July 15th, 2009


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Do you find yourself obsessively checking facebook/twitter/myspace etc?
Any one particular persons facebook/myspace/twitter? Even though you know it's no good for you?

I've been logging into my ex's facebook, to find he's been sending messages to people he professed to hate during our relationship, and sending messages to his ex inviting her on holiday minutes after we'd broken up. It doesn't make me feel any better, although I could be feeling worse.

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1. I just realized I wrote down my due date of one of my credit cards wrong, and my payment, despite being "rushed", might be marked as overdue. What kind of penalties normally occur? This is the first time I've ever been overdue, if that matters.

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I've noticed that many times facelifts will make people's eyes look very, very tiny like the eyes of a mole. So, while they may have wrinkle free faces, they have itty bitty eyes that aren't necessarily attractive any more.

So, I ask you, what would you rather have, wrinkles and big, open eyes or smooth skin and tiny, angry looking eyes?

Also, what's the point of fixing one feature if you end up destroying another feature? I don't understand this logic at all. Someone please show me the light.

And last but not least, who do you think has aged gracefully? That is, though he/she is mature, she/he is still gorgeous?

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So, I'm going on vacation to Six Flags over GA for a full week starting this upcoming weekend. I really don't want to go but I'm kind of being forced to because the boyfriend's family wants me to go and shit.

What can I do to ignore two pre-teens for a week? I fear that my MP4 player will die.

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I'm having a shitty night and none of my friends are online.(/whining)
I know we've done 'show me your favourite marco' posts in the past, so instead will you tell me the lamest joke you know in hopes of cheering me up?what about favourite pun?
Also, why did the chicken cross the road?


my favourite lamest pun is - Two fish are in their tank. One turns to the other and says "you man the guns, I'll drive.".

that was a quality 2-3 hrs but god damn I'm going to bed.

Would you, like these tqc'ers, like to see links to every single public tqc question in the archives, sorted by username, month, and year?
ETA: Look under the initial for the username e.g. I'm in 'archives/thequestionclub/a/andytubaud/'. And if it says server not found, give it a second and try again.. I hope I don't get a nasty email from my hosting company about overload.
OTHER ETA: If you want, I can remove your folder. Alternately, if enough people (e.g. half a dozen) care, I'll hide everyone and only show the people who want theirs.

If you would like the links to all your old (public) posts, comment to say so and I can either make your folder public or just zip it up and send it to you. going to bed for the night and I don't feel like ruffling too many feathers while I sleep.

eta: I'll see in a day or two if I can get it to list members-only posts, too.. mostly just an issue with sending my user login authentication with the php file_get_contents() call to livejournal.com

If yes, could you make me some cookies?

If you dgaf, what color(s) are your fingernails (whether or not you have nail polish on)?

Oh god, I'm so embarrassed after reading through some of my old questions.
I will, however, make myself some brownies.
I had black-black-black-teal-orange last week, but took them off, so now they're just pink.

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Who is your favorite Founding Father of America?

Mine is Thomas Jefferson. He invented Mac and Cheese and the swivel chair, two things I love. Also, Declaration of Independence, et cetera, et cetera.

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1. What group of people do you hate? Difficulty: NO races, religions or sexual orientations.

2. What game show would you cripple and destroy your opponents on?

4. If I had two chickens, and I gave you one chicken, and you ate that chicken, and I ate my chicken, and I then ate you, how many chickens would I have had?

5. What happened to three?

If you are a non-vegan vegetarian, would you eat a fertile egg?

I belong to a forum dedicated to the hobby of raising chickens, and one of the sticky topics is how to recognize a fertile egg vs. a non-fertile one before you eat it.

I guess there is no (or very little) difference in the flavor, but I noticed there were several posts from non-vegan vegetarians who said it was important to them to know if an egg had been fertilized, because they would discard it if it had been. I guess that's the "moment it becomes meat" or something like that.

I had never thought about it before. What do the non-vegan vegetarians on TQC think?

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Got Rat

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If I take 6 to 8 paracetamol per day for toothache, how many days would it be until that amount becomes dangerous?
My wisdom teeth are coming through and I can't function without pain killers right now.
I have a dentist appointment in a couple of hours but I doubt I'll be having them taken out today.
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Have you had a UTI?


Everyone on the internet seems to have had at least one, and so I was thinking maybe I'd had one without noticing. Then my friend got a UTI and I found out about the symptoms, and OH THE HORROR. I have definitely not had that.

What increases the chances of UTI's?

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I have a bit of chub I could do without.
I'm planning on joining a gym soon, but for now, I recently got tattooed, and I want to avoid sweating too much while it's healing.
In the meantime, would it be beneficial for me to walk ~1 mile in the evening as often as I can? Or would it not really make a difference?

If you don't know/care:
How far do you drive typically in a day?
What is your favorite kind of stuff to put into a salad?
What was your most recent FML-moment?
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I am currently at jury duty.

Do you hate jury duty? Love it? Indifferent?

Will you link me to some entertaining (the longer the better) websites that are appropriate to be viewing while in a courthouse using their internet?
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When you're sick, do you like people to take care of you, or would you rather not be bothered and left to yourself?

For me, I don't want anything but people with me: to lay on, to get my medicine, to watch movies on the couch with. It's not that I'm a particularly needy person, it just brings comfort.
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Poll #1430227 For $3,000,000 would you...

...eat a small chocolate donut you found on the floor in a gas station restroom? Someone obviously dropped the snack on route to the toilet and there's no telling how long it's been there or what it's been exposed to, but chocolate will probably overwhelm any other flavors


...spend two minutes in a bull ring with an enraged bull? You'll be dressed in a bright colored outfit with lots of eye-catching shimmery shawls and tassles and whatnot attached at various points, which will probably draw Toro's interest to you as if being the sole figure in the arena wouldn't do so already. You'll stay in there for 2 minutes, sans rodeo clowns or any help whatsoever


...be the poster boy/girl for herpes? There will be a well-advertised series of commercials promoting safe sex, with a few actors talking about how they were careless and now have various STDs. You'll be herpes, and they'll put realistic-looking makeup on you so it looks like you're having a ridiculous flareup on your lips. The overall effect is pretty icky and it's your face that people will remember from this ad, and you'll become a pop culture hit as Leno and Letterman put you in their monologues. The world will think you really have herpes and you'll be recognized everywhere you go as that unclean one. Still, it's 3m and people may have short memories and your family and friends know the truth, right?


...be the cause of another 100,000 lost jobs? Just by taking the money, you'll be taking all future paychecks out of theirs and their family's hands for that's where your millions are coming from. Hey, the economy might bounce back


...switch 50 vials of flu shots with placebos in your city? That means 50 people who are getting their immunizations will actually be getting colored water and still be vulnerable to the flu.


...tattoo unsightly and realistic body hair all over your legs, ass and crotch? Done by a master artist, you'll look like a wooly goat below the waist and only within a distance of 12" can the viewer tell it's ink and not yeti shag. You must keep the drawn-on hair for at least 6 months. It'll probably be a little painful to have all those tats put on and it'll take a long while. Also, it'll take a good while to remove them all afterwards

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Poll #1430232 Redbox and I have been together for a whole year!

Which movie should I rent for free from Redbox? These are my choices...

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Revolutionary Road
The Rocker
These all suck so waste your free rental.

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1)What is the weirdest thing you found in a fridge?

Some fish that someone had caught and given their psychologist.

2)What causes you to gag?

everything, it seems.

3)What do you think about the death of the newspaper?
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What are some brands that carry awesomely soft, loose fit t-shirts that aren't thin? I feel like there is a specific name for this style of t-shirt but I can't remember it and I need some!

Are you lactose intolerant?

When you were in college, did you find the saying "study two hours for every hour you spend in class" to be true, or did you ignore it?

What is the best prize you've won from a lottery ticket? was it a pick your numbers or a scratch off?

What is your favorite season, and why?
Fall. The leaves change their colors, it starts to get the teensiest bit chilly, and it also means it's almost Halloween and Thanksgiving, the two best holidays, unarguably.

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For those of you who have ever been to counseling/therapy, can you tell me what your first appointment/"initial assessment" was like?

If you haven't been or dgaf, what kind of mood are you in RIGHT NOW? Be as specific as you like.

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If you exercise regularly/semi-regularly, do you have a specific goal?
Lose 20 pounds

What's the last thing, physically, about yourself that you view as a positive change?
For the first time in my life, I have lower back dimples. I guess all the swimming and pullups have really been toning my back more than I thought.

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These questions are specific to Those who live in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area (Iowans in general may also answer, though).

- What birds do you generally see out your window?

- Do Iowan universities generally have good gender-studies/women's studies/LGBT programs? Or student life?

- What do people (both in university and out) think of the above?

- What trees do they put up along sidewalks?

These questions are for everyone.

- Did you like Transformers2?

- Preferred hair length?

- What's the last delicious thing you ate?
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1. Do you know anyone who has cancer?

2. Do you know anyone who had cancer?

3. Would you give money to my Relay For Life Team?

4. If you dgaf, what is the best vacation you've ever been on?

*edited to add link*

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I hope you're not all sick of the food porn, cuz I'm loving all the food posts. :D

Okay so, TQC, what was your favorite home cooked meal growing up?

(please post pictures with names of the dishes!)

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What's the strangest "food rut" you've ever found yourself in?

A couple summers ago I had the strangest craving for peanut butter. All summer long I ate peanut butter by the spoonful, which was odd because up until then I hadn't even been particularly fond of peanut butter, and I'm not much fond of it now.

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My ex somehow found the personal website of my new boyfriend, and I have no idea how he pulled this one off because:

a). My new boyfriend's first name is very uncommon. I told my ex his name ONCE and I never spelled it out or anything, and there is no way that you can "guess" how his name is spelled because it's not very phonetic.
b). The only other details I gave to my ex about my new boyfriend is that we all (me, my ex, and my new bf) all went to the same college (which is huge so the chances of him knowing my new bf is VERY slim), and his major.

My asshole of an ex started criticizing the artwork featured on my boyfriend's site. I know he did this because he's still bitter about the breakup.

HOW did he find my boyfriend's site with such little information I provided??!

potential TQC meetup!!

Well, hello there, TQC.

As of tomorrow morning, cpl593h and I will be in North Carolina, in the general vicinity of Camp Lejeune. So, I have two questions:

1. What are some fun things to do in that area?
2. If you live around there, would you want to meet up with us some time between tomorrow and Saturday?

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I'm a "ZOMG HARRY POTTER" fan big time :)

As we know it came out on the fifteenth but due to work I'm not going to go see it until tomorrow evening at 730 pm. I told my Husband I wanted to show up an hour early and he said I was being silly because by the second/third day it wont be necessary. I'm just worried because I want an awesome seat for the awesome movie!

So TQC, am I being overly worried and ridiculous? (certainly wouldn't be the first time! :D) Or is my hubby right and i should only go a little early?

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I am lacking stimulation, mentally and physically, with both work and home.

What do you do to get yourself out of the dumps?

What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Are you the type to ask your boss for more work?
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Full Growed And Haired Over

Here in my city, a 17-year-old was killed in a car crash at 3 am. It was a single car accident and he was driving home alone. Apparently he was a good kid and this was just a sad accident. But a lot of people are writing to the paper wondering what a 17-year-old was doing out alone at that hour.

Here in the USA, 17-year-olds are less than one year away from the age of majority ,which is when they get total control of themselves and total responsibility for their actions. The way I see it, it is insane that a parent might raise a child who, by the age of 17, is not capable of making safe sensible decisions for him or herself.

Do you agree? Explain your answer.

How much freedom did/do you have at 17?

Do you think you had the right amount of freedom or that you should have had more or less?

For those of  you 18 and up, do you think your parents gave you skills to be an independent, responsible adult?
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Last summer, I found a very rare coin mixed in with the dimes in my cash register. It's a gold 2 1/2 dollar coin, minted in 1912. It's in really, really good shape. Brief online searchings show that it's worth anywhere from $250-$400.

Should I sell this coin and buy a Canon EOS Rebel 10D? I have the opportunity to pick one up supa-cheap.

Or should I hang on to it and see if the value has gone up in a few years?

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I just boiled an egg and now I'm eating the shell. My roommate says this is strange, but I always thought it was fairly common.

So TQC, do YOU eat your eggshells after you boil and eat the egg?

EDIT: Wow alrighty, haha. I guess it's weird after all! Crazyness.

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when you buy something that comes with an instruction manual, like a cell phone, microwave, dust buster... do you read the manual?

do you keep the manual around someplace handy in case you need it later?

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Why is my new coat of paint not drying to the same color as the previous coat? The paint is the same I used before, but it has been about a year.

ETA: Okay, okay, here's a picture for reference:
Bathroom wall!

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Will you please help me come up with some ideas for an affordable, non-traditional bridal shower? My BFF has made only one request, that it be non-traditional. I was thinking we'd go to one of those places where you paint your own pottery or make your own bath stuff, then she sent me the guest list and it's 35 freaking people. Now the best idea I can come up with is instead of having games, I break everyone up into teams and they each create a painting with found objects. (Golf balls, potatoes, stamps, etc.) I can't do anything TOO crazy, because then her mom won't like it, and she's very concerned with making sure her mom is happy. I wanted to do a scavenger hunt.

Can you help me come up with more ideas? I swear, 90% of my original budget is going to go into feeding most of these damn people.
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TQC! HELP! There are fleas on my kitty!!

What do you use to kill fleas?

Have you ever used this stuff called Revolution? (that's what I just put on my kitty)

Where did your animal pick up fleas?

Wanna show me pics of your adorable pets?

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I just painted part of my wall with paint samples (two colors I finally decided I loved after trying to pick and choose for 5 months) and I hate both of them, so I'm looking for inspiration.

TQC, What color is your bedroom?

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So I'm dating this guy, he's really cute and sweet and we are attracted to each other. However, I find a lot of times I run out of stuff to talk about with him and even though he always wants to hang out, he doesn't seem to enjoy speaking much. I want to continue seeing him but I don't want to force a connection that isn't there.
Should I wait for him to open up? Or just accept that it probably won't change and move on sooner rather than later?

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so as you know they came out with lots of posters for the new harry potter movie. anyways they came out with like 5 different ones with snape and i want these posters to plaster my walls with snapey goodness. my only problem is they dont sell them on the site and i cant find them anywhere!

where do i get these fabulous snape posters?
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Lyrical Truths?

What is your favorite, really profound, single sentence from a song. Where's it from?

Feel free to list more than one quote, but try to keep to only one quote per song.

Mine is, "If I could change anything then I wouldn't be me."

It's from Good To Love You Lady by Guy Clark.
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When you speak about medications, do you more often find yourself referring to them by their chemical names (clonazepam, acetaminophen) or their brand names (Klonopin, Tylenol)?

What was the last prescription medicine you took?


When you go to a food store that sells food items in different sizes, do you order the size first or last, or somewhere in the middle, or do you just wait for the food server to ask you what size? (ex: small fries, large Coke, grande caramel Frappuccino)? (Because, srsly, why would it even occur to someone to order a Coke large, or a fries small, or a white mocha tall, and it makes me fucking angry, this sentence is bad grammar)


Who's drinking tonight? Who's watching the Dancing Show? Who's drinking while watching The Dancing Show?

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For those of you who went to a midnight show last night:
How much money did you spend on movie theatre food? I spent fucking $40 on my card between three people. They paid me back, but still. I was amazed by how much they charged.
Did anyone find it as funny as I did? My friend and I practically laughed the whole time.
How badly did the whole theatre jump at that first Inferius? Everyone atleast jumped myself included, half the people yelled, and the girl beside me like had a heart attack practically. She screamed and then whimpered for like a minute.

If these have been asked already, or you didn't go to a midnight show: How much did you sleep last night?
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If you ask the question, "Do I look fat?" do you want a lie, or an honest answer even if it may suck?

Edit: I always want an honest answer. I ask my boyfriend because he sees angles I don't, and can tell me if I look terrible.

Cell Phone Annoyance

I recently got a new phone. Its a Samsung Alias 2 from Verizon. Whenever someone calls me, before the ringtone, my phone says: "Call from (Name)". I put up with it for awhile but now it's really annoying.
I've tried looking everywhere through my phone and Google, and I can't find my manual for my phone. I've had no luck yet. Does anyone know how to make it stop?

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my best friend has been dating this guy since January or February 2008. she's never introduced me to him(or anyone else for that matter, besides her parents a few months ago).

what would you think of that?

she's been saying the whole time she will introduce us and she'd like to but she never does. first she was worried i wouldn't like him but we got that all worked out and she realized she was just being overly anxious. now she says they're always getting into arguments and she doesn't want to bring me around when they do.
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Tattoo Woes...

I am the shop manager at a tattoo parlor in Charlotte, NC.

I have to ask TQC, WTF is up with everyone and their god damned sister getting star tattoos?

Stars across the foot, across the back, up the side, behind the ear, on the HAND, everywhere!

I swear to God, stars are the new tribal and our artists get really sick of tattooing stars and butterflies all day long.

Personally, I blame Rhianna.


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MAC USERS: My volume is suddenly not working. You know in the top bar where there's the little speaker icon? Well when I click on it it's all faded the options you can't use.

If I use the f3 f4 and f5 keys to try and turn it, there's a little circle with a line through it like a no smoking sign underneath the volume notches. In system preferences I can't change it!


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I find myself awake at 2am because my legs just feel like they want to keep moving.  I don't drink caffeine and I don't exercise before bed; this is making me crazy.

What are the best remedies to help you fall asleep at night?


Do you prefer a more sweet/smokey/tomtaoey sauce, or a more vinegary sauce?
Depends on what I'm eating it on!

What are you having for dinner?
Baked bbq boneless skinless chicken thighs, smashed potatoes made with compound butter (roasted & fresh garlic, so delish), and steamed sugar snap peas.

What are you craving?
Chocolate. Omg. I think after I'm done eating I'm gonna need to make a run to Walgreens up the street for some York patties. :|


My husband and I watched "The Changeling" the other night. For those who have not seen it, it is set in the late 1920's and early 1930's and stars Angelina Jolie as a mother whose child is snatched and she has to contend with police to keep looking for her child when they return the wrong boy to her while claiming the child is her actual son. There are alot of drop waist dresses and unconstructed blazers for women and dapper suits for men.

Anyways, my husband asked me if I thought that people would wear that style of clothing if it were available today. I know I would because I like the style.

What say you, Tee Cue See? Would you wear that type of clothing if it were sold?
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Transformers! Yeah!

Does anybody know where I can buy autobot and/or decepticon decals for someones vehicle?


ETA: I HAVE ALREADY GOOGLED IT, THANKS. I was hoping, and I should have included this earlier, that someone who had found them in store could direct me. I don't want to buy them online if I don't have to and google is showing me a lot of ebay and amazon links.
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For those of you who've semi-recently been on a Greyhound bus ... is there a weight limit on your carry-on bag? They'll check your first bag for free, right? If I have a backpack and I put my purse in it, will that count as a carry-on?

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does anybody remember the tetris-like game avalanche? it's from probably 1999 - 2002. you could play against real people and have ranking and everything. it was fun. anyone remember it??
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Imagine you have a friend in the hospital like they've been for three days, and they just underwent major surgery to put a plate in their leg. This friend says "I'm really sick of crying to myself" and complains of feeling lonely. Would the appropriate response be telling them to stop wallowing?

So, should I stop wallowing?
Tqc - I admit - I need a little cheering up. And yes I do typically hate these posts

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who is your absolute favorite singer?
like, who has changed your life, literally?
like, you were going through a hard time, and listened to them day and night to get you through ~troubles~

i would say Amy winehouse.
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If you take melatonin to help you sleep, do you experience any side effects, particularly vivid dreams? I've had trouble sleeping for a few weeks and I've considered taking it, but the whole vivid dream thing is kinda freaking me out.

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Can you please describe to me what kind of house/apartment/duplex/whatever you live in?

Does it have any cool aspects to it? (Like a secret room, awesome attic, cool architecture in general, etc.)

Feel free to add pictures! I love seeing the insides of of houses.

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How do you control yourself when you're angry?

Have you ever crossed the line during a fight?

* I have a lot of trouble calming myself down when I'm angry, especially when the person I'm angry at wont leave me alone. I have to go off by myself for a while and just breathe.

* I've gotten into fights with one of my exes where we mutually crossed the line. Mainly by throwing things at each other. Not fun :(
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What are some of your favorite movies?  

I'm looking for recommendations, basically.  I've run out of things I can think of that I want to see.  So far, in the last week, I've watched Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Old Boy, Amelie, Tokyo, and some horrible shit that called itself 'Brick' that I wouldn't wish on anyone to see.. ever.   

Edit:  You guys are awesome. 

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i was JUST about to post this:

tqc, i was just going over my grocery receipt from tonight, and i found this "WEG BNLS BRST" for $17.24. WEG = wegmans (the store therefore store brand) but wtf does the BNLS BRST mean? did i get ripped off?

then i realized it was the boneless chicken breast. so my question is this: does it make any sense to have the receipt print something so confusing that customers can't figure out what it is?

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On a weblog I read, they had a comment thread with a bunch of wedding proposal stories. I've been reading them all day for some inane reason (though more than likely due to the fact that my hormones are uh-raging). So, will you tell us your favorite proposal story? Can be funny/romantic/bittersweet.

Oh, and while we're at it, if you're crazy like this... if you haven't been engaged/don't have a good story, how would you like to be proposed to should the time come?

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do you believe that that apocalypse will happen on dec 21 2012?
are you at all skeptical?
do you think its fucked up that they are coming out with a movie about it when it could only be 3 years away?
what if the world was like fallout 3 that would sucked wouldn't it?