July 14th, 2009


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how many midnight harry potter showings are near you? near being close enough to go to.

right now, we're up to 20 within an hour of me. they keep adding more, though.

eta: i mean how many screens are they playing on, not how many theatres. there are only four theaters near me but between them, they have 20 screens with harry potter on them in LESS THAN 24 HOURS.
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I just pissed off my roommate by telling her that maybe if she had gotten tickets this weekend when I asked her to, we wouldn't be in this situation.

When's the last time you pissed someone off?
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It's 1am. What should I do?

Listen to Half Blood Prince Audiobook
Cross stitch
Watch True Blood Season 2 eps 3 and 4
Read Game of Thrones
Drink some chocolate milk

EDIT: Alright! Chocolate milk, True Blood, then sleep!
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At what point in the night does it become pointless to go to sleep?

It's 5:50 am, and I normally get up to go to class at 10. Is it worth me trying to get some sleep in there or should I just push through class and then nap afterwards, at 1?

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if you are seeing harry potter at/neat midnight tonight, when is your showing and what time are you getting there?

if you want to just tell me when i should get there: our showing is at 12:16am. fwiw, the 12:01 and 12:06 showings are sold out already but the 12:11 is not.

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Do you know any one who has been to Iraq?
Do you know any onewho has been to Afghanistan?
Do you know any who one has been killed/hurt in a car crash?


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Do you have any friends who have away messages that are just begging for responses from you?
Do you appease them and IM them in reference to these away messages or just ignore them?

The guy who I was/am sort of dating had "I will finally admit, I don't understand women" as his away message today and changed it as soon as it showed that I was active.
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I am going to the library in a bit and am looking for some fun, light-hearted reads. What would you suggest? I'm also up for mysteries and horror books, but nothing that's going to be incredibly difficult to follow.
Ron/Harry Domestic Dispute

For My Harry Potter Fans Out There

I'm going to the Harry Potter midnight premiere because I am not ashamed of my nerdiness. I want to declare my loyalty to the fandom in an unabashed fashion tonight. I already have fake glasses, a purple velvet witch hat (thank you costume thrift store!). I'm now trying to make myself a nerdy, custom-made HP shirt out of fabric markers and glitter glue, but I'm having a really hard time thinking of what I should put on it.

What would be a great HP-related pop culture reference (things like Potter Puppet Pals, how HP trumps Twilight, quotes from other movies, etc)/quote from the series that would be equally nerdy and awesome?
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I am trying to cut grass but there are 46535 spots I am skipping because of monster sized banana spiders everywhere!! What should I do!?

When using the phrases "a few of ___" or "a couple of ____"
do you mean them in literal terms like few=3 couple=2?

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Do you have any kids? If so, how many?
2-1/2 (I'm having #3 in dec.)

If you don't, do you plan on having kids? How many do you want to have?

In your opinion, how many kids is too many?
IMO, 4 is really pushing it. 5 is just crazy.

Oscar Mayer

Why are kids happy to eat bologna they have named but not farm animals that they have named?

If your kid named their lunch meat would you take them out for a psychiatric evaluation?

Have you ever seen the Wienermobile IRL?

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When I was in High School here in rural Virginia, they offered classes in three languages (besides English, obviously): Spanish, French, and Latin. I didn't have any particular interest in foreign languages prior to that, but taking three years of French really gave me an appreciation for them. Since then, they've added German and Japanese, but only in virtual classroom form.

What languages did your elementary/middle/high school offer you? Where was the school located? Which ones did you take?

What about in college, for those of you who have gone or are currently attending?

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Yesterday on my way to work, a pickup pulled out in front of me. There was a dirtbike tied down in the bed, and there was something I couldn't quite read emblazoned across the tailgate. I looked at it and had time to think "Does that say..." before he started pulling away from me. I was curious but he was hauling ass and kept getting farther away. Eventually I caught him at a stop sign, and sure enough, it read


Two questions:

Have you seen anything dumb on a car lately?

Do you think people mostly make their own trouble in this world?
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Desperate shot in the dark

TQC, my work computer server has started loading LiveJournal at a mostly-dead snail's pace -- when I can get it to load, it'll take upwards of 15 minutes per page, and that's without icons showing up or anything. It hasn't been blocked, but it's just LJ that's doing this.

It's been doing this for a week now.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I've tried different browsers, cleared cookies, restarted, unbookmarked and rebookmarked, and no luck.
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How do you suppose the Italians get away with having a word for Saturday which is sabato but a Vatican which claims the Sabbath is now on the first day of the week?
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Will you will out this grammar-related poll regarding "a" vs. "an" when dealing with "h"-words?

EDIT: apparently the poll isn't working. EDIT: now it's just a list and not a votable poll but I don't know how to fix it, sooo deal. EDIT: what a messs omg. do whatever.

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hot-button issue

"When eating out, I would rather pay more for my food than have to deal with the fussery/fuckery of the tipping culture."

I have another solution which I will explain in comments.

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Last night I had a dream that I was recounting all of the times I had been kidnapped and ran away to safety. Once I had been kidnapped along with a friend of mine, and another I had helped three other women escape with me.  It felt really familiar to me for some reason...

Have you had any strange dreams lately?

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Musicians, what instrument would you say is the hardest to learn? How about the easiest?

Smokers, why do we always want to smoke after we eat?

Anyone else, what song are you listening to?
- I'm listening to "I'm Gonna Live Forever" by Fame. It was in my head ALL DAY at work....
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I can't really find info on this anywhere, so here goes...

I start a new teaching job in fall, but I'd like a part-time job as well just to earn some extra cash. If I work an extra job, can my employer (the school) find out about it? If so, how?

It's not that I'm not allowed to work another job or anything, but I'm just curious as to how much they can find out about me without me explicitly telling them.

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Have you ever just picked up and moved to another city/state just to experience something new?  Do you know anyone who has? How did it turn out?

My friend and I just graduated from college, don't have any commitments, and were thinking of moving to the East Coast.

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Contradictory to my last post, why would I (or anyone) want to stay friends with their ex if they were a horrible person?

Have you ever had any expirience with making chinese sweet and sour sauce and chicken balls?
Would it be ok to shallow fry the chicken balls, and does frying them cook the chicken completely?

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When you're involved with someone, how important is it for you to be "official" boyfriendxgirlfriend, girlfriendxgirlfriend, boyfriendxboyfriend (any other i might have missed..?) ?
If it is important, why?

The guy I'm in love with says "I love you, it's that simple", but I want things to be official so bad and I'm not sure why.

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What embarrasses you on behalf of others? Where do you draw the empathy line?

Like, for example, you will laugh at someone who trips and falls but you will go "awww that sucks" and feel bad for a person who, say, has spinach in their teeth during an obvious first date.

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What are some of the worst/most ridiculous business names you've heard of?

Beds Beds and More [sic], Wiggles and Giggles, Chinesefood.com (their website is not chinesefood.com)

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Does anyone have experience with Pell Grants?
How much did your grant help you?

If you were chosen for verification, did having untaxed income (i.e. $$$$ gift from non-parent) reduce or eliminate your grant amount?

It would be cool to have 75% of my university finances paid for this year. ♥
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It's time for me to start studying for the ACT and SAT.  I know it's still summer, but I think it's best to get a headstart of this type of thing.  I'd like to get books on the preparation for those two tests, and I was wondering which were the best for each test.

So TQC, which books would you recommend me to help study for the ACT and SAT?

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im looking for chuck norris....have you seen him?

i was at mcdonalds with my nephew trying to buy all the ice age toys for him and a girl thats a little bit older than my nephew ran in front of us and ordered like 4 happy meals and then stuck her tongue out at me.
so she needs to be taught a lesson.

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What does a Charley Horse mean to you, and where do you live or where did you grow up?

I grew up in southern New Jersey and to me it always meant that wicked calf cramp you get in the middle of the night sometimes if you're dehydrated or low on potassium.

To a lot of my friends now in Connecticut, it means when someone punches you in the thigh and your leg spasms (or whatever.. I never had it happen to me, thank god). To me, that was a dead leg.

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this is my last full day of my internship. the girl i'm supposed to train with is actually my really good friend here. however, she went home for 4 days (about 6 hours away) to see her mom who is ill. i've tried calling her and i'm waiting for her to answer my texts (no luck yet). she is supposed to be back in the office today.

should i call another supervisor and try to train in another department for a second time or should i just wait it out to see if she comes in in the afternoon (and hopefully get half the day off!)?

take half day off because my internerrr isn't here OR be proactive and try training in another department for a second time?
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I am ordering Dominoes because I don't feel like going out and I want to try their pasta bowls.

It is giving me a play by play online of what is happening to my pizza. Currently it says "Our Delivery expert, Mikhail, left the store with your order at 6:55."

Then it gave me the option to share this with facebook. Would you share that with facebook?

What is the most bizarre thing a website has ever made possible for you to share with facebook?

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Have you ever bought anything off of amazon.com from the individual sellers only to find the object in worse condition than described? If you have, can you tell me what the experience was like dealing with Amazon to get credit back/return the product/etc. ?

I tried to buy my genetics textbook off of there but the book was in a LOT worse condition than they said and now I'm pissed. I bought two other "used" textbooks from different places and they were perfectly fine. Am I screwed out of my money?

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what does this say?

it is part of the 1920 census in long island new york. the left column is a trade and the right column is an industry. i thought the first one said merchant, drug store but there is not a G.

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My friend is turning 21 next week. I'm making the cupcakes for her party and was thinking of doing a tropical theme. I can "draw" simple shapes with chocolate, so what tropical/luau inspired stuff should I throw on top of the cupcakes?

What did you have for dinner?
Any suggestions for what I should have?

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did anyone ever find that website/program/whatever it was, that you can track all the posts you've ever made in a community?

btw TQC partayyy going on. lots of hookers&blow obvs. aim chat= thequestionclub
if you need an invite, leave your aim. although i might be afk soon so do it asap.
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The book of Revelation draws from the book of Daniel for the symbolic language it uses. There are two beasts in chapter 13--one from the sea and the other from the earth--and the beast of the earth is subordinate to the beast of the sea. The beast of the sea is worshiped as God, and the beast of the earth gets people to worship the beast of the sea. Some have identified one beast as the Vatican City, and they've identified it that way because Daniel is given a prophecy of kingdoms and their leaders, which were represented as types of beasts of the earth. Say they're correct and the Pope is the false prophet mentioned in Revelation 20:10.

Will Joseph Ratzinger stay true to the Italian Peninsula and let the Italians stay?
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Wedding hair

What is the big deal with brides growing their hair out for their weddings? I'm a bride to be and everyone keeps asking about me growing my hair out and it's getting very annoying. I like my hair short and it looks good short (just above the shoulders, not like bad ass short or anything.)

If I were to grow my hair out I would end up just cutting it immediately after the wedding. Do doesn't the idea of growing it out just seem silly??

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Guys why can't I get off on ANY kind of porn anymore? Have I watched TOO MUCH and broken that part of my brain??

Should I go to HP alone tonight? I really really really want to see it, but it would probably be depressing to be in line with all the shrieking annoying pre-college kids with no friends for me to shriek with.
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Inspired by the pancake question a few down:

What's your favorite dough/batter/raw bready stuff to eat ..raw?  I tried pancake/waffle batter a while ago, it's GOOD.  Cornbread batter/dough on the other hand, is almost painful and too salty or something raw.  But good cooked.   Cake batter is my first, followed by cookie and then brownie.

Or are you one of those people who say NOOO!!! you'll get sick from the OMG RAW EGGS!! (I personally think pasteurized eggs come directly from God, skipping chicken butt and pasteurization and processing and all that because they are just so yay)

post-apocalypse inventing

If some catastrophe happened that made humankind lose all technology (world war III, alien attack, judgement day maybe) how long would it be before someone invented the shower again? Put another way, what priority would the survivors put on being able to turn a knob and have steamy hot water spray on them?
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My car was in the shop for 2 months,
when I got it back, it had gotten so hot [about 103 for a few weeks without rain] that my inspection sticker is starting to peel off.

So if that happens to that adhesive... then why, if you are duct taping windows [hurricanes for example], the heat bakes the glue onto window almost impossible to remove?

edit to add: and how do I get said tape remnants off of my windows!?

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1)what do you feel guilty about?

I feel guilty about thinking 'man, my tubes just tied themselves' when I see a child with severe behavioral issues.

2)What's the worst comic you've ever read?

3)TQC, should I go to bed or continue to be on the net? It's 9:30 here. no work tomorrow.
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In New South Wales, Australia, the highest quality of news and critical international developments are dished up in the The Daily Telegraph. Tonight's "breaking news" is the growing pandemic of the face brag.

So in the interests of public awareness, I ask...

  • What have your experiences with the face brag been?
  • What's the most gratuitous facebrag you've seen?
  • Do you have facebook/twitter friends who do nothing but face brag?
  • Give me a facebrag!

    cocacola_sorrow is drinking cheap CHAMPAGNE to celebrate her MASTERY of the qwerty keyboard!!!
  • homemade presents!

    my boyfriend's brithday is in two weeks. due to the fact we both work casual and don't live at home we are pretty broke.

    i want to make him some presents, but i have no idea what to make.

    what homemade (reasonably cheap) things can i make for him? excluding a scrapbook of some kind.
    ( movie ) steve3.

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    say you find a little 3 year old boy in an alleyway and you know his parents are drunks that don't feed him. you take him in for a couple of days then bring him to the police. what do they do with the child now?

    srs answers only please.

    edit: this is for a story i'm writing, so it's totally hypothetically speaking
    [Cephalopods] Need love!


    TQC, today I went to go feed duckies at a park near my house and right as I was about to settle down in the shade to read a book, I suddenly hear all these sirens, and I look up to see there's white smoke billowing out from behind the hill on the other side of the lake!

    I promptly gathered my things and headed up a flight of stairs that takes me out of the park. When I got to the top, there was this long stretch of road, and it sounded like the firetrucks were right around the corner. I walked around a blind curve and about a hundred feet away from me was a bunch of firetrucks and six foot tall flames! Needless to say, I high tailed it out of there.

    Have you ever seen a wildfire? EDIT: How close were you to the fire? What was it like?

    Do you think the duckies are all right?!
    Oh hay thar

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    Your SO is passed out on the couch, remote in hand, drooling, with "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" on TLC. He/she worked a 14 hour shift of hard manual labour today and probably won't be awake for a long time. You have not slept alone in your bed in...5 years. Do you leave him/her on the little couch and enjoy stretching out in bed knowing he/she might wake up sore, or do you suck it up, and bring him/her to bed?
    the decemberists

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    TQC, I've been flying a lot recently, and I want to know:

    -Do you like flying?
    -What airline do you normally fly? Which one is your favorite?
    -When is the last time you flew? What was the destination? Why?
    -What's the longest flight you've ever been on?
    -What about the shortest?
    -What's the scariest flight you've ever been on? What happened?
    -What about the best/most memorable flight?
    -What's your favorite airport?

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    i have a sore throat and what feels like a huge lump on the left side of my throat. Im kind of scared because i smoke about a half pack a day, and what if its cancer? I know what a sore throat feels like and this isnt it, idk.


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    What is something nostalgic you'd like to do again?

    I had this sudden hankering to toss ping pong balls into a zillion glass bowls filled with goldfish. When, you know, I could just buy one for 10 cents.

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    TQC would you ever rent a pet? Why or why not?
    Do you think renting pets is ethical?

    I'm asking because my boyfriend recently told me it's decently popular in Japan and I'd like to know other peoples thoughts on it.