July 5th, 2009

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I just had some Hersheys chocolate and it tastes like... nothing?! It doesn't taste like chocolate. Am I just spoiled by Cadburys? I expected American chocolate to be so much better than English stuff.

What American sweet(s) should I try next? I have had some Hershey chocolate and a Reese's peanut butter cup (which was nice!).

What's your favourite chocolate? I love those Lindt lindor truffles with the gooey centre. So good.
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What is the name for those wallets that are long and clasp shut and are usually made of a sort of soft, vinyl material, but can also be metal or plastic? They've been popular, and the edging around mine is falling off .. time for me to get a new one.


I need to inspire my underlings to higher levels of productivity and team- work. Is it acceptable to shoot them when they fail? (Not fatally, but like in the leg.)
Those motivational posters just arent cutting it.


Illegal fireworks are fun, aren't they? I hail from the SF Bay Area and over in the East Bay, this past week, some kid got ahold of a significant amount and managed to blow up his house, the next door neighbors house, and a good portion of himself. I believe, last I heard from the news, he's still in bad shape at their local hospital.

Any good fireworks disaster stories in your neck of the woods?
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what is your favorite song? right now, though. not of all time. screw all time.
if you can, will you talk about the song?

do you prefer mindless, easy, y/n questions or thought-provoking ones?
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Does this email sound polite enough?

Essentially, I have 6 books to read for a Lit class on top of all my other classes next semester (yes, par for the course, standard college shit, I know) and I'd like to try and spread out the reading now while I have the time.

Collapse )

If you don't care about my college woes, how many different countries have you visited?
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I know there are a lot of cat owners here in TQC, I come to you now begging for advice!

My kitten has decided that she loves toilet paper rolls I think. This morning I woke up to her laying next to her water dish which she filled with shredded TP. It was the second roll she has destroyed....and TP isn't cheap!

So TQC, what can I do to make her stop destroying toilet paper?

What does/did your cat like to destroy when they were young?

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Why do I always wake up in the worst physical and mental state ever? Most people I have slept around/with/next to wake up peacefully and gradually, but my wake-ups, with or without alarm clock, are always so painful. I am groggy to the point of a splitting headache, can barely open my eyes, completely parched, needing to pee horribly, foggy-brained and still stuck in my dreams. It takes a good tooth-brushing, a glass of water, washing my face, peeing, and fully eating breakfast and drinking a bunch of juice before I even feel halfway human.

Do I maybe just have a habit of waking up during incomplete sleep cycles?

What kinda Chinese takeout should I get later? I want something shrimpy and spicy, maybe, or chicken, or soup.
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When is the last time you accidentally pissed someone off?

I'm at work right now and some lady asked me if I've read Twilight. I said, "No, I prefer my vampires to be of the non-sparkling variety." She got all huffy and left. lol
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1)Would you move to a town in the backwoods for a job? Explain your reasoning.

2)What sort of movie or tv show marathon do you feel in the mood for today?

3)When it rains on July 4th, do you think it puts a damper on the occasion?
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do you find it creepy when people comment on dead people's facebook/myspace?

how much water do you drink in a day?
at least 100 ounces

what is your messaging program of choice?
aim & msn

what are some songs with strong, fast beats, that are good for working out to?
my favorite rn is the ataris cover of don henley's boys of summer, but i want more

wanted to add:

Have you ever used the perfect iTunes equalizer setting? Do you notice a difference?
I changed mine last night and I'm not noticing a difference, really, so, I don't think so

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My sister ruined my iPod touch screen- for some reason there's now a block of pixels with no light and the pixels around are lighter than the rest of the display. Any clues/explanations/suggestions for reparation?

ETA: why yes, fucking her shit up is in the works, but I'd like to fix my iPod first kthx.
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TQC, I need a car. I only have $700 in savings and I need all of my income for rent and blahblah. I'm considering taking out a student loan so I can just get a car. I know, I know, it's stupid and I'll regret it later and all of that mess. Whatever, it's just imperative that I have a car by August.

So, my question: where should I start looking for a loan? I need a company that will give me about $5000. My parents have shitty credit but my granny doesn't and I'd bet my life that she would co-sign for me. My friend got a loan through Chase last year but they do my parents mortgage and I'm afraid they would be like HOLY SHIT ABORT ABORT we are not loaning money to one of their offspring.
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Fire Sale

Of all the Die Hard movies which was your favorite and why?

To put it another way, in case this ain't exactly your series, which one did you hate the least?
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Can someone describe to me what marijuana smells like? 

No, I've never smoked it... but I'm sure I've been around people who have.  Let me say I have nothing against it really... I'm just curious.

I suspected a former co-worker of smoking it, but I was never sure if it was that I was smelling or some kind of patchouli aftershave.  :P  Then I was standing in the check-out line a few weeks ago and smelled the exact same odor, only it was coming from a female.  Then I had a young couple come to buy some chickens off me and smelled it then, too.

I dunno... it's not a bad smell to me, but I'm wondering if that's what it is.  It reminds me of patchouli scent, but a bit different.  It's not smoky as much as it is herbal-smelling.

So, if you know what it smells like, how would you describe it? 
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I'm doing some reading for my environmental science class, about alternate energy sources, and I've read a few times, including in this textbook, that one of the downsides to wind energy is that people don't want to have to look at wind farms. but I think they look pretty cool. Do you think windmills are ugly or cool-looking? or are you neutral towards them?
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You've just been Rickrolled. How do you feel?

Ticked off but I quickly get over it
It's annoying but it doesn't really affect me
Completely indifferent
Strangely aroused
Pleased. I like that song
I always burst out laughing. Yep, you got me
I failed to foresee the obvious. I'm an awful human being. I must punish myself on my lack of observation

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What's the name of that song in the AT&T commercial?

It's the one about the couple, where the guy in the cap is traveling and sending her pictures of him at various places via the phone and then the last picture is of her on a park bench, which means that he's back and they embrace and junk

It sounds like a pretty good song
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patio furniture

I need new outdoor cushions for my patio chairs. I'm usually a pretty good online bargain hunter, but I'm stumped. I can't find anything below $50 a cushion and I need six of them! Argh! Not even Target had anything. Anybody have any suggestions where to buy outdoor cushions that aren't hideous - and hideously expensive?
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Potty hearty

Youtube behind cut

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What would you do if this happened to you? Say it was at a fair or concert. Would you quickly pull your pants up and leave? Would you finish up? Would you rush down and start punching who you thought might be responsible?

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Is there anything that you continue doing even though it's bad for you? Whether you remember if it's bad for you or not.

For example, my tongue gets all sore like acid's been on it or something whenever I eat tomatoes or certain tomato sauces, but I keep forgetting about it.
Also there was a guy in high school that I dated three or four times- we'd date, break up, then hook up again a few months later because neither of us could remember why we broke up. Turns out he was just too nice or something.

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A lot of the times when I go into Wal-Mart or Target, my hands start itching really bad - almost like I have an allergy. I never know what triggers it. What do you think it is?

ETA: I ordered 5 lbs of Swedish Fish Aqua Life today. I'm beginning to worry that it will be too much. What would you do with it?
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I've been driving for two years, but just started learning how to drive standard - today was only the second time I'd done it, and it went marginally okay. If I have a bit of tomorrow to practice as well, would it be a good idea for me to take a 2-hour road trip to the city by myself the day after? Would you do it?

Failing that, what's your favourite line of Shakespeare (or a poem)?
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tan vs pale?

fake tans do tend to go wrong..


Oh i just saw Zodiac ('07), it's has alottt of good actors, I was impressed.
And if you've heard about the Zodiac, who do you think was the serial killer? I would say Arthur Leigh Allen should have been arrested.
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Hi all. I'm looking to start a professional blog with my own domain, long story short, and I just need help making sense of what I should be doing.

I'm fairly tech-savvy, but right now I want solve my confusion. I've been told to first register a free name at Wordpress or Blogspot, and then to purchase from a hosting site? (the point of starting a blog free first is that you still get to use their templates, etc.)

So those are the first two steps, right? I'm also looking for a hosting site that allows me to have email addresses at my domain as well as lots of space. Any ideas for reliable hosting sites that are relatively cheap?

Also..any hosting sites that you've used/use and like?

Thanks for any help you can provide. Sorry if this is longer than it needs to be!

Grad School Aboard

Dear TQC,

Have any of you gone to graduate school as an American in the UK, or studied abroad in the UK? Can you tell me about your experience?

1) How long were you there? How long did it take you to get over the culture shock?
2) Was the style of teaching in your classes different than your US classes?
3) Did you live in a dorm or a flat?
4) Any likes or dislikes you want to share about living abroad?
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I'm not really sure how to phrase this question, but my mom just asked me what the hot spots are for employment right now. Do you know which jobs are doing well lately?

What field do you work in and is it boom or bust right now?

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Does anyone remember what that show that used to come on Disney Channel about the kids who were circus performers?

ah yes it was Totally Circus.

What was your favorite Disney movie and/or show, before it became a big musical nightmare?

I loved Bug Juice, and other reality shows, all the Halloweentown movies, and basically everything for the most part.

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At some point in time before August 21, I have to print off about 700 booklets. These are a pain in the ass to print because my job is stuck in a contract with a crappy ass printing service whose printers break down in heat and very often won't even print one page before they jam in several places. I'm almost done with this internship and my successor arrives on August 3.

Both of my supervisors are on holiday until August 10, so I'll be training my successor by myself. Instead of printing the booklets, I should just make him do it, right?

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Would you rather be color blind or tone deaf?
Because I know someone's gonna ask, let's say you're red/green colorblind.

What mythical creature would you want as a pet?

What size butt do you prefer?

Are you prone to fibbing?

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tqc, i want to take horror in film this fall, but i can't decide which section to take. one is 6pm-9pm mondays at a campus half an hour from the main campus but ten minutes from my house, and one is 6pm-9pm thursdays at the same campus as the rest of my classes. the same guy teaches both sections. this is my schedule otherwise: Collapse )


which section should i take?



The first question: I decided that I am going to visit an elderly home at least once a week to just sit around and listen to them or play games or whatever. This is my question. What are some things that I could bring in that would make them happy? Not food because of allergies and all that other bullshit. I'm really serious about this and would really appreciate some ideas. I will post pictures in my journal tomorrow. I will make sure the entry is not locked so ya'll can see it.

The second question: Do any of you do/have done any outreach programs? What are some of your favorite experiences?

The last question: Are you/were you close to your Grandparents? What do/did you love about them?

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My boyfriend and I are moving in together in the near future. I'm bringing one of my dogs because she basically can't live without me, while the other one is probably staying home because my mom loves him. His dog is going to have to stay with his parents due to his mother's fragile state of mind currently. So, he wants a new dog.

My question is, how do I try to convince him to consider other breeds? He's just about insisting that he NEEDS the same kind of dog as his old one. He wants a springer spaniel, and nothing else. To be honest, he's really snobby about it, and I hate it. I've always been one to adopt dogs from everywhere. Animal humane, the side of the road, etc. A dog is a dog, in my opinion, and breed doesn't matter. Whenever he talks about the dog, he HAS to mention that it's a purebred springer.

Again.... How do I stop this ridiculous behavior, and make him understand that there are plenty of deserving dogs out there that could use a loving home... regardless of breed, and that we need to pick one that will fit our situation?
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Suits fetish

Inspired by this post:

Do you have a business suit fetish?

Would you post pictures of people you find hot in suits?

My answer:


Or if you don't have a fetish for business suits, what do you have a fetish for?

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tqc, what's wrong with my phone? It keeps going into random menus by itself, and randomly calling people. It's making me nervous. Do I need a new phone? It's an LG Chocolate if that will help diagnose.

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If you google searched your name, out of the search results what is the dirtyest picture you can find?

If you googled your name and nothing came up, would you feel bad?

Whats the longest you have gone without using your cell phone at all?  
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A Sonic opened in my town 5 days ago. I went on thursday night around 10:00pm and the line was ridiculously long so I left. Do you think it would be any better if I went around 11:30pm tonight? I feel like it would have to be since it's sunday. Should I just give up and wait a few weeks?

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For those of you who hired a professional photographer for your wedding/engagement/event photos, how long after the shoot did it take for you to get your photos? My brother-in-law told me that as a photographer, he sometimes got annoyed with clients that wanted their photos ASAP when it actually takes time to post-process the gazillion shots. Especially the unphotogenic clients.

Also, I'm craving really unhealthy junk food right now. Like, chips or (even worse!) corn nuts. Should I give up and go buy some? If not, how can I suppress the urge?

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How do you talk to someone with a drinking problem? My friend is being dragged down by an idiot, and he has a lot going for him. I don't want him to ruin his life. How do I go about talking to him?

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When was the last time you had a minor injury that ended up becoming worse than you anticipated? What happened?

On the night of the 4th I was wearing flip flops. I guess I got more drunk than I realized cause when I woke up this morning, there were busted blisters in between my big and second toes! I took no notice of this last night! I've been hobbling around the house all day walking on the sides of my feet and right now they hurt SO freakin bad... like REALLY bad. The pain level seems unreasonably high for these little bitty injuries. I guess I'm paying off some really bad karma! :-/

Never again will I wear plastic flip flops. :-(


have you ever been paid for sex/sexual acts?

have you ever considered selling sex/sexual acts as a source of income at any time, for any period of time?

have you ever personally known someone who was paid for sex?

i'm turning on anonymous commenting for the security/comfort of users, but please: don't use anonymous for non-serious comments, especially if you plan on lying and it isn't easily detectable. i'll be amused by the jokes, but i'd like some serious replies as well.


I am not a TQC head and did not know that anon comments weren't allowed. I also didn't mean to screen comments. SOFUCKINGSORRY. really please, calm down. I am sorry I messed up your internets.

I guess I'll leave this up here anyway... i'm kinda bored so being berated by strangers is entertaining at the moment, but i doubt I'll get any worthwhile comments. OWELL.