember them going into Wal*Mart to buy the bullets/guns, but clearly it happened in K-Mart. Has your memory ever lied to you?

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Hi there TQC. My doctor recommended me to a counsellor since I started having panic attacks, and I've since been told I have "mild to moderate anxiety issues" and my first session is on Monday. The counsellor wants to use cognitive behavioural therapy to stop me freaking out all the time. So I just wanted to ask if anyone here has had experience with the cognitive behavioural thing firsthand (or even second hand?) and could share some stories with? Just out of curiousity more than anything else.

ETA: Thank you very much to everyone for all the feedback and good wishes!


is it bad for bloody period blood to be brown and what kind of blood gets goopy and stringy from a period?
sorrry osrry osrrrry *GONG*
what i meant to ask.. was..
is it ok for the boyfreind to eat the^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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It is 2:30 in the morning and I am hungry. I can't sleep because my stomach is growling.

What is something I can eat that won't leave me with that "Oh God I will be digesting this forever" feeling?

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A job of mine requires that I'm awake most mornings at the crack of dawn, if not earlier, work/travel all day, do most of my work at night, then sleep for a handful hours and repeat.

What can I do to make the most of those few hours of sleep? Without using sleeping pills or medicine, how can I get myself to fall into a deep, restful sleep easily? Mostly I'm asking... what do you do to help yourself sleep when you just can't?

Also, what are healthy ways of staying awake during the day? I've changed my diet and exercise more trying to anticipate this, but are there certain foods you eat or certain things you do that you find help you stay active and awake? Not energy drinks/coffee/soda/etc.
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I was thinking of the silly things that I've done over the years when I thought of these questions;

1. Long haired women of the TQC, have you ever taken a bit of your hair, carried it over to your top lip and pretended that it was a mustache?
A. Did you ever do that and tried to speak with a French accent?
B. Are you trying to do this right now?

2. When was the last time you fell asleep in a place that wasn't your bed because you were too lazy to get up and walk to your bed?
A. Where did you fall asleep?

3. When was the last time you slid around the floor in your socks?
A. Where were you?

4. What was the last toy/game/whatever that was geared towards children that made you think, Aw, why didn't they have that when I was kid? I want that so badly?
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Do crazy people in your area hang bible passage signs on their lawns?

People in my area started doing this like a year or two ago. They are simple hanging board signs on like a rectangular pipe construct thing and they have bible quotes on them. I don't know if this is a local phenomenon or if other kooks are doing this, too. I live in Massachusetts, not the bible belt!

Someone had like "Our god is a god of cleansing fire" and someone else had "The sinners shall perish in hell" or something. Some people have calmer messages.

Where can I get one? I want a nasty one about the Devil or maybe quotes from the Satanic Bible, or something about the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Darwin. Of course, I don't have a lawn to stick it in...
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Tell me your MacGuyver-esque stories! How have you ingenuously gotten yourself out of a bind with only your wits and random materials to hand?

I just got locked out of my apartment by a cat, and to avoid calling my roommate at 4 am to let me in, I raided my trash can for a poptop can lid and used it to spring the lock. I am pretty proud of that at four fucking a.m.

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Do you know of any good websites to buy new cell phones? Not from the actual retailers/phone companies. I've googled, and I'm really looking for ones you have first-hand experiences with. And I've already looked at Ebay.
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why can I not get a video from photobucket to work on lj? I am not too familiar with embedded codes, so maybe it is something obvious. but why will my video from photobucket not work on lj?

It just posts as a blank entry and when I go to edit it, the content is gone.

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Are you usually early for things or late?
How late do you consider "being late" to be? (5 minutes, 10? 45?)
Is there a point where you'll call to say that you'll be late?

My friend said he would leave his house at 9 to get here for our road trip but I just texted him and he said he's getting ready. Ugh.

Free stuff?

Are there any free places that you like to visit, either with someone or by yourself?

Personally I could spend hours in a bookstore like a lot of people. There's also this petting farm in my town that I like to go to with my son and I also really like going to fish/pet stores. I enjoy our farmers markets but they're always early in the morning so I never get to go! Free evening stuff seems harder to come by.
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Um, so, I right-clicked and blocked a seizure-inducing picture that wasn't behind a cut. It looks like I blocked all pictures from ljpictures or whatever. Can you help me fix that? D:

I'm using firefox, by the way.

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MMM BURGERS I ate them and they were delicious. I got there right at 11:02 too so it was fresh.

At what time can I drive to McDonald's and not have to deal with the breakfast menu? I just want some $1 burgers. It's 10:31 a.m. right now.

Also: how were your evenings? I think I fell asleep and then anon went crazy. I had weird dreams, too.
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Hello, TQC.

I have two cats, the one in my icon has been coming into my bedroom after having her breakfast each morning for the past week, and settling down to sleep for a good few hours. She's normally not like this, when she's come into my room in the past she'll walk round for a minute or two and then disappear out of the room again. She'll sit on my bed and knead the quilt where I am lay for a little, and then sit down to go to sleep. I am a little curious as to why she's suddenly started doing this. What do you think is the reason for this?

She has decided that she wants to be my friend?
She wants a warm place to sleep?
She's trying to kill me, and is lulling me into a false sense of security?

Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

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What movie should I watch?

Silence of the Lambs
American Beauty
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Donnie Brasco
A Beautiful Mind
American History X
Office Space
Requiem For a Dream
Natural Born Killers

ETA: Whichever movie has the most votes by 11am CST is the movie I will watch. Thank you guys :)

ETAII: You guys are making this a really tough decision!

ETAIII: Silence of the Lambs FTW! I will smoke some marijuana, eat chinese food, and indulge in the greatness that is Anthony Hopkins.

ETAIV: FUCK! I just realized I forgot my copy of Silence of the Lambs in my DVD player at home (I'm visiting a friend at college and she's in class all day). American Beauty it is!

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what's stuff it seems like everyone else has done or seen that you haven't?

i've never been to Disneyland or Disney World and i've never been to the ocean. my friend had never been to the ocean or flown on a plane until he was 21.

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I'm visiting my ex-girlfriend at her school, and there is this gorgeous girl who lives upstairs in her apartment complex. my ex is at class, and i should go talk to this beautiful girl who has smiled and said hi to me on two different occasions, y/y?

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Do you have any tattoos?

If you do, How did you go about deciding what to get? How long ago did you get it? Do you still love it or do you regret it?
If you don't, How do you feel about them? Would you ever get a tattoo?

Do you know of any good tattoo communities or websites?
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Bored on a Sunday.

1. I'm doing some preliminary planning for next year's vacation. What website do you use to book the best prices on hotel rooms?

2. Buffalo wings: bone-in or boneless? (Vegetarians: have you tried the MorningStar Farms version? Thoughts?)

3. Facebook users: have you played Farm Town or Farmville? Are you as addicted as I am? (Which reminds me, I must go harvest some raspberries...)

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Have you ever had two friends date & been stuck in the middle? Two of my close friends have been together for about a year and they have been fighting a ton lately. They both tell me stuff about the other person & talk crap about each other to me. I have no idea how to handle it. Do I just keep my mouth shut & not tell them what the other person is saying? Why can't they learn to communicate with each other instead of me?

If you don't care, where was the last place you slept that wasn't your bed?
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Is it normal for teenagers to get lightheaded, lose vision and just see black, lose control of movement, and/or fall down for a minute or two after standing up?  Did/does this happen to you very often?  Any funny stories related to it?
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Do you like to play card games?
What are your favorite card games to play?
Are there any card games that you want to learn how to play?
Card game nights with friends should be hip again, y/y?
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I'm seriously considering taking out my septum retainer out and letting it close up. I never wear it down and just seems to be in the way. Do you have any input?

Who do you look to for advice when it's not important?
What have you done today?
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I'm Vietnamese with naturally tan skin, and usually I never sunburn. However, yesterday I got a mild one on my shoulders. I've been keeping it moisturized with lotion with aloe vera in it. Will the skin tan after the sunburn is gone?

What sounds are going on outside?

How old is too old to sleep with a teddy bear if you sleep alone?

How often do you delete text messages from your phone?

What's an easy vegetable soup to make without having to puree anything?
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when i left my job in march to move back home, my manager said she would act as a reference if i wanted to work for the company again. i've been in contact with some of the stores here and went on some interviews where they've contacted her, but they ultimately decided due to the economy and it being a downtime in the year that they didn't have enough space for me. i'm up for another interview at a store looking to hire someone new, and i was wondering if i should get in contact with her, just to let her know what's going on so she doesn't wonder why these people are continously calling her. good idea/bad idea? or should i just leave it?
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I just got my light bill in the mail, and its 190.00!!!
This is just absurd. I live in a tiny tiny tiny one bedroom studio. I have a computer and a tv. I rarely use the tv. I watch tv about 3 hours a week. If that! And the computer is on about 5 hours a day. Nobody is in the house during the day so the ac is turned on around 6pm until I wake up at 5am to get ready for work. So 190!!???
Does anyone think they are ripping me off or something else is going on..?

How much is your light bill this month?
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Anyone out there who didn't like the new HP movie?

My husband and I walked out of the movie this afternoon - so we were just wondering.
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Do you like garlic?

Whats the best thing you've eaten this month?

1. I love it.
2. I just had the most amazing dinner.
It was fresh cut green beans sauteed in butter. Salmon with a coating of fresh garlic (the top of the salmon was white!), a garlic clove, fresh dill sprigs, chives, red peppers & two lemon slices on the top. Grilled in a foil packet on the grill. I refuse to drink anything as the garlic in slightly burning my mouth! It's amazing.

Does my dinner sound good to you?

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1)Should I take a bath[I haven't bathed all day] or watch the full metal alchemist movie[I'm on a FMA kick lately]

2)Which of your dreams will you never achieve due to laziness?

Writing a good story.

3)What is your favorite type of character in fiction?
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If you're living with other people: do you have something in a secret stash for emergencies other people in your house don't know about? What?
(for example, I always keep a roll of toilet paper hidden in my room, in case we're out and I need to poop)

Also, where the hell is that German boy that wanted to hook up with me?

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have you noticed cats exhibiting certain personality traits based on what they look like? for example, my mom told me that in her experience, cats that have patched fur have been more friendly than cats of a solid color or tabbies.

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Have you ever written a letter of resignation?

I need to write one for tomorrow but I'm not sure what to include. The job's ok but I'm leaving the country so I can't work there any more obviously.

What should be included?

For fun: If you were going to write this kind of letter for the job you have while burning all bridges what would you say?
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What pisses you off about the radio? Radio edits

Why was the album version of Justin Timberlake's "Love Stoned" played on the radio while Kid Cudi's "Day & Night" is heavily edited? Does Britney's "If You See() Amy" make any sense to you, either?

Have you ever been given a sign from a higher power like these people in Texas?

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I got a free ticket to see Fall Out Boy tonight after work, so I went along with a group of friends from work...but I thought they sucked, so I left after a couple of songs. Am I hopelessly old and no fun at all, or do they actually just suck?

ETA: The next concert at work that there will probably be free tickets for will be Linkin Park. Do they suck too?

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Calling Dr. TQC!

The husband has managed to go deaf in his left ear. He says he can't hear anything in that ear at all. Should he call the Dr in the morning or go to the ER in the morning?

His cell phone has also died. While we are waiting for his replacement we are going to get him a prepaid phone. Which phone company should we go with? He has to have a phone because he stays at home with the kids during the week. I have to have mine for work, otherwise I would leave it with him.
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Woman charged with possession of child pornography for Taking photos of herself breastfeeding

Do you agree with what happened?

Yes. That's sick. Take those children away from that horrible woman ASAP
No. She's breastfeeding! That's natural behavior! She shouldn't be punished
She should be punished. Maybe a fine, but she should be allowed to keep her kids
The law didn't go far enough! The harlot should be dragged into the street and stoned to death
No. She should keep her children, but the law should simply just deport them
It depends on how nice her breasts were

Question about Rubies

There is a discussion in ONTD about the labour conditions of the miners of diamonds in Africa. I was wondering if any of you knew any of the conditions for labour for mining rubies, and where rubies might come from?

IDK I got a ruby ring which I adore and have some other stuff with small rubies in it from my grandmother, and I wanted to know if anyone died so I could wear the stones. Seems like a likely occurrence for African diamonds, also named "blood diamonds".

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What would you do if you needed a quick but effective night time photograph for your (possibly hypothetical) photography class? Oh, and this project is due tomorrow, you already have one shot, but you only have tonight to take one more picture.

ETA: What would you take a picture OF?

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 Do you love it when hecklers in audiences get owned?
ive ween watching comediens and hecklers for like three hours, and its awesome.

who is your favorite comedien?

Whats your favorite race/religion to make fun of?


Does anyone have any good tips for not having my ass hurt for like 2 whole days after I go bicycling?
Also, my palms hurt from leaning on them but I think that's because the handle bar needed to be raised up.

What are good sources of protein for when I'm not up for meat? (I am fully allergic to all things milk including whey and I get stomach issues from too much soy [plus growing manboobs does not appeal])

ETA: What are some good types of shoes for walking and biking that are pretty firm (for mah flat feets)?
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Are you male or female?

Can you point your toes, like so?

Was it hard to do?

ETA: I've never met a guy that can point his toes like that D: NEVER, in the history of all the dudes I know. Maybe I just know some very inflexible people.

Se7en Up

Poll #1432182 Two-parter about the Seven Deadlies

Here's the predictable question. Which sin are you either most guilty of or most tolerant of?

None really. I practice total temperence

Here's question two. Which sin pisses you off the most when you see it displayed in others?

I dislike them all about the same when exhibited by others

This last part is an extra credit bonus question involving sins and seven

Here's the Seven Dwarves - Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy and Bashful

Which sin would you apply to each dwarf?

Only one sin per dwarf here. For instance, Grumpy is so obviously all about the wrath.