July 1st, 2009

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Poll #1423616 Melons! (fruit you perverts, fruit)

Watermelon is...

delicious and wonderful.
a topic I have no feelings on.
disgusting. Have I mentioned my taste buds are defective?

What kind of melons do you like?

cantaloupe/rock melon
watermelon (red)
watermelon (yellow)
winter melon
musk melon
other that you will mention in comments
I'm just checking all of the ticky boxes because I am an ass.

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Whats the last thing to really irritate you?

I just walked in. Our ferrets somehow got onto the counter and knocked over an open 2L thing of pop and rice from the rice cooker. There's knives and cutlery all over the floor, the garbage bag has been dismantled in my kitchen, and I can't find one of the ferrets! 

It's almost 2 am and I worked all day and then took care of the baby while he went out to his friends! I REALLY don't want to clean this up and if I did I wouldn't finish it before I have to leave to pick him up. Also the idiots upstairs are being really loud and my baby is screaming because he can't sleep!  >:(

I'm thinking of calling the cops on these assholes. If my kid can't sleep by 3 then I have no problem making a phone call.

ETA: I just went to get the mop and remembered we threw it out the other week and still hadn't picked a new one up! That means I have to get on my hands and knees to clean up this damn floor! I'm just going to make my fiance do it when he gets home. He left the mess and the ferrets out...it's his problem! y/y?
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When you dial a wrong number, and someone answers the phone, do you apologize, or just hang up? Does whether or not it's a business number affect your answer?
I always apologize and then try to verify the number, so I can either erase it or dial correctly next time

Do you find dip tobacco gross? Does the gender of the person dipping affect your answer?
I find it disgusting period, but seeing a girl dip is even more disgusting for me, somehow.

What are you doing tomorrow?
Going to the gym, the bank, the credit union, and Best Buy, for right now.

What was your ideal for a SO when you were younger? How has that changed as you've aged?
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Are "what would you do if you or your SO got knocked up" questions the new "help me fix my iPod" questions?

What fruit has the best scent?

What is your current heart rate?

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Is...micheal brand really that funny? Is that the name of the guy I am thinking about? the Comedien guy right?

How is your night going?
And if its not night where you are,...piss off D: im so sleepy, you can keep the sun for a few hours extra right?!


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My mom finally got a job, paying decent money, and I'm happy for her, but that means she's officially moving out soon, and that stinks.

What's the last thing you had mixed feelings about?

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Should I eat this Snickers bar for breakfast?
What did you have/are you having for your breakfast today?
What is the last really questionable decision you made?
(Like eating a Snickers bar for breakfast)
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why are my cookies tasting like cake?
I think it has something to do with using shortening... but every recipe I have calls for basically the same ingredients.

why are my cookies more like cake than cookies!?

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Ladies of TQC,

How old were you when you first started wearing a bra? (a real one...not training bras)
How old are you now?
How big are your boobs now?
Are they real?

If you don't have boobs or don't want to talk about them, do you like Star Wars?  Which movie is your favorite?

For the Americans, is anyone else looking forward to blowing some shit up Saturday night?

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What do you think are good terms of endearment for someone toward whom you have affection, but not really romantic feelings?

I'm thinking someone (maybe of the opposite gender) you've known a long time and really care about, little siblings, etc.

I am in search of better ones. I use kiddo and my dear sometimes, but neither really feels like they convey what I'm after.
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I'm buying an iPhone today!

Do you know any tips or tricks or advice for me? Are there any must-have apps I should get quick?

How much does the average iPhone app cost?
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I am thirsty and the only thing to drink in the house is apple sourz.
Should I drink it?
(It is only 9:30am if this makes a difference)


I HAVE tap water but it is disgusting. Once I turned the tap on and a whole lot of ants came out. I usually buy water but haven't done the groceries yet.
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I just woke up and there were maggots all over my living room and kitchen floors, concentrated around the garbage can. Most of them weren't hatched yet, some were in the process of hatching. There wasn't any meat in the garbage can, only a jar of opened caramel- do flys go for that stuff? You'd think they'd get stuck.
Anyway, what are some ways I can prevent this from happening again, and how do I make sure they're all gone? I've vacuumed and mopped multiple times and checked in all the cracks but I'm terrified to look in the trash can so it just went outside, my boy's gonna take it out when he gets home.
There was someone else who had maggots all over their floors, did they ever figure out what caused it? My kitchen is pretty much kept clean, so I'm not a slob or anything.
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For those of you who personally chose to live in the state you are currently in (as opposed to just being there because you live with your parents and that's where they live), why did you choose that particular state?  Are there certain things you look at (weather, politics, taxes, cost of housing, etc) when choosing what state you want to live in?  Or is it something simple like "It's where I was able to find a job" or something like that?

My fiance laughs at me for STRONGLY considering the political environment (taxes and gun laws, mainly) in any state I might move to.  For instance, FL is Constitutionally-banned from having an income tax, the firearms laws are very conservative/CCW is permitted, and housing is decently-cheap (at least in the NW corner).

We hired a new employee who's supposed to be here to start on Monday.  She went home to Egypt to visit her family last month and was supposed to be back in the states two weeks ago.  No one's heard from/seen her.  Where'd she go?  Non-srs answers only, please?

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What is your alcoholic drink of choice?
Jack and dr. pepper, bloody marys, pina coladas.  And BATMANS!

If it's a cocktail/mixed drink, what's it called and what in it?

Have you ever made up a drink and named it?  Again, what did you call it and what's in it?
My friends and I had a REPO! The Genetic Opera party and we made a drink after the Zydrate.  It's bright blue.  We used blue curacoacocoua (I forget how to spell it), sprite, vodka, and blue Hawaiian Punch.

Speaking of names, if you drive, does your car have a name?
My white Hyundai Sonata's name is Pearl, my (well, my brother's now) Chevy Malibu's name is Betty Mali-boop, and my purple, sparkly Hyundai Elantra's name WAS Hendrix (purple haze), but my HILARIOUS douchebag friends named it Eddie after Edward Cullen because...he sparkles in the sun.  We've compromised and it's name is now Eddie Hendrix.

If none of these apply to you, what did you have for dinner yesterday?
I went to Linguinis and had a white pizza with tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese. Tasty!!
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Cell Phones

TQC, I am getting divorced and need to get on my own cell phone plan.  I currently have Altel, which is ok.

What's the best cell-phone service provider for nationwide coverage in the US?
I talk mostly to my family in MI ( I live in TX).  I don't need any bells/whistles (internet, fancy ringtones, certain cell-phones, mp3's, etc..) but if they are cheap I would be ok with it.

What do you use?  What's your plan like and how much does it cost?

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i need to write an introductory speech for my public speaking class but i can't think of any good ideas. can anyone give me suggestions? my prof gave a few in class but neither of them apply to me because i don't play sports and don't have a job.

eta: it has to be about me, so as much as i'd like to talk about billy mays for five minutes, i can't, lol.

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A good friend of mine is going in to be tested because of her problems sleeping, and she said that the doctors she talked to were "very concerned" at the fact that every single time she slept, she dreamt vividly and was able to recall specific details from the entire dream.

I dont find that odd at all, because I'm the exact same way. Should I be concerned? Is that not common? Or are these doctors crazy?


Quick question for all y'all Ontario-Quebec experts/tourists/what have you:

I'm going to visit Montreal and I'm interested in visiting both Ottawa and Gatineau (specifically, Gatineau Park; visiting the city is not necessary). Would it be too much to try to visit both of these in one day or should I just make the roundtrip journey from Montreal to Ottawa twice? I don't want to stay overnight in Ottawa, nor do I want to skip Ottawa entirely even though people have told me it's "not worth" going there.
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I have some ground beef I need to use for dinner. What are some simple recipes I can make with it? I don't have much else in the house so I'd have to go food shopping regardless.

help me turn my sister into a reader!

BACKSTORY (if you're interested): My little sister doesn't read enough. She's smart, but she's really social so she would usually rather hang out with friends than read. But she wants to do better in English and eventually the SATs so we've made a deal that she's to read a book a week, under threat of losing computer privileges for the following week. It's working really well and she's starting to enjoy reading a lot more, BUT I'm starting to run out of ideas for books as we have different reading tastes.

Question: What books would you recommend for an intelligent but not hyper-literate 15 year old? I want the vocab and language to be challenging, but she's not ready for Tolstoy or Dickens. She likes plot-driven as opposed to more abstract writing. So far, she's really liked To Kill A Mockingbird, Little Women, Ender's Game, Girl of the Limberlost, and Catcher in the Rye.

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what food would you miss most if you were away from home for an extended period of time?

my boyfriend had his dad send him 5 tubes of vegemite. i miss guacamole and good old american products-in-bulk. like hot pockets. toaster strudels. bagel bites. and costco pizza. and costco hot dogs. and taco bell. omg.

(embarrassing yourself is not a concern.)

you like someone. a lot. you want to be with them exclusively. you know they like you too, but are unsure if they want a relationship (they arent really the relationship type and youre aware chances are slim they'll go for it.) you have one last opportunity to tell them how you feel and you want to put it all out there just to make sure youre not missing your chance.

what do you say?
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Posted by [LJ2ME (http://www.xfyre.com/sw/lj2me.html)] from my phone.

Isn't the death of Billy Mays, of Oxiclean fame, much more important than MJs? I want his autograph years ago, but the web form wasn't working.

I'm watching him now on a new reality show called Pitchmen where Billy Mays and another informercial guy who is semi-famous one, Sully (Anthony Sullivan, British accent), compete in pitching new products from average joes and show behind the scenes of products from existing infomercial companies. Dramaaaaa as they ptich and watch customer respones.

Mayes is being lowered in front of a huge, old style British boat to advertise it being hauled by Mighty Putty right now.

Discovery Channel is running a marathon today in his honor sniffles

PS You think the insurance company he advertises for will stop running ads with him since he died of heart disease?

PPS Mighty Putty is ordinary stuff that you can buy generic for cheap in hardware stores.

EDIT: OMG Sully is claiming to have given Billy the idea for the trademark blue shirt in 1999.

Man Mays got pissy when Sully made ad libbed a joke.
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Aside from the fact that most conspiracy theories are nuts, what ones do you find most interesting?

Today is Canada Day, almost everything is closed and we have torrential rain and wind with some funnel clouds. All festivities have been cancelled and there will be no fireworks tonight. What should we do? There's enough vodka to make 4 or so mixed drinks and that's it. We have a car and lots of food. The only store open is Shopper's Drug Mart.
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I just got cast in my school's summer production! :D To celebrate, will you tell me a story about theatre??

This one time in high school I was working on the props crew for a production of Noises Off. I was opening a sardine can backstage and sliced my thumb open, and I passed out. I woke up in a crumpled position on the paintbrush rack, and my director found me that way, with my shirt hitched up and my thumb bleeding all over the place. x_X

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1)Do you think that children who were brought here illegally and grow up here in the United States should be able to stay? What about citizenship?

2)If you could be reincarnated as a fictional character, who would you be?

3)What is a stupid and embarrassing thing you are excited about?

OMG, last volume of Fruits Basket!

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I need to spend like 4-5 days outside the US in mid AUG.
Ideally it should be about $600 USD round trip ticket from RDU.
Any ideas???

EDIT: if there are any nice Tee Kew Cee people in the area that would be a plus.
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My parents are divorced. I am closer to my dad and spend more time with him, but my mother is getting angry about it and is not going to let me get away with spending more time with him. What should I do?
Should I go to court and re-negotiate custody so I am allowed more time with dad? (this will make me incredibly guilty feeling)
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Attack of the Clones

Science is ready to clone humans, and they're going ot randomly draw a name out of a phone book and offer them $10,000 for the rights to clone them. Then, to prove how awesome they are, they'll age the clone to be the age of the original human. And that random person is...YOU! Will you agree to have a clone made of yourself for 10k?


For those that said yes, the clone is a success! Interestingly enough, your clone is more slightly more attractive than you, has a slightly better body, and for some reason, is smarter and funnier than you. How do you feel about your clone?

I hate him/her. I'm very jealous
This is cool. It's like having a twin. We'll have all kinds of adventures swapping places
I'm glad the clone came out alright,but I'm honestly feeling a little insecure because he/she is better than me at life
Completely indifferent.I really don't want anything to do with this thing. Keep it locked away in the lab for all I care
Finally, I can cease the self-loathing and take out my aggressions on someone who just happens to look like me

Your friends, family and SO seem to enjoy your clone's company more than you. Immediately, your mom bonds with your clone in a way that you never did with her, and your SO offers to take your clone to different places and spend lots of time with him/her, leaving almost none for you and is working out more than ever but you get the feeling that it isn't for your benefit. How do you feel about your clone now?

HATE. Must destroy imposter
I'm disappointed, but I don't blame my clone. I blame everybody else for being so shallow
Confused, for the most part

The lab no longer needs the clone and wants to release him/her into your care. Your SO offers to let your clone sleep on his/her couch for as long as your clone likes, and your mom wants to give her your old room. All your bestest friends want your clone to stay with them so they can spend more time together. In a nutshell, everybody wants to hang out with your clone and no one wants to do anything with you. Your clone, however, wants to move in with you, wants you to teach hiim/her everything that should be known about being you. Everybody's extremely disappointed and they collectively hold a grudge against you. Will you let your clone move in?


Either way, your clone comes out that he/she is gay and wants to give you the honors in taking his/her virginity. Remember, it's you, but slightly cuter and hotter and you know exactly what turns you on. What will you do?

Let's get it on, bb. It's not gay, it's masturbation with double the amount of private parts
Ew. No way
I say yes, but in actuality, I plan on killing my clone with a tire iron. Bedroom's just as good a place as any

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My friend Steve is of the opinion that
"you ain't seen nothin' till you're down on a muffin then you're sure to be a-changin' your ways".

After you first went down on a muffin did you find your world view changed?

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How can I train my dog to stop barking at thunderstorms?

Why do you suppose he barks at thunderstorms?

My dog, Findley, is a Carin Terrier who is 5 years old. He's pretty quiet most of the time, but whenever there is a thunderstorm, he goes crazy! He runs around the house barking. He also barks at other loud noises (Big trucks driving down our street, fireworks, ect). I figure he might do this because he is afraid of the thunder/thinks it's a threat. How can I help him settle down?

Weight loss ????

To those who have lost any amount of weight and managed to keep it off.....

What methods worked best for you to lose the weight?

What methods worked best for you to keep the weight off?
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I worked out at lunch time today. There was a cute woman on the machine next to me. I noticed she smelled good. I enjoyed it, but I have to ask: who tries to smell good while they're working out?

Do you experience pain when you're working out?

Do your ankles or any of your joints click while you exercise?

Framing Pressed Flowers?

I saved the first rose my boyfriend ever gave me and an important date is coming up. I pressed the rose and it turned out very nicely, so I would like to frame it and give it to him. Can I just buy a picture from and put the rose in it and be done? Or are there other things I need to do? I heard once the hair spray helps preserve pressed flowers.

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What's your favorite tongue twister?!

Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said, "this butter's bitter. If I put it in my batter, it'll make my BATTER bitter. But a bit of BETTER butter, that will make my batter better." So she bought some better butter, put it in her bitter batter, so 'twas better that Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter.

Are you happy with your appearance? What would you change?
For the most part, I'm slightly pudgy around the stomach, but I'm okay with it since I call it my "happy fat".  After my last boyfriend and I broke up, I was finally happy, which made me start eating normally again (the whole relationship was one big stress after another, resulting in slight anorexia).

What religion are you (and I'm sure this question has been asked many times)?
Easy route:  atheist.  I don't like to label myself as an agnostic (though I should) because I don't like the idea of a god, nor do I really believe in one. However, I don't think the earth, solar system, galaxy, universe, etc was created by chance...something had to create all of this.  I call my theory on God the "Santa Claus" theory.  Parents tell children about Santa so that the little ones will have something/someone to put their faith into (belief that, if they're good, Santa will reward them with gifts).  Hundreds of thousands of years ago, someone(s) created the idea of God for everybody to put their faith into (belief that, if they're good, when they die, God will reward you by letting you into Heaven.

ETA:  Are you a narcissist?
--Yes. Yes I am.
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I was considering running away from home, but after reading the testimonies of other people have done it, it's the stupidest idea I've ever considered. Have you ever ran away from home? How'd that work out for you?

How do you get a thick-headed person to realize that they are, in fact, thick-headed?

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Say you have sensitive skin, and you rarely shave them.
Say your skin freaks out unless you use this Aveno calming shave gel.
Say you momentarilly forgot, and used something else that smelled really nice, but you ended up giving yourself razorburn around your ankle, and a stripe up your shin on one leg.

What would you do to try and fix this? :D

Awkward social situation ahoy

Okay, in March I told someone I knew basically that I didn't feel comfortable hanging out with her and her group of friends anymore because I perceived that they saw me as "just the stupid foreigner" and it wasn't worth the effort anymore.

Since then I have run into her twice on da streetz and she harbors no ill feelings towards me and both times has asked me if she's going to "see me again" before I leave forever. Also, another person from that group has asked me on Facebook if she's going to get to see me before I leave.

I totally dissed these people and truly intended to never associate with them again, so would it be totally inappropriate for me to invite a couple of them to have a beer with me or something to get closure? Or should I just wait and see if they'll eventually ask me (if they don't, oh well)?

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I'm so curious today!

Forget Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Megan Fox, Kate Hudson. Who do you think are the most beautiful "under the radar" celebs (people others might say "who" to)? Pics or it didn't happen. Let's try not to name porn stars, but if you must...

Collapse )

Edit: LOL lazy bitches with your lack of pics. I'm googling like crazy here...

Genghis Kong

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

What things would you do for a Klondike bar?

Punch an old lady in the mouth
Attempt to give a grizzley bear a poodle cut
BASE jump
Sell my 'seashell' by the seashore (prostitution)
Eat a candy bar you found on the street
Tattoo a picture of a Klondike bar on the back of our neck
Make out with a dyke named Klon at a bar
Take 10 laxatives and, wearing white clothes, ride the subway for the next 2 hours
Act like a monkey in front of an open monkey cage during mating season
Delete my journal
Sleep with Flava Flav
Watch your parents have sex
Have one of your teeth capped in solid gold (the Klondike company will pay for this procedure)
None of the above. Ice cream bars are good but not that good
None of these (I don't even like Klondike bars)

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What are your favorite things to do with sweet cherries other than fresh eating? I've been offered as many free cherries as I can pick, and may well have a five gallon bucketful this weekend.

I am going to make at least one pie (and possibly freeze up some cherries for future pies and turnovers), I'm going to make a coconut milk based cherry ice cream, and I'm going to dry a bunch. Any stellar cherry recipes I should try?

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Have you ever had to simply pick up and move for whatever reason? Will you tell me about it?
I only ask because I just found out there's a chance my family will have to sell our house and move because my dad got a job offer three and a half hours from here.

I'll stop asking questions relating to my family dramz eventually. Sorry if I get annoying. :(

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how many of you have or had roomates?

Do you like them? Hate them? get along?
Do you know anyone who wont get a job and is lazy?

I live with my boyfriend, his brother (we'll call him J)and his brothers girlfriend. )we'll call her D)
I love my bf, (obviously) and J is the shit, i just cant STAND his fucking girlfriend. She's the epitome of a bitch, and ghetto. Now before you go ssaying OMG racist, i am half black myself, as is she. She just is vile. She doesnt have a job, a car, or anything and WILL NOT get a job, and cannot keep one. She sits around the house, and bitches about everything and acts like shes in highschool and she a year older than me. Shes a gold digging BITCH and doesn't help with anything around the house, even though all she does is sit home when shes not running around with j. She wakes up in the morning and storms through the house slamming shit and bitching because she doesnt get her way. She never litsens to anyone and only talks bout herself. I am sitting at the computer drinking on my day off and she calls me a "hot mess" Oh, okay.. thanks? and she comes back with a bag that she bought from her last jobs paycheck full of clothes and tells me i need to go shopping and get new clothes.. okay, and i say, "with what money? I just cant go shopping with all my money, i have bills.. oh wait, you wouldnt know anything about it" Shes never had a car, a license, or anything of her own!!
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I could look up statistics, but I want the word from the street. BMX bikes, the brand reputations. What's the best BMX (referring to street cred) bike to own for personal use? What's also really good but less expensive?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I can't find anything good to eat in my house. I have a shitton of groceries: pasta, canned goods, chicken, sandwich makings, typical breakfast things, salad, odds and ends. Okay maybe not a shitton but enough for me. What's missing?!

What's something domestic that you are absolutely horrible at?
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- do you like them?
- ok to give to dogs?

if you're not feelin' it:
- whatchya doing?

/i like carrots on salads and occasionally as a snack
/ i dunno, that's why i'm asking...

/i'm waiting for my husband to call me, our phone date... nah, not that kind of phone date, just keeping him up with family drama, while he's in Peru.
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She's a little pomeranian mix. I don't know what to name her though. :(

Has anyone in TQC had shoulder surgery? Can you tell me about your experience?
The husband tore his rotator cuff. He goes to see the surgeon on August 27th (and he did this on June 17th! He mentioned to the nurse that he's still working with the damage, so she's gonna try to get him in sooner so he doesn't fuck it up worse).

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tqc, i have to give a speech tomorrow for my public speaking class. can you guys give me tips or anything to calm me down? also, i haven't written it yet because i can't figure out what to write about. the speech was only assigned yesterday, too.

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Why is my lj messed up? The box where the add to memories/edit button/whatever else is in there is just blue, and replies to comments aren't threading or nesting. Am I completely missing something?

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If a guy from your past messages you and tells you he feels like he has a strong connection with you, wants to meet up with you, and really wants to kiss you, but he currently has a girlfriend, what is the right thing to do? I mean obviously I told him no, and it was wrong, and to take care of her, but should I message the girl and warn her about what happened? Or is that not really my place? What would you do?

edit: i don't know the girl, but i would want someone to tell me if i guy i was seeing did this

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I'm on the slightly not-healthy end of average fitness/weight/health. I don't really make time to exercise outside of walks and racing around doing stuff for work/school. I'm also somewhat of a recluse when it comes to working out.

What are some ways of getting cardio/vigorous exercise INSIDE MY HOME without buying some $50000 combo workout machine made of titanium and diamonds?

Sorry for the creepy nature of my q, I swear I am social and do things in public, I just feel weird about exercising in front of other people, even running around my block :(

I need to lose weight

I'm finding out that drinking soda is making me crave more food.

The problem? I'm addicted to soda.

I need a soda replacement, so please share with me your ideas.

Oh, and before you say water, keep in mind that I love soda for its sweet, sweet taste. When you want something cold and sweet to drink, water just doesn't cut it.

Also, I hate most tea because it's bitter.

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My google skills are gone today, I can't find what I need.

Do you have any links as to where I can find the online pranks...you know the ones where you have to concentrate on the screen for a while til something comes at the screen and you crap yourself?



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I've just about spent a GRAND on car repairs this month. The first $200 was a window regulator that broke so the window wouldn't go up... okay, fair enough, it happens. Then big weird engine stuff happened and we had to replace control valves so the thing wouldn't die at idle. It's a little car with 120,000 miles on it but I hoped to make it to 200,000. But hell... the money I spent this month could have gone towards several car payments.

okay sorry enough yammering, here's the question: when do you decide when to trade a car in and get a newer one? how long will you drive an old car? how new a car do you look to replace it with?
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How many cats do you own? How many do you think are too many?

I'm getting a kitten tomorrow, and this will make cat number three. I'm not getting anymore cats though after this (I've had my other two for several years, and they are shelter cats). My mom thinks I'm a little crazy, but my friends are like, "Yay, kitten!" BTW, I'm 26 and single. I've got to keep up my spinsterly image somehow, right?

What should I name her? She's a tortoiseshell like my other two. She's two months old. My other cats' names are Saphira and Tatiana. I was thinking Tzippy or Maisy or some old school grandmotherly name.

If you don't care about cats, what's your favorite charity and why?

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How inappropriate is it to go around singing songs from The Wizard of Oz when a tornado warning has been issued and someone in your place of residence is genuinely concerned?

Do you like cucumbers?

Do you like pickles?

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I was reading this silly little article about why a lot of women "nag" their children/significant others. The article said it was actually a symptom of fear regarding those we deeply love. Like, nagging a kid about eating his vegetables because you're secretly anxious that a bad choice at dinner tonight will lead to bad choices tomorrow and the next and eventually obesity. Or nagging your boyfriend to dress a certain way because you're secretly afraid that you're too different and he's going to leave you.

What do you think? Is it total bullshit or does it have some merit?

Why do you think people nag?
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Should I spend my money on tapers so I can start stretching my lobes again or save it and spend it on clothes and going places with friends?
If you have stretched lobes would you care to share pictures?

Seeing Friends in Porn

Several months ago, my boyfriend's best friend saw some pictures of my best friend while looking at porn. Of course, he pointed it out to my boyfriend, who showed me. This past weekend, my boyfriend and I found a few more pictures of her while looking at a different type of porn on a different website. Today my boyfriend did some googling to try and find more and within 15 minutes, found a site with about 200 more pictures of her. Either her boyfriend put them up without her knowledge or she consented. I wouldn't be surprised either way.

1. If you were in this situation, would you bring it up to her to make sure she knows?

2. Have you ever seen someone you know while looking at porn? How did you know them? What type of porn was it? Were you surprised?

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For the sake of the question your morals allow you to do this, you'll die if you don't, people want to see your body, blablabla, all your other excuses are invalid.

If you had to participate in some form of fetish porn, what type would you do?

As imaria has pointed out, the link isn't a full list. Don't feel like you have to choose only from that list! It's just for those of you who needed suggestions.
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My cousin is getting married in a week and a half. He and his fiancee have asked my parents to get up and do a reading of some sort (a poem, an excerpt from something, etc) at the wedding. My mom said she would pick out something for her and my father to read, but has been having trouble finding something.

So TQC, any suggestions of poems, excerpts, song lyrics or whatever else with a love theme that my parents can read at the wedding?
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I don't know if all U.S. postal service mail boxes where you drop mail in are blue across the U.S. , so sorry if I screw up the question with color.. Here in Chicago, there are mailboxes every few corners. What in the hell are those things that resemble mailboxes, but have no door to deposit mail in? They are pea soup green in my neighborhood. They look like the whole front has a door that opens with a key.. So, anyone know what those are for, or were for?
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Have any of you guys ever booked a hotel on booking.com? I'm trying to find a hotel for chicago and the one i want is 150 dollars cheaper on this website than the actual hotel website. It's only about 30 dollars per night than on hotels.com. I've never even heard of this website so it makes me anxious!

if you go to chicago where do you stay at?

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I just started a job a week ago and my new boss is creeeeeepy.
Today he called me into his office and said "Can you do me a favor?" He asked me to stand next to him and then said "Do you think you can have a good day for me? I want to have half a good a day as you have! Okay?"

Is this totally fucking creepy?
Ever have a creepy boss? Will you tell us about them?

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my neighbor, who my family is very close with, went to her niece's wedding this past weekend and one of the favors was a CD of the couple's favorite songs, I guess. I never heard of that and since I love mixes, thought the idea was ADORABLE!

What are some of the best wedding favors you've gotten?
My friend Nora had chocolate piggy and rooster pops made and a little story about how her and her husband wanted to live on a farm since they were kids...they live on one now, I thought it was adorkable.

What are some of the worst wedding favors you've gotten?
My friend Sam and her husband had these pear magnets that seems really cheap, not even like cute cheap...like bad dollar store cheap. It was very weird.

And since I'm all about weddings these days(I'm a closet wedding nut all of a sudden, don't tell my SO, he'll freak), what would be you're ideal wedding favors?
I love the mix cd idea. I hadn't put much thought into it otherwise.
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Anyone bought an unlocked phone online and had it not work in certain areas that you know are full service?

Details: Bought a SonyEricsson W350 and it works great, except for this major town about an hour away. In that town, I have full bars, but it says 'Emergency Calls Only'. I know AT&T has service there, its a fairly big town and I've never had phone trouble with any other phone there. So far this is the only place where my phone does this. Any solutions?
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It's 11:06pm and I've only had a plain baked potato and an apple to eat. The first Sonic in the area just opened today. I should go, y/n? What meatless thing should I get?

I'm kind of afraid to go out in my driveway in the dark. I can't decide if Sonic is worth braving the dark.

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You guys got any tips on how to survive for the next week and a half on fifty bucks? After which I can probably afford to slurge on a dinner to revitalize myself.

ETA: Not too much ramen, please. o_O

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Have you ever been on tour with a band?

if yes:
-what band? were they signed?
the starlight getaway. nope
-how long of a tour?
just four days, but we're fixing to do another small Florida tour in a few weeks!
-were you in the band, a friend, manager, merch?
I'm a spectacular merch girl. And keep everyone in line =]

if you haven't:
-are you excited for Warped Tour this year?
-or if it already happened, who was your favorite band?
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Your fave munchies?

So TQC...what's your favorite food to eat when you smoke out and get the munchies??

Mine? Mine is Del Taco's classic burritos. That chicken/sauce/cheezy combination is just...to die for.
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I've spent the past hour trying to hunt down a shampoo I love that's been discontinued.

What was the last thing you put way too much time and effort in to?

What was the last weird thing you bought online?