July 4th, 2009

Catwoman and Harlequin

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Poll #1424911 Power suit up!

Pick a retarded or weird super power for yourself. Yeah? (I need a question)

Adamantium nipples.- when it gets really cold, your nipples turn harder than steel and can cut through anything
Fire breathing. However, your mouth isn't fireproof
Flight. It only works between 7am-7:15am and only in the state of North Dakota
X-ray vision. The only thing you can see through is skin
Super tactile senses. Your sense of touch is magnified tenfold. Anything touching your skin feels 1,000% more sharper. Plus, you can read braille like a champ
Super stretching. It only applies to your neck muscles
Super jumping. You can leap 100 yards into the sky. However, this power doesn't have anything to do with landing from a 100 yard drop
Super speed. You can run as fast as a cheetah. But, like a cheetah, you must be completely naked and running on all fours to be that fast
Resurrection. You can bring someone back from the dead. However, whenever you do so, 5 people drop dead
Shapeshifting. You can transform into any person you want, providing you've had anal with them sometime in your life
Mind reading. You can read minds. However, their thoughts are translated into Hebrew
Communication with animals. You can communicate with all animals. However, their speech is all translated into Greek when you hear them
Teleportation. You can teleport at will, but only to stall 3 in the men's room at the downtown subway station
Time travel. You can travel 10 minutes into the future. You have no knowledge of what transpired in those 10 minutes
Unbreakable bones. Can't be cracked EVER. However, you now weigh 100lbs more
lulu guinness clutch

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I'm going to this thing tomorrow and on the website it says:

"No alcohol, glass containers, weapons, bicycles or pets will be allowed on the lawn of the park, and all bags will be subject to search. Out of respect for the artists, no audio or video recording or flash photography permitted. There is no rain date or location for this event."

I really want to bring my camera. It's outside during the day so I don't see why flash photography would even be an issue. Do you think I would have any trouble? It's a DSLR if it matters.

I called the number they had listed with no luck. If I get there and they say I can't have it I'm pretty much fucked.

Edit: It's an SLR so hiding it isn't terribly easy. Plus I've heard they are very thorough when they look through your shit.

It's outside, in a park.

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What do you think is the difference between "loving" someone and being "in love" with them?

My best friend and I are seriously trying to figure out if we are in love or just love each other, but we are trying to figure out the difference.

Other than that, have you ever fallen for your friend? Did it work out?

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What is the ideal length for a holiday, anon?
You know, long enough to have an awesome time, but not so long that you start to miss home heaps I guess.

And tell me about your best holiday?

lol you guys aren't anon wut
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Have you ever spent any significant amount of time (so, more than just a quick glance) reading the livejournal of a complete stranger who is not on your friend's list and who you've never spoken to? Do you ever type in an interest to search for and read people's journals that way?

Through randomly clicking through a few people's journals I found the lj of this crazy extreme Christian guy and spent, not going to lie, a few hours reading his entries. It was bizarrely fascinating.

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is it possible to drink something without backwashing any germy spit into it AT ALL? is it physiologically possible to maintain suction and place your lips in such a way that NO SPIT gets into your carton of iced tea or w/e?

because I sometimes really immediately need to drink something and I don't wait to find a cup but then I feel like I've contaminated the entire container of drink

also, tell me about something from the last 4 hours of your life
  • mekkio

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I refuse to read any novel that starts off with "It". ( As in, "It was a dark and stormy night..." This is an immediate red flag for me that the novel is doomed to be poorly written.)

1. Do you have any rules like this when it comes to reading?

2. How do you go about picking which novels to read next?

3. What's your favorite line from a book? From which book is it from?

And I just finished reading Catcher in the Rye, which brings me to this question;

4. What fictional character do you think deserves or needs a good slap across the face for whatever reason?

(Yeah, I am looking at you, Caulfield.)
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Revelation 14:12 says: Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus

Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 4: 9 But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another., and he was quoting Leviticus 19:18.

Leviticus 14 says: 44 For I am the LORD your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy; for I am holy: neither shall ye defile yourselves with any manner of creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Should Haji have a heart to eat pork or to obey God?

Were you a disobedient child?

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How should I deal with my friend who is monstrously insecure? She constantly compares herself to others, and no matter what I tell her, she never feels like she's good enough.


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Suppose a law existed that said you had to name your first child after a city. It could be any city in the world, but it definitely had to be a city.

What would your girl child's name be?

What would your boy child's name be?

What would your androgynous amputee child's name be?

Who's the last one you're kicking out of bed?

What would you sooner bang?

Clown (full clown makeup)
Furry (bear suit)
Dick Cheney
Sumo wrestler (400lbs and wearing those diaper thingies)
80-year old man
Gary Coleman
Kermit (it's really a hand in a muppet puppet diddling your naughty bits)
Zombie (not a real zombie, but someone wearing very convincing costume and makeup to look like a dead person)
Double-amputee (legs)
Homeless man
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Which of the following duo choices would you prefer from each set?

Poll #1424902 This or Not?

Make-up sex or shower sex?

Make-up sex
Shower sex

Dead phone or dead internet?

Dead phone
Dead internet

Vodka or beer?


90 post-lunch 4 year olds with 9 assistants or 4 senile, demanding and bitchy 90 year olds on your own?

The kids
The elderly

Bono or Oprah?


Carrots and ranch dip or celery and peanut butter?

Carrots and ranch
Celery and peanut butter

Sparklers or fireworks?


Swimming pool or hot tub?

Swimming pool
Hot tub

Alanis Morissette or Sarah McLachlan?


Post-sex cuddling or post-sex practically narcoleptic sleeping?



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Someone in chat wanted me to ask this...

Earlier in here people were talking about their drug experiences..[sic] I wanted to ask, do you think you're missing out on anything by not doing drugs?
amelie in ithaca

i wanna learn math gooder.

i sucked at trig in high school. now i want to learn it. can you point me in the direction of a good trigonometry book? pref. one you have experience with. it can be a textbook, it doesn't have to be a test prep kind of thing.

same goes for calculus. do you have a decent calc book, tqc?

fwiw i looked up my state university's correspondence syllabi for these courses and the books they use are obsolete. duhr.

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Have you ever used, or heard someone use, the word 'blooming'(as in 'Stop calling me a princess! Do you see me wearing a dress?! A blooming tiara?!')?
Where do you live?
How's your day been so far?
macaroni murder lady

has been bothering me

If you have seen the Watchmen movie, which of the following best applies?

I did not read the comics before seeing the movie, and I had difficulty understanding or following the movie
I did not read the comics before seeing the movie, and I did not have difficulty understanding or following the movie
I read the comics before seeing the movie, and I had difficulty understanding or following the movie
I read the comics before seeing the movie, and I did not have difficulty understanding or following the movie

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Do you wear sweatpants in public? What about pajama pants? Assume you're just running a few quick errands, not going to a doctor's appointment or something.

I'm fine with wearing sweatpants out in public. Not the dingy/dirty/nasty sweatpants, but the Victoria's Secret-type ones. They're comfy, especially when I'm just going to do a few things. I've worn pajama pants to school once in awhile, but I think the only time I've worn them in public otherwise was when I was driving to the shore or something.

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What was the last concert you went to?
What is the next concert you are going to?

I just saw Leftover Crack at Blender theater and will be seeing them again along with the Star Fucking Hipsters at the free show in Tompkins Square park on July 11th

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When you're having a party do you try to make as many dishes for the vegetarians as for the meat eaters?
We're having a party and there will probably be about 50 people who eat meat and two people who don't. I keep going back and forth whether or not to make veggie versions.

If you're someone who has any kind of diet restrictions, do you tend to offer to bring some kind of food to a party?
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Happy 4th!

For those TQC'ers who live in the USA, did you, or are you going to, make a special 4th of July post, either political or personal? If you've made one, will you please repost it in the comments here?

For you folks from other places, does your country have a special day? If so, what is it called, when is it and what do people do to celebrate?

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for those that play the sims and have done legacy challenges, what do you do with your spares? right now, i found spouses for my gen 2 spares and they live in the main house, but i'm not letting them have kids.

if you don't play sims, why not?
Got Rat

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Dear Dr Eljay.

I've had a ticklish cough for the past eight years. Sometimes I cough really hard in my sleep and end up coughing up blood.
My doctor said I was just coughing too hard, -what do you think?

It usually comes up after I'm ill (even if I'm just feeling under the weather for a day) and carries on for a couple of weeks. It's so ticklish I can't help but cough or I go red and my eyes water.

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is the egg the most perfect food on earth?
what else is nutrient-rich and comes in its own disposable packaging?

when you are hanging out naked in your house/bed do you find yourself idly playing with your xxx bits without actually meaning to masturbate? I always find my hand down my pants for no reason =/

you know when you buy lotions or body washes at the store that have a pump, and you need to twist the pump in order for it to pop up so you can use it? what triggers it to pop up? because I've twisted a pump hundreds of times without being able to make it pop, and then suddenly, VOILÀ!


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Someone put away my mom's bottle of Bailey's without closing it. I just had to clean sticky smelly Bailey's from every nook and cranny of my fridge as well as everything that was in it.

What's the worse mess you've ever had to clean up?
What really grosses you out? (I hate the smell of Bailey's...and peanut butter. ugh)

Looking your age

Do you look older, younger or the same as your age? What age do people mistake you for?

I'm 21, and people ALWAYS mistake me for being 16 or 17. I look waaaay younger then my age. I got set up with my last boyfriend and he thought he was being set up with a 16 year old, he was surprised when he found out I was 21 xD I get it from my Mum, she's 55 but she looks way younger, people always tell her she looks too young to have a daughter in her 20's.

Several gas station holds...

Why are there 8 $1 debit holds in my online bank account, when I only swiped my card 4 times, but only made one purchase at a gas station?

Last night, when I went to fill up my car at a nearby gas station and pulled into one of the pumps, the credit/debit card machine at the pump was giving me issues after I put my card in and punched in my ZIP code, telling me to see the cashier (which in hindsight is probably what I should've done). After 3 times, assuming it was a faulty machine (as my checking account, while not perfect, shouldn't have some problem relating to my card), I just pulled around to another pump stall. The card worked, filled up my car (once), and went on my merry way, and just assumed the first pump was having a problem reading my card.

I checked my online bank account this morning and noticed there are 8 $1 debit holds for the gas station's credit/debit card purchase. I can understand if it was 1 hold, or possibly even 4 holds (as I did swipe my card four times), but why would there be 8 holds? I have been to this gas station plenty of times (including once last week), and it's never placed more than one hold on my card before.
Mitty box

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What did you eat when you woke up today? I had a funfetti cupcake!

If you wake up at 1pm and eat some cereal, do you call that breakfast or lunch? Are the terms for breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner dependent on when you wake up or the time of the day in which you eat it?

When my cat is hunting a bug (he's a very good hunter!) he makes this weird clicking sound with his mouth. It sort of sounds like a bat's echo location. WHAT is he doing?? Do your cats do this too? I've never seen a cat do that before.

Why won't my cat use the scratchy box I got him? He still insists on tearing up my spare boxspring. I even covered the scratchy box with tons of marijuana catnip. >:(

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Yesterday the husband made breakfast.

I love it when he cooks scrambled eggs. Except for yesterday. He put vanilla in the eggs... WTF?

Would you want vanilla in your scrambled eggs?


If you like eggs, how do you like your eggs cooked?

For all you artsts out there...

Whatever happened to Prismacolor watercolor pan sets? I could have sworn my school gets them, but I checked their website and they don't have them on there.
For those of you who use them, could you reccomend a good brand for a watercolor pan set? I'm sick of painting from a tube.


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When noshing nom-noming nibbling on eating munchies, will you take the whole container, one complete portion, keep going back for little portions, or exercise self-control and put it back in the cupboard? Or other.

Do you like to keep the lights on or off, if you're in the room or out of it?

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We're having a block party today. Two neighbors at the end of our block said that they didn't want to be involved and didn't give us money. They're currently set up barbecues at their houses.

I feel like it's petty but do we just let their kids (and by kids I mean...their giant party of children) use the stuff that the other neighbors chipped in to pay for?

How would you deal with it?
anja rubik editorial

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What are your favorite adult board games and party games? Especially for college students living in a dorm.

I'm looking to buy gifts for friends with whom I'll be living next year at college. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Do you ever have dreams you did something you were dreading doing and then wake up to find you still have to do it? Like one time I dreamed I wrote a term paper and when I woke up, I was like, "DAMN! It's not really done!"

And if you still got that auto start video bugging you, use this and check the box next to "Video Placeholders"

When your teacher is incapable and immature...

Sorry for my poor English.  If you were learning some language at a private school, which required large amount of money but turned out that the teacher was not very efficient.  What would you do? and it's probably too late to change the class. 

Whenever you tried to ask a quesion, she seems not to have a right answer and even tries to disguise the fact that she doesn't know, and keeps changing the topics. 
Currently, I've been learning at one school but when I ask the teacher about some usage of the words, she answered once and then changed to another, and finally she said "BTW, was Micheal Jackson's death a suprising news for you?".  This attitude even made me feel worse, coz I am a huge fan of Michael and I was too sad to hear about that news on the day before the class.  She even said it was natural that he died because of the surgery.... and she used this topic as a disguise of her insufficient knowledges!  She's probably over 35 and laughs over someone's death.
Anyway, when your teacher is neither quialified nor mature as a human, what would you do? 

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I am having a party today! Whenever I have a party, I tell people whenever I see them, and then for the people I don't see often, I post the information online in a place that I know they check multiple times a day (such as myspace, whatever), saying HEY GUYS I'M HAVING A PARTY IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU OUGHT TO COME.

And invariably, I get people moping that they didn't know and that they thought they weren't invited because I didn't go up to them and say "I, Audiodrops, being of sound mind and body, do specifically invite you to this get together, despite the fact that I have already informally invited you multiple ways."

How many people are going to do this this year?

What kind of soda do you like? I have Dr Pepper, Sprite, and then lemonade. We also have an RO system so we have good water and not poop water like normally comes out of the taps here.

When you play the Sims, do you try to do any challenges? I'm doing a legacy challenge right now, and it's mildly boring.

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Is anyone else here bothered by the fact that when a female posts a "What's wrong with me, I have these symptoms" question here, a ton of people will automatically suggest she's pregnant regardless of what the symptoms are?

I feel it's rather subversive to feminism. No, I'm not kidding.

What is your choice of vegetable or fruit to throw at me?
Baro Bitch Stare
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Do you like watching The Deadliest Catch? Watching the marathon today?

Would you ever consider working on a crab fishing boat in the bearing sea? The money the make at the end of each season looks NICE!

What is your favorite Discovery channel show?
Mickey Mouse Stock

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Have any of you recently been to Plato's Closet to drop off clothes?
I'm planning on going tomorrow morning so they lines don't get long and I was wondering what your experience there was like.
I've been before but that was last year and I'm hoping to see if their policies have changed (meaning are they more harsh on what clothes they'll take)

my clothes are in really good condition and I'm even giving them stuff with the tags still on. Do you think they'll take my fake louis vuitton bag?

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Have you been to St. Augustine, FL?
If y, what are some fun things to do on a ~*date*~ there/the surrounding area?

If n, what are your favorite kinds of fireworks?!
Mine are sparklers, though those aren't really fireworks...
im french

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How do I find where/when the fireworks are tonight? I don't have a newspaper.

Do you own a breathalyzer? I'm thinking about getting a breathalyzer (for fun and safety) but I don't really know where to start. Any recommendations?
Evil Me

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How many more posts do we need to get the MJ video off the front page?

Did you see My Sister's Keeper yet? If so, did you CRY YOUR EYES OUT? Because I did.

What movies are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

(no subject)

1. Let's say that nothing's about money (yeah, the world would go nuts), what profession would you get into?

2. What is something someone told you about growing up that isn't true or turned out to be complete bs?

3. Best thing that happened to you this year so far?
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What's the last stupid thing you did?
I let my housemate borrow my student ID so he could go to the gym... and he lost it, and it doubles as my ATM card, and I need cash today-- but it's a holiday so the banks are closed! Argh!

What's the weather like where you are?

For my fellow yankees, are you barbequeing today?
I'm not personally, but I am going to a BBQ.

What do you smell like right now?

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From what I understand, the ending of My Sister's Keeper, the book and My Sister's Keeper, the movie are drastically different.  Without trying to give too much away, which ending did you like the best, and are you angry they changed it? 

(Is the MJ video gone off the first page yet?) 
♥ rave

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So my boyfriend wants me to go with him to a friend's surprise party and an ex-girlfriend's wedding. The friend is heading off to Afghanistan. The ex-girlfriend invited a bunch of old friends/people she thinks she's still friends with..(there's an open bar, and my boyfriend and a few of his friends have decided this would be the only reason to go. Along with having a few laughs.)

The problem is... I haven't met any of these people, with the exception of 1 or maybe 2 if I'm lucky. Sounds like awkward times are ahead.

TQC, what can I do to make these situations not awkward? I'm not the most outgoing person, so the obvious "just make conversation with people" answer isn't all that helpful. :P I don't want to have to cling to my bf, but I'm not sure how well I'll do in these situations. What have you all done in awkward social situations when you don't know anyone?

If you don't care... favorite TV show?

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What album can you listen to over and over and over, without skipping any tracks?

Mine is Adele's "19" or Massive Attacks "Blue lines"

edit: When was your last embarrassing moment?

Mine: I forgot something at my apartment so during lunch I ran back home. My co-worker said she wanted to go for the ride with me so she tagged along. When I opened my apartment door my cat was in the foyer swatting around my ben-wa balls. Yes, she knew what they were.

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I normally have a lot of trouble getting to sleep, but lately it has been worse than usual.  I read before bed and then when I turn the lights off I just can't get comfortable.  My legs feel restless and it's hard for them to keep still, as well as the blankets and sheets feeling really weird, but feeling even more uncomfortable when I'm not on them. 

TQC, what's wrong with me?
brokeback mountain


I tried searching on Google but it gave mainly medical reasons - hence I'm asking the question here.

Why do people feel nauseous or vomit after seeing something disgusting? I know there are other examples, but right now I can only think of Gone Baby Gone because I just watched it (the main character vomited after seeing the body in the bathtub). I understand vomiting is the body's way of ejecting perceived poisons inside the body, so how come seeing disgusting images trigger the gag reflex?


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can you help me find a good online college?

i plan on studying graphic design, or web development. something that would make sense doing online on a computer rather than, say, nursing or something. =]
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My brother has this set that you put a keyboard and headset on your xbox 360 wireless controller. He dropped it once and the headset won't work anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this or have this problem?

(no subject)

 I'm sitting here with my two male roommates, watching The Office and it's freaking hilarious because when they laugh they sound like little girls squealing. So, I'm actually laughing at them laughing.

What hilarious thing(s) have your roommates been doing lately?
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Tomorrow I am going to see the Indigo Girls for the 29th time!!!! I have been a fan since I was 14, and lived in Nashville, where they recorded and played often.

What bands have you seen live a ridiculous number of times?

What concerts are you going to see this summer?

What is the best concert you've ever seen, live or on video?

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What is your favorite pastiche Weird Al song?

I think mine would have to be Pancreas, the Beach Boys pastiche. It's probably one of the best Beach Boys style parodies I've heard.

Also, what's your favorite Weird Al polka medley?

Mine is the Alternative Polka.

Roller coasters

Poll #1425215 Amusement parks

My friend & I want to go on roller coasters ... we're in the Southern California area. Where should we go?

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Knott's Berry Farm
Disney California Adventure

Any rides we just can't miss?

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1)Party with 30 of your closest family members! Awesome, tiring, or something else?


2)Should engagement rings be diamonds or other stones? Other stones, tell me which you like.

3)How do you answer when your family members ask if you're next to get married and have a baby?

Note that my 30 year old brother is in fact next in line.

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Tomorrow I'm going to drive up with my family to visit my cousins and grandparents in New York.  We're leaving at around 8am, which means that I have to be up and ready to start packing the van at 7am.  I still have to do my laundry tonight, which should probably take me two hours (it is now 10:17pm).  Then I'll read before I go to bed for a while like I do every night.

Should I even bother trying to sleep?
I can sleep the whole eight hour drive tomorrow if I don't end up sleeping tonight.
Blue Manhattan Group

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How did you celebrate the 4th of July?

Watched fireworks
Got drunk
Set off fireworks
Spent time in the ER attending to damage to fingers after setting off fireworks
Dyed pubes red, white and blue
Beat up an English person
Had sex
Ate something all-American, like McDonalds
Chatted online
Filled out a poll
Worked. I didn't get the day off
Same way I celebrated the 3rd of July. Doing absolutely nothin'
Watched tv
Threw some tea into the ocean
I'm not an American, you dumb Yankee lout
Potassium perversion

The proof is in the pudding

Which of these have you or would you use in the bedroom?

Viking helmet
Kermit the Frog puppet
Tire iron
Fake beard
Garden gnome
Blow-up doll
Mr. Potato Head
Duct tape
Car battery
Nose hair clippers
Vacuum cleaner with attachments
No. 3 pencil
Catcher's mitt

Life lessons

So i'm dealing with my first breakup and i've reached a point where the saddness is becoming ridiculous and I have to try and accept it and move on. I'm determined to learn something positive from this so my question is,

what is the most important thing you've learned about yourself/people/life in general from a breakup?