July 12th, 2009


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I work in an office with a woman whose children call her incessantly. One is 30 and the other is 15. The 15 year old called at least ten times on Friday asking: what to put on her sandwich, where to find her bathing suit, and how to plug in her cell phone among other things.

Would you have called your parents at that age to ask about something like that?
What did you do during the summer when you were 15?
Were you allowed to call your parents at work?

digital cameras

I am looking for a new digital camera (dont need to get it here in australia, in fact, waiting till i get to china would probably make it cheaper), doesnt need to be fancy, all i need is the ability to select a decent range of shutter speeds (my current one doesnt), and can display the current f-number (need it to do a decent range of exposures for the solar eclipse in ten days time).

to make this more relevant, what sort of camera do you have.

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Okay so if you are not done with school, imagine you are.
But generally speaking, is having a college degree a factor in whether or not you'd date someone old enough to have one? If it's necessary to you, then why?

ETA: I think maybe the obsession of degrees as markers of personal validity is a Silicon Valley thing.

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How old are you?

15 or younger
16 or 17
18 - 21
22 - 29
30 - 40
40 - 50
50 +

At what age did you lose your virginity?

15 or younger
16 or 17
18 - 21
22 - 29
30 +
I still have my v-card

anyone speak french?!

what does "Toi et moi on reve le mere reve temps, distance, tout ca n'a pas importance. quand le coeur reve le mere reve."

My boyfriend sent it to me in a text and i am sure it is very sweet but i am dying to know what it says.
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I'm having trouble remembering a word-- I know the meaning, don't worry. It was last, for me, used by a friend of mine when she was describing a particular film adaptation of a popular novel. She read the book after seeing the movie, and told me that "of course, there's a lot more ________..." The word I understood to be "more backstory," "wordy" or "contain more information," but I can't seem to remember the word now. It might have begun with a "e." It is, of course, a noun. Can anyone help me discern this particular word?

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have you ever had a really good facial where it didn't hurt? (yes i realise 'facial' sounds awful but you know what i mean)
a friend and i are always in tears when we get facials but our other two friends find it really relaxing.

should i just ask for a simple mask facial next time and tell them to please leave my blackheads alone, or would it be pointless that way? i just want someone to put on mask after mask after mask on my face, instead of squeezing that stuff out.

eta: do facials really not hurt for you guys? don't they poke and squeeze your nose dry? am i just going to a really dodgy place?!
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^ me ^ <-dilemma

OOOOOOOOkie doke. i took an ill-fated flight from buffalo to new york on tuesday. they have, thus far, misplaced my checked bag. they give you up to $600 to cover the lost items, but the real problem is that the bag contained several dresses that i really love, but that are over a year old. i just found one of them listed on ebay once and one listed three times.

if you were me, would you send the £60 to get the dresses ASAP, then potentially have duplicates (these aren't, like... plain dresses, so you wouldn't have need for more than one) OR would you wait and see if the bag is really gone for good, then buy?

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a 25 year old woman and her 55 year old father accidentally see each other naked. who is more mentally scarred?

would your answer change if it was a son and his mom?

what about if the pair was of the same gender?

ETA: what i mean by "mentally scarred" is: who would be more repulsed... who would have more trouble getting the image of their naked mother/father/son/daughter out of their mind... not PERMANENT scarring.
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1) Tea drinkers: what sorts of tea would you recommend to someone who's drunk mostly black teas and the occasional green tea (and as far as herbals go, just chrysanthemum) and wants to expand their horizons? Also, loose-leaf or bagged?

2) Can anyone recommend a decent brand of semipermanent hair dye that comes in not-Halloweenish colors?

3) What should I get my best guy friend and his fiancee to celebrate their engagement?

EDIT: 4) Any ideas for an upbeat, "keep-my-SO-awake-on-the-drive-down-to-Baltimore" playlist?

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I have a meatloaf and potatoes in the oven. Seems like parents went out mid-work. Judgind by the potatoes, it hasn't been in the oven for a long time. I know where they are and it seems a little rude to call them because they've gone toa friend's family on a wake.
Approximetely, how much time do I have before I have to call parents? I can't cook squat, I have no idea what to do with the thing in the oven

Yeah. I'm not very coherent, I just woke up.


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My friend is turning 21 in a few weeks. I've known her since we were 5. We don't talk much at all but we're super close. Would making her a little scrapbook with pictures of us be really cheesy as part of a birthday gift? Should I just make it pictures of her instead?

Can you recommend any good books that you've read lately?

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if you hit a parked car, would they call the police on you for hit and run?

ETA:would the police just show up to my door?
last night i hit a car in the parking lot, i didnt even feel it so thats why i didnt stop or anything :/

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My bf just left the apartment for the day to go play airsoft, and my dog is sitting in front of the door whining because she's a daddy's girl (let's totally disregard that I'm still here... he's obv her favorite). (It's not an "I-need-to-go-outside" whine, I just took her out.) How can I make her stop? Srs/non-srs.

What, in addition to browsing TQC, are you doing RIGHT NOW?
Watching Bad News Bears. Ummm... it's Sunday morning, there's nothing on TV.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?
One of my bffs is coming to my city (from like 1500 miles away) for a journalism conference in a couple weeks, and she's staying for a few days afterward to hang out with meeee!!! I haven't seen her in more than a year and I am PUMPED.
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If you could make $5 a day just by not watching any TV, how many days do you think you'd last?
What if it was $50/day?

What if you made $100/day, but with the added stipulation that you couldn't watch any DVDs either?

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1)What things that people used to eat more often surprise you?

I still can't get with the idea of cooking with lard.

2)What sort of things that we eat now do you think will gross out future generations?


3)Giving people only 8 tickets to graduation is super cruel, y/y?

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Have you ever assumed or perceived somebody to act a certain way for one reason only to find out they were acting like that for some other reason?

Like, some kid in the library yesterday decided to color his entire stomach black with marker and then hop on top of a table and start dancing. Everyone thought he was just being a stupid little kid to make his friends laugh, but he actually had a mental illness.
Oh noes!
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A friend of mine had her baby about a month ago. We're not very close but we expected to become closer when her baby was born since the father is my husband's best friend. But the dad left her and so I haven't even seen her since the baby was born. Every time we make plans to hang out, something happens and I end up not able to go and I'm afraid she thinks I'm a bit of a flake. I was supposed to come visit her today around two o'clock. This morning I woke up with a really high fever and swollen tonsils, and my husband took my car to drill with him, leaving me only his truck that isn't really safe for a baby (I have a seven month old). I texted her to ask if she still wanted me to come over since I'm sick and I don't really want to get her baby sick. She hasn't answered me yet.

If she doesn't answer, should I load up my kid into the truck and go over there?

Nevermind, she just texted me that she still wants me to come. Am I just really neurotic or is it weird for a mom to be okay with having a sick person around their new baby?
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someone is visiting my city [mpls] in a couple weeks and has one evening to free.
if i can think of something wild/crazy enough we are going to hang out.
i haven't been very wild and crazy as of late. what are some general wild and crazy things we can do [not specific to minneapolis. give me a general idea and i can tailor it to my city].
nothing with drugs.
and wild and crazy sex is a given, if the other wild and crazy things turn out okiay.
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I'm watching a CSI where they're talking about a pickpocket training school. There are mannequins with bells on them, and if you can grab the wallet, money, etc without ringing a bell, it's successful.

What illegal skill would you like to have even if you never committed a crime with it?

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I finally caved and gave into Apple by purchasing my first ever ipod. I loaded everything onto it and have been using it around the clock, but then my (non-MAC) computer crashed and I lost my library. BUT, since everything is on my ipod, can I put it back on my computer? I've been sitting on itunes all morning and I can't figure out how to do that. Is it possible? If it isn't possible, does that mean I can't make playlists or use this interesting looking igenius stuff?
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No idea where this question comes from.  My brain gets oddly curious.

Say you are a woman(or, for that matter, a man) who believes that it is best to breastfeed small children.  There is a pair of parents, where the woman is unable to breastfeed.  The parts simply don't work, and no medical procedure will make them work.

Normally, you'd go to formula.  But lets say, in this couple, the father happens to be one of those very rare males whose mammary glands work.  Well, technically, that isn't very rare, it's just that we don't have the hormone balance to turn them on under normal circumstances.  Most males do have mammary glands that should work given the right hormone balance.  In this case, the fathers mammary glands turn on and start producing milk.

His milk is just as safe and nutritious for the child as a womans would be.  It is also produced in sufficient quantity.
There is no medical risk to the father should he breastfeed.
The father is perfectly willing to do this or not based on what is best for his child.
Choosing to go with formula is not a financial hardship.
You would have chosen breastfeeding without a second thought if the mother was capable of doing it.

Do you have the father breastfeed or do you use formula?
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Will you tell me about a time that sex ruined a friendship for you?

A few months ago I cheated on my boyfriend when I drunkenly hooked up with my best guy friend in the whole world; now I can't see that friend anymore.

How the fuck do I deal with this shit...

I need to confront someone.

I have known this woman for ages, and we have never been very close- but we have had a strange relationship. She is a chronic liar, and has repetitively hurt a friend of mine for over four years by faking friendship. She has also harmed myself via sexual harassment since we were in high school (3rd year college now). I believe that this woman is bisexual- although she has been in a relationship with a man for three years. She has grabbed me, made lewd comments and been aggressively sexual to me numerous times. I have even woken up with her hand down my pants. (I am openly bisexual, and she slanders me all of the time)

Because of her passive-aggressive nature and her tendency to lie out of her teeth it is very hard to talk to her- so I need to know how to go about this. I am not worried about keeping our relationship- I would be very fucking happy to be rid of her, but I need to express my rage at her behavior over the years. Someone has to say something.

Anyone have a situation where you just needed to chew someone out before you end the relationship?
What did you do and how did it work?

chihuahua, lucas

asshole problem

Another query regarding my batshit neighbours:

A board from my fence is now missing and I'm assuming it was my crazy, drunken neighbours. It was there this morning. It's always been a little wobbly, but now it's completely GONE. My dogs are really tiny (like five pounds) so obviously this is a huge gap in the fence now. The board in question is like twenty feet back from the road on MY property, hidden by a tree - so I'm sure it wasn't taken by someone else. I mean, what stranger walks down the road, spots a loose board some hundred feet away and decides to take it? It's weird because it's been MOVED before, just never completely disappeared. These people have absolutely no reason to harass me. I'm so confused.

I discovered that the thing was missing when my dogs popped through the fence to go and see their cat (which is ALWAYS in MY yard, crapping) and the wife started screeching about them being loose. Of course she had 'no idea' where the board had gone.

SO.. How can I fill the gap in a way that won't be easily removed?

The board was loose there because it's where the wooden fence meets our mutual chainlink fence. I'm thinking about winding a huge length of chain between the board and the metal post and then locking it. Then they'd at least have to get bolt cutters.

edit to add: How do you deal with asshole neighbours?

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HALP. I bought a whole cantaloupe a few days ago with the intention of chopping it up within a couple days. Well I just went to chop it up, and on outside of where it was attached to its vine, there's a little bit of mold. :( Can I still eat this?

How have you been productive today so far? How will you be productive today in the hours to come?
I am in the process of baking for the round-robin in tqc_swap, and I am gonna put together the rest of my assigned person's package today. Also I am cleaning the kitchen (but NOT the pile of dirty dishes/pots/pans/utensils/glasses that my roommate left on the counter before she LEFT to visit family for a week) and maybe cleaning the bathroom, and unpacking from my trip that I got back from on Weds.
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For those of you with scars, specifically self-injury scars, that your significant other doesn't know about, what did you do? Did you hide them, wait for them to notice, or just tell them up front that you had some struggles in the past?
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There's a website for people who are selling stuff in my area to post their ads and whatnot. It 'closes' on Sundays.

Why the hell would you do that?

I'm gonna pick up a snack before my game tonight. What snack should I get? I'll be there for about five hours or so.

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Oh TQC, I have a neighborhood dilemma.

2 houses down from me, the house is empty and for sale. The owners moved back in April and didn't bother to drain the pool before they left, or make arrangements for the water that was going to accumulate before the house sold.

So, over time, it has become absolutely disgusting. There is a decent amount of water in the pool. It has caused a major increase in the mosquito population, it smells like death...blech. It is just nasty.

3 weeks ago, my neighbor called the city and they said they'd have it taken care of, but nothing has happened. It has just gotten worse and worse with all the rain we've had.

So....what would TQC do? Call the city again? Or...uh...come up with a more creative solution?

Also...I'll be getting another 29 gallon aquarium set up this week, and I don't know what kind of fish I want to put in it after it is ready.

I have an oscar in another tank. What should I get for the new one?

boat trip

i'm about to spend 2 straight weeks on a (fairly large) sailboat. i have never been on a vacation anything like this before, and am incredibly excited. that said, a variety of questions.

1. i am planning on downloading a bunch of books onto a kindle. reading suggestions please? i like everything and anything- am leaning towards frivolous reads, but would like something a little harder as well. recently have read for pleasure and liked the things they carried, wicked, eat pray love, the philippa gregory books, his dark materials, reading lolita in tehran, and am working on the satanic verses.

2. ladies- any reccs for a waterproof mascara/eyeliner?

3. as a joke, i want to make a cheesy/tacky joke teeshirt for my boyfriend and sister. something in equal parts spring break shirt and ridic family reunion shirt, but not too vulgar/blatant- we are adults and would like to wear this shirt on public. any slogan suggestions for a drunken, dramatic, ridiculous extended family vacation?

4. has anyone ever done anything like this before? random suggestions of what to expect/be prepared for?
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Why is being a tattletale considered a bad thing?

Why tell a kid to let you know if someone does something bad, then turn around and tell them it's bad to tattle on people when they do?
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 Today was my only day off for the past week and a half. I ended up helping a friend move her stuff into storage, down 3 flights of stairs, into a truck, into the storage unit. It's also balls hot outside, so I'm pretty tired. 

I also have to move, and need to be totally packed on the 31st. My room is a disaster and I am nowhere near ready to pack. This is my only day off for the next week and a half as well. Should I use this time to pack and clean, or sit on my ass and enjoy the rest of my day since I'm already exhausted?

Any really good moving tips? I'm moving from one unit to another in my complex. I don't have a lot of stuff, mostly clothes, and then 2 bookshelves, a TV stand, a TV, and a shit load of books and school stuff.

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I found out today that my ex's grandmother passed away. I met his grandma several times. Should I send his mother a sympathy card?
*I'm not sure if it matters but his mother never liked me so I'm not sure if it's a good idea

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Am I being tugged further into Apple's consumer trap (I already have a mac and an iPod) by being tempted to get an iPhone?
Even though I can admit the contract is pretty shit? (75 minutes for £30 a month, plus near £200 just for the thing itself)

But I REALLY want one!

Should I go for it? I will soon be a poor student, and although my dad has agreed to pay half the £30 a month, my mobile will be the only way of contacting both parents, who require separate phone calls, as well as whatever hopes for a social life I have.

ETA: £35 has 600 minutes, but on a 24 month plan. Is this a really bad idea, as I may need £35 a month to eat?!
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Did you use to read books from The Babysitter's Club or Sweet Valley series? Who were your favourite characters?

BSC: My fave was Claudia cos she was artsy but she dresses crazy.
SV: Lila was definitely my fave. I couldn't really stand the twins and their ~perfect lives~
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Random Questions

Do you think that Dick Cheney committed any crimes while he was Vice President? If so, do you think he should be charged and tried for them?

Have you ever been tubing? If so, did you like it?

Do you wear a hat very often? If so, what's it look like?

What's your favorite tree?
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Do you often drop words, relying on the speaker to infer them? Under what kind of situation? Do your conversants usually understand? Has this sort of practice led to misunderstandings and ensuing hilarity?

e.g. I'll text my friend "be there in 5" to say that "I will be there in five minutes."

eta: Alternately, are you actually well-dressed for this lazy summer Sunday?

Some vacation related questions, plus one

1. I'm going to Key West, Florida in 2 weeks. Have any of you ever been there? If so, what was your favorite thing?

2. I'm also going to the San Francisco area after that. I'm going with my boyfriend and we will be celebrating our one year anniversary there. If you know the area, what romantic and/or fun places can you recommend?

3. What's the best vacation you've ever been on, and why?

4. What is one thing you always bring with you when you go on vacation? What's the one thing you need and always forget?

5.  How much exercise do you generally get?

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if you had to spend a year of your life in either los angeles or nyc, which would you choose? a reason or two would be nice as well.

choose carefully, i am easily influenced by others opinions.

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How often do you make decisions based on instincts, gut feelings, vibes or hunches, rather than based on logic? In what kind of situation would you use one instead of the other?

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What movie should I watch RIGHT NOW?

My choices (read: what I decided I'm in the mood for after digging through my movie collection) are:
Big Fish
The Wedding Singer
Mean Girls

OR can you recommend some good chick flicks to me? The more likely I am to cry, the better.

miscellaneous questions that ended up being related

Have you ever seen HAIR onstage? How did you like it?  What's your favorite song?
Last night i went to a production and I liked it.

What's your astrological sign? Do you genuinely believe in that stuff?
I don't think the stars can really predict what I should do or anything, but certain things I see about it are uncannily similar to my life and personality. sometimes.
How does your personality match up to the typical characteristics of your astrological sign?

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1)what do you think about broccoli?

it is very good. I love it.

2)are you annoyed by female characters who fight without pants? [like so]

yea, pants are a good idea.

3)What do you think about girl gamers?

your grandma has a ds nowadays, shut up and game.
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I'm seriously quite confused now. Will you please tell me
1) what country you live in?
2) whether it's considered customary there to tip when you go to a restaurant where a server waits on you, takes your order, brings your food etc?

I'm not trying to find out about how people feel about the practice - I just would like to know in which countries this seems to be the custom for people in TQC/on LJ.
I'm particularly interested in the input of citizens/residents of Canada - thanks so much.

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How would one go about getting from JFK Airport to Jersey City without spending $75+ on a cab?

I've got a myriad of free time to spend once in Jersey City/NYC so what would you recommend I do once I'm there? I'm 21 not on a super tight budget and I'm a big ol' lesbotron

What's the last injury you received?

When was the last time a friend disappointed you and what'd they do?

Peas or Corn?
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Do you watch Bridezillas?
If so, what is the worst thing you've seen a bride to be do/say? I love the episode with Valerie because she's crazy as hell. She goes to see her cake a day before the wedding and lies about what it should be. A week or so before she told them to make it vanilla but she decided to deny this in hopes of getting a chocolate one. She also lied about how fresh/good the cake was. She ends up slamming her hand in the cake and leaving after they basically tell her there isn't much they can do, lulz.

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Do your parents smoke pot?
Have you ever had drinks with your parents?
Have you ever heard your parents having sex?
Any embarrassing parental sex stories (they walked in on you, you walked in on them, who knows)
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i caught the bridal bouquet at my friend's wedding last night. i want to find a way to save the memory. i'm thinking of drying one of the flowers and possibly getting it laminated and turning it into a bookmark.

1. is this a good idea? or is there something better i can do with the flowers?
2. if you've dried flowers before are there any tips you think i should know?
3. have you ever caught the bouquet at a wedding? what did you do with it?

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My parents will NOT stop being all touchy-feely and hugging and kissing and they keep running off to their room and then coming back, acting like nothing happened.

They've never been like this before. It's been going on for about a week.

So..TQC, wtf? what is happening?

and if you don't give a flying fuck, how are you today?


would you be mad if someone answered "Sho nuff" instead of yes?

(no subject)

What happened to Jon&Kate? I haven't seen any previews lately.

yes I'm aware they are divorced and all that. I just meant where is the show. This question is for my mother though anyway. She loves her TLC.
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How important is someone's voice to you in the grand scheme of your attraction to them?

I ask this because I've been emailing and texting with a guy from Okcupid and it's been really awesome. We decided to talk on the phone and I was really not attracted to his voice :( and it automatically negated all the previous feelings of attraction.

Building a wind turbine

I realise this is a long shot, but I'm organising an engineering competition/challenge where I want people to build a windturbine. The challenge should take 6 hours or so.

I am at a blank - I could ask people to make it out of paper and tape, but I have a feeling this will only keep them entertained for a couple of hours. Is it possible with pasta?

And how do I compare the wind turbines, how do the competitors extract the meager power created from the small blades turning?

I have been googling lots but to no avail.

Do I sound completely insane?
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how do you say drunk in other languages?
my roommate speaks Spanish and says "con tropa? " i think thats how you say it?

what are some swear words in other languages.. specify what the swear word is in english please :)

(no subject)

What are your favorite Skittle colors? (and I don't mean any of that pansy, spin-off flavor shit. I mean the original)

I only like red, yellow, and green which I'll eat all at once by taking once of each and sucking on them until they meld into a juicy, delicious ball of sugar.

The grape flavor is vile.
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Besides the usual Ebay and Craigslist, what are some useful methods of selling goods online?

I'm trying to sell miscellaneous items like jewelry, purses, and useless crap in my room. Most of it's impractical, but cute and desirable nonetheless.

(no subject)

Do you listen to any Scandinavian music? I have found an awesome used CD shop in Oslo that has an entire floor of Scandinavian music, so I'm searching for good stuff. I tend to like folk rock & folk pop stuff, but I also like anything with surprising instruments. What are your recommendations?

(no subject)

This may be a bit tl;dr, but...

Do you have anyone with OCD in your life? Do you have OCD?

How about another mental disorder? (depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.)

How do you deal with it?

Collapse )
idk, TQC, just give me some advice or something. And tell your own stories.

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I just got back from my ex's house. My daughters school is closed for the week and I couldn't get off so she's staying with him but I still go over to say goodnight/do the whole bedtime routine.

Annyyway. So, as I was letting her watch the last couple minutes of her Wee-Sing dvd, I was snoopin' around in the kitchen. I guess I just feel comfortable cause that used to be my kitchen too. Moving on, there is still stuff in the cabinets from when I lived there! Mostly packaged goods, but still. I left our marriage when my daughter was 9 months and she just turned 4!

Disgusting, Creepy and is this tea still good??

**the tea says it expires in 07 but smells fine to me. Guess I can try it. Look out for "Local Maryland Mothers kills self with potent tea left to ferment by ex-husband"
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my bf and i just bought a Smilodon computer case with a 500 watt power supply.
we tried firing it up tonight to see how all the fans worked, but when we plugged it in, nothing happened. :[
did we get a dud?
is there something obvious we may be missing?

we have determined that perhaps we need a motherboard to plug things in to first.

...how are you?

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Let's say that right now you had the power to go anywhere in the world, stay for 24 hours, take one person with you, and leave all the troubles of your current life behind you...

Where would you go? Who would you take?

Right now I'm watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and he's in Greece and it looks SO GORGEOUS with such good food and just... g'ah, yes. Greece. I would take one of my bffs and we would eat and tan and go dancing!

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I took the harddrive out of my laptop, and put it into an external case. Now when I try to access my files from a regular desktop computer it is saying access denied. I've gotten to the point where I can get to the actual pictures, see what they are labeled as and everything, but I don't have access to view it. I've made myself an administrator and it's still not working. Any ideas?

apparently it's a huge font on everybody else's computer but mine...
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I am going to Denver next week to look at apartments and am making a spreadsheet of all the places I want to see and if they fit all my requirements. What's important to you when looking for a place to live?

What questions do you ask when looking at apartments?

(no subject)

1)What's your favourite language?

2)If you had to choose between losing your sight or hearing, which would you choose to lose?

3)I have a diana camera with 35mm backing. I've developed two rolls of film so far and both have the same issues! 75% of the photos that came out were dark! (like black) I cannot figure out what i'm doing wrong and i was wondering if anyone can help me. They are not overexposed.

-when do i use the four settings? those are below the pinhole. 1st is a cloud. 2nd is a cloud/sun. 3rd is a sun. 4th is P (which i think stands for portrait).

maybe i am doing something wrong. i don't use the flash indoors when it is bright indoors. do i have to use flash all the time?

-above the pinhole there's a N and B, what do those mean and when do i use them?

-on the 35mm backing where it shows you the number of photos you have taken so far, there's an N or P setting, what do those mean and when do i use them?

** i would ask these questions at the camera/lomo whatever communities there are but they have rules like no asking questions etcetc + googling it but i haven't found any relevant answers so it would be very helpful if someone could help me out or just supply me with a link thank you :)
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I found a really great job as a nanny, but it's in the next city over (about 20 miles away). I don't have my own car, so I'd be depending on someone to drive me for about a month (until I can afford my own car). I would be making $375 a week taking care of one child, and it's day shift. It's absolutely what I've been looking for. The only problem is finding someone to drive me there. I figured out that I'd be spending about $144 a month on gas with someone else driving me there. That includes taking me there, driving back to our town, then coming back to get me, and driving me home. I'm trying to talk my mom into doing it, and I'd pay her upfront for the gas cost. How much should I give someone for doing so? $200 a month? I'd pay them upfront weekly, so $50 a week? More than that? It'd be around $36 a week for gas. We don't have a bus system here, so that's a no.
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How do you react when you're looking for sympathy, but all the person you're talking to tells you is how much worse things could be?

It pisses me off because this is my life and the struggles I'm going through. Everybody's different and everyone feels different about things so fuck everyone else right now.