June 28th, 2009

lead me

srs bsns.

it's been a long day, i have a headache, and i'm tired. what should i do? best answer by 12:15 central time wins.

Poll #1422203 decide the next 20 minutes of my life.

what should i do?

just go to bed
take a shower first

eta: team bedtime wins. i'm gonna go brush my teeth. nitenite tqc!
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I just discovered geekoloie.com and it has filled a hole in my heart. Now I'm wondering if there is any other bloggy goodness I'm missing out on. Can you tell me your favorite blogs?
I <3 TLV

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Ack! I forgot to put down a coaster and now there's a ring on my mom's coffee table D= How do I get it out?? I'm scrubbing it and it's not going away D= D= D=

[Edit: It dried and disappeared, yay!]

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I am seriously thinking I am either allergic to some product in my pants (it only happens when I wear my work clothes) or I am allergic to something at my work.

Or maybe I'm just sunburned and my pale skin can't handle it?
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What are your favorite low cost or free date ideas? Romantic, original, active. Daytime, evening, late night.

Whats the most creative date you've been taken on or have taken someone else on?

I'm in Florida where the temperatures have been through the roof (as I'm sure they've been elsewhere) so outdoor dates that keep you cool while not draining your wallet are awesome as well.


a new coworker's mother just passed and she is in hawaii for a week for the funeral and to be with family. would it be inappropriate to give her flowers and a card upon her return, or should i just stick with a card? we talk a lot at work although shes only been around a few weeks.  
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My cousin desperately wants a "What's Her Face" doll for her birthday, and my aunt suggested I get it for her since I couldn't figure out what to get her.  The problem is, when I agreed to get it, I wasn't aware that they don't make them anymore (neither was my aunt).  Should I get one from eBay, or is there a similar doll out there that would be far easier to get a hold of?

I have a locker at my new work!  What kind of stereotypical high-school type things should I decorate it with?

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It's 1:30 a.m. and I am home alone. Why did I just creep myself out by watching true crime shows and then reading about serial killers on Wikipedia?

TQC, what should I do to un-creep myself so I can take a shower and fall asleep?
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If you felt that you really liked someone and they knew this, but they said that they werent ready to get into that kind of relationship right now for whatever their reason is, What do you do next or how long do you wait to see if their feelings change?
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Inspired by tzarina's question.

Do you name inanimate objects? Which ones and what are their names?

My car is named Sid and the car I had before this one (which my older brother now has) was named Quigley. My ipod's name is Nyx and my old ipod's name was Barry.

Why did you pick whatever names you did?

Sid is because the car is a black and obsidian is a shade of black (obsidian). Similarly, my current ipod is also black, so Nyx is short for onyx. Quigley was just a random name that popped into my head when I decided to name the car and the same goes for Barry when naming my first ipod. Not the coolest reasons, I know.
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alright so i want to screencap something but i have no clue how, i have a print screen button but its like a button underneath another, i cant really explain it anyways how do you screen cap? idk if it helps but i am using a laptop
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I have a bottle of wine that freepostage wants to drink with me, but -- due to the usual geographical difficulties -- can't. I also had plans to sleep in my car down at the beach and take sunrise photos over the ocean. I came back home instead. Should I open this bottle of wine and make it a nightcap or find some coffee and take dawn photos here at home?

tl;dr: It's 3:30am. Alcohol or coffee?

ETA: nvm I just looked on my calendar and realized I'm going to a party at noon. Gon' just go sleep now.
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I moved an hour away from home after I transfered schools and I kinda miss my mom. I start summer classes this week but I have nothing going on Thursday. Should I tell my fiance to go fishing for the day and surprise my mom at her office for lunch? (She's a State Farm agent and the only other person in the office is another agent and he's a good friend of the family so he won't mind.)


I don't know much about Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, but I was wondering what is the beef with him??? Nobody likes him and nobody wants the children to end up in his care. Can someone fill me in??

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The shoes im planning to wear pretty much the entire time im on vacation are really dirty. I would like them clean. I know I can throw them in the washer but i've never done this before. I'm afraid it will ruin them as they're starting to fall apart on me.
Should I wash my shoes?
(Can I then put them in the dryer after? I leave in 5 hours....)

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At the risk of sounding sexist, what are some things that you notice one gender excelling in more than the other?
ex: stand-up comedy, or just comedy in general. From my experience, I see far more good male comedians than female.

Can you reccomend some FUNNY female comedians?

Furthermore, do any of you know of that website that shows you how to pronounce certain sounds in different languages? it has an animated diagram of a mouth, and it shows you how, say for example, to roll your r's in Spanish. Do you know what that website is?

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TQC, how can I get my doggy to stop trying to eat/kill/hump every pillow in sight?? She is a female and she is fixed... there is really no need for this! Srs and non-srs.

What is your favorite breakfast?!

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Poll #1422209 Who's next?


Mickey Rooney
Andy Rooney
Mary Tyler Moore
Betty White
Carol Burnett
Betty Ford
Nancy Reagan
Mickey Rouke
Mickey Mouse
Fill in the blank_____________

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Poll #1422221 also ran:

Who else?

Osama Bin Laden
Patrick Swayze
Jane Fonda
John Madden
Don Johnson
John McCain
Gary Coleman
The Olsen twins
Jenny McCarthey
Hugh Hefner

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wasn't there recently a rumor on TQC that Billy Mays had died?
what book should i bring to read before the USA-Brazil game today?

i have:

How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers
The Liar's Club by Mary Karr
Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman

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1. Grits or popcorn?

2. If woman is the female form of man, does that make wombat the female form of bat?

3. What sort of no-cost entertainment should I pursue this afternoon with my 12 year old son? Location is vaguely Washington DC.

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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Where can one get the best Ipod-Fm transmitter without spending loads of money? I would consider the ones from Target with are almost $70 if they weren't online-only, but I would really like to find something less expensive.


Make my decisions for me TQC!

Should I do laundry, or take a nap and just wear sweatpants to the bar tonight?

Should I try rationally discussing with my boyfriend's ex-wife why her verbal abuse is not OK, just continue trying to ignore her, or punch her in the face?

Would you like to help me collect all of the stupid assholes in the world and send them to Uranus?

Chocolate chip pancakes < Banana pancakes. Y/N?

How often do you play the lottery?

Everyone is dying! Is this the apocalypse? Are we going to even make it to 2012?

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What are you doing this afternoon? Anything fun?

I would ask my dad but hes not here, so please, tqc, be my dad.

As i've mentioned today, i'm leaving on vacation (to Europe).

I started to pack my laptop away and the plug converters my dad bought me.
I was slicing open the package to make it easier to pack and I was reading the back.
It said it was not for use with electronics.
This is the set I have: http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/5/SportsRec/LuggageBags/Luggage/PRD~0761905P/Converter%252BAdapter%2BSet.jsp
I checked the wattage and the power cord to my laptop is 90W. Within the converters range.
If I use the plug converter will it blow my computer up/start a fire?!
Or, like I was planning, should I take my computer anyways?

Edit: And... theres no third (grounding?)prong in the converters.
This is a problem I assume...

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What are some of the every-day miracles you witness?

When I pour pop into a glass and it looks like the fizz is going to overflow but just when it swells above the rim it goes back down before spilling. That's a miracle.

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Of the fresh fruits and vegetables you typically buy, which do you keep in the refrigerator and which do you leave out?

Do you find that crispers/vegetable drawers actually make a difference in prolonging the lifespan of plant foods?
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Why can't I get Facebook to work???
It's been saying for the past 2 days that my page is under maintenance or something, and that it will be up in a few hours but it isn't!!
It wouldn't be that important except that I just got 100% OFFICIALLY engaged and wanted to tell everyone and their brother.
Anyone else having this issue?

a'ight, son

Poll #1422395 a'ight, son

alright or all right?

all right
more likely to use "alright", but I don't mind if people use "all right"
more likely to use "all right" but I don't mind if people use "alright"
dude, whatever. It's all good.
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Suppose Billy Mays did a bunch of evil shit in his life while we weren't looking. You think God will condemn him to Hell or will he keep him around just in case Satan uses him as Hell's pitchman in The Purgatory?
Kitty Lick
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Should I get a Blackberry or an iPhone (or something else)?

If you have one, how much does it cost you a month? What is your plan and who do you have your plan with?
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Is there a cheaper alternative to these? My Google-fu is failing me. And obviously a normal pair of shoes would be a cheaper alternative, but I'm looking for something with the whole 5-toe deal.

(no subject)

I have various glass bottles/containers. What should I put in them?
If I can't find a use for most of them, then I have to get rid of them due to lack of space. I already use baby food containers for hairclips, earrings, and safety pins. I have clearly canadian bottles, jones soda bottles, pom containers and baby food containers.

If you have a cat, do you put a little bell on it's collar?

Do you enjoy mexican food?
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I need some fashion advice, plz. In two weeks I am going to my cousin's wedding. It is an evening wedding and I will be wearing this dress. My question is this: do you think that this bolero jacket would look good with it?

I like it, but whenever I like something (clothing-wise) I end up being told that it would look terrible, so I don't know if I should order it or not. So, TQC, bolero jacket yay or nay?
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Will you tell me about the last time you accidentally hurt yourself?
I just clamped the top of my ear in my hot-as-it-can-get flat-iron. Pretty sure I melted some of the skin off. D: D: lol

How's the fucking weather?
(I'll be in the fridge)

How are you spending your afternoon?
I'm going to IKEA in a little bit, HOORAY :) I can waste hours in that store.
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TQC, I'm leaving for Asia in August. I'm only away for three weeks but I'm going to a few different places so it's what I would call a 'big trip'. It's my first one, too!

What kind of stuff should I do to get ready? What am I bound to forget to do before I go? Any travel tips/hints you can offer?
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For those of you with in-residence washer/dryers:

Do you do your laundry a little at a time, or do you wait for it to turn into a giant mountain and then do it all at once?

For all of you:

We have a few particle-board-ish bookshelves that we're moving.  We're un-assembling them to make them more space efficient.  Husband seems to think that we can use packing tape to tape all of the pieces together.  I think that the packing tape will rip the finish off of them.  Any ideas? Experience with this sort of thing?

see icon*

1: Is there a movie or television program that you thought was better then the book(s) it was based off of?
2: Is there a character you hated in the books but like in the movie or t.v. show?


Usually with shoes my feet are too small or too big to fit properly and since nowhere usually does half-sizes, i'm stuck having to buy the bigger pair and pad out the insides of them. Currently i've been using tissue or kitchen roll (for lack of anything better) but I wanted to know if there was an actual product for this.I only know of those things that you put inside as an extra sole, but the problem is my feet aren't 'long' enough, so they don't actually help much.

(: merci

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Let's say in order to make up for all of the deaths he's caused lately, Higher Deity is willing to beam down for you any meal of your choosing. What food would you really love to have tonight? Pictures are, as always, more than appreciated.

(no subject)

Do you think shame is an acceptable method of governing human behavior?

Cell phone: left ear or right ear? If you don't use an earpiece, Left hand or right hand?
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If you could become the opposite sex, FOR A WEEK, would you?
you would turn back into your birth gender at the stroke of midnight. (tee hee)

what would you do?!?

If i were to become the opposite sex, i'd stick almost all sorts of things into my vagina, use my tits for monetary gain, and see if i could pee standing up (without it getting everywhere except for in the toilet).
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Happy Birthday To Me

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him that I had no idea, and he said that I should figure it out so I can go buy it for myself.

I can justify spending up to $300 for something I really want.

What would you spend $300 on if it were your birthday?

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Have you ever made corn on the cob in the oven? How do you normally make corn on the cob? and what do you put on it?

(i've got a crap ton of corn growing in my garden and am SOO hungry for corn on the cob!)
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So, TQC, I had some ridiculous shit go on at work today and I'm not sure what to do about it. Help?

Collapse )

So TQC, wtf should I do? Should I talk to my manager tomorrow? Should I try talking to Sue, even though I'm pretty sure she'll just get completely irrational again? Quitting isn't an option, and neither is getting fired.
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Plans for the Night?

What are your plans for the night?

I'm watching The Incredibles then Matilda, taking a bath (and finishing Breaking Dawn lolol), and eating dinner (I got the veggie sub and wings. imo, a good compromise).

(no subject)

Have you ever been to a sci-fi convention?

(and if you're so inclined: How much do they usually cost? Do you have to book it as a package deal and stay in the hotel? )

Insert as many details as you would like.


How much energy are you saving by hooking up your electronic devices to powerbars and turning them off every night?

I recently installed and air conditioning, so I asked my boyfriend to turn off the TV powerbar at night. He doesnt want to cuz it resets a bunch of stuff. He says it doesnt do anything anyway.

The particular powerbar I want him to turn off disconnects the TV, Stereo, blue ray player and cable box.

How much energy do you think, in dollar amount if possible, would we save a month by keeping it off when we arent home, and at night? Assuming its off at least 9 hours during a work day and 8 hours at night.

I cant calculate this myself because in our apartment we get a 75 dollar allowance for hydro, so if we go over for the three months we only get a bill totally the amount we went over, say, 13 dollars.

(no subject)

I've recently started making a list of books I want to buy and/or read. I have symbols to mean bought and read, and it's kind of intricate in the way I write it out.

Do you have an intricate listing system for anything? What is it? How do you list, organize your subject?
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A long time ago, I saw a British movie about a deadly office building. It was a movie, not an X-Files episode. The whole plot revolved around a group of people trying to escape the building as the building tried to absorb their Body Thermal Units (which vaporized them into powder). One guy tried to throw a chair at the front entrance, and the chair got vaporized. A lot of people died. I don't remember the name of the movie. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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What do you say when your job interviewer asks "Do you have any questions for me?" or "Do you have any questions about the company?" and you have no questions about the company?

I've been asked this at job interviews for retail positions and idk what to say. I always go "No, I think I'm pretty knowledgeable about the company" is that an appropriate thing to say?

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Your S.O. wrote a love song about you, and here's a few lines from it:

Sometimes i call her up, at home, knowing she's busy.
And ask her if she can get away, meet me and maybe we can grab a bite to eat.
And she drops what she's doing and she hurries down to meet me, and i'm always late.
But she sits waiting patiently, and smiles when she first sees me, because she's made that way.

And if that ain't loving me, then all i've got to say,
God didn't make the little green apples, and it don't snow in minneapolis when the winter comes.

Would it make you feel loved and loving? Or something else? (I heard the song on an oldies station today, and I was bit ... surprised.)

i don&#39;t want to be friends

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My friends and I are trying to plan a weekend road trip for the 2nd week of August. People suck and can't make up their minds. These are certain factors that come into play:
- our ages vary from 18 to 20 so we need to go someplace that's lax about drinking
- it needs it's preferable to be someplace within 2 1/2 hours from NYC
- reasonably priced

So where should we go?

Wildwood, NJ
Jersey Shore
Hershey, PA
Montauk, NY
someplace else
Self cleaning

(no subject)

I was going to make some iced tea and thought orange spice sounded really good. But I'm out of orange spice. Should I make mint or plain iced tea? Do you like iced tea? Sweet or unsweet?

How was your weekend?
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(no subject)

Which do you want?

To lead a boring, depressing life and then die in the coolest way imagineable
To lead a wonderful fufilling life that ends in a tragic/unremarkable manner

ETA: By tragic/unremarkable, I mean in a depressing way that isn't glorified.
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Dear TQC,

I have graduated from college and now have entirely too much free time. I have not read for pleasure since I was, like, 13.

I have come to discover, though, that I love non-fiction, specifically non-fiction where the author tells stories of his or her life. Not really an autobiography, but more like random snippets, or a story about a specific chapter of their life. For example, I really love Dan Savage's book The Kid, where Dan tells the story of how he and his boyfriend adopted a child. I also like books that are LIKE David Sedaris's books, but I've never really been a fan of David Sedaris (I hope that made sense).

So based on that information, do you have any suggestions as to what kind of books I should read, or authors I should look for? It's gorgeous where I am right now and I would love nothing more but to sprawl out in a park somewhere and read a good book.
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Can we have a brag/proud post plz? I've got some art I'd like to show off in the comments!

If you don't care, which should I eat - yummy leftover pasta or blue corn chips with salsa and sour cream? Keep in mind I'll probably be pretty lazy till bedtime (I *might* fold clothes) but I didn't have dinner.

carbs carbs carbs

leftover pasta
chips and salsa