July 8th, 2009

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I started jogging again (1 mile a day), and up until tonight, it's felt really good. But my knees hurt after running tonight, and they look a little swollen too.

Is there a 'right' way to run? Am I doin' it wrong?

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My brother just borrowed my debit card to download Sims 3.
Now he can't find the unlock code for it.

Is there anywhere other than in the Order Details that it should be found? There is a nice empty space where it says it should be. Also, I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail for the purchase, yet, just for signing up for an EA account.

Basically, is there any reason why we shouldn't have this code, considering they've already taken the $50 out of my bank account?

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I started eating vegetarian/pescetarian for a while, then it became this big inconvenience for my mom to shop for me, and my boyf got pissed that everything had to be ~special~. So, I gave in. Everything went back to normal. I'm a bit upset with myself still, because I wanted to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

LOL, should I eat in secret? Any tips?
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Which is a more satisfying feeling?

Taking off your bra at the end of the day.
Taking off an uncomfortable pair of high heels at the end of the day.

(Assume for the sake of argument that you wear both a bra and high heels, you slave to the patriarchy, you.)

What are some similarly satisfying feelings?
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What to do what to do...

I'm feeling really restless.. I need your help!
I have to drive my wife to work in 2 hours...

What should I do until then?

1. Go to a 24hr walmart and faff about, maybe buy a new game or some sort of appliance, or possibly some juice (suggestions of what to buy are welcome)
2. Stay in and listen to records
3. Do something useful like wash the floor, fold laundry, that type of thing
4. Play guitar
5. Play keyboard

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My friend and I are looking for a way to earn $50 or so because she's a couple skins short of a new guitar she wants. We're both 16 and are having no luck in the formal job-searching world. Assuming it would look creepy if we set up a lemonade stand, can you think of any other ways we could get the cash?

Because this question is dumb, what is your favorite vegetable and how do you like it prepared?

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Should I make instant pudding? I have French vanilla, butterscotch, devil's food, pistachio and banana cream. I haven't eaten pudding in years, I don't actually know why I bought five boxes.

input pls


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what are you supposed to say when you call the doctors office to talk about a medical problem your having?
i never know what to say and i keep calling and im not getting called back so idk what im doing wrong...

are you nocturnal? do you miss things people do during the day cause you are sleeping?

what do you do at night when everyone is sleeping if you are still awake?

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I've asked this before, but it always yields hilarious results.

What are the strangest/cruelest/most ridiculous names you've heard about or encountered in everyday life?

My favourites would be the mother and daughter at the school I used to work at. Mom was Cinderella and her daughter was Precious-Princess(she's now in grade 10 or 11). And they both get incredibly huffy if you don't use their full names.

AHAHA AND MY ROOMMATE JUST GAVE ME ONE: Her HS principal was Mrs. Gay Loveland.

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*I hope I did the cut right; I've never used one before*
Sweet...it worked.

My car was on its absolute last legs before dying for good, so I went ahead and replaced her yesterday. She served me well for almost 200,000 miles, but it was her time to go.

She got replaced with this:

Collapse )

According to my fiancee, all cars need to be named. So I put it out to you, TQC:

What would be a good name for a gray Accord sedan with all the bells and whistles?

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Um... does butter ever have gluten in it?

I ask because on the side of this package of butter I have, it has in big red letters: 100% GLUTEN FREE.  I thought to myself, "Well... duh, right?"  I mean, isn't that like plastering a sign onto a big old slab of beef that says CONTAINS NO SUGAR.

But I know gluten can be sneaky and show up in places you'd never expect it to. 
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Wearing Fur...

Say you are opposed to the wearing of fur for ethical reasons, i.e. if you buy a fur jacket then you're increasing the supply and demand of the fur trade.

Is it acceptable to wear a fur jacket from a vintage/second hand shop, where buying fur wouldn't have an impact on the fur trade?

What should happen to old furs then? For example, if old (deceased) aunt Dot had a mink shawl that she passed onto you and you're morally opposed to fur, do you burn the item? Throw it out? Give it a proper animal funeral?

Inspired by a few op shops that I've seen that are run by vegetarians but stock vintage furs

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1)What do you think would make a politician eligible for a 30 year ban on running for elected office?

2)What is your favorite Civilization game?

3)Who do you think I should target with a kick in the organ of your choice?

ETA: Why do people who don't want to get pregnant have unprotected sex?
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check mayan calendar date

Prophecies of spooky DOOM!

tl:dr · Nostradamus knew his stuff. He predicted the "King of Heaven", which was interpreted as either a meteor shower or a missile strike. On the date he had set for this to destroy the world it actually happened. Sure, we're all still here but on that very date Bill Clinton had bombers blow the shit outta a little place accross the sea that was ethnic cleansing parts of its population...

...and I figure from Nostradamus' point of view that probably looked like the end of the world.

Used to track a whole bunch of these and all but one has passed on by. The next biggie in the playbook is the end of the Mayan Calendar. Lots of people figure that it just means a great change, that when that particular day is over the next cycle will begin. They could be right. I for one figure expect the worse and if it doesn't turn out that way...be pleasantly surprised.

So, come that fateful day of September 12 2012 I'll be doing up a BBQ for me and my neighbors. Not my greatest skill but if the world's ending I figure it won't matter.

What will you be doing?
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My friend just became a 'vegetarian' but still eats fish. I told her that the correct term for this is 'pescetarian.' She said 'lots of vegetarians only eat fish.' I told her that 'eating fish would make you not a vegetarian.'

I thought a vegetarian had a diet consisting of no meat, fish included. Am I right?

Are any of you vegetarians? Pescetarians? Don't eat red meat? What inspired you to make this choice?
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 I have to bake brownies for a dinner I'm going to tonight. But I'm going to be gone all afternoon til about 430. Dinner is at 6. Brownies don't take long to bake do they? I have plenty of time, right? 

What was the last thing you baked? Was it for anything in particular? Was it yummy? 

What was the last movie you saw in theatres? Any good? Would you recommend it?
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*edited to fix pic*

Poll #1426920 Meeces!

I'm getting a pair of male mice tomorrow. What should I name them?

Ranma and Ryoga
Hiei and Kurama
Kiyoshi and Toshiharu (Yoshi and Toshi)
Mario and Luigi
Tigger and Pooh
Ben and Jerry
Calvin and Hobbes
Harry and Ron
Jake and Elwood
Flotsam and Jetsam
Lenny and Squiggy
Felix and Oscar
Shark and Jet
Yogi and BooBoo
Zen and Tao

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I can't find that macro with the guy in the rainbow make-up. Will you please hook me up?

Also, what is your favourite macro of all time?

Or, just post macros. Macro posts are a dime a dozen, I know, but whatever, cheap and abundant can be good.
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What is a trait you hate in other people but will exhibit on your own and consider it okay? (eg: people who talk on cell phones who drive - but if it's me I have a good reason, or people who walk side-by-side in hallways, but if it's me that's cool because it's important).

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To the vegetarians/vegans/whatever other specific term there is for non-meat eaters?

Is it a "meat is unhealthy" thing? A "meat tastes gross" thing? A "don't hurt the fuzzy little critters" thing?

For everyone else (or if y'all just feel like answering more questions):

Do you have a favorite SNL skit? What is it?
I love Celebrity Jeopardy.

Are there any old arcade/video games that you grew up playing, but can't find now?
Everywhere around here has done away with "Area 51" and "Maximum Force" because they're "too violent." They've been replaced with the BS, neutered "police trainer" games where all you get to shoot are bullseyes.

Need your help TQC.

Where can I watch full episodes of Supernatural for free online?

I used to have this website where I'd go and just click and watch. No links to other sites, no downloads. But I can't remember the name. Help. :/

Also, where did my fork go? I seriously have no idea.
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And Bingo Was his Name-O

Have you ever played Bingo at a Bingo parlor? Do you think I will have fun if I go to one and play?

Is there any legitimate way for me to improve my odds of winning, aside from buying lots of Bingo cards?

Will you post a recent photograph that you took?
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TQC, what should I do tonight?

Here are my options:

Attend friend's party - it'd be his 3rd party in 3 nights, all my friends would be there and everyone i've been hanging out with for the past week. Lots of drinking games.
Accompany boyfriend to his friend's party - i wouldn't know anyone there except for my boyfriend and his brother. Would mostly involve guys (no girls) jamming and drinking lots of whiskey and beer.
Stay home and watch DVDs - I'd be missing out on fun but be getting the rest I needed after 4 days of staying out til 4am.

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Will you show me a picture of your beloved pet?

If you don't have a beloved pet, will you show me a picture of the pet you wish you had?

If you just hate animals, will you post a picture of your face?
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For those of you who have siblings:

Regardless of what you call them when you're talking about them, do you generally think of your...

...older sibling(s) as your big brother/sister or your older brother/sister? Or something else?

...younger sibling(s) as your little brother/sister, your baby brother/sister, or your younger brother/sister? Or something else?

What about those of you who are a twin/triplet/etc? Do you think of your sibling(s) as older/younger, or are they just your twin/triplet/etc?

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Tomorrow, I'm going to "interview" for a roomate position in this house I found on craigslist. The house already has four guys, all college age, inhabiting it. My question is:

Should I mention the fact that I'm gay when I meet them tomorrow or wait?

If you DGAF, who is your favorite celebrity twitter account?

Urban legends, lawlz

Which widely believed to be true/common facts that are really just made-up bullshit bring the most lulz to you?

They can be old wives' tales, urban legends, e-mail forwards, quotes attributed to Bill Gates, whatever, but they have to fall under the category of thousands of people being gullible enough to actually believe them.
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Can u plz halp me, tqc?

I'm visiting Tampa from Friday-Monday. I'll be there mainly to see my best friend, Trish, and her new daughter. I haven't seen Trish in 5 years. However, her dude, Eric squicks me out majorly, and has since high school. Always hitting on me, cheats on her blatantly, is just pretty awful. I'm supposed to be staying with them on Friday night, and in a hotel saturday and sunday. However, Trish JUST decided to let me know, 2 days before I get there, that she can neither drop me off or pick me up at the airport. I don't drive. Their house is 1/2 hour from the airport.  They want me to hang out/drink/crash on Friday night. So far, that's 'the plan'. I'm generally pretty not psyched about how she's treated the whole prospect of my visit...very nonchalant, super flakey.  Total cost of cab ride from the airport to her crib - $60,

However, My friend's band has a show on Friday in Orlando. It's a 2 hour train ride. We've been *~*e-frendz*~* for 4 years, but have never met in person. Total cost of  transit to the train station, train ticket there and back, cover charge, dinner and hotel, if I play it cheap: $100ish.

I'd like to save money, but I'd also like to not have the most miserable friday night ever. What do I do, Dr. Internetz?
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Which of the following signs of autism do you exhibit?


Delayed or unusual speech patterns (many autistic children, for example, memorize video scripts and repeat them word for word with the precise intonation as the TV characters)
High pitched or flat intonation
Lack of slang or "kidspeak"
Difficulty understanding tone of voice and body language as a way of expressing sarcasm, humor, irony, etc.
Lack of eye contact
Inability to take another's perspective (to imagine oneself in someone else's shoes)
Engage in repetitive behaviors and ritualized activities, ranging from lining up items to following a rigid routine
Have one or a few passionate interests
Have difficulty in making and keeping multiple friends
Prefer activities that require relatively little verbal interaction

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what's the most immature thing you've ever done and remember?
what do you want your funeral to be like?
on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most, how educated would you say you are on STD's?
do you think people under 20 should get married? or do you think it's too young?
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roller skating

Are there any roller skating rinks in Las Vegas? My family is going in a couple of weeks and I don’t know if I should bring my skates or not. Google isn’t helping, only giving me links to places that have shut down.

Bonus #1: Do you prefer inlines or quads?

Bonus #2: Do you like to boogie?


So me and a male friend slept with each other about 2/3 weeks ago, we used a condom, i had just came off my period.
Now im getting unbeleivable cramp, and other "signs." Is it too early to tell on a home pregnancy test?
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Road bike question

I am in need of a city/road bike, however I'm concerned because I have some knee problems.  Long story short, my kneecap is not totally sitting in the groove that it's supposed to, so I need a bike that will put the most amount of exertion above my knee and little to no exertion below my knee.  Do any of you have any experience riding bikes with knee problems? Any suggestions for what kind of design I should be looking for?  Is this even a thing I can hope to find?  Please pardon my total ignorance of the biking world, this is my first one!
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Up to here with homos

What's your favorite homo?

I hate all homos!

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dear tqc,

will you please educate me on drugs? (names/nicknames/general descriptions of effects/how's it's made/your experiences/etc?) specifically the most popular recreational drugs?

i really know like nothing about any of it, and i'd like to not feel so ignorant/ill-informed. details would help.


Thank you for erowid.org. I'll read up on that.

Will you list all the drugs you've ever tried TQC? And your favorite(s)/least favorite(s)?

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Do you talk about LJ stuff with your friends who are online and offline friends?
(That was so hard to word right)
edit: I mean people who you have added on LJ and also see sort of often IRL

If you don't care/doesn't apply/you don't get it, what do you want to do right now?

student airfare

Hey TQC!!

I am in the market for a plane ticket to Melbourne at the end of August. Do you know of any discounted ticket websites, maybe especially for students or military people? I have checked expedia.com so far. Thankssss!

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When you eat a slice of pizza, do you fold it in half (length-wise)?

When you wear a skirt (if applicable), do you pull it up or down when you have to use the toilet?

What scent is your deodorant?

What flavor is your toothpaste?

Collapse )

ETA: most toothpaste is mint, guys (unless it's cinnamon... ick) - I meant specifically what bonkers name did your toothpaste brand come up with to tell you it's "mint"?
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(no subject)

My family and I are seriously thinking of moving to the Boston area with our next tax return. I've lived in Colorado Springs my entire life and have no idea what to expect in a big city. Do you have any words of wisdom for me?
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1)What's part of your embarrassing lifestyle[something you'd be embarrassed to admit on a first date, for example]?

the giant pile of manga I borrowed from the library. also, the manga tub.

2)What freaked you out today?

Mom: Your non boss called!

3)what is the purpose of a fruit cozy?

(no subject)

is there some sort of application/website i can access on an LG phone that i can write in? like a document site/application.

edit: i need to write quite a bit and i have an LG keybo.

(no subject)

OK so last night I attempted instant pudding and somehow fucked it up by using soy milk. BEFORE I HEAD TO THE STORE, are there any other surprising rules regarding instant pudding that I should heed? If I just get a jug of NORMAL, WHOLE, COW'S MILK, it will work, right? I can't bear to fuck up any more pudding.

Also you guys can talk about anything pudding-related here

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I don't know how to phrase this question.

If I send mail overseas, does it go to a designated "border port" in that country before going to its local destination?

Basically, I sent something to Prince Edward Island, and I've tracked the package to "Canada", at the "border", whatever that means. AFAIK the recipient hasn't received it yet even though it's been in Canada for two days. Is it possible it ended up in Toronto before PEI or something?
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(no subject)

My husband gets a rash on his face every time it gets wet. Wtf is he allergic to water? What causes this?
How can I cut a length of dried bamboo into sections without splintering it? Have you any experience with bamboo-themed arts and or crafts?
Dracula - Count D

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This arboreally named area was made famous by a prince in the region noted for impaling enemies on stakes.

This was yesterday's Final Jeopardy clue and two of the contestants got it wrong. Final Jeopardy, srsly. The day before was something like "Mr Bell started selling these along with his hamburgers and the rest is history." In both cases only one contestant was right.

Would you have got these answers?

Do you watch Jeopardy?
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chking into US w/liquor

any US citizens traveling back to the US w/liquor... and have any helpful tidbits..
i'll be googling, too... just husband's chking in soon...

he's hoping to bring a small bottle of liquor w/him from Peru - back into LAX..
and no connecting flights from there... it'll be in his check in from Peru.. but
is he gonna be good w/bringing it in?

i'm thinking so...

edit: he's good! thanks for the rapid response!! :)
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I hope this does not start some ridic breed/race wank, but I have always wondered...

Why do cat and dog breeds specific to Asian countries have such Asian features, in comparison to Western-based/registered breeds? Am I completely constructing this in my mind because my brain finds it lol-y, or is it possible that Asians (I am thinking of Japanese and Korean mostly and Chinese as well) tended to breed animals towards human beauty ideals?

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When you listen to the same song over and over again, the next time you hear it (at a totally different time. Like two weeks later) does it sound weird to you?

Have you ever changed your name? (Getting married doesn't count)
I've recently changed mine, but it's not legal yet.

Does anyone want to celebrate with me?
I have a job interview on friday!

My Dearest TQC,

I've been working out everyday for the past two weeks, but I'll be leaving vacation soon, so I'm looking into buying a small elliptical trainer to keep in my room. What are your thoughts on this?

Also, when you work out, how long do you usually do it for? Do you try to burn a particular amount of calories? If so, how many?
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Movie night


You're making a themed movie night + pajama party.

What's the theme?
Which movies would go with that theme?
Which snacks go with it all?
Any other ideas for it?

Feel free to invite either friends or SOs. Any differences depending on if your SO or your friends come to your party?

(no subject)

1. Has anyone here ever done public access t.v. (produced/been on/visited set)??

I want to move on from radio stuff and have a Wayne's World-y hangout hour as well as a separate fictional miniseries lolol it would be so good.

2. Any ideas for a show/premise?

(no subject)

The head housekeeper at our hotel just quit and only one of the housekeeping staff here speaks fluent English. It has caused many problems between the guests and staff and one of my coworkers is insisting situations like this are why we need an official U.S. language.

Do you agree with him? Why should/shouldn't the United States adopt an official language?

what do you think the benefits/backlash of an official language would be?

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Pixar, coupons, and Human Rights groups

I. There are 10 Pixar movies now. How would you sort them from best to worst? Here's how I rank them:

1. Wall-E
2. The Incredibles
3. Up
4. Toy Story
5. Finding Nemo
6. Ratatouille
7. Toy Story 2
8. Cars
9. Monsters Inc.
10. A Bug's Life

II. Which do you think is the better organization: Amnesty International, or Human Rights Watch? Why? What are the big differences?

III. Why do shopping coupons have a cash value of 1/20th of a cent?

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I am selling my broken iPod on ebay right now, and I don't really expect it to go above 70$ (or even that high really). It has 7 days left and is currently at 15$. I was just asked if I would sell it right now for 50$ by a guy who has been a member of ebay for 3 years but has absolutely no activity. Is he to be trusted? Should I do it or wait it out a little bit longer? Right now I am checking out prices for other broken iPods.

I'm thinking I should just wait it out since bids have a habit of going higher at the end.

(no subject)

sorry I think I am posting like 2 posts too soon, but I had a burning q:

Does anyone know a way of creating YouTube-style flash streaming videos, but hosted on your own site? A way of just formatting your video into that style, I guess. I want the security of knowing my vids won't ever be shut down or be subject to YouTube's rules, but I do like that template of having the play/stop/etc. buttons, and not having to wait for an mpeg or mov file to load.

(no subject)

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What the hell is this crap?! it appeared on my Facebook page. "could be disabled?" what does that mean? How long until this goes away?

ETA: The only suspicious behavior I could think of was that I was posting youtube links on one of my statuses, saying what music i was listening to.  I've done this before, and nothing happened. Is this spamming or something? on my own status and nobody else commented on it?
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(no subject)

Have you ever trained anybody in an employment setting before? Have you ever trained your replacement?  How'd that go?

My last day at my current job is a week from tomorrow.  I am moving out of state in 17 days.  I began to train someone to take over my position (I'm an insurance biller/receptionist/scheduler/transcriptionist/records clerk/physical therapy aide at a physical therapy practice) a few months ago, but then she said she didn't want the job anymore and bailed. The job is kind of complex.  We just hired a new person to take my place.  She started on Monday.  TQC, this woman is a MOR.ON. I seriously spent 15 mintues today explaining to her how to open a document template from the "My Documents" folder in Windows and then save it as the specific file you're creating from the template. However, when it comes to the more complicated aspects of the job like payment processing and posting, she does just fine.  She's in her 30s and hasn't had a job in 10 years. I don't understand with, why the economy like it is, HERS was the best resume we received, but whatever.  I was a tutor for a long time at the local community college (for English, though.  Not for this kind of stuff.) Does anyone have any tips or pointers how I can teach someone to do a task when it seems that they are clearly very far out of their depth? She keeps saying things like "this is too much" and "I don't know how you keep track of all of this stuff." The bad news is that I truly haven't even shown her the half of what I do.  

(no subject)

You need to hire a babysitter to watch your 8 year old daughter. You have plans you can't get out of and these are the only applicants. Who gets the job?

50 year old man. Missing left hand, has hook
Early 20s sorority girl. Is wearing Captain Morgan t-shirt
70 year old man. Thick German accent. Asks if you're Jews before interview starts
Middle aged woman. Legally blind
40 year old part-time Michael Jackson impersonator
Friendly late 20something woman. You notice slash scars over her left wrist that you can tell she was trying to hide
Morbidly obese 400lb woman
R. Kelly
30 yr old woman. Cleavagy shirt, not wearing a bra
21 year old man. Kinda quiet
40ish woman. Doesn't know a lot of English
40ish woman. Very nice, very polite, good with kids. Born-again christian
40ish woman. Very nice, very polite, good with kids. Scientologist
20ish woman. Polite and sounds smart. Tattoo sleeve and facial piercings
I take my damn kid with me!