July 18th, 2009


more tl;dr about my thumb :V

Lasssst... Sunday, while working at the resturant I.. work at, I cut my thumb pretty badly. Just about cut the tip off, with a good 1/4 of my nail being cut in the process. They ended up just steri-stripping it back into place, with Workman's compensation covered the initial appointment, as well as my follow up coming up this monday.

I haven't been to work all week, which works out, cause I was moving apartments, and I had the time off anyways. However, while moving my thumb got bumped pretty bad, and there are bits where its bleeding through the gauze, and it feels like the fingernail part has detached..

SO, question is if I go back to the clinic to have it looked at, will workman's comp cover it again, or since it was my fault for bumping it, do I have to cover it myself?

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What should I do to get back to sleep?

I woke up an hour ago, and was so achy I had to get out of bed.  I took two Tylenol extra strength, and a Unisom (50mg of Diphenhydramine Hcl, which is the same thing as taking two Benedryl.)    Now I think I'm even more awake.   I hate it when I have Benadryl backfire.  D:
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My boyfriend called me tonight and said that he "really cares about me but..." then my phone lost service so I don't know what came after the but. I tried calling him back and sending texts but he won't answer. He sounded pretty drunk so I don't know if he just passed out or is ignoring me. I need to work in 6hrs. Since I can't sleep with not knowing came after the but, will you please finish his sentence for me? Srs/non-srs answers of course

I know it can't be anything good, but I can pretend :(
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I missed a show that I highly anticipated for 1 month, a week, and 3 days because my brother didn't listen to me when I said that there wasn't any parking near the area and that we should go at least an hour early. Turns out I was right and they didn't let us in because we were ten minutes late.

That happened yesterday and I woke up still in a temper tantrum mood. How do I get over it?
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the philosophy question club (justice and mercy)

There's a form of argument found originally in Hebrew called Kal V'Chomer, but also in Latin called a minore ad maius. They mean light and heavy and from the smaller to the greater. The argument takes the form: If A is true of B, then A must be true of C where C is of greater weight/importance than B. It can be found implicitly and explicitly all throughout the Bible, and its explicit use is usually propounded with the phrase how much more...

Why do the Jewish people who've had this form of argumentation for thousands of years ignore the obvious application of it using the sacrifice of David and Bathsheba's first-born for David's sin and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?
Instead they (correctly) assert human sacrifice is a sin.

Why do Christian scholars and teachers ignore the obvious application of the argument in the NT when the matter of healing on the Sabbath is raised (and others), and then use it as an argument for abrogation instead of correct application?
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Since Walter Cronkite died last night, I ask you, TQC, who is next on your famous people list to kick the bucket?

How much of a wager are you willing to place on it?

And if you don't care for this rather creepy questions, what was the morbid thing you've seen and/or heard?

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does anyone know how British taxing works? i am going to be starting a new job in about a month with a 3k salary rise, and i want to try and figure out how much ill be taking home each month after tax and NI, but ive no idea how to work it out.
as far as i was aware your tax code indicates how much you can earn tax free in the year, eg 603L means you can earn 6030k before having to pay tax (i know its divided up through the year). so, if i took that amount off my annual salary i would get the figure which ill be taxed on. if i divide that by 12, i get my monthly taxable amount, and then divide that by a hundred and multiply it by the percentage of tax ill pay (for some reason i have it in my head that its 18% however a collegue says its about 25%) i then get the amount of tax ill pay each month. my collegue says im completely wrong, and maths has never been my strong point, so does anyone actually know how it works? what little sum i should do in order to get an idea of what ill be taking home each month?
i only ask because i want to start saving for a house, and would like to know how much i can put away each month....blah blah, its not really important or interesting.

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Did you read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell? What did you think?

Can we come up with annoying lame emails?
Such as: emaildot.comatgeemail@hotmail.com ?

What's the way it is?
Shit Happens


I fucked up the cake I was making for my roommates' birthday!

I have two yellow cake mixes, chocolate fudge ice cream topping, butterscotch caramel topping, a can of blueberry pie filling, some marachino cherries, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a 1/2 cup of pecans in the house, cake wise.

Is there anything I can make with the above? Or should I walk two blocks to the store to come up with something?

Iydk/dc, what's your favortie kind of cake?

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What's the deal with perms these days? Do most hairdressers still do them?

Have you ever had a perm, or known someone who got one? Did it turn out well?

I've only known one person who got a perm, and it was so dissappointing. It wasn't even curly, just...wavy. It put me off the idea, but maybe that was just a dud perm.

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I'm leaving for Cape Cod with my best friend in an hour.

were staying for a week but want to spend the least amount of money and not be bored.

what can we do besides chill on the beach and walk the boardwalk?

is there any must see attractions?

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What do you do if your boyfriend consistently worries and asks you questions (like, What are you wearing? A tank top? How low cut? Are there boys staring at you? Are you drinking/doing drugs? Are you meeting any other new boys? etc.) that are completely out of your character?

What do you do when he blames it on his anxiety and says he has to ask these questions?

What do you say when he says, "I'm sorry I'm a bad boyfriend, I'm sorry I'm a fuck up." ?

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I'm going to a concert tomorrow at an amphitheater. I've got general admission lawn seating. What should I bring with me? Like a big blanket to sit on? Anything else?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I've shat once in the last 8 days and am starting to think I need to go again. However, I can't walk so getting situated on a toilet is a wee bit draining. You have to spread your legs to accomodate passage and I can't really do that. So..lol. What would you do in this situation? Just let the poo smear everywhere? Figure something else out?

Is there anything too taboo or gross for this community?
What's your favorite halloween candy?
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You stumble across an LJ/blog/whatever and you see that someone uses your picture for an icon. As you check it out further, you see that this lj/blog/yahoo profile is for an RPG game/journal (and they totally gave you a different personality).

How would you feel? What would you say if you found a way to contact them? Would you ask them to take it down?
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Where To Stay In L.A.

I'm going to Los Angeles soon with my 12-year-old son. He wants to go to Universal Studios and then he wants to see movie related things like Hollywood and the sidewalk with the stars on it. I want to go see the La Brea Tar Pits. We'll be taking buses everywhere -- we'll probably get a pass from Starline Tours.

Do you have any hotel recommendations. I can afford about $100/night. I think we'd like to stay near Hollywood. Is that a good idea?

I get migraines from mold or dust. So I need to find a place in good enough shape that I won't ruin our vacation by being stuck in bed barfing my head off. I've done that before and it totally sucked.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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I'm planning a garden party/picnic at the park for my friends and I.
This event will take place early next week.
I'm creating a facebook event page for it, and for my own pleasure I want to title it something silly and ~whimsical~
Nothing like, "a garden party"- maybe something you would see in like a fairy tale. IDK.

Any ideas on what I could title the event?

I'm bored, and I'm trying to make my crappy day a little bit better.

What's your favorite joke?

I only know one half-way decent one - Two hunters are out in the woods, when one of them falls to the ground and stops breathing. The other one calls 911, and says "we're in the middle of nowhere and my friend just dropped dead! What should I do?" the operator says "calm down now, first things first, lets make sure he's dead."

So there is a pause, and then the operator hears the sound of a gunshot. The guy comes back to the phone and says, "Ok, now what?"
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Shitty Night Leads to a Shitty Day

After this shit from last night, I got a text today from my roommate say that our other roommate's dog took a shit in the house. I got home and it hasn't been cleaned up or he did it again.
When was your last bad day? What happened?

How do I calm down before they get home so I don't end up kicking them out?

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Do you like going to the beach?
How far away from the beach do you live?
What body of water is it?
What do you bring to eat when you go?

I had a strawberry margarita at the beach today and I think I can die happy.
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Have any of you ever lived in an apartment that was being shown to new prospective tenants?

Basically, my landlord and I hate each other. I posted about him before- I woke up one morning to find him in my bedroom, and I've caught him attempting to enter my apartment when I wasn't there as well- this is without an emergency, or without giving me notice. A few days ago he came into the apartment while I was sleeping and rummaged around (stuff was moved, etc) and then came back out, jammed on the buzzer repeatedly, and then started banging on the door to wake me up. This morning he showed up and did the same bit (jamming on the buzzer over and over, then banging) and attempted to gain access to the apartment, I told him now wasn't a good time. He informed me that he will be showing the apartment and plans to do so every day after noon, and he didn't specify an end time. Since I don't believe he will have prospective people to look at it every day, I am worried he will use this as license to gain access to the apartment.

tl;dr my landlord is a creep- are there any limits I can reasonably put on this? I don't deny he has a right to show the place of course, but can I request it not carry on til after, say, 7 pm? And is there a way to tell the dude himself to get lost if he attempts to spend too much time here solo?

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Is there some sort of mindset or technique that can be used to read and enjoy "classic" literature?

Is it possible to train yourself to like these books, when you usually can't get into them?

Whether modern or classic, what is your favorite book? Why?

I ask because I've tried time and again to get into "classic" books, like Jane Eyre, Sense & Sensibility, or Don Quixote. The only one that I've ever made it through, and enjoyed, was Pride & Prejudice, and that was probably only because I liked the movie. I just can't get into most of them, because everything from the language to the plot seems so boring to me. I love to read, but the things that I read almost have no value when compared to the classics. I really wish I could enjoy them, I would love to know what they're all about, but is it worth it when you don't enjoy reading them?

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Would you rather have five hundred dollars cash or five hundred dollars to a toy store?
In the toy store, you can only buy things for YOU. No one else! BUT! If you take the cash, you have five years to pay it back.

What do you think of tattoo's for a deceased friend/family member?
(Meaning..you get like their name somewhere on you or something of that nature..not tattooing a deceased person. Ew..)

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If you were to convince someone (in this case, my father) about why they should get the iPhone, what would you say? 
I could read off the list of features on the website, but I'm sure he'd want a little more than just that.

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Do you think Lindsay Lohan is a good actress?

Do you think it's a little pathetic that she's stooped to ABC Family original movies?

Do you pronounce her last name "low-in" or "low-han" (as in, "hand" without the d)?
Quinn Twin

Should we go to the Melting Pot?

We have the money, I haven't really eaten all day, it sounds great and we haven't been in a while. Plus, to do it at home is more effort than I'm willing today.

However, money or not, even with an extra paycheck this month, I am cheap. But if we do go, I plan on just getting cheese and sharing an entree and then picking up strawberries and chocolate on the way home. Maybe - it depends on what the special chocolate is, haha.

Should we go to the Melting Pot?



Do you like angst?

I used to love the stuff, but now I can't stand it. It hurts my heart when I read it and I get really depressed. What happened? I was more depressed when I loved the stuff, so why does this *shit* depress me now?
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Would it look weird to have a tragus piercing on one ear and a standard helix piercing on the other ear? I used to have both traguses (tragii?) pierced, but had to retire one due to scar tissue and other reasons. I was just wondering if I could leave my ears like they are currently without looking weird.

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What backronym could you form from the word yuri? What could you form with a specific slant towards school names?


and YAOI here stands for Young Alchemist Oomph Institution, according to the cosplayer)


The streets are filled with rioters & they're breaking into stores!

You decide to join in.

What are you stealing?

Me: All the expensive clothes I wanted today at the mall but was unable to afford.


I have a small fishtank, could take one goldfish, but currently has two white clouds in it. It's cold (well, room temperature) freshwater.

I want pretty fish. What other small fish would be pretty or cute, to go in a cold freshwater tank?

Or, if I switched went with tropical salt water... what ones are nice that are easy to care for? (as much as I'd love seahorses...)
Is saltwater tropical hard to do?
And what could I do with my two white clouds I already  have if I switched? i don't know anyone with a fishtank I could donate them to.

edit: apparently it's also common to have tropical freshwater. I did not know that. So, same questions as for salt water above- what types of fish, is it hard to do, and what do I do with the ones I have now?
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can you make spinach dip without mayonnaise?

the usual recipe is one cup sour cream, one cup mayo, vegetable soup, and a bag of spinach. so i don't know if it would "work" without the mayo.
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I was just walking home from Subway with my sub in the plastic bag they give you. A cop pulled up and asked me to show him what was in the bag. It was daylight and I don't look very threatening.

What was he expecting?
noblet and jerri
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boring laptop question

I'm starting college in the fall, and of course, I need a new laptop. I have a Macbook right now, and it's definitely not going to last me much longer. I'm probably not going to get another Macbook--they're simply too expensive.

I have a lot of music and tv shows, so I need something with plenty of storage. It's also important that it's not slow, and has decent wireless capabilities. I'm willing to spend between $500-$800. I've looked at pretty much every review website there is, and I have a basic idea of what not to get, but I just want to know what you guys think. I want to ensure that I'm getting the biggest bang for my buck.

So, which laptop would you recommend?
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LG neon users:

is there a way to create ringtones without having access to the internet?
i tried using the SD card to import mp3 file...not working.
i also tried using voice recorder to record a song for a tone. also not working.

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should i go to ihop, or eat leftovers?

will you look into your crystal ball and tell me if i will survive taking 18 credit hours this semester?

latin or greek?

ETA: leftovers consists of porkchops.
ETA2: IDK if it's just for freshmen/sophomores at my uni, but i'm only allowed to take 18 or less hours a semester.
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Did you ever notice it's a double standard to call someone an idiot or stupid and think it's not wrong but to think it's wrong for using a racial slur or a sexual orientation slur?

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Sooooooo hey guys, um, what happened in the first 5 minutes of Harry Potter 6? I just walked in as the HARRY POTTER & THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE screen came up and a scene of flashing cameras faded out.

I read the book and all but I just want kind of an idea of what I missed, it was bothering me through the entire film.
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Men of TQC, how often do you really think about anything related to sex?
My boyfriend just informed me how much he really thinks about it, and I'm a bit shocked. I knew it was a lot.. but damn. really?

Inspired by this question, what's the worst or most awkward small talk you've ever had to sit through during an appointment? (doctors, dentist, etc.)
Mine is definitely either while getting blood drawn or the gyno. Talking is not going to make the situation any better kthx.

Do you get scared if you're alone outside at night, or is your neighborhood safe enough that you don't have to worry? or are you just naive to possible danger?
Always. I'm paranoid.

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Has anyone, or known anyone that has had gallstones? My mother just recently got out of the hospital and is still in major pain from having her stomach cut open (she didn't actually have the surgery to remove them since when they opened her up they found she has an imflamed pacreas if it helps?) Do any of you know how long the pain is suppose to last? I don't enjoy watching her move around the house sore and hurt.

EDIT: thanks everyone! i now have a good idea of when my mom should be feeling better! And i'm very sorry to hear all the cases of gallstones/gallblabber being removed, i know it's a painful process. Thanks again. :)
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TQC, I'm headed to a casting call for extras tomorrow, and need to bring an informal 4x6 headshot. Of the following, which is the best?
Collapse )
Poll #1431707 Which pic?

Which picture is best?

# 1
# 2
# 3
# 4
# 5


Bug-eyed Earl

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I have four cakes. I bought my fiancee one on her bday on the 16th, bought my 2 yo son one for his party today but it got half ruined on the ride home, so we bought another one and we bought him his own mini cake to destroy.

What should I do with all this cake???
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  1. I want to buy Collapse )

    But I'm not sure whether to get it in plain black suiting or pinstripe suiting (pictured). On the one hand, the plain black would go with way more stuff that I own but on the other hand, maybe the plain black would be too drab?

  2. What colours and styles best go with pinstripe?
  3. Unrelated note, what comes to mind when you think of Australia?
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What books are on your shortlist of books that you think everyone should have a go at reading?

What books do you really like discussing with people, or you really liked discussing with people when you first read them?

(no subject)

people who have piercings.
how often do you change your ring / stud?

ive had a monroe for a over a year and i just got a few new rings today. its hard to get used to, but i like it. i got a gold one, two diamonds. one red and one regular.
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Sorry for posting again!

How often is in TQC fun = being potentially offending to someone?
How about outside of the internet, given the situation is similar (as in: someone is asking you something)?

When you are being mean/harsh/blunt/etc, is it only for fun, or are you sometimes just pissed at the world?

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I haven't seen my boyfriend in a while. I can see him early this week but just for a few hours. Should I go on bar trivia night with him or miss bar trivia and go the next night?

Do you ever go on random road trips? How far do you go?
I'm driving to Connecticut from New York tomorrow for breakfast ...