July 16th, 2009

phone question,

this is probably a dumb question, but i've always wondered about it.
when i send a text it says it sent right away, but sometimes i don't get that "delivered" confirmation for awhile after that.
who's phone is taking long? 
the person getting the text, or me sending it?

(no subject)

my computer installed one of those automatic updates and now i get a pop-up every 5 minutes because it wants to reboot. is there any way to make this pop-up stop BESIDES rebooting?

for those on nuvaring: has it made your boobs bigger? i've been on nuvaring for 9 weeks and i think my boobs are getting bigger. i am already wearing a 34DD (i'm really a 32F) and this is massively DNW.
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what is this add note fuckery and why did they put it before "post an entry" on the profile page? is lj purposely fucking with me tonight?

I can't remember what time I go in to the office tomorrow, TQC, and now I'm fretting over mixing up my times and not having coverage in the morning, so I'm going to suck it up and go in early, since I can't contact any coworkers at this late hour. If I am right, and I'm not due in until 1 PM, what should I do with the 6 hours I'll have? Driving home and back later would put an extra 50 miles on my gas tank, something I want to avoid at all costs. I would normally just say sleep, but a) it is too hot and b) the idyllic little town I work in has ordinances against such vagrant-like behavior.
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(no subject)

Does anyone here have, or have you had, psoriasis? I think it's broken out in one of my armpits (it's red, has white-ish scales, and is inflammed and painful), and the questionable "health services" department at my college is definitely not going to be able to do jack shit. I was wondering what you guys would suggest I get in order to help with the pain and discomfort?

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My friend is allergic to tons of stuff and he carries around this thing for when he has a sever allergic reaction. I think it's a shot and I think it starts with an 'E'. It's really bothering me that I cant remember it, and I'd ask him but he's asleep. What is this called?
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(no subject)

So some people say the spoken word gives things power, others say it deflates it. I'm guilty of feeling I need to "put [something] out in the universe" AND keeping things inside so I don't curse it. So I honestly am a waiver-er. What say you?

Saying things outloud - giving it power or taking it away?


(no subject)

I just downloaded AdBlock because everyone says it's amazing and I decided to get off of my metaphorical ass and do it.

I would now very much like to go on a blocking spree.

Will you point me in the direction of things that need to be adblocked?

(no subject)

Have you had any cooking disasters recently?

I'll be cooking again soon and the last time I started back up, it wasn't pretty

Did the sea reclaim New Zealand yesterday?

I heard they had a tremor

That is all.

(no subject)

How many of your bills do you still write/mail a paper check for?
The only one I have to do that way is my DFAS payment. Go figure that, of all the people I pay on a monthly basis, the US government is the only one who is "unable to accept electronic payments."

Of the bills you don't send a check for, are the rest online, over the phone, or some combination of the two?
Everything else I do online.

Do you have any bills that are automatically debited from your bank account?
Just my car insurance and student loan.

If you don't have bills (or don't pay your bills), what is the highest level of school that you have completed?
Bacheloer's degree

(no subject)

Have you ever used a real loofah (not the shower puffs)?
Did you find it took some getting used to?
Do you think it's really worth using over a shower puff?
Did you know that it's made from a dried out "fruit" that is related to cucumber but resembles okra?

(no subject)

Do you check your cell phone to see if you've gotten anything even though you know you haven't gotten any because it hasn't beeped/rang? Like the girl in He's Not That Into You..

(no subject)

I just found out that my favorite band in the whole world is playing a show in my town on my birthday!! Epic.

What's the last thing that got you super pumped?

Who is your favorite character from any book/tv show/movie?
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(no subject)

I am getting on a Greyhound bus in 2 hours for a 3-hour long bus ride. What is a show I can get 5 or 6 episodes of, or a really good audiobook that I can become engrossed by? I love How I Met Your Mother, I don't think 30 Rock is funny, and I've run Arrested Development into the ground.

(no subject)

I have custody of my son's kindergarten class hamster for two weeks this summer. There is a rotating care schedule to get him through the summer.

If you were a hamster or other small animal, would it be appealing to you to constantly be on the move and in different settings, or would you prefer to stay with a single family with more consistent and stable surroundings?
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(no subject)

the health rule of 8 8oz cups of water a day...
is that the amount needed for the body to maintain a healthy state,
or is that a guideline to help people to drink more water instead of other liquids?
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(no subject)

I have huge feet (size 11) and am looking for a cute pair of brown, tan, or natural colored boots (preferably hitting mid-calf/knee, flat). Any suggestions?

Also how do you determine if your foot is narrow, medium or wide?


(no subject)

Dear TQC,


My girlfriend and I currently live together and have for the past 6 months.  Her job is relocating her 200 miles away next week.  I have been trying to relocate with my company in her new area but have not had any luck as of yet.  We have set a tentative time table of one month apart before the situation needs to be reevaluated.  What are the odds that this thing is going to work out?


P.S.  She is awesome and I would hate to lose this relationship.   

(no subject)

I'm at work.

My bosses aren't here. They won't be here until tomorrow. 1 is in St. Louis, the other is at home with a sick child.

I have absolutely no urge to do any sort of work. I don't want to be here, but I have to pick my dog up from the vet at 4:30 and I don't want to drive home and then drive all the way back over here and then all the way back home (30 miles if I felt like doing that).

So what should I do for the next 5 hours? I've got 2 other co-workers here. They are in the same mood that I'm in.
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Will you share with the class, a band you've recently discovered, and have fallen in love with? What kind of music is it?

Mine is Ra Ra Riot. They're touring with Death Cab for Cutie, and their music is awesome. There's a cellist and a violinist. I think the strings are what make the music.
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(no subject)

Is it worth going to a doctor or chiropractor for back pain? My fiance thinks I should go, since my lower back hurts all the god damn time, but I think they're just tell me to stop using messenger bags & to take more pain meds.

Have you ever gone to a doc for back pain?
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(no subject)

What was that comedy movie, 80s or early 90s, I think, when the guy gets this woman in bed and they start going at it, but she then starts removing different prostheses, like her arm, leg, hair, even her butt?
the Doctor is in


Symptoms: overwhelming feeling of emptiness, tremors in hands, heart ache, depressive mood swings, tearful eye leaking when reflecting on happy memories of before, & desire to stand in front of an oncoming bus.

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Stupid Friends

Cell Phones

I have a friend of a friend I allowed to join my cell plan. She was just out of a messy divorce, and since everything was in her name, the cell companies wanted something like $750 down for her to get her own line.

Her bill has been consistently high (over $100 for the last 3 months) and she uses at least half of the daytime minutes - we have 700 with 5 people on the plan. She has trouble paying on time.

I've been lenient, but should I kick her off my plan? Srs and non-srs may apply.
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(no subject)

I need to make an mp3 from a youtube video, and if I could do this within the next hour, work will go a lot easier for me.

TQC how do i do this? Link me to something, wonderful people.

Bonus points if it's an online thing that doesn't have to be downloaded. I used to have a link to something like that but it's long been lost.

(no subject)

Does anyone know how to file for an unemployment extension in NY state? The website is giving me all sorts of trouble.

If you don't care - when was your last big scare and what was it?
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(no subject)

Is it rude to ask someone if their eye color/hair color (or whatever) is "natural?"

Do you think it's in poor taste to ask someone if their breasts are real?

Do you ever ask people if a certain trait is natural or unnatural? Do you lean in and stare at said trait when you ask the question? If so, why the hell do you think this is acceptable?

Latin beat

Does anyone know any good upbeat spanish/cuban/latin bands or artists?
I'm looking for songs like early Ricky Martin, or Las Ketchup. Catchy tunes that make you want to get up and shake your ass. Though I'm looking for more 'local sounds', no swearing, not necessarily in english.

This question was inspired by Brother Lee by Citizen Cope. I'm looking for more songs like this.

(no subject)

I'm having a hard time articulating these questions, but here it goes:

If you look at every decade, certain fashions really stand out from it.  In the 50s, you have the poodle skirts, saddle shoes, greased hair, and t-shirts.  In the 60s, you have long, straight hair parted down the center, tie-dye, and bell-bottom jeans.  For the 70s, platform shoes, mini-dresses, and patterns such as paisley.  The 80s brought big hair, shoulder pads, bright, neon colors with black, and leg warmers.  Finally, the 90s brought acid-washed jeans, jean jackets, crazy colored/patterned sweatpants, and flannel shirts.

1)  Of each of these decades (or whichever one/s you choose), what fashions stick out to you the most? One that I've mentioned or another one?

2)  As this decade is drawing closer to the end, what fashions do you think will define 2000-2009?
--What sticks out to me most are actually shoes - Uggs and Timberlands  Crocs.

(no subject)

a good guy friend of mine asked me if i ever had a crush on him and said he was asking all his girlfriends if they'd ever liked him at one point.

is this a common thing for guys to ask their friends?
i ain't into that!

(no subject)

Should I subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine? Amazon just offered me a 12-month subscription for 2.95 because I buy so much music or something, idk.

I like music news and I used to read it all the time when I was younger, but I have heard a few people say that it sucks now. But it's so cheap! What say you, TQC?


Have any of you worked for Sears or JC Penny Portrait Studios? Or....any portrait studio, I guess?

I'm considering getting a part-time job and I'm just wondering....is that sort of job as fun as it looks?
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(no subject)

17 year old goes into a tattoo shop and gets a tattoo she wants. the people at the shop think she's over 18, and don't card her. her mother hates it and wants it removed and says she "doesnt want her [daughter] to look like 'them'", but the 17 year old doesn't want it removed. what should happen?
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(no subject)

Hay TQC!

My family is going to Puerto Rico in August. We are staying at my MIL's house where there is no A/C (that's actually common in PR houses). Since there's no A/C we keep the windows open at night and run fans. The past 2 two times we have gone my son and I have been eaten alive my mosquitos at night while we sleep. They don't like the taste of my husband for some reason.

So my question is, do you guys have any suggestions besides spraying ourselves with Off every night to keep the mosquitos away?

(no subject)

I read in a magazine that mixing lemonade, maple syrup, and a bit of cayenne pepper is a good recipe for a detox/weight-loss drink. Do you think this concoction would be at all drink-able? Or would it make me throw up all over the place?
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(no subject)

How far ahead do you usually book a flight? All of my vacations had been planned 4-8 months in advance. But now we are planning on leaving Labour Day weekend (6 weeks) and I'm wondering if it's good to do it now or just wait to the last minute? Are there any pros to waiting? Or would the prices go higher as time goes on?
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(no subject)

I'm going to bake on Sunday for a neighbor who lost her grown daughter. While I'm baking for her I figured I'll bake for my job as well. I'm going to make a different treat because the cookies I'm making for my neighbor are my Christmas special, and I want to surprise work with those then. So what should I bake for work on Sunday? Should I bake something simple like chocolate chip cookies or brownies? Or should I make something awesome?
What is your favorite baking recipe?
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(no subject)

At your work / school place, how do the adults call each other? e.g. by first name (Dick and Jane), by last name (Schmick and Doe), by honorific (Mr. Schmick), by honoric + first (Miss Jane), etc?

What kind of place is it?

I always get a kick out of school teachers who still call each other "Mr. Johnson" even when the kids aren't within earshot, but I still catch myself calling the dance instructors names like Miss Sunshine even though we're on equal levels.
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(no subject)

Do you ever find yourself getting into a food rut, or rotating through different places?

I have periods where I will want to eat nothing but one particular food/restaurant for a while. Then I get so played out on it I move to something else and avoid before-said restaurant for a few months.

What is one thing you have been craving like none other?

For the last couple of months I have been on a quest to find the best and tastiest macaroni and cheese ever made.

Speaking of noodles, where have you found the best and tastiest mac and cheese (restaurant or recipe)?

(no subject)

Have you seen the movie "Teeth"?
What was your reaction/what did you think about it?

I think it's one of the funniest movies I've seen in my lifetime, though I can't say the guys I watched it with thought the same thing.
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Car purchase

I'm looking to get a new car and I think I've narrowed it down to a Huyndai of some sort, maybe Huyndai accent.
My question is when I go to a dealership, is it realistic to bargain on the price of a new car? How realistic? If the car if $14,500, what are my chances of getting it for like $2000 less? Is there anything I can say that may sway them?
If I'm willling to pay for the whole thing up front, are they more likely to hook me up or do they actually want you to finance so they get the interest?
Am I better off going to that specific car's dealership or one that carries different makes?
Any one driving a Huyndai have any experiences they care to share? Good car?
Also, am I better off buying a new car that costs more but comes with a 100,000 mile /10 year warranty or getting one for a little cheaper that is one or two years old but comes with a warranty that only lasts for 60,000/5 years?
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Photo Post!

Did you take any photographs today?

If you did, will you share you favorite one with the class?

You can also post a favorite from your massive photo archive.

(no subject)

Plans for tonight, TQC?

I'm about to go pick my dad up from the airport, then he and my mom are going with me to the weekly ballroom dance I go to. They want me to teach them a little bit before the wedding...even though my dad, by his own description, "dances like a three-legged pig on roller skates on a frozen pond."

(no subject)

a bus company offers a trip to NYC's Shopping District.  where is the shopping district?

i googled it and it says 5th ave is the shopping district, but this doesn't seem right to me, so i wanted to ask tqc.
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(no subject)

Is anyone else here going to Otakon tomorrow?

If you're going, are you going to the lolita fashion show on Saturday? (The only acceptable answer is yes, because I'll be one of the models =D)
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Like Lemmings To The Sea...

For you folks who go to fairs, festivals, gatherings and the like on a regular basis,
Which ones do you go to?
How long have you been going?
Where are they?
What do they have/do there?
Do you camp there? If so, how long do you camp for?

Website links are welcome.
ETA -- Photos are welcome too.
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a terrible dining experience at a restaurant?
Has a waiter/waitress ever chided you for not finishing your meal?

There's a diner in town that I can't go to anymore because one of the waitresses would always make comments like, "Is it your birthday today and that's why you're allowed to waste food?," when I couldn't finish a gigantic meal.

(no subject)

When the studios inevitably make a film about Michael Jackson's life, who do you think they will choose to play MJ?

Who would you like to play Michael?

Who would cause you to be outraged if chosen to play him?
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(no subject)

Will you post a picture (or a few) of the most beautiful place in your province/state/whatever?

What about your favorite place in your province/state/whatever? Doesn't matter if it's in your bedroom or on top of a mountain, just whatever makes you happiest.

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(no subject)

Would you consider yourself lower, middle, or upper class?

Do you ever find yourself talking with a different accent for no apparent reason? If yes, were you in drama?
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Dear Winnipegers (mainly),

The may not be an appropriate question.

For those of you who have a dildo/vibrator which model do you prefer?
Where is the best place to get one?
What are you opinions about getting one from Spencers?

(no subject)

what does horny goat weed actually do to you?

hahah, im drinking svedka vodka with crunk juice that contains horny goat weed that my bf bought me, and i think he is trying to imply something.

do you smoke cigarettes?
what kind?

-Marlboro light 100's or mediums. depends on my mood.

If you got 20 dollars right now, what would you spend it on?
Ferret run!

(no subject)

Quick, can you please give me the title of a ridiculous career/job/hobby? Real or imaginary.

Do you do anything that people don't grasp well & thus forget? I study humanitarian and peace studies, which I doubt anyone besides my bestfriend+ex could tell you.
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(no subject)

1. When were your grandparents born?

2. When were your parents born?

3. What year were you born?

4. If your parents were over 40 when you were born: did you think your childhood was affected by having older parents? If so, how?

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Does your city need you?

An argument in a comm about whether a person should move to a given city or not, someone made this statement: "Sure, people have the right to move. But move to where you're needed."

Do you feel needed by the city or town in which you live? What city needs you? What city needs me?


Anyone have a netbook? Do you like it? How is it to type on it? What about general functionality and limitations?

I'm thinking of getting one for school, rather than lugging around a regular laptop, but if my typing is hindered by the smaller keyboard, I think it'd be kinda pointless.
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(no subject)

what are your favorite beers?

I like Oberon (Bell's Brewery) and Blue Moon and Sun Dog (New Holland Brewing Co.)

what are your favorite mixed drinks?

I like anything sweet with vodka.

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(no subject)

obese women are "normal-sized" : true/false?

does anyone else get really pissed at the "More to Love" commercials when they act like being obese is better than being... healthy-sized?

i don't mean to offend anyone really... i just hate how americans view obesity as normal, when it should be viewed as... unhealthy and problematic.

ETA: "More to Love" is a new reality show like the bachelor but with obese contestants. It's a perfectly good idea. I'm glad they're doing it. But they always show this clip of some chick saying to the guy "It's nice to meet someone who likes NORMAL-sized girls." It makes me mad. I don't believe in "normal."

(no subject)

TQC, what kind of creatures do you find in your house? (Besides pets or other humans, lol)

In the winter, nothing comes in my house, but in summer, we get clothing moths, silverfish and cockroaches trying to escape the heat/find food. Occasionally a bee or a wasp will fly in too, which is always terrifying. When I was about 7 we found a mouse in the kitchen, but we haven't seen any non-bug things since then.

What do you think of this creature?
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(no subject)

Do any of your credit cards or debit cards have rewards points?
Have you ever spent them?
What did you get?

I just remembered that my credit card has rewards so I logged onto the site to see what I can get with my 9,200 points and I got a year's discount on vision services! Which is awesome because I need new glasses like whoa. Now I'm trying to decide what to use my remaining 7,200 points on. They have a dental discount for 3,500 points! Or maybe I'll get a badass blender. My brother spent 55,000 points on a blu-ray dvd player. The most expensive item on there was a 46" HDTV for 465,000 points. To put that in perspective: 1pt = 1$.
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(no subject)

Why have I left all my trip-planning so late? All I have is a plane ticket, no visas, no nothing, and I leave on the 9th of August.

How should I go about making friends in countries where I speak very little of the language? I don't care if I'm hanging out with other tourists or locals, I'd just like to meet some fun people to hang out with. Do you live in China or Japan and want to hang out with me, if I get myself together and make it over there?

(no subject)

1)What degree would be the worst degree to get online?

Counseling. Or maybe a medical degree.

2)Do you have a green thumb or a black thumb?

I don't know, I haven't really tried to garden.

3)Do you buy gag gifts for others? If you have, tell me what it was.

Inexpensive posters/wall decals?

I've been searching around the internet for some really inexpensive posters and wall decals. I've found some decent decals on Esty, but I've fallen short of finding decent posters (Allposters is out of my price range, and $5 posters has a ridiculously limited selection). Under $10 per item would be ideal.

Any ideas? Or, better yet, any inventive dorm decorating ideas? Google tells me to throw in a plant and get colorful bedsheets.

Thanks guys!