July 6th, 2009


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Why am I being so creative tonight? I've written 2 inventive posts in the last hour and I wasn't even in a writing mood. Did someone give my muse a Red Bull? (none of these are the actual question)

Are you unusually creative tonight? (behold, the official question)

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I have had a bad case of vomiting and then sliced my thumb open on a shard of glass in the past few days. Is this karma kicking my ass? What did I do that karma feels I deserve a physical whooping?

Right before I cut my hand (and it was epic, let me tell you), my dad and I were joking around and he said, "I'm going to cut you." My dad is a wizard using black magic, y/y?
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Have you ever had an irrational enjoyment of a fictional character? Doesn't have to be sexual at all. If so, who?

I like Dr. Sweets from Bones far too much to be sane right now.

Do you have a guilty pleasure book/tv show/film that you know is crap, but you love anyway?

I just watched the whole series of Bones more or less back to back. It's kind of horrible in its predictability, but I'm liking it a lot.


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Does crushed velvet make anyone else feel almost nauseous like it does me? Especially when you rub it along the "wrong" (aka not soft) direction? My roommate was bringing this is up and UGHHHH. It almost makes me gag. It's just a texture I cannot handle.

What textures can you not handle?

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Do you browse LJSecret?

On a scale from 1 to AHHHHHHHHH, how freaked out would you be if someone made a secret with a picture of your little brother on it professing their love to him? Totally hypothetical.

What is your favorite fruit?

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Ever been to Omegle.com?
If yes, do you think it's a fun way to waste time? What's the craziest conversation you've ever had?

If you don't care - tell me you love chicken nuggets? Especially the ones from Wendy's.

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How do you motivate yourself to do something that needs to be done?

On an unrelated note, lets say you meet someone on an online dating site and have chatted with them... how would you go about taking that to the next step... what would the next step be? A phone call? straight to the date?
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What's the difference between shampoo and body wash? Is it doable to use a shampoo as a body wash? I bought a shampoo and I love how it smells, but it has no matching conditioner, so I was wondering if it would be possible to use the bottle of shampoo as a body wash/soap.

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Hey tqc, I am getting divorced and need to do some self-searching and make a list of wants and needs from my partner. I'm having trouble coming up with stuff. What kind of stuff would you put on a list like this for yourself?

d/d free
at least good in bed
sexy (to me)
wants kids (eventually)

great in bed
likes board/mmorpg/video/card games
kinky - a little dominant
not too good to clean
random//my dumb face


When typing an LJ entry what do you do if you're in two different moods? Do you pick whichever mood strikes you first? Whichever comes first in the alphabet? Whichever mood you think has a better looking icon?

When updating my LJ this morning I was feeling both groggy and hungry, but I like my groggy icon better so I went with that.

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*possibly my most random, non-related question post yet*

What's wrong with my car?

Which is hotter: leather or latex?

Have you ever been on a cruise?  Where did you go?  What was the best/worst part of the trip?

Guys wearing pink: good or bad?

Will you show us a picture of you wearing your favorite hat?
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Two cat related questions.

I got a kitten last week and my other two cats are still adjusting to her. There haven't been any fights so far, though there have been close calls when the kitten starts to get brave/tries to play with the other two. So far when I've been gone, I've kept the kitten in my bedroom. Tomorrow I start a four day teaching institute, and a few of the days will be all day events since there are also evening lectures, but I dunno if I should put the kitten in my room all day or leave her out. Should I leave her out and hope nothing happens or should I keep her in my room until I'm sure nothing will happen while I'm gone? She weighs a little over a pound and the other two are ten pound cats, if that makes a difference.

Also, in a couple weeks, I'm going to NYC. I have a friend who said she'll check on the cats and feed them/clean their litterbox. Since the kitten is on kitten food and my other two are on adult food, how should I do the food? Should I just leave out adult food for the kitten as well? The reason I ask is that when I feed the kitten, if I'm not watching the whole time, the other two will eat her food and not their food (I assume kitten food is tastier). I'm the kind of person that typically leaves food out for my cats, letting them eat when they want rather than at prescribed times, though I've been feeding the kitten intermittently for now.
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I hope to adopt a lion cub (c.f. Christian the Lion)

TQC, tomorrow I am going to Kenya for six months to volunteer. I am scared. My dad has told me I will be raped by someone with AIDS and they will kill my boyfriend in front of me. Aside from that worrying prospect, I will miss my sister a lot. When I've been overseas to Europe or the US, people have always said, "Wow, have a great time!" Now they're saying, "Okay, well, bye... Um, stay safe! Please don't come back dead!" It doesn't make me feel too good! Having said that, I am really looking forward to going.

So my questions are:
What is going to happen to me in Kenya? 
Do you have any advice for being away from my family for six months when I've never been away nearly that long? 

Finally: GOODBYE, EVERYONE. My internet access will be patchy so I might come on occasionally, but potentially it will be six months without you guys which does make me sad.
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Do you have a nickname that is not just a shortened version of your name?
How did you get this nickname?
Do your friends usually call you by your real name, or the nickname?
Do you like your nickname?

Yes, Banana. As in "Hannah Banana" minus the Hannah. Several of my friends only call me Banana, some call me Hannie, but most just call me Hannah. I love my nickname, probably because bananas are one of my favorite foods.
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lol Full House

Why was everyone always so mean to Stephanie and so nice and forgiving to Michelle?

Michelle probably could have blown up a building and everyone in the Tanner household would have been all, "Awwww" over it. Stephanie couldn't even get someone to watch her hula hoop, dammit! Don't even get me started on that ho, D.J.

If you don't care about Full House, what are you up to today?
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Why do Chinese take-out places insist on giving you spoons with your egg drop soup that are: A) too small to pick up a whole wonton and B) too flimsy to cut a wonton into pick-up-able sizes?  What should I do to retaliate for this egregious sin on their part?

Is white rice SUBSTANTIALLY healthier for you than fried rice, or only moderately?

Does your Chinese place of choice willingly provide chopsticks, or are they frugal bastards who make you ask for it...and even then only let you have one set (regardless of whether or not you're taking enough food home for a whole family)?

Current events

1. Do you view Iran as a viable threat? If so, which leader is more dangerous, Ahmadinejad or Ali Khamenei?

2. Do you think the most recent nuclear agreement between the United States and Moscow will hold? For all you conspiracy theorists/political realists, do you believe that Obama's meeting with Medvedev has anything to do with the current tensions with Iran? What do you think of Medvedev?

3. What's going to happen in Honduras?

4. Out of all the celebrities/public figures to die in the last month, who are you most sad to see go?

for those familiar with the SF Bay Area

I have to go to San Fran this summer for some medical stuff. I live in a semi rural area and there's not a lot of good shopping here. I would like to go to some 'boutique' type clothing shops (like independent shops that aren't TOO expensive), where can I find those? Last time we were in SF we drove around and looked for an area like that but didn't find any.

Also what areas are good to stay in that aren't completely run over by bums? Had a bad experience last time staying at a Super 8 and a topless woman bum got down on her knees and begged me for a dollar when I was trying to unload my suitcase from the car. :-(

What is your favorite kind of cheese? What do you like to do with cheese? Ever eaten cheese and pickles together? I like to take a bite of cheese and take a bite of pickle and chew em around in my mouth. The flavors are awesome!
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So I invited someone to go to a play with me. He didn't really get back to me, so I asked another girl. She didn't get back to me until about 24 hours later so in the meantime I asked another friend who got back to me the fastest-- yet the first person I asked was the first person I got a confirmation from since the third person emailed and the first person texted. SO now what do I do? The first person I asked is a boy I think is cute so I really want to take him. The other two people I could take to plays another time (I work at a theater and get free tickets).

was it shitty of me to have asked three people? I was just trying to cover my bases.
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It's that time again :)

Which of these are trufax about you?

What's trufax?

I didn't get an N64 until it was past its prime
I consider a pair of basic black flip-flops to be essential to everyone's wardrobe
It is my summer break, and I am in school anyway
My favorite singer or band is one that most people do not recognize or know of
I read magazines in the bathroom
I have issues using the bathroom if I have no reading material
I type like a speed demon
I don't like lollipops
If it an option available to me, I will stay in bed all day
During the summer, I sleep naked or just in undergarments


I have/had pets that I had to leave behind with my parents/family/give away when I went away to school/moved out
I rarely ever watch TV
I hate taking the garbage out, and I rarely do it
I don't wear makeup unless it's a really special occasion
I am currently single, and proud of it
I use MSN more than any other messenger
I have had the same AIM screen name for longer than 5 years
I can text without looking at my phone
I have accomplished nothing of great merit today.
I don't like or understand the point of Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Last set. These?

My desire to have children has decreased as I have gotten older
I do not text message
I fold my underwear
I sing - not just in the shower, but everywhere
I am in my 20s and I still get bad spots of acn
My SO and I have fought recently
I am terrible at drinking games, but I always play them anyway
My parents have no idea about half of the things that have gone on/are going on at college, and I plan on keeping it that way
My current job has nothing to do with my college/university major
I love cream cheese and bagels



Do you think the ~organic~ food movement is a worthy cause to help make a healthier body?

Or do you think the people who shell out extra $$ for these products are suckers and overall not much better off than those who purchase conventional items?
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What is your ring size?

Does it really change with wieght gain, etc?

My boyfriend wants to know my ring size.. I recall when he took me to look at a few engagement rings about 8 months ago. I think I was a size 5
When I went 2 weeks ago I was 4 1/2.

I have really tiny hands.


I have lots and lots of fruit that I know I'm not going to be able to consume before it goes bad. I want to make some fruit muffins. I was thinking of using the more sour cherries we got in them. However, every recipe I look at calls for dehydrated fruit. My guess is, if I use fresh it's 1) more moist and will throw off the batter and 2) the flavor won't be as intense. Should I attempt to use my fresh fruit in muffins or should I bake something else?

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How do you tell a close friend that you don't want to hang out? Do you tell them you just don't feel like it (even if you know it will make them mad/hurt their feelings) or do you make up an excuse?
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I made my mom's potato salad; when she makes it it's really good but this is just kind of ..too ranchy and a little salty (though not badly, just not what I expected). I added some soy milk (don't have dairy milk) and hope the flavors will settle after sitting. I know the onion will calm down at least. What can I do to save this if it's gross?

How do *you* incorporate vegetables into your life?
What about fruits?

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I am making cherry stuffed chicken for dinner tonight (in the oven though, not on the grill). I only have rice and pasta and I'm not sure either of those sound necessarily appealing with this dish. I am definitely going to serve green beans on the side, but is there like.. something else I could serve? What about a nice salad, what stuff on a green leaf salad would rock our socks?
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Tasty, tasty cultures and free goodies!

What flavor of Kombucha should I get?

What was the last item that was given to you for free?
I was making a stop at Whole Foods yesterday and on my way in, I smiled and waved at a girl promoting Ten Thousand Villages (there are always people doing something like this, painting, giving massages, selling plants or soap) and she offered me a little blue bird ornament as a free gift! (Along with a 15% off coupon.) The next guy just blew her off without listening to what she was offering. He totally missed out.

What should I name my new fair-trade friend?

Edit Now with photo! (Check comments.)

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Are coffee and tea ultimate mortal flavor enemies? I have NEVER seen a food/dessert/beverage item with coffee and tea flavors mixed together. Does such a thing exist?

Should I get an ice cream maker? Is the ice cream good texture-wise (like, smooth and churned-y and creamy)?

How 'bout a paid account? I know people ask this a bunch so you don't have to reply if you don't want. But I can't decide how awesome it would be. I don't like icons much but I do like the "expand" feature.
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1. At your job, how do they handle sick days/sick leave? Do you have a certain number of grace days before they ask for a doctor's note? Then what?

2. Can you teach me how to whistle? As in, fingers in mouth loud wolf whistle kind of thing?

3. I'm eating amazing chocolate cake right now. Exactly how jealous are you?
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Assuming I manage to force myself out of bed early enough to catch it, which channel should I watch the Michael Jackson memorial service on?

ETA: I've decided on VH1, since I've been told their broadcast is commercial-free.
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Deleted post was posted in wrong community

I'll swap it out with a new post

A) How much money do you think you could get if you recycled the Tin Man?

B) Was the Cowardly Lion housebroken?

C) If the Ruby Slippers could teleport you home, what do you think Emerald Slippers would do?
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I am going to a goth club with my BFF tonight. Should I dress normal or try and goth it up?

Should I make her be the DD? I don't dance and I hate most of the people there so the most I could do was get drunk and play DS.

What's for dinner?

Are you going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6? I AM!

Is my cat an orange tabby? You would think so since he's orange, but he's not orange all over.

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My 7-month-old nephew is crying and whenever he cries, my mother-in-law always says "Heeeeey, heyheyheyheyhey" whereas I bounce him and ask "Awww, what's wrong?  You ok?"  I don't believe either of us are doing anything wrong with the way we react but I think it's interesting that we have polar opposite reactions.

1:  When you're caring for a baby, which reaction would be most similar to yours?  Or would you react in a way that I haven't described?

Related, I was out today and a guy was getting his hair cut.  He had his 6-month-old daughter (I assume 6 months since she just started eating solids last week but I could be wrong) and she was crying in her car seat that was placed on the chair next to her dad.  Since the dad was getting his hair cut, he couldn't hold her or really do anything but he said to her "What?  Why you crying?  You're a girl.  There's no reason to cry."

2:  Would would be your immediate reaction upon hearing that?
I just cocked my head and went O_o because I was confused.

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Some guy in the UK subscribed to me on Youtube after watching a video I made for my sister (for her birthday), which mostly consists of me bawwing about my sick father.  He doesn't leave a comment or anything, just subscribes.  I visited his channel and some of his favorite videos are, like, ones about breastfeading and young girls dancing to music (lololol, the only ones that don't seem to have some sexual undertone are ones about videogames).  I look at the people he's subscribing to, and they're all young females.  

This guy is a creeper, Y/N?  I think it's even creepier that he would subscribe to me when I posted a video about my SICK FATHER.

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If my legal residence is at my parents' house is it illegal for them to throw away/open my mail?

Whenever my dad receives a piece of mail with either my brother's or my name on it (neither of us is a minor) that has a card in it from the bank, he automatically shreds it...even if it's a renewal of a debit card that we actually want instead of the bank sending us an unsolicited credit card. I told my parents that anything they receive with my name on it, just put it in my room. Why do they throw stuff away?
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Hi TQC. I got engaged over the weekend!

Let me ask this of the married TQC-ers... How long after the initial engagement did your wedding occur?

Are any of you currently in the planning stages?

And for non-engaged and non-married TQC-ers... What is your favorite flavor of cake?
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For 4 years I wore braces. Then for about 2 years I wore a retainer. I wore it pretty much 24/7 for about a few months until the orthodontist told me that I could wear them just a night. So I did and then I stopped seeing the orthodontist and assumed I could stop wearing them. I heard that after you wear braces that you should continue wearing your retainers for the rest of your life or else your teeth will shift. Is this true? It has been about 3 years since I wore it and I have seen a little shift, but nothing major.

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If you could get a dog, but it had to be one of those "funny looking" ones, what kind would you get?

Pix if you want.

NOTE: Funny looking meaning that it's the kind of dog where, if you take it out, people point and giggle and say LOOKITTHATFUNNYLOOKINDOG!
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What could it be, other than pregnancy?

Period is five days late, three negative pregnancy tests. I’ve been queasy/nauseous, but have no other pregnancy symptoms. What else could it be? Doctor (on the phone) said maybe stress, and wait a week before coming in, but I don’t think I’ve been particularly stressed. The whole thing’s pissing me off. I’m too old to be pregnant (my opinion, not physically).

Also, I’m thinking about getting dinner from In-N-Out Burger. I like to order a grilled cheese and add a Boca Burger patty to it at home. My dilemma though... fresh onions or grilled? And should I eat my fries on the way home while they’re hot, or save them to eat alongside my burger?
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Have you ever experienced synchronicity?

Would you click the "Random article" link on Wikipedia several times and then post them to see if there're any connections to be made between them?
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I've heard people say if you don't vote, you don't have a right to complain about the current cabinet. Well, what if the people you vote for do something to SERIOUSLY fuck things up? Do you have a right to bitch then? I mean, you helped put them into office.
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fitness question

I've always been told that it's important to do at least 20 minutes of cardio 3x a week. According to my machine at the gym, cardio = 80% of your max heart rate, while fat burn = 65%. This may seem like a stupid question, but if you're at cardio level (160 bpm for me), are you reaping the benefits of the fat burn as well, or is there something more beneficial about the lower heart rate that increases fat burn? answered

Do you have posters [concert, art galleries, etc.] in your house/room? Did you have them framed, buy a cheaper frame, or just hang them sans frame? If without frame, what did you use to hold it?

What is your non-alcoholic beverage of choice? Alcoholic?
Water; pineapple rum
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what is it about michelle trachtenberg that makes her so effing annoying/unattractive? i can't pinpoint anything particularly off or wrong about her, she is 'pretty' but something about her turns me off.

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The youngest dog of the household has become increasingly aggressive and possessive in the past few months. It started with her harassing the other two dogs in the house when they were trying to eat or getting any attention at all. Today she tried to attack my dog for no apparent reason. She's about a year old, isn't fixed, just had her first heat a couple of weeks ago, and has known and played with the other dogs since she came from the breeder last summer.

Her owner does not discipline her beyond an 'aw, don't do that' and gets quite upset when other members of the household attempt to discipline her or talk to him about her.

What can be done to stop this behavior? Moving elsewhere is not an option.
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MLA question

Specifically, in-text citations.

Normally, you'd use author name and page number.

But if the part you are quoting is where the author quoted someone else, but did not provide the actual source of the quote(just lead into it with who said it), how do you do an in-text citation for this?

To get exactly specific, I am quoting Arisotle's definition of a tragedy as stated in Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama 6th Edition , by Robert DiYanni.  If I credit it to Aristotle, then the actual source for the quotation is obscured.  If I credit to DiYanni, the person who said it is obscured.

I'm thinking go with "Aristotle said 'bla bla bla'(DiYanni 1265)", is this correct? 

Given that Aristotle wrote in Greek, identifying the source of the English translation I'm using might be somewhat important.  I'd go to DiYanni's source directly if I knew what it was.

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Is there anything your eye is just drawn to wherever you go?

My eye gets caught by ants. Any ribbon or swarm of ants distracts me to the point that I have to go poke them with a stick or disturb them by blowing on them. Fun times!

This is in light of that ridiculous post from March about pound signs

So, when Brits use # (the "hash symbol"), what is it used for? And what does "hash" mean?

I understand what "number sign" and "pound sign" (the other names for the symbol) both refer to, since it can be used as #1 (number one) or 1# (one pound of weight), but what is a "hash"?

Can't # still mean pounds (weight) in England? It's not like we pretend kilograms don't exist in the U.S.

How many distinct varieties of fart smells can you name? I feel like there are three or four archetypal odors.
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Snake Oil?

Has anyone ever heard of or used colloidal silver?
What are your thoughts on it? 
I think it's utter bullshit, but Dad says he built "a machine" and has a whole bottle.  He thinks it's a miracle cure for everything; I think he's one step away from wearing a tin-foil hat.


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What's something I should learn to do in the next month?

Can you write backwards? How about in cursive? Or can your write backwards in cursive?

I have a manatee necklace. Are you jealous? Rate your jealousy from 1-10 (1 being least)

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I'm going to on a five day mini-tour with a band. In a van with no a/c. In Florida. In July.

What kinds of foods could I take/would you take that would keep without having to be refrigerated?

so far I have Pretzel Goldfish, which we've developed an addiction for, and a loaf of bread and peanut butter/honey.

we're very low on funds, so eating at restaurants isn't an option, so we have to take the main bulk of our own food.

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i have like a bazillion condiments in my fridge. no mustard, though.

i'm thinking of making some tater tots. what's a good thing to dip tater tots into that is not ketchup or ranch dressing? i like ketchup but sometimes it's nice to have some variety.

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My sunscreen lied to me and was not actually waterproof, and now I'm burnt to a crisp. I'm out of aloe vera, what else should I do to feel better? How often and how badly do you get sunburned?
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You're appearing on a TV quiz show. You've answered every question correctly and you're now through to the last stage. The final question is about to appear. If you can answer it correctly, you will win $1,000,000. If you get it wrong, you lose every prize you've won so far. The question appears on the screen in front of you, you read it and breathe a sigh of relief because the topic of the question is: ______________? For me, Geography - or more specifically, world capitals or flags or something. Either that or, like, fashion designers.

Alternately, you would be guaranteed to lose if the topic of the question was: ______________? Anything to do with sports.

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What was your kindergarten graduation like? Post pictures if you've got them.

I held one of the flags when they did the alligence and said the 'waves of grain' thing and such. Then they would call each person's name and they would go to the front and say a poem. Mine was Rain Rain Go Away. I was so nervous from the whole thing I got hives all over my body.

Collapse )

Since most are saying they didn't have one or don't remember: What are some good stories from your kindergarten days? or just anything about your kindergarten?
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my old, deaf, epileptic, one-eyed cocker spaniel who usually only gets excited over food is currently enthralled with the upper corner of my upstairs television nook. there's nothing there that i can see.

besides a ghost, what else could she be looking at?
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what makes you undateable? or what characteristics/habits do you possess that would make any sane, normal human being run away screaming from you? everyone has something. exaggerate if necessary.