July 13th, 2009

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Do you have a routine to fall asleep? Like, do you need to listen to music or watch tv for a bit or something? My routine is all messed up and I have been stressed and not sleeping well. Tell me about yours!
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what do you do when you're feeling lonely?

do you like being single or being in a long term relationship?

what do you think about the tv show ugly betty?

do you keep your chocolates in the fridge?

have you ever tried eating the durian fruit? where i live, it's just another fruit, but it was on fear factor once and the contestants thought it was vile. if you've tried it, did you really think it was that awful? it's so sweet i don't understand how people can think it's disgusting.

when did you last eat at a restaurant?

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What is that website where people send in random pictures of them holding signs of quotes from friends and stuff? I don't even know how to explain it, my friend told me about it and it was pretty cool. People pose all over the world just holding handwritten signs of quotes...

Any ideas?
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what is this difference between playing an electric and acoustic guitar? i know, note-wise, everything will be the same. but how does one feel over the other? is one more difficult, are the strings harder on one over the other?

doing a creative writing piece and there's a scene coming up where one character introduces the other to the electric guitar, so any insight you can give would be awesome.

Tim onstage!

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I work at a summer day camp, and am a general counselor there. We were only supposed to have three weeks of camp this year, but due to some last-minute funding coming our way, decided to add on another two weeks last-minute. Our director pretty much told us just the other day, "So, yeah. We need lesson plans from you guys for those two weeks, like...now." Great, I know.

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If you don't want to help me with my lesson plans: what's your favorite band, and why?
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What's some trivial detail about history you've always wondered about?

I've wanted to learn about hair care in Europe in the 1600-1800's - how they dealt with split ends, if their hair was as shiny and colorful as ours is now, etc.

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Okay, so earlier I was feeling sleepy and was lying on my bed with my eyes closed, listening to music. You know how your mind kind of wanders and you think stupid things when you get really tired?

Well, that was going on, and in my sleepy-wonderings, I was walking down a staircase. Without even realizing what I was doing, I actually stuck my foot out in the air irl, like I was walking. When there wasn't a step there (obviously) I freaked out and thought I was falling. The thing is, I wasn't asleep .I was still aware that I was lying in bed, but I somehow didn't register I was moving around. It was like a freaky daydream or trance.

WTF? Has this ever happened to anyone else?  I'm really curious now..

okay, it's more common than I thought! good to know. my friend was acting like I had lost my mind when I told him.

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Am I going crazy, or is my TQC page gaining and then losing weight like crazy? Oh noes, is TQC bulimic? :(

For a less meta question:

How old is your pet? Do you celebrate your pet's birthday (or the day you got them?) Will you show us a picture of your pet being awesome/cute/great? (I love TQC pet picture posts)
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Do you actually use your toilet paper holder? Or does it just sit on the counter, or whatever is closest? My dog chewed up my holder a long time ago, and it's one of those things I just never think to buy when I'm at the store.

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Let's say every Monday you and your coworkers discuss your weekend.
If you had a really bad weekend, do you still say so or just brush over it and say that it was okay?

How was your weekend?
Aren't Mondays awful? Is there some way to make them less sucky?

chain mail

LOL you guys, I got an irl chain letter in the mail yesterday. (I was unaware that people still actually did this shit... but I digress.) APPARENTLY I can earn $800,000 JUST by going to this company and buying a list of 200 names/addresses (which my name/address was apparently on and I am NOT happy about), making 200 photocopies of the FOUR-PAGE letter, and sending them to the poor unsuspecting people.

I should write back to Patrick Spad of Derby, CT and tell him that he is a gullible imbecile and that NO I am not going to send him $1.00, y/n?

I should also write to Data Line (the company that sells names/addresses) to GET MY INFO THE FUCK OUT OF THEIR DATABASES so I don't get any more of this shit, y/n?

Have you ever gotten an irl chain letter? Did you pass it on?

cashing check in the US

Can I go to any bank and cash a check made out in my name? The check is from a third party and the bank is a small bank and it doesn't have a branch in my area. Can I just walk over to HSBC (closest bank to me) and cash it? Will they charge a fee for it? It's a small amount.

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is it unsafe to store listerine at high temperatures?... high = 90-100 degrees F.

if listerine was in a 90/100 degree room for a few days, it's still usable.. right? 

i'm REALLY paranoid. 

ETA... what's the longest you've gone without brushing your teeth?
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A 16 year old friend of the family has offered to watch my 7 year old Mon-Fri, 9-5 for 2 straight weeks for free while his summer camp is closed down for two weeks (wtf!?). I offered her money but she declined. She's a girly girl, likes parties, boys, clothes, etc. I am looking to bring her something in the range of $100-$150 on the first day she takes him. She will be the only one with him everyday and she is not the type to sit my kid in front of the TV all day. Her house has an indoor pool, theater and a tennis court so she's definitely not without anything she needs. Any ideas?
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i  know most of my questions here have never been serious.. but i could use some real feedback on this one.
and some background info. we been together for 2 years. have  a son together that turns 1 soon.. and he is currently away in Fort Leonard Wood, MO since he is in the military.

i looked at the call logs on my bfs phone. he has been talking to this girl alot. everyday. several times a day. texting her all day long..

i asked him about it, and he said it was just a friend. that they only talk about their babies.
i did not believe him. so i went ahead and asked her.

it turns out i was right, he wants to be more than just friends with her..

i dont know what to do. and i feel like.. well, i cant even describe it.
i asked her to meet me in person to talk. so we are going to do that..

what should i do? i dont even know how to confront him about this, i still cant believe this is happening.
please cheer me up. =( im at work and just trying to get through the day without crying in front of everyone.

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If you're sending flowers to a funeral service, are any colors okay, or are you supposed to stick with certain colors? Asking the family the colors of the service is not an option.

I am thinking of going with one of these two arrangements. Opinions?

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If you use a foreign word in the middle of a sentence, do you try to pronounce that word with the proper accent or do you just localize it?
e.g. "I ate some tortillas with chorrizo today." Does 'chorrizo' get a Spanish accent or an American/Australian/British/etc. accent?

How about if you're speaking a second language and you throw in a word/name from your first language? "Estoy hablando con Mary, mi novia."

Finally, Ne-vahh-da (vah rhymes with 'clap' or 'had') or Ne-va-da ('va' rhymes with 'pa' or 'knock')?

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Does anyone else get all worked up before making phone calls, and put it off until the very last minute?

I really really hate calling businesses or people that I'm not close with. I just had to call my car dealer to schedule an appointment and actually wrote out the message I was going to leave him on his voice mail ahead of time so I didn't screw it up :( I also hate calling work and have chosen to go in sick rather than call in numerous times before because I hate it so much.

edit: I feel so much better about myself now that I know lots of other people do this too!
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What do you listen to when you're trying to put yourself in a good mood?

I have my entire college suite to myself so I have absolutely no shame in dancing around like a crazed idiot to get happy. Do you ever dance around like a crazed idiot? How so?

Accio glasses!

I'm seeing Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince tonight at the Uptown theater in Washington, D.C. for the critics screening in advance of the July 15th release date.

Do you hate me?

Would you dress up if you were me? 

I lament that I left my HP glasses at home :(
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If you were watching a program called, "The 650lb Virgin" and by the end of the show, after the dude loses the weight and looks pretty good, would you be disapponted if he didn't get laid?
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1. Do NYC cabs take payment other than cash? My mom and I are going to NYC next week and my mom is afraid to carry a lot of cash around (though we'll only be taking cabs at night). My google-fu is failing me.

2. There's that saying that the book is always better than the movie. But TQC, what are some movies you've seen that are better than the book?

What is your Drag Name?

Take the name of your first pet as your first name. Take the name of the first street that you lived on as your last name. This is your drag name*.

In my case, the first street that I lived on was 84th Street. That doesn't work. So, I'll take the name of the next street that I lived on. My drag name?

Mitten Norman

* Bonus points for posting a photo of yourself in drag.
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My dad wanted me to ask this question:

If a pregnant woman is on an American boat, bound for America, but she herself is an immigrant, and she gives birth on board, is that child an immigrant or an American citizen?
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To all tqc-ers who own/have owned dogs:

My older dog has started to become real posessive over his things,including myself and my family, since we got a second dog over a month ago. Our newer dog is quite timid around him as a result. Our older dog has always been a bit posessive over his dog treats and whatnot,but it's getting a bit much.

How do you discipline a dog who's being posessive and get them out of the habit?

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Ok so there are certain smallish chain restaurants or products with local distribution that you can only get in certain areas. And they tend to breed a rabid fanaticism where people who live there, or once lived there, cannot stop mentioning how much they love this product and what a travesty it is that you can't get it everywhere.

Which local chains and/or products have the most irritating supporters?

My vote is for In N Out, but Wawa kids are a close second.

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I have three magazine subscriptions, but I've only gotten one so far this month and only got two last month. I think someone is stealing them.

Has this ever happened to you? What can I do about it? Is it possible to get a mailbox with a lock?
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What are some of your favourite 'small' things in life? Things like finding a parking meter with time left on it, paying with exact change, finding that missing sock, pouring a soda and having the fizz come right up to the top of the cup but not spilling? Anything, what tiny thing is guaranteed to put a smile on your face?

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have u ever gotten into a fender bender?
what happened?

i got in my first one today and it was the guys fault. he was halfway in the turning lane and in my lane and i slammed into the back of him. he freaked the fuck out and called the cops even though it was his fault and i knew it. the cops showed up and asked what happened and confirmed it was his fault. they let me go and the guy was fucking PISSED.

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I am going to be baby sitting two little girls (one is 6 and her sister is 4) this evening for about an hour. I have never done this before. What do I do with them?

I live near a park. I was thinking of taking them there. I am not experienced in this!!

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Did you have a "Sweet Sixteen" party?
Did you do a candle lighting ceremony?
Do you know what I'm talking about? Where are you from?

The candle lighting ceremony is when the birthday girl dedicates each candle to a different person (or people) in her life and gives a reason. "My first candle goes to my Mom because she's always been there for me" or whatever other generic crap you can come up with.
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First of all HUGE thanks to everyone who replied to my post earlier.. I talked to the girl and I broke down for a good 20 minutes. And then he called me. It was pretty pathetic. And I think I'm doing really really well. No more tears!! I told him i dont think its workin out.. And he can do whatever he wants hes a big boy =)

I need to take my mind of this.

#1 Give me something to make me laugh. Better yet, what are some good songs saying "I'm better off without you anyways..I'm gonna be happy no matter what"
You know something like that?

#2. If you were in my position.. At home being a single mommy, working and paying bills. Your soon to be husband is off in the military. You find out for the last week that you two have been having some difficulties he's been trying to get things going wiht someone else. They talk over the phone everyday.. though no physical contact since she lives in the same town as you. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?



0. Not really!
1. Apparently I make LJ entries on post-it notes. And surf what little internet is not blocked. And pay bills. (It should be noted that there wasn't actually any work I should have been doing at the time.)
2. There ya go.
3. Abhorring the color scheme.
4. Yes. And I did it wrong :(

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TQC, what are you anxious about right now? :T

I'm anxious for a test I have tomorrow which I am not even remotely ready for, and also anxious about an email I sent to an old friend with whom I haven't spoken in like a year and a half (we did not part on good terms)... mostly anxiously wondering if he'll reply or not.

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I'm looking at the TSA's website and it says underwire bras will set off the alarm.

Have any of you that wear bras had a problem with this? All I have an underwire bras, and the last time I flew was before I had boobs.

If you don't care- What are you having for dinner?

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For the Harry Potter premiere, I will be wearing a green and white shirt, my high school graduation gown, carrying a wand and will have a dark mark on my arm. Is there anything else I can do to complete the Slytherin/wizard look?

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I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with my old group of friends again, and my ex-best friend and I were acting just like things had always been. A few times during the dream I thought to myself "Why the hell am I here? When did I agree to this?" and would be angry for a while, considering we parted on horrible terms, but then would forget and just have an okay time again.

Keeping in mind that I really don't want to have anything to do with that group ever again, wtf is this dream supposed to mean?

I have dreams about ex-friends a lot. What does this say about me?

Will you tell me about a dream you had concerning someone you don't talk to/like?
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Let's say you're on vacay- swimming around, sitting around in swimwear, getting laid. You get a yeast infection, or what you think is a yeast infection. You're the only female around and you can't see a doctor. You can't go to a pharmacy either, at least for another day or so. You can't ask vaginapagina for advice because you're a dumbass and don't have posting access (???).

What the HELL do you do?

Purely hypothetical, of course.

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What do you always forget when you travel, TQC?

I'm going on a week-long vacation and I KNOW I'm going to forget something, even though I've made a list of everything that I need (well, at least I think it's everything :\).

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EDIT: also, does anyone else LOVE the feeling of a cold wet cat nose rubbing on you? I love it and I am always sneakily trying to get my cat to rub his NOSE specifically on me.

I'm in Providence, RI, 3.75 hours from NYC more or less. On 7/18 (Saturday), should I:

• drive/take a bus to NYC for Siren Fest on Coney Island (lineup/website)––I have work Friday night and Sunday evening so Saturday is my only day off. BUT one million amazing bands will be performing and Coney Island is so fucking fun and all that.

• help staff the Brown Student Radio (my radio station) table at the IndieArts fest in RI (info)? It would be a bit less awesome in terms of experiences but it would also be MUCH less crowded and miserable, and I'd be in the position of providing info/recruiting, which I love, instead of lost and useless concert-goer. Also Providence Roller Derby will be there!

plx help

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I am having a major brain fart. what is it called when you get the police to write something up that forbids one person from going within a certain distance from another person?

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if someone is having a birthday dinner at a restaurant in a private room and you're invited...

do you wear something nice? (ie. a dress or nice dress shirt)
do you assume you'll have to pay for your own meal?
do you bring a gift?
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I have an interview with Sephora on Wednesday. Yay!
But I failed my online math class, and now transferring to a new school seems impossible. Boo.
So the good lord giveth, and the good lord taketh away?
If my interview with Sephora goes well, should I just go for a full time position? It's just a regular retail position but there's room for growth.
Or should I stay in school and work full time part time?

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You know those people who seem to constantly lie? They pump up the stories of their life so you just look at them like "Oh, really, now?" Do you know anyone like that? Do you call them out on their bs or just ignore it?

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Pop Quiz, friends.

You live at home but are unable to pay for college and are intelligent enough to do well in the Air Force (should you bite the bullet and join).
However, your mother (whom you love dearly) has a severe mental disorder (Borderline Personality Disorder) and is unmedicated. She is high-functioning but vulnerable. You are her only in-country contact and you cannot leave her for fear she will hurt herself or others.

What do you do?
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So today one of my coworkers used the phrase "I could care less" and I pointed out why that sounds stupid. This is her response:

"No, because to care any less I'd have to put effort into it, and I really don't give a shit."

Do you feel she has a point, or do you think she's just a moron?
I'm voting moron, she's 24 and still misuses your/you're, which is damn near unforgivable in my book.
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Anyone familiar with Providence, RI? I'm taking a bus from Boston to Kennedy Plaza tomorrow and need to get to the airport from there. Does anyone know the easiest way to do that? The whole RIPTA website is confusing me a lot. Or alternatively, is there an easy way to get to the airport from the commuter rail?
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At what point of dating a new potential partner do you consider yourself 'exclusive' (assuming you desire a monogamous relationship)?

i.e., after one date do you stop seeing anyone else? Three? Do you only stop when you have a formal 'we are exclusive now' talk?

What if you already have a pre-established fuckbuddy, do you just phase them out, or how does that work for you?

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What small/silly/stupid things have you formed attachments to?

I need to change a phone number and I'm having a hard time because I've had it for so long. Same thing happened when I wanted to change my LJ username. I didn't like it anymore but it was mine and I was used to it.

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In World War Two was there a significance to Cherokee Indian Tattoos? I can't find anything and I'd like to know what the deal with grandpappy is..He was European..if that means anything...

Thanks heaps!

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For the past few days I've been feeling rather lonely and I really miss my old life back in New Jersey.

Will you do a boring Maryland mom a favor and remind her why she left Jersey in the first place?

*please stress on the high cost of living as much as possible.

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how would a straight girl go about asking a straight guy to just hang out?

i don't want to date this guy but i think we'd be great friends. but i'm afraid to ask him to do something because i feel like guys always, always, always assume if you're even looking in their direction you have a thing for them.
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1. I found a flea today. Should I be worried or should I wait to be worried if I find more? Thing is my cats don't go outside. I got a kitten recently from my vet office, but they gave her a bath before I picked her up (though she didn't have fleas). I've never had a flea in my house before. :( If I do find more fleas, what do I do, if anything, besides treating the cats?

2. When you go out to a restaurant with a group of people (say 3 or more), do you split the check evenly so everyone pays the same amount or do you let everyone just pay for their own order? What if everyone orders something more expensive than your meal or orders alcohol or dessert while you don't (so if you split it evenly, you'd end up paying for more than what you actually ordered)? I've only ever been out with groups where we all pay for our own orders, but this is mainly because not all of us carry cash.

Want to trade in that V-card?

I haven't asked anything really creepy here in ages and ages, so I thought I'd just grit my teeth and make the effort.

Would any of you like me to be your first sexual partner? That's right, I'm offering to take (or accept) your virginity. I've never been anyone's first, and I'm getting on in years, so if it's going to happen it probably ought to happen soon. Besides, my wife owes me one.

--You need to be at least 18 years old, with I.D. to prove it.

--You need to be female.

--You need to travel to the Washington D.C. area to meet me.

--You need to be polite to my wife when you're introduced, also to my 12 year old son.

--You need to pay your own way.

We will use condoms, but you must also use a second form of birth control, and it is up to you to provide it.