July 9th, 2009

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Will you name a movie (or a few movies) that you think everyone should see?

When was the last time you brushed your hair?
Your teeth?

What was the last thing you ate?

How many letters are in your last name?
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For those of you who don't live at home.

1. Do you always call your parents on their birthdays?
2. If you forgot to call your dad on his birthday, and your mom called you and left a bunch of angry messages on your machine, what excuse would you use to absolve yourself of responsibility for not calling.
3. Is it kinda crazy that she called and left messages?
4. Is it kinda crazy that she called my wife to ask where I was, but did not mention that it was my dad's birthday and that I should call him?

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Do you have any Garden State gifs? Will you post them?

Imagine you're Celebrity X and another celebrity(Celebrity Y) dies. You were planning to get married, but suddenly Celebrity Y's memorial service is on the day of your wedding. You and Celebrity Y had a lot of mutual friends. How do you proceed? Do you postpone your wedding?
(This question was inspired by all the MJ coverage. It must be a bad time to do anything else in Hollywood.)
Gay draining
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I need to have a transition song for part of a show I'm in. Anyways since the scene involves Brad and Angelina, when you think of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie what songs come to mind?

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What is a really far-fetched goal you've set for yourself?

I am aiming to get a 180 on the LSAT by studying my ass off for the next three months or so. I got a 166 with very little studying, so I think that I put my mind to it, I can get at least  in the 170s.

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so the hotel room next to mine is being rather loud/obnoxious. it's 10pm (almost), and i have work tomorrow morning. i'd like to get some shut eye because i'll have to be up around 7:30/8am. how should i go about letting them know they should kindly STFU with the hysterical laughing and what sounds like monkeys playing drums/symbols without being too completely rude? i'm open to all srs/nonsrs/witty/stupid answers.

thank you tqc~

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1)why do you miss all the good drama?

My work has funny hours.

2)Do you enjoy watching cartoons from your childhood? if so, tell me about them.

3)What's level of pain you're experiencing at this moment? 10 is worst.


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Let's say your best friend tells you that they're having a party. They don't specifically invite you.
You go on facebook and there's a group invitation for this party but you were not invited.

Would common sense lead you to believe that you're really not invited?
I feel like all on accounts yes, but ...?

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TQC Etiquette Experts, help settle an argument!

I was raised to believe that you do not eat in front of other people without offering them something, and if you are bringing food somewhere - like work, etc - you have to ask if anyone else would want anything.

What is the appropriate etiquette of eating in front of other people?
Do you call and ask if anyone else wants anything before bringing fast food home or to work?
Has anyone ever thrown a fit about either of these topics around you?

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I woke up and my top eyelid is all puffy, so much so that it's closing my eye about halfway. It's not itchy.


Do you have any tips for bringing down swelling? Please pass them onto me.
lil mer

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What song do you have in your head?

What song is the worst song to have stuck in your head?

1 - now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. and id like to take a moment, just sit right there. i'll tell you how i became the price of a town called bel air
2 - this is the song that never ends....
Kill Bill - Elle
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I woke up this morning and my mouth tasted exactly like ibuprofen or aspirin. I was retching and gagging it was so alike. What the hell? OH NOEZ TQC am I dying?!!11?
What weird ass things have you woken up to?

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My ex-girlfriend called me up yesterday to see if I wanted to hang out today.  I haven't seen her since last April.  She -just- broke up with her boyfriend. 

a)  Does she want me for a rebound?
b)  What fun things should we do tonight (besides possibly sex)?

What kind of weird eating habits do you have?
--I put ranch dressing on chicken, pizza, fries, potato skins, fried zucchini, tacos, and lots of other things.  Is that weird?

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Goooooood morning, folks.

Last night I wrote an email to someone Federal Work Study department at my university, the EIGHTH email I've sent them in a month and a half because nobody has answered. It was angry, because I'm sick of being ignored when my question is REALLY simple, and I CCed it to every FWS-department admin. whose email I could find on the university website and to the president of the university. How long do you think it will take for me to get an answer NOW?! Srs and non-srs.

How do you feel today?

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Have you ever met anyone (namely: gone on a "date") you met online (CL, dating site, whatever)? How did it go?

If someone asked me to a movie or dinner, would it be considered rude if I asked about a friend coming along? I'm just apprehensive I guess.

if yes, do you suggest that I suggest another activity and then ask about a friend coming along? Maybe say "My friend and I were going to ____. Would you like to come along?"

I hate meeting new people.
strawberry shortcake

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Have you ever read Skinny Bitch? What are your thoughts on it?

I;m finally getting around to reading it, and while it has a few good points, I'm less than impressed with the "the only way you'll ever get skinny is to become a vegetarian!" argument.
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Have you ever read a book that made you both laugh and cry? (because it was so funny, but also really sad?)

For me, it was Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris. It made me laugh out loud at times because it was funny, but the end was really sad.
why so religious?
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yom teruah

Did you know there's a biblical holiday/appointed time for celebrating and looking forward to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

A common misinterpretation in Christian scholarship of a statement made in Matthew 24:36: But of that day and hour knoweth no man is that there is absolutely no way anyone can have any way of knowing any thing about the time of the second coming. Usually it's because of a failure to understand the writings of the new testament from a cultural and historical perspective. In the time of Jesus, the governing religious body called the Sanhedrin would announce the new moon, which marked the beginning of the next month, after two reliable witnesses confirmed seeing it. The day and hour which no man knows in advance is the new moon, and hence Jesus was speaking an idiom which the people of his day understood.

The appointed time which foreshadows the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is Yom Teruah, found in Leviticus 23. It says Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation. Of all the appointed times Israel was commanded to rehearse, Yom Teruah was the only one that was commanded to start on the first of the month. A common theme in all of the passages discussing the Second Coming is the sounding of the trumpet. Matthew 24:31 and 1 Thessalonians 4:16 are the most quoted.

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For those of you who listen to Top 40 radio, what's your favorite and least favorite song that is currently being overplayed on your station?

I seriously love "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. I never thought I would say that but it's become a guilty pleasure.

I can't stand that song by Jamie Foxx. Idk what it's called but it has the chorus "Blame it on the al-al-al-al-alcohol." It's such a stupid song.

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My foxy boyfriend is taking me and my friends to NYC for a day trip for my birthday next month because I've never been.
The only things I know for sure that I want to do is: go to Ferrara's for dessert and go to the UGG store to try on/buy myself some boots (word is their comfort cancels out their aesthetic).

What else should I do on a day trip to NYC?

Also, why is my left elbow so dry and ashy?
twilight run

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Have you ever farted in public? Do tell, please.

Sorry for the odd question, but a kid farted in class today and everyone was just laughing at him. I felt pretty bad so I just told them it was ~natural~ and everyone does it. These kids are around 17-19 so.. you can guess how silly they can get at that age.

Edited: Sorry guys, I switched "cruel" with "silly". I don't mean "cruel" as in like MWAHAHA IM EEEEEEEEEEEEVILLLL but as in, sometimes kids can be mean to each other. I'm SORRY for using the word! I'm scared of tqc being mean to me.. cos I do love this community sooo much and don't want to be ostracised.
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What are the top three funniest and top three wankiest communities on LJ in your opinion?

What are your plans for the day?

What is the weather supposed to be like for your area today?
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Oh TQC, my TQC

What was that last thing or person that you experienced that was so beautiful (in content or aesthetic) that you found it absolutely enthralling? I mean, it could be a photo or a book or a movie or or a song or an experience or a person, anything, but it created that passion/inspiration/desire/longing that makes you remember why you're alive beyond the mundane. For me, it's something perfectly ordinairy and yet really hard to come by: a very good book.

What was it for you?  
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What should I make for dinner? I have chicken, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, bacon, rice, pasta, and a variety of condiments and spices.

Where do you get ideas for dinner when you're stuck?
me jumping at the ocean!


In preparing a mini cucumber for lunch, a slice of it fell under the upper right coil on the stove top. Then, in my feeble attempt to retrieve it, the slice fell down a silver pipe that I could get to if I lifted up the stove top (as if I were to clean it). The silver pipe seems to have no end that can be reached.

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So, what happens the next time I used the stove? That specific burner? Can I somehow get the cucumber out?
Srs answers pls (hoping someone knows something about stoves), but nonsrs answers unavoidable.

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Do you think that if your 5-years-ago self met your self of today, s/he would be happy with the way your life turned out as it is today?

What do you think s/he would be disappointed by?

ETA: I got this dress a few days ago and I have no idea how I can wear it without my bra straps hanging out. :( I've never found a strapless bra EVER that I like/makes my boobs look decent... any idears?

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Do people actually do these stupid tablescapes that Sandra Lee does? Do they really think it looks good? How does she think it looks good? It's so gross!

Sandra Lee is the bane of my existence. Who is the bane of your existence?


You know that sound effect that's often used on sitcoms of a cat meowing really loudly, after somebody crashes into something off-screen? Last night I was awoken by that noise. An extremely loud and long cat yowl. Then I got really scared because, WTF.

Was it all in my head or was it actually outside my window?

What's the scariest thing that's ever woken you up?

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what song do you have as your ringtone?  text tone?

i need a new ringtone. what should i get?

EDIT: i got "Henrietta" by The Fratellis for now :)

if you don't care or don't use music, do you like wraps? what's your favorite kind?
   -mine is buffalo chicken wraps.. mmmmm.

Spiral of Light

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1. How long should I wait before starting season 6 of 24? I finished season 5 on July 7th and I usually only wait one day between seasons.

2. Have you ever heard of an Australian band called Oka? Do you like them?

3. Do you or anyone you know play Soldat? What is your/their username(s)?

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One of the girls at work brought salt water taffy for everyone. She put it in a bowl for common consumption. There's several different flavors, each differentiated by their color scheme. Which candy would you pick?

Blue raspberry
Juicy pear
Licorice (black)
Orange vanilla
None. I hate that stuff

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I have never witnessed my cousin shave her legs up until today.  She doesn't shave with shaving cream, she shaves with Dove conditioner.  It is surprisingly smoothe!

Does anyone else do anything like this that has the same effect?

pink hair!

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Any ideas what this might be in reference to? I think it's some sort of nerdspeak but I can't be sure.

My Boyfriend: you're the capped haste to my DW set
Me: .....
Me: the wat
My Boyfriend: you push the d150 floor exponentially lower
Me: ...... what
My Boyfriend: you make me invincible

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TQC, I am bored and I want to watch TV but my boyfriend is out of town so I have to save the good shows for when he gets back. I have a few shitty shows TiVoed. Which of the following should I watch?:

Sex and the City
Trading Spouses
Charm School with Ricki Lake (which i have never seen and I am VERY WARY)
Daisy of Love (also WARY)
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Georgie - Smiles

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Anyone know where I might find a good list of questions? You know, the type of questions you ask someone when you really want to get to know them? It's for fiction characterisation purposes.

For example: If your character were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would they most regret not having told someone? Why haven't they told them yet?


If your character could choose the manner of their death, what would it be?

That sort of thing. Ideas?
WestWing CJ/TobyDroughtConditions
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If you were to die today, what would others point to as the high point of your life- your single greatest accomplishment or contribution to society?

Are you comfortable eating out alone? How about going to movies alone?

In the course of a normal day, how many people do you speak to

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1. What was the last fine/fee you had to pay?
2. What do you do when a telemarketer calls?
3. Do you make your bed every morning?
4. Do you eat out more, or prefer making dinner at home?
5. How many televisions do you have in your home?
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At a job interview I was at last month, they asked the question: "If you were a part of a bicycle, which part would you be and why?"

What is your answer to that question? What the Hell kind of answer were they looking for, anyway?

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Inspired by krystina' response in the cheating question:

What is your opinion concerning the "other man/woman"?

Have you ever been the other man/woman?

To the best of my knowledge, I've never been the other woman, but I don't think as negatively of them as I do think of cheaters. I still think they suck, but I've never really hated the people that I was cheated on for. Also, I'm sure a great majority of them don't even realize that they are "the other" you know? IDK, TQC, what do you think?

charleston and savannah?

So I'm off to Folly Beach, SC for the week and my friends are jazzed about spending time in nearby Charleston and Savannah as well. I've never really spent time in any southern city except for New Orleans, and I'm excited but we have NO idea what we should go do.

So my question is: anyone know the area? Where should we eat/drink/sightsee? Any particular plantation tours you would recommend? Help me out, TQC!

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I took this quiz a little while ago and am curious how you would answer TQC. Three scenarios/questions, and the whys to your answers would be cool too. All of these are supposed to be in the interest of your 'self' surviving.

You have been chosen to go on a very important mission to Mars. You have no choice in this matter, you must go. But you can choose your means of transport.

One method is teletransportation. You will step into a scanner here on earth which will destroy your brain and body, while recording the exact states of all your cells. This information will then be transmitted to a replicator on Mars. Travelling at the speed of light, the message will take three minutes to reach its destination. The replicator will create, out of new matter, a brain and body exactly like yours. The person on Mars will look like you, think like you, in fact be indistinguishable from you. He or she will certainly feel as though they have merely fallen asleep on Earth and then woken up on Mars. This method is 100 per cent reliable.

The other choice is to go by spaceship. This is very risky and there is 50 per cent chance that the ship will not complete the journey and you will die in transit. But if you do successfully take the spaceship, then your body and brain won't at any stage have been destroyed.

Which do you choose?

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So, the Killers song Human was apparently inspired by a Hunter S. Thompson quote in which he says that America is raising "a generation of dancers."

The only thing I've found online suggests that this might have been in the eulogy he delivered for Jerry Garcia, but I can't even find evidence that he actually did eulogize Jerry Garcia, let alone the eulogy itself. Can anyone point me to actual context for the HST quote?
cabaret voltaire

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1. Do you believe there is someone out there for everyone?
2. For those of you who live on their own, how far away do you live from where you grew up?
3. On average, how many times a day do you fart?
4. Can non-spiritual people have spiritual experiences?
5. What's the most radical change you've ever made to your appearance? This includes wardrobe.
ETA: 6. Why would a school let a student who's molested younger students there still let this kid attend the school? This is a real life situation at a school I'm working at this summer and I cannot wrap my head around this.

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What's a really weird musical transition that somehow works would make Quentin Tarantino proud?

Alternately, can you think up a plausible title for a soft-core porn involving bubble tea and CapriSun?

Would you tell me about the secret romance of two (or more!) inanimate objects within your sight?

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What is your opinion on cheating on a significant other? Good, bad, meh? 

What do you consider cheating? 

**Edit for clarification** Since I sound totally stupid by saying, "Good" I guess what I mean is "justified in certain situations". I don't understand why people think it's justified sometimes...but the general consensus has shown me that most people think it's bad regardless, which I agree.
peggy hill, king of the hill

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My mother's friend is coming to visit from Canada. She's never been here, and I'm just wondering what she'll think of it here

If you're from somewhere besides the US and you've visited, what did you first think?
The Receptionist Classic

Retouching Remax's Realtors

If you look online at real estate listings, they often have pictures that accompany the listing - usually the front of the house, maybe a couple of interior pictures, etc.

Who takes those photographs?
Is there such a thing as a real estate photographer?

(Some of the pictures lately look like they've been taken with someone's camera phone, no joke.)
Suppose I wanted to be one of those people - go around, take photos of the house, crop/edit them, and post them for the realtor to their listing. How would I go about pimping out my services? Go to a couple of open houses, take pictures and build a portfolio?

Clearly I am grasping at straws now, and will try anything to make some money.

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When you have a really messy room to clean how do you make the most out of it in 3 hours? Do you organize it first or just throw shit in a pile and put it where it belongs as you pick it up?

I have to clean the bedroom and I am wasting time because I don't want too and I just can't motivate myself to do it!

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I know this gets asked a ton, but I'm at a loss. What should I have for dinner? Recipes are more than welcome if you've got them.
Here at home, I've got atleast one Boca burger, swiss and american cheeses, there's some chicken in the freezer [boneless, skinless breasts] along with some vegetables, some brown rice in those Minute cup things, a couple portabello mushrooms, and some herbs/things including but not limited to rosemary, thyme, parsley, and basil. The problem is, I'm out of bread, or else I'd totally be making a portabello burger right now. My options for not-at-home include Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Domino's, and a place downtown that I think makes sandwiches until they close. Halp?

Domino's has been ordered. Just in time, too, my body was starting to do this weird thing. 'Losing weight' I think it's called.

And also, how do you sleep air-circulation-wise? Door open/closed, window open, fan on, etc. Things like that. Does this change throughout the year? Is there any better way to re-word that question? I just read it over and it sounds stupid.

I'm not from around these parts...

Can you tell just by looking at someone if that person is a foreigner?
What do you think it is about people that gives off a "foreigner vibe"?

I ask because people will speak English to me even before I open my mouth or give any hints that I am not from this country. I know I don't look like a stereotypical Dane, but I am caucasian. I thought it was weird that people could pinpoint me as a foreigner with no hints whatsoever (I'm not wearing clothing that brands me as an American or anything), yet the other day these girls got on the bus and I just had this feeling that they were native English speakers...and then they started speaking English. So I'm wondering exactly what it is about people living in their non-native country that gives them away.
star wars! Fuck yeah!

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So, I'm in New Zealand right now doing an internship. My husband is going to a University in Wellington and we get bored one night and go out with his dorm friends, a lot of drunken 18 year-olds. Always amusing.

Now one of them is a girl who is half Maori. And she comes up to me as we walk from one bar to another and asks "Would I be considered black in America? Would people call me black?"

And I was amazed. I managed to say no, probably not. And then she asked what she would be called and I said probably Pacific Islander or something. And she said something like, "fuck that" and wandered off.

Now my question is what would would you have said had she asked you that? I'm genuinely curious what other people think about this. Because I was just like... buuuh?
hate pimentos

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Am I the only one who hates the show "House"?  I mean, I like a lot of the actors involved, but the storyline is just so awful.  "Hey, this dude is sick.  Maybe its this thing. No, that's not it.  Maybe its that thing.  No, that's not it, either.  Maybe it's the first thing with a rare complication!  No, that's not it, either.  Hey, here's a bizarre clue that we've absolutely lucked into!  I know!  It's this weird disease that no one's ever heard of (or, alternately, a very common disease with an uncommon manifestation).  Show's over!  Time for some more Vicodin and a life lesson that we'll then ignore!"


Messenger bags or backpacks.

I'm looking to buy either a messenger bag or a backpack. I ride my bike to school and work and I have a JanSport backpack but it is ripping and I want a better bag that will fit my 13" laptop in it as well as a few small-ish books if needed, that is still cute.

Does anyone have any experience with bags by Timbuk2 or YakPak bags? I am probably leaning more towards messenger bags than backpacks, but I'm still not sure. Are Timbuk2 bags worth the price?

If you have one, will you post pictures of your backpack or messenger bags? Even better if you post pics of a Timbuk2 or Yakpak!

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what would you rather be?
drunk or high?
what are you doing ATM?
what kind of drunk are you?

I think drunk. While high is really relaxing and i laugh and eat way too much, i never get anything done I just sit and laugh and then sleep. Im drinking a bit right now actually.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I had a fairly old phone for 5 years, and I got a new one last week. I love it! I do have a question, though.

Where the service bars on my phone are, in the top-left of the screen, there's two different ... kinds of bars? There's a line that says "EV" and has bars after it, and underneath it, it says "1X" and has bars after it. Sometimes, it only says 1X and has giant bars that take up both lines.

What's the difference between EV and 1X? What do these even mean? Am I going to get calls even if one of them is out?

ETA: I'm on Verizon, if it makes a difference.

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Can a person safely/healthily get a full round of braces for their teeth for a second time?

The reason I wonder about safety is because in passing my dentists have mentioned that when you get braces and your teeth are all rearranged and stuff, the root (?) of your teeth get shorter, and thus have a weaker grip in your gums, which may lead to problems when I'm old. My teeth are on the verge of ridiculous and in retrospect I should never have gotten my braces BEFORE my wisdom teeth, which came in and everything shifted around.

I mean, I'll eventually ask my doc so don't be all "omg go to ur dentist"


How honest should one be with their S.O?

For instance, suppose you were a hooker for a couple months or something. You don't have any STDs, and it was a long time ago, so it doesn't really have anything to do with the life you lead now. At what point- if ever- would you share this?


(no subject)

Have you or anyone you known had their identity stolen?
I was opening a bank account today, and someone else was registered under my SSN. :[ I have to go up to the social security office in the morning, and I'm really hoping they didn't totally fuck up my credit.

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What are some of your guilty pleasures?
Experimenting with my hair color
Drinking milk out of the carton
Making up weird lyrics to well known songs
Watching ridiculous scifi/fantasy shows

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Take a spring-loaded kitchen clip, a hair clip, document clip, or something similar. Clip it onto various parts of your body. Which parts feel good, which feel painful, which feel not-very-much, and which feel kind of erogenously aroused?

I tried a plastic hair clip on my cheek and it felt kind of dirty and good =/

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What's the most disturbing book you've read?

I just finished the Wasp Factory by Iain Banks, which disturbed me to the point that I couldn't read it at night or I'd never get to sleep. Not because of fear, but just because my mind would get all tangled up with bad thoughts and resentment of life and the world and the terrible things that go on it, and questions of morality and immorality and stuff that just keeps you awake.

this probably isn't the place

Do any of you know, statistically, how many games even the crappiest team in MLB is guaranteed to win in a given season? I recall it being somewhere between 30 and 40, but have no idea where I got that number.

Alternatively, if you can point me in a direction that will answer that question, great. My google-fu is lacking tonight.

Fonty Fonty

What's your favourite typeface? And most disliked?

I love Century Gothic. And following that would be Book Antiqua and Californian FB.

I dislike fonts that are so cursive that you can't tell what the individual alphabets are.

burning words

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depending on the colour of my wallpaper, my desktop icons don't show up very well. the blander the background the more visible they are but i'm sick of going the bland route. is there a way to give my desktop icons a boarder or have white under them so they're more visible?

*EDIT: i have a PC, windows vista

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1) Ladies...have you ever had a bikini wax? Can you tell us about it (what kind, pain factor, how much it cost, was it worth it)? Same deal with a leg wax.
No, that's why I'm asking this question. Thinking about getting one for my 2 week vacation coming up..

2) What was your biggest fashion/hair/make up mistake when you were younger? Include photo evidence if possible.

I thought blue eyeshadow and heavy bottom liner was good for my face when I was 13/14. So wrong. I would, but all my old pics are black/white or sepia toned. Really cool.


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I saw a roach crawling across the carpet and FREAKED OUT

Then my kitten went into ~jungle kitty mode~ and hunted it and killed it.

When was the last time you freaked out?
When was the last time you felt proud?