July 2nd, 2009


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if you could change the academic parts of your high school, what would you change? for example: more choice in classes, more funding for certain departments, etc.

or, what parts of it did you hate?

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What part of your body do you think would be coolest to have another of? (elaboration on weird wording: I think having a third arm would be sweet)

For the purposes of this question, we will ignore the fact that people may look at you funny. Or not, if you're into that sorta thing.
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What do you use to keep you awake / alert?
I'm still slogging away through my term paper, but I'm starting to feel worn out.
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What, if anything, makes you feel old?

Girls I babysat for are a rising Junior and rising Freshman in college. Kids I was a camp counselor for are rising Seniors in HS. :(

Questions and Answers

Why do you think there are so many question-answer communities on the Internet, and on Live Journal in particular?

What sets them apart to each other, and necessitates what would seem like redundancy?

After all, wouldn't the best question-answer community be the one with the most members and therefore the most available answers? Why would others need to exist?

What's your take on this TQC?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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 1. Can you think of any songs that feature stuttering vocals?? Like in...

Bowie's "Changes"
The Who's "My Generation"
Joe's "Stutter"
Bachman Turner Overdrive's "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet"

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Do I really need the "Objective" section on my resume? I have qualifications, experience, and education sections.

If it matters, I've applied for 35+ jobs with zero luck, so I'm thinking it needs to go.

medical stuff

have you ever gone through a CT scan? if so, what would you tell me to expect? i'm pretty nervous about the whole situation, especially because it's "with contrast." i know they're incredibly expensive and i don't think i have anything seriously wrong with me :/ any answers on what you would do if you were me?

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Do you or have you ever used the bathroom in front of a boyfriend/girlfriend? Was it just a drunken faux pas or is this/was this a regular occurance?

ETA: All right, nasties, do you go POOP in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend?

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Yesterday, my online banking wouldn't let me transfer funds. I knew my checks would be getting cashed soon, so I logged on all day and it gave me a notice saying it was down for maintenance.
This morning, I was overdraft. Usually they do not charge me if it's just a few hours, but I'm not sure how long it's been since yesterday I couldn't check.

If they do send me an overdraft bill, I should contest it, correct? It's not my fault that the website was down, and they have often told me that it is the best way to check account balances, since you do not have to pay any fee for checking balances.

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1)What sort of dietary supplements or vitamins do you use?

a one a day vitamin and some fish oil capsules

2)For what purposes?

for general nutritional supplementation

3)Do you think there should be stricter regulation of herbals, vitamins and other supplements?

profile, b&W

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Can you guys post some things you find really funny?

I wonder if there's something wrong with me, because I don't generally laugh at the same things that everyone is finding OMGHILARIOUS, and it makes me sad to know that people who are posting "LMAO" and "LOL" probably aren't really laughing out loud, because why the hell am I not if they are?
Even IRL, people will be talking and everyone's laughing and I'm thinking "Um, wow, that wasn't in the least bit funny."

Is there something wrong with me? I miss laughing. :(

The last thing I remember genuininely laughing at was how stupid Confessions of a Shopaholic was. (spinster cart lady dancing in the bridesmaid dress.. haha)

Wallet of Voodoo

You're walking along the street when you stumble across a wallet. The outside of said wallet has a Confederate flag on it. The contents of the wallet are as follows
-ID card (one Doug Johnson III). Address can be found here
-membership card of the Klu Klux Klan
-Social Security card
-business cards indicating that the owner is an organizer for the Westboro Baptist Church
-$5,000 in hundred dollar bills
-government card stating that the owner is a veteran
-photograph of Doug in uniform, Desert Storm-era
-photograph of a little girl. On the back of photo it says 'I love you, dad, with all my heart - Mandy'. The photo looks like it's been held a lot
-another photograph of the same girl. On the back, it has the dates Oct. 30, 1999 - July 18, 2008
-folded up copy of a Purple Heart which looks authentic
-signed check endorsed to a children's charity
-list of abortion clinics

Based on the contents of the wallet, what would you do with it?

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Have you ever met someone who looked better in real life than in their pictures? Conversely, have you ever met someone who looked uglier in real life than in their pictures? Any stories associated with these instances?

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In honor of the upcoming holiday, what is the raddest thing you've blown up or set on fire?


Being drunk while doing so is not required, even though this is a jilicious post.

Dried out old Christmas trees don't count because that's so overplayed.
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My nephew is an umemployed freeloader who parties all night and sleeps all day (in my basement).
While he's awake he enjoys ruining my kitchen appliances, eating my food, eating the dog's food, stealing my bike, coming home loudly at 3am, cooking at 3am, etc.

He has not looked for a job in three months, won't go to job interviews that are set-up for him, won't even go on welfare. The job situation is NOT that bad in my area. I've found jobs fairly easily for myself. My mother (his grandmother) feels sorry for him or something so she's stalling on putting him out. His parents don't care as long as he's out of their hair.
How do I get his ass booted?

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What do balls feel like?
Like, having them?
Are the feelings that balls have akin to any other sensation in the body?

I asked if they feel like a funny bone when I poke them or whatever and dude said no.

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What are your favourite scents for the following:

1) Perfumes/colognes (specify if you're wearing them or your S.O.) ?
2) Candles?
3) Soap?
4) Shampoo/conditioner?
5) Baked goods?
6) General food and drink?
7) Laundry detergent/fabric softener/dryer sheet brand?
8) Essential oils?

What scents can't you stand?

What smell brings back the happiest memory, for you? What brings back the saddest?

chic gueverra

Our turn! ... all three of us.

What do boobies feel like?
Like, having them?
Are the feelings that boobies have akin to any other sensation in the body?

I personally haven't compared boobies to funny bones, but they are entertaining to poke.

More politely put: What does it feel like to have boobies?

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If a guy (friend or more than friend) is kindof ignoring you, is it a good idea to send them a message to clarify things, or should you just not talk to him until he talks to you?

What is the most confusing thing that's happened to you recently?

Can you text without looking?

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You know nobody loves you, right? And that you'll die alone, forgotten? And that it'll be weeks before they find your body and then only because the other tenants of the flophouse started complaining about the smell?

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1. Do you have any friends you can cuddle and hold hands with while still being platonic, just because you're that comfortable with them?

2. Do you put your deodorant on before or after you put on your shirt?
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do you have a bicycle?

also, for people who know about these things:

i'm 5'10 and i've always had guy bikes. i got a ladies' raleigh bike for christmas, and i didn't get to ride it until months later. it feels like the seat is pushing me forward, and the handlebars are too close. this bike is PAINFUL to ride. is it just the seat, or should i get a men's bike?

edit: i have a ladies bike on the advice of a bike shop employee, and they've always tried to sell me ladies bikes because they're more expensive in my size. i'm gangly and the guys bikes just feel better and are cheaper. so i don't particularly trust them.

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Inspired by the post about coffee...
I'm going to Starbucks. I usually either get a mocha frappuccino or a shaken passion tea, but I want something different. What should I get/what is your favorite drink from there?

If you don't care, show me a picture of the last place you went to on vacation.
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Ladies, where do you shop for clothes?

My wardrobe sucks. Just about every day I wear an old t-shirt and an old pair of jeans, with converse shoes that are falling apart. I need grown-up clothes, but I have no clue where to shop, what to look for, etc. This summer I decided to give myself a ~makeover~ which basically means getting a nice haircut and buying nicer clothes. What should I buy? I live in Southern CA if that makes any difference.

ETA: Pictures would also help :D

What is your favorite item of clothing?

We're all going on a Summer Holiday......

hello TQC, long time lurker, first time poster.

My family and I are going on holiday to France on Monday (whoot LOL) and I need some new books to read on the beach, and I have no idea what book to read next!

Please TCQ-ers, can you tell me what your favourite book is? what the last book you read was? and, for all the creative types out there, post the first line of your novel

ETA: Apologies for the lack of question marks, I've put them in now. Lighten up. Its the internet.
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Do you know any other websites/online stores like Print Liberation?
I mean like, smaller companies but still low priced.

ETA: Does anybody know that site that helps you plan how to get around NYC? I can't explain things very well, but it'll tell you approx. how long it'll take going from point A to point B w/ subway, bus, walking, a combination, etc. It starts with an H and it's like "Hubble," but not. 
ty </a></b></a>836am

Battus philenor

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Mac Help ASAP!!!

I used iMovie to make a movie and I am not able to upload it to youtube.com . I am a total Mac Idiot so can someone please give me clear instructions on what to do/download??

Thanks sooo much!!!

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I have a dress that I love dearly, but the pattern on the fabric was all kinds of wrong. It was this crazy pink/yellow/orange/lime green 60's mess. So, I got some rit dye and tried to dye it navy blue. It didn't really work. Some parts turned purple and some parts turned dark olive. The pattern still shows through but in the ugliest color. What can I do to get it all one color? Should I just keep dying it until it is all one color? Bleach it and then dye it? I'm at a loss.

How has your day been?
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Is it illegal to have sex with a minor if they believe you are of age, if in fact you're the same age?
Edit because I'm bad at this: if you tell a minor you're legal but really you're the same age as the minor, is it illegal for you to have sex with the minor?

I am currently working and taking summer classes. I just got cast in a show; on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = easy, 10 = hell) how difficult will my work/school/rehearsal schedule be? D:

How do you deal with an overloaded schedule?

You have to kill either A. every puppy in the world or B. every kitten in the world. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS CHOICE. Which do you choose to eliminate?

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Aside from sustaining brain injuries, is it actually possible to lose IQ points or is that just something people say when they feel their mind isn't being stimulated?

When you put crackers in your soup at a restaurant do you crush the crackers in the package before putting them in your soup?
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This is always fun to do from time to time.

What is your relationship status, TQC?

What is your relationship status?

Single and hating it - looking
Single and happy about it - not looking
Someone's SO and hating it - wanting an out
Someone's SO and happy about it
In an open relationship and hating it
In an open relationship and loving it
FWB with someone and I wish it could be more
FWB with someone and couldn't be happier
Married and loving it
Married and loathing it


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Do you like where you live? What's it like? If not, where would you rather live?

I do alright. I live on the coast of California, central. Besides the fact there's usually not much to do and we get hella tourists in the summer, the area is very pretty and the people are laid back and nice.

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OK so I find Taco Bell despicable and unappetizing, but somehow when shinga mentioned it I got real hungry for some. SO WHAT SHOULD I GET? I like those things with chewy shells but IDK what they're called.

Also, for the future when I adopt more rats, how should I build my rat palace? I used to have a big cabinet that I ripped the back out of and stapled mesh onto, and the rats could travel from shelf to shelf via stairs and holes, but it was wood so we trashed it quickly as wood is absorbent. I have basic woodworking skills that I could possibly apply to Plexiglas. Or maybe I could turn premade items like a dollhouse or something into a rat's cage? IDEARS PLEASE
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

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Every summer I wish I had a hat for sun protection, but I have discovered that I hate every kind of hat I can think of.
Can you suggest a good hat style for me that isn't one of the following?:
-Cuban dictator hat
-Cowboy hat
-Gilligan/fishing hat (I think they're called bucket hats?)
-Baseball cap

(pics/links would be sweet too)

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If you were a parent, would you allow your 17 year old daughter to stay home alone for 10 days? Would you expect her to have noone over? Keep in mind you have an awesome relationship and she's never gotten into "big" trouble.

If that doesn't interest you, what's your weekend plans TQC? Especially all the non-Americans.

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has anyone sufficiently ruined what would have been an awesome surprise for you? tell me about it?

//ETA, my reason for asking:
my mom called me to ask about my car needing an oil change. (i'm interning in china while my fam is back in california) and then she proceeded to tell me my boyfriend had called my sister to tell her to call my aunt (here in china) to buy me some flowers as a surprise. well my sister told my mom so she could call my aunt. but instead she called me and in addition to telling me about the oil change decided to tell me, "just so you know alan told your sister to get you some flowers there. but why don't you just tell alan (boyfriend) that you got them and thank him for it so nobody has to waste money, time, and energy on something as stupid as flowers."

july 21

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I want to make sugar cookies but most of the recipes I come across call for 1 cup of butter. The problem is, I only have enough butter for 1/2 a cup, so I was wondering if anyone knew if I could combine butter and shortening together to make 1 cup?

Or, does anyone know a good yummy sugar cookie recipe that calls for only 1/2 a cup of butter?

ETA: I'd like to make a whole batch because I have a large family, and I like to share :)

kittie q

A cat gave birth to five kittens in my neighbour's backyard a few weeks ago. I started noticing two or three of the kittens in my backyard last week, and now, it seems like the whole clan has moved into my space. I didn't mind at first because it was really cute but they're getting to be a nuisance and I need to get rid of them. For starters, I have a dog who uses the backyard so I can't have them wandering around back there. Secondly, I've been finding parts of dead birds around (ewww) and I'm tired of having to clean that up. Short of rounding them all up and hauling them off to the humane society, how I can get rid of them?
Spelling Contest

Against all odds

You have a croquet mallet in your hand, and before you are 6 pinatas. One of them is filled with money. The other five are filled with bees. The music from the nearby house is too loud and you can't hear which pinatas are buzzing. Will you swing away?

Hell no
Only one
I'll go through as many as I have to, smashing every last last bee with my mallet and hope that when I finally get to the one with the money, it's enough to make this whole exercise worth all the stings

Before you are 6 rooms. In each room is a large bed. In one of the rooms, you get to have a threesome with two of the following: Johnny Depp, Evangeline Lily, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson. In the other 5 rooms, you'll be forced to have a threesome with Rosie O'Donnel and Rush Limbaugh. You have no clue which door leads to which room, so you'll have to just take a chance. Each time you go into a room that does not contain Depp&co., you'll have to have sex with Rosie and Rush again, 5 times being the maximum. Considering the possibility of getting to bang a couple hot celebrities, would you take the chance?

Hell no. It's not worth a 1 in 6 chance of fun for 5 out of 6 chances for mental scarring
Only one
I don't even like those celebrities. No deal
I'll go through as many of them as I have to before I get to the sexy room. It's worth it

You and 19 other people are gathered together, given a parachute and put on a plane and then given an explanation. For every person that makes it to the ground safely, they each get $25,000. You'll all be trained in proper parachute use. However, only 19 out of the 20 packs contain parachutes. The last pack is filled with Beanie Babies. You can't check inside your chute without compromising its performance and you can't tell from the outside which one isn't a chute, so you'll just have to wait until you jump. Will you take a deadly risk with a 95% chance of success for 25k?

No. I'm not comfortable with the odds
No. I don't like heights
Yes. I'd do it
Ruth Etting

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I've never really worn make-up, but I'm starting to feel it would be a good idea to at least have some good make-up and know how to use it well, even if I don't use it often. The problem of course is that I know as much about it as your average fifth-grader. I don't even know where to start.

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Think back to all of the History and Social Studies classes you've ever taken. What subject/topic/era/war did you dread studying? What chapters in the book did you wish you could just skip over? What parts of history do you wish were gone because you just can't stand learning about them?

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Anyone in our illustrious Question Club an EMT (Emergency Medical Tech)?
Anyone CPR certified?

Do you have any interesting stories about your experiences or tips for those training to be EMTs?

What do you think of those in the medical field?
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I can't find my contact. It's an acuvue advance something or other.

I put in my contacts this morning, and after a few minutes I noticed the left one was fuzzy and didn't feel all that great. So, I figured, I'll just take it out and get a new one to put in there.

Went to take it out and the damn thing isn't there. I don't know if it spontaneously popped out of my eye because I can't find it. I can't see it anywhere in my eye, and I can't feel it either. I plan on looking on the carpet later tonight on my hands and knees to see if by some chance I can find it and make myself feel a little better.

TQC, what should I do? If this thing is still somewhere in my eye -- I'm sure it can't go very far -- what the hell should I do?

So far I've read that they'll come out on their own with time, that it might come out when I sleep/take a shower/wash my face, and that if I put another contact in, the old one will gravitate on top of the new one. HALP.

Edit: I can see just fine with my glasses out of this eye, so obv, it's not where it should be. I'm sure my cornea/lens/iris/insert correct eye biology here isn't happy with me pinching it either, and I've done enough of that.

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If you had to switch lives with anyone in the world for one day, and could not have any sexual relations while you were the other person, who would you trade lives with and what would you do?
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Do you prefer cover songs that stay true to the original or covers that take the song off in a different direction? Post an example of a cover song that shows your preference if you want! 

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Tomorrow will mark the beginning of what may be the strangest weekend ever. My husband's furry friend is attending Anthrocon, and we decided to go with him for the lulz.

1. On a scale of 1-10, how creepy and/or scary will this experience be?

2. How can I troll furries IRL?

3. Are you going to Anthrocon? Have you ever been before? Any tips for surviving? I've already been warned by an AC veteran about being hit on by yiffers, and to avoid hotel parties.

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Is there any computer program, or website that allows you to text to a computer/email address? I have the opposite way figured out.
This probably doesn't exist but I just want to make sure.

Edit: I mean I'm wondering if a phone can text to a computer somehow (through use of a computer program/website).
The opposite way would be using my computer to send a text to a phone.

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what do you plan on doig in the next 10 to 15 minutes?

finish my cigarette, go to bed and watch some TV

ETA: whats the last thing that gave you a fright?

my cat batting my blinds from the outside. forgot my window was open :(


Have you ever bought tickets to a show and then discovered later that the seats you got were worse or better then you thought?

I ask cos I'm going to see WWE Raw live tomorrow night, and when we got our tickets, we were told our tickets were front row.

Today I discovered that our tickets aren't front row at all, but actually 8 rows back! They're "front row" of the section they're suitated in. I'm so pissed off right now.

The ticketing office lied to us, and the seating plan on their website didn't help at all, because the blocks of seating aren't even labelled. I only found out when I read somebody else saying their tickets were 11 rows back, and they're in the same block as us.

The ticketing office is at fault here, right? Or is it mine for not realising?
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Do you have siblings? If yes, who do you feel is more successful in life (define success however you want) you or one of them?

How about compared to your friends?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Is 4th of July weekend a big flying weekend?

I'm flying to see my boyfriend tomorrow, and I was just planning to get to the airport an hour early (I'm flying from Oakland Airport to Burbank Airport). But my dad has made me all paranoid and thinks I should get there two hours early since it's 4th off July weekend but...that means I have to get up really early and I don't want to, if I can avoid it. And I don't really peg 4th of July as flying-around-visiting-family time. It seemed more like drive-over-to-your-friend's-house-and-eat-BBQ time.
New Camus

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1. You've been craving strawberries all day and finally got a chance to cut some up to eat. After you've got them all in your bowl, that's it-- none left over. You take them upstairs with you to have as a midnight snack and for one reason or another, you drop the bowl onto your carpeted hallway, all of the strawberries falling out. Do you still eat them? Pick them up and toss them? Cry?

(If it matters, they are just cut up fresh strawberries with nothing on them. And you just vacuumed that evening.)

2. Do you generally use the 5-second rule (or whatever length of time you prefer) or do you always toss stuff that drops on the floor?

After getting way more upset than I should have over some fruit, I took them back to the kitchen and washed them. They still tasted like floor :( I think this is why I'm not a believer in the 5-second rule.

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What's the best thing to do to PREVENT a cold?

Today I started feeling kind of stuffy (I don't know if I'm actually sick or if it's sinus's [sinuses?]), I really can't handle getting sick right now, ugh. :(