July 3rd, 2009

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1.How do you feel about cleaning products that are wasteful / not particularly good for the environment? (IE Swiffer, Lysol wipes)
2.Do you recycle?
3.How often do you vacuum?
4.How often do you dust?
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iPhone or Blackberry Storm? I want something fancier than my enV. My dad has a Storm and likes it, but I've heard many good things about the iPhone, and I'm intrigued by all those apps....

If you have either of these phones, can you tell me what's awesome and what sucks about them?

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so this girl [lets call her mary] is together with this guy [call him jim] but they are not going out and mary's best friend [kate] likes jim and has done things with jim before and now that mary and jim got really serious kate backed off but then one night jim went to kate's and they fucked. and kate has a huge mouth and told someone she thought she trusted. but then that person told mary and mary flipped out on kate and jim and isnt talking to jim anymore but is still talking to kate a little but making her feel like shit which she deserves anyways

how does kate deal with this? she has realized she made a mistake but cant keep saying sorry

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I'm trying to make how-to pages for preschool crafts. It'll include text and small pictures of the process all on one page. What program would be best to do this? I have Microsoft Office 2007, Open Office, & Paintshop Pro. I'll download something else if it works better, as long as it's free.

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When you get nervous, do you poop a lot? I do, and my boyfriend finds it strange.

I hear something out on my street, do you think it's the family of deer that's been coming around lately?! SHould I trun my light on to check it out or wait and wonder?

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How do you feel when your friends doesn't reply to your texts?
What if it's your boyfriend or girlfriend?
What if said boyfriend or girlfriend had a very rough week at work, and they don't reply your texts?
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help me with my pickle

Guys I am in a pickle!! I want to go to sleep, but I am chatting. Normally in this situation I would take sleep meds to force me to fall asleep while still chatting, so I don't have to leave. BUT due to the suckage of the new router's wireless range, I can't internet from bed anymore. THIS MEANS that if I take my sleep meds I risk falling asleep on the couch, but I can chat until I get loopy and then pass out. Or I could just go to bed now. I want to wake up around 10-11am tomorrow.

Sammy doesn't fucking know

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What is the last thing that made you say "WTF?"?

I was just playing backgammon on my macbook and lost. My opponent (the computer) then asked me if I would like some habanero sauce with my spanking. Um, wtf?
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Michaels children...because I AM the world dammit.

Poll #1424432 Who will be a better momma to the Jackson children??

Jackson baby mamma drama:

Diana Ross
thier grandmother
the bio-mom
Michelle Duggar
Jon & Kate
Cruella DeVIlle
Michelle Obama
Betty White
Mary Poppins
Clay Aiken

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will you post a picture of yourself and let us know your stats (height/weight or bmi)?

also, TQC chat?!?! thequestionclub on AIM or i'll invite you if you leave your aim ^^'

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tomorrow im having a cookout, what flavors should the martinis be?(im going for colors red white and blue)
i was thinking apple or pomegranate for the red but im not sure about white and blue.
show me your tattoos?
profile, b&W

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How would you feel about your SO going to hang out with their ex's sibling who is the same sex?

Are you a jealous person?
Do you have trust issues?
Why or why not?

ETA: What is something you've gotten over recently?


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Poll #1424481 Can a free account do a poll??


can a free account do a poll??
can a free account do a poll??
can a free account do a poll??
I has a free acct
do you have anger mg issues?
if we don't touch, is it sex?
if we're in different rooms, is it sex?
are they gonna stuff michael and put him on display?
mo ticky!
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We are going to a party this weekend and everyone has to bring a dip.

My husband is going to make spinach and artichoke dip, but I'm not that into that.

What is your favorite type of dip?
True Blood - Eric animated 1
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I have a phone interview today for a job. What time do you think my potential boss will call me?

I am going to see NKOTB tonight. Are you jealous?

If you don't care about this stuff, what are you doing this weekend?
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sorry, this question is only relevant to citizens of north america.

if you are from the US:
do you frequently encounter canadian coins alongside american ones in your change (excluding loonies and toonies)?
do you consider them to be valid currency?
where in the US are you from?

if you are from Canada:
do you treat american coins as valid currency?
where in Canada are you from?

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What have you bought or sold on Craigslist?
I've got a car, a motorcycle, a weight bench, a couch/love seat set, and a coffee/end table set all listed at the same time right now.

Do you have a "junk drawer" where you stick things that don't really have anywhere else to go but that you want to keep handy?  What's in it?  Will you show us a picture?
Mine in the comments

What's for lunch?
I've got some sloppy joes and tater tots cooking.  WOOT!!

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What do you think of people who update their facebook status to "Baby I love you so much! So happy to be with you!" or something similar every single day... even if they have been together for months and/or live with their SO?

(no subject)

In regards to the last Mystery Bruise on your person: Where was it? How do you suspect you got it, though you cannot be sure?

There's a quarter-sized bruise directly on my kneecap. I don't know, but I ran into the coffee table this morning, hitting that exact spot on the opposite knee, so I'm assuming that is the origin of this bruise.
itw emile

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What was the last thing to make you laugh out loud?

Some girl on my facebook changed her status to "blah blah blah for crying out load!" I know it's a pretty simple thing/typo to laugh at but it's early.


I didnt back my high heels into my bag because I couldnt get them to fit in. (when i traveled across from WA to QLD with only about 5kgs of stuff)

So I urgently need to know:

Is it acceptable (by club standards) to wear flats out to nightclubs? Or should I go out shopping and pick up some heels (and hope they are comfortable enough to wear tonight....) ?

I only have 2 pairs of flats and some like.. 'skate' shoes (I guess thats what you would call them...) 


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I worked for Jamba Juice for a year and a half and I just discovered my old uniforms in a box.  There's no point in returning it, as it's been a year since I worked there, and the uniforms have changed since then.

Besides throwing it away, can you think of some creative uses for black polos, aprons and a visor?

(no subject)

what genre of porn should I 'bate to RIGHT NOW?

ALSO: should tqc have like a swap/sell community? since we all kind of know each other? this is but an inkling of an idea in my mind. actually it's probably stupid. but maybe?

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What post do you wish was updated on tqc_updates?

Describe here and everyone can try to figure out who posted it or if they know what happened.

ETA: Here's mine. Does anyone know what happened to the person who's mother and sister (I think) went abroad and hadn't been heard from in days?

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Dear TQCers,

What is the polite way to deflect come-ons when you're in a relationship?

Like, lets say you're in the lunch line at work and the counter-man tells you that so-and-so from another department (who was standing in line ahead of you and has complimented you before) has bought your lunch for you, then walks away to another part of the cafeteria.

What should you do?

Are you expected to eat with them? Is it rude not to? Can you just tell them that you've got a boyfriend or should you just thank them and eat your lunch?

I feel like a heel.
Take a Look

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Say you found the love of your life. Assume for this story, you're attracted to the opposite sex. It's hypothetical, so who cares. You got married, had children together, and then you find out that you're really brother & sister. What would you do? Would you stay married? Tell your children?

No, you won't be able to know before you have kids.

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So, my boyfriend and I like to try new beers every now and then. We try to stick to the local brewery beers n stuff. Well. A few days ago we picked up a six pack of a new type of beer that we hadn't tried before.

It was super bitter and ucky.

Neither of us finished the bottle that we had started. So now what do we do with the remaining 4 beers? I can't think of any friends that would like them.
Srs or non answers :)
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So my roommates (there are 4 of us including me.) have decided to start having weekly family  dinners. This is just like it sounds we all sit down once a week and eat together. It is my turn to cook next.  I have ample 2 days to prepare and am not a terrible cook, but, I have a college student budget.

What do I make that is totally awesome and cheep that will feed four maybe 5 people?

This has to be at least the third food question I've asked here. lol. Everyone likes food, right? :P

I'm going to my friend's cocktail party tonight and she asked everyone to bring some kind of food. I want to make something savoury and finger-foody and something desserty. I'm a bit pressed for time and I can't really be bothered to make anything elaborate. What should I make?

Danke :D

Also, what was the last thing that happened to you that really, really pissed you off?
I was supposed to be moving today and apparently the paperwork wasn't completed by the other people's solicitor so now we have to wait until Monday. I had one of my increasingly rare shitty child tantrum moments over it.
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what's your most recent hilarious misread?

i just checked the weather and we've got a hazardous weather statement and a special weather statement. somehow this had a party in my brain and became a scandalous weather statement.

i like that one the best, myself.

(no subject)

I have your typical summer cold. We're going to the grocery store later and I'm having trouble thinking of stuff that would make me feel better (aside from medicine---I have plenty of that).

What are some good treats and little things to get for when you have a cold?
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for those of you who pay for music, have you ever paid for the same song twice?

like i bought a CD, forgot that i already had a certain song from that CD, and bought the track on itunes.

(no subject)

There was some guy parked near where I was running. There was vomit near the driver side door and it smelled like beer. I think he was at least trying to sleep it off or something, but I called the cops anyways just in case. However, it took me like 10 mins to get home because I just had my keys and ipod. Should I go back and make sure he's still there? And maybe get a license if he does drive away?

Edit: I went back, he was still there. Cops came. I left. I walk home and he's parked at the corner market on my block. I dunno what happened. Maybe he's sick. Dude needs to go home.
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If you are the kind of person who likes setting off fireworks, and assuming your state allows it (or not YOU CRIMINALZ), where do you go to set them off?

My brother and I got PILES of fireworks, and just realized we have no idea where to shoot 'em. I'm thinking near a lake or something? I don't even know where to start looking. They're not the giant real fireworks of course, but there are a good amount of little rockety things that could probably set a tree on fire in the city.

(no subject)

If I go to the bar by myself will I make friends or sit in the corner alone all night? I'm in a new town and haven't met anyone yet and I really want to go out.

Will people think I'm a creeper? :(
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Kind of inspired by this post,
What are some stores that have impressed you with their customer service?
What are some that haven't?

Once, I liked a pair of shoes from Aldo, but the store didn't have them in my size, so they ordered me a pair and sent them to my house at no extra charge. This was at about 4:30pm. The shoes showed up THE NEXT DAY. I love Aldo.
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Hi guys

I really want to go see the new Johnny Depp movie. Do you think the theaters will be more crowded tonight or tomorrow night? I was thinking they'll be less crowded tomorrow as people will be watching fireworks and junk.
Kitty Lick
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Dual Monitor w/ 2 computers?

I've googled but I'm not sure how to describe what I want, so I haven't had much luck.

I have my personal laptop that I bring to work with me. My work only has one monitor.

I was wondering, is it possible to hook my laptop to the desktop and use my laptop as a secondary monitor, but also be able to use my laptop at the same time? (As in, I could toggle modes somehow between it serving as a secondary monitor and being a normal computer.)

Is this possible? How could I swap modes? Is there a guide anywhere for this?

(no subject)

I'm turning 22 in a little over than a month!

I don't really want to have a party, but I do want to hang out with my friends. I'm not much for bar-hopping or clubbing. What do you think I should do?

ETA: Asking this early because my sister was thinking of going to the beach, and she wants me to come up with a plan soon because she wants to know when or if to start planning that.
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(no subject)

will you give your answer?

it will be fine
it's doomed to fail
you're being creepy
it's romantic
shut your dirty whore mouth playa playa
it's sad, but in a fun way
it's sad, but in a sad way
do what you want, as long as you start using capitals in polls
there's no harm in trying
icu, koffie, icu
your bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel
did i do that?
oooh i see something shiney, bye

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if the screen on a laptop is broken (everything else seemingly works, is it possible to hook up an external desktop monitor and use that with the laptops keyboard and track-pad?

edited to correct typo's

(no subject)

what was the last thing you ate?

will you rate other people's last bites on a grading scale of A-F? (reply to their comment with a score)

TQC chat? leave your AIM sn if you need an invite otherwise it's "thequestionclub" chatroom.
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(no subject)

Was there anything that completely made your day?
Yep! We got the final mastered version of my boyfriend's band's new CD. It's amazing. :D

Does your significant other snore?
Mine snores like a damn chainsaw! I've gotten used to it though.
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guys i can't decide what classes i want to take this fall. right now i want to focus on basic classes, not electives. i still need to take 2 history classes, a biology class, a math class, and a humanities class. can you help me decide? if you just want to vote on the subject but not the actual class, you can do that too. Collapse )
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(no subject)

 What are some songs you listen to on the radio but have no desire to actually own?

For example: I will rock out to Lady Gaga while I'm driving, but I don't want to download/buy any of her stuff.

Edit: I don't know why the font is going all wonky, so I'm changing it to a different color.

anontang DA

(no subject)

TQC, I'm using Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain [which some of you recommended to me a while ago] to learn to draw. Of the supplies it lists, one is a piece of plastic about 1/16 of an inch thick. How thick is this? Like, saran wrap thick? It seems thicker than that to me. Can I find a piece of plastic like this at Walmart? I'm so confused.

(no subject)

I took German classes during middle school & high school. I've pretty much forgotten most of what I learned except for a few things :( I'd like to relearn it, but I don't want to pay to take it. Are there any good, free programs/sites/whatever to help me relearn it? I've tried Rosetta Stone and hated it; it wasn't teaching me grammar or words for things I actually wanted to know (I could care less what the word for running is in Japanese. Really.). Am I SOL until I feel like taking an actual class? I'm not opposed to downloading torrents and such.

If you don't know/don't care, what's your favorite way (or ways, if you do more than one thing) to relax/pamper yourself?

(no subject)

1)What public service announcements in your area do you remember?

One with a grandmother looking sad in a hospital and the message was don't let bad bug spray kill your family. Another was a man being zipped into a body bag. The message was unnecessary 911 calls kill.

2)How would you act on a road trip?

I'd be tired and have to stop every five miles for a bathroom break.

3)How thirsty are you lately?


(no subject)

Do you use Twitter?

If you like it...then what's really the fun of it? What things do you do there?

Sorry that I have to ask, but I don't know anyone irl or online who uses it, and I joined out of curiosity(I'm bored out of my mind) but I don't see the fun of it besides posting what you are doing. I have seen many references to Twitter in the Internet, but I guess where I live almost nobody uses it yet.

Will you write a list the things you want to do this summer the most?

(no subject)

What is your immediate reaction when you are angry?
I cry.  It's awful.

What would have to be happening in your neighborhood for you to call the cops on someone?
My roommate is considering calling the police on whoever is lighting fireworks in the condo complex behind our house.  They've been at it ALL DAY.


(no subject)

has anyone ever made a "fake" either myspace or facebook, livejournal etc. that was supposed to be you? proof?

why do you think people make fake accounts?

what do you think they do when they are caught and confronted about it?

have you ever made one? why?

(no subject)

what should i do tonight?

play wii
read a book
draw for two contests i'm participating in
draw something for the state fair
clean / unpack my room
other (elaborate in comments)
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

Send in the clones

Poll #1424892 Remember my clone poll?

Now it's reversed. Your SO has a clone and the clone is slightly better looking, better body, smarter and funnier. The clone has a very similar personality to your SO, and one day when the two of you are alone, the clone removes its clothes in front of you, and it has a bigger penis/boobs than your SO, and asks that you take its virginity. Do you?

Yes. That's hot
No. I'm loyal to my SO, and not even a carbon copy of him/her can persuade me
It really depends how drunk I am

(no subject)

would this dress with a pair of heels be appropriate for an interview for an internship at a hospital?

eta: baaah ok i had a feeling it was too casual but it's about the fanciest thing i own at the moment. can you recommend something cheap that i can purchase in a store on sunday?

(no subject)

I'm fifteen years old (since late March) and male, and I'm 5'7" feet tall. My mother is 5'10", and my father is 5'8". My grandparent's on my mother's side are 6'2"+. I was wondering how long this awkward stage of puberty lasts? And what final height I can expect for myself at the end of puberty?

My younger brother (a year younger), is already 5'9" and I'm two inches behind.

I don't know if exercise (or lackthereof, as stated in my previous post) factors into growth at all. If not, then what factors do contribute to maximizing your growth potential during adolescence?

(no subject)

My boyfriend's birthday is next week, and I'm unsure what to get him.
I'm spending $41 to get there to see him, about $40 on dinner, so what should I get for an actual present?

(I'm also spending $41 to come see him on Sunday, so something fairly cheap, yet sentimental, is preferred.)


(no subject)

What do you do when you want to stop yourself from doing something awful?  I am super angry.

Also!  Why am I so tired lately?  What can I do to give me more energy?  I def sleep enough.  Energy drinks are not a solution.

(no subject)

tqc, this guy i've hung out with a bit on and off for the past few months just IMed me and said "did you save me some?" i assumed he was talking about my baking because my facebook status said i was baking, but he says that's not what i meant. so: wtf was i supposed to be saving some of?