July 7th, 2009


The InterneTzzz

Have you ever met anyone in real life that you have known of through the internet?

My fiancee had a fourth of july party and I looked out the window in the kitchen and saw a girl sitting outside that looked so familiar! Upon further inspection it was a girl that is ALWAYS on madradhair.

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Is anyone else annoyed by those "Love. It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru." commercials?

Like Subaru lovers are the only ones who love their cars. Or that those who make Subaru feel so much love as they're putting one together.

I'm sure.

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What's the last thing that made you jealous? Are you normally a very jealous person?

What should I suggest/initiate for tqc_swap?
I want to maybe go beyond pre-made/store-bought snacks, but there might be all sorts of issues with allergies and food safety if we make our own. I wanted to bake cookies or make a Perler bead gift and have like a round robin, but I wanted to ask you guys first.

EDIT: Also, in t.v. shows/movies where there is beeped-out cursing in front of really old people or children, do you think they are actually saying the words IRL during filming or saying something else?

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ok I don't know what's going on with my body and I have EVERY intention of talking to my doc about this, but I also wanted to ask you all about this.

I have noticed that during and after a heavy cardio workout I get a tiny bit of a headache which is followed by a distinct musky metallic smell like a cleaning solution or something and a bit of a taste. At first I figured it may be the gym that I was in, but I have noticed this occurring in different locations... even outdoor locations... so it's obviously something that's going on w/ me. And no, it's not body odor at all LOL, it's a distinct smell in my nose and mouth. of course I am a little concerned about this and figured that I should talk to my doc about it, but I also wanted to post it on here to see if any of you have ever experienced this, or have any of you heard of this occurring?

Peggy Blink

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I applied for FAFSA. What does this mean?
Based on the information we have on record for you, your EFC is 0.
I've googled, but it still aint making sense.

Also, would any money from FAFSA cover the cost of my application fee for the college, or am I going to have to shell out for that myself?

If you don't know/don't care, do you prefer your bacon floppy, crispy, or soy?


How did you feel about going to College and leaving your family and friends behind?

Did you ever get homesick or sad? What did you do to overcome it?

How did you find your housemates/roommates?

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i'm in the mood to be scared tonight. my only resource is the internet. i love things like ted's caving journal/the dionysus house/conspiracy theories/ghost stories/creepypastas, ALL OF THAT.

so. do you know of anything that will genuinely freak me out?

or, if you're not into that stuff, what's the scariest thing you've ever seen?
  • cio

A variety..

1. Generally speaking, do you tip?
2. What's your reasoning?
3. Can you dance?
4. How is it that people in this day and age are still not sick of Sublime.

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Within the last ten minutes I have: stepped on cat #1, tripped over cat #2, spilled water, broke a cup, spilled sugar, then spilled water on top of that. I've also whacked my cats in the head with the broom (on accident), then tripped while walking back to my table.

When was the last time you felt clumsy?
Am I going to have a shitty day or is this just getting all the bad shit over at once so I can have a normal day?

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which clothes do you dry in the dryer, and which ones do you hang up?

if a label says "hand wash" do you obey, or just throw it in on delicate?

what separations do you make? whites & colors? special load for towels?

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do you ever get really nervous and anxious and act stupid because you go into like an anxiety shock and you cant think straight?
it happens to me all the time i think im good and then i leave the house and it happens :(

if you have anxiety how does it affect you? does it stop you from doing things and make your life difficult?

does it make you act differently around people?
luna lovegood

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You have to take a drug test for a job you were recently hired for...

1) If the test was given to you right this second, are you getting the job?
2) Are you "pee-shy"?
3) If yes, how tough is it for you to take the drug tests where you have to pee in the cup?

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I'm going to the Brewers/Dodgers game and Tailgating saturday and Sunday.
What are your favorite tailgate foods/items?
What should I bring for our tailgate? (the smokey Joe and charcoal are already packed)
Evil Me

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When you are feeling under the weather, do you prefer to take a day off when you're at the beginning of your illness, hoping that it won't get too bad if you rest, or do you wait until it's so bad you can't function and THEN take time off?

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Does the area you live have a Pride celebration of some sort? What's it like?

Does it ever cause any wank? Either online or IRL protests? Any stories about it?

Have you seen any good counter-protests?


My daughter is going to college next month and needs a laptop.
I haven't bought a lap top in years.
What brand should I get? Avoid?
what software should she get?

Help me Obi-wan....you're my only hope!

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1)What office equipment item do you have the most trouble with?

The copier. Paper jams, document trays not working. grrr.

2)Would you buy a print book of a webcomic? why or why not?


btvs → back to life

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I recently bought a DVD box set on Ebay. When I received it, I realized that the bottom of the box (that the DVDs are stored in) is slightly dented inward (must have happened during shipment - the DVD set is brand new and still sealed). Because I'm anal about these kinds of things, I'm wondering if I can buy the exact same DVD set from Best Buy and keep that set, while returning the DVD set I received in the mail, using the receipt I got when buying the set from Best Buy. Would this work?

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What is your favourite bad Michael Jackson joke?

I recently heard this one: Michael Jackson isn't going to be cremated, he's going to be melted into plastic and made into a slide so kids can still go down on him.

Playing God

A bridge is collapsing and there are 3 cars dangling over the edge, ready to fall in. You can save one vehicle and one vehicle only. Which one do you save?

SUV full of 6 skinheads. There's a swastika on the bumper
Car containing a dogwalker on route to the park, and 8 dogs
Car containing an old married couple in their 70s

Same question as above. Who do you save?

Prison bus full of 20 prisoners
Van containing a driver and 6 retarded children
Good looking model (of the gender you're attracted to) driving an irreplacable classic sportscar

Same question as above. Who do you save?

Busload of 40 Westboro Baptist Church members travelling to Michael Jackson's memorial
Van full of 9 Scientologists
Pizza delivery car containing a driver and 10 pizzas
Evil Me

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Are you going to be watching the MJ memorial thinger?

Of you don't care about MJ, my brother is applying to adop this dog. He's probably not going to change her name, but if you could change it, what would you change it to? She's so much cuter than she looks in that picture.
Arrested Development

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Ok, I made a bunch of fliers for my little business. I just found out I spelled the word "commission" wrong (forgot the second S). There's a couple pictures, but the flier isn't exactly crowed with other crap to draw attention away from this. Do you think I can count on people not noticing/not knowing how to spell either, or do I have to get the whole mess printed out again?? I am sick of giving Kinko's money already, ugh.

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my remote broke so I can't fast forward through commercials today, it's annoying.

if your room smells, don't you think it's a bad idea to febreze it? I mean, shouldn't you figure out wtf died in there?

I got a gift cert to a day spa for my birthday. I don't usually do a lot of spa things. What should I get? they don't cut hair.


Is there some movie that ends with the line "Well?" and that's it.

I'm sure there are plenty of them, but it's stuck in my head, for some reason.

Furthermore, do you drink well water, or have you drunk well water? Does it taste good?

please your girl

I've always messed around with girls at least a little bit... but more recently me and another girl have started seeing each other. Despite the fact that I am a girl and I know what I'm doing when it comes to my body, I'm still a little unsure as to whether or not I know what I think I know.

Anyway, girls - what are some of your tips and ideas on making your girl all sexified and satisfied?

And, same question guys.

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If someone can turn up at your doorstep right now (real or fictional, dead or alive, friend or total stranger-- it can be anyone!) who would you want it to be? What would you do if you saw them?
My Wild Irish Rose

jesus fucking christ WORK THIS TIME


I should make a:

Couch cushion fort
Blanket fort
Batch of cookies
Break for it
Something else (explained in comment)

I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry'msorry.  *cringes* I didn't mean to delete that. Shit.

For real this time:  What's the last thing you did that made people give you funny looks?



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You're going on vacation on a flight which does not offer food on board (I dunno, you're in the twilight zone).
You were smart and packed yourself a sandwich.
This is a 16hour flight, you are 8 hours in and very hungry.
You take out your sandwich ready to eat it.
A man on the plan spots you as you're about to eat your sandwich.
This man offers you money for your sandwich. He insists on having the entire sandwich - not half of it.

How much would this man need to offer you, for you to sell him your sandwich?

Does it make any difference if its a special sandwich (your favourite sandwich, your grandmother made you that sandwich, it was using foreign ingredients that were hard to come by, etc)?
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portable dishwasher

i am thinking about buying a portable dishwasher of CL for my new apartment....

how does a portable dishwasher drain and receive water?

i have heard that they are connected to the sink. are there holes that need to be drilled? does the tube to the sink get connected to the sink when in use and removed when not in use?

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What is your favorite non-English language film?

What is your favorite film made before 1975?

If you don't particularly care for these types of movies, would you describe your favorite pair of shoes?

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i have a massive rack for an average-sized person: 36ddd. WHERE THE FUCK CAN I FIND PRETTY BRAS?


i can find my size at lane bryant, but their bras are so boring. i am willing to shop online as long as the company doesn't have a shitty return policy. yknow, just in case.

**ETA: i am aware that google exists, guys. i'm just not familiar with most of the companies i'm seeing, so personal reviews would be awesome.

big alligator?

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Under what circumstances would you use a bag that said "bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks"?

I ordered this tote bag yesterday. Today the person making it emailed me saying "I just got your order today, but there's no size for your black swinger! What size would you like?" Do you see sizes listed? Am I missing something? It seems to only come in one size.

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A friend on facebook made the group MICHAEL JACKSON WAS A PEDOPHILE. When I looked into it, I noticed there are multiple groups on facebook and elsewhere about the child molestation charges.

Is anyone else a little offended?

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When was the last time you saw "the writing on the wall" so to speak?

My boss has been so frustrated with one of the other employees that she has started implementing all of these "documentation and accountability policies" to track what people are doing while they're working. This does not bode well for that person at all.

settle an argument

What is your honest opinion of the following schools and of the students there? How prestigious on a scale of 1-10, how fun/cool/douchey, etc...
1. Berkeley (undergrad)
2. Berkeley (law)
3. Dartmouth

If you think that question is lame (which I'm aware it kind of is), what's the most you've ever spent on a single everyday article of clothing?

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tqc i didnt think i could post from my phone but it seems i can. fantastic! i hope this works.

i'm at work alone with the coworker that i briefly dated. it didn't end very well but we were pleasant. he flipped out on me late at night via text on the 4th. he's been silent all day at work but just asked if i want lunch.

is he being nice now because he's embarrassed about his absurd behavior the other night or because it's raining and he's going to want a ride home? haha

edit- or an i being poisoned right now?! fuck.
crash love

Someone placed me as a third party on there restraining order

I do not want to sound completely stupid but I do not know how the justice system works to well. I live in Oregon. I was friends with a girl who is getting a divorce and got a restraining order against her soon to be ex husband and put my name down as a third party so I am not able to be in contact with him. Can she do this? There is no reason why I cannot contact him.
She did cheat on him while married to him without his knowledge and I know so I think she is doing this so can not tell him. I have always had a friendly relationship with him.

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I have a dream of a government program to give 5000 dollars (or local equivalent) to anyone who will get fixed (tubes tied or vasectomy) with the procedure being paid for by the government. I think we'd save more money in the long run.

Do you think that would work?
regina happy

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What is the monetary value of everything you're currently wearing?

For instance, I am wearing a $5 t-shirt, $20 camisole, $75 jeans, $50 sandals, $5 underwear, and $35 bra. Oh, and a $200 necklace.Total of $390.
anja rubik editorial

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Regarding grammar rules such as the usage of whom vs. who, or how sentences should not end with a preposition...

Do you think that people who make these grammatical errors are wrong, or that the "good grammar" rules have become obsolete and that people are phasing out these rules?

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You have a piece of hard candy/lollipop in your mouth.

Do you suck on it until it's a little paper-thin sliver, or are you basically gnawing on that thing a minute into the candy-enjoying experience?

Because I have to make a conscious effort not to chew it to smithereens like, pronto.

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What's the last thing about a person you've physically met that you said while they weren't in the room?

(about my mother) You're a blessing. And also a curse. But mostly a blessing.

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You woke up this morning at 6:30am, took a shower, brushed your teeth, etc. It's now 7:15am, but you don't have work until 9:30am. It'll take you 15min to get to work. You now have 2 hours to kill. What do you do?

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Me fail

my brother threw my phone at me yesterday and it hit my nose. It's not bruised but it hurts a bit and although it's not swollen or crooked I am still skurred that it might be fractured cuz I do feel soreness and tiny bump along with a bit of light pink discoloration to the right side of nostril near the middle of my cheeks.

Whaa how do I figure out if my nose is broken?
black scarf face!

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1) How to spaghetti tacos sound?

2) My pup is 12.5 weeks old, and he can sit and lay down on command (without treatly motivation,ha) 95% of the time. He hasn't gone in the house for two weeks. From your experience, would his doing this be above average, average, or below average? First time dog owner here.

3) Do you have a problem with Cesar Millan's techniques with canines?

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what kind of unhealthy and random snack food cravings do you get? do you ever get insane cravings for real real cheesy things like nachos, Doritos, bread w/ melted cheese?

I feel like i get this random cravings to literally eat the powder that's sprinkled on Cheetos or on Doritos.

so gross, but a true story. I am desperately fighting it off right now or I might end up doing a drive by at my local liquor store.

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I have developed a love for onions. Yellow onions to be exact. Blame it on my onion loving man.
Do you like onions?

I just made a sandwich because i really wanted some onion and couldn't think of anything else to put an onion with. (and my cabinets are running on empty)
What can you put an onion in?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Are you okay with buying the store brand (eg: Wal-Mart or Kroger) of most items? What items will you always buy generic for, and what items could you not be paid enough to purchase a generic of?

(no subject)

Would you rather have breakfast in a fancy club lounge (really delicious!) by yourself or breakfast in the staff cafeteria (yucky) with a few coworkers/friends? (assuming both are free)

in case you're wondering, i ended up going to the fancy club lounge & 2 of the girls I've worked with before were working! : )  lucky me!

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Hey TQC, what kind of hair clips/barrettes/whatever do you wear?

About a month ago, I went through a major hair change and took out all my dreadlocks, so now, for the first time in years, I have normal hair and I am so not used to it. I used to be able to just throw it all on top of my head and tie it down with the actual dreads themselves, but obviously, this is no longer an option and I need fasteners and such. My hair is SUPER FUCKING THICK, and already, I have broken SO many barrettes because they can't handle the insane amount of hair I have. I have tons of hair elastics/ties/ponytail holders/whathaveyou, but I want barrettes and clips and stuff.

Could you recommend any decent clips for me that will be able to hold up with super thick hair? I don't care what they look like at ALL. As long as I can throw my hair up and out of the way without breaking them, I will be satisfied.

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Are there any lj communities that you can post a picture a day for a x amount of time? Preferably of yourself? 
I like this concept but i'm not too fond of flickr and that's the only one i know about.


(no subject)

Are you listening to music? If so, what song?
I was listening to The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson.

Did you see Year One? What did you think?

How do you make your hair smell good? What's your favorite shampoo?

Good Reads

QUICK TQC! I'm leaving in a half an hour to go to Borders to pick up some summer reading for my vacation. I like anything thats about drug addicts, other peoples fucked up lives, murder mysteries...etc.

What should I buy?

(no subject)

Where do you buy your khakis? How is Old Navy for khakis?

I need some for working at Best Buy. I have orientation on Saturday. The woman told me to wear khakis and a polo shirt, something professional. Do I actually have to wear a polo shirt? I know that's what I would wear if I worked there, but I really hate walking into someplace and looking like everyone that works there, especially when I am just going for orientation.

EDIT: My issue isn't that I will look like everyone, I will eventually have one from there that I wear to work. I guess I just don't like polo shirts.

(no subject)

I was invited to go karaoke. I don't have a rockstar voice, but it's not terrible either. I am female. What song should I sing that is not too popular, but not obscure enough that they either don't have it or people won't know it?

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Do the people you date tend to look alike?
What are their common traits? (if any?)

Would you feel weird if your SO's ex looked exactly like you?
Would you feel weird if your ex's SO looked exactly like you?
(Which is stranger? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Details!)

(no subject)

I'm supposed to something really nice for my SO, like a surprise thing. She's coming into town this Saturday, so I have all week to prepare. What should I do? She isn't allowed to do anything to put stress on her back, and she has a sprained wrist, so my options are limited.

If someone (friend, SO, parents) had to do something nice for you, what would you want it to be?

As soon as the front door is opened, my kitten tries to run outside of the house. She's normally fine with being inside, but as soon as the door's open she tries to escape. She's only started doing it recently, and idk what to do. I can't let her outside on her own, for a lot of reasons (there are crazy dogs in my neighborhood, she could be picked up by a bird and carried away, she's too small...). What should I do? I was thinking maybe I could buy a leash and let her play outside or something, but I don't know if cat's like leashes...?

Do you like Big Sticks?

(no subject)

long story short: friend asked to hang out i texted back "you never told me yesterday whether you wanted to or not, so i've got other stuff to do". he didn't get it for another 4 hours (i guess one of our phones was being weird, IDK), ANYWAY. we argue a bit, I was being generally nice just saying that "i'm sorry our phones messed up, but it doesn't change the fact that i was busy today" and he's going off saying i'm a lying bitch that doesn't care about anyone, i don't understand him, etcetc...

Is my friend fucking insane?

The Receptionist Classic

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I forgot to cover my head on Saturday and my head got sunburned. Now it itches like mad and I want nothing more than to rub aloe all over my scalp. Except that would be super gross, all that goo in my hair.

TQC, what can I do to relieve the sunburned scalp itchiness and pain?

Options I have considered and/or tried:
Cold shower
Ice pack
Shaving my head
itw emile

(no subject)

1. Who is your favorite TV show character and what show are they on? Who plays this character? What is your least favorite role that this actor/actress has played (in TV or a movie)?

2. Apply the same questions to movies/characters in movies.

1. Jim Halpert (The Office)
John Krasinski
Carter Rutherford (Leatherheads)

2. Francis Doyle (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys)
Emile Hirsch
Speed Racer (Speed Racer)
im french

(no subject)

I'm depressed about being unemployed. Is this normal? At what point in my job search (time, effort) do you give up and do something you don't want to do?

Would you feel disappointed if your child (hypothetical or not) became a vegetarian/vegan? My grandmother refuses to recognize the fact that half of her grandchildren do not eat meat, and blames our parents making us ungrateful brats. Is she insane or are we actually brats?

(no subject)

Are you prepared for the coming North American Tomato Blight? It's the same plague that caused the Irish Potato Famine. (Tomatoes and potatoes are closely related, botanically). It's called Late Blight, but it is showing up very early in the growing season, and it is already ruining crops up and down the northeast coast of the United States.

Cherish ye tomatoes while ye may.


(no subject)

Do you think since our generation is so over-documented, future generations will find it fascinating or will they simply not care about the millions of artifacts their ancestors have disseminated?
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

(no subject)

Super specific question: Is anybody here pursuing a Masters/Credential in School Psychology? Is it horrible if a program isn't NASP approved? What program are you attending?

For everyone else: I had a really gross sexual experience with a guy I was hooking up with a couple days ago. When was your last gross sexual experience? What happened? (mine will be in the comments)

(no subject)

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tl;dr: 3, maybe 4 job prospects..got a really good chance at the 1st, but if I take it, I'll be giving up the chance at better jobs with benefits. I don't know what to do!!

What should I do? What would you do?

And if you don't want to read that/don't care, how do you relieve stress?

(no subject)

Do you/have you work in retail? I finally got a job (at KMart) and have never worked in this field before.
What were your worst experiences? What were your best?

Are you a complainer/whiner or do you make sure annoying things don't get to you?
Do you hate it when your friends call you to complain?
  • foutu

(no subject)

on personality tests for job applications:

are you supposed to say you stole/got in fights as a child?
do you have any other tips for taking these things?
what's the dumbest question you ever got on these tests?

i failed 2 of these tests recently and i am getting VERY annoyed, because even mcd's has a test.
cubs hat

(no subject)

My husband and I have two cats. We're going this week to look at adopting a dog.

Do you have any stories of introducing your new dog to your already-at-home cat(s)?
Completely Different
  • yesand

(no subject)

I'm in a sketch comedy troupe and we want to do a photo shoot next week. We have a few ideas on what we want to do but nothing final yet.

What do you think would be some creative locations or themes to use in a photo shoot?

(no subject)

Would you feel bad if you couldn't remember your and your SO's first kiss together?

Do you have a chat room you regularly join?

Are there any chat rooms out there that aren't filled with sex bots anymore?

lol furries

Why do you think members of the furry/anthro community are willing to pay so much for commissions?

I would, honestly, love to know.

Have you seen the BBC documentary about people who "make love" to their cars?
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(no subject)

I need to give my dad $370 without him noticing. Is this possible? What would be the best way to go about it?

Edit: He came bike shopping with me. When I was about to pay he said ""Oh I'll pay for it" I did not want to argue with him in the store so I just left it alone.
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

I'm moving from Northern VA to Pittsburgh at the end of August. When should I start applying for jobs there? I wont be going up again until move date so I wont be able to do any interviews until then. Should I wait until closer to when I'll be there, or start applying now?
  • incito

(no subject)

What is that thing on streets called that says WALK and has the red hand?

I am seriously going fucking crazy right now. What is something stupid you couldn't remember?

(no subject)

I'm trying to reserve a moving truck. Should I go with penske, budget or uhaul? Anyone had experience with any of them? btw packing is the most awful thing, i have to get rid of half my belongings.

What's the longest distance you've moved?

Edit to add prices:
it breaks down to(if there are no hidden costs):
Uhaul: 288
Penske:360 (but the trucks are the newest and it's unlimited mileage)

um, spiders?

tqc, what should I do about the spiders in my house? Ordinarily I leave spiders be, since they don't really bother me and they help kill other pests, but there are getting to be kind of a lot of them around and I feel like most people would probably do something about them. Would you rather live in harmony with harmless house spiders, or kill them all and live spider-free?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

Lord of the Ringsss!!!!

Poll #1426644 Hobbits! Elves! Rohirrim! Et ceteras!

Who is your favorite hobbit?


Who is your favorite romantic pair of LOTRs?

Faramir & Eowyn
Aragorn & Arwen
Sam & Frodo
Gollum & The Precious
Celeborn & Galadriel

Which was your favorite book?

The Hobbit
The Fellowship of The Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Favorite Lady?

Eowyn (book version)
Arwen (movie version)
Bearded lady Gimli talks of

Favorite Fellowship Member?

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