July 10th, 2009


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My iPod broke, so I'm looking to buy a cheap, used one that is at least 30+ gb; however, my friend offered to sell me his 20gb iPod for 35$, which is cheaper than any that I will find on ebay (plus it takes the shipping cost out). Should I go for it or keep looking for something that will hold all my music?
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I got my wisdom teeth removed on monday. I'm in agony now & I'm pretty sure it's dry socket. I can't see my doctor until first thing in the morning. what can I do to make it through the night?
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hemorrhoids suck, y/y?

tqc, where in the hell is my hemorrhoid cream? srsly. i have looked in all of the stuff that i brought back home with me after moving out of the dorm. i think it got packed in my roommate's stuff.

cookies to whoever's answer is closest whenever, if, we find it.

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Do you get that stage in a relationship when you know, you've seen each other for a while, he may have asked you out, had sex a bunch of times and all of a sudden you're like OH NO COMMITMENT?

How do you get through it without dumping them and leaving for your safe single life?
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sorry this turned out really long.. :/

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I got really sick really quickly while I was out at a restaurant w/ my SO and his coworker and his wife.
-symptoms: extremely nauseous (like gonna throw up/pass out), room spinning kind of dizzy, muffled hearing, sweating, shaking, pale, unable to stand without support.
This sickness was very brief, came out of nowhere! Also, I did not get a chance to eat anything yet while out, so it wasn't the food that did it!

Our only guesses so far have been some kind of panic attack/social anxiety, because I am shy and was kinda nervous, but that's never happened to me before and have no clue what really happens during one.

TQC: what went wrong with me?
Has something like this ever happened to you? Why/what was wrong? (if you were able to figure it out..)

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alright i really need help :-[ i don't have an ipod of my own, so this is all new to me. i borrowed my boyfriend's ipod to (secretly) put a few albums that he really wanted on and to (not so secretly) steal some of his music. i tripped over the ipod cord while it was still plugged it and the ipod said "do not disconnect" and now all his artists are repeated/disorganized/generally fucked. i feel AWFUL and i don't want to tell him i ruined his ipod... is there anything i can do to fix it? i know NOTHING about them.

if you can't help me with that: when was the last time you felt completely inept with technology? this is the worst for me, usually i can figure things out myself.
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I just found a beetle in my bed, after I had gotten back into it. I've spent the last twenty minutes freaking out and vacuuming everything near my bed.
what should I do to calm down?
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How annoying is it to get a song stuck in your head?

How annoying is it to get a song stuck in your head that you only know one line to?
I've had the opening line of Lady Madonna by The Beatles running in a continuous loop for the last 24 hours. I'm ready to shoot something.
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Good morning, tqc.

Say you have a friend that you're super attracted to. Let's also say you spent last night with said friend, and had amazing sex. Would you start to wonder what you two were, or would you just shrug it off as good sex, and not really expect anything else? How would you feel?
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What do you do when something loud wakes you up in the morning and there is no sign of it stopping?

My response was to wait it out for half an hour then get up and wax my car.

This morning at an ungodly hour the road crew thought it would be super awesome to drive through my apartment complex fixing the cracks in the road by using a power washer without water to blow the dirt out then filling it with liquid tar. Then they thought they were funny by blowing the horn 4 times.


Regardless of whether or not you have kids or whether or not you plan to have kids, what do you think is the ideal age to become a parent and what's your reasoning behind your choice?
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Discussion Sites

Do you know of any websites/active communities that regularly provide thoughtful discussions, debates, or articles about a variety of controversial or newly developed/discovered topics?

I tend to find out about all the new topics a year+ late on TV shows/news and it makes me sad. :(

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Why is there water collecting in the area underneath the carpet in the trunk of my car??
It's been happening for a long time. It makes my trunk smell like mildew, everything that you put on the carpet of the trunk gets damp, and when it rains my car gets suuuper foggy. I've soaked up all the water to to remove it, and sprayed the carpet with mildew-killer, but the water keeps coming back :( WTFFFF

Are your really bad at keeping up with car maintenance? (Oil changes, other fluids, vacuuming, etc.)
I'm not awful at it, but I could definitely be better

If you got a flat tire while driving by yourself out on a country road with no one around, would you be able to jack up the car and put on a donut tire? (assuming your car has the stock jack/donut/lugwrench included)
I know how theoretically, but I've never actually done it. Plus my lugwrench is wicked rusted-out because of all the water it's been sitting in...so I dunno.

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is it weird that my significant other only likes to do the nasty after hes had a few drinks?

no? yes? srs? nonsrs?

what last horrible song did you last hear?
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Smart Phone

I hate my cell phone, I can't stand my carrier. My contract is up.

Which is the better smart phone?

Blackberry Bold
Iphone 3Gs
Palm Pre

I don't go online, I use the phone strictly for calls, e-mail, calendar, mp3 player/video player and I work in word and excel on it.

Right now I have a UTstarcom Pocketpc.

I will be working out of the office a lot this fall and winter and I will be tethering the phone to my computer as a modem as well. In Canada all of the providers allow you to do with if you have a data plan that is 1 gig or more and is over $30 per month (yes, data plans are that expensive in Canada)

While I really like the look of the Pre, it is only being carried by Bell, whom I am with now and want to get away from, but if the phone is super excellent, I will stay with them.

Oh wise Question Club members, especially those in the US who get the new phones before we in Canada do, which phone should I get?
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 what exactly constitutes a one-night stand?

is it the one-time only aspect of it?
does sex itself have to be involved, or are other activities that last only once considered a one night stand too?

Tired of drama!

Dear TQC,

I wonder if anyone else has been in this situation. My SO and I tend to have more "couple friends" rather than individual friends. One of these couples is going through a pretty nasty divorce. I'm closer with the soon-to-be-ex wife and he is closer with the soon-to-be-ex husband.

We decided a while ago not to choose sides and I haven't but my SO's loyalties lie with the dude in this situation. The problem is, I keep getting dragged in the middle. For example, there is a get-together at a mutual friend's house so, of course, it came to the decision of do we invite the ex wife or the ex husband? It turns out that no answer was right because my SO and I got nasty calls from both parties.

WTF do I do? These two are my friends but they're really pissing me off. They're not acting or thinking rationally and, if I lay into either of them about how they're being stupid, then they'll flip. Seriously. I'm too old for this shit.

Sorry for the tl;dr nature of this post. Just frustrated!! I don't have many close friends and I don't want to lose any over petty crap. Any help/advice is appreciated.
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Did you luck out in the genetic lottery? What diseases, if any, run in your family?

I have Cancer and Diabeetus on my dad's side and heart problems on my mom's side, joy! But at least I got good hair. ;P

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My Tivo told me that it recently recorded several episodes of "Tom Goes to the Mayor." Alas, it was all a big tease; other programming was recorded.

What was the last time you were mildly disappointed?

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I have a friend who works at Claires (piercings/stickers/stuff for teens basically). She just had to pierce the ears of a three month old baby, and commented that she always hates piercing infants because she feels like she's torturing them.

Do you think getting the ears of a three month old pierced is a good or bad idea? Or are you indifferent?
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How did you react when you got something you wanted for a long time?  What was it?

I totally started crying when my aunt gave me a real princess length peark necklace on Monday.  Dream come true!

Damn straight

It's 12:07 p.m. Should I leave work now?

My supervisor went home already.
There's nothing for me to do here.
Most likely no one will notice I'm gone.
It's probably going to start raining soon.
I won't get my pay docked.
My parents are coming to visit me tomorrow and I haven't seen them since July '08!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

But if I go home I'm just going to sit on the Internet and do the same thing I'm doing right now.

YOU decide, TQC.

Facebook Applications?

Even though I'm 56, I use Facebook on a daily basis <br>
It's good to communicate with old friends, family, fellow theatre cast members and others.<br>
I enjoy keeping up to date with what's happening in their lives.<br>
On the other hand, I do NOT enjoy seeing the result of every stupid quiz they take or game they play
(like "what brand of  toilet bowl cleaner are you?")
Is there a way to keep the friends feed but get rid of the other junk?
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At my last job, I brought my driver's license and social security card to orientation as proof of ID. Can you bring anything else? My mom has my ss card and lives in Texas.
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Bodily injuries.

TQC, in the past two days, I've noticed HORRIBLE bruises on the back of my calves. I have no idea what they're from. Just 10 minutes ago, I saw a mosquito bite on me and scratched it. Now I'm bruising there. It's a bunch of tiny red spots, like the capillaries have burst (which, essentially is what a bruise is).  Why am I all of a sudden bruising so easily??? I'll be sure to ask a doctor, as well.

If you don't know or care, then what is the strangest reason you've made a special trip to the doctor?

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I am cold.
I am not wearing lighter clothes than usual.

Poll #1427758 Je suis froid

Why am I cold?

didn't get enough sleep last night
You aren't cold! Stop exaggerating!
Pools Closed
someone in the office is a sadist
it IS colder today

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Do you have a "back up"? Such as, if you and this person are not married/committed by the time you're a certain age, you will be together. If so, who? If not, have you ever thought about a "back up"? Do you think having a "back up" is setting yourself up for failure or does it just mean that you have a great friendship/relationship with that person?

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What is it called when you play all the notes on a keyboard from high to low, or from low to high? You know, just run your hands down the length of the piano to finish off a song or something?

Is there even a technical name? I'm sure I heard one a few years back.

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1 - If you could kill someone and get away with it, would you?

2 - How many keys are on your keyring?

3 - What kind of cell phone do you have?

4 - Have you ever accidentally caused something really bad to happen to someone?

Rah rah rah

Hey my dearest TQC,

Would you like some helpful encouragement from internet strangers? Why?

Can you encourage me to not be terrified of my project advisor?
(I am meeting with her in an hour, and last time I left her office I was on the verge of tears. I am afraid she's going to tell me that the direction in which I want to go with this project is stupid or irrelevant.)

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My best friend's birthday is coming up but I really don't know what to get him!

Do you think it would be a great idea for me to get him an iPod Touch (I know he's been eyeing one for ages) and just load all our favourite songs in there? I'm also getting like little things as well for him, like this book he really wants to read and some home made cupcakes.

Why is it so difficult to shop for men? Also, what was the best present you've ever received? :)
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20 questions?

TQC! I met this boy on the 4th (a friend of a friend), and we've been facebook messaging on a fairly regular basis to get to know each other better. (We didn't have much of a chance to talk on the 4th for various reasons.)

We've covered the basic stuff like favorite movies/music/videogames, what our families are like, whatever pets we have, etc.

I'd like to keep this going, 'cause I think he's really interesting and fun to talk to. What else should I ask him about?

If you don't care:

What's your favorite kind of bottled water? I'm usually an Ice Mountain kind of chick, but Aquafina isn't bad either..


So my sister's quinceañera (15th birthday) is coming up, and as her big sister I need to get her a big "surprise" gift. I was thinking something along the lines of a digital drawing tablet, so she can easily post her comics/art online, etc. Any recommendations (hopefully, under a $200 budget), and experiences among those who use them?

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Do your top teeth or your bottom teeth do all the work when you bite into an apple?

I've been having an apple a day (hurrr) for about a month and I just noticed this week that my lower jaw must do all the work because my gums behind my front bottom teeth are SO sore.
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Can you suggest some things to include in a scavenger hunt? The more creative and outrageous, the better. :) (I mean silly, nothing to get someone arrested or anything)

It's for college-age people, not kids. Everyone will have cars if they need to drive places to retrieve things. Teams have to take pictures of themselves doing each task, i.e. a guy and a girl switching clothes and then placing an order at Starbucks.

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When you're in a car playing your own music with the windows rolled down, and you pull up next to another car with their own loud music, do you roll your windows up or do you turn your music down? Or maybe just let the two songs blend until it drives someone else crazy? Or turn your own music up so loudly everyone on the block looks at you like wtf? Does it depend if you're stuck in an endless jam on a highway vs. just driving down a street?

EDIT: Collapse ) I FUCKING HATE RICH TEXT anyway I just want to know what's actually happening...is the congregation failing to pretend to be speaking in tongues and laughing?
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TQC, I found this job that I really want but I have to call someone to talk to them about it.

I totally suck at talking on the phone, and I feel all this PRESSURE because this job really and honestly requires excellent communication skills in person, which I'm good at, but I just SUCK at talking on the phone! And I don't want to call this person and stutter and say awkward things because I really do speak well in front of people and I don't want her to think otherwise!

If you suck at talking on the phone, do you have any advice as to how to...I don't know, calm myself down so I don't suck at it so much?

If you don't care, will you please just yell at me to call this person?

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I want to bake something for my friend's birthday. He's turning 30 (!!) and we're driving to his house tomorrow to go bar hopping with he and a large group of our friends.

He isn't exactly of "refined" taste buds, so a home-made recipe would be lost on him. Therefore.. which should I make?

-a double-layer funfetti cake
-sugar cookies, with royal icing and "30!" on them
-cupcakes (out of a box)

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OK, so I didn't use SPF, big mistake I know! I've googled my problem to death but haven't found the right answer. After getting pretty sunburned last weekend I got little water blisters all over chest and shoulders. Some of it started peeling and on my cleavage is now raw, red, very dry skin. A couple of little patches that feel/look the same on my shoulders. I've been slathering myself in vitamin e oil and udderly smooth cream, but the patches are still just as dry and ugly.

How long will this take to heal?
Should I go to a dermatologist?
What else can I use to speed up the healing process? (I'm going to wedding tomorrow! :/)
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Let's say, hypothetically, that a friend makes you a painting for your birthday. S/he isn't particularly talented, but it's obvious that they put a lot of time, effort, and thought in to it.

1) What, if anything would you say/do if you didn't like it?
2) Would you feel obligated to hang it up, because it was made just for you?
3) What is the best sandwich you've ever eaten?

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So my SO is currently installing Fallout 3 onto his computer, i.e. one of his favorite video games ever. This means that I likely won't see him at all tonight as he will be holed up in front of his computer oblivious to the world around him. Which should I drink tonight - my bottle of peach wine or my bottle of raspberry wine - since I won't have anything better to do?

What are YOU doing tonight?

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do you know any old people that do crazy things because they are old or cause they are not all there anymore? will you tell me the story?

my best friends grandfather has Alzheimers and he asked his wife if she "wants to get raped" they put him in the hospital and he then freaked out cause he thought he was on vacation and he had no money to pay the tab.. i couldnt help but lol but its kinda sad actually :(
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Camera help!

So I'm trying to decide which DSLR to buy:

Nikon D60 ($650)
Canon Rebel T1i ($875)

BOth cameras include lenses. I don't know if the extra money is worth it for the Canon. They also have a Canon XSi for $750 but they only have it in Grey, and I think it looks ugly.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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I just woke up from a longish nap and I have the most awful kink in my neck. It's really sore and I've tried stretching it, doing head rotations and other exercises, and it just does not want to stop hurting.

TQC, how can I make this kink gtfo of my neck???
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If you had $1,000,000 to give to any charity(ies) if your choice, what would it be?

I'd split it between a Save the Music type program, and a local dog rescue shelter called Mariah's Promise.
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 Dear TQC,
I want a motorcycle. I have a few questions for you...

1. I'm 5'0 with a 29-30 inseam. Do they even MAKE motorcycles small enough for me? I'm looking at a 2009 Ninja 250R Sport and a 2009 Honda Rebel. 

2. Do any of you have motorcycles? Are they standard or automatic? When do you ride them? How long have you been riding? Do you have your motorcycle license, or just a permit?

Haven't done one of these in a while

Edit: on question 3, it's 50 numbers, not 25. I changed the dollar amount at the last minute

Poll #1428133 For $2,500,000, would you...?

...tamper with the brakes of a complete stranger's car? You'll be given instruction on how to compromise brakes so that they fail on the third pump. Then, you have to go into a busy mall, and apply your new skill to the 25th car on the second floor, right side. You'll have no idea who the owner is or what will happen. Once you're done, your obligations are fulfilled and you just have to live with the uncertainty, potential guilt, etc. that your action may or may not have brought about. There's absolutely no threat of being caught

Yes I'd do it
No I wouldn't do it

...eat human steak? Oh, and you have to pick the 'contributor' to your meal. You're lead to an illegal Chinese den of iniquity where all things are made possible, and brought to a cage full of 10 prisoners. They're actually prisoners that the business purchased from the country prison. You just have to pick one of them and then the guards will drag him into the kitchen where he'll be transformed into yummy vittles for you. There will be screaming and such. All you have to do now is just eat your food like a good boy/girl and then you get paid

Yes I'd do it
No I wouldn't do it

...send nude pics of yourself to 50 complete strangers? You're given a list of 10,000 phone numbers in your city. No names attached. All you have to do is take provactive nude pictures (baby oil and ice cubed-nipples) of yourself on your cell phone, face included, and send them to 25 random numbers. That's it. The only catch is that you don't know what will become of those pictures once they're sent. Maybe they'll be deleted immediately. Maybe they'll be submitted to adult sites and be witnessed by thousands of people.

Yes I'd do it
No I wouldn't do it

...make an entertaining youtube video strongly endorsing Sarah Palin? With a well-written script and humorous edgy content, you'll be promoting Palin (un-ironically). After it's made, it'll be pumped up in every user's 'recommended video' list. You may become an internet sensation and give Sarah the hep support she needs to secure tens of thousands of voters in 2012. If Obama goes through one scandal from here to 2012, you may just singlehandedly elect Sarah Palin as president, but it's ok, you'll be rich

Yes I'd do it
No I wouldn't do it

...agree not to set foot in a motorized ground-based vehicle for the next 10 years? You can't ride in cars, buses, trains, etc. The only land-based vehicles permitted are bicycles, carriages and other motor-free rides. It's only 10 years, but on the other hand, that's a long time to be inconvenienced. Non-land based vehicles are allowed, so planes and boats are still optional

Yes I'd do it
No I wouldn't do it

...destroy Livejournal? You'll be given a bomb, and directions and passcards/keys/whatever to get into the building where all the LJ servers and whatnot are kept. The bomb will go off and everybody's journal will be destroyed, without possibility of recovery. Same with all communities (including this one). You'll get away scot-free. The only thing to consider is that some people have irreplacable pictures, posts, writings, etc saved in their journal and you'll be devastating thousands...maybe tens of thousands....of lives worldwide.

Yes I'd do it
No I wouldn't do it


My mom and I are going on vacation.

She wants to go to Florida, but not anything to do with Disney World. I want to go to a place that looks tropical-ish, has beaches, nice hotels and a spa.

Can you recommend a good place to stay that involves these requests?

Or, just give me some great vacation spots besides Vegas or Hawaii.

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I work in an office where another girl and I are the only two out of the six women who work full time. I just started about three weeks ago. Would it be really bad to ask for a day or two off next month? Will it look really unprofessional?

-I don't have a really heavy workload and nothing I do is time sensitive
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I'm going to visit a friend in Chicago for three days. What should I do while I'm there? Touristy and non-touristy stuff appreciated, especially if it's cheap or free stuff.
I already know I want to go to the Field Museum, contemporary art museum, and the art institute.

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does anyone have any good exercises for the stomach area? i have noticed i am getting a bit jigglier than i would like round my tummy and dont really know what to do specifically for that area. obviously i need to cut down on eating crap, thats a given....
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  1. I really like the look of Lomography's Fisheye or Fisheye 2 cameras, but I'm not sure which one to buy/which one is better.
    • Have you used either cameras?
    • Is it worth the extra bucks to get the Fisheye 2?
    • I read somewhere that both cameras are pretty junky and break easily...

  2. I recently started reading Andrea Dworkin's work and some of it is pretty awesome. What are some other good feminist theorists? I know Gloria Steinem, Ariel Levy and Bell Hooks are pretty good, any other suggestions?

  3. Who was your favourite Brady Bunch character and why? Extra points if you had a crush on one of them and admit it to thequestionclub

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1) What's the last funny thing that you did, that you hoped no one saw?
I knocked over my vitamin water and proceeded to chase it around the table like an idiot with a really funny look on my face.

2) Which girl do you find more attractive?



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Do you know that feeling/mix of emotions when you've just hung out with somebody you really like and you play those minutes or hours over and over again in your head?

Why do we do things when we know they'll hurt us? I am going to hang out with a guy I am extremely infatuated with...he's four years older than me, gay, and I probably will almost never see him after this month. Have you ever done something that you knew wasn't good for you emotionally?


Belle bookworm

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My little sister is flying into town next Thursday, so I need someone to cover my shift at work. I owe someone a shift, and I asked him Sunday if he'd like that shift - 11 days before the shift. He said he'd get back to me about it. It's been 5 days, and if he can't take the shift, I need to find someone else. Is it annoying of me to call him and ask him if he's planning on taking it?

How do I get over this fear of being annoying and imposing when doing things which, frankly shouldn't cause such a fear?

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I am leaving for my trip in about 4 days now. I can tell I am getting a cold. I should start taking medicine now, right?

It just a runny nose and little itchy throat. Should I just take a nasal decongestant?


Cover Letters

When you're responding to an online job posting and they ask for a cover letter, who do you make it out to if there is no contact information? I am looking on the website but the information isn't there either.
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TQC, if you were in a minvan with a bunch of friends and the driver was going way to fast, taking turns too fast, riding up other cars' asses, but everybody else seemed pretty much okay with it, what would you do?


I'm sitting in bed and hear that unmistakable bZZZzzz sound. I turn around and see the mosquito on the white shade so I slap it and blood splats everywhere. I freak of course OMGZ WHOS BLOOD IS THIS?!!!

I have aids now for sure right?
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You are standing in a room. When you try to MOVE, you discover you are chained to the wall with IRON SHACKLES. On the ground next to you is a SHARPENED KNIFE. Exits in the room are SOUTH and WEST. What do you do?

(no subject)

Have you ever lived with someone else's (SO's, friend's, whoever's) family? If so, how did it work out for you? Did you pay rent, help with groceries, etc?
I ask because my mom is driving me BATSHIT CRAZY because she acts like an immature, inconsiderate child 99% of the time. I'm just at the end of my rope and miserable/upset whenever I'm home because of her. My boyfriend said I could move in with him if I really needed to get out and didn't have another place to go (his parents are okay with it). However, I feel like I'd be a huge burden and I really don't want to put that on his parents :|

If this doesn't apply to you, tell me something that's made you happy lately.
I &lt;3 TLV

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I'm trying to buy some things from etsy, but I when I click to remove an item from my cart nothing happens. Has this been a problem for anyone else? Is there any way to reset the cart completely?

Am drunk, excuse quality of poll

Which death would be the most embarrassing?

Fatal coronary while passing in front of a Klan rally. A few concerned members put a sheet around you for warmth just as the camera crew gets there
Instead of the tattoo you wanted, the artist accidentally inks a Miley Cyrus tat on your arm instead. He didnt use clean needles and you get Hep C and die before you can get it removed
Heart attack while trying to push out a poop in a port-a-potty at a major concert. They carry you out pantsless with the etched frustration of poop strain still on your dead face
Being pushed out of a window during a little too rough doggy-style sex and impaling yourself on a metal gate pole with a ball gag and a buttplug on.
Killed by the Popemobile on accont that you didn't hear it coming due to your favorite jam on your ipod
There's a loud noise at the county fair and all the petting zoo critters take off running. You get trampled to death by all the sheep and llamas that everybody else managed to sidestep
While exiting the shower, you lose your balance and fall backwards on the toilet plunger, which becomes fatally lodged up your ass. That's how you're found: ass-lanced to death
You have to pee really bad and squat in this dark cave. However, it's not a cave, it's a railroad tunnel and you piss on the third rail and electrocute yourself
You lose your footing and fall over the rail at the manatee habitat at Sea World. However, it's mating season and you get humped to death by a bull male
While walking one day, you stumble across a Rush Limbaugh fan rally when all of a sudden he appears and you get trampled beneath the fans' excited feet. Your death is marked as 'crazed Limbaugh fan gets wish and meets Rush on his/her last day of life'
While at a tour at a septic plant, you lose your footing and fall into a deep pit of shit. You drown before anyone can save you
You're stoned and watching a Larry the Cable Guy movie and think of something so funny that you literally can't stop laughing and your heart stops. Everybody assumes that the movie killed you
You attend a party dressed as the Cowardly Lion, but little do you know that next door is a Furry Convenion. You trip and hit your head outside the front door and they carry you inside, assuming that you were one of theirs. You get a post-death yiffing
Your crash your car into a prison van that's transporting O.J. Simpson. Your car explodes but you end up setting O.J. free and he remains free for years, thanks to you
On your wedding day, your pants/dress splits in half on the altar. You die of embarrassment and shock

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 I gots an electric guitar as a preasent, should i learn to lay? y/n?
 Whats your favorite porn site?
Who has you watched porn with before?
can you name five currently working porn stars!?

are you a cat person?
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How would you feel if a smoker got pissy at you because you asked him/her to not smoke around you, assuming you don't smoke? ETA: Let's say this is not some stranger on the street, but someone you know.

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Lets say you're having a rough week and are stressed about it, so you go to a friend/family member/SO/whatever and vent a little about it.

How would you feel if they told you that you shouldn't complain because there's tons of starving, poor people who would love to be in your situation?

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What are some good, active websites with current fashion tips/ideas?

I'm in need of some good fashion inspiration..and don't give me lookbook cause I've yet to find something that actually looks good on that site.
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