July 17th, 2009


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My friend got pulled over a little while ago for doing 46 in a 35. Do you think he would have been pulled over if he wasn't driving a red Mustang?

*We were in a group of about six cars. We were in the right lane

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if you have them, where do you keep your reusable bags?
eta: there are multiple people in your house that may use them. if it were just me, i'd keep them in my car.

if you're the type to care, would it bother you if you got banned with no warning for breaking an unwritten rule?
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Would you consider individually plucking your pubic hair a form of self-harm?
IDK, seems like it would be painful, but not really SH, imo

How do you keep your cool when someone is pissing you off?
If appropriate, I make faces at them.

Have you ever been hit on via Myspace or Facebook? Did you grant your paramour the favor of a reply, or ignore it?
I don't have either, so no.

If you could change one event in your life, what would it be and why?
I wouldn't have switched high schools. I would be happier with more friends.

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my friend wants me to go to nyc with her and her boyfriend. they're normal mainstream people who said they want to "sightsee." i'm an unconvetional, artsy person who likes to go to nyc just because i love it there. i told them that i don't want to do anything really touristy like going to the statue of liberty or anything like that. she said she kind of wanted to do that. she said "we can do whatever as long as we get to 'see cool things.'" she doesn't understand the city at all, but she thinks she does because she's been to europe. she's buying our tickets tomorrow, so i need to figure out if i should go or not. so, tqc...

what kind of sightseeing things do you think she has in mind? do any of these things cost money?

if you were jobless broke me, would you go or does it sound like i'm buying a ticket to hell?

ETA: if you think i sound like a cunt, will you at least tell me why, please?

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1. What was the last horribly bad movie that you've watched the whole way through?
a. Why did you watch it all?

(I am on a foreign movie kick.)
2. Will you suggest an obscure or foreign film that everyone should see? (Bonus if you post the trailer too.)

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So there's this guy I work with who doesn't have a "filter". He goes off on whatever tangents strike his fancy, and when he gets excited, he starts talking louder and louder until he's yelling. At the moment, I'm hearing him down the hall ranting to, of all people, the only two women in the whole office (his secretary and his own boss) about how women shouldn't be in the workforce, that women working is the reason houses are more expensive and wages are lower, etc.

Have you witnessed anything lately that made you say, "Wow...he's about to get bitch slapped."?

I'm getting my marriage license today, after which it's Greek food and "Harry Potter."
What are your plans?

I'm going to see my fiancee for the first time in over a week tonight.
Why are you excited that it's Friday?
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If it were your birthday dinner, what would you choose to have as your main course?

Steak and Shrimp
Roast Pork
Shrimp Stirfry
Steak Stirfry
Tuna Casserole
Other (in comments-pics/recipe if possible)

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I can't figure out quite how to word this, so I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense.

How long will you eat leftovers for?  As in, what is the maxiumum age of leftover food that you will eat?  1 day old?  1 week old?  Doesn't matter how old it is, as long as it doesn't growl at you?

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If you had 4 free return tickets to anywhere in the world, any time you would like. Where would you go? When would you go?
Would you take anyone with you, or would you take 4 separate holidays?
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Is a 26 year old woman wearing pigtails in public ridiculous?

edited to add a picture of said woman (okay, it's me) in the comments, because I suck at lj-cuts+pictures.

edited again: You've convinced me, TQC. Thanks for all the encouragement (plus I like being told I'm cute).  To the farmer's market I go!
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Any chemistry geeks?

My elderly under-the-counter refrigerator died. I asked my landlord to replace it. Since they (it's a large leasing conglomerate) don't have any more under-the-counter refrigerators (the company that made the ones like mine apparently went out of business), they brought me a regular fridge. All fine and good.

They didn't take away the other fridge, though. I thought that rather than having them remove it and leave an ugly gapping hole under my counter, I'd just leave it in place and store pots and pans and crap in it. My kitchen has very little storage space.

I mentioned my plan to a friend, and she was like, "NO DON"T DO THAT THERE IS FREON IN YOUR OLD FRIDGE!!!"

(well, if so, there was freon in my old fridge before, and I kept food in there. Food that I ate)

So am I gonna die from OMG FREON being under(?) behind (?) my pots and pans? Nothing in the old fridge is cracked or broken or leaking--it just died of old age.

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Dear tqc,

Why am I not hungover? I was pretty shitfaced last night.

What's it like being hungover? No matter how much I drink I never get hungover.

How often do you drink? How often does this drinking lead to your own personal state of being very drunk?

What is the dumbest thing you've done because of that nefarious mistress, alcohol? What are your best stories involving alcohol?

What's your favorite drink?

Are my questions too long winded?

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My dad has given me a choice between two things for my 16th birthday (on the 25th!).  I can either get a Blackberry with a local number, or I can get a classic 120gig iPod.

I used to have a Blackberry Curve and loved it.  The local number is good, because I just moved back from Utah and am still on my mother's AT&T plan; calling people in where I am in Kentucky costs long distance.  The iPod is also great because I have had my 3rd generation nano since it came out, and 4gigs is bursting at the seams.  I don't like the iTouch.

Which do I choose?
If you don't care, when was your last birthday and how did you spend it?

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So what stuff have you eaten after you threw it out?

ETA: Oh come ON you have not thrown something away, thought about it, then went and got it back out to finish it? Like take out?

Baro Bitch Stare

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Apparently posting about thinking about suicide makes my friends think I'm depressed and trying to kill myself.

Do you ever think about suicide?

Do you think about death?

Do you think about what will happen when you die?

Are these strange thoughts to have?

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My first name is Dylan (and I'm a girl), and my middle name is Christine. My current email username is DylanXtine@_____.com.

Does this sound "professional" enough to use on my resume and as a professional email address? My last name is fairly common, so I can't create a username like Dylan.Lastname@email.com, as I would prefer.
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Have you ever argued with someone who turned out to be batshit insane? How'd that turn out for you? Tell us alllll about it.

Do you Google people you know in real life or hope to someday know?

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We just received a company wide email about some lost keys:

"A set of Car Keys were Found in the Kitchen, please come to the Front Desk to Identify. Keys have: Honda key, Round Silver key, 4 Tiny keys, 2 Small Round Gold keys, Discount Keyhole Cards for: Blockbuster, Basha’s, Fry’s, PetSmart and CVS."

Ignoring unnecessary capitals, will tell me about this person? Construct a person from these clues?

I find this to be so fascinating.

PS Bashas and Frys are grocery stores.

PPS Do your keys express anything about you?

PPPS What is the weirdest compliment you've received? Mine was someone telling me how rad it was that I knew PS stood for post-script and that another one would be post-post-script. Ooook.

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Today I'm going to the theater with my boyfriend. Were going to see one of these: The Hangover, Year One, or Transformers. If you've seen any of them, was it good? (sorry, we can't really make up our minds over one)

How many video games have you passed that you remember?
I just realized I've played a lot of games throughout my life, but I almost never get to finish them. Either I get stuck, I get bored, or I leave them at the final boss or final stage. That I can remember, I've only passed all of the Pokemon ones for Game boy(because I was a freak). And really, I've played a lot of games!  :( My resolution for this year is going to be to pass all of the games I've had, or I wont buy another one.
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What secondary language do the Spanish-speaking versions of Sesame Street teach the kids?

Edit: Because the American Sesame Street teaches Spanish. Actually, broaden that question. 

What are the secondary languages taught by the non-American Sesame Streets?

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Hey TQC, my sister is visiting, and she brought her screaming baby with her. I need to get out of the house for a few hours, lest I go insane. I have a full tank of gas and $20 to spend on anything. What should I do/where should I go? Difficulty: I'm not in the mood for a movie, and I will be going out alone.

What are you doing today?

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When would be the best time to watch Half Blood Prince without having to deal with annoying little kiddies in the theater? Would nine in the morning on Saturday be early enough? I'd like to go early rather than late. Or should I go for a super-late showing instead?

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What are some books you've just lost interest in? Do you intend to return to them? Did you stop because they were awful or you just didn't feel that particular book atm?

I just sort of drifted away from The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, though I LOVE how she writes and the characters. It just wasn't the time I guess.

Also bonus points if you're really mean about the books. Chances are someone here loves them and that will start an argument.
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i've got a photo in which i look cross-eyed because of my contact lenses - can anyone help me correct them? i really like the photo and i've been trying to correct it without making me look scary, but i'm so shit at photoshop. would you comment with your e-mail?

eta: photo is in the comments, if anyone's curious lol.

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What would you do if you found out that the wanted mastermind of a grisly murder was your next door neighbor?

It just happened to my BIL, who's neighbor turned out to be the orchestrater of the Billings murder in Pensacola, FL last week. The first thing he did when he found out was call me up and thank me for teaching him to shoot.


What was your last OMG moment?
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Poll #1431239 Temptations....

When you are in a monogamous relationship, how often are you tempted to cheat?

Never- my eyes are for my partner only.
Every now and then the thought crosses my mind.
The thought crosses my mind a good bit.
I'm often seriously tempted to cheat.
I'm already cheating.
Psh... polyamory is the way to go.

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Do you flush more than once when you use the restroom?

If so, why?

*edited to add:*
I only ask because there seems to be a subset of toilet users who tend to flush while they're on the pot and again after they're done. I've observed this several times in the ladies' room at work.

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Will you play the Five Steps to Hitler Wikipedia game with me?

You play by picking a random Wikipedia page and then trying to get to the page for Adolf Hitler by clicking on five links or less. For instance, if you picked cupcake you could follow this route: cupcake-butter-Germany-Hitler and make it in only four steps. It has been postulated that any page on Wikipedia can get to Hitler in five steps or less.

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So I made Pioneer Woman's sundried tomato pasta salad on Tuesday, and while it is DELICIOUS, it is super duper tomatoey (surprise... who'da thunk?). Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can sub some of the sundried tomatoes with (that isn't olives or roasted red peppers) to kind of tone down the tomatoeyness a little bit, while complimenting it at the same time, for next time?

Alternatively, will you share the recipe of your favorite pasta salad?

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What's your favourite webcomic and why?

I love Gunnerkrigg Court, just because I find the story fascinating, the characters engaging, and the writing snappy. Also, the art has gotten progressively better from the beginning. Typically, I don't much go in for science-fiction/fantasy kind of things, but it's drawn me in.
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Inspired by the previous post about going shampoo-free:

1. To those of you who don't use shampoo/conditioner, what do you use, if anything?
2. What difference has it made on your hair?

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What would you think of a person who took a year off and did an online high school? What kind of person would you assume them to be: anti-social freak, or would you just not care? What comes to mind when you think of "online high school?"

I'm thinking of taking that path this year and I'm curious, online high schools aren't exactly conventional.
Fuck this.


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What are your most succesful bee/wasp/devil's spawn removal techniques?

I am freaking out. FREAKING. OUT.

(edit: Crisis averted! Thank you TQC for the help IDing the perp, offering advice, and calling me out on being a total pussy. *g*)

Thinking ahead

Any ideas on how make the winter bearable? I live in New England, and on the hottest day of the year so far I find myself depressed thinking about shoveling snow and being cold all the time.

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I borrowed my friend's fake ID at the beginning of summer and a bouncer took it. I immediately told her about it and said that I would pay her back. Her fake is her sister's ID, and to get a new one, her sister has to go to the DMV and pay $5 for it. They are asking me for $50 for a new one, because apparently her sister is pissed about it. Is this highway robbery? I know it's my fault, but I said I would pay for the ID, not the ID and a textbook.

I am thinking of just giving her $20 because that seems sufficient to me. Help? What would you do?

(Note: We are not close friends, we simply have a lot of mutual friends. And she has texted me about this issue twice this summer, despite the fact that she is telling people she has been texting me and texting me.)
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Can you help me, tqc?


My Motorola Razr V3 just quit working.  I tried taking the battery out and restarting it, and the hello moto screen won't go away.  Like, it won't restart.  I didn't drop it or anything.  What do I do??


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I posted two community entries earlier that have collectively combined ~700 comments so far. I stopped receiving notifications at ~200.
Do you think I'll get all of these swarmed to my inbox/blackberry later, or will I be safe and not get them?

Did you watch last night's "16 and Pregnant"?

Do you like Caesar salad?

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I'm so mad at my cellphone, TQC. Just this week it suddenly decided "You know what, I'm going to stop displaying things all together and just show a blank screen when I get turned on! Hahahaha!" This is because it knows I only have 2 more months left on my plan before I can get an awesome new phone for cheap w/ another plan, y/n?

If I buy a Motorola V262 off Kijiji for $20 (post says it's a Telus phone) and get the dude at the store to activate it on my current plan and phone #, this would end up being cheaper and more convenient than mailing off the old phone for repairs, y/n?

What was the last thing that really pissed you off?

ETA A random girl just stopped past me in the library and told me my pink hair was "fucking rad." What's the last thing that made you really happy?

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Are there any physical, um... quirks that a person might have that would instantly distinguish any attraction you might possibly feel toward them? What are they?

If you have super jacked teeth and/or are smelly... sry, gtfo.
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Is it ok that I had a crush on someone for about six years and I haven't seen or had any contact with him for like 3 years? Or should I get therapy?

Two weeks ago I was going to ask how one gets over a crush but now I don't want to.
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Those with significant others:

How long have you been together? How many days/weeks/months in did you have your first fight/disagreement/argument? How big was it? Do you fight a lot? Do you think you fight more or less than the average couple?
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I'm going to my first [most likely last] baby shower tomorrow. What do you wear to one? Do you dress up? I've completely forgotten to ask the mum in question and she's more than likely asleep right now.

Will you explain wifi to me? :(

I'm a little confused about wifi. If I have a laptop or netbook and take it to school, starbucks, or some other place that has wireless internet, do I have to pay for it or something? I keep reading these unclear descriptions about how people can use wifi because they have at&t, or at&t is offering a discounted netbook if you sign up for their 3g network plan. D: Do I have to sign up for a phone plan to use wifi or something?

I know this sounds really stupid, but I have never had a laptop before, and therefore have never used wifi, so it's all new to me.

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Has the LORD as much delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the LORD?

If you liked Desmond Hume in Lost, have you seen The Gospel of John?
eknock, Ash

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What color nail polish are you wearing right now? Post links if you have 'em! For Audrey, China Glaze :) Not my nails
Favorite color of nail polish? I'm leaning more towards oranges and yellows right now, but always a fan of pink.
Favorite brand of nail polish? OPI or China Glaze

TQC, halp- what are some awesome items I should get at Sally's beauty supply, seeing as I JUST discovered one around me?!
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Help me, [insert name here], you're my only hope!

Okay, so lately I've been looking for Star Wars tees, but it is quite difficult to find some made for girls. They have a couple in the official Star Wars shop online and on Cafepress, but nothing I really like. I've found a few on eBay I like (this one, for example), but almost all of them are pre-owned.

So, basically, I'm looking for Star Wars t-shirts in female sizes, preferably vintage-style like the t-shirt in the link above. Any websites you recommend?

Thank you very much for the help!

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Should I take a one-year organic agricultural farming course at Bristol Community College? I get some kind of certificate/degree, too. I want to so bad! It teaches you about sustainable farming, eco-friendly pest control and irrigation techniques, plant propagation and growth basics, and then you can pick a 1-credit hands-on course, one of which is BEEKEEPING! I go back to RISD in the Spring but maybe I can do both? I'd be totally free in the fall. Unnnnh I want to do this.

Have any of you, after your primary education or getting your college degree, gone back to take classes in things you're interested in at CCs or other learning places? I always want to take courses on physics, biology, stuff like that, or get certified as an electrician or production welder or something, without working towards a cohesive degree. IDK if that's even allowed.

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What is your favorite hickey remedy? What is your tried and true way of covering up hickeys?

I told the boy he was only allowed to suck where no one could see, but he misjudged a bit, and the dress I have to wear for my cousin's wedding tomorrow doesn't cover one up all the way. I'm usually better about this. I feel like I'm in middle school again.

What was the hottest sex you've ever had? Will you describe it?

Do you kiss and tell?
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How in the world do you politely end a conversation? I find myself unable to neatly do so...it always ends up with an awkward WELL IT WAS NICE TALKING TO YOU, instead of neatly falling off :(

Are you as excited as I am about my sexy Generation Kill boys getting so many Emmy noms?

Do you have a preference about your partner's pubes? If they have a preference about yours, do you exceed to their wishes or do what you want?

If you had to choose, would you pick honeydew, watermelon, or cantaloupe?


So, after dating my boyfriend for 8 months, breaking up for about 2 months, and kind of seeing eachother for about three months, we have now both agreed that it's time to call it quits. For good this time. And I'm handling it pretty well (well.. way better than the first time around anyway)

Anywho, we have the same party friends, they were partying tonight, I obviously didn't go because it's a little soon for all of that. My sister wanted to go, and my ex boyfriend gave the vibe that he didn't want her there, most likely so she could not run back and tell me who he is trying to hook up with or whatever the case may be. To be honest, I really don't care. At all! I expect it.

So, comming from the girl who just got out of her first real relationship ever, do I shoot him a message that i'm really okay with all of it so he can quit his awkward attempts to stop my sister or friends from hanging out? Or do I just say nothing and see what happens?

Pathetic, yes I know, but hopefully TQC has my back!

kitty, Erica

Phoenix, AZ

Hai TQC!

I will be roadtrippin' it to Phoenix, AZ starting tomorrow morning. The drive from Michigan is 30 hours nonstop, we plan on it taking about 48. We plan to stop once to sleep. We want to stop in St. Louis and Albuquerque to do some minor sightseeing which our route takes us through. Our route also takes us through Indianapolis, Tulsa and Amarillo. We're mostly on I-44W and I-40W.

*Anything while we're driving that we have to stop and see that's on the way? Some crazy off beat place or even some neat natural formations?

I'll be going with my friend who is moving there. *Anything awesome Phoenix places he has to know about?

I'll also be spending the majority of two days (tues/wed) by myself as he settles in to his new job. I may or may not have access to a car. *How is public transportation? *What should I do/see other than tan, swim, sleep, visit Bookmans and stuff myself on In n Out and Chick Fil A while I have them available to me? Preferably something really cheap!! The area that we'll be in is near Kindred hospital (it's the closest big thing on google maps, lol).