July 11th, 2009

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My mom's making me leave the house from 12-5 tomorrow.
Where should I go? (I can't drive, I live in a small town, and I have a broken foot/a walking cast up to my knee)

She said she's doing something for me.
What is she doing?
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The husband is getting sick again. When he's feeling bad, he basically just stops eating, unless there's something on hand that he doesn't have to mess with preparing. I used to come home for lunch, so I'd just cook something for him and he'd eat it. But I transferred stores, and that's no longer an option.

What kind of meals reheat really well? What should I buy for him, other than the basic cold cuts and hot dogs? The more calories, the better.
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How bad would it suck to be a middle school custodian?
At what point do you give up on finding a good job and start settling for shitty jobs?
Who else is currently looking for a job?
How long have you been looking?

I've been trying to find a job for over a year now. I've applied to over 40 places now with zero luck.

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Does such a thing exist as a good camcorder that is also an efficient digital camera? I need a point-and-shoot as well as something that can record SIGNIFICANT lengths of video (so no 30-second clip setting). I tried cnet.com and it perplexed me.

For those of you who take food pics or just macro-y/still life shots, do you have any tips?

In a layer cake, what do you like between the layers? Me, I like jam and stuff.
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I broke both bones in my right ankle tonight and it's in a temporary cast. I have to schedule surgery Monday but for now I just got home from the hospital. It is exceptionally tiring to move on crutches.

Riddle me this: how the fuck am I going to pee?

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tqc, when on an exercise bike, would it be more beneficial to increase my time or to increase the level i'm on? right now i usually do 40 minutes on level 6.

eta: i am trying to burn fat, not gain muscle.

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TQC, what are your top 3 favorite video games?

Mine are:
Xenosaga: Episode 1 (I think...I haven't finished it yet)

I reaaaaally like the music and junction system in FFVIII
I love the visual aspect of Okami + the fact that you get to make a cute wolf run around everywhere
I <3 the battle system and long cutscenes of Xenosaga (eta: OH! and the fact that you can make any active party member your on-screen character.)

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tqc, help me make a responsible decision.
i am supposed to leave for vacation in less than an hour. i felt really weird all yesterday evening and night, and a couple of hours ago, i woke up and puked in the bathroom. i feel better, but i still feel a little ill. i am supposed to carpool with 5 other people for an 8 hour drive. i have already paid for this trip, and it is really important to me (i have been going to the same place for six years now).
i know you all can't diagnose me over the internet, but do you think one instance of puking is enough that i should call off the trip for the sake of the others in the carpool? or do you think this sounds like just a bad food incident that will pass?

eta: i threw up again and i have a temp of 100, so we've decided i can't go, at least not now. :-( will you cheer me up with a sad story about a time you were sick and missed out on all the fun?
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TQC, I've had a really bad night, and I have to be up for a meeting/work in an hour. I am really tired right now and completely emotionally drained. What should I do?

A) Write an e-mail to my boss explaining some heavy personal shit went down, and that I am going to try my hardest to get up for our super early staff meeting but that it isn't looking good. Hope she lets me come in later so I can get at least a little bit of sleep.
B) Take a twenty minute nap and hope I don't sleep past my alarm (which I always do when this happens).
C) Continue staying up, and take something to keep me awake, knowing that I am working a nine hour shift and have some intense personal shit to take care of after work, and probably have no chance of sleeping for at least twelve hours, meaning I would be awake for 36 hours straight.
D) Other (pls tell!)

Srs and nonsrs.
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What do you think about having a SOULMATE?
Does everybody have one? Can I has MORE than one? Do I have to meet them IRL or can we just stay on-line?

Hajiomatic wants to know!
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What's your favourite pick up line?

My friends and I love reciting pick up lines to each other. One of my favourites is, "Hey are you a pokemon? Cos I just wanna peekatchu!" LOL.
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I have no sex drive. None at all. What do I do?? I figure it's because of my birth control, but this is the only BC that works for me.

Are there any natural ways to increase the sex drive? My husband getting naked and dancing just isn't cutting it.

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Happy Saturday, loves.

1.) Should i have yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast? (either way it will contain banana, blueberries and all natural peanut butter)

2.) If you watch The Food Network, what is your favorite show? Least favorite?

3.) My wonderful husband is gone camping with his friend until tomorrow. What should i do do entertain myself today/tonight? I have a car and a bit of money, and both away and at home suggestions are welcome :D

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So I'm looking at houses to rent on Craigslist, and emailed a lady about one in particular. She wrote back saying that her realtor would get in touch with me. Realtor got in touch with me, we set up an appointment to see the house, and now she is offering to find us other houses to look at if I give her our criteria.

Question is: if we go see a few of the houses recommended by the realtor, would we be obligated to pay her...? Like would that be the same as "hiring" her? IDK how these things work.

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The celebrant is coming this afternoon to discuss the arrangements for my father's funeral, and then there's a printer coming to discuss the memento booklets and things...

I'm struggling to find suitable poems/readings. He was a staunch atheist, so I need to find something that doesn't have any references to an afterlife of any sort. Things talking about returning the body to nature might be okay though. He was quite young (early 60s), and died after a brutal battle with cancer.

Do you know of any that might be suitable, or a good place where I could find some?
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How old are you?

When is your birthday?

Will you share something cute/sweet/funny that'll make our heads explode?

Edit: come on guys, I'm having an awful day. Will you please help cheer me up? :D
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TQC, have you ever written to a company about a product?  Why?

I just wrote to Kraft Foods to tell them how much I enjoy Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid and how I can't find it in any of my local grocery stores.  :(

Can't decide!!!!!

What drink should I get at Starbucks?

Iced almond* soy latte
Iced white mocha
Iced soy chai
Something else?

*yes, this flavor still exists in Europe

I'm going to the airport, where the only Starbucks in the country exists, so this is srs bsns.


 Hey TQC, 
I haven't seen my bf in two months, (he's in the Navy) 
And I'm going to see him in 2 weeks. I need to get him a graduation/ birthday present, and I think i want to get him Oakley sunglasses.
Are they worth it?
Which ones are the best?
Where should I order them from?

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My brother has the penultimate iPhone, and when purchasing it was told that if an update came out, he'd get it free. Is this true?
ETA: Ive just looked on the website and it seems to be £85....(We're in the UK)
Also, how can I convince him to give me his old one?

ALSO: Will the older one take a normal pay and go sim card?
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Dear TQC

I'm currently on vacation in Toronto. There is a parade outside my window. Why in gods name are they out a) in the rain, and b) why does said parade have to have bag pipes?
And why the hell did they start at noon? I was sleeping D:

nonsrs answers preferred.
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I was woken up at 8 AM by a music pavilion outside my window which lasted for four hours. I do shift work, so that meant I happened to get all of 2 hours of sleep. Fuckers.

What's the last thing that pissed you off?

Also, I have a giant headache now. I just took some ibuprofin, but what do you guys do for noise headaches? I have to go out today, so I can't just sleep it off. :(

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my contract with AT&T is up on the 22nd and i'll be switching to verizon... i REALLY REALLY want the touch pro2 but it won't be coming out until at least later on this year. my question is if i sign up with verizon now, but keep the phone i have from AT&T, can i get a discounted phone later or do you only get the contract prices when you first sign up? maybe not the full discount but at least SOMETHING instead of the ungodly $600 or so it will cost at full price.

i feel like this post is worded really horribly so i apologize in advance if it doesn't make sense.

eta: ok ok i suck but what if i got a cheapo phone on ebay that would work with verizon and then waited?

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What was the last really stupid thing you did?

Blackberry Storm or iPhone? Why?

What are your thoughts on people who purchase historic homes and then completely remodel the interior in a different style leaving only the shell of the house intact?
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Bartending and Women

My mom is giving me hell because I'm female and want to take bartending classes so I can have a lucrative side skill. She keeps complaining that bartending is "dangerous" for women, and I'm not sure what to tell her so that she'll stop getting so worked up over it.

So TQCers, is bartending safe for women? What can I tell my overreacting mother to get her to take a damn chill pill?
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What was the last text message you received? I know this question is probably horribly over-posted, but I got one that made me laugh and I want to hear others.

Mine was "Hey, do me a favor. Pull my gay olive green pants that I hate out of the hamper and give them a good shake. Maybe I'll wear them tonight"

haha I can't stop laughing at it. I'm in a bad mood, so this is nice. Another question: What was the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

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Do pain pills ever make you feel weird? Tired, sick, dizzy, or some other feeling?

If so is it only the stronger ones or just pain pills in general?

I took a lortab a little bit ago and now I feel really weird. If I take anything stronger it just puts me to sleep.
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Do any of you guys work for a text service (like ChaCha or kgb_)?

If so, what are some of the weirdest/stupid/funny questions that you've gotten?

Also, do you find it annoying when people try to get you to do their homework for them?

I swear, if I have to graph another linear equation, I'm going to scream.

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I was looking at my school's academic calendar because I am considering dropping a summer course, and the dates listed for dropping are as follows:

Last day to withdraw (drop ALL Summer II only classes and receive full refund): July 6
Last day to drop a course (reduce course load) without fee penalty: July 9
Last day to drop a course/withdraw without academic penalty: July 22

Obviously I missed the first two deadlines. But what exactly happens here, with the third one? Does this just mean I'm still paying for the class even though I'd be dropping it? Will it count as a W on my transcript?

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I'm getting my first tattoo today at 5:30. I'm getting a small, black treble clef on my foot and it's going to cost $60, which is the shop minimum. How much should I tip my artist? My mom said about $5, and while she has several tattoos of her own, she got them done 10+ years ago, and tipping might have been different back then (plus 10+ years ago, $5 was worth more than it is now). Does $5 sound reasonable? 

How many tattoos do you have?
How old were you when you got your first?
Do you want any more? 


Please post pictures, too, if you have any. :)

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I REALLY want to make some mac and cheese right now, but I'm out of milk and do not feel like running to the store to buy any (it's definitely a chill-at-home-in-PJs kind of day). If I were to use buttermilk in my mac and cheese instead, would it be gross or edible?

How's the fucking weather where you are right now?


I recommend staying away from fat people.

(lol, I am a fat person)
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Airport Pornography!

1. Why do you think they sell pornography in airport book / magazine stores?
2. Have you ever purchased pornography from an airport book store?
and if neither of those interest you:
3. Do you think hate crimes should receive more severe punishments than the same types of crimes that are not racially motivated?

I'm sure enough of you use Sallie Mae.

I got an email from them saying to click some link to get a "new account document" or some crap. It wants me to log in. The email address is from salliemae.com and the website is from salliemae.com but since I'm a paranoid mofo, I just want to make sure before I do anything - is this legit?

ETA: Thanks guys! I went to log in from the real site, and I forgot my un/pw but when I went to check it, it said I would be getting an email from customerservice@salliemae.com which is the same as the thing that sent it to me, so I'm probably fine. But I am still going to wait until I can actually log in before going to the link.


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I have Audacity and I want to record the audio that would come out of my headphones or speakers (like, if i were playing a song over iTunes, I'd want it to record that instead of what the microphone was picking up). I've looked up videos on this and they all say there SHOULD be a drop-down menu that says "Stereo-Mix" but there isn't one on mine.

I have an Aux cable that I use in the car for my iPod. If I connect this to the headphone jack AND microphone jack, will this give me the results I'm wanting?
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At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself?

Have you ever celebrated anything alone? Is this possible?

I just got my first paycheck from my new job and it looks like I'll be able to take care of myself from here on out! :D But my housemates all picked this weekend to leave town, so I'm all by myself. What can I doooo?

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It's going....it's going...it's GONE! What is it in this commonly heard phrase?

A baseball
Your car after you park it in carjack central
Twinkie within a 5' proximity of Michael Moore
Your paycheck after you pay your bills

TV is not the mirror of our lives

Can you name a currently running  television show where the actresses playing lead or reccuring female roles don't look like models (i.e thin, tall,long hair that is usually perfectly styled) ?

The only one  I can really think of is Nicole Sullivan and Tisha Campbell-Martin in Rita Rocks on Lifetime.

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The villain in the action movie that is your life has challenged you to show up at the boat docks and midnight to settle things once and for all. You know he's going to have backup, so you bring your own.

Who are your 4 or 5 people you take with you to watch your back while you dispatch your nemesis once and for all?
(Bonus points if at least one of them is a TQCer)

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Kind of inspired by pickathelitter's post.

Will you post a google earth/maps view of your house or where you are now and we'll try to guess where you are?
(Delete postcode/address/delicate details as you wish, and to make it more fun!)Collapse )

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One of my friends has completely lost sexual interest in her boyfriend of 2+ yrs. He's on vacation with his bff for 2 weeks and she thinks it's better to break up with him when he gets back. I think she should have done it before he left, but she was afraid of ruining his vacation. I told her to break up with him while he's still on vacation so he can have meaningless "forget-her" sex but she disagrees. What do you think?

How many people do you typically sleep with after a break-up before you dip your toes in the LTR pool again?

Would an essay about a horse dildo offend you?

Can you rap?

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Does anyone know if Hershey's still makes their Smores candy bar? It's been years since I've seen it. Internet signs are vague pointing to no, and all candy sites say they're out of stock. I will be sad if they're gone forever-ever.
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How do you nicely say "Pay me you peice of shit?"

So I have this job that I should have quit after my first training day. I knew this was going to be problems. But I stuck it out.

So Thursday July 2 we got paid for the first time (took long enough, I started training May 19...)
My pay was direct deposited so I forgot until today to check the "pay stub" online.
When I did I found out two bad things.
1. There are over 10 hrs I worked that are not reflected on the stub.
2. They are taking my work study which they are not supposed to (as my other job is work study).

Work study I need to take up with payroll themselves, but I will need my employer to cooperate to get the money refunded to my work study account.

I don't care about keeping the job, I don't care about using it as a reference. But I need things to go smoothly so I can get the work study situation fixed.

So, How do you politely bring up to an employer that they didn't pay you for over 10 hours and they need to?

I've never had a job like this where that has been a problem.
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If you had to go on a date with one of these women, who would you pick?

Paris Hilton
Miey Cyrus
Hilary Duff
Lindsay Lohan
Megan Fox
Ellen Page
Heidi Montag
Ann Coulter
Nancy Grace
Leelee Sobieski
Lady Gaga

How about with one of these men?

Dustin Diamond
Perez Hilton
Michael Moore
Michael Cera
Tom Cruise
Spencer Pratt
Bill O'Reilly
Bob Hoskins
Billy Mays
zombie baby cede! :D

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Several months ago, there was an online group game where you could send a link to people to join in, there was a lot of post inviting people to join in, and I can't remember what it is, or what the website was. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?
If so, what was it?

Also, is it raining where you are?


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how do you feel about Walmarts super new generic packaging? I don't see the price being any cheaper, and now it looks like it did back in the day when we were poor and everything was in those huge white boxes. :(

I also burnt the cookies I was making :( How sad is that?!
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Do any of you use henna?

I was thinking about getting some and trying it, since I've read a ton about it on the hennapages or whatever, but I'm not sure it's worth it / completely safe with my family's skin problems.  That and I'd have to order the henna powder off the internet, and I hate buying stuff since I don't have a credit card and have to use my mom's then pay her back.

What'dya think, TQC, should I go for it or skip it?

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Today at work, I was telling a customer that I got my seven year old cousin a bag of pixy stix for his birthday. She said she was getting her grandson one of those corn popper things as pay back to her son! Her husband then said "I was given a carton of ciggarettes at age eight." and started laughing. She then turned to me and said "Don't listen to him. He's dumb" then turned to her husband and said "Shut up, Ed! You're such an idiot!" and they walked out of the store.
I laughed for about ten minutes.

Did anything funny happen today?

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For those of you who live in NYC, and of drinking age are there any bars that you would recommend to someone out of town? One that isn't super crowded or filled with tourists?
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So tonight my friend and I stopped in Starbucks so she could pee, and I ordered a drink. She's done just as I get it, so we go ahead and leave, as I suck down the triple shot of espresso. We're about 5 minutes from my house and my cup is empty of liquid, but I notice something else in there. It reminded me of the chocolate shavings they put on some of the holiday drinks, so I took a closer look...only to see it was a fly. A fly was stuck in some of the remaining caramel.

I got home, proceeded to vom, and called the starbucks to let them know. They're filling out an incident report and giving me some coupons. My dad saw my not quite empty cup and put it in the freezer, "just in case".

Should I take my fly!coffee back with me in the morning as evidence of my traumatic episode, or toss it?

edit to clarify: i didn't know if i needed to bring the cup with me to validate my complaint or if i don't really need it
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Kiwi birdies!

All right, party people.

My boyfriend's parents have invited me to travel with them to New Zealand in December, and they're going to pay for everything.

I am in total and complete awe that my boyfriend's parents are doing this for me. Both I and my parents have offered them money to help pay, but they are having none of it. What do I do to express my gratitude for their generosity? Taking them out to dinner, giving them a Thank You card, etc. doesn't seem to cut it.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what to do in New Zealand (we're going to spend the majority of our time in the Northern Island), I'd love to hear about it!
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When you and your SO/family/friends order out for pizza, do you end up fighting over who gets the little containers of marinara/garlic sauce? The peppers? Do you use the dipping sauces? What's the best kind?

And of course the best debate: who makes the best pizza?

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What is, in your opinion, the best online shoe store?

How quick is their turnaround?

I'm looking for some kick ass green pumps, heels, mary janes, etc to complete my slytherin outfit. Thanks!

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When is it OK to start dating someone after breaking up from a serious long term relationship and you're the one who did the breaking up?  Is there a difference if it's casual dating vs. exclusive dating?  What if you were the dumped person?
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cat behavior

I'm hoping someone here is familiar with kitty behavior. Basically, my cat will not leave my side. No matter what I do-she's there, even when I go to take a shower she jumps in (seriously) Also, her tail is always puffed up like she's frightened, which would make sense why she needs to be on my ass all the time.

However, I'm out of the apartment most of the day. She doesn't scratch the furniture, always uses the litter box, basically any other defiant or "I'm scared to be alone" behavior she does not show while I'm gone.

Why can't my damn cat leave me alone for 10 minutes??
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Have you ever seen "Knowing"? The one with Nick Cage? Is it not the worst movie you've ever seen?

If you haven't seen this cinematic gem, what's the most horrible film you've ever had the privilege of viewing?
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TQC, tonight has been crappy.
I got off work late, then got a call from a friend i was going to hang out with saying that he wanted to go on a date with his new guy, so i'd have to wait, and then i got home and realized that i don't have anything yummy to eat. it is 10:45PM and i am extremely down and lonely.

what should i do/eat? [i am willing to go to walmart to pick up ingredients]

alternatively, what does your favorite pair of shoes look like?

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So, do you find it strange to find a whole family together?

Edit so I'm less of a dick:

Is there something normal to everyone else that feels odd to you because of your upbringing?
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Have you ever been in the situation where two of your friends started dating each other and it got weird? Have you been one of the ones who started dating? Will you tell me about the awkwardness and how it turned out? Were any friendships ruined? THIS IS TOPICAL
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As an adult, have any of you had smothering/controlling parent problems? How do you deal with that? How can you get them to back the fuck off without hurting their feelings?

back story if you care-> My mom won't leave me th fuck alone. I'm on Vacay with her and I literally can't go to the bathroom with out checking in with her. (I mean it, I tried. She was calling me after 2 minutes while I was in the stall.) I'm 22 years old, I've lived and worked in DC for the past 3 years without her, so why does she feel the need to check up on me every 15 minutes when we're together?

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When you get yourself some ice cream from a container (into a bowl), do you just use the spoon you are planning to use to eat it or do you use an ice cream scoop?

How long does your ideal sex session last?

Have you ever cried during/after orgasm?

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does anyone know that sale that happens every year or something from some furniture company where a full sized mattress, box spring and frame and pillow are on sale for like $200?

i don't watch much TV anymore so i don't know if it still goes on. the commercial has an obnoxious woman with glasses who is all "i want a bigger bed but" then rubs her fingers together, and the song is really annoying.
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Recap so I don't get flamed: I have no bones connecting my right leg to my right ankle as both the tibia and fibula are completely broken. I have to lay in bed until I can schedule surgery Monday.
This vicodin isn't doing shit and I just want to sleep. If I take a xanax (just .5mg) in an hour or so (three or four after my last vicodin) will I be okay? It's too late to call a pharmacist and I am too stupid to google. I can just tough it out some more, I guess.

How are you tonight?