June 29th, 2009

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Girls, what are your thoughts on threesomes?

If your boyfriend wanted to bring in another girl into the bedroom, would you want to go through with it? If so, would you want the girl to be someone you know or someone you don't know?

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My Firefox browser stopped working about 6 months ago and I really cannot figure out what is wrong with it. The browser opens a window but it's white where the page would be. I've already uninstalled and uninstalled tons, took off all add-ons and plug-ins and still it does not work.

Any suggestions how to fix it?
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Did you know that Walmart has removed its fabric section???? I went to 2 Walmarts tonight looking for fabric and the lady at the second Walmart told me they removed the fabric sections from all the Walmarts in our area (and probably all over the country). HOW AM I GONNA MAKE 1am PILLOWS NOW???

I also wanted cross stitch floss so I could make some 8 bit Nintendo xstitches but they didn't have that EITHER!

Is 6$ a yard clearance for simple cotton fabric? That's what the Joann's website had.

What do you do with the paper from your paper shredder? I was gonna use it as stuffing for throw pillows.
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I put half a plate of buttery spinach on the floor for a few minutes. My cat then intercepted it while I wasn't paying attention and ate the shit out of it. Can I eat it? Will it give me a cat disease? Will I turn into Catwoman?

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Is there a song that makes your heart hurt? Whether it be because it's sad, beautiful, or even terrible? Or perhaps you relate it to a personal memory?

edit: Fixed the typo. Sorry for the confusion!

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have you ever heard of someone being allergic to grass?

i was talking to this guy at work today and he said he can't be around freshly cut grass because he's allergic to the juice or whatever in it. i'd never heard of someone being allergic to grass before!

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I have two friends that are a couple. The guy is CONSTANLY calling me and complaining about things she does (they're currently in the middle of a sortofbreakup). How do I tell him I really don't want to hear it? It gets old and I don't have much more advice to give him.

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I met Monica. It was love on sight. 
She's confident, smart, pretty, great dancer.
I didn't get her number. Never saw her again. (2 months ago. Sob. . .)

Ever happened to you? What was she/he like.

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Will you share with us a Michael Jackson joke that you've heard since he died?
Michael Jackson, shortly before his death, expressed his desire to be niether buried nor cremated.  Citing that fact that he is comprised almost entirely of plastic, he wished to be melted down and molded into LEGO blocks, giving the children the chance to play with him for a change.

If you don't have any/think that "it's too soon", what did you do this weekend?
I painted my bedroom, got my new bedroom furniture, went to a gunshow, cut grass, cleaned house, did laundry, and swam.

Have you seen the new Transformers movie yet?  Are you going to?  If so, what did you think of it?
I'm going this evening.

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I can't make my own decisions regarding breakfast. Should I have a Pepperidge Farm everything bagel with onion & chive cream cheese, or an IKEA cinnamon bun?

When you eat a cinnamon bun, do you eat pieces as you unroll it or do you cut into it?

What's the last gross thing you witnessed?
There was a house centipede on the ceiling of the bedroom, and my SO made ME get rid of it but he wouldn't let me squish it [as I am wont to do]. So as I was trapping it with a cup and covering it with a piece of paper, it appeared to pee all over the glass, or something. The puppydog went nuts when she saw it squirming in the glass [she had been barking at it every time it moved for like a half hour].

Since I'm a Dumbass

Help me avoid food poisoning:

This morning, I boiled two eggs to bring for lunch.  After hard boiling them thoroughly, I set them on the counter to cool before putting them in my bag.  I walked out and left them there on the counter.  I can go home for lunch, since I live so close, but not 'til 11:00.

So...will a hard boiled egg, left on the counter for 4.5 hours in a 72*F house be safe to eat when I get home for lunch?

Now that that's been answered, what are your plans for the day:
Work 'til 4, go to dinner and the movies with my fiance, try to get some sleep since I haven't had a good, full night's sleep in 3 days.

Which would you rather have to fight using nothing but a pointy stick: vampires, werewolves, or zombies?
Zombies, please.

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So yesterday I went with a couple of my friends to Friday's (not my favorite, but also not my choice). We decided to share a bunch of appetizers and one of my friends opted for the fried green beans because he "wanted to get his greens in."

I wanted to tell him that it just wasn't the same, but ended up just sputtering and saying "dude, fucking no." Then I tried Googling it, but all I got were recipes for fried vegetables.

So TQC, can anyone tell me what effect deep frying has on a vegetable, besides a bunch of oil and bread crumbs slathered on for "taste?"

ETA: Question's been answered. Thanks!

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What was the last nightmare you had about?

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I got wicked sunburn on my knees and shoulders yesterday. What do you do to make your sunburned body feel better besides aloe and lotion?

I like to put sheets or clothes into the freezer for a while before use.

Do you do your laundry at home or the laundry mat? If you have done both, which do you prefer?

I like the laundry mat because it's always faster.

Sorry if this has been posted already.

This is sad: http://web.archive.org/web/20031202214318/http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/stat/finalmeals.htm

What would your final meal be?

I noticed a lot of requests for french fries (which I don't even like) and tomatoes (I'm guessing there's a prison tomato shortage?). So, I guess I'd want a Chipotle burrito, cheese ravioli, a fried chicken sandwich, some Ben & Jerry's, and perhaps a tomato.
ETA: Apparently no tobacco, drugs, or alcohol are allowed :(
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I'm looking for a place to live where I can do housework in exchange for rent. I've posted this ad on Craigslist and I've yet to get any responses. What should I do different? Should I expand on my household skillz? Time is of the essence, I need to find a place to live ASAP!

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decide my life. tldr

Option 1: Stay where I'm at. Keep trying to find a job and hope I can get one within the next couple months before I run out of money. Stay close to my friends. Keep having excellent sex with FWB, but have to deal with growing feelings for him.

Option 2: Move back home with my parents where I know I will be miserable, but can live rent free. Try to find a job there and save up enough to move out. Be close to a few of my friends.

Option 3: Move to another state with one of my best friends into his mother's old house. Live rent free. Try to find a job and have a lot of extra spending cash. Be far away from all my other friends. Downside: said friend is kind of in love with me and while I am into him, we have never been more than friends before so it will be awkward as fuck whether something happens or not. Also, chance of ruining our friendship.

What do I do?

Mood music

What are the top five songs that can instantly make you feel happy when you hear them, no matter how bad your mood is?

Mine in no particular order are:

Rock with you - Michael Jackson
Love Will Keep Us Together - Captain and Tenille
Dancing Queen - ABBA
You Spin Me Right Round - Dead or Alive
I Want You Back,/EM> - The Jackson 5

I'm so old school and I wasn't even born when half this stuff came out!
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He was weird
He was talented
HE'S DEAD...can't we just move on???

EDIT-O-MATIC: I need OXY-CLEAN and I need it NOW!!!! *sniff*

EDIT II: The OXY CLEAN guy AND a light-skinned pop star....within days...a coincidence???

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If you're buying a magazine at the check-out aisle, do you buy the one in the very front or one that's back in the stack a few magazines deep?

*I always buy one that is back in the stack so it's "fresh."   :P   I never buy the one in the very front because those are the ones people thumb through while waiting to check out. 
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When the internet company tell me I have to wait until "midnight on your activation date" (today) to use my internet does that mean midnight before the day or midnight afterwards? So 00:01 or 23:59?

What's the most inappropriate crush you've ever had? How long did it last?
I'm currently obsessing over my 15 years older than me, basically-married, has a 4 year old kid supervisor. And I can't stop.
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buzzkill D:

Last Tuesday I went to a job interview at a small dry cleaners that will open up sometime soon. The interview went really really well. The owner told me "I think you would really fit in this job! You will DEFINITELY hear from me by Thursday or Friday."
It's Monday and I haven't heard anything from her yet. I know they aren't open yet and have been busy getting it built etc etc.
Should I call/email and ask the status of the job?
Or should I just wait a few more days for a call and then forget it?

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How old is too old to cry like a little bitch when you trip and scrape your knee?

My cousin is almost ten, and did this yesterday. She sobbed and wouldn't get up and had to have someone carry her into the house. I can't remember doing this past 7.

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Does anyone who crochets or knits have any experience with the "I Love This Yarn" brand? It is impossible for me to find the inside thread and I keep ending up destroying the skein and having to roll it into a ball, which I prefer not to do.
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This girl at work with me has the hiccups and it's really annoying. She's not trying to get rid of them and it's been like ten minutes.

What's annoying you right now?

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Inspired by phantom_llama 's question, what is the BEST scary/horror movie you've ever seen (this includes gore, psychological thrillers, or just atmospherically creepy movies)?

Do you ever listen to bands/artists who sing in another language and you have no idea what the hell they're saying?  Which bands/artists?

Which is best: Chipotle, Q'Doba, or Moe's?
Kath & Kim

Is anyone else...

... letting their toenail polish grow off? How long has it been since they were painted? How long do you estimate before it grows all the way off?

1.5 months on, for me, and I suspect it will take another month for it to grow off my big toes, another week for the middle toes, and another day and a half for the pinky toes.

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My fiance and I are going out tonight.  She told me on the phone earlier that she has a surprise for me; I eventually drug it out of her that the surprise is that she's going to "dress up really cute" for me.

What is she going to show up wearing?  Srs and nonsrs, and pictures are even better.

What do you wear for your SO when you want to look particularly cute/sexy/hot?  Once again, pics are particularly appreciated.
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I've heard that one of you regulars is a sommelier.

Will you identify yourself?

(I'm studying for the Certified Sommelier cert through the Court of Master Sommeliers.)

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TQC... I have a Sony Vaio laptop (not sure on being more specific than that), it has a built-in webcam and a built in mic. I know I can go to sound and disable my mic, but is there a way to do this with the webcam?

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1. What are your reading habits like? i.e., do you read multiple books at once, dog-ear your pages and take notes in the margins, etc.

I tend to dog ear pages in paperbacks, and I have no qualms with taking notes in the margins... I usually have to for things I read for school anyway. I also am really bad about starting a book and then wandering off in the middle of it, only to come back to it weeks or months later. I also am really hesitant to get rid of anything I might want to read again, so I've accumulated a ridiculous number of books... and I buy them at a faster pace than I can read them. I also am starting to keep a journal with summaries and my thoughts on books I finish, which I think will be nice to be able to look back on.

2. What are you reading right now?

I'm about to finish up The Woman in White, and am partway through a book called Wittgenstein's Poker.

3. What was the last book you finished?

I sat in a coffee shop last night from 11pm-3am and read The Solitary Vice: Against Reading from cover to cover, which prompted this post.

4. What books are you planning on reading in the near future?

I can't decide... I recently bought some pretty awesome ones. I have The Library at Night, No One Belongs Here More Than You, City of Thieves, The Varieties of Scientific Experience, and Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. So one of those.

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I want to make burritos for dinner tonight. We'll have chicken, rice, black beans, lettuce, salsa, jalapenos, and cheese to put in them (and possibly other stuff if I think of something else). But since I've never tried making burritos before...

How do I cook the chicken for burritos?

Right now my best guess is to basically cook it the same way I would cook it for fajitas - mix up some kind of marinade and then just cook it in a pan on the stove. Does this sound right? And does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make that marinade?

I love "Mexican" food but I am pretty useless when it comes to cooking it, apparently. :(
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I just found out Billy Mays died :(

Other than Michael Jackson, are there any more celebrity deaths I should know about?

If there aren't, post your favorite Billy Mays ad, plz?

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I'm applying for this year's student loans (woo!). How much does TQC owe currently to a bank loans or government loans office, and what type of loan is it (student, home, car, etc.)?

I "only" owe $25,000 in student loans currently because I paid for my last year all by myself. This summer I spent all my money on rent :I

What is your favorite colour pen to write with? I like dark blues.

For the technology dependent

If you had to completely eliminate one of the following, which would it be:

Cell phone
Internet connection

I'd add cable TV but I know people would be like, "Oh, you can find everything online anyway." I'm more interested about the cell vs internet thing. =)

Has anyone gotten rid of cell or internet service? How did you adapt? God, I'm so techno-needy it's ridic and I'm not even like a big geek about it. I have a Razr for Christ's sake but I can't part with it. Wish I could.
I <3 TLV

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Do you feel like your name suits you? Do you wish you had a different name? If you could have a different name, what would you choose?

I've never identified with my name, and introducing myself with it has always felt weird. But if I could have a different name I don't know what I'd choose.

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I got a tooth removed today and initially there was a kind of whistling noise when I moved my mouth certain ways, swallowed etc.

Now it's a squeaky noise and it's really embarrasing. Anybody have this happen to them? Is it going to be go away any time soon?
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Inspired by paperfarts's question

What song do you want played in the movie of your life when you...

Run into an ex who did you wrong?
Have fallen in love with your future spouse/partner?
Have been diagnosed with a chronic illness?
Walk out onto the stripper pole to do yo thang?
See a glimmer of light in the darkness?
ETAETAETA: Have a spiritual reawakening?
Any other moments you want a song to?

Extra points if your songs are super indie and pretentious.

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If you have an iPod touch, is it worth the expense? My Nano just took a trip through the wash, so I'm thinking of upgrading.

Do you like lobster? How do you like it prepared?

What movie have you seen the most?

Music suggestions please!

I have discovered the delights of Spotify during my week off work. I'm interested in listening to more 'big bands' music from the 40s and 50s but I don't know many specific singers/artists from this period beyond Glen Miller.

Any recommendations please?

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If you have them--

Your dolls/stuffed animals/action figures:

Does even a tiny part of you believe they come alive when you leave the room, or at least have feelings?

I have this teddy-bear, see, and I don't even sleep with him, and I've only had him about two years, but he sits on my chair and I compulsively tuck him in every night in case he gets cold. (It's June. He's a bear. He's got fur. He's got a little sweater he's wearing. He has no nervous system. I tell myself these things, and yet I get this weird feeling unless he's got a big old scarf of mine tucked up around his neck or something.)

Yeeeeah sometimes it's hard to look my own batshit crazy in the eye. :(
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When I left for work, there was a truck on the side of the road near my house. It was one of those big telecomm trucks with a roll of cable in the ditch. There wasn't a company name on the truck, but there was something about fiber optics written on the side.

TQC, what are the odds are that these guys are going to fuck up my intarwebs in the next 24 hours?
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If I know all the words to the Japanese Sailor Moon theme song, does that make me a weeaboo?

What jpop artists do you enjoy? Jrock too, I guess.

eta: What is the difference between jpop and jrock, really?

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If you have a job where you're there four or five days a week, how many pairs of *work* pants do you have?
What do you wear to work?

My office has a really laid back dress code (someone wasn't wearing shoes today) but I still feel weird about wearing my flip-flops. Should I do it anyway?

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Do you savor your poops with reading/surfing/general enjoyment and slowness, or is it a drop-and-go maneuver?


What's the best thing to put in a pre-made pie shell?

I put that divider there so you wouldn't think about poop and pie at the same time.
Cadbury Creme Egg

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If you won $90 million dollars, would you tell anyone? (And I don't mean, "Oh, I won some money, drinks are on me!", I mean, "I just won ninety-million-fucking-dollars!") Who would you tell? I'd tell my immediate family (my parents and my brother), but swear them to secrecy. I'd tell my friends that I won some money, but I'd greatly downplay it and say I won like $5,000. I wouldn't want anyone to know because I'd get paranoid and think that everyone was just suddenly friends with me for the money.

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Job Interviews


I had a job interview on Friday at a dentist office for an appointment administrator (a.k.a. glorified receptionist) position.

I so did not do well.

I was nervous. I couldn't think of an adequate reason to tell her why I want to work in a dental office. (The fact that it's the only job that has been advertised in my town in the last few months didn't seem like a good reason.)

I have another interview on July 7th. This time it is for a receptionist/tech support job at a local DSL business.

I can totally do this job. This is right up my alley.

TQC, how do I not blow this interview?

I really need to find a new job asap. I do believe my douchey attorney boss is going to be served an eviction notice on Wednesday. :(

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I'm in the middle of working on a pretty sweet t-shirt design for my boyfriend's band, and I cannot wait to get it printed.

1- Do you have shirts screen printed in large quantities, like two or three hundred at a time?
1a- Where do you get them from, because I can't find any place reasonably priced =/

2- What art projects are you in the middle of?

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Okay so my roommate doesn't use facebook. At all.

Yesterday a girl from school checked her fb on my roommate's computer and there was an account logged in under the name Lilah Morgan. We thought "whatever, that's weird" and logged her out because none of us knew who created it. My roommate and I spent the day together today, and when we got home I checked my facebook on her computer and the account had logged back in. Neither of us was home all day and the door was locked.


Also, we determined Lilah Morgan is a fictional character from the TV show Angel. WTF.

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If you were going to a Pirates vs Ninjas party, what kind of (cheap) favors would you expect to see?
I want to have one for my 21st and have no idea what kind of favors to get that aren't for kids and will be thrown away as soon as they get home.

If you don't care, what did you do/what do you want to do for your 21st birthday?

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1. Why do YOU matter?
2. How are you different from everyone else?
3. Tell me some things you've done that made your life worthwhile?
4. What have you done to deserve being remembered?

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When was the last time you painted your bedroom? What color did you paint it? What color was it before? How did you go about picking the color you picked? Does your room and its furnishings all coordinate?